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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Feb 6 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - February 6, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine I. Ii j 0. A. A i a t a smite Cuil Diing in i ranch broker a i a Degrasse Fox a file Cottell is for rant Voi 4. It. Kit a e. Bab Habboba. Main of by a a it 6, �903. A prob Bonta al j. A. Body of. Taoist sea sly a hmm al. A a air Ikpi eat t ainu s i f Etc ii a th8 first Katimi a Ank bar Harbor me. Lows met tiny. Pm it i quipped Fob a Vitta kind of Loti Tirats banking. Capital. Surplus a i profits $50,000.00 110,000.00 a mrs Ccora. J. A. Bolok . Henry thu. H. Wood. Go. H. I a Lawford Tant. C9bbb8pondsncb Init by. A Era Nice cottages for rent at Hancock Point. A pm a few very desirable Liore idiots for Sale. I ba8b addbbs8 the Geo. H. Grant co., general insurance agents Lone Pitts Poe Harbor or Ellsworth. The Geo. H. Grant co. General insurance real a state investments ell8woiith---bar Harbor me Long distance to la phone. Searls amp Carter at first Nat l Bank brokers for by Harbor. Proceedings of the three Day s session. Largest vote and Flea vast appropriation in to Ltd history of the town of Eden. 9 m Ajo in Piton Hunt Tunur co. So Tod. A my. Of 8li� it it 1 bad Bettt of Tuo Voo Trail or my raw a Trow tiv i m. By Var Oon Vine a of to bold port Ortof until t had Ute Opp nudity of Mlac Jour up Lelit Pum. La thu Ira Trident you into Moon Odom id pm bin lib a Rutoli a a and eur Tona a lib a a Allemo and Raa Vonalt Amton to qual Tiaa a Tireli a a �ieaptioa.117 Iva la tic Type of last Gumiit i Coner Auyuta you of your Yucca a la tiny Thio and Bacys to too at Tea As Aunica of w9 Baa a Ittia Youra very inc Trey. Pianos pianola and aeolian for Sale and to rent us other fint Polisi Pitu Ioa a a Jinnai to Best at beast Nabit Fricas Steinert to sons company tie most r<1iable piano and Masic House in the world. 44 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine with messes. F. P. Pray 4 , boarding a Quot a Sale stable first class rigs of every kind by the hour Day week of season. Prompt services Good horses. Terms trim vehicles intelligent Drivers. e. Foster proper. West Street bar . H. Kittredge 1>eai.�r 11�fancy groceries and provisions. At wholesale and retail. Have just received a Iresh of latest ii prove Ltd Mode rifles guns amp sporting goods. Big Stock of ammunition. All at lowest Price. 2t it. Desert st., bar Harbor me. Ltd a ii Vav re is it in notice. Know All men by these presents Liat i Mark Perlinsky do hereby agree to give for one week to any lady purchasing goods at my store to the amount of one Dollar Twenty five red trading Stamps beside the ten they Are entitled to. Special sales this month in Silks laces and ribbons. Fl.25 silk for 75 cents. Big of White goods at astoundingly Low prices. All Drees goods at 10 per cent discount. $1.25 corsets 75 cents for this week. It will pay you to give us a Call before purchasing . Perl Ink y. Contractor and builder co a. A i i Alt Jolk a Lxii shop cottage st., bar Harbor. Me George l. 8tebbin8, cot tinges for rent. Building lots on sea Cliff drive for sail j a of floes Teal , 102 produce exo Hanko monday morning dawned Brigit and fair with the temper tui a just Low enough to make heavy wraps desirable. The wind of the few Days previous had been sufficient to dry up most of the mud and what was not was Frozen hard enough to make Wheeling Good. As a result there were a Large number of up Island people in town drawn hither by that momentous occasion the annual town meeting. As in previous years the preliminaries for this annual gathering of the people had been Well attended to. The usual Curbstone caucuses and Corner store meetings had been held in due form. The fitness of the candidates for the various positions had been discussed the ins and outs for the various schemes for which appropriations were to be asked had been consid rep l hid of the outcome of the election were As plentiful As one could desire. It was a Surprise to Many to see such a Large gathering at the Casino. At times during the Day every seat in the galleries of the Casino was occupied a Large proportion of the audience being women. The seats on the lower floor of the House had been removed and the floor covered with