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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - February 25, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine De of fax . Insurance broker or a r i Ali leading comity it Dum Only add a journal on Blount desert mma4. Deq Liisse Fox real estate. Cotta get fair re vol. 17. No. 4> Bab Habboba Max to web Suat a a Viking of Bardary 25, 1903, five ce1�ts j. , Fml mkt. L�iut8>asi�,. Att my in Nawi air. the first National Bank bar Harbor me. Hullt Squi pub Job Init kind of banking. 150,000.00 f tia re j. A a Bortlik. A. 8.n�mnan. Henry a la 910,000.00 Dos. H. Wood. Geo. H. Grant. invited. Capital surplus and profits several Nice cottages for Kent at Bocock Point also a few very de Eirbie Shore lots for Sale. I ea8b address the Geo. H. Grant co., general insurance agents Long do Noe phone. Bar of Tabor or Ellsworth. The Geo. H. Grant go. General insurance real estate investments Ellsworth Bali Harbor me. Long distance Telephone. Searls amp Carter at first Nat l Bank brokers for bar Harbor. Jan Ratt piano co. Elstob pm. Mar i Lim no a or to a a wait tui quart let of a Marlow Pimm int i m. Do a or conv Licad of to or Hpe Nordlt r Ubell t Baa Tho of Kalns Rover a print piano la thu inn Nua Rte Ano Modad in Oak it ten ii a Rich aah a a Aarom Tosa Vitt. Ealleam anit Raap Onam Aetola to in Alitia a melt Ara a Zapt Loralu Rara to tic Type of int Nikant i owner Atalanta you of your Areca a la Doc Croli amp Ains the and bae you to Necal tha Aatu Runca of m taat a Irtira. Four very Sancire pianos pianola and aeolian for Sal and to rent 4 vigorous Appeal. A a for the Protection of Deere men Ami Jolsher animal on a stint desert d Knif Tuwan other first Glass pianos Jimj Lytal to Bent at reasonable prices m. Steinert sons company the most a tillable piano and Moalc House la the world. 44 Cotta re Street bar Harbor Maine with messes. F. P. Pray a ,boarding an Sale stable firs b cjlas8 rigs of every kind by the hour Day week or season. Prompt services Good horses. Terms trim vehicles intelligent Drivers. Reasonable. James e. Foster proper. West Street bar Harbor. R. H. Kittredge dealer infancy groceries and provisions. At wholesale and retail. Have just received a fresh line of latest improved Mode rifles guns amp sporting goods. Big Stock of ammunition. All at lowest Price. 21 hit. Desert st., bar Harbor. notice know All men by these presents that. I Mark Perlinsky do hereby agree to give for one week to any lady Purchas ing goods at my store to the amount of one Dollar Twenty five red trading Stamps beside the ten they Are entitled to. Special sales this month in Silks laces and ribbons. Fl.25 silk for 76 cents. Big line of White goods at astoundingly Low prices. All dress goods at 10 per cent discount. $1.25 corsets 75 cents for this week. It will pay you to give us a. Call before purchasing . In reference to a Bill now be Ding in the legislature legalising the shooting of Deer on mount desert Island or. Charles Fry of Boston our Well known summer resident has written a letter to or Morrison Eden s member of the House of representatives. The letter states so clearly and strongly the objections to such legislation that the record is very glad of the Opportunity to publish it. Boston mass., feb 17, 1903. Dear doctor Morrison contractor and Buie Der shop come st., bar Harbor. Me George t. Stebbins Mehmut for Rem fitly of tots in Oliff drive for san cow Lily up a a to hot Bufi int., la i of me Ilia fit a n. Y. As to condition Lac applicable to the town of Tremont i am unable from any personal knowledge to speak but i do feel competent to do so for All that part of the Island lying to the eastward of Somes sound and of the Road leading from the head of the sound to the Bridge and especially for the town of Eden where 1 have Long been a heavy tax payer and a Legal voter. As such voter and tax payer i ask you representing the town of Eden to oppose the passage of this act because of the in july to the no atrial interests of Eden which will follow its enactment. You who Are familiar with the marvelous growth of the Island will Pardon me if i remind you for the moment How great thai growth has been. Thirty years ago there were few people who had even so much As heard of it. Desert Island. There were no industries in its Eastern division no manufactories no farms no minerals no resources save the Small fishing business which was the mainstay of its population. A few artists had gone there and brought Back takes of the scenery a few very few Small and unpretentious cottages had been built but when the census of 1870 gave the number of inhabitants of the town of Eden at a comparatively insignificant number there seemed to be few towns in All the United states so destitute of Mineral agricultural and commercial opportunities and so unlikely to become the seat of a Rich and prosperous Community. And yet the Island had two items of capital much ignored in the text books of economies but which have proved More potent than Gold or Coal in the creation of material Prosperity that has been equalled nowhere else in the whole Commonwealth of Maine. The climate and the scenery