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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Jan 10 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - January 10, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine M item a re Vlam i Tistl quot a of a iwo so sri Fly a a Bumm of Imko a it or grate a in Turgi at mtg. Kens of a la space of a my Ewe any King. One Hal Pound Tomit Donna ipod Pat with m Pat of to Aegir and one cup of water let Ltd la it to nun Ute a Tendy and a train three Lemons Darse one the outside peeled very to bin a not to get any of the White. Clip Fine with one a nth candles Leinoff or otanic and piece of Citron just As ipg it makes a Small cupful. Two Pii is of raw Salt pork hopp4>d Fine after taking off the Rind three Puu udi a of whole table ratslns., Boll the Lueota until tender pick to Plant a Jun Rool and pick out All Gristle a chop lieu. Pm a the snet to Ulecee Tak lug us null Kiln and fiber. Chop one mix with meat and Salt to taste. Use a three Gallou Jar to mix la. Add la Olisser Suprna acid 8ptee.m. Cinquain of vinegar Citron Lemoux. The Hilde pulp if the three. The Salt pork should to chopped Fine. Turn a Cuil of boiling water Over the pork to a a pirate it. The adding of this pork gives n tine flavor. Add raisins and if Jroud like tyo up undo t f currants. After All la nil de add twice As much Apple a Yon have mixture chopping tine with Poel on. Tak ing out the corps. Save your pot of liquor from the meat and the mince meat lib it Misin All Torether with the lined As that does k njord thoroughly. Sweeten to taste and if any More spice is needed Adt to it but do not let one part Icolar spire predominate Nev a Cook Sluco Moat. It Kec Psi perfectly in a cold place. Cocle ing Kllela the High flavor and jives a Flat taste. This recipe will make enough for a Stubau family for the Winter. With other kinds of pies it arrows very Globe. Tit. Fei hot to re re for cat clean. Cut Glass Ware is both valuable and Beautiful and should be carefully treated when cleaned. It should in he Glrst place be washed la warm water to which have been added a few drops of that invaluable cleansing agent Ammon Ify having thoroughly reused that in Brush each piece separately with a soft Brush Diprim d in Whiting and the when the White powder is washed polish the glasses which i should for a minute or , jul the tissue , which Puis on a splendid gloss. A lady at i a the lar it Radike to pm a it i Jar to Kyi ibo of pm fat ukr and both men Aad women Mobil Flat if possible get the consent of the a Emoril to a ukat to la cd. A cd ton to trip Rule which hardly need to be noted come when three 01 four persons Are throw a together so me of whom Are strangers to All but one of the of tiers. In this Case to save awkwardness a simple introduction Sbonik he made. Some persons of genial disposition feel it necessary to introduce All persons in their indie Date neighbourhood at any social function. It is needless to say that this wholesale in the Lueling is entirely a ii mistake and thai a Hose who engage la it usually make then solves very Oigt noxious to their a dual nuances. A woman has More Freedom than a Man in making and a Man. For Elk Nile. Will hardly offer to introduce two ladles to each other unless he knows them both very Lanceford in woman s Home companion. a Wotel Fri. Golf pocket looks in a wide Range of colourings and a great variety of leathers Are the to add twin to the leather world. Whip belts made of mexican Couch leather and fastened with a Trace tackle and strap Are tiie favored of fashion to accompany a Golf or Rainy Day skirt. Feminine travellers or even those just on a shopping tour will and the new Small leather hand bags fitted with Ink pen Pai it or Stamps comb powder puff and toilet vinegar n great convenience. The quot Slipper bag quot of suede with a silk lining and closed Wotli a pretty Bov and clasp has found much favor with the dancing set. Olive Green is the latest suit Case and is much preferred by femininity to the familiar tan Shade. Lay the Way Maille uses a suit Case quite a8 much As her masculine relatives and has one of her own with her initials on the end. She has Frimd out Long ere this How much More they hold than a grip and How convenient they Are for the fancy Waist or dinner gown when going away overnight or for Short trips. A pm a to Piaf quot not ont Otto Tup Hho Trai Tmur tut a