canons on top of which was a thick layer of sawdust. Here were gathered the forces which we into decide the Fate o the several candidates. So crowded was the Hall that final electioneering was done with difficulty. While All were deeply interested in the outcome of the election Good nature was the prevailing characteristic and not a discordant note was struck. The meeting was called to Orser at 10.15 by the town clerk who proceeded to read the town warrant. Upon completion of the Reading the first article was taken up. Article in to choose a Moderator to preside at said meeting. Upon counting the ballots bion e. Whitney was declared unanimously elected and was Sec run in by the clerk. The second article in the warrant was then taken up. Article 2�?to choose a town clerk for the ensuing year. Whole number of votes cast 47 All for w. H. Sherman who was declared elected and the oath administered by the Moderator. On motion of a Lihu t. Hamor article three was Laid on the table. Article 4�?to choose selectmen and assessors for the year. Or. Robert Amory made a motion Llinat this article be divided and that action he taken on that portion relating to the elec tion of selectmen a the election of assess ors to be left for later action. Ken Hamor suggested that the assess ors be elected by ballot after the election of selectmen. John , jr.,said the Law rec Muired that the selectmen and assessors be elected by ballot but that it is to defer the election of assessors until a later period in the meeting when the selectmen had been elected . Or. Amory s motion was unanimously carried. The Moderator said that it had been customary to use the Check list and he called the four candidates to the front and asked them to agree upon what should be done in reference thereto their recommendation to be referred to the meeting for ratification. The recommendation was that the Check list should not be in Case of doubt on the part of the tellers whether a Man had a right to vote. Or. Amory thought it too much responsibility to put upon the tellers to decide whether a Man had a right to vote or not and advocated the use of the Check list. B. L. Hadley wanted to know if l3r. Amory s motion to use the Check list referred to the candidates for second and third selectmen and was informed that it did. It was voted to use the Check list. The Moderator appointed As tellers Chas. F. Paine w. H. Davis Julien Emery s. N. Rich l. A. Austin and Benj. L. Hadley. The polls were then opened for ballot for first selectman and the Mot Lerator announced that they would remain open until one o clock. The following was the vote whole number of votes cast.si3 necessary for a Choice.407 scattering. W. B. Higgins.40 Elihu t. Hamor.114 Jol a e. Bunker. B. S. Higgins.36- and there was no election. A motion to do away with the Check list was lost. It was voted that a recess be taken for Twenty minutes that the officers might procure a lunch after which the polls the second ballot were to remain open Hil 4 30 o clock. After the polls bad let Een declared cried and while the tellers were count if the ballots or. Amory made a Motton that the vote for second and third 8d<ktman be taken tuesday morning a ten trial ballot to be provided with the Liline of each candidate printed thereon Wilh a Square opposite his name the vote to place a Cross in the Square oppo a Ite the name of the candidate for whom it wished his vote counted. By this Meins which was similar to the australian ballot he thought the counting of votes would be expedited. S. C. Reynolds raised an objection to this on account of illegality. S. J. Clement offered an amendment that the Check list be done away with but it was ruled by the Moderator that action having been taken on this the amendment could not be considered. When put to a vote or. Amory s motion was declared lost. W. B. Higgins and Elihu t. Hamor having withdrawn the second ballot for first selectman resulted As follows whole number of votes cast.826 necessary for a Choice.413 scattering.3 John e. Bunker.293 j. S. Higgins .530 and or. Higgins was declared elected. On motion of b. C. Reynolds it was voted to adjourn to 9.3c o clock tuesday morning. Tuesday meeting called to order by the Moderator at 9.30 with the tellers in their places. The first matter to come before the meeting was the