Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
6 Jun 1900

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Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
6 Jun 1900

Read an issue on 6 Jun 1900 in Bar-Harbor, Maine and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bar Harbor Record.

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - June 6, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine ," i woman s world. Ithe tribute of st. Louis to a new York Queen of ele Auty. T. 1 ice a nil we air a Pniak a a Vlf to Ria s Cir Tkel Jbv or we Ai a do hat r Weih or a cmdr a Fri tons to me. Mrs. Henry Blegeli who was Ramea the most Beautiful woman at the uban orphans held in new Tork idly recently was formerly a reside it of st. Louis and is Well remembered there. Nearly ten a ars ago she came to st. Flouis As the Bride of George Wilde Ithen a Well known and prosperous stockbroker who had wooed and won ithe pretty girl in an Linin town near Quincy where her father had attained considerable prominence As a lawyer and a judge. Her Maiden name was Ovaughan. 1 her married life was Happy but or. Wilde met reverses in business and after Many efforts to retrieve his fortunes he went into the employ of the fall directory company. While Tunis tat move drat that Tow lit Erfur roam of Paris a blvd been defeat we la their Bare Nofiu a Forti to obtain a Leat on the co Manittee of the Socin to Des Gens de de tref. Among literary circles in Paris it it the one subject of discussion. There is no doubt that the women fought very hard and it was thought that Dames de lie tires would be successful in having a representative on the committee. Unfortunately however the Hope was unfulfilled. It is stated however that the women Are them be Lvcas to blame. It appears that the men were almost entirely in favor of mme. Lesueur and that had All the ladies agreed to Back her up she might have been elected but her fellow Litte raters instead of combining to give their Suffrages to her worked entirely on their own behalf. Consequently there was a division which led to the destruction of their Hopes. The report of the proceedings certainly does not encourage one to Hope for much in the interests of quot advanced quot Femin Inisi. It is said that the discussions were so Stormy Flint mme. Lesueur s chief supporter mme. Seve Nice could not get a hearing. Every Une talked it once and inoes sanity. Slie also attrib it utes her do font to a hostile movement instigated l y Philadelphia times. Mrs. Hrry Sedki. Engaged his mind gave Way and he was compelled to go into absolute retirement. Very tenderly mrs. Wilde nursed him and took him to her father s old Home but he grew worse and about four years ago he was taken to the Battle Creek sanitarium where after a year s residence he died. In a Short while thereafter mrs. Wilde and her two Little civil Drin removed to new Yurk City. Liere after two years of widowhood she inet Aud married Henry sic Sci a wealth in uie iii Bor of the term of Sie Jiei Cooper a co. A routers aloud tii ird and four Ali streets ree aii mrs. Siepi i Only to applaud Lur Devotion to or. Thieu Ruul All ills Nils Loi Tomii it. Iii id la the hour of his death. They Siy ii re was no Stu Ollu e Slu dial it maker duty h it. a licit Sli a Avns the with of a Corm quot wild and let it if Nio if la iii ii card with her inc sent Haik is. Rizic it quot in i �1 a i Fiir a mrs. Scum Las Awai did 1 a a ii prize of Van after lie Lead Aimini Misici d that the i or of Sci Naif ii in i list Una mini , Wati a Nizie Days Ander quot new Mac it was i Ianu Ura cd. Aurira iii Zed and carried to sad Ess