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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jun 6 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - June 6, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building insurance broker the leading county paper and the Only society journal on Iio unt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent vol. 14. Iio. 18. Bar Harbor Maine wednesday evening june 1900. Price 5 cents f. Shirley Goddard. Paul Hunt Goddard Hunt architects contractors and estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor . % Clark amp co., Cor. It. Desert rid main sts., and in tie Grant Blo Elc main Street below it Ijes ert Street has opi id tor st Ason of quot with a most compute Stock Otti Attar Wadi Ikia India and urn Olsyk quot Rel Vith he finest Japak a junk and Titre iii rugs ctr tails and Mati blahs of 11 kinds. In Colino at the threshold. P very thin a shut Rtula tor to Virnishie i a room or a Cotta i in an artistic was at u Low Cost inexpensive fair nature coverings Dovon a visions Etc. Ciders lor re ii who Isle ring and covering old Farsi stare. Laying Alt tiny Han it ing curtains Ala King cushions Heddin Etc., will tic prompt attention to the most careful and competent workmen. For Salein lots to suit. The parcel of land comprising one and one half acres formerly occupied by Des Isle hotel has been subdivided into Twenty eight House lots which will be sold on easy terms. Since the late acceptance in last town meeting of new Des Isle Avenue these lots have become very desirable. Price $400 to $1,600. For full particulars and plat of land apply to Goddard amp rent for the coming season. New and attractive House owned by l. A. I Obort of Boston situated on the Corner of Mii unt deceit t and Leigh streets to be to hushed and ready for Jaoui it Aney Lune it. This Houe is i quipped with every no Dern convenience and is elaborately and tastefully decorated and furnished. It includes h Maryre entrain be Hal hands niely finished in Kleu Misli Oak a dining room with like finish a drawer if room smoking room and Hall reception Roian seven toaster s Ami four servant s lied Rooni four l bathrooms also a Roomy Engliski basement with Kitchen laundry Larder and servants quot dining room. Full particulars including plan of Houe on application. The House command an unobstructed View of the mountains and i. In a very desirable local it a. We have also a Large list of cottages of varied sizes and in desirable Loca tiflis. Full particulars on wish to Call Anent on to the fact that the follow Lotf do a Arluin nut arc tji roughly Tiu lip quot a for a Lohnig Ijichi Tiosh in it matter Ike a Litimo or liow Squall tie Jfe and at such a la Lee Blini 11 will it ii to get i or a a Sll Date before going else flu re. Of an Sci i mks from any of to it a Lul Lowling at an Nour k notice and can do the work at pro cd we loti will compete with the lowest department. Fut Clumb carpenters Cabinet maker Ntuli lathers for repair or new Leonsu ii lion. Milling department. Oru woodworking in running to hours a Day the year round Ami we can do your Beaucl sawing plan ing and milling while you wait. In Ouk Kiln Day will be found a Goult a Supply of Kift hard Pine flooring Luich and Maple flooring. Quartered Oak floor ing White Wood in boards plunk ind Square s Ock. Alao one Inch and two Inch Quaite Reil Oak and mine Clear Spruce and . Brickh Portland and be Meni Llin Adamel hair and Cal lined i a hater. Masons Donn Tanily on hand for jobbing and fireplace department. Full assortment of i . Ranuld and oils. A vol iveing agent for a prominent Wall i Aper Houne we can sell i it Seoi Aliv. Iii i a8 Low a Kijik write straight fire insurance a and also Wihib to Call your attention to the Fitch to limit ave iii Pic Tiu Ife Ovi Yot rents in c ise of lire. This in of special value to depending on regular it Utah. We represent the following Continental Ani the american fire insurance co s of new York the scottish Union and National insurance co. Noted Burg Scotland and the Union Assurance society of new York. Only to loan cd Good Security in amounts not less than $500. Quot attractive plans acid for bottles Irum $050 up Goddard