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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jun 3 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - June 3, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A a a to. A vol. It. No. A a. Bab a Jtb a. A journal on rii Mitt desert Island. By ning june 3, of Otto pm la of five j a. Botox. Prof limit. A Miu Oathum. Am s. Nmair. Tim to Eva the i bar Harbor m a. �?�50,006.00 j Kandy Row a. W0>k .00 nth trip. Several Nice of images for rent at. Hancock Point. Also a few very desirable Shore lots for Dale. Pijt4�i Job draw / the Geo. H. A rant co., general insurance agents Long dii Tedoe Piso ii. Bar Harbor or Bllodworth. The g60. H. Grant insurance real Esta investments Ellsworth a bar Harbor Jil. L01i9 di8tak0k Tju i Poohs. Sears amp Suiter it first Nail Binl brokers for bar Harbor. First class bi0s of eve but kind by the hour Day a Veek of season. Or ii set services Good Borses. Trim vehicles intelligent Drivers. Terms e. Foster proper. West st be to Bab . H. Kittredge do am a meats groceries and provisions. At wholesale and retail. Annual concert of the Bat Harbor choral Solety a by decided set cola. In order to meet the requirements of the times and to accommodate my numerous patrons i have recently remodeler a part of my store thereby making i commodious and Mode meat Market it will be fully quipped and in charge of a Man acquainted with the business. Itie Market will be run in connection with Ray grocery business which will he of advantage to my patrons. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor. Me Isaac Kramer 4 has moved from cottage Street to his new store on main Street and is prepared to show a Large new Stock of up to Date and ready-to-wearct7o"t h 1 nos at prices that simply defy Competition. His Stock of hats Caps boots and shoes is Large and varied and he carries a Complete line of gent s furnishing goods if in need of a trunk travelling bag or if Euit Case you will find Here a Large assortment to select from. Don t forget the number 49 main Street he d. Smith s old stand Isaac Kramer ranges Oil Heaters in oleum Oil cloths. Straw matting table and cooking Mil and a Seiyt Cilik to furnish tip til a is now ready at m a Fri the bar Harbor choral society established less than two years ago gave its second annual concert at the Casino thursday night before a Large and East Thusia tic audience. And the enthusiasm was All the More to genuine because of its spontaneity occasioned by the remarkably Clever work of the society and the genuine Surprise which most of the audience experienced in listening to the rendition of Standard Lia usic by a chorus composed of strictly Home Talent. The work of the society the past win it ter has been largely in keeping with that of other societies members of the Maine festival chorus. The concert of thursday night convinced Many familiar with that work that the bar Harbor choral society it not one Whit behind the older members and As it has decided to become a Branch of the state organisation it can be relied upon to give a Good account of itself. Of soloists for the concert there were two mme. Dora Wiley Tennis Soprano and or. Harold Palmer baritone from whom Good work was naturally expected. The former has had Many years experience on the concert and operatic stage and is familiar with All the artful tricks of the profession while the latter is just entering upon a career that promises Well for the future. The concert began with Quot the qut Quot a cantata in two parts written by Ethel Bert Nevin. The program contained the words of the text and one was thus helped to understand the music which was very descriptive. Part one entitled the Quot lady of Saville Quot opened with a chorus of women8 voices Quot the Maiden Sang at the this was remarkably Well rendered and captivated the audience at once. The parts were evenly balanced and the voices blended most harmoniously. Tie Alto was a feature which supported by a full Soprano produced a pleasing effect this and the closing chorus Quot i longed i longed for an unknown Joy Are written in a vein More easily understood by the average hearer though the Dirge like music closing in a sort of Monotone of the chorus Quot death s courier came and spoke the name of the lady of Saville Quot made quite an impression. The chorus of men s voices was Well rendered though the volume of tone was somewhat reduced because the men necessarily were seated further Back on the stage with its great open space overhead. If