have proved larger wealth creators than the most sanguine citizen of the would Ever have dared to Prophesy a generation ago. They have proved to be Sutlin powerful attractions that today it. Desert almost unheard of then is known throughout the world As the one place where in the summer can be found a population More distinguished and desirable than any similar area of our whole country. Bishops statesmen College presidents men eminent in All the Learned pro is Sions Railroad presidents those High in Commerce and finance men who have sat in the seats of the mighty and stood before Kings All hasten there with the return of the summer and rejoice that cod has so blessed this one spot As to give them the Home they crave where they can procure Complete repose from their labors surrounded by their friends in a truly congenial environment. Year by year there have been fresh accessions to the numbers of these most desirable summer colonists year by year with them and through them the Island has grown in its material Prosperity until it is today unequalled among the towns of Maine having Long others which were far More prosperous in Early Days. Year by year More and More desirable buildings have been erected by the wealthy visitors. Year by year More and More has been done by these same visitors to beautify and adorn the Island and to Aid and care for the inhabitants hospitals churches Young men s Christian associations. Village improvement associations better schools those sure Conco Mitrius of an advancing civilisation Good roads and paths another certain indication of Progress All have come not Only Throat a the encouragement of these visitors but because they actually gave a Large proportion of the Money directly for their creation and the rest of it indirectly through the taxation on the Enon Sously increased value of real estate brought about by their purchases and by their presence. How great that increase has been since 1870. Your assessors books show. Farms for the raising of Small fruits vegetables poultry eggs milk etc., to Supply the great demand of the cottage visitors have so multiplied and increased that practically the whole Northern part of Eden is now engaged in this Trade which has proved so Renvue negative that the tramp and the pauper Are almost unknown quantities upon the Island. Granite quarries suitable alone from their situation for local use have been opened. Large Carpenter shops have been built telegraphs telephones railroads have bin introduced newspapers founded Rell Sioui and other instruct Lois freely and liberally Given All m a result of Tbs coming of this data of men that a the Island is proud of today the whole comm Unity is better physically morally and intellectually because of their presence. Who does not recognise the fact that it is of vast Benefit to any Community to number among its friends and supporters such men As Bishop Duane Bishop Lawrence Genera Schofield Admiral upshur or. John s. Kennedy or Morris k. Be up or. William e. Dodge the late Abr a s. Hewitt or. Walter s. Gurnee congressman Morrell or. S. Weir Mitchell or. Robert abbe president Eliot Joshua m. Sears and scores of others that could be named to have even one of these As a constant summer visitor would be the making of the place of their Choice for they Are All most eminent in the their walks of life and Are known not from Maine to Georgia Only but from Russia to the philippine islands. Well May we be proud that we have drawn to our Island and enlisted the sympathy of such men As those mentioned. Most of those named have Large material interest at stake in the Island and Are deeply concerned in the Good government of these three favored towns. A few Only of them have but Many of them Are among the heaviest contributors to the exchequer of the town and of the state and because of their interests and because they cannot speak for themselves it behoves us who have votes and Power to be most tender of what concerns them and to at least listen patiently to their counsel in recognition of the services they have done to the Island Community. The growth of it. Desert has been gradual and rather one sided and while the whole Island has unquestionably benefited by the change of conditions since 1870, parts of it especially the Southeastern coast have reaped a larger Harvest of profit than the remainder. Moreover it has been a Peculiar growth in some ways. At first it was considered that the Island was a charming place for a few week s sojourn in the hot summer Days and the pioneers came in july stayed a few weeks and left before the first Cool winds of september could chill their ardor. The houses then built were of a very simple nature Many without cellars almost All without furnaces. When the frosts came All had gone and for ten months in the year bar Harbor Becane the same town it had been before these Early Comers chose it for their playground. As time went on people found out not Only that it was quite possible to remain during the fall but that by leaving Befu the the autumn gales began to blow they were losing the most charming season of the year by their Early Wilu Trawal. And that the Cool vigorous