amp Hunt. Now open quot wow the in cottage Street livery Geo. J. Stafford equipped stable in the state. Pm. W. Stratton architect and Bull Pluf Fitusi Irvint us Clit. Office. Grant built liner tel i hone. Liah ashes never help the c. A Crant co., build up Aew property when tire has destroyed the old. But insurance Money the Good solid dollars that come when they Are most needed a helped Many a Man to a new Home or has set him up in business again represent Only Stroski reliable companies. Kill Worth and bar Harbor me. I m i eelin3 it the threshold , faint and sur. A Stihl Tai the claw iii tor tic opening of tie la in quot a i Itin till lii a Liall l id me Rise and a Lwe o taif us i v f his a it a ",vnc.-. T 1 Trio gladness of i 1liol i. A Weiyi Ith re f it ukness storm iii i st pfc. n. Tru _ iii for my Hie let i i a in Mil 11 n is i 11 a i i a al will soot i,��.>.�,- Ili Kii Lipil it a quot t lires .u.ii,i\ Hus is on the Lynnr. My Lilii inv i a .11 the in the As they . Iii iii i l 111 signs in of t i of or of sinless land. 1 that i Ucic a i 111. Unit tie Shireiii tiiroiv., . Ill i a i. Iii his i innit in their son. I he lii kids that to in try Uitti me have entered 1 Hir 1 \ Titiev lilt Tiu i iii with the foe 1 lii ii Pil i iii a Cua Short r. Tiu in tii Timph sooner won How 1 it iii a til \ 11 had i a a ii All my toil i v i it quot till 111 a theto no i it i l i in 1 re tii Ai by to i Mortak a avd to l t no in. I land. I wait i in i e,i-.n- Ollivi no jul by a in. To i Oit ii v.i-,t,-,l. Way father i 1 w. 1. \ i 1 \ \ m 1 a i Christian at Woi k. Memorial Day. How it observe cd by the citizens of mount desert Island. Tie of it Norial Day it liar Harbor this year was one of the greatest events in the history of the i. A. Of this town. The members of the 1 visited every cemetery on the Island of mount desert and decorated the Graves of their comrades who have gone before with Flowers and the to a quot. At i o clock the veterans assembled at their head parters in the Vodick Block previous to which however out of town visitors and some of the local members of the Post were furnished a dinner by the ladies of the Relief corps. The marching column was formed on cottage Street and made up As follows a i Kiloton of police Isar Harbor l an l. Chief Marshall William Fennelly with town officers James m. I Arker Tost no. 105, i. A. K., woman Relief corps school cd Illren William Thomlison amp s. Of Rar i ire la part Niit l in in uni ranks in Iolite of i pythias. There were forty six of the quot Veteran in line and Lilicy of course we observed of All v i s. I the inspiring Niusia of the band and amidst the Plau ills of Many Huni Leeds of men women and children the soldiers who fought in the great rebellion More Tolian thirty t Lve years ago fell into line and marched like Young sters. Atter the impressive ceremonies at the be Mccry. Aioli id the Noble Monument quot erected in memory of men s sons who were defenders of the i Nion quot the column accompanied by a Host of people marched to the methodist Church where the memorial address was delivered by Rev. S. L. Llan com. A everyone United in saying that the reverend gentleman s oration was one of the , if not tie very Best Ever heard in har Harbor. An audience that Crow led the Church to its utmost capacity was captured from thu begin thing to the eid of the address by tie instructive patriotic and Eloc Juenst words of the speaker who himself is an Hon Oreil Comrade in the cd. A. R. As he a member of quot Allagit regiment the Maine cavalry which had the Lunior of having inscribed upon its Battle ,More Battles Titan any other regiment in the i Nion army. The following extracts been kindly the by a i Llan Nicoiu. Or . a and Krienk o other in ill tie year comes imms 111 i filed wit my i to Ines kurir such a spirit o i lev omit ule such sent intents of lofty ind kindling such be elixir sol .1 Coin Nidini by a i i Hood i i All Mir Ihmi . Isho this. The to iii Lieth u . While poll dial i Iti. Reik Side , my sii Ile 111.ly it online to in did bitter on this Oica Siou Slun ild . Tsieia sii Ould be Ini and no set Lions it ln-��?