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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jun 13 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - June 13, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building. Insurance broker the leading county paper and the Only society journal on flaunt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 14. No. 19. Bar Harbor Maike wednesday evening june a 1900. Price 5 cents f. Shirley a Dodaro. Paul Hunt Goddard Hunt architects contractors and estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor . I Ark amp co., of Wasming told. Cor. It. Desert find main st�., and in the Grant bloc main Street below tilt desert Street pc Icid for season of link with a most Complete Stock of Rattan Makria India and upholster cd fit Naturk Vith the finest Japa Hsk junk and turkic do Ruge Cut gains and materials of Rel kinds. Tkv Grything sati table tor furnishing a room or a cottage in an artistic Viv at a Low Cost. Inexpensive furniture coverings Down cushions orders for re Upholt Crinzi and covering old furniture. Laying pc Malti Ila Nixonjr curtains Makin Ltd cushions bedding etc., will in a Van attention by the most careful and competent workmen. For Salein lots to suit. The parcel of land comprising one and one half acres formerly occupied by Des Isle hotel has been subdivided into Twenty eight House lots which will be sold on easy terms. Since the late acceptance in last town meeting of new Des Isle Avenue these lots have become very desirable. Price $400 to $1,600. For full particulars and plat of land apply to cod part amp Hunt to rent for the coming season. New and attractive House owned by l a. Robert esq., of Boston situated on the Corner of mount de Erl and Lizeh streets to be finished and ready for occupancy june 1st. This Houie is equipped with every no modern convenience and is elaborately and tastefully decorated and furnished. It includes h Large Entrance Hall handsomely finished in flemish Oak a dining room with like finish a drawing room smoking Roora and Hall reception room seven master s and four servant s bedrooms four bathrooms also h Roomy English basement with Kitchen laundry Larder and servants dining room. Full particulars including plan of House on application. The House commands an unobstructed View of the mountains and is in a very desirable location. It have also it Large Lih of cottages of varied size and desirable locations. Full particulars on wish to Call attention to the fact that the four tiik Are Diioro Mikhly Elt al lor a jobbing 1 a it ii is no mutter How Large or How Small Lului Job Kiki in such Pru a thai 11 will i it in to our thu Zyx Forf t Ltd i a a we Cas sol i by a los Avon. Any Otth. Follow link us he limit a Cuiulo llie work al win. H will with the lowest Dean tent. First clah8 Cai pm Utera Cablik to Biak m h Ami lathers for rep Iris or ii we Muiir Siruc department. i Orl Luibil and Kox of Niwat ent hair Ami ski Ruh to plaster. Masoud Fonaia Iilva on hand for jobbing Hiki fireplace department. Olli Wood a it Kris. Machine us is i Jiining 10 to a Day the year Lound and to Call do Yoiiro Baum Awin. Plan Ink and ill link Wollt Viiu Wall. In of u Allty will by found a a Oil ii ply of rift l lne Flo Orluk Lucli and Maple Kloof in. To i bartered Oak Kloor Liik a Vlf to Wool in but Ianth Plank timid Cju Aie m Ock. So. On Inch tui two Litcht Uail it med Oak acid Riidu. Ii Ai Spruce and Cut department. Kuli it of l a iils. and Oil aug by in a a in for a Pron Dennl whip paper , we can I Giuili. L apr r Loy a Mik write straight fire insurance and also wish to Call you Alint Ion to the act thai w. Hahn cry of rents in c is of llie. This i of it i cd enl Valnik la do pc it Lilii it on Rock liar r.-Nlal-. We Uki us sent talk i Continental an the american ire insurance co s of new York the scotus Union and National insurance co. Of Edinburgh Scotland and the Union Assurance society of new York. Moiety to loan on Good Security in amounts not less than to j. Attra Otje plans and specifications for houses from $c50 up Goddard 8c Hunt. Now open it wow Wmk nov cottage Street livery ceo. J. Stafford equipped Statle in the f architect and building . Office. Grant build intr tale honk. Bak ashes never help build up hew ii4 erty when tire a iks destroyed the old. But insurance i Noneva he Good solid Dolours that come when they Are most needed has helped us by a Man to a new House or has get him up in business again. We re Tomat Only at Roog reliable companies. Tho 0� i off tilt Cost Par Harbor me. Hope. Written for the be cosh alien you Are weary and worn with care. And your Burden a a Ems More than you can Bear a and you strut Rio along life s Rocky Road till you stumble and fall beneath your Load and you try to Rise and press on a Ain lint the extort it costs gives lots of v Ain then look around al out you and you will see my along