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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jan 14 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - January 14, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine O a h n. I. Ains Sale 103 f of Pili Degrasse pox building insurance broker i the leading county paper and the Only society journal on count desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent 70ju. 16. No Bab Haybok Maine Wedah is a evening ja.ni3aby 14� 1902. Five cents j a Boduck a Pren Luedt. Thomas snarls. Zaubler. Atm re s. Newmam. Vice president tie first National Bank bar Harbor me. Filly equipped for very kind of legitimate banking. $50,000.00 Bree torn. J. A. Homlok. A. S. Newman. Henry a Lawford Chas. H. Wo6d. Geo. H. Grant. Capital surplus and profits $10,< 00.00 in it Wrork. A Winter s ramble by the record s representative. Correspondence Nice cottages for rent at Hircock Point also a few very desirable Shore lots for Sale. I ease address the Geo. H. Grant co., general insurance agents look Dis Noe phone. Bar Harbor or , pianola s aeolian for Sale and to rent Steinway and other first class pianos to rent at reasonable . Steinert pc sons company the most reliable piano and music House in the world. 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine. With messes. F. P. Pray amp sons. R. H. Kittredge r in fancy groceries and provisions. At wholesale and retail. Weeks. Kirts. Jest Naile h put into bang Midili. I to i to i to i i to i a is a est. Jular 30. $9.98 Sigular a iii 0, $6.98 on All Oki in s fur. Ces. N it co., of Obj 0 a. Be it 15 j Dearv us titi Del have just received a fresh line of latest improved Mode rifles guns amp sporting goods big Stock of ammunition. All at lowest prices. 21 nit. Desert st., bar Harbor wrappers have just closed out a manufacturer s Sale of wrapper at greatly reduced prices. Wrappers that sold for f 1.g9, $1.50, $1.25, All for 89c. Only two sold to each customer. A few Coats and suits left which we shall sell at any now until March first 25 per cent discount on All goods . Ilder Arbor me goal is plentiful now but owing to its Scarcity the first of the Winter the Sale of Coal Heaters was Small so to close out i shall give double trading Stamps or 10 per cent discount or a Small payment Down and the balance on easy . E. Sherman 14 cottage Street. Tory to read of them than to attempt to Jostle yourself through the crowds to see them for the crowds Are everywhere and the distances Are immense and wearying. Al. M. S. New York had this year what is Seldom accorded if a a White Christmas. A soft Damp Snow full All through the night previous and the morning Sun shone on As Beautiful a sight As one often sets. Every Bough on every Shade tree Quot wore Ermine too dear for an Christmas was a Holiday and the soft Light Snow was cleared from very few pavements. It rained before night and froze solid before another morning and a sorry sight was to get whole City. The Clearing process lasted All Day Iko Adway and All the Long avenues were sept As clean As your Kitchen floor but for a week the solid Snow filled the Side streets and was piled High in the Parks. The immensity of new \ Ork glows on one every year. When first i visited Here before the Brooklyn Bridge was built there were none of the Mammoth structures that almost take your breath away thinking of them. I stopped opposite one now going up on Nassau Street tipped Back my head till i nearly broke my neck and then could not see the top. Last year when 1 Ivas Here i am sure there were Only about half As Many As there Are now. How when 01 where is it going to end ? i Lach of these enormous buildings hold through the Day Many thousand people As Many As some Small cities. Between five and six at night every one of these empty itself. Is it any wonder that the Quot rapid transit Quot companies Are beside themselves in their efforts to transport All these quickly and safely to their Homes Why even during the Day the trolley cars Are so crowded one can rarely get a seat in another year the underground will be completed but in another year that will not begin to accommodate the extra people it was expected to when it was begun. Now Why will people live in new York and be crowded and pushed and hustled and dictated to by conductors and motor men told to step Lively just As though they were cattle or Irod under foot As though they were reptiles when there is so much of c of s fresh Green Beautiful country for them to stretch their limbs in and god s pure air to fill their lungs with. New York is such a constant and continual Drain on one s pocketbook too and one gets so Little Ift return. The privilege of being jammed to the Point of suffocation for every five cent car fare and the privilege of waiting hours tor the change for any Little Purchase. I took a Long drive the other Day Pas sing Miles and Miles of rows of Brick houses so like each other that one has to know one s own biome by its number just As a prison convict is known. A delivery Wagon from one of the Down town stores stopped before one of these prosaic houses and the thought occurred to ine person from every House of course with some if not ail the big stores they Are comparatively few you know and All their Little purchases must be delivered immediately and they Are. How can it be done in t this a wearisome train of thought. I eople seem to think Jones is paying the freight but of course he in t. At Christmas time the big stores engaged All the furniture moving vans and other trucks to help out their delivery department besides putting signs up everywhere asking people to please take Small packages Home with them. At Wana maker s tie other Day i counted Twenty. S ven delivery wagons loading up before the store. It was after Christmas too. I he Jam right after Christmas was worse than just before. It seemed As it every l Ody was changing her Christmas gifts abusing a privilege As people will. 1 walked up town from Wanamaker s. The study of human life on Broadway is intensely interesting. After a while i tried to locate myself but on no Corner could i see a guiding sign though i walked for blocks. At last 1 stopped a stolid fated messenger boy. It was no Effort to Stop him. Quot How is one to know where one it it in this Blooming City Quot i in . He looked at me As though he thought 1 d lost my senses when it Only my Way 1 made myself More Lucid by asking what Street the Cross Street was. Quot it s i the Quot he said Quot the next is 17th.