�1 i \ Esol iii a Ilion a . Lulls ii in la ii l a e 11 u to i. 1 oin in to be tie i \ a Ihn Seii Liivik . While we the of tic a Lotic , e arc to know Inch spi iii link tel anti on the -r,i\e.s of those men who while Uliey t tended is 1. Their , our admiration y their and who amid other Mircu Stanci s would been Loyal to the nation. We a i it Ltd been pleased to note that for years the two sections of our country so Long divided Oil the question of slavery have been Shawly approaching the Point of Harmony. During the last two years Progress in that direction has been greatly accelerated. The splendid loyalty of the Soutsi kindling of prickly at the outbreak of the Spanish american War is that of the north., the magnificent hero ism of Southern soldiers equal to that of their Northern comrades and the blood of the two sections mingling under the same Flag have made us one now and forever. And now As we have a country United As never before with sectional jealousy and hatred nearly obliterated and the old Bone of Contention cast forever irom us i am profoundly impressed pitl. The to might and feeling that this Dav should not be Given Over to memories of strife. By t to the cultivation of 400d will and the promotion of . Amei a can citizenship. L to is unit the tide of memory tins lunar. pc Mav get views of the e sued privileges which Are oui a ant Ilie t r conviction of duty quot a , by a Lautem photion of the Reata ices of to is nation for which our Brothers died. 1 h i i i of r country is new. And our gov Eijiu Petit Moi Ern. We have All t of . I of All. Our National Are sinoply marvelous. We occupy the latitudes Ulriich alone produce . Alien we have a vast extent of territory the. E times As As that of the i i Irish 1-le-. I . So .d.n. I . . Italy i i l Coin bind with to iii to Lis. J Ai is forests Rivers hikes i and every al a iii h .1 a Joii needs to become . Too. have a Mundier Liu .1 Vanelm of men. Cod designed this Coin itry to be. Not Only a i Fuge and Lime for the o impressed of ill lands but the of the Chi Reed uni fui the worhol at Large. Ile is s tying to the people Mcnie and Uliey Are coming. For More than a Hundred years the tides have been blowing in upon us. And still they Are coming from Ingland Ireland France Germany and other european countries. And China too. Stands ready to pour the surplus of a population of More than four Hundred millions of people in upon us. We could not if we would shut our doors and keep them out. Ily Wise legislation and vigorous enforce intent of the same we May restrain and sift so As to prevent our country from becoming the dumping ground for the pauper Vagabond and criminals of All Furo be and the victim of the insatiable leeches of All Asia but we cannot close our doors and Slop the tide of immigration. During All tills Lime the Merican people have continued to multiply until there is no Lack of men. We have men for eve y Ca Luil. tion i i troies Ion. I enough to the old ship of state. The of ii is Are ill Lull and thousands hold themselves in co i Franl readiness to their and Devotion by a i Epting the Ripon Sibili ties of offic. It even been we s. Perez that the present occupant of tiie White House mi4u possibly be persuaded to accept the presidency for another term. There Are some inti nations , rather than see his country Sulibit in quot Joy orator of tiie i Latte quot would accept the chief magistral y of the nation. And. Wonderful , marvelous Devotion the charming Bride of the great american Admiral has already of tiered her i Mutry the services of Lur illustrious m that capacity. We have not a great stand ii Iriny of men nor such an extensive Navy As that of England. We med a Navy of about half the proportion of that of England. It would be All us Hyicient. Tor there is no which could afford to meet us on the water it could bring Aga Siisi us at least twice the Luis Berof our ships jul men. The spirit of Taul Jones lives on in the american Navy. F rom the Leeiii Oralph in 1777, when thai Doughty r hoisted the iii strip lies to the Masthead of the , to the present time the skill com a i. I i l jul old american seamen Hae 111.uie iii i a. Vico Iyoub la ill Alci a among the Many �.ises of heroism acc nailed 111 the i Lotof of sir lie one i sii 1 i in mention Hicri. . I the i omit m .1 volume of our Piialii Liln in Tai huh d quot of Lair Ltd quot one , in to .1 Lull a 1 ii a ill v ii i to t be iii Ollie i 1 Ai a 1 Kiim Leland. I he Llis a i lii tiled. I of in of -s-1 h ii s a 111.