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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Feb 11 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - February 11, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine 1 a my pms or ail Chr Only soc Joti Inal of it Oitt Deseri Island. Pah Kabob Millns wed Keseday a . Feb botany 11 1903. Real estate. Job stages for rent five Cento Tao mat Teiji of ibid a. A a Mem a. My weak. Tom Impi sent Tira first National Bank bar Harbor i. Rullet Sara us and profits id won i vibe kind of banking. �?�60,000.00 $10,000.00 j. A. Boj Teit. Jonn 4. or Wood. inv Ltd a. Henry a Lav Ford Geo. H. Nat. A ral Nice cottages for rent at Hancock Point ald i a few very desirable Shore lots for Sale. I East addrb88 the Geo. H. 6rait co., general insurance agents Long Dut Poe phone. Bar a Aridor or Ellsworth. The ceo. H. Grant co. General insurance real estate investments Mil Haynor my. Long distance file phone. Searls Carter amp co. At first Nat l Bazili. Brokers for Bat Harbor the lenten season. 9 a a we Pius co. A Lamb pm. I or in -. T hmm re of him it Wanttie a Iamie to of my raw Moa. Tux l a or str conv Lnch of Thor a Avort Pulty unti i had us Opp nudity of a a us Row up Ruht plane la thu intr Uuie Yoa Havo a imo Adad in Roii Tintie a Lek had a a of men a a it a Vita a a a Lymm act Ripon al a Otoi tvo a Valitia a Moliar rare to that a yet of in Truman i Yov of your a icon a la Thio and bog you to a eco tim Utu Runco of m Toai a Loti Douro Vbry a Indore in pianos pianola and aeolian a for Sale and Douro Vbry a Indore in. To rent Ogtip Ruwan a nit other first Olaski piano Uil Jinai to Bent at be unable i Loeb sons company the Moat reliable piano and Maalo Voase in the world. 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine with mesas. F. P. Pray a co. R. H. Kittredge Dukai be 111 fancy groceries and provisions. At wholesale Aud retail. Have just received a fresh Liae of latest improved Model rifles guns amp sporting goods. Big Stock of ammunition. All at in West Price. 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor me. Special notice know All men by these presents Itiat i Mark Perlinsky do hereby agree to give for one week to any lady Purchas ing goods at my store to the amount of one Dollar Twenty five red trading Stamps beside the ten they Are entitled to. Special sales this month in Silks laces and ribbons. Fl.25 silk for 75 cents. Big line of White goods at astoundingly Low Price. All dress goods at 10 per cent discount fl.25 corsets 75 cents for this week. It will pay you to give a a Call before purchasing elsewhere. Perlinsky. Appeal of the two Tieb can Tatry Nasonal gospel Campaign. New York feb. 5,903. The Central Cuni Mittie of the twentieth Century National gospel Campaign of which or. William Phillips Hall is chairman has just issued an Appeal for a National lenten gospel Campaign addressed to the Christian ministers and leaders of America. The committee in this Appeal says pursuant to the avowed purpose and work of this committee of promoting a National gospel Awakening Quot through existing organisations and agencies for the spiritual moral and social Rescue of the unsaved millions of our beloved country we Send you in the name of our divine lord Titis Appeal for your prayerful practical and simultaneous co operation with us and with All others who May be like Wise engaged in the great movement for which this committee stands. We Are encouraged to Issue this Call just at the present time by the fact that the Manifest Blessing of the head of the Church has rested upon the past efforts of the committee in the Way of Quot inspiration and education those who receive this Appeal will see reason to thank god that in various movements in the line of aggressive evangelism local and National our suggestions and plans have been adopted and earned out and have helped with the Blessing of god to quicken the consciousness of evangelistic opportunities and responsibilities in the ministers and members of various branches of the Christian Church. Every one who loves the lord Jesus will be glad to join in thanking god for the present awakened interest and in praying that it May Lead to the fulfilment of the undoubted obligation of the churches for the full and final execution m this generation of the great commission Given by the risen lord. We therefore invite your prayerful attention to the suggestions following t. Kavanach it. Desert Street. Opposite st. Saviour s Church. Upholsterer. Voltage and Piazza Fth mature a eat ouch inst