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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Feb 28 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - February 28, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Mitt a t quot a quot Voi. La Fotti a Rab Hab boy a Haimba real estate a bv�,�z5ikg� 28, 1000. Put cd be 5 cd to to Contr Factor and build iii. Real estate Mon guess and insurance _ toi Bike Maita Oll Mallig. High 6 Rook. Act a a formerly too pied by the late Jokn Dekoven. For rent for the season for a term years the House has recently been remodeler and equipped who new i Luro Bunji thro Khoot. Apply to Goddard Hunt bar Harbor be cra88e Fox Philadelphia. Hmm Calitr town Merim some Ili Mommi Early Day. New York real estate correspondent v. C. Hall amp co., 1 East 40th Street new York City. To rent for the coming season new Ami attractive House Thuv la Oplus quot a wik i by l. A. Hobert a ksq., Boston to Belliii hid april Atli it situated thu Corner . Dezeil and High streets. Liia House is Cut in apr cd with every Modem Convenio Noe Hli actively furnished Luul iii Yahle for family Tompot t at Home and entertainment. It includes seven Guitler and four servants room four Bath rooms Atid a Roomy English b i8emeui. Full particulars i Nelidin plan House Tipp a quot a quot the Hou c commands an ution tru Oreil View the and u in a very Deli Iiah Loea Tumi. We have also a Large list cottages Harft a ? and a i sir i i Lealion. Full Pait Eulais Appl Valion. We wish to Call attention to the fact that the fou Orluk a part Numis arc Thok orighly �?��?�mlppe�1 for a j i biking by inc a no matter How Luire How Sirull the lob Ami at 8u<-li prices Thail will imy to it it kit t our a a he Lunate by Foru Golus al it a who Awe can so i l by m in from any thi Juo Wink .lopartiiient3 it an ii a iii us Ami Cali do the Woik it prot it. Plikh will Cominto with the lowest sign re. Carpente department. Part Cluiss c air Ponfer to Labia i milkers Giitl lather Lorri pair my coins ii action. Fason department. Bricks i Ovll und inu1 co iii ent . Adai Zient hair Ami Ltd Rene Ltd master. A Riih cont Ait 1 v hand for Jobling lust Lori place work. Painting Departo ent. Milling Deparini ent. Of r Wood Wor Kimi Mac ill kit is nin Liik Pihi Iris a Ilay die Yeier to Siml Siml a iii it to your bund Sliwi bin Ini and milling while you Woit. In toll div will by found a food Sui ply Multi Flung Pine floor info Piroh und Maple Kloo Ilij. To Kiihr Terril Oisiu . White Wood in boards Ali Usu und Winart Stock. Aiho. A Ine in it ii und two Inch quiz inert d Ouk and l Ini leur Spruce unit pres.-. Full us it f rotini it i Uinos und it in. Al be info ii eui Lov u Vinn Irtel Widl t user Honse we Cun -�11 i. I Wipt r As Siw Nik . We write straight fire insurance and allow ish to Call it it attention to the Fai-1 that we tvs Netlie in it d limit in c ise Iiri. Thi u Petal value to Partei it la pending i regular Pentuk. We ski Kkt Kim talk full Winvil arts the Continental an tie american firs insurance co s new York the scottish Union and National ins i ranch co. Of Edinburg Scotland and the Union iis>uranc3 society new York. Money to loan Good Security in amounts not less than $500. Attractive plans and for Honses from $650 no Goddard $ Hunt. Gotta to a to it la it list it a. To i Elul to. Contractor and by Iraj i w. Shop cottage st bar Harbor me. New May Ike iii v i la a �., Aii l tin. In Lidak. Lurl ii i b. S. Hi6gins. Fas opened a Market in the rear Street Ami will carry a his grocery Alan first class us beef limb veal poultry. Game fruit and Vasa table a. A Stu. Bei softly executed. . Main to list a Proul a r to. Scowra a Ira 71 it Mii i a Lyrl and 17,000 Chicago build Folk i Ivi docs Ftera burned cd. That if lost u Dante Tiff. Matter take out wih Cen had Giard to Ittel he Tyr fire Loes. Well be Tyr for War utile Rumm. A my Bali Wortlie and still Woli Harar. A. A great Deal interest is manifested in our approaching town meeting. As usual the town warrant shows a Large number and the Best part the first week in March will be appropriated by the meeting. At that time a number the non resident people will be present who Are interested in the government bar Harbor As Well As in her