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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Feb 4 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - February 4, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Quot a quot a a a. 4. A in Lff Fawi. Of a a Zumft my Klimi. La cd 3�, a min of a i 1� at he ial al Troya if lar my a Century. Her a Deltca quot broadened and a tre in tilt tii Wolf wed the n��8 in mme in a in this by. Mrs Fyk Iiri be a cd her scholars Uter school Days were eid. She Dos ideas wot Arohood a fat Mol the granddaughter of a my Wheil a it hence rivalled aat of pm Trie Talora Virgin to a by i Feitis mrs pc by Mem tries Coald have it eked the irate Marconi with that of Franklin heir death has removed a beloved Figi fro the order and conservative circe ill Wmk City quot 1 mrs. Cry it Bittl Mitt the Lite cd we son Ellks cd Rye a native of tel old in Malmore county in 134, a my at one Iitto re presented that Coli in i simile of Maryland. He died Fri cml waft b0m yen be Marie con tyi valid Long test daughter a fritter in that Cotow. Her it the daughter of he la iii set to Hac Haban sjn6h it of was the nin of san tel a Hbl Long Vottis slates Ator from a Tiff Lud said of it How. To Sinith of the to and Otto Fri Poi. In j�99m a Secreti a in Mafi imit Ani no wis Rishi in to iii Nihi Tom Ltd the hat Uncle a mfg the he big pm a brim it Carr we a a Ulen fed and bail want lawyer a re vol of Patri Henry in a al 9 Treace but died on the of the revolt tion. While acting a distil Gnit hed part As a of the Houi. Of burgesses. He was juried at Monticell to by the Siide of his brother in a an bosom Friend Thom Jefferson who upon the Tomb store hich he erected there to his memory records the fact that Ali men he loved High Peter Carr her bus band was educated by his Uncle and guardian or. Jefferson and that he proved himself a worthy son of a Noble sire is amply testified by the glowing eulogies upon his character written by that Uncle and by the Hon. William Wirt his intimate Friend. Mrs. Cary was married september 16, 1830. At Rose Hill near Baltimore at that time the Home of her Mother. After a Short residence at Charlottesville va., she and her husband settled in Baltimore county on a Fine Este called Hays Tacic in the Long Green Valley where in 1842 she established the famous school for Young ladies which was subset Reillly removed to Baltimore and Over which she presided with such eminent Success for the Long period of sixty one years. She was the Mother of six Childr the eldest of whom Sarah Nicholas married the late James Howard Mchenry and was the Mother of messes. Cary and John Mchenry. Mra. R. Brent Keyser mrs. C. Morton Stewart jr., and the late miss Widla Mchenry. Hetty Cary Hesmond dog Beer waa a Moat Brilliant and Beau Elfid woman and was Grent endeared to Sotl Beni hearts iqra w Noble Deejai for thi quot lost causes and the tragic doth of her it Flaat in land. Can. In Pegram who we Kiuei at the head of his divan Piearc Etwo mks Aller their in Arr i in. Many year later she married prof. Henry Newell if artly of Job a hop kick in lar a ity. a m., Beia for Rwm Assoc Saied in the conduct of the South a Home school her Sona Are Wilson my a a of John Brune Cary who Sun Rife and the Lala Sidney Cary who Deedum. Jacob shaan a a Bdl Hoiu film. Amu Dpi Willa. Of Uel a a non air Oto to Unm it a Colon Genona without do the of do signs Are discords on the better Side of butt Ali cd a nevertheless and they wreck la a engine. So the heart the Norale of existence must receive due attention. Fahire will have its first cause in a Lack of balance. Remember this and do not forget that of or she who chooses to close the mind against the adoption of these suggestions is very sure to cry out loudly that Fate and Fortune Are always frowning on thera. Or. Purtz. An it mrva inti hate and Complex of very Many clanging i elt1�ifiy Iov Medby a Oya Iriate. This pid by Muscles by electric Vitaliti is Kinda of a on than by could find terms. It runs in All de grinds of action and All Energy it Auta in jumps in direct Litas suit the Ullh it lifts bends atreus reject caresses engages in every that the versatile 10 Many Are its that a life time of