the chorus did Well in part first it excelled in part second entitled Quot the desert it seemed As if it had a reserved Force which had been held in Chelt by the Leader and when Quot away to the West he Rode Quot was taken up it was Sung in a Bright entrancing manner with sudden bursts of enthusiasm that was exhilarating. This was followed by a chorus of women s voices and the Climax was reached in the closing chorus Quot it May be the gleam of an unknown the Solo singing in Quot the quest Quot by mme. Tennis and or. Palmer was quite satisfactory but the effect would have been improved had further rehearsals with the chorus been held. Mme. Tennis experience and familiarity with similar work of course enabled her to sustain her part in True artistic style. Or. Palmer s voice was hardly suited for the part assigned him. He was not Able to take the High notes in which the score was written and fortunately did not attempt to. He did Well however and in his Solo in the second part Quot i will find the fir of Lier heart s desire Quot he Sang with much spirit and remarkably Clear enunciation. Part second of the program opened with the Quot Soldier s chorus Quot from Gounod s Quot Faust Quot Sung in a most spirited manner and in a Tempo that would have taxed the most experienced chorus Singer. The Quot magic of Spring Quot a Waltz song by von Weinzierl was a Bright and sparkling number. To the cadence of the music one could almost hear the b0>ok babbling in the distance and the twitter of the Bluds As they hopped from limb to limb. Through it All one Felt that Spring glad Spring is Quot of my Luve s like a red red Rose Quot by Garrett to Many seemed to be the Gem of the chorus singing. The closing chorus Quot with Strephon for your toe Quot from Quot Lola the Quot by Sullivan was Sung so enthusiastically that the number was completed before the audience realized that the work of the evening was Over and the concert of 1903 had become a thing of the past. To the second part of the program mme. Tennis contributed two numbers. The applause that accompanied her efforts demonstrated How coins lately she had captivated the audience for double encores were accorded both numbers. Her singing of Gounod s ave Maria Quot with cello Obligato by or. Jas. D. Maxwell was an is tatic contribution. To at encore she gave the familiar Home Sweet Home Quot an for Mcand enwere the ferryman Quot in a Serio comic thanner. Her second number Waian Irish Luciy by be am the audit Ece act Udoji a tinted a mood a a pure was called for to which mme. Tent is responded play inst her own a co a if it aliment. Or Palmer s con libation was Quot visions fair Quot from Quot hero Ade Quot by Massenet which brought an encore to him. Red ild Fng he gave a Good night Quot song Whilt proved to be by far his Best work. If Only instrumental number on the program was a minute celebre by Bocch Rini by the string orchestra. This was a Star number. 11 was most daintily playe and made such an impression that a repetition was called for and granted. Tiiu i it orchestra was composed As follows of a c. Welsh of Portland and Roland i Sawyer of Bangor violins Robert i it Wimmond of Bangor Viola James d. Maxwell of Bangor cello Robert cat Well of Bangor Bass and Job Springer of att Usu clarinet. The Way tie chorus which number etl a it it it seventy voices responded to the Leader was a Clear indication of the hold he Bas upon the members. His every Wiah was anticipated and the music Rose and fell just As he desired. In fact the Succes of the concert was in a Large measure due to the Hearty response of the Chrohis and the members thereof deserved and received the highest commendations. A word of Praise is due the two accompanists miss Ina m. Guptill and miss Effie Pendleton for the efficient manner in which they performed their work not an Espy undertaking by any Means. To or. Maurice c. Rumsey the director of the choral society and projector of tie concert great credit is due. The Flat telling reception accorded his every appearance on the stage was Well merited and the encomium that have been passed Lipon the Success of the concert is gratify la to his friends. For five years or. Ramsey has devoted his entire time to the up building of a music Loving Circle in a Harbor. He has taken the material it hand and faithfully a red moulding Aad training it until now he has a society tint stands second to none in the state ill Quality of work. But few know the amount of labor this has involved not Only mental but manual for be it known