future welfare. Several Large property holders Here in bar Harbor who Are usually reckoned among our summer visitors have recently become residents the place and though they spend the Winter months in the City close where. Always make it a Point to come to bar Harbor for the annual town meeting. The. Town pectin a this year will be a big at Lair and will invite the approx ria quot tion Kaiui expenditure thousands dollars during the coming year. I Here will l e the Siul warm tests Over the Choice and election it i i in Cipal officers and Many i local importance will l c Thorsti Lily a hated and voted upon and Ltd As Limicy should be. There Are already a a unit i it a candidates in Llic Field for Llie s Sci Ilioiu is All which will in t in l Ca Inot we elected but Good men will he Chen Aii i the affairs the town conducted Pri in Ray. No doubt in and Case. I a town the size Eden with Large in Sims interests and wit i off the most popular so timer to soil sin Gnu ii a the is tonsil Wilities he l to our Pii Lilic Uliules ii grave and i trying to the no n who evil them. Our offices for Nien nih i .\t<.n. In Csincsi tact and ilii Lity. i in to linin properly and As they air i i h it ase without l is 01 Yayoi Itin it. Is Shat that people i i Deli will i c asked in do at the int tii. L Utun is will be wisc la chosen As in u a , and tie Wel Faie the to in Cairns us ded and promote Cal during tic pit \ oar. I lie cominic tin Sill ruin Giitl Many us fun incr in is when our a cd to but held at the to Wii Viall. Up it Sabs buy Cove live Miles Lisia it Frt in Vilia it a. Tie town was not so Ati i in Sinisc Days but liar piste Iru her iii a and the importance those meetings was d ten Nii Ite As grit is at Piesens Willin. Ihui ii i a Becu Sou e Vei i i i by seem in the old Hall tic Hill in Das i am l >., Antl some \ Fry spite contests u i i t be election mini ii al tion a i s till \ Otei s ill to town tel ski id not n teams a e free tidi 1 i thi Eit Hill Ozien Lilard 1 them de Niode Mitoi in ii in be put to i Mie to i in .111 1 111 id quot to s a. I audit is 1 i Seidin a i ii. I. Lihi be Edtl in any s. it a older and the i him is Deelii g in the i i r h is w i v a i Ood i mow a led i in nip Miv for his Seickes. Iid Liei e a l l e i. Ablo men in tie town Inee Day. I he Mic ifs d am Tiuan Nice tiny d pends very Nui ii the . 1 \ a want and the Best Man for tie ,. Usually sought for and chosen. It my Llie few Case in which the Olizi e m i seeks tie Man. Mriden Amor is Kiihnl by remembered by the older the town As one the Ibl st Model ii quot his time Ami that gentleman still to Ike a keen interest in everything the advancement and level i ement i e municipality. In connection with iii ii t. It i. L e inf ii sting Lor some a quot first town meeting Eden was held the Fourt i Day ital i i it it Moie i Hun lied ears ago. It was held it tie House Samuel Hull at hulls Ciu and the following men Wen i is tin first selectmen the town 1/1 a \ oui. Levi Liggins and Samuel Hull. How Many al Lemon have Sime followed Vliem in the discharge such Public duties we Are told that the inhabitants i den at the beginning the Century were industrious lot fearing people who i Eit i quiet life amidst the Beautiful Sunn my Ings Mountain sea and Shore. This Type manhood is still with us and is seen often to advantage at our Annu in town meeting. The people Ken very Early their attention to the building a Church and thee Lambli Shuten Public schools a the Church tour father quot was built in 1797 and about the year 1812 the Host school House Ken was built at Salisbury Cove Long used in after years As a town Mist id Hall. A writer recently in describing these events has beautifully concluded with these words thus dawned the nineteenth Century within whose Early decades was to lie disclosed to a waiting world the new Eden the land whose beauties have been told in song a lid Story whole sunsets the Painter vainly tries to catch whose Mountain grandeur and Valley wonders whose sea and Shore and sky Are All so Beautiful that Maiv stands a Tran cod at natures the people the town and in fact non reside the resort take a a in term st in educational matters and our schools rank favourably with any in the state. The