dior in i amp Mit Bora walk it to stir m Tiili Ilert ahead or a bit unload itt afar tim a Mimi a iii Raifta at to Mark Goon to Yon Obay line prot tia doct of Jrolf of a it he following the a do Recti ont beat your self in a chair of Tea proper height to that both feet will Reat Bialiy on the door. Plaza the Heel Toga uial or a close a Tea Cor Vantre will Pault a then without act it rating or Moying the Knees turn the left foot outward a far As possible without moving the Beel Fram its position. Next make the a ame movement with the right foot. And then with both feet moving to been of course. In opposite directions. Try also raising both feet from the floor holding them straight in front a Lull Knees straight. Then rotate the upon the Ankles in opposite do Renous. For Bowlegs take this exercise Send elect. Heels together then without turning the feet Over or moving them la any Way. Contract the Muscles of the Knees so that Are pulled inward. Has same exercise reversed so that the amp Knes Are drawn outward literally. Is eff callous for straightening Knock Knees. Practice faithfully these exercises will surely help you. Another Good exercise for Bowlegs is to stand with the feet slightly apart on a horizontal line then by exercising tie Muscles of the Knees draw the feet together. This must be done on a smooth floor. Lea hot Mua Beauty. The popular idea that electric Light is inn Rioth to the hair is a great Mia j subject shot is that out of g j persons i loud the i jilt. The proportion of women among is nearly to vice that of Noju. A group of Peop cited by one of the most careful and least credulous of the numerous authors of on the take Jaccoi to lug to Oue woman of in Vestiga Luj turn of mind. She has been Exi it Elm Euting lately on the effect of electric Light on the hair and has come to the Fuu Eluston that if Yogi want to have abundant and Glossy locks electric Light will help you powerfully to obtain them. Electric Lilit has very much the i text of sunlight on the Scal. People who live an outdoor life particularly in sunny Southern lands Are generally blessed with Good hair and the conclusion is that sunlight lii Benell Cial to it. She i Elleves that electric Light will cure most any Case of baldness and hair falling in from 2 to 12 months. Her die Cloud arc to keep the is nip immaculately clean and to sit for an hour or More each Day beneath an incandescent Lanip. It is Well to have a common arc it n Shade Over the Lanip so As to focus All the Light i it of the a head beneath. She also recommends to bracing no of the general system by fresh air and exercise to increase the Efficacy of the treatment. Who were Loo years old and i it War Ltd there were 4 i women and 2? men. In London tie last census showed 21 centenarians. 5 men to or women. The fact Eliut nearly nil the Conten Neisins were poor so Unis to prove tiit the i Ltd Are at some disadvantage in the matter of Long life. Of the female centenarians it May be said that the very Nate of to Weir occupations protects them by keeping them so Loudi la the House where they Are in Wielde it i from Adverse influence of atmospheric changes and accidental causes of death to which so Many men Are subject. A great worker. I s. Mary a. Livermore in spite of her 78 years and her recent widowhood has resumed her Public work not Only presiding at the fortnightly meetings of the Massachusetts woman suffrage a so Clatious of which she is president but lecturing As usual for Many charitable and philanthropic objects. In a private letter to a Friend she says quot among the last words of or. Livermore was his wish that i would go on As i had been it Lui. Don t give up Auy work you Are la Only try not to overdo 1 have great need of work now. It is to me More than Money sympathy food or raiment. 1 must live a orthly. 