this Road plodding patiently other tired pilgrims foot sore and oppressed by heavier burdens than on your breast. N it not a High nor a murmur they but toil cheerfully on throughout Day. Quot of take up your Load of care and sorrow for who can Tell jux chaps on the Morrow 1 he Sun will Shine brightly along your Road and As you plod Onward you Nav in hold 1 he Tinalu of All your bitter strife. In thi Dawn my of a happier life. I Ai i to Kine. Into life s school. Nine of Eden s promising Young men and quot women graduate from school life. How t elderly a us then Nii Codle a cd a he la ire Luard to say quot to had no Mich Chance to it an education when we were Youn it i As the Hoys and girls have in to lice it does not need the evidence of Fine so tool Kiouses i Ood Teacle cars and appropriations of Public Niu icy fui Schufle put uses to Lully con Sirni the opinion of the elders that these times Are not like the old times in everything Liat pertains to educational Only needs to attend tie High or grammar school graduation to bar Harbor to fully realize As he can in no other was the great changes that have taken place in the methods of education Here in this place during the recent years. The fathers and mothers thinking of their old Sci tool Days and of their education ate Musl led to believe that the children now a Days Are brighter than were the scholar in the old Day ,. ,15ut when they reflect upon How few the privileges were in the past As compared with the Many privileges that boys and girls now enjoy for acquiring an education they can Rea Lily understand that their offspring Are not naturally brighter or Wiser than the Parent Stock. A is in. The baccalaureate Sermon was preached before the graduating class last sunday evening by Rev. Owen of the congregational Church. The Church was tilled with the friends and relatives of the graduates and special music was rendered for the occasion by the Hoir. At 75 tic accompanied by their teachers Weie ushered in by the class Marshall Isaac Lailson and took their e in the a a cd s in front of the pulpit which had been re served lor them. After the Reading of tie scriptures and a very Earnest prayer by Kev a Ilai Iscom of the methodist i l Urh or. Win Deli Vei id an exit Cilmi by Ible and interesting address Lull of timely advice from the text in i proverbs 1 7., quot i lie of the lord is the beginning of know Leil in but fools Wisdom and quot 1 he word knowledge quot said or. I. Quot in this verse does not mean an Immen get store of information nor does it refer to .1 Luing encyclopedia. A a the tear Olti e Loid quot Dols not Sig Only a Zicai it 1 Puu,.slmieiit or .1 l Lod is a Suh Jet has of a . The verse i Nigil be cite so .1 to is tiie Piel v 01 goodness a Lipnik . One s Lili. Thi l ,. Llic in to to 111 thu of t . A 1 .1111 ill .1 to to you Trillig fills on .1 very practical sul i ii i l\rli.ioii, using be Lelu Joii 111 11-, Selim. And a 1 u 111 its la Solute .s1.-1 the111 i11 a 11 1 it lil in. Ii u ii it 11 in bids ii a i Aie highly i Ihu hed lout who arc is opt i in. Iii Theu an Ilso 111 he Silies others believe Oil the 1,re Liristis the 1 Saviour. It is a Ery it uni lot each one to Settle u Hon ing so ii oms .111 1 College. 1 first try to look upon Lili in .1 in in .inner in .1 theoretical 111.m Nei. \ of ire to be Citi ens Public spi 1 in i Cui. Is. \ of Are e uii i e l with Sui in ezied tools for the important of Lilily you have made the proper use of you Oppio tui cities Yuu ate be Lei i pipped Loi the sti Ruggli r j . Ind every n Tury make s Liis struggle Keener. And s. As the Wisdom of experience w Heil you go out into the world w ill Leach you you accomplishments As scholar of a school will Avail i u ii in us life you choose. Again you must try and in your memory pie close relation that exists or ought to exist Between a trained mind and this wis loin of . I Here is a great school into Winch you must go the would that great University where you will meet men and women As they Are. 1 Trust is our men and women of education become practical workers is Thev All must if they woul have an honorable i veg. That Uliey will learn Early in lite to assume eve its Drudgery and toil if that be their lot and dignify that lot. All labor Hofto Rable. Think of men and women As they Are and not As they looked to Homer gods and goddesses. Above All things 1 warn you against that invidious opinion that because you Are educated you Are entitled to the Best quot seats at the most honorable position on Earth is that position where you can serve your age. Country family and friends it is the happiest also. Third religion and culture. It is a great mistake when one tries to divorce his religious convictions from his daily life and thinks it unnecessary for a cultivated person to be a religious person. There is no thinking Man who is not also religious in some limited or unlimited