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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jan 24 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - January 24, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine I of it a tubas my Foj Vij �4� Ima. A Man s cd Nib it Hilt Mion and . Real and insurance _ Owci Man Hatow High Brook. _ Vwg Roaas formerly fico Euplid by to dil Tovy a. For rent for the season or for a term quot of years Koa upped with Mcner Pleqi Kibuik throw ghost. Apply to Goddard amp Hunt bar Harbor out de Crosse pox sons Tlell heirs. Havlic balls Many Cotta Ces in bar Harbor for Bummer residents Here by plans from Leadlie architects of Boston new York and Philadelphia we feel that with oor Long experience As builder and the adva Atances afforded by having our own Wood working Plant we can offer to those who contemplate building special advantages As to dispatch and prices. Estimates Given at Short notice. Building material of All kinds furnished at Short notice. All work usually furnished at Wood working establishments at reasonable prices. Orders taken at Mill on school Street or at office at our main Street store. Dealers in Choice groceries a provisions Best grades of flour direct from the Mills and All other Goodsky it in Torst class stores. Also dealers in builders hardware carpenters tools Cordage yacht and fishermen s supplies paints oils and Tolaas. A of a Holch will to sold at i Iwest Price consistent with Good goods. We manufacture and sell the Best known polish fur brass and other Metal work at our stores on main Street and West Street near Steamboat wharf bar Harbor me. Zottolo jobs it Lnch a. Eipl Katy. Contractor and builder. Shop cottage st bar Harbor me. New Market b. S. Hi66ins. Nas opened a Market in the rear of his grocery on main Street and til carry a.�?�. First class Une of beef Lamb veal poultry. Game. Fruits and vegetables. Mau. Orders will be promptly executed. S. Hio Orivs dealer in tile tries. It main Street Opp. Troupa bar Harbor me. New York tri weekly Tribune monday. Rinat Fra Cicai Luc a daily avid tub cheapest Knowis. A new and r Mark ably attractive pub local la a profus. By illustrated with portraits and half Ionea void tala All the striking news features of the Dally Tribune. Special War despatches it it in Estlow and foreign correspondence Short stories humorous it ill Stratous itt Dustral information fashion notes agricultural matters carefully treated and Conar Gheneive and reliable flan Eul and Market report. It u mailed at mme boor As the Dally edition reaches a Large proportion of Lubic Ribera on Date. Of Laue and each edition lift to roughly up to Date Dally family newspaper fur to ii people. Regular subscript Loo Price $t.50 per year. We fun Ralfh u with Tow record for new York weekly Tribune on tit Bidav i he a Laws a Abr the Minow a am. The master Btl Lder Heie and there a Silitai tep iriss quot anon he voice Rolu the far distance Shoa taif through hoarse to Limpet makes his orders or utter Wor like Bitew to Rouse and hear ten quot bold a Eli my men i Wiki we i quot tie ropes Are Strong and new and sound the pulleys the Derrick s beams Are equal to the Strain unerring Are the level line and plummet let fought be done in vain i them a of old Tiu we quot and even thus spelts the great master builder to us where or our journey work May be quot whate or the toil the season or the Structure quot Liu ild we build Wrt Kif quot Sarah it. Browne in Christian . Extensive addition being constructed tor Robert abbe. For Orier fifty eight Yea a a natloni4aim-lly paper for Farmers and villagers whose readers have represented the very Best element of our country population. It gives All important news of the nation and world the most reliable Market reports. Fascinating Short stories an unexcelled agricultural department scientific and mechanical information fashion articles for the women humorous illustrations for old and voting. It is quot the people s taper quot for the entire United Sites. Regular subscription Price $1.00 per year. We furnish it with the re cold for $1.75 per year. $2.00 year. 9ud All or dirt Lottie record bar Harbor me. Quot your Money b Amft am my a Icorn blog. That la the Beauty it hip univ Rome. It Corta Only it Tow Ementi it 4ftf to a prot ton with Psi Ftp 1� a we Trio Foo if. We of fake till a. A Crant Cost by Borreg nearly every year sees the erection of some one or More handsome and palatial residence in liar Harbor but rarely docs one witness such a transformation of an already substantial and comfortable House As is now being undertaken with Brook end the summer Home of Robert abbe of new York. A number of or. Abbe a family Are musicians of More than Ordinary ability and it was to provide a suit Able place with sympathetic surround quot jigs where they could gratify their love Abr the Art that the owner decided last summer to construct an addition and rearrange his House so As to Best promote this object. To accomplish this was a task of no Small proportions. Hut where there is quot a will there is always a Way quot