choosing of second selectman the three candidates were called to the front for conference after which the Moderator declared the polls would not be closed until 11 o clock. The following was the result of the ballot for second selectman. Whole number of votes cast.617 necessary for a Choice.309 \ n or Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale bar Sambok Maine. Office d. W. Mckay �?99 Alonzo higgins.159 it Martin l. Lord.359 and or. Lord was declared elected. Balloting was then begun for third selectman. The Moderator after conference with the several candidates announced that the polls would not be closed l before one o clock. He Jesuu of the balloting was As Fol own whole number of votes cast.590 necessary for a Fred Carter.86 Harry conners.77 Calvert g. 6 f. E. Walls.133 a. V. Wilson.10 Wellington .mcfarland.s and there was in a hire. Before calling for the second ballot messes. Mcfarland Carter and Conners withdrew their names. The polls were then opened to dose at 2 o clock. The following was the result of the vote. Whole number of votes cast.50 necessary tor a Choice. .55 p red a. V. Wilson.1 f. E. Calvert i. A iior.35 and or. Hamor was declared elected. Or. Robert Amory made a motion which was carried that the meeting proceed to the election of three assessors for the ensuing year. The Moderator announced that ballots had been prepared containing the names of or. Robert Amory i Lihu t. 11 Amor and Char is b. I Ineo. After balloting was underway. H. Deasy took the Hoor and said that while it had already been vol fed to ballot for assessors he was afraid Tylij Mauet might not be understood and he therefore made a motion that the polls be kept open for one hour. Fountain Rodick thought the matter of very great importance and that it should be left until the next Day before acting upon. Chas. B. I Ineo in a few words explained his connection with the matter. He had l Een approached and asked to allow his name to be used and had agreed to take it under consideration. He did not think he could Seive. The question of an equitable division of taxes was a difficult question. He did not want his name used. Fountain Rodick doubted whether the town As a whole was in favor of making so important a change and wanted the matter deferred. The Moderator said he had no right to suspend the election. That votes had already been cast. Or. Amory called attention to the article which had been made Public several Days ago so the people should be familiar with it. He thought no Man ought to de to serve the town and Felt sure or. Pineo would reconsider his determination. The assessors would be under oath to Deal justly in making the assessments at pros ent there was a great discrepancy in valuations. He hoped the meeting would decide to continue the vote. Eben Hamor thought it was Rushing things through too quickly possibly one half the people might to consider the matter. Or. Amory said the meeting having decided to. Take the vote the question was not open to argument. Fred c. Lynam said this was a most important question made a motion to adjourn until me 6clock. The Moderator replied that votes having been cast he had no right to adjourn the meeting. Some one suggested that the polls be kept open until 11 a. M. Wednesday and s. J. Clement made a motion to adjourn until 9.30 a. M. Chair ruled motion out of order and upon an Appeal being taken to the House the chair was sustained the motion to keep the polls open one hour was then put and a division of the House being called for it was declared lost. Balloting was then proceed with the chair stating that sufficient time would be Given for those who wished to prepare a different ballot to do so. The balloting resulted As follows a whole number of votes cast. 314 necessary for a Choice. 