sense. Religion is far removed from those opinions that is something to cloak one s sin on the seventh Day. Some scheme of lightening the burdens of sin through Jie Nance and mortification. It is absolutely in every successful life. Religion and Christian religion does not Sav that Man shall not make the most of himself that he should not watch and improve Hir opportunities that he should not be . Uii right and faithful that he should not make the very l est use of his talents. L Irist vanity us to duty not to ease. In business the most successful Vou Ami Lind. Are those men whole proud to Call themselves the servants of Jesus or. Luen then concluded his Sermon with a Lew Well chosen and appropriate remarks undressed directly to the graduates. Lie i congratulated them upon their Success upon their perseverance and upon their High rank and urged upon them the Nei Essitt of studying the Bible the Book of books saying that quot a acquainted with the Hible is an educated person in a very True sense quot. , Ling . Quot i alarm a i Merit quot let him Bear the Crown who has won it is the motto of the class of 1900, which graduated irom the car Harbor High school last monday a ening. On that night nine of Ken s most promising Young men and women left the Chrysalis of town school life and entered the Arena of life to fail or to succeed As they May but each with the Strong determination to win and Bear the Crown Sterling integrity and Good citizenship that will bring Honor not Only upon themselves but on the Community in which they live. The members of the graduating class were Isaphene Liewer Annie Day Arthur Isaac Ali Olson Lena Leland Lizzie Stanley Marion Stanley and Aletta Young. And a brighter and More intelligent class of Young people would be hard to find. Among the graph rates this year ire three students deserving mention for their Pluck and perseverance. They Are Marion and Winthrop jul miss Icaphine Loewer. Lor four school Vears through storm and Sunshine Thev have come from i pulls quot of. The 1 be iks Distant to their tasks and Stuht a. The Many friends of those \ it Luigi ample tii Mil lil the ii a to Milit inces Are glad to know that High rank in the .iss of 1, the exec Isis i of used sin n try inti r s o clock evening. Music was tastefully lor the o with wreathes and Liui . No of were i a Eil with tin i ind school colors ill p Biak let Liu. And around tie j a Ere l.ir-,e ind various a in is. Wiliie Ilmi across tie i Niit water. On blur in a. A items was .1 Pic i l., Kim u-1 motto. My t u i a will s in tic . I 1. I. .11 Fri my in i 111 school 111 i 11 11 .1 i u it a n i 1 m m schools. The Trogi .11 1 w a. Or i 11 w a 11, .1 p Oji Riate Sili i 11 a i a a r.,i 1 n i h i my whip h w .1i mow 11 i Iyer by i. S. I ii a \ 1 Scalfi 1 \ "it.inley, the 1 i n m 11. 1 ,1 ii it p .1 in a 1 Alid delivered .1 most to inc in in address in w in h in a b Oiiu-1 Liu i flits i lends ring ii 1 111 ,. I i , .1111 u m in 1 Lai i a 1,11 a the exercises of tin i \ in a ii. 1 ded his id i Ess w nil .1 r a in a but of school i it i 11. S in it. I my which he Tiltti a i is. ,10 .1 a great institution of no. Miss lire i a c a i on ii ii in 1 charmingly written i l of in . s w 11i \ it . Ii ail women in history w Loai 1 in i it i everything for Ripon. Suit a 11 own interests ind soil up the lilt la Teress of their county. In orig tin heroes Andic Igims a Init Gnu a \ mis 111 ewer were to Sumii ii.11 Riel Lud i u n Laii i after another line icon by the lii. A Marion Stanley Delith a a most ing As Well As instructive on quot it Lur i his consisted of i by lii toy Ollie i. S. since to. Wide i on Gress launched a sleet of Torii tee ii sin ill but effective vessels Dov n to the present Lime when the Ellice Eticy of our Navy has been demonstrated l \ the Destruf lion of hostile fleets at Santia o tie i Manila with iny injury being inflicted upon our Navy miss Lena Lehurl followed this with an address of the Moll quot i qui Merit Ferat quot quot let him Bear the Crown who has won it. Quot it was opened with a graphic description of an olympic Edward b. Mears. Cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. Game in see h. C. Where the Crown was Given Only to the Victor. Then followed plenty of Good advice and an excellent exposition of the application of the motto. Miss Day s essay on colonial Days was a very vivid and realistic portrayal of the e life manners and customs of the Early colonists. It was Well composed and Well delivered. The class history by Arthur Emery was exceedingly amusing and interesting being quot a True history of the class of 1900" and containing Many local hits both on the rank it and India Ithial members of the class. In closing or. I Mery approx Uriati by now the history of the class of i Loo ends and As we now compile the our High school course let us Hope in the years to come we lire t our minds toward the it is