mrs. Mary Ila Lei Willard. Ind the a protits air said to Hae exc. , my. Llie fail was Hehl in the m. I. .11 to n 11 a it i. Viau iii. To Liv my and attended by Tiu Pri Ideiil. It is a that of All the society a iii ii who deleted their , Lime Ami exp Rii in e to make the fail Ain i get a Dolce l More faithfully in Niobe Intelli a icily Thau mrs. al. W id was in hear e of the austrian lion Ali one of the Lealiu lit tract ions. S4ie a is pres it lit at Bush he afternoon and a venial sessions of the and was Busy i very moment to oking after the Corinne tellers and thu Many outlier attractions in her Booth. At the Bce inning she Hail Charlie of the Beauty voting contest Btij ill a few Days her Otic r dii los coins Eilcy her to turn the contest Over to oth it is. List i Ouis i Ost to spate tie Wui it ii it Fri iii a. Women in America have secured Foch a Lar e amount of i cry and there Are to Many enterprises open to them in iii ii then Are few obstacles to be overcome l y a it Ason of their sex that one with some Suri Rise of a different state of a flairs in France. In Paris the woman Luest Lon is frit ted vigorously Ai though not with the Bue Cesa its prosecutor Iliad hoped for. La Fronde the paper written and edited entirely for women by women has met with a serious Legal diff acuity at this stage of its career. I a Fronde made a Point at the outset of employ ing Only female labor on its staff. From the Printer s Devil to the editor in chief All were women but the other Day the French Law stepped la Aud announced that it was illegal to employ women As compositors at night. Some time ago the Law was relaxed so far that it permitted the employment us women at night As folders Etc., but typesetting was not mentioned in the new conditions. Mme. Durand who started the paper has paid 14 fines of 5 francs each. Women Are creatures of resource but it would tax even a woman s ingenuity to Riog out a morning paper in the daytime. Mme. Durand will presumably have to make a Concession and employ male composit9r8 or have the la altered. Late rare lilies are_i3ither it a Dis Ancen Victorn n clothes. The Ordinary woman s desire for pretty and Fasli Donabie Eio lies is Usu ally Only l Oun left a by her Izower of Pur cilia sons them and it is Conseco gently rather curious that As Vioney is absolutely no object to them a Ueen Victoria and Lier eldest daughter the Empress Frederick have never Lieen women of fashion. Her a Majenty Lias never ceased to cherish the traditions of her youth that fabrics were valuable Only for their intrinsic goodness and ought to let Emile to last As Long As possible. On this principle when Slie was a Young Mother she bought the Best cloth and French Merino for her children s frocks and had them turned for the second or third Winter. Queen Victoria has always been difficult to please in the matter of her brocades and Only one or two old in the South of prance have Ever made them to her satisfaction. When she wanted a very Beautiful Black Grenadine with raised Flowers a new Jacquard loom was set up for it and cards prepared which were afterwards destroyed to Jat no copy might be made. One of the old weavers was bet to work on it and could Only make very slow pro press but it was finished it last. The Riold and Silver embroidered Black Bro Krulc with its White front Stie wore at the dial Pond Jubilee draw in room pleased her so much that she was photo Raplus d in it and is ined the portrait. In bonnets the Queen has for Many years remained faithful to n Small shape Liat comes Well Forward Fin i r exactly suits her hair a parted in the tin Idle. As Slie has always Yurii it. So