158 i3r. Robert Amory.93 Elihu t. Hamor.94 Charles b. Pineo.94 b. S. Higgins.220 Martin l. Lord.220 Calvert g. Hamor.220 and the last three were declared elected. Article 5�?to choose a town treasurer for the ensuing year. On motion of Ansel Leland the clerk was instructed to cast one vote for Chas. F. Paine and or. Paine was declared elected. Article 6�?to choose an overseer or overseers of the poor. On motion of a. E. Lawrence it was voted to choose one overseer of poor. On motion of or. Lawrence c. F. Paine was chosen overseer of the poor. Article 7�?to choose a Road commissioner for the Eastern part of the town and define his limits. The ballot resulted in 103 votes All for Ansel b. Leland. It was voted that the limits of the Road commissioner be the same As last year. Article 8�?to choose a Road commissioner for the Western part of the town and define his limits. The ballot resulted As follows whole a number of votes cast 376 necessary for a Choice.189 a b. j. W. Moselv.123 e. H. Higgins.252 on motion of John e Hunker jr., the limits of Road commissioners were defined to be the same As last year. On motion it was voted that All articles up to 22 be Laid on the table and thai a tide be acted upon. Article 22�?to choose a chid of fire depart Etu. John e. Bunker jr., presented the name of Lawrence a Quot Niery As chief of tire department and he was elected. On motion of or. Hunker the irides Laid on the table were taken up. Article 0�?to choose a men Quot 1 of the superintending school . The ballot resulted As Foll tvs whale number of votes cast. Necessary for m. I. Cleaves. C. 1&Quot. Perkins .-,7 1. 1. Wak Leld and or. Wakefield was declared elected. Article 10�?to choose a superintendent of schools. My. H. L. Ilad Lcy said that so far he could Learnt Ere was but one candidate and he moved that the clerk be instructed to cast one vote for Arthur w. Heald for superintendent of school which was done. Article ii to see if the town Wilif. The compensation of the superintendent of schools for the ensuing year. On motion of f. C. Lynam it was voted that the salary be fixed the same As last year i,200. Article 12�?to see if the town Wilt xxx compensation of superintending school i committee. Voted that the compensation be fixed i the same As last year i50 each. Article 13�?to choose constables a the following were elected Frank 1. Leland Frank l. Higgins m. W. Paine a. R. Mcfarland Geo. P. Billings w. H. Liscomb Chas. E. Per Kins d. G. Hall Frank h. Conners Chas. E. A Lindall Eben c. Eveleth h. H. Young o. P. Rich Chas. W. Murray Osmond Emery. Geo. W. Dolliver o. H. Jellison e. C. Parker w. W. Nickerson Fred Stewart w. H. Puffer Lincoln. Wright Evereti Brewer Chas. A Moore de. Thomas Lawrence Rooney Martin Clark l. E. Parsons. A tide 14 to choose Fence \ viewers. The following were elected a. E. Lawrence w. H. Davis a. F. Bunker h. H. Young f. R. Jellison Isaac Kramer j. E. Bunker jr., George Emery article 15�?to choose Pound keepers. The following were chosen Leslie Gullifer Harry Bradley Arthur Mcquinn Chas. Frost b. E. Clark. Article 16�?to choose surveyors of lumber and measures of bark and Wood. The following were elected Frank Spratt a. E. Lawrence c. A Hodgkins f. E. Whitmore f. T. Wood t. S. Liscomb Hoyt c. Hodgkins Frank p. Holden Chas. R. Clark j. E. Foster h. H. Young Geo. P. Billings h. F. Emery Victor f. Gooch f. L. Brewer Daniel Mckay. Article 17�?to choose weigher of Hay and Grain. The following were elected Frank Spratt h. E. Greeley k. A Kittredge b. S. Higgins e. L. Roberts c. R. Clark f. P. Holden f. T. Wood. H. S. Mcfarland t. S. Liscomb s. N. Rich . Rich John w. Conners t. C. Higgins. Article is to an agent of Tow school fund. On to ion of j. E. Hunker jr., Eben m. Flamer was nominated and the town clerk instructed to cast a vote for or 11 Amor who was declared elected. Al tide i a to choose fish and a ame wardens. The were elected Julin 1 Hodgkins Charles t. High ins. Cal i. Is ewer w. M. Roberts j us 11 w. Kol e. Archie Sali Ljury w. H. Davis. Hary i. Hrad lev Ernest Rahain Milton Rey. Frank Thompson. Ernest i , Union Harden. Hinan Rich join. Syria to Chas. H. I Ineo. Article 20�?to Cho it be .1 tri.il Stu of or truant offers. The follow iii were Elei ted w. W. Wilkinson 1 a .li.e. Nathan w. Higgins. Ali if Jim to Hoo a a Ulley tin u. I .i.xes. Ii ii limn >1 j. 1 1 Uinski i j it Lias 1. Taint nominated i us in clerk was instructed to cast one Otei or or who was declared , \ used to Lay article j on table. On motion of j. E. Hunker or. It was v ted to adjourn till 1.30 a. In., morning. Mizii Jmaj to j the mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. A Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. The Nair series Rire open to Victord the office and greenhouses ate upon head Road and have Telephone connection
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