air of october Only served to enhance the rit lights of climate and of scenery. With this discovery came a change in Chari ter of the building. Houses were More substantially erected provision was made for proper heating and lighting greater expense was gone to in the improvement of tie grounds All to the very largely increased profit of it. Desert mechanics and artisans. Contrast if you please the House erected by or. Alpheus Hardy in the Early unknown Days with the mansion now building by or. Cassatt the president of the great Pennsylvania Railroad. And yet a dozen years ago the season had Only lengthened out a month and he who ventured to remain after october 1st was looked upon Asa very eccentric individual. Since 1890 or 1891, however the number of those who remain until the Middle or end of october has very largely increased and in 1901 there were still about 75 Cotta is open in har Hart or on the Ruth of that month. Of Why do people stay in rough october All Gai ties have ceased dances Are unheard of Large dinners Are no longer Given. There Are Many inconveniences to be endured. Changes Are made in time tables of trains steamboats and postal arrant Mients. Many should he at their Winter Homes to attend to their a lairs or to Send their iii Loren to Sci tools. A me of the shops Are closed some of the doctors have tone away. Why then do they stay the answer is simply that they Niy have their share of the two greatest natural resources Ollie Island at their very Best and Uliey to enjoy the Beautiful scenery and the pure air of october and to acid fire the health and strength which comes with that month. For this they need not balls and dances and dinners and they could t get them if they did. But they do need the picnics the drives Aud the Mountain walks Over the 70 Miles of path which have been built without a cent of expense to the Community at Large by the bar Harbor Village improvement association and Kindred bodies and which Are More and enjoyed from september 15th to november 1st than in All the other months of the year put together. There paths have been built by the improvement association Over private property with the kind permission of the tand owners. As stated they now extend Over 70 Miles and they give Access to beauties which but for them would ne9es8arily be hidden from All those not Hardy enough to penetrate an Lin broken Maine Forest Sci Nch of great Beauty have thus been opened. Tbs utmost Ciure has been taken Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for sate office bar Harbor. Faine. In their construction and apart from the voluntary labor of those to whom their management is committed and upon which it would be impossible to put a Price More than 5500 has been annually spent upon their improvement. Nearly All of these paths go through what will unquestionably become a Hunting ground on the first of each october if this act is passed and their chief usefulness will become a thing of the past. Many of the roads and those the most attractive also Lead into the haunt of the Deer and they too will become dangerous with the return of each autumn. A slight last september caused Many to forego their usual october walks and picnics and was in my opinion the reason for the remarkable fact that there were fewer cottages open through the month than has been the Case for nearly ten years past. Let us recur to the class of non voting cottage owners. They have no Opportunity to present themselves to town meetings nor to the legislature to urge legislation. And so delicate Are they in their fear lest their motives be mistaken and lest it might be supposed that they were pursuing selfish ends that it is doubtful if these non voters would run the risk of such misunderstanding and to them the Ordinary method of saying what they consider is for their interest is closed. There Are however certain bodies which can be regarded As open to them namely the bar Harbor Northeast Harbor and Seal Harbor Village improvement association and the bar Harbor Board of Trade Quot in All these the membership is divided Between residents Aud cottagers. In these three former the cottagers predominate in the latter the . All comprise the very Best and most desirable of both classes. It is therefore noteworthy to say the least that in the summer of 1901 All of these bodies unanimously petitioned the game commissioners to continue the prohibition of Deer shooting on the Island in pursuance of the settled policy of ten preceding years. Now it is incontestable that the length Enir it a of the season from Early Days to include the month of october As at present began at the very time when the game commissioners first decided that it was for the Best interests of the state of Maine that Deer shooting should be totally prohibited on the Island of it. . Kven by the most sceptical this must be looked upon As an Odd coincidence. Hut it is More than that. As has been demonstrated people Reinkin lir ii he Tober solely for the outdoor life of the Woods and the impel Iliili cause to this Wood life was the Security to life granted by the Wise action of the commissioners in forbid inti a sport which is notoriously