1 cannot to overborne now at the of my life by borrow Depres loii and loneliness. And the very last work 1 shall relinquish is work for suffrage for women As it in Derlien the whole matter of women s Boston woman s journal. in a a Jpn i Wall Caay time a widow. Benora item Castloo a mexican Ludy surely holds the world s record for multiple tel Dowood a she has worn the weeds seven tines Between the year 1680 and 18�5. A Curioni feature of Libe Case is that each of her co Aorta found a al Lent bit different exit from Luff. Quot tia Flat Feu ont of a Carriage to second took Poison by Accident the to Ald a mining Accident. In Timof m a feb was it glad Wylle Banting the sixth met Bla Daab of drop ppr Una a aca folding and t1�� last waa drowned. An insect Caln later. There is a Little insect found in new Caledonia called the quot insect which counts quot and which seems capable of counting to at least six. It is found on the leaves of the banana tree and when the moment is favourable it May be seen to turn around with Ita head As a Center. In describing rapid circles. At a Erst to executes six of them not one More or one less. Then it reverses the movement and makes the aame number in an opposite direction. It stops a moment and begins again but Only makes five this time always alternately in opposite directions. Another Stop then double rotation in alternative ways the turns this time Only Rehng four aug so on constantly in such a Way As successively Throe thin two and at last one a Ogle turn. After the gymnastic exercises which Are at the same time mathematical the insect remains absolutely motionless until its agitation again takes Possession of it and it gives itself up to its complicated calculations with an exactitude which Many people a Naglit envy. Squall eat Dob in the world. Cycle who claims to be the smallest dog in the world weighs 11 i ounces and is not As big As an Ordinary sized rat. His measurement from the tip of Bla nose to the end of his tail is just a 0�� my. A Prattjr. Odd Frame Baa been it ran to Tea prof Aldal worn a a la cardboard folded and Contani Tea ply Turea of three Wall Kaoru leading Baa the entire Avra of the Fraum is covered with to lieu can t hold Olloe. The supreme Cubit of Michigan Han entered a judgment of ouster against mrs. Merrie ii. Abbott prosecuting at Torney of Ogemaw county thus holding that a woman is ineligible to hold elective of face in Michigan unless the statutes or Constitution expressly stipulates that she May do so. The deals Lori is an Indor ement of judge Cooley s proposition that when the Law is silent respecting a Julif locations to of face it must be understood that electors Are eligible but no others. In a dissenting opinion just acc Moore Hays that the great weight of authority sustains the conclusion that in the Case of such silence on the part of the. Constitution and Laws the people May elect whom they will if Tye person elect d is competent to the duties of the s Tribune. Ronny Drain salad. Among time various ways in which Luv new woman tries to Surprise her luncheon guests a Ood housekeeping tells of this original feature Kach guest i Rcw i Hui among thy salad leaves wit ii Wlinich she was served a Dlf cult conundrum. Passed from hand to hand around the table with a Snurll Book and a i Eucil each guest under her name transcribed her answer to the conundrum. At the close she who the greatest number of answers received a Small prize. Pocket in Stock lne. Stocking pockets Are the latest fad. They Are nude to hold a Roll of Bills. Jewelry Aud valuables that can be stored away in a Small space. The pockets Are worked into the top of the Hose above the knee and a re made with a fastening so Towt there is no danger of their contents falling out. Tyve Are so Many who steal from bedrooms while the family i it dinner from carriages and from other places where women Are of aged to leave their Money Aud jewelry when they Are not in use that some Safe receptacle about the clothing of the owner is an absolute necessity. Pockets Are not generally found in women a dresses and the stocking pocket Baa suggested itself to some inventive Genius. It would Loolu As if theae new pockets Wou lil be a i Ife a any that could he devised Conci Nentl Poat i awash a at. Air a Agamiri Points cd tin. Ski. Some West big twi inns Kaitim �rat�ltb8 via Thia ital to Moa Toal. Toronto. Detroit Ohio ave st. Paul and Mlan Rapolla All Soumit Pontuti atom All haasters let Bonmon m a oni Motomi is Bow made to Ali aaes Vatou stauton a p. J. Planck re. Ift enl Posen in a agent. My a i pm Ftp or Portland Boston Afon treat and All Points East and West. Of and after december 4, 1899, trains will run As follows p. H. Alx inches and his height is 3vj inches. The miniature dog is of the mexican hairless species known As a Blue tan. Cycle is a Nep Liew of Chico now dead who was owned by Anna held. Clinco weighed la ounces and was an incl longer than York world. A or Klit chinese Cirl. Choy a Little chinese