Awn Lime of Perch ourt Alne High Piaia ugh Latefy Mal Limtt ite Mitea Rowla ill i National Lente sgt i. T Campaign. The lenten season has of late years owing to the special emphasis placed upon it by some branches of the Church and the resulting temporary staying of the tide of worldliness and frivolity at this time proved peculiarly favourable to the promotion of religious interest. Its connection with the death and resurrection of our lord increasingly recognised in All branches of the Church would seism to make it a most opportune time Lor the quickening of christians for Spirli al life and service. To therefore respectfully a plan for making the most of this 1 in Tom Opportunity this year for the further amt of the Sii ritual i Ivance for wlm 1 thi present crisis sour i try Calls. Dan of m m 11.1 atm am i a a 1 k. Would not every minister or Leader r ceiling this Appeal do Well to prepare for and imitate tins movement by making february 5, 11/33, known As Quot Ash wednesday Quot a special Day of humiliation and prayer let him invite his people to join in confession and in humiliation in View of past sins and Short coming a and in supplication and intercession Lief re god on the basis of Luke i 113, for the blessings of which the churches stand in such perishing need. That the praying May not a of Liat general and indefinite kind thai never brings answer the committee enumerates some of the things for which there is arts sing Call for prayer 1. For a return to absolute Feitli in the liable As the inspired author tive word of god and As furnishing the churches their Only credentials and message and tor an immediate revival of Earnest and systematic study of that word in order to learn what god would have us do in the present condition. 2. For a quickened sense of the sin fullness of sin and of Man s lost and Hope less condition without Jesus Chrisi 3. For a new vision of the , and Efficacy of the atonement of Jesus Christ As the Only if Epe for Loht Man. 4. For an overwhelming sense of the obligation and responsibility on the part of Eye by disciple of Christ for witnessing to the lost soul and to lost souls he can reach of the saving Power of Christ and urging the immediate acceptance of salvation through him. 5. For a mighty outpouring of and in due enl of the holy spirit that the Church throughout the entire nation May be equipped to do her god appointed work in sharing the Mission of the master in seeking and saving the lost. We think it would be Well that on that Day the Church doors should be thrown open from morning until the close of the evening service and that the Christian Community be urged to come in silence to the House of god at any convenient hour and there to genuine Travail of soul Pray for a in Trenal to Universal revival of the religion of Christ. Observance of the balance of Lent. We by to a a grit that Louo Wizig the Day prayer and cont Nuong until apr i pub Cutry Timmi int Etc in Hla own Chw Cli or a co Prat of with the Miaw it ters of i to Boring sister churches undertake the work of personal positive evangelism the unsaved. evangelistic sermons be preached let special gospel must Lihe Sung let there be discreet and enterprising advertising done through the Public press circulars cards and billboards so that the attention of the entire Chura shall be focused upon the supreme work of winning men to Christ. Iri order further to Empl Sise publicly the intense desire of christians to reach and make Welcome the non Church going people we would suggest that All Church buildings be open to the Public each Day from morning until the close of services at night during the lenten . Let every possible Effort be made to prove to the non Christian Public that extraordinary sacrifice of Effort time and Money is being made by christians everywhere to Lead men to a saving knowledge of god in Christ Jesus. May we not ask the religious and Sec ular press to lend its influential support and co operation in the movement in making Public this Appeal with a plan of Campaign and to further the Beneficent work which it Aims to accomplish May we not ask every ministerial association and other similar organisations of clergymen and laymen to take this matter energetically in hand at sch local Point and let the coming month of March witness in god s Good pleasure the greatest evangelistic uprising that has Ever taken place in the history of the Church of Christ in America the address is signed by William Phillips Hall chairman. Rev. Francis k. Clark d. U., Rev. John l. Withrow i. D., Rev. A. C. Dixon d. D., and or. H. M. Moore Boston Rev. A. J. Burrell d. D., Rev. S. Gregory d. D., Rev. R. S. Macarthur d. I Rev. S. Parkes Cadman d. D., Rev. John b. Shaw d. D., Rev. J. Wilbur Chapman d. D., Rev. John f. Carson. I Rev. Louis a. Banks d. D., Rev. T. S. Henderson d. D., general o. O. Howard mrs. Margaret Bottome and the messes Anderson Fowler John Willis Raer Richard c. Morse John r. Mott a. W. Mcwilliams James Talcott. John m. Cornell and John m. Huyler new York Bishop Rovid Thaler Salem n. C. Hon. John Wana maker and or John h. Converse Phil Adelphia William r. Moody last North Field and or. L. L. Doggett Springfield m ass. Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale. Office bar Harbor. Maine. A do not think you Are in duty hound to advocate the Ralston health club. We shall be pleased if you will encourage any system or method of Good health and purity of life Home and character. This is practically the Only club in the world that charges no Iees. Yet All its benefits will come to the progressive Ralsto nite. Quot it us then be up and doing with a heart for any Fate. Still achieving still puts intr. Learn to labor Ana to . Quot Hope is the Janner of health Progris Sive people live Well when iii get diff the grave . In is said that every Good deed done on Earth is recorded in heaven where the act bears interest not so much for its greatness As for the heart s Good intention. Would you like to do Good in the world such is the Opportunity now of ered. It requires Only quiet loyalty to the great principles of the club to which you belong or ought to belong and the Ever present desire to make known the to thurs. Tii Efie two cd Ciuchta will make you actively Loyal and sooner or later you will give an influence which will Bloom into results and you will have won members into your club. Think too what a moral Chan be will be wrought for All physiologists agree that ill health causes irritability morbid nerves defective moral natures and More than nine tenths of All the sin in the uric. The key of moral Reform is turned by the hand of health. Your club can never die. Its principles Are natures richest Laws by an All Wise creator solely and absolutely for Man s happiness. The Many great names now enrolled upon its list and the interest they take in spreading its influence speak of a higher Power work ing in their hearts to make the world bet ter for Hall i. For Home and for happiness. I let i l Kii. The Quot of. Ball. Edu cultural. Of the Casino was the scene of giant Sodai function. Bril about 9 30 the Mari h was torni Cri led by or. And mrs. C i Quot. Freeman in which some 150 couples took pan. Dance followed dance in succession All entering gaily into tie spirit of tiie affair an intermission was Aniio unt Elt a and or Charles Welgot Noii the guest in a Short a peech and to lion introduced a. Bion e. Whitney whom he humorous styled Quot the speaker of the evening. Or Whitney in his usual style said that this occasion was the 3th annual Ball Given by the o. , Many times during that period people had questioned the meaning of those Mystic letters. They had been translated. Old rascals old , t ild rats. Old Kel Ahles and Many other names or. Whitney stated that he was unaware of their is Nih Cance and he thou Glit other a embers were in. The same predicament. Now it is not fit that the order should i of nameless through the entire course of its . An invitation was extended to each lady invited to submit during the course of the year a fitting name with the initials. K. The lady suggesting the most appropriate name to have the Honor of leading the March at the next Ball. This caused no Little amusement among the Rutsis and when or. Wood again took the platform and moved that the Meetor a adjourn hut not until 5 o clock he was heartily applauded. It was several hours before this when the affair did break up How. Ever and the merry makers grouped homeward. Whatever their name May prove to be the. A s Are certainly most successful entertainers. May their shadows never grow less. The gentlemen who compose Thea s Are a. Palley. J. K. Clark a h. Davis l. H. Deasy c. K. H Reeman c. S i Reen h s if ruins j t Hinsh h. C. Hodgkins f. A. Jellison f. K. Jellison r Joy Kirk Isaac Kramer 1. J. Morrison w. L. Piece. I. C. Rev nolds. K. L. Savage. L. Soper. 