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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jul 4 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - July 4, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Perasse Fox building. Insurance broker t a a the leading county paper and the Only society journal on flaunt desert Island. Degrasse real estate. Cottages for rent Vrol. 14. To. 22. Bar Harbor Maine wednesday evening july 4, 1900 Price 5 cents. F. Shirley Goddard. Paul Hunt Goddard Hunt architect contractors and builders. Real estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor Maine. W. I. I Ark amp co., . Cor. It. Desert and to vain sts., and in the bloc la Stre to below Vit desert Street a i for Scanson of i with a most computer Stock Olha tax m re kia India Ami. al xxi trek wit i thu finest Japan ask junk and turkish legs ctr tails and of kinds. Tkv Crytle iii Sita by tor t air Nislein .1 room or a Cotta to in an Viv at a Low . Inexpensive furniture Cov it Rin a Down cushions Etc. Orders for re urho Sterino and co Crin a old furniture laying Mal Linus , making cushions Heddi Etc. Will he Ivan attention by the most careful and competent workmen. Rutkai Terbo Takaok make it a Enfiajian has opened Hia store for this season with a a Superb line office persian a. 11 a other Oriental rugs also some Fine Turquois Opal and other Gem store under Porcupine hotel main Street. It a popular store is in it one which is popular with the people who in habit it one lii Eli outside Star pics in fact one Wiere you always Terai tie or owl. Sueh a store Lias been lii covered in liar la Tabor. If there Are any eople who Vahie Money who a not this particular store it will pay Heui to in with tiie and it All at a the popular store c. L. Morano. 50 main Street. It it of wanted cottages to rent. We have some desirable cottages to rent. Will sell your propert. Be will rent your prop Niy. Or will Kaiui iwo Perty. Call or address Lark to merchant j. A Laimit bldg bar Hal or me real estate brokers the Xiv a George j. Stafford proprietor. Teams to let cuban schools. Chas. S. Hagerthy supt. Bar Harbor Mem. W. Stratton fire like lightning to be Fally protected against loss by either of these unwelcome visitor. Look to our comi Miles for thu Protection they give it surely and safely and g. H. Grant co., bar Harbor me. That ha3 been done for education by Uncle Sam. One and Twenty tive t Putnin ire now on their was to the i lii tei Vlic c they will receive inst ii lion it 1 , and be enabled it is lio h l. To visit new n Ork washing ton ind Chicano t Leforc to Weir return to their loonies. While they in Aji Prentki who a e much to learn Here Uliey Are Ilso the Pii mixers in one of the most it Leri vomit Loiis on ret did. Such a stores the i eos respondent of tie new n Ork Sun tells concern inti the Stalil ashment of the school Svetlin m c would a e .1 iii per 1 e in a Wohilcr-1 0 k. At the close of the War tin to w is prac Wicall 110 s Iio i i i to us in ministers Wen Ali i Gett the of Levi Loi in a scieme of in Szuc Jioji big i seems Thev did not succeed try Welt. Ii november is j. Tie m ii ooi enrolment lor the entire was Only and it not until Alexis i Rve. The present superintendent. Took hold of the work it received the tremendous a pulse to which the Surpri Iino to Sulls Are attributed. 1 he eos i esi Undell i in too much tor or. H Rye who it ii in ars is Labouring with inspiring Energy and intelligence and without . Lie refused a salary of >3,000, ant turns Over the 52,500 which he draws to the Relief of needy Sulu ols. Under his vigorous administration the number of schools has gone up to the Manber of pupils has in to i 0,. Text books Are fur Mshel free of Char get and the school Cepi piment furniture maps Book cases globes blackboards Etc. Is of the Best the elitist order amounting to 5550, or. In the beginning the superintendent s met with some opposition among the , but lately the c ubans have been his most enthusiastic supporters it is they who Are his aids in every Quarter and already the different municipalities with their native oth vials Are engaged in a generous rivalry to do the Best