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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jan 28 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - January 28, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Deor Iuzie of a a a the Udo inc county to Pter and of i Ibeck Sotiri a Lii fli Milit de Ert Litand. A / a /. Der ass real Leiws i Quot Bab has Hub Matilt Litton Allily a a a Uja Lufcy five Yenta j. A Bow at my Wight. the in National Bank bar Hari dior me. Re xxx a mip pid Job mrw kind of banking. C4pital, 150,000.00 Sarp lob and profits 119,000.00 my Tom. . A.8.newinmi. Com. B. Woo amp. Geo. H. A Lawford rant. Cobb18pondkncb inv by. Several Nice cottages for rent at Hadcock Point also a few very desirable Shore lots for Sale. I ba8b add Bess the Geo. A Grikit co., general insurance agents Long do Noe phone. Bar Harbor or Ellsworth. The Geo. H. Grant to. General insurance real estate investments ell8worth�?bar Harbor me. Long Meta Kab . Sells Cut Bleb amp co. At first Nat i Bali brokers for Bat Haiber pianos pianola 8 aeolian for Sale and to rent Steinway and other first class pianos to rent at reasonable prices. M. 8teinert al sons company the most reliable piano and music Boase in the world. 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine with messes. F. P. Pray 4 and literature. From the annual report of set Laoag states it it cadent. The annual i report of w. W. Stetson superintendent of Public schools of the state of Maine for the school year ending june 30, 1902, has been published and males a most interesting volume of 102 pages with a statistical appendix of nearly As Many More. Or. Stetson prefaces his report Wuh an excellent introductory article on Quot Reading and literature full of suggestions which none can read without to it eing Ben fitted. It begins with r. H. Kittredge lit fancy groceries and provisions. At wholesale and retail. It the just received a fresh line of latest improved Model rifles guns amp sporting goods. Big Stock of ammunition All at lowest prices. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor me. It i wrappers wrappers have just closed out a manufacturer s Sale of wrappers at greatly reduced prices. Wrappers that sold for 1.69, $1.50, fl.25, All for 89c. Only two sold to each customer. A few Coats and suits left which we shall sell at any Price. From now until March first 25 per cent discount on All goods sold. Perlinsky. T. Kavanagh it. Desert Street. Opposite st. Saviour s Church. Upholsterer. Cottage and Piazza furniture boat of Salona awning a porch curtains High class upholstery up Altura recovered matl Mes remade brass and Iren Beds. A Traw Matt Siiss Kimm hat Fea and brass rods. The study of words. The vocabularies of Many students Are so limited that they Are in Capitate for understanding or appreciating the subject matter studied. This deficiency is due to the fact that so Little time is devoted to the study of words. Some teachers fail to do the work expected of them because their general and technical vocabularies Are so meager that Thev Jeannot comprehend what they read or the Torce of what they say. This knowledge can Only l e acquired by an intelligent and persistent study of words As individual items and this work must be continued until the student has knowledge of the source from which the words came an understanding of their original significance the changes they have undergone and their present meanings. In addition to this he must know the part of each word which forms the Root which parts Are the prefix and suffix and the extent to which each extends or limits the Root word. The teacher must also study classical English until she has a knowledge of the finer shadings Given to words by thos6 who use them As Means to embody Beauty express thought stimulate emotion defend opinions re enforce convictions and bless life. This Reading will enable her to discern those delicate distinctions which give to words in certain relations their Peculiar fitness and Force. She will see that they Are apples of Gold in pictures of while she must know the analyses and definitions of the words which compose her vocabulary yet she needs More than All this can give her. She needs such a comprehension of thought As a unit As to permit her to perceive its message. This knowledge will make it possible for her to say with dignity and propriety what she knows thinks feels believes Hopes strives for. The Subtle meaning of words their skilful arrangement the attractions of dictation the qualities of style and the marvels of suggestions must Appeal to her in some degree for her to drink deep or drink with refreshing from Pierian Springs. We talk much and talk learn edly about Quot a a Striction Quot and Quot inspiration Quot and Many of those who talk and most of those who listen have Little or but vague conceptions of the ideas resident in these terms. If Quot instructing Quot always carried the thought that some one is building into somebody something of value then the word would contain an idea for the person who expresses it and would carry a message to the one to whom it is said. If it were a part of our common knowledge that when we speak of Quot inspiring we mean that we Are breathing into some one something that Means life and Blessing then it would serve a purpose which it so Seldom accomplishes. Teachers have inspired pupils to the extent of breathing into them that breath of life which has made it possible for them to become living souls and they have been Able to do this because of the Quality of their personality and character of their culture. Some words have acquired a wealth of meaning because of the associations that Cluster about them. The dictionary informs us that a Quot Home Quot is Quot a place of the same definition describes the roof which shelters our Fraih Trad chickens. A Quot Home Quot Means something More than a place where people Are housed. To Tome it is a Small White cottage with Green blinds located at the Wes Tern end of a Small circular Valley with Hills crowned with Trees behind it Green Fields in front of it and a glimpse of the outside world through a notch in the mountains. It is a household presided Over by a Man and a woman who Are faithfully portrayed by our Quaker poet in Snow bound. It is filled with boys