-., and. W Ali a Alle ing Pic. Lae deck and .1 to u Inch the i a o i Foi a i i o w Ith the Iiio-..iiw.is Perfi i .1 in. W Elk Airi o a e us 1 it Sai. 1 us 1 til Liam. I ,0 to Pai lug Vilh us in the Selli Esol lir. Hora a 111 honoured fellow Tow a Siuai my to Aal Mirade or. William Koe, a Navy of Jii aporia is of that Kuula of material a Sotile cd Lei id our co. Ami do ail we Manild it to pc comi Ilish. Jut a great standing Ai 111 of men we do not Neil. Iai come and it Call be made Aiu our men would Rush to arms and in thirty Days we could gather an army sufficient to Renjel an invasion by the Linbi died buries of the world. Another Factor of National is intelligence. The average tel hence of our people is the highest in the world. Hut we Are not All educated. Nearly one fifth of All the be Piile in this country ten years of age and upwards can neither read nor write. The presence of these ignorant masses with us is a perpetual menace. Safety lies in educating their children. We stand As one Man for our free schools. All the children must Edward b. Mears. Cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. Be tau he the i a dish . A and cd u ated and accor Diimig to Amer ican ideas ind it Pistonis. Notheis tor of is virtue. And this is ill . I , in the sense is .1 mighty Iio Iyer but it is not Ulii Ideiil. Ltd be May be an intellectual . In st the same time a moral Leper. The same is Liue of . The i proves that null ectrial development has no Nei is i iry a a Section \ u be. Soil Mil in nations of Antii Quay id Vance i j i i degree of it now cil Emil growth. Fame for the 1 of t she perished through lust. I Power which could s ive a i same a. quot in Pov. Eroi Ali Christ. A i Licot Lut Elei Iichi of . Is Good Goern ment. That government is the div Best is . The question has always been can government by the Pei it be endure the strength of oui government has Lieen tested by Wir. War with a lad in Isi with Mexico in 1s45, and tie War of tile great rebellion the most desperate and l Loody known to history. Its strength and Power is now being tested to carry deliverance to the oppressed of other lands and Christian civilization to the benighted of Othni climes. We Are proving a a its Lait Here is 111 i a n 1 the d i a it it repel Sally to the Soi i with a i Lent Intelli Genu i i tui go a a uni eau a t a a Eop a end it e 1 Mas Ile i a Lent of i Slot \ keep on in it course. We do Weil to observe , Lud Ihu pre Eie i Emoiy of those in a Olio in to a Ivil w a. Iii he 1 is ii by and died is grand by to lie Edom a Laa d 1 to to i e it. To tie t lose of the i 1 in ii More time pundit ii t iou in n in in erase of tie Nal our , ,. Hur iii tie .>., ,1 do. Whu h a a me i d of in Hue thi n. a of ii a a ii ind to i out lion the quot 11 i i Tilv iii Anishin ranks of our v a at. Ran Host. La nearly every Cem Cleiv Loai Maine to 1 , and on ill if s it Daiil. D Battle Uliey Leep who <1 de ii 11 Muhl Liva Leep Oil. Thou lie.11 iii a grateful Annot forget your sacrifice of life and Loving hearts shall Nevi cease to hive. Though Spring has Many Limelen viewed its Vert lure of Leai and Bud Over your sleeping dust and autumn Many times has gathered its Harvest of faded to Lowers we think of you still and while we live we will weave garlands to your memory and the polished Marble and the solid Granite shall speak your Fame while in Arble and i Granite shall endure. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors the office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have Telephone connection. Or. John c. Abbott connected with the upholstery department of messes. Of Boston will be at Rise j3eli 1 Lont from 9 a. M. To i p. M. Daily for a beef stay with sketches and stuffs suitable for draperies Portieles and furniture coverings. George l. Stebbins Seal Harbor real estate. Cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for Salii offices Seal Harbor me., and 102 produce Exchange n. Y

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