they can for education to Lough the is Najt As cd a local one. teaching is popular in Cuba because the salaries Are High and their Are no examinations to pass. The lowest a Dary paid in Havana is soon the lowest in the Island is i 00. Hut the Cost of living is higher than it is in this country so that there is no great ii one ment to american immigration on tie account. Ail next there ii to be regular teachers Exa Itiat on. These details however Are of less in Terest of it a than that j rent and change we Irh is being Wio unlit in ii i i life. I Liele upon tie a 1 1 is intr the s hoi 11111 1, ind i i .1 slow d us Ilei t i i tile Tinli Ilicin lor in. Tie i ii 1 of loll is a 1 "1 to a who i t 01 i.11 i i a 11 be i .u1 i a a the Man Fri h the . 1 lie Oil of 1 i. I 1 m .11 1. in i r isl ,. 1 i i a .1 i i a i i. My or. I Ilie w e 1.1.1 of 1 i. Iii w a been Willi a Lull Oil i i in id is ,1 Oil to i i i wit i la by the Day week or Carri Atres with rubber tires. Maine horses for Sale at All times and horses bought and sold 0� commission. Telephone Day or Niht. Architect and building . Office Grant build infer tei a phone. Bar Hilt ill it liw Ould have been necessary to spend the Money in some other Way. What then is the thing that is making him wretched. Listen void to a the Muirden of the Bomnin lot in ski it .1 ill Ymir Stfort to i yours til quot imi Ciless wlm Rint is Init it i he , of the Kilough uni . Thus we see. After All Itiat the Man with the Hoe is not so much to be pitied As the Man with the . Some tones ii is True he finds it dil cult to hire hands in the Busy ind therefore loses Pai t of Liis t 1 Ops but a that is his great Guiet Over sult h titles compared with the agony of mind did soul that inst come to him who is looked to go about after unable to Linin of anything else he and t it is to know or. up the of those re in Nettl of his san path i i e l . 1 . Terrible loss of life. Great Linen wrecked costly wharves destroyed by fire. The 11 -1st and destructive tire even Kii in the Pierr and of the i Ort of new \ re was which burned up the North Lloyd compan. S piers at Hoboken and wrecked three ships of the line saturday. It Brou Glit death in awful form to nearly three Hunan a persons. It i Riedout with amazing swiftness property valued at about 51000,Coo. It was a shocking and terrifying spectacle creating intense excitement on both sides of the North River. Starting in some Cotton on one of the four Large piers the flames spread through All the iii ers in a few minutes. High wind Hel red to give Speed and Power to the tire. So remarkable was the rapidity of the Timanus that in less than a Quarter of an hour alter they were discover etl they enveloped All the four Large pies. Four of the North Cerny an Lloyd liners were moored in the docks. They All caught lire prickly. The Wilhelm Der Crosse the largest and truest of the Fleet was dragged out of the and saved Irwin serious in Piry. The Saale the Lei Lien and the were destroyed. The and Bremen drifted out of their docks to become dangerous derelict i. Burning As they drilled on the River while helpless human beings were 5>erish-ing in their holds. The main was burned at her pier and most of her Crew perished in the limes. Sexual barges and lighters heavily loaded with men Randise. Cau Glit lire in the docks. Some of them were burned at their moorings. Some i tilted out no urne Liere. It n Jiei shed. I h iii a uni it a a a it it he the lilt mis til it the us. W h a. T.illj10 to . Till a ii i m a Coll / i Rojlic , i. 1 place ill till tuii Milr Suhrie the 1 1. Is Long .1they like in i esp i. a Ile Olivei t. Lie i i to do the hoi i s and can lie Ian i Himik is with Bills 1 w ants to hut in his heart is not i i poor old clip 1 buy Are 11-, a Mai y i it llie iii i us Iid know not Why thi a iii jul Ilet ii it iii. 1 hey know not wily they y in thin sii Oil of it is tie i Lelii it. Here we see one of the Dislis Irodis advantages of being Rich. When .1 ving Man is unhappy he knows Why. Hut imagine the agony of Inird lie must sutlej win is not glad and can t think of my excuse for iii is or. Markham Calls it. In our mind s Eye we can see the Young Man whose