quot Lias at last Dis Cai Crape and Ric rally it tri iii Nied Willi old ick tips at Kijiu in a we lite iii quot is sii Lilet inh s Llis Erle Oil c. 1 i a tip pm to Ultcht to w foe whom they Bate Woltti a a Ali be orts. I Imse afrikaner Romeli am bitter idlers than most Insik life to the Trot Navaal for Beer women Iff very a team amp it. To Loba Jimmh Burg i saw More by cycles than to any other City and i Tianye visited my to Large cities of the times. My Wal tons tall a. Time was when paper and envelopes pens blotter and Inkstnn-1 were about All that was considered necessary for a desk or writing table but today the array of articles that find place thereon is something astonishing. A set in either russet or Scarlet leather is More especially for a Man s a esk but is so pretty and cheerful that his sister a a Roll doubtless Annex it for her own quot Den quot if you give her half a Chance. Just As she used to appropriate the dear boy s collars and cuffs and ties if one May believe the jokers. This set consists of 8 to 12 pieces and easily costs anywhere let tween 20 and $30. One of ats cutest items is the Bill Holder in the shape of a Bronze Pointer or a setter on a mahogany base or maybe it is a less expensive Duck s Bill with it Golden Spring to hold the papers secure. Talking of writing there come times for All of us when the Best we can do is to scribble with a Pencil and the evanescent result is anything l it a Satis factory return for our time Aud trouble. But if the notes thus written Are Worth keeping they May to made indelible by laying them in n shallow pan or Platter and covering them with a ski Uunila Bath. The paper must lie Long enough to get thoroughly soaked Aud then when the milk is drained off it Mist be carefully dried when the writing will be found indelible which is More than can be said for much that is Ilone in pen and Ink. And by the Way Here s something to think about the not time you go to throw away a Rusty or broken pen. It seems an absolutely worthless to Refl does t it rut at Munich in Bavar Lff there is a Hospital which is entirely supported by the Sale of old steel pens and nibs. They Are collected from All parts of Germany and made Over into razors knives and watch Springs and it is a wonder that Somo Clever Yankee Las not found a Way of utilizing the millions that Are annually used and cast aside in this Corbet in new York news. 1111 11 Cimi a i. K Aie al iii a am .\1 last a a Chip do i i to. A it it iii Lote it ii i Lilly mics Ihli i a a iii i Sill Usi ii to to for 11.t a a l i ,-1 n Ario is Medili ii. S in i of 1 her d iii. Ylia in Mill 1 la. K \ i. . Lois dim h m iii in Lre it Selt a iii Ilc i v and a u iii a a ii t. I in this in i of i. A silk in , Sli r.-. A the i eat Ery iii Icli iii sii Miner. I r iii id i \. Ear is tile very Tiest Ami tidies i and . Cd. A Ard. J Liis is a. I iii Lily . Only iii Tiff tim Lorn Arl every one now Puis Fine silk of t Casinir ii. To Siviia. Mrs ii. Clarke in i Raul s . In .m.iiitidy. Lust Wii iii a it Ltd let it. Mis. de Otsa i i Kaiui co Feuu Icid Fri ii a Lour of Sui Illi Africa a Leirl wiil and in lates so iii Iau Init re iii is of the Loers. A a i lie liners d inc Asim iii a \ Ery uii Coutis son of ," a a Alt Slimm a. Met is in plus ally i Jiuu la. It is Eay to see Ali Lihi y Are i ii died to i Louie to the courtesies of life Wiiilie Yoi iii to that to Weir Maui is Are devoid d , Aud they Fri Quelly have a surly air lii ii does not by any create a favourable impression Union her Altiers. Hut of their i thin a Piali ties there he Iio a Lue lion and loll land need not exp ii t to subdue Tolj iii until Tohir last