so or. Abbe secured the services of or. Edwin h. Den by who had just returned from Europe full of enthusiasm and love for his Art and requested him to furnish plans for such an addition. Or. Denby visited har Harbor in the Early fall and having made a careful Survey of the location submitted a rough sketch of what he thought might be appropriate. This sketch proved acceptable and he was commissioned to make the plans and specifications and proceed in the undertaken of. Picturesquely situated on the Shore near Duck Brook this. Bouse with its new addition will Licat the attention of everybody sailing a Var oif water of lii at part of a Rench mans by. And it is from this Point of View to i i its artistic proportions will be seen to the Best advantage. Its massive Stone front interspersed with mediaeval windows and the Waters of tiie sea breaking Over the rocks at its base will remind Many of Rencs along the Rhine. While it must needs be seen to be appreciated the will give a Short description of a few of the striking features which separates it from All the other magnificent establishments which adorn our fair Village. As the interest is principally entered on the addition the de clip la of is restricted to what we shall term the this Annex is built of Stone in keeping with the older portion of the House and is surmounted with a French roof with a slightly raised Center. A Large Stone Chimney in the of Middle the front Wall suggests strength and solidity. In the lower part of the Chimney a few feet from the ground ate a couple of recesses some ten or More inches deep suitable for in get reception of Flowers or trailing plants while further up Are two More but smaller ones. The roof which projects some distance is fitted Willii Dormer windows of neat and original design. In an an be be tween the old House and the new addition is a Small iii due the sides of which Are finished with Bent shingles producing a pleasing effect. All the Wood work on the Annex is shingled and the moulding round theedis has been made to match that used on the old part. In fact so far As possible the work has been constructed As to make the building symmetrical and harmonious in All its parts. When completed and painted it will be hard to designate where tie old leaves off and the new begin a. The entire length of the Structure when completed will be 144 feet. In building the Annex the line of the Brook was followed thus forming More accurately speaking two sides of a Octagon. Perhaps the most striking feature of the building and that which will attract the attention of he Mast s u rel y a re the Large windows of the Stone portion of the Annex. There Are three of these windows of the water Sld and one at the extreme end. The design was inspired by he rom net a but to treated in an original Way. The upper part of these windows is formed by an open Brick tracery supported by a Light Colonette Cut in Granite. Alternating courses of Brick and Stone from the jambs of the window resting on Granite Sills and heavy Granite key stones and quo info projecting from Widl surface in Rock face Complete the com up ii tion. The bricks forming the tracery Are not specially Cut but Are simply Laid it m Gulf of Lorty ave Deg Ceet my quot Tali Ridot a a upper a if of the win Down in in orig tial Ai effective manner. The Leyston i Are the same in composition but of diff rent serous. Approaching the House torn the it will be see that the old Entrance has been done away with and a handsome Porto cohere erected farther to the right through this Porto cohere Entrance is had to a Fine Hall with a Large open fireplace directly opposite the door. The old haul has been enlarged and extended the entire Width of the House thus forming a spacious parlor 16x30 feet with Large windows overlooking the water and an open fireplace. Opening out oif the >at1or to the left Are doors leading to a v shaped smoking or lounging room with a Large Bay window. From this room we pass into the music room 20x45 meet about one third of this room is so constr ted that it can be used As a gallery or Sta e. On the water Side is a Large Alcove window with a Center Sash of plate Glass 36x36 inches while on either Side of this Are two smaller ones of the same material. A from one end of this Alcove a door opens to Steps which Lead to the Rocky Shore below. On the other Side of the room directly opposite the Alcove is a smaller room a quot den quot As it might be called which can be used As a study or dressing room. By three easy Steps Down we came into the music room proper which has a height of some fifteen feet. On the water Side Are the three handsome windows with their Diamond shaped top to which reference has already been made while the one at the Western end is similar thus admitting an abundance of sunlight. At the extreme Corner of the room is a Large door with massive antique hinges opening out on to the ground. The finishing of this Large music room is Strikich july artistic. It is of dark red Oak arranged to form panels on a background of red Burlap. The Walls Are constructed of a