Wotila be too it this multiform in sir Little willpower Tocong Nice diary to Ess clog a the physical being of activity. Or woman labor is but Farmer uses the again in the has enough a any of us ily Stii cof us and fixed. If change All of existence r a the Nev pastor. I its Ifni i ii Oil the. No 9ver�gai w Chan i it the la. A Misti a thoth in in from Sianii Ifft #. I i the set of muses so by grow stiff aim Lovite the Spring and file ability of life. It b dim work and dead a to bin it one set a a a tab the other v he loses his lie Ali id Hasalone series i struggles to Ward the very Raa Ladie Oliai his of Cupan ought to cure and Quinly prevent. The heavy coarse fifes of work need a Bittance in the lighter a my More delicate uses of the Muscles we laugh at the Ilea of sending a watch to the Blac Tsmith for repair yet the Verv reason Why the a lilith is coarse Brawny and animal is Thal he does not have tiie finer uses of his Musi is not because he cannot but lie cause he a a ill not one of the f Best types of balanced men of Well formed men of Bright Brilliant men was on Iwho proved to neighbors that the same hands that wit id the Sledge can Reff tir the watch. The less week Rathe by physically the More we ought to do it the greater Siram of one employment the greater should be the delicacy of a Caher the More attention is Given to certain Muscles the More should be Given to others by Way of balance and thus the vital Equilio Briani is sustained and life 2r�ws stronger. The muscular a pm includes the Bones sinus cords tendons and a Brous intervening of i Kue whereby the Muscles Are made fast a their stif Iier Qin Anions. This is about pne third of our being. Over use of physical part lessens the capabilities of the other depart ments. If a Man has Enoh vital enery to spare he May use the Fly Cular fact ties to excess and yet main in a Brish deep mind but not tor Many great scholars who hint been Athi etes have Quint aimed an Seq tip Librium be tween mind and muscle the latter have bin fitted the former. The a Iny Man and woman who has neg Ecter the use of the physical faculties have Beelik morbid Aid Cly and of limited useful neat in the world we Are Triune beings having spirit souls and bodies. Earth i great eat i Liusea have maintained Thiv three ibid in kure balanced. Washington. Web site Ali a Stone were Alu deep Rehg imia in4 were Thona Anda of Oit Fiers whoa place theirs. They were Ilmy Row Odath Letea in the that tl0r Stendar Powers were kept pm Alint in Lull the though chiefly in e do. Vol the three of plates Mea w d the Lois Tsow stature each to lie Alth and Kavity a Toem id a a Cha Are dependent vie Ltd Ali Britt of the quot a cordial Wel be awaits the coming of Rev. Angus Macdonald. Is of or 0f the record dear sir it gives me much pleasure to write you a word of introduction in re Gard to the new pastor of the co Grega to Fiji the Rev. Angus Mac Donald who comes irom the Palms and blossoms of Florida to the Snow and ice i Maine. Yet this fact elicits Little sympathy for he knows All about our cold Winters and but returns to his Home state the state in whose schools and colleges he fitted himself for his work in the ministry. I might speak a word in regard to his educational advantages. After completing his course in the common schools of Bath he entered Bowdoin College from whih institution he received his degree in 1891. During his College course he us get a drool As Many of the students do if in defraying expenses. From col a entered the theological Seminary at Andover mass., and came under the instil Icyk it a of such men As pres. Of Dartmouth College pres. Harris of Amherst and prof. Churchill whose Success As Ai Eacher of vocal culture and elocution is known throughout the land. Aside from this thorough training or. Macdonald travelled much and studied the conditions of Church work at Home and abroad. Up in the Woods of Maine aging his people and promising not 1� leave thei until another Church was in it this Promise he kept although a by Calls from other churches. The amp gives us some idea of the Man. He has also a warm place in every Loyal cuban beast for he was among the first to cry our i against the oppression of Spain and Newy a