&Quot Quot yes i could have figured that out myself but How do you find out Quot Quot i he answered Quot ver Haf ter know. That s the key note to life in new n Ork. You have to know to make it satisfactory. It May tje a Liberal education to novy new York but 1 would rather know when the Spring violets Bloom where the sea Waves Wash the Golden Sands and where the Robins build their Happy Homes. 1 would rather fraternize with people who do not push me nor Jam me nor Tell me to step Lively. I would rather shop in bar Harbor and carry my purchases Home. Of course there is another Side to new Vork. Its splendid theatres its concerts its magnificent picture galleries its Palace hotels its grand institutions of learning its hospitals and its Parks. You know of All these in the magazines you have read and Makenny word for it it is much easier and much More sat Isiac grammar school. Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. The new building artistic in design and Complete in appointments. With appropriate exercises the new grammar school building on ledge Lawn Avenue was dedicated last thursday afternoon. There was a Large number of parents and tax payers present. The were held in the spacious Hall. Or. John e. Bunker or. First selectman and chairman of the grammar school building committee called the Assembly to order at three o clock and prayer was offered by Kev. A. L. Hanscom. Pastor of the methodist Church. Or. Bunker then addressed the school Board and in a fitting speech turned the new building Over according to the vote of the town to the Board and delivered the keys to a. A. Heald superintendent of schools. Or. Hea d in behalf of the school Board received the keys and made appropriate remarks in accepting tie building. He then turned the keys Over to Herbert i Oole principal of the grammar school who received them and made a few Well chosen remarks in behalf of himself and the teachers associated with him in the grammar school. Or. Bunker then called on l. B. Deasy esq., who responded inf this usual Happy vein. The ceremonies closed by singing the doxology and prayer by Kev. C. S. Mclearn pastor of the Baptist Church. The grammar school now has for its use a commodious Well appointed building. It is two stories in height surmounted by a hip roof with a Bell Tower Over the main Entrance. In size the building is 54x75 feet 35 of the latter forming a Wing 34 feet wide. As one enters the building by the main Entrance he passes through double swinging doors into a Large Hall 18x20 meet on either Side of which Are Large wardrobe rooms each 10x20 feet. The entire Width of the main Hall adjoins a wide corridor which extends the length of the building 75 feet. Back of the corridor Are two Large school rooms accommodating respectively 52 and 62 pupils. On either end of the corridor stairs Lead to the second floor where Over the school rooms of the lower floor Are located two school rooms of exactly the same size. The space on the second Hoor Over the main Hall is finished into a room for the exclusive use of the teachers and has connected with it a private lavatory and a Large l 00k room. Wardrop e rooms Lor the pupils Are provided the same As on the lower floor a feature of All tie school rooms is that cach two doors opening into the hallway. The building fronts of the South so thai the school rooms receive the Light from the North Over the left shoulder. In the Centre of the basement Are placed in a Rovy three furnaces with ventilating appliances attached. On either Side of this room Are Large lavatories. The entire space under the main Hall and wardrobe rooms is set apart for a rear ratio ii Lum and is about 40x 50 feet in is. E with Corri Dor connected. The entire Bast Niento is High studded and Well Light ii. One Good feature of the . Is the Large exits of which there arc three one at the front and one at each end. Or. Edwin h. Denby Iasi Ned the building and furnished the pins ail specifications. The Stone Ano n work were done by Tripp i norms the carpentry by ceo. E. Billings and the pluming by k. In. Stanley. Some question having Arisen regarding overcharges by the various contractors a committee was appointed by the town at a recent meeting to investigate the same. It was found that the charges were incurred by changes and alterations made in the original contracts All of which were Appio cd and the selectmen instructed l a the Bills. Below is printed a letter received by in. K. Whittaker chairman of tie special committee which is interesting Ami will no doubt be grat iting to the taxi Ayers my. A. K. Will 11 Akik bar Harbor me. Dear sir a the estimate of your new grammar school building Given below is based upon the inspection made of the premises january 11 03. The location of the schoolroom Halls corridors and outside doors in relation to the Points of Compass Are in Gannony with the recommendations made by perts in these matters. The Walls and Cement hours seem to be substantially built of Good material. The basement is divided into ample and convenient rooms for the use of pupils. They Are provided with modern lavatories and water closets. The finish in this part of the building is of a better Quality than is usually found in similar rooms. The heating Plant is evidently More than equal to the demands that will be made upon it. The hot air flues Are of Standard size and the openings Are properly located. The same statements Are True of the ventilating shafts. The outside doors Halls corridors stairways pupils dressing rooms