a iat the preparation of much of the Manu script music has been the work of his mward a cottages for rent or for Saez a Orrice bar Harb ii main re hand. Had any one said two years ago that a chorus of seventy or More voices could be organised in bar Harbor and kept together Long enough to give such a concert As was Given thursday night he would have been thought visionary. Or. Rumsey has shown that it can be done and the Success which has crowned his efforts will no doubt Lead him to attempt still greater things. For this he should have the Hearty support of the Community. Bustling times. Work on the various cottages being completed rapidly. The Spring and Early summer is a season of great activity in bar Harbor. A walk along any of the principal streets is a convincing proof to the most casual observer. Everywhere Are buildings being opened to the sunlight. It is a Peculiar characteristic of bar Harbor that every place is habitable and inhabited during the summer season and this is the time when the finishing touches Are made to thi summer abode be it cot or Palace. At nearly every cottage in har Harbor something or other is being done in the Way of improvement. For instance at the turrets the palatial summer Home of or. J. J. Emery John e. Clark the original builder has a few men employed making some trifling changes. Lawford t i Wakefield Are retouching and adding to some of their previous work and Leigh tor Davenport amp co., Are putting practically new plumbing throw it Hout the House and the scene about the place is one of Busy activity which is repeated at almost every cottage along the upper Bay. Frank d. Foster cd son have a number of men painting and papering at Brook end. Stanley Preble Brann Are building new Chimney and fireplaces at the al Lis i place on clefts one Road and a Fine piece of Stone Wall. The capacity of the it Auk Ellis House Lei Stone is being nearly doubled a Beautiful and capacious music room will occupy the ground floor of the Extension Over which will be Fine room for mrs Ellis occupancy. New Bath rooms have also been built. W. H. Higgins is the contractor the cottage which or. Philip Livingston bought last fall of or. J. T. Hinch is l facing entirely remodelled. The plumbing which is quite an extensive operation is in the hands of the a. H. Davenport co. The Henderson cottage just above Duck Brook has had a Large addition built and a Fine new stable. This formerly unpretentious building is Odd and pretty cottage situated on an Emi Nence commanding an extensive View of the Bay. The Hubbard h use bought of mrs. Hoyt it year has been enlarged and do Root put Over the whole building. The Metal Woric was done by Green amp Reynolds Stanley Preble amp Brann have had a crier ill men at work on the Mccormick cottage a bib has by in veneered with Stone. Some alterations have been i made and the House has been painted by a e. Lawrence s men. Sea urchins mrs. Burton Harrison s cottage has been renovated and enlarged. This work was also done by or. Lawrence. The Minot cottage in the Field has a Quot new Kitchen and laundry with All the lat est improvements. Besides these minor strains there Are the bold major cords in the music of bar Harbor hammers such As the palatial Cassatt House to which a Macadam Road a now being Laid the Bowden House in West Street built of Brick of which a. E. Lawrence has supervised the construction the heating being done by Leighton amp Davenport the Harrison cottage on Eagle Lake Road designed by m. W. Stratton which is now completed and ready for occupancy. We. Pierce did the plumbing and Shea Bros the Mason work for this House. The building of the Bath House to be used in connection with the swimming Pool is no Small undertaking. Jordan amp Whittaker Are the contractors. The painting is being done by Lawford amp Wakefield. During the Spring a Green House has been erected at the Scott estate by Hutch Ings amp co., of new York. The roofing was done by Green amp Reynolds. A Fine stable has been erected on Way Man Lane for or. Rotch. The building is the Only one of its kind in town. It has a Large Furnace and Fine apartments with Bath on the second floor. This is by no Means All of the building that is going on but simply gives an idea of the Busy activity of the place at this time of year. The Louisburg has been somewhat renovated. The Large Chimney in the Center of the office has been torn Down and rebuilt in the front Wall fire places being put in on the three floors. The work was done by Stanley Preble amp