papers East and West sounded his word. V throughout the land. You would have a wed in regard to his. Wife and family. Mrs. Mcdonald is a a woman of Strong personality especially fitted for her work. With her genial disposition she makes everyone at Home in a her presence. The Home is Happy an. Blessed with three children two boys an a girl. The oldest being Only is years it. Mean that mrs. Mcdonald s special fiem. Is the Home. As the family arrives this week Ami or. Mcdonald will preach his first Are it Mon As pastor of the congregation i Church it gives me great pleasure in joining with you in welcoming him to his a charge. I believe the Union is a Wise Choice for Church and pastor and As we say in the marriage service whom therefore god hath joined together let no Man., put a. P. Mcdonald. Far from Home. A Salu Btty Cave girls Christmas in Thor at Genline Republic. Christmas morning was ushered in Wilb it show s. At 7 a. M. The rain ceased ands the Sun shone brightly. Father Mothes and myself Rode to the Villa san Jose no. Dia Ince of nine Miles. We had a Paisi Pill to and a two wheeled vehicle even by a native by luckily the Carriage had no Springs or owing to the Cha edition of the roads we should have Beem m mid air most of the time. We attended the Catholic a Havck Lhatt a Ftping the Only one in the place and p Cam truly say that never before have f occupied so lowly a pow in Church myst the Plains of Dacota preaching to the sturdy Farmers spending a year in the heart of Boston in social settlement work in connection with Berkley tem pie a few years ago he found an Opportunity to Cross the Ocean and study Church meth ads in Europe coming in Contact with Many noted preachers. Nine years ago while a student at and Over he received a Call to the first congregational Church of Jacksonville Florida. He entered upon his work there with characteristic earnestness and in a few years had a new Church build my , and this Church composed mostly of Northern people became the leading Church of our denomination in the state. They were just beginning to rim it a their new Church with its grand pipe i it. A and its cosy parsonage near by i the terrible fire swept the City and away All that had been built. Or. Mcdonald and his Brave wife aiding in saving the lives of others but lost All that they have. Speaking of this experience mrs. Mcdonald said quot As 1 was starting North alone with two Small children with no trunk no bag age no clothing but what we had on. It was hard to keep the tears Back and feel thankful hat our lives were or. Mcdonald entered into the Relief work of the City comforting and enc our and i was destined of be deprived of eve amp that As a woman entered who evidently owned the said article and promptly de it handed it staving me standing. However i procured another and stayed through the service. It being All in Span ish and latin we were much edited. Was somewhat startled to hear a Hinr Sung to tote tune of How p irm a Fournia and my thoughts instantly wer. A bark to tie Little Church at Salis Biu Cove. As there is one English family in Village we were saved the laborious work. Of trying to talk Spanish. He fora to a a turned Home they gave us a Matt Wincen bouquet from their Garden. We Toop. Dinner at the hotel hut the first Counsi. Being a slice of raw pork did not Reni to improve our appetites. There were no Christmas fast Init is athe people Here give to presents and to lib children do not hang their stockings we returned Lioma at to lice o c lock am were to be at Home More. Ai it Pihrt Day was warm and the roads rough. Hoping that my friends a Home w. See the contrast Between the. Quot Hristina and mine and be they Liv in the i United states. I remain h. M. I Salai Lero Colon future Kios Argentine Republic s. The mount desert nurseries we. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding plants. Planting of every kind planned and car rim out. L in nurseries Are open to visitors 1i� Oft of and cr��nhous�9 my upon to Hoong a he we rond and Liao Tolop Hono Conno otly no. Of a Kex i to pm my be tnina4 a a ill he ii tit feel a is. contractor and but rots a Ono Ioki. Kilili

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