slave girl u lilt i was rescued two Yeai a ago by the i Lill Adelphia society to protect child ecu from cruelty is shoeing Remali iils in Powers of mind. Her education a begun in imd Ladelphia. Aud we Teliin a year she was so Ciu urged and so Devil oped in intellect that she was regarded As Able to decile upon her own voc ton. She guide up her mind to in it missionary Aud was sent to the Mission school at l Ali Lea la Hon Kong. T t Complete Here it Lucas Lou. Since her arrival there she has written often to the american friends who rescued her and each letter shows marked improvement Over the last. As Sot n As she has been graduated she will enter upon the Mission work. A Barb. Bar hurl or. Sorrento. Sullivan. Lit. Des t y. A. Ellsworth. Bangor a. Sun Tavs Only. . R m. . 102fl4.�0 4.4� .11.1�4.559.10 11.53 .5.81w.58 a eos. L.k�.6. S.1i.10 7m . . . . Poruand. Bostone. .�. . . . . Lancasterl.�0.l.w . . Lancasterl.�0.l.w leave Toni. Portland. T. M. 7,00 11.00. A. N. 0.00 p12.56 a Barb a. M. . P . �.00. 9 30, ,.4.80. Jellsworth. .7.18 .10 62 0.10. »7.18 it. Des t. .8.00. .11.30. ,.6 50. Sullivan. A. Sorrento. ,.8 50 bar Harbor a 12.30 7 a a. A. M. R. U. V. M. Yoko. F. Kvax8, vice pr��8. And Gen. Mgr. R. B. Boothb a Gen. Past and ticket agent d. L. A Kew agent bar Harbor. Miti Mai ii Rummi int 4. A x of a Etc st a do a c. It tymm stay mid Jhm Vomm of a tvs test Jitu. Adj a our deposits solicited subject to chef. A Clever Ashry. Remarkable cleverness is Soni Teimei displayed by Birds. "1 had a Canary quot say n Gen Lemau quot Between the War its of whose Cage i used to fix a piece of Lump sugar. Oue Day it dropped qut and when picked up was found to be quite wet on one aide. This surprised me and 1 replaced it in the Cage with the dry aide inward and determined to watch tiie Bird s proceedings. After a few ineffectual attempts on the hard sugar the Bird went to the water Glass filled its Bill dropped the water on the sugar Aud repeated this several times. When the sugar was thua softened the Bird began to eat it. Apparently Here waa thought a calculation of Means and a uhf of or costs tou not Hiiva Ihil a a a a a. A Mimir u a a j cb<m4> your Flani Keimr a a a it a a it a a a a ivs no tm.�0 to , imy your furl Foht a Mut the Glt to. A Twiest gears re a suck be co inc Calcaro . D. Foster oko. F. Kvax8, vice pr��8. And Gen. Mgr. R. B. Boothb a Gen. Past and ticket agent d. L. A Kew agent bar Harbor. Winter and Bangor steamship co. Great reduction in fares $3 00 bar Harbor to Bostan. The rates of fare fit a through tickets Between from to bar Harbor Anu Boston Reid Cert �T��T�.00 Foo 8�al Harbor quot quot 3.w 2.90 Northeast Harbor quot quot so 2.80 sont Wert Harbor quot quot 8.7iv 2.74 Stonington quot quot 3 00 2.25 the Price of rooms bomb each will be Rei Luck a Iron $2.0o and #1 50-to Giuld cacti. quot will leave bar Harbor at a in., in Vonda i and thursdays Lor Seal Haiku Noil Licul Harbor and Stosiuk it on at Rockland with Steamer for Button. Returning from Boston int Sadi a Ami fridays at 5 . From Rockland via any landings wednes Days and saturdays at about 5 a. In. E. 8. J. Morse agent bar Harbor. Calvin Austin a Ihnn. William h. 11111, Uon l mgr., we do our marketing at or. Soper s on cottage Street. The finest Market in Maine. He Nai a full new Stock Oica nned goods and pickles vegetables beef Lamb. Mutton veal and poultry received fresh every Day. Butter and Cream from tiie Best Maine creameries a special r. Also the celebrated Philadelphia p. E. Sharpless Gilt Edge butter so biflhl7 esteemed by Hui Imer visitors Holst Antler a Stock. Please rail and Etui Hinic our Miket and . E. Soper Cotta i st., bar Harbor me House Branch at Winter , decorator paper Wall paper. Siez Puii Tiric ii Divis ind in Meing hid had Wood i shag it Specius William Fennelly. Manu Catl Rek of att in harness blankets Bobes and whip horse furnishing goods. Stable out fittings and everything usually kept in a first class harness store. Repairing neatly and promptly done by first class Block. Bar Harbor m. T. Kavanagh Upilo Steber. Furniture recovered mattresses remade brass Beds. It. Desert Street. Bab Harbor my Leighton Davenport amp co.,plumbers steam and hot water fitters. Dealer in Plain and al Vaizey pipe and pitting All sizes. Lead pipe. Sheet Lead Garden Hose Lawn sprinklers amp a. Street bar Harbor. Me

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