Large number of heavy Oak columns surmounted by handsomely carved capitals. The ceiling is also finished in Oak the beams which Are of tremendous size forming about fifty panels. Suspended from the ceiling is an electric chandelier of neat and Chaste design affording an abundance of Light for the spacious apartment. On one Side of the room is a Granite fireplace fourteen feet High and ten feet wide. On top of the handsomely carved pilasters on either Side rest beautifully Cut Stone brackets with just a suggestion of the byzantine style. These support the Mantle shelf which projects about two feel and is ten feet Long and seven inches Liick with carved edges. On top of the Mantle is a Larj a panel surrounded by Cut and carved Stone running to the base of the Oak Cornice of the Ceil Reavard b. Mear8.a. Y fit a. A. A. Cottages for rent or for Sale Omet bar hard or main a guarantee of itself that it will be al that could be desired. Consider Rahrle improvements Are to foe made on and about the grounds. The Ray Moval of the old Mill will permit the Cori of traction of a Stigall Lake Aad al All together Brook end will be one Ottber handsomest in a town already noted for its magnificent it Welling. California in of Flowers though the nights Are cold and frosty. My. The finish Luik i the quot den quot is made by using material taken from the old Mill which formerly stood on the Brook near the Road. This Wood will be worked up to form panels and will be unique to say the least. Ascending the stairs leading from the older part of the House we pass through the hallway in order to reach the rooms on the second study of the Annex. The first room we enter is a Large bedroom with Bay window Ironi which an extended View of the Bay is obtained. This room is surmounted with a Large overhanging roof. Theri Are a nun ber of other bedroom s on this Hoor four of which have open fire places. In addition to these rooms there is a Large Bath and toilet room. A flight of stairs from the Hall Way Lead to another room suitable for a Struly in the Apex of the roof which connects tha old House with the new. A door from this room less to a Small roof Garden with railing in Trout from which a magnificent View of lift vast expanse of water and contour of Shore Niay be had. Or. Edwin h deny who designed these improvements and who is personally watching the development has brought to Bear an experience gained by ten years residence abroad where he made a study of the various styles of architecture. This experience has enabled him to conceive the and at the Orit Fiaai design. Or. Denly is a graduate of the mole des beaux arts Paris and has had the pleasure of exhibit ing a number of hi.4 drawings in the i aru Salon. He spent some time in constantinople studying the Liy Antine style c f architecture and was decorated with the order of the Osma Nieh the highest turkish order which can be conferred upon a civilian. He is one of the very few americans who have received this decoration. Or. John e. Clark is the contractor and builder in charge of the work and it was a pleasure to hear the Hearty words with which or. Denby expressed his appreciation of the conscientious manner in which it 4� being performed. Nor was this commendation restricted to or. Clark alone. Personal mention was made to the writer of others employed on the construction and their skill and ability was f highly extolled. Of this number James Shea who has charge of the Stone work. Morris Peters Stone Cutter and Charles Candage Foreman of carpenters were specially enumerated. The plumbing is being done by we. Lumb amp co., which is i will try to give you an idea of what California is in the Winter that is California in the Vicinity of san Fransco for we do not go South until next week. One Day last week i Vikrent through the grounds of the University of California at Berkeley a suburb of san Francisco. They Are situated on one of the pretty round foot Hills that form the chief Beauty of the scenery in this Vicinity. These foot Hills Are mostly free from Trees and Are cultivated to their very tops. The Brown unplanned ploughed land contrasts prettily with the tender Green of the new and Grain just springing into life and the Darker Green of the grass Fields. About the University the Hill is thickly wooded and class Day exercises Are held in the Grove. Across the grounds through a deep Ravine flows one of the prettiest streams of water i have Ever s in called Strawberry Creek a Why i wonder when Brook is so much prettier a and is generally pronounced quot Click quot which is worse yet. Its High Banks Are covered Edh German Ivy growing in wild profusion and Are shadowed by the magnificent live Oaks which Are the Pride of the University grounds. As i walked along i thought 1 would Tell you of the Hedges of geraniums in full Flower and of the Rose Trees higher than a Man s head with roses such As we never see at Home except at the mount desert nurseries or sit Nilar places but As we passed outside the grounds my Atten to m was called to the Home of one of tiie professors and these things