school question is one that never fails to interest All voters at a to provoke More less discussion at an annual town meeting. The school Board Siny town always finds its hands full in the management the schools and the superintendent is the Man with whom everybody finds fault if the schools Are not properly conducted. Edt Kation is an important Factor in the a elopement and Success any town and appreciating this the people Eden Are Liberal in their appropriations and Good schools have resulted. Good teachers make Good schools but whether one Man is better al be to select the Best teachers than another is often a matter opinion. In town meeting there is sure to be found a difference opinion All questions and each must be decided by the majority vote it is right that All questions should be aired in open town meeting and to Ltd est men chosen if be to fill Knes responsibility and Trust. I lie town meeting has been handed Down to us trom our Mew England fathers and it the oldest forms free go innit in the country. 1 lie new id town meeting is gov runic it by lei quot mile Puie i i Ltd simple. Limo Mitiu tics i oni Ress is embodied the idea the new i no Laius town meeting Tiki the \ House big cases. Which a i in 111.ilion by counties i l,. A. Thu l Ain remit to liar Harbor and i a Dan 11 is the old town system in . Most in new eng Lami ii id tin meeting is held in re Low n l Don and tic \ Harbor Are gov ined by a selectmen a lire i l Rani Leko and. Of i s 1 Liei i is i n i 1. I Kool super sol id i Llu i a 1-, ill Nio a Oia i Road Coni Nession r. E Oli ice id Tow n h i k was Lehi disc i v e. W Hei e it had. Id years to i in i Lai .111. I be i it Iier town a i lit it i id Edward b. Mears. Cottages for rent for Sale office bar Hambor Maui. Is ult a i it t a am 1 Beer. L air w in quot re to t l. In cis Shoi be Given to the Public spirit the Citi Zeyfis the Village Ini insisting upon the Best schools that work and Money Ca furnish. Certain citizens have contributed largely to the welfare the schools by contributing liberally to equip them with books pictures casts and other material fitted to make them More useful. Quot the two subjects that Are entitled to further commendation Are the plans which provides for a training teacher and the methods which have been adopted and successfully used in teaching Reading the town is fairly entitled to congratulate itself upon the results obtain Erl in its schools and he Promise which they give loing even better work in the future. The state also Lias an in the cd lic ency w Ith hich the schools Are bar Harbor band. I the editor tie i t be interest to some to Kiung something the work and ii acct the liar 11, Bor band what becomes the Money and tie Many hours Woi k and s1rni it be unit in 1 in meal ers the Bikul last december i y son a the men the Dace, from a Public spirit and .1 love music believing that a summer u Soi t this kind should and Coull sup Poi t an Orl i 1 i Lis kind. D hey Are not Street who gel their living trom this Wmk. But work without l i. Every Lime Uliey in Public also that i Enins sign ent in Piu lire in in thi in be i a their bus ii it l Somi Mike p , . Lini tie \ air i.--�, i Linese a i iii. W in is edit in practice in airy the iii a \ i Mii Vincnt and dalt i a in soviet a log a Sis Itula by Long quot. Eha a and yet no the band has yet Ever received a Penny the Money raised by the town any other Money earned by the band. It has All gone for to support it. While the people enjoy the concerts the members the band get no Money personally do the work and pay their proportional part the expenses. The last season in order to give taif town Good concerts we had to hire some men to be with us during the summer which their salaries and most us 550<s. We have not Iske l the people ii us Ascriptions but do solicit the business our own towns people and also the visitors in order to maintain and is apr port the Bandas a 0mani i tion. Some think we Shodd Ernie and Piu for Nollin map ilii , i usually a icy Are the mix a i s we i Ini a Job. We to i a la e Tow and orchestra this summer iii i i ii ii have thu same men with i in. Willing to devote our time log a to give our tii Newlun e a i. To Elsid. Of the log n Milli d in 1 