shot has been tired Ami their last ounce of str ii la is exhausted. There is no More deter pitied and stubborn race of peo Jle on Arth than the hours. Quot the children Lith boys and girls Are tau Tiht the us of firearms As soon As they Are old enough to hold a gun. I hey i act Lee Eon saintly. Quot from one generation to another the Boers have been preparing for War until to tight is now their natural instinct. Quot the women Are As courageous and combative As the men. A Boer woman is never too old to shoot straight. You should see them As j have seen them coming to the station to say Goodby to husbands fathers Brothers and sweethearts on their Way to the front such stoicism is astonishing. Quot not a tear does a Boer woman shed when so sends a son away from her to fight for his country. Not a tear does she shed when he Falls in Battle. Fighting to them is a business a duty a anything but a matter of sentiment. Quot my opinion is that when there Are no More Boer men left on the Field the Boer women will take to Jer places and tie i Reid i bail m Bra Fhi Boston and Bah Harbor Boston amp Maine . Donn Coonc at if Ruand with Zaoie Mahib of Mullal r. R. Past Vestibule a daily train attn thu rough pull Mui parlor Aad Muc Plag car the lowest rates. at / new England Points and the West Southwest and kor Hwesi parties invt Long via this Llna to afoot al. Toronto Detroit. Cal Masc it. Paul a by minnea Poilu. And All Western Points avoid All transfers it Boston As Goa neocon is now made in the next Union station. D. J. Flanders. 10 gen Lam Lenffer agent. B. S. Higo ins dealer in Las Pariett aah do Kanaue a Aaan a aaa cd Adla it a Ata. Fine groceries and provisions. Bar Harbor veterinary Hospital Cedar Avenue Olf school Street. Horses dogs and All Doni Estiz a animals treated by the Day or the week. I. Sherman Cleaves d. V. S Medili i Lily shy. Telephone connection. For Portland Boston Montreal and All Points East and West. On and after May 7, 1900, trains will run As follows a Kava. Bar Harbor. Sullivan. It. Ocif t . Ells Ortli. Bangui a . . . . 10 25 .3.2. It.30 8 4.10 .4. I0 s4.46 4.2. 5.8."5.10 11.154559.10 86 30 ,.11vj .5.31w.58 86.081.10. 6 55.11.15 87.25 p. P. . P. Where Sofia flew Ilo our Market ing i . 1 25. 3.50. .1.25 Boston k9.05____5.57____7-25. .5.57 . . . Rortlanil.8.508 to. . . Lancaster1.80----1.30. Montreal8.35----635. Leave Boston. Portland . . 7.45weekday8. 9.00 7.00sund�y8. . �T�11.0012.85 leave . . . 9.30. .4.50 ellsworth.�7.18. .10.53. .6.10 it. Us l. Fs.00 11.30 .6 50. Sullivan�8.20____. Sorrento�8 60bar Harbor . .12.30. 7 35 a. U. 1. N sunday is Only. A daily sundays in cantle Ltd. Geo. F. Evans vice pres. And gen. Mgr. F. E. Booth b a gen. Pass and ticket agent d. L. Drew agent bar Harbor. Boston and Bangor steamship co. Spring Sci Ediale three trips a week. Civinini ii inn Tih Silivy vii Illi it 1 o to Steinner ".mt. Desi it quot Tript. F. I. A into Ijiri lla Vimr , to inv Dilys ii nil Siiter Ltd in s it it 111., lor Sci i Ali Arbor is Atli East Ali ichor soul Xvi .->1 liar la Sionni Tuioti find Lockli iii 1, i ii l cd at Ucli Lionil Willi st iii or for lio thu. Crystal Spring Creamery butter a specially a o cd k beef. Lamb. Veal i Lix al 1. Poultry. Game fruits vegetables eggs. Cheese Etc Etc. Pop Hietik of bar Harbor hardware store. 131,133 and 135 main st. Sep to wow eyes is .ss.too8.�m0��r prie.,16.50 ? and of relight machine Walcha 10 a a a a Aat Lifland. A Mii of Flemat Aasmaa it tray May scat a bad Lam u �9. Test tau Dawn Tea a our Gnu 8�wiu r pm Cabin bib pick u Hauae. �?�10.