who Hittle resemble saints and a Little remind pne of Sweet sinners. It is a place where authority is respected obedience is cheerfully and promptly rendered simple habits prevail tenderness is a ministering Angel work is a saving Blessing duty is an Opportunity and ambition is be and influential. When this word is pronounced there appears on the canvass a picture Clear in outline Beautiful in suggestion inspiring in teaching and blessed in All its moulding Mower. When one understands what a word originally meant the changes through which it has passed and the significance Given to it at present than is is Abu to Yodor Suad what others have written and Tise language in such a Way As to indicate he b not a Novice stumbling in the Tyri Light of hit own ignorance. Mnicop the Mast bids a a a Moush. When one reacts the add irises of Lincoln the stat Iotus of Webster the essays of Walter Savage Candor the plays of Shakespeare he soon discovers that they bounded the words they used on the North on the East on the South and on the West before they were permitted to be the servants of these princes of the realm. He soon learns that subtractions Are losses that additions do not improve hat Wisdom is voiced in Noble phrase and that everything has its due proportion and perspective because these masters knew instinctively or Learned through study the word to use and the place in which it should be found. Some of these giants May have known things they did not learn yet they All amp tand As models to be studied examples to be followed and As Springs of inspiration from which we May be filled. The student and the teacher would do Well to take note of the fact that these Kings in this higher kingdom were intensive readers of books. Webster read his Bible shakes Teare Cesar s commentaries and Burke s speeches. Lincoln read his Bible Bunyan s Pilgrim s Progress Icson s fables and Shakespeare. Webster was the greatest orator of the last Century if not the greatest of All centuries. He had that doric directness which justified some one in saying he was a Quot a team engine in breeches Quot and that if he wanted a Thunderbolt to hurl at Bis adversary he had Only to reach out and grasp it As it went hissing by. Possibly in his later speeches he filed and pruned them to a Point of weakening them but in his Best work his sentences Are Strong dignified Majestic persuasive powerful. His orations Are balanced and conclusive they Are the finest specimens of declamatory English extant. The orator of the Day at Gettysburg had All the advantages incident to Cul tired ancestors scholarship and academic associations and yet his oration was wanting in that Quality which would have Given it life and influence. Lincoln s half score of simple sentences Are familiar to every school boy Ami treasured in every patriotic heart. One died an untimely death because it did not shed Light or possess life. The other is immortal because it voices the passion of the common Citi Zwy q. Memar cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Hahn ii main. Ii san obvious if not a Safe conclusion reduce from these facts that he reads Best who reads but few books reads those which feed his soul and reads them until he has grown familiar with their contents. The local newspaper. Serous As Are the incidents exciting As is the crisis and varied As Are the teachings yet beneath and above it All and running through kit All is its Central motive and supreme thought. English literature. English literature includes the work done by English and american authors. It is so Broad in its scope and so multitudinous in its volumes that the untrained Reader is at a loss to kno where to begin or what to do first or to decide what is Worth Reading at All. A knowledge of his capacities and an understanding of his tastes together with an analysis of the material available would greatly simplify the matter of selection. Each one is the Best judge of what he can do and what he enjoys doing. It is hardly Worth while for an adult to punish himself by Reading books which he does not enjoy and from which he gets but Little information and no inspiration. Unless a Book appeals to one suggests More than it says and stimulates More than it suggests then it is not the Best Book for any Given person to read. Having settled tie question of what will serve him Best then he is prepared to decide More intelligently what he will select from the Large number of books from which he May choose. The foregoing is but a portion of the opening paper which Ilso treats of other subjects As. The metropolitan daily weekly and monthly magazines and gives a Short analysis of English literature with paragraphs on essays fiction and unclassified gems. In closing or. Stetson says one must know the re Ore before he can appreciate literature. He must know local affairs if he is to judge of things that Are being done in Distant countries. He must be familiar with the life that Marks his own Day and the youth with whom he May be associated if he is to be a Man among men. He must know himself and understand his needs. He must learn that others have served themselves Best by Reading but few books Reading the same books Many times and Reading for ideas rather than for facts. He must make some master his familiar companion and learn his message. Jets were Quot a sunday Widi my arc to Quot Grandfather Quot the Boston Tea party As. I saw it Quot and Quot scene in Philadelphia 01� july 4,1776.