11. K Wakefield 15. E. Whitney f. To Wood c. Ii. Wood h. Lawford. Or. Pure advocate is the Observance Ralston Day. Let every person who appreciates the of Good health set aside one Day in every month for the Observance of the natural Laws of health. By National agree u the first tut it Ilay of every month is As Kaltun Day and on this a al Luem heis of the Ralston health and others Are it tested to eat Only the purest food drink Only pure water cult at Heer Fulner a exercise liberally and if the Day is pleas ant to spend not less Bluit one hour in the pure air. By so Dom it is hoped that the better health huh Lorows such Observance Niay Lead to a higher plane of usefulness mor trility a i Prosperity in Lile. Some two Hundred announce Ralston a in their every month. Reports Are continually coming to us of ministers who announce he Day trom their pulpits and of is Hool teachers a died to the list of Liose who observe it in the r schools. It is spreading rapidly. There is to be a University of health Home and happiness on this Beautiful and highly favored Island of mount de Sert an Otis Priviti of the health club of America i purpose is to Ere ate a new and healthy race Antl its plans and Success hitherto Are sure indications of its Power. But the local 1 Lul cannot succeed without the support i us members we have received such support in other parts and thousands of the Best men and Lomeii Are coming to our Aid every year. We wish Only a Oral support not finances. You May Heip us in any one or More of the following observe Ralston Day induce others to do the same ask your pastor to announce it ask some teacher to have it observed in school have All your family at Home on the evening of Ralston Day. This is the wedge. The serious thought and appreciation of the benefits and blessings of Good health will soon command the situation. The sickly tendencies of the times will change by slight degrees at first but surely and permanently at last. The ill shaped form the shrunken lungs the Sallow Complex ions All must give Way to the Onward March of a More symmetrical being of better nerves of truer blood and finer physique. The new race is a logical result of thoughtful attention to the natural Laws of life and health. Human ambition directed to the attainment of Softie Noble end is the great Law of earthly existence. Happl Nei amp Isnec Mmry to the health of the by amp a Sunshine is to the Flower. The first Law is that which prompts you to live a larger life. Take lore interest id your commit inlay make h Active and prof remove. Spei kindly to and for a never Gowdy. Ken Worda help Many a Mim table Lou file t in social event of the season was the concert and Hall Given at the Casino on wednesday evening by the 1a s. The Vevie All perfect and nothing was Lackin to the Sii iii total of an Seii Iriti of the i Joy Meni. Men from tie a t i Nisei a ies had been Lui Sily at work Kaiui the .1 sino w is a Pii ture in its la. To either Side of the ii Traisi were Booths of where a Noii i be i lit. A iii l,in.\ cakes it re Lisp Elised wifi i i and the Entikin e u is banked. Small Rev ind ver Reed Bou lis decked the . A where the 1 sino or Chestlr i Supply i Newitt d by two i i from j Ullen s orchestra i of ring it i were seated. Suspended it the tront of High school notes. The Eer of the is Ond ii Weie out wit 11 last t so hoi Iio i now . Lor t Lair 1-n-Hsh a al ii .--.14.1 of k a i m in i l lie i Nisio \1 a. In . Nun a i him lh.,> i now ini ule if in 1 t w is m iss 11 uti ,uii senior s to i one . 1, a Iff >01 i \ i t f o a 11 w in 11 in Imp ments uni ass ii a i i i. I set of this p h l >1 i ump Allioli \ c i \ Leiu it i so the state were the two Liue letters a i formed of Cedar and stir led w. Tin lights. Here and Sheie were a its of Cedar Eife. Timely aria ii de ii the of the Balcony on e Lier Sua Hun two shield bearing the Niy tic letters strings of coloured lights . Nally to tie four Cornels of Thili irony. Adding brilliancy to the scenes the j i a quests argued the w Ere list ii id j or a banked with Retto Lei in is members of the order it e to u l to to chive them and before Ami. O i lot k Liu 1 in at it Balcony was tilled w ith Luon of us. Ihm bit ii dressed people. a a i. Elv a ii t to Ciet a Mied Quot. 1 Quot i n 1ii i �.,r it a a vers Ideo in i a in Juire the a a in ii i a .1 \ i o us is �?�1. eau v m Ltd i i. K i a the mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The it Ira series cart open to \ i torsk the Oitice and greenhouses ate upon Schooner head Road and have Telephone connections. Contractor and builder shop Goose st. Bar hot choir. In George l. 8tebbiiis. Col iii for reit. Iii iii it n Sii Clit lust lit Sti a Imil a Iofi my. And lob to duo Bahai if a hot

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