Brann. F. D. Poster amp son have a Crew of men at work painting the entire House. A Larse part of the roof is being re tinned the work being done by f. E. Sherman. Kebarden Lodge and All its adjacent buildings Are receiving a coat of paint at the hands of Law Ford amp Wakefield s men. The inside of the Lodge is also being rejuvenated with fresh paint by the same firm. During the entire Spring extensive alterations have been going on at the Maine Central wharf. A Large number of new piling have been driven and quite a portion of the wharf has been replanted. The freight Sheds have been greatly enlarged giving More office room and greater storage space. The waiting room is being greatly improved also. The ticket office is being increased in size into a commodious room with three windows. The coming year will witness the construction of a number of new it uses if the Muse of prophecy is not e iii july be Quot Hind the times. Or. H. L. Eno who it w been a visitor Here for Ninny season Guy will probably erect a handsome it aloft it Villa on the property bought last year the Haight Este. Or. Richard Mccagg of new York to build a handsome summer residence his property on main Street a div estate excavating for Wilkich Lek. Begun. There is talk that or. Ernesto. Fabbri May build on the site of tiie Ilij Lilii House. High school notes. On Friday afternoon May 22, rect talk and selections appropriate to me Morlte Day were Given by the second division. After these exercises Rev. S. L. Hat gave an interesting and instructive upon the subject of Freedom which listened to with com attention. Expressed to him their thanks for acc helpful words. The advanced French class Stadey to were allowed to have their recitation my of doors on one of the recent Bright Noons. The lesson period was my elf Joyed and it never passed so Quick kit a fore. Mime. My indeed doubted tto correctness of the teachers watch. She said it was Quot trop the juniors have finished Silas Mai and Are spending the remaining Reading the vicar of Wakefie. During the past week interest hit entered around the improvements Whitiak. Are being made upon the school Romias when the scholars came to school monday morning they found implements ter digging awaiting them and soon the boy with Coats off were vigorously ply picks and shovels in excavating a to Tenet for the new walk which is to Cire pc a. Front of the two doors in place of the two olo straight walks. Even the girls Canaj talc the spirit of work and wielded to bask heavy tools like old veterans. At my car they put aside their work and were in vile or into the schoolroom to be refreshed Witt ice cold lemonade which had been Pac pared by the Young ladies. The y. 1. A. Has graded and seeded the South Lawa and planted shrubbery in front of tact building. With this already done Ai Xhaj the Aid of some of the citizens it is Hope a. Quot that the High school grounds will Sooro an ornament to the town. The baccalaureate Sermon of the b. H. A. Will be Given in st. Saviour s Eris Copal Church at the evening service of june 7, by the pastor of that Church. To it a graduating exercises be at at the Casisi al 8 o clock monday june s. Regular recitations will be Contin Oett until Wedgie Schiav of this week after we cd examinations will be Given to those for any reason have fallen below thar quire percent. All Are hoping they be excused. The seniors will finish tiit. Work on tuesday. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Canada hard Wood ashes and Swift Lowell ground Bone for lawns and crass lands. Wood ashes of Good Quality contain the greater part of the Essen till elements of Plant food in their Best form find in Large Quantity besides increasing markedly the Moi ture Huldi in papa buy of Sulla. Valuable when used alone Tivey form with Bone Peai a Complete and excellent n Tiute tor lawns and grass lands which besides the Rich growth it gives has the great advantages of being Thouy free from Weed seed easily applied and free Felt it Mafli ii Siva odor. Our Wood ashes Are unleashed thoroughly by need and the beat to be obtained. A rides upon application. The office and greenhouses Aie upon Schooner hear Road and have Telephone connections. Kenny amp Vatt Burin �8lfrankunst,b0st n. Cotta fee jro1>l>ln0 a. Specially. Contractor and Buie ski shop Couge st., bar Hirbod be George l. Stebbins. It coinages for rent. Build big lets of Sii Cini Lii ive for Susti Foll loft a a al Harbor. Me., and Loa Rodroe Ixo Hanica Haj a

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