�<�, in of $lt.00 aah a. All Tuduy do a Mubi catalan but til. M for tau a Bor mat a Una Arar Affe rei a Arar of Fercy my Hauae. By Ware of to Alementa of Smiliy a Kaawa _ .-----1 uder Tario Manamea with Tarto uto m Laara wha Ara ral Ukia Aad Wka Are Aal. In rot Oist a tit Good route Tibt Biou a quot a ducts of Lohi. Rij tade by tic a to a a a tei a a Amer Lea. A Wilaj tha cat Mauria Launcr a a a a al Fht toban.3fi As a Tabit. Una lift a Xvi i a quot quot Fili it North Bio and head la ply cd for ? ?.k.wtaa fraai., carried Pansow pm a quot n it quot nil Urta Uigh Are. A Ira Adenir Olbrat Lnu Aan tilth Mac it c0st8 you nothing compare it , and then if Monr laced that you Are a rank any tima within by of Isi not Stirt Jox t of Fiat. Seart. Immelt co. Are Thorois Belr a Luuloa. Andreu. 9tar6, Roebuck amp co. Inc Chicago iii. A amp chem with per a Ella at tto of a i Tairent the Tifi so. Of Oil to Day f. D. Foster House Kroin a i ill is1ill from Vork i , a i it riic.-�fhiy-, i iii quot a. His in ii atom. La i riimnt.,a. ,-, Weill m a iii Miji i in a i 11 Huc thi ii.11 in re r 1 k. .1. u 11.1,1 my iia riot liar n i i in i., n iii. M ii. Ii i i .1 m i m �?z1 Portland Machas sti. La Liuz a r my a ii . , Piil "1, iii a Frank Jones quot i iii iii t i Branch at Winter Harbor. Painter decorator paper Hanger. Fashionable Wall paper. Site Pant in a go Lois a a a a Sisi ails 1�c Mio my re st so a specs it i h in Nelly win Nvvf mail iii l Wirtl p. 111., my for Mill Irvil. Inch thu . U i 1 it a pc iii i iii on my 1 a la i Timu or. Iii a Iliia .1 t Ami Mah. He Alai Lila Mii 1u c Rulif v ii iii 1 iii a l a ii a. M at g Lija on cottage Street. The finc rtt Market in iii if. He has a full new it Stock it canned goods and pickles vegetables beef last. Mutton veal and poultry received fresh every Day. Butter Aud Cream from the Best Maine creameries a specially. Also the celebrates Philadelphia p. A. Sharpless Gilt Edge butter so highly esteemed by summer visitors constantly in Stock. Please Call and examine our Market and Stock. G. E. Soper Cotta i st., Bab Harbor my 4 11. 111., Luidl it i a our iii Lior al lor Ort lit al Alai Lair i i iii a i liar ook lii i lii Olill . Quot al a i. A a self Wirk let cri a i a lii ii1 irl in c. Uoc Lunil aia i n.lain1, Arinin l lit ii my 11 111., ill Ca ii Mani Ivial u ill l Ull Nulli Ali Orzilli a Lilllie in i -n.-Liill. Iko. K. a Mana i k. F. Ink l ill a l l a a to 1 1�? life ,1.1 Willii Ltd l it in lla Ai Boston amp Maine steamship company direct and freight lil Lun w Boston a Tahr Ltd for Aud Etu Art me. Str. Cut in h to Lila ii will Lia \ Ltd quot a a iii i h i coi Iudici l Ial w Lull i Lai dii ucal Liia i ii iii t lii Riu Lului l 1 right la. Al . A n r. 1 Iligir Ilu Lior 11. 111, Ami let at iii it Una it Alan Lav in Rii iii a i Kilt poi t Moi Las a and a. M., t. N a Larlor p. 111. Iriv it llu Tonii 1 m la Tuiai Fri Luyt i ii. In. For full Arl Ici Ilai h -1 c him ii . N. To. Up Lai tar. C. iii in i. A \ i am i i \ painting ant paper hanging Osmond Emery. Al to i ii i in paints and Riih a Tell Pupe in Straw 3iiitliu Sunti Vav Tulow shades. Personal supervision Given to All work. Osmond i fiery centimes and Bridge i tree. Hur Balsim of Tommy is by Hulm the my harness Bla Liels Robes and whips horse furnishing goods. Stallc us lilt i iii Ltd i \ or la ii ii ail kept in Vianit get he a. L al ail r neatly iii id promptly l it al y tii it a Hin i Woi Gnu ii. Hamor Block. Bar Harbor. Leighton Davenport plumbers amp co. 8t�am and hot water fitters. Dealers in Plain and al Vaizey pipe and fittings All sizes Lead pipe Sheet Lead Garden Hose Lawn Spring Isles sue. Quot quot main Street bar Harbor quot me

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