Sank into insignificance. The House was about the size and style of col. Alexander s on West Street bar Harbor. It was cover ii on two sides far up onto the roof with Pink Ivy geraniums All in beauteous Bloom. We had a tiny Plant in the lik Cori Oitice last year which we hard to make Row and failed. On the front of the House Way up in to the tvo Story Gable was a climbing Rose also in profuse Flower. The whole House was literally a mass of blossoms and the Garden too of course , violets chrysanthemums carnations everything. This mind you in Berkeley in Winter. I must confess that i Don t understand it All for the cold is very penetrating. Frequently there Are heavy frosts and last night ice formed As thick As a pane of Glass. disappear very quickly w in old sol Elouies up. Lie certainly does Good work. Rooms which he has Access to through the Day Are comfortable to sit in but when he is excluded they seem pretty Chilly to us who Are accustomed to artificial heat in Witt to a i am very Tolian Ful that where we Are staying quot open fireplaces Are generously fed quot As a hotel older puts it. I have friends Here from Michigan where it is colder in Winter than in Maine and they Feci the cold Here Teri ably. They live open fire All tiie year ail did even when living in soil hit n California. The Calico Means do not seem to mind the cold to the least and their Flowers must be he them for despite the cold Nighta the Rainy Days and the frosts there Are Flowers of every season and clime blossoming with hot House profusion i but do you know i think there is More Satia fact Kin and enjoyment in the slowly developed Blooming of old struggling geraniums in a sunny South window at Home than in whole Hedges of them out Here and the Calla that rewards your tender care by one Sweet Flower at easter tide gives More genuine pleasure than their effortless blossoming growing wild in the ditches All the year. In California there is none of that ecstatic Delight in finding the first Spring Violet or Hunting for the modest May Yuwei. There is no month of roses to look Forward to and the florists Are never blazing with the Brilliant autumn foliage. The pleasant Days a just Beautiful and they have been More plentiful than Rainy ones since we came two weeks ago. Though it is the Rainy season but i cannot fix the time of year satisfactory in my mind. I seems so incongruous to see poplars Oaks and other deciduous Trees standing Bare and leafless among the magnolias eucalyptus and dozens of others All in full Leaf and Flower. Then there Are the Spring Violet the and the autumn chrysanthemums in Flower at one time while the fruit Trees All look As though they wire dead. We shiver in doors while out in the Sun we Are uncomfortably warm. Was there Ever such a contradictory state of things i can t get Over the idea that the leafless Trees must be dead and How they would distress mrs. Dorr were she Here. I can hardly refrain from asking Why they Are not cleared away and those with Evergreen foliage put in their place. Why have deciduous Trees in a climate like this at All but i say nothing for 1 Early discovered that it was not Wise for a quot Down easter quot to make any criticism on . It certainly would be the height of ingratitude for even the elements seem in Accord with the people to use us quot White quot As the say Itig goes the flood. 1 alluded to in my last letter and today we were treated to a genuine California earthquake for several seconds the House Shook like a Cradle the windows rattled and the while Earth what we could see of if was quiver i told you did i not that we saw a Volcano eau Ptasie came up the coast in fact several of them ii. M s. Will the Home office please let me know Wien subscriptions begin to fall Oil signifying that the travelled editor is worse than the travelled Parson the special Christmas number of quot Book of trains quot issued by the Shore Michigan Southern ky., is pronounced Liy a Proni Intuit librarian to be iii Only a most Beautiful and valuable souvenir of the Day Bui he says that quot nowhere has he Ever found so Many Good things about the publications contains a Choice collection of poetry and prose from favorite authors also a charming Short Story of Christmas eve. And it is beautifully and illustrated with halt tones etchings Crayon and pen and Ink effects All Bruni original drawings especially selected from the various texts. A copy of the Book can be of i ind Lor four tents in postage a it Ipi ins to a. J. Smith1�. Amp r a. Clev Eligid. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller menager. Trees shrubs vines Ker Baccus and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors. The of Hoe a id greenhouses Are upon the Schooner head Road and have tel Dhoi in connection. M. W. Stratton architect a my a Lilac a a a a a Tate a a. Of Loo cent Bull donor tyls Rhomb. Bar coerce l. 8tebbin8, Seal Harbor real estate. Coinages torrent. Big iii lits m set Cliff drive a Sale lii i off Loos Seal Harbor mo., and Lott to duo exc Tianson \ n. Y

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