father has left him 584,000 to invest As he going about wit ii a pained expression on his face and a $5,800 Diamond in iii shirt front wandering what it is that makes him sad. Not love for he knows he May choose among the most Beautiful Maidens extant not the fact that the horse he picked for a Winner dropped dead because he thus escaped the mental and physical exertion that Edward b. for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. A a for sale250 acres on Shore Western Side mount desert Island by Edward b. Mears. Wedding at Sorrento. Veil the Chiei Justice of the United states has to Reler to like Rev ised , did then is not Jiromi against making Erro m minor i it Points of Law. Or Law re it quires Liat a published intention of marriage be made live previous to the Cere Tony. The chief Justice s daughter and her prospective hide Gronnie gave More Job licit to their marriage week than they intend cd by going to an Otic rating Clergyman on the Day previous to the one on which they could be lawfully United. I because of this error their plans became suddenly changed and the Story of the wedding is As follows n saturday morning at a o Rook at Mayne stay the attractive summer Home of chief Justice and mrs. 1" Uller at Sorrento to Weir daughter i Cony United in marriage to or. Samuel Marcus movie of . 111., by like Kev. S. My of the i Ink a r,.u i , no i ests cd remit the ,-members of tiie were ite Keiit am i a it the wedding lol Lowe the Ceres Liiv or. I tie on . Or. Siul mrs More took the o of k Bo lor when Tiluy went he a drive ind Leit on the mount desert it 1 of lock tor their future Home in Loans Low 11. 111., by attic of i Loston Mil new \ Ork. The hide looked Well enclose fitting Blue travelling gown with White Vest. brimmed with a profusion of red roses showed a pomp a e of dark hair ind enhanced the Beauty of her face which was Radiant with a piness or. Moore is a tall tine looking Man la the Early thirties with the bearing of Man id the world. That their Weddell Hie be one of unalloyed it y is the wish of their friends in this mount desert nurseries. Miller manager. We Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors the Stream an some of them some people ii or Dro voter the Isi the 1 i w is kilo vii i new sol tile it m Lin were on Nie . .0, i i e is e i Iid not 11 w is .11 tile a i .01 is .111 knights n a aim. A Edisto a ,n,.� to. ,i Ltd a a Vit Ici . Thu e. A i i of i Ollk i .1 1 h i .hi-,-11 r 1 a. A. A the i v m a i. 1 a a a a i i pin. Notelle. 1 i 1 he Home k o a. L a Ltd it a a pleas i e of 1 h. A it to 1,. A a 1 a 1 of Ijiri i i it. I a. I 1 to i 1 1 a. I lied w is i 11 1 11 d d.inrin.111 id a ii.iii/, d i. Iii walking Tiki Audi Idi 111.liie Mil 111.ike up the Iid of entertainment amid iii sii by the visit ing and Home . And Wenthe Horn to Issei Idile l a a ii to l.d-,e Many were the ii Gre s dressed to c visit could not been longer. The visiting knights were Nuler of Wiander Merrill. They were met at it. Desert ferry by or. I Dward t. I Arker who escorted them across the Bay where were assembled All the resident with messes. We. Fennelly Harrison Wakefield John to him a ii. Lynam and f. H. Moses As a reception committee with the har Harbor band and were escorted to the Lodge room and Ihu to the hotel. Among the Many pleasant features a their visit wik the sail about the Bay a Iven to the visiting knights did their ladies by messes Conners Liros. On the steam launch . The office and greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have Telephone connection. A a a a a a a or. John c. Abbott i Shepard. Norwell amp god. O of Boston upholstery depart Lewt Motel by wifi e 25 for two Wei i a up v Manor inn ��o3 pc t a a a i it Swiss chalet Sullivan Harbor me. Rills lie will be ill 1 e 111 be ski v e Llic \ , 1. Aft Krno n , Fot which it tamed , As ,1 Foi terms ail ten to bar Pai tick Lars Idun is lie Irmiss f. K. Smith 81111 i Vail Harbor Maine. Georce l. Stebbins Seal Harbor real estate. Cottages for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for Salt of vices Seal Harbor mie., Ard 1c2 produce Exchange n. Y

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