dangerous and infinitely More so in a thickly settled country like it. Desert than it is in the wilds of Aroostook. Let but one serious Accident o c is a result of open shooting in the Uriah of october and to can say Good a to the Prosperity of bar Harbor in the most delightful month of the year. People Are not going to walk or drive through Woods when there is a fair Chance that they May be done to death by a careless Hunte. What cottage Community would remain through the shooting season in Aroostook what cottage Community there now and what would it mean to bar Harbor to its Best Payin i citizens for a whole month of a Lioi l season How much Money is left there each year by 75 cottagers who average 21 Days of that month is 200 too an Esti Niwatr will 513,000 then be Lor i y the shooting of a few Deer what was the loss last year through the driving away of Cotta ets earlier Tolian their wont because their usual pursuits in that month were endangered he Carels boys who can Tive an estimate of this and who will conic mate those who have lost of the number of Ileathy caused by careless Hunters in Maine statistic s Are gathered and while they Are not and can not be perfect they Are Only too Complete to show that there is danger in the Woods the Adirondacks Wisconsin. Michigan All Tell the same Story. And it is not the Hunter Only who is the victim. The first person killed in the fall of Igor was an innocent Quarry Man who was quietly seat i de eating his Tunch in the Woods on a Dav sunday which by the Laws of Maine close time. Who will be benefited by this proposed act it is not for a minute credible that the shooting is so attractive on the Island that outsiders will be drawn to it As Hunting ground and there will consequently be no Revenue reaped from Sale of licenses by the state. Will the inhabit. Tants of the Island be benefited there is no census of Deer living there nor 1st, thereof the Deer Hunters. It is impossible to say How Many of the men residents will Avail themselves of the rather poor privilege accorded them to shoot Deer of the Island when by a Short journey to Trenton and la Molne they can secure much better sport. Undoubtedly some will Hunt if permitted and some will be better off by reason of the Venison they procure. But such most be a very Small percentage of the total population and to the vast majority no direct Benefit will ensue. But it is As certain As that the Sun Wii. Rise tomorrow that one class in the Community will joyfully take advantage of this proposed Liberty and will Rush to the Woods armed with anything they can get from a. Single barrel shot gun loaded with Buck shot to the latest Mauser Rifle that sends its Bullet two Miles into space. The Hall grown boys will make for the Woods armed As Best they May to be a detriment and a danger to themselves on saturday afternoons and to make life hideous for All the rest of the inhabitants. To shoot on sight at whatever moves in the Bushes whether it be Deer cow or human beings and in of shot at animate target to empty their guns or rifles into the first sign they see by the Wayside careless o4 the of their Fellowman to walk or the Highway. Will the Workingman of the Island Benefit what hours of Daylight can he take from his work for sport even if he Cas gain Good or Money thereby he Cannor Hunt on sunday under the Law of this state. Will some Farmer staring with rueful face at a dead cow Quot mistaken for a Deer Quot Iet 1 that he has been much Benefit cd by this Clinge of Law ? who says such a Clinge will be Bent facial i Pon what grounds is it asked Quot Kour times in their Wisdom the g in this stale alter Solcic hearing after due consideration and after careful weighing i of All the facts have to cared that it was for the Best of the state that they should i prohibited it not one physical circumstance has a changed As to Render this prohibition unwise. On the contrary granted in its in. Caption twelve years a Oft r the very Pui pose of making life in the wools of tie Island or cure and so to induce the Cottain ers to remain later and others to buy and build As the population increases the Rea son for prohibition not in arithmetical but in gnome Liichi pop option. Who Are opposed to tins Law lver thinking Man in liar i Arbor Seal i Lai Bor ort fast Harl re in tact wherever the a question has been Lou Luil. The Point ii. Of the Board Ltd Quot Trade in its tim of a his lion to Deer shoo iii Stabli Sites this beyond All just iii. The Wistrom of acted ini Lollie unanimous Wigt Hes online Point of All who own estate is so self Evi Dent to the resilient a Vii h Nie in Contact with them that from Lii Irown Wise in Lina Lionti to preserve the Deer they a heartily in opposition to this a pro posed Law Noil you sell arc a air exponent of tin a Beni. I a posed to it Ilso All the reat of 1 Otla a owners because Lehey led that a Loncki Ideal on Payr the mount desert nurseries we. Miller manag or. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. Tie nurseries Are open to st it i it is the off flow and greenhouses a be iii on a Komi Road and Haye Telephone tonne Otsons. I in

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