no i iii it i a i a la l i v i , Day a Ai n be ii to a Cen them in u . I aie bin Niue in Mimi and tin commissioner Linds Hini sell Ith up r. Important w m u i u \. In i. A .1 Oad Liso .1 line a up 1 i the it Tiniou a in ,1 1� .1 nuni i Gnu n to Hil Timeir a Kii. A auses .1 Gie in i it i tile Money raised 1 l. To the bul w it Deal a Hai d Wink in if our own Peop a and san an�o7e<�o two years ago i ill try and p it in quot us in ing us to play ii i Olin Tlsty would h i a to i As we ire desk i Inus Leids to .i\ Oli ii tor i s ser does. Jor w never receive i ent. L Tsvili give. Of . A. J ing. Ile sides the isl j by t he Liri and i Umili i Boi he som id ii ii i i in Bel u. V in. Before. J Silice ,.111. D w e i i w e it a mum. I w e i lii my iii w e l Oli i in i i i .111 1 lilt it i the. \ Vii. V isl. Us w 11.at have i e a nu-11 w hit in some think i x i i pics riot to .1 Ood i we i t u w m..d 1 liar in w d liar Hai 1 Ohi i tine t in. The sewers i. In. ii a in i. Epi the in last the Tow n in i Viall As there pose but the i 1 in has a Amie ii Liture. Dial a voters in i i i id these u v ing .111 1 i ii local i \ 1-1 ii in a town ill i i the , the p Aei id l i town will Riise for Muni expend al out in. / like i id about s7.000 mor i la s ii quot. In is6o the. Dii it Miu a i was 5i a i l i a lid in i in .1 quot i these will so s i h liar Harbin in 1 i enl. in i i i Sirrs site Idil Olllie 1 Gravity the w 01 k to do in 1.1 pie at the be lir Lowi Ouk. Schools. Comment from Hon. W. W. Secl i a state super Lendt it. The Ivio unt desert nurseries s. We. Millem Nager. Of Trees shrubs Vire herbage co and bedding plants. Planting every kind planned and carried out. The nurseries Are open to visitors. The off co and Cercen houses Are upon the sch Conci head Road and have Teie Ohono connect Iori 111, a Rill lit i skill a Pic lie ill Enol i lii wrote the stale sup iii him his opinion tie is howls Bor Wear. Dad to. Or sent a t n i. Id ers the Kia Okellie Lollo Sine\.Nis from his reply quot the subjects st lied ii 1 to 1 e i us 1 selected. The puiiil.-. Do their own work and Doit Thorou Liu. The Hildien ale not imbecile even enfeebled by ing their tasks pc a formed by their instr Uedoi s. The methods Are Modem and Intelli enl by and efficiently used i he discipline is kindly firm and so h As our Best conducted Homes. I he promotions Are evid Emiily made when children have done the work assigned them and Are fitted to take the studies in advanced grades. This part the system is to be particularly commended. Quot the students in the school impress me As being Alert Earnest faithful and hardworking. The instruction is calculated to develop thoughtful Independent qualities in the Pupil and help him to do Good work for himself and stimulate him to go Forward with his Effo is for his own improvement. Quot i can heartily commend the Industry and Energy the superintendent in a himself with the work in other schools and promoting the highest efficiency in t is own. Quot the teachers give evidence being scholarly and professionally Well prepared for their labors. 1 think High Praise wanted cottages to rent. We have a will Ell a oui i i some desirable Pel i \. E quot a Lent up pm. C. Catt a to rent. "11 Pii pm 1 a v. W e w do Clark merchant a e claim big bar Haibi Nie real estate brokers Chas. C. Burrill amp son micral iii Mihaiu a aide it a. Ill Ortli and car Harbor. I lire it it i Linig the following Well known t ire Limu Irinee it oink minus ? Huiyue Luh iii Mitre it 0. Of Ivow Vork. t ire Rita. Co. Of i in u. Lum 4 o., i.tf1., . i Liia. Co. Of in % Ork. Palatine in co. Of . . A tvs Llu i Dahl re fire i11�. Co ill air ii a ice slut a catch it Ieru Imu Ina. Cd. Of hut i Rater n. V Rii Uritis lii. Co Ilar Foril. Hoa loii iii. Co. Of Llo Alou. fir Ihm. Of Timur ii. A Lauua a fire lug co Ivy a a Lurk Ltee it Lilik fire in. It 0 Itra it Llu a we. Rogers manager. Bar Harbor Branche t Light ? a Ink. M. W. Stratton architect and bal mag a a . Office. Crant Bull din tel Kronk. Bar George l. 8tebbin8, Seal Harbor real estate. Coinages for rent. Phil dig lots sea Colff drive Fer Safe Offles a ear Harbor me., and n produce exc min a h. /�.it i t a

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