of Honor and nobility. To the whom we leave behind us ail Wiio will soon take us the work which has l Een ours j we impart our wishes that they will live i up to the highest Standard of their i remembering quot although there is a past j which gone to Ever there is still a future which is our own. The shaping of our own life is our own work. It is thing of Beauty it is a thing of shame As we ourselves make it. We Lay the Corner and we add joint to joint. We give the proportions we set the finish. It May be a thing of Beauty and a Joy next came the presentation of gifts by miss Aletta \ Oung. Which was very entertaining to the audience As Well As to the graduates and scholars of the High school who understood Many of the allusions to like events of the past four years at school which the essay contained. Miss Young presented each member of the class with some approx Riale gift suiting irs or her characteristics. In conclusion she said quot in order that the class of i co May show its a Precia lion of the Library in behalf of the , 1 present this French history As a reference l 00k to the future classes. May they enjoy the study and profit by Ilas Nuch a s we have. Quot dear classmates teachers and friends 1 have but one More gift for All my Best wishes for your Success in everything you the i prophecy by Isaac Ali Olson was very cleverly written. He commenced by a lying a hoped to pro a one exception to the old saying .1 Proi Diel is not without Honor save in his own co Ulitin la Ihei went Oil to some of the Ohl ill ill Filoiii there led up in .1 uii Zipie w a to till \ . U Hei. By he said lie .11 so ill it the l of a Lei son i Ould be by ill Eil m Sui ii .1 llie Minuit est i of the future Hie of the person uii Dei a Amin i tio i Lould lie out. 1 n Aliw by lie took i Mei Vilii r Olheis Bliss and Tom llie then Luuie a he Hoilo 111 \ ii m i n i11 m m 1.1/ a . Slie in. Ai. 1 d 1 he i in Iest i Luik i no 111 the i 111.11 l i Lle lii Ilsi Husij. M a 1. 1 e 1 Edl al Radii Rev 1 a i in. \ Ai Am. The one March More that wins the Campaign the five minutes More of unyielding courage that wins the she then a proceeded with the valedictory which was a most Elo sent and touching Farewell address to the undergraduates school Board teachers classmates and Alma mater. In speaking to the members of the school Board. Miss Stanley took occasion to thank them for the in. Prove ments that have been made in the High school building the new science room the introduction of to new of irises of sting the new commercial cd Imirse which is soon to be nit induced and last but not least for their highly esteemed sii Pei i a silent of school or 11. Nam. After a Seli i lion i the i a tile ode. I Oie posed i hikers tie i liisp..m, w As Sung by tie ass to the lir of of the .." the ode. Wahidi is a i ii i Clow so peaks for itself. It is a i Weili i a Well written and the Young poet desk ves Inui i credit for his of 1 los ii on tuni he i tri i t tit our Sili ool ire o or. We u it la to View no Sci More 1 111 ,1. Tin Lic we will Ali in memory Well hold it m Tiue sacredness. Four pc irs we h. toiled <1111 t .itt.un,Trivoli each new kno Veledi a to . In time i we in cd yet Otic Llort we Tiu to ver were pipe Nul Jikit. Ili lice Ortli lit ii. Lini toi i Iea tei it Stoni Klimik with ill -.tp,-Iith to i he if. a Slit h is ours to win in or will. The truth of our motto to no Lily Luli a and now As we in out Lea ,011. Let us Hope the l quot Ather w ill liquid a us Alon i Rouh Houim liow i the to us i inward till Lile Puiul. After the singing if the ode or. A. In Lynam supt. Of schools with a few Well chosen , presented the w Ith their complimenting. Them highly on their and 011 the Success with Liichi they out their evening s . Ii k ,11 is 111 my Mills. The past year in the High school been .1 Mosi successful one. The scholars under the Able instruction of or. Keves and his two excellent assist ints. .m.iiioii. Oan ind miss ik-Itli. on Nock i. A i e done go Oil Woik. The i Leeiii piste is . Tie .i\ei. lie i. Onh in but the int ii to that has Roeii m.-Lested by the students tin i a 11< 1 Pel ii with .�1 the ,. Dial pro jets of their timelier Iven Meei . M in e \ i \ in i .1 be .1 be 11 n Ltd ins untie i. 11 Cru i a it .1 a a . 1 Ltd Covile Sll Eleh the s i 1111. A w 11 1 e Ime to i ,11 n .1 i hot i n 1 a. 1 in .11 eur Ndel .1 a p a 1 1 a. -.p. I m n. De i it i the 1 1 i .1 n 1 la Ozeil in .1. A. .1 a a h i my. . . 1 M e i e 1.1 1 i a. .1i.i a 1 i. 11 a i a i the Ivio unt desert Rizir series. Miller manager. We Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors the office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have Telephone connection. George Stebbins Seal Harbor real estate. Cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for Lai offices Seal Harbor me., and 102 produce Exchange n. Y

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