&Quot the essays were Intel est ing and one could easily see the authors see it. Against City charter. A correspondent who greatly prefers Thor present form of Golem fluent. High school notes. Current Reading occupies a Large proportion of the average Reader s time perhaps too Large a proportion. The local newspaper has a just claim to be called an educational institution. It makes record of local and current history Fosters and promotes enterprises which seek to improve the general welfare and renders an amount of unremunerated Public ser vice not equalled and not even approached by any other Agency and it has proved itself the common school s most Loyal ally for these and Many other reasons the teacher should be a Reader of her local paper. Suggestions in estimating books. While it is True that no one reads with profit unless he comprehends the meaning and Force of the words yet it is quite As True that he gets but Little from his Reading unless he is Able to pull the pith from the treatise read. The value of this pith determines the Merit of the Book and the Wisdom of Reading it. Much has been said concerning the value of Reading popular volumes. David Harum has been praised and condemned. When one has finished the Book and recalls what is found therein that is Worth while he discovers that he has left a sentence an incident and a pathetic scene. The sentence containing the somewhat startling statement that Quot we should do unto others As the other fellow wants to do unto us but do it the incident recalls Quot swapping Quot horses with the old Deacon and the skinning of this latter individual without breaking his hide. The pathetic scene tells us of the payment of the widow s mortgage and the permitting her to. Live in Comfort the remainder of her Days and it exalts the Man who gave the boy his first dime. One has to decide if a sentence of the Quality Given above if the incident of the character described in the scene which practically closes the Book Are Worth the time necessary for Reading David Harum. The questions decided a much larger controversy is segued. It is not Safe to say that a Book which elaborates Only Ope idea is not Worth Reading. The incidents characters illustrations. Ai Zuments reflections hints suggestions teachings contained in Dante s inferno were wrought out for the purpose of making clearer the 8inple thought that the sinner must pay the penalty of his sinning no one questions that in the sentence is found a sufficient Justi cation for a much larger volume than the great italian he Given a it. A Bulwer s Devereu was written for the purpose of making Clear to the Lover of diplomacy the Arta and artifices of the Diplomat thrilling Asia the Story no the first of the series of talks by the business men was Given last thursday by or. F. C. Lynam who explained with remarkable clearness the important facts of banking. Afterwards he was plied with numerous questions by both teachers and scholars which he answered to their Satis faction. The juniors arc preparing essays to be read before the school. As this is no Small task they Are excused from giving declarations this term. It seems to fatigue the Fres Quot Imi to go Down stairs to recite. When by come upstairs and enter the school pm they seem to be nearly exhausted i the recitations Down there continue the t3wn will be obliged to put an elevator in the building. The recitations and declarations of the first division of the school were to have been Given on wednesday afternoon but owing to the bad storm Only one session was held. The recitations were Given the next Day and were rendered in a very creditable manner. The next division Are to be prepared for Friday january 30, on monday afternoon the essays by the senior class were read. Some of the sub editor of the record i notice a Short paragraph in your issuer of last week apparently an editorial advising the town of Eden to have bar Harbor Village set off a s a City under a Mun a i pal charter to be requested from the state legislature. Before advocating such a project would it not be advisable for you to solicit printed communications in your paper setting. Forth the arguments pro and con for such a Radical change from the present democratic form of town government ? in the Commonwealth of Massachi setts two towns Brookline with a population of 20,000 and Westfield with a population of 12,000 have carefully cons Derett this question from All Points of View but resulting with an overwhelming vote against changing the Good old Foncy of town government for that of a vey doubtful expedient form of a City government. The latter is called a government by representations of the people Cosert once each year but is in reality Aix oligarchy which could during every twelve months act independently an amp against possibly the will of Public Opin it ion because the people can Only express its opinion through its elected representatives which compose the City councils and which would be elected Only once a year. It must not be forgotten that summer residents who enjoy living on the Oslanci of mount desert have and will have Foar some years yet a Choice of selection in Seal Harbor Northeast Harby Andi Somerville As Well As bar Harbor. However some of them May prefer to Settle on the shores of Frenchman Bay. An increase of taxes on their real estate might affect their selection of a summer residence in favor of being within the Boundary lines of a town in which the annual appropriations for town maintenance Are decided by a popular vote of. Citizen rather than liy a vote of a representative City Council. We Are very dependent upon the opinion of our summer residents who havoc no Opportunity of presenting their views at town greetings held during the no v h of March and any discussion of Chan org. The present popular form of town for that of a City government whose affairs would be managed by a re preset native town Council should be shared Dutoit ing the summer season while the Summe residents Are present and taking pan therein. In this connection it would be Wise al. Our next town meeting March 2nd fori the voters of the town to elect a separate it Board of assessors among whom should of a be one or possibly two citizens who wort. Real estate which they occupy Only Dur ii a Quot. Summer months. At present the valuation of adjacent improved real estate is very unequal Andi it is hardly to be expected that our selectmen can adjust fairly such matters the if they have so Many important functions connected with their administration o i town affairs. A. Boston mass., jan. 26, 1903. The mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. Fit Trees shrubs vines herbaceous Anc bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. Tri in nurseries Are open to visitors a the office and Creen houses ate upon Schooner Freach Road and have Telephone connect Lona. Cotta a a tol it Miia 4l specially. Contractor and Buie Dea shop come st., bar null boil in George l. Stebbins cottages for Root. Bill dig lots of i Cini in m Safe of idiom Seal Harbor me., and Loa ipod me to a a la . A if v.

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