and doors opening from school rooms Are of suitable dimensions and Well located with two exceptions. The girls dressing room on the second floor at the East end of the building is too far removed from the door leading into the nearest school room to be easily inspected when there Are pupils in the Hall dressing room and schoolroom. It would be difficult to improve the present arrangement with the space available. The main Entrance Hall is larger than is needed for the number of pupils provided for the school rooms. This Hall is one of the attractive features of the building and its Beauty and usefulness will be appreciated by visitors As Well As teachers and pupils. The three dimensions of the several school rooms Are exceptionally Well proportioned. The color scheme of the entire building is excellent. There is enough Glass space in the several rooms to admit sufficient Light and the windows Are properly located with two exceptions. The East windows in both of the East rooms one in cach should be covered with heavy of Pacque curtains. The Halls Are unusually Well lighted. The Book and storage closets ate Large and Well located. The blackboards should be of slate and a few inches wider than plaster spaces which have been stained for temporary use. The desks in All the rooms Are among the Best As Well As most expensive in the Market. The joints Corners and miters of All the standing finish doors floors Aud windows show creditable workmanship. The height of the wainscoting in the Halls the Quality of the lumber used for All the finish the staining and polishing of the Woodwork and the fittings used throughout the building Are deserving of special commendation. The plumbing is Complete and according to scientific methods. The drinking Fountain is of the same pattern As those used in the most expensive iii dings in cities. Tile Feitli illness with which i the con tractors seem to have done thew work is shown in the following item. pipe is used in the i him iii. The second floors Are Laid inai a. The Stone and Brick work in the basement has been a whitewashed. I he window Sash and Glass Are unusually Large and heavy. The material used is of excellent Quality. The appearance of like Bies specially its Interior is such a 1 satisfy people of Artl Stii Inice Chil dren to become belter boys Ana nos. 1 have Cut you under another cover a copy of the pamphlet on school buildings prepared by this department. 111 it you will find a discussion of All the subjects treated in this letter. \ of Are respect fully referred to its a us for a detailed explanation of tie ointments made above. A u will observe that in .1 but Emajo ity of the joints 1 ii Sideres in this Lett i your building meets the conditions Llu re outlined. Keszei fully sours. W. W. Sim a Farewell to pastor. Rev. H. A Saunderson leaves Dorchester mass., Church for another Field. The f allowing from the Boston lobe will be of interest to Many Kia okd read ers since or. Saunderson has a wide Circle of friends in Hancock . The Parish committee of Chann Ipi Church. East c cottage Street Dorchester. Massachusetts have made Public the following letter on the resignation of its minister Rev. Henry h. Saunderson who was installed As minister of the Austin Street i unitarian Churchi. Cambridge Massachusetts Friday evening january Atli Quot the members of Channing Church and Parish find then selves confronted with an occasion of Dee july impress a significance in the departure into a new work and a new Field of its ministers Kev. And mis. Henry Hallam Saunderson. The Parish committee feel that the occasion Calls for some Public pression of their sincere regt i and tor the putting upon record of the ii appreciation of the term of faithful arduous and eminent service just ended. Quot under or. s guidance and out of disintegrated elements a permanent Church organization has been set upon its feet and put into working order and under his efficient planning handsome Church building has been built and dedicated. Many plans for the interest and betterment of All have been made and carried out in a Way to reflect credit upon the whole Community and this committee feel that it is justly due Rev. And mrs. Saunderson to ofter this Public acknowledgement of the Worth of the Devotion and service rendered to the cause by these first workers in the interests of this Parish. Quot it is therefore with real regret that we find ourselves obliged to say Farewell to or. And mrs. , on the occasion of their Call to the Austin Street Church in Cambridge and the com Mittee wish them godspeed in this newer and larger Field of Churchi activity As believers in one Iod and one fatherland we feel that we a certain heart relationship to our minister and his wife which can no or be c hanged. Quot we congratulate ourselves upon to Weir willingness still already Olu re it i to give neighbourly advice and ounce. Anc. Added to the usual coins laments of i l id season of tin \-.\t, be wish them both ill Hap Pille a Auti ill p Usu Erity in tie years that in it to i Inie. m. J Lirar chairman 1 i ,itir.-. A i .0 Ore its a. Biu i s. Ii. I Ower i lag. Clerk. Lumini Ritli a. Las lir a ii Cru e 11 1 . Not excelled. I la 1 i cum 1 st i i. I. Number of the Boston Lizul. Was .1 la Hue t la 1 1 i i in. A 1 fast news Alicr work Ami in not exc tried he .11.\ in his Miu a tie in ii a Artisti Lieut of the illustration. l Rou Lii out by the skills .1 Wen u and e it 1 tie i i sult that was Tittl a. Ii news Belt f the Liei a i lays. ,.-, m a. I i. 111 i port n. I h s w �., i i m 11 Poi ter alludes to the i iii ,1. Iii a , i Don t s e iii i Nikiti a in i i Cut .1 \ Ding. Don i. Reit two Siulc i i i the mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. Tie it open to x in dior la the office and greenhouses aie upon Schooner head Road and have Telephone connections. George l. Steubi coinages for rent. Building lots in sea Cliff r a for sail offices Seal Harbor me., and 102 produce re Char n. Y

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