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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - December 23, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine of Mfd. Be Maiuu. Tell Suraimi a. Ital Esmi Aat Ali Kimii it Uit a. I a a. A Victor n Cushman real emote and lit Surat Iees a was a a two. I tot a4th a a. Lii to Iusti Stidard of to my pm Standard. It hit tech i paled be a Mae of it a a or Naden Dot write a Jeiter about what Munje been in cake Oriya Ilinoe com inf he a lev pc Afiz and Wule i few a of pm friedae of b wry Linit Oiland what i write Moat be try Day to gene Hojui regerone re a Sirima it we i Tina Tafar. to me that 1 had a of Beith Fai the deeper one mro tog afoot do the a nth a Aid log mox oat i a with too and wooo the term began Toke it a Tucker and pfc hotly we were Ipa Isaik Ohio of the Aasal Qioan it Tairov Olaga of fam Golden stale. The la perhaps a her a iai Nizic but fact Tontino Bat 10 tip average Mui who Hai been of Era a the Rotky to Catalaa Foi two a a Eliof nothing Bat the Sage Cran Arad and Prairie dog Hole of a of Aad Nevada red Anil la a Price a Aad terms be kit babe. M. Steinert amp sons co., new England 162 felony Aston Street by Tony local Yepram Latte f. P. Prat a sons 46 try to bar Arbor Maine. J. , i m p o r t e Rof Holiday Wooda have All arrived and us it play of table area and of a Law Sato avar have been to Attra Elve Reponen Tynie tha kill and Art of foreign and Doaa Eatie am Eta. A Bali ,by ivs Kobers from our most Oare Fally selected Holiday a toll will find not Only 8at�obfac Tion Bat a great variety of useful handsome and pleasure giving presents. Far saw Rob and. Muffin make a Moet reasonable present. Oar Stock is new and up to Date Frem 3.00 to f20.0ql Silks make a most acceptable for dress Waist or Petti Cost. Special for this Sale. Oar guaranteed 36 Indi Amie Blackl Afetna at s9c per Yard Worth f Tafetta silk Pett Leoala Dee graduated Accordi pleated Flonnye. From to rugs. All sorts and sizes from the Little door mat up to the Large size. Oar Stock is the largest Stock in town. Fine blankets irom to $5.ck. Ombre Bias. We make a special feature of our Holiday Stock. We buy Only the Best in each Grade. From $1.<x to f5.00. Handke Ricklefs in All kinds and qualities fron 5e to Uoo . Franklin. H. Kittredge a a aus or meats groceries and provisions at who Salk ai�o0 Rbt aii. We at adj your Vanta in the pro Vulon line and an prepared to flu tii Eai. A a in it is Jbv to Deltou to 19�o or beef pork Sanana Lanb Mua hmm a tiny and trader ohm Obs Immoos finite it my al tax 0b8t, Firozali and dal Beloiu. Obj la and you will aee for to Pranell thai oor toek of Good Thilaga to oat air Almute and Pricia mow Oriel cd a a. 1nesert Bir Harbor me. Mob Hutc if cd mar. Addi a Baaken from ii ladle will Cone the. Awn Urne to Tine and talk to Tho Moni Berk of the ii piety on inter eating and a pro liable Hustu afm the pm Aad Iha Yecid a viewed by Moo Habeib. in the a Otting the train reached san my nto and after Atoot fifteen mafia Tea wait in which the train waa divided one Divia Bourgoing Booth to Laa Ang and the other to san fran Daco a Aceaid a Tea name the Downey. On the train going to san Fondaco the Oon try one Pauaea Deiongh a very in Ler Cating. It Oona Iata Anont wholly of Bama and ran Clma and everywhere Berda of cattle the Tarawa . The build in Are neatly an painted while or while washed and ire of one Alory. On nearing san Fiandaco the Bunn it tain8ofthecoaatareaeen, the tail Ibe Libua Eaifie and Hibi. At port Coate Vetn Domna aboard a ferry boat which a said to be the Large tithe world and Croatia the upper part of san Franci Cobay. Here i Law that Sindad am of bar in Row and Fred cumans Bay. Vouch waa a u. S. Wardill. The trip Croaa Here ahm Rominda one of the Aat from it desert ferry to bar Harbor. After a abort ride Thra ngh Oakland one reaches Oakland incr or a bore Conan Volt caused Oakland mole where it a again Necea aary to Croaa the Bay to re san Fram Daco. Here in fifteen or Twenty minutes it is possible to aee More Bina Man Titan one Efflin Maine Der ii a life time and it a Anid Alae of the 9cadli merchants of san Fra Ciao today Are from China. Everywhere they will be Sera going along the Arcet Widi a Long Wiwie Over a Kidder and a big Basket on each end o it. After reaching the Southern Pacific depot and eating Inch we slatted for Sao Jose. Outside of san Francisco going South the train pastars Nome of the to amp to beat thu be metrics in the of opotry. The Grov ods Are Well kept and be name of each Oease Lery Speed in in wis 00 the Larnov tide. Before Renc Hiir san Jase the train passes through Burlingame College i Ark Palo Alto. Redwood City and Santa Clara. The country outside of these Ottea consists Mai Oil of ranches and fit Groves. Sari Jose is a Eity Abon the s be of Bangor. Situated in the Center of the Santa a Aravaley. Of first Street which the a is direct to the business part of the City from a he station there is one of the a wat Nipa aug Ewart Honaas in the whole country. A he Victory theatre and hotel st. Faatea. On the left is st James Park i tub which is a Fine state of president Mckin Leid Sahratian army Ball and the Banko Fisan Jean. Bes is Many other Lai e Boi Klinga. One noticeable feature of Chis Itris the very wide streets and sidewalk and the regular to with a bib the streets Nee a Laid oul All along the streets in opting in the Ostness Section in nag Nofia. Pepper and Umbrell Trees arc a swing. San Jose Haa ii National advantages to offer which Are Nur Dasaad by those in few a Jairn Citico. U Baa a Normal school having abot one to Wand students cosh Servator of manic. A too age of about three bundred and a Convent. Inside Fine Public schools. Stanford a Ivity and Sante Clara col regt. It 4>ne fact that Maine people have cause toi get proud of. A stat in Thia thriving Western City a in every Western City an in Imsho base made it what it a Are fam the a Ood Oil Pine tree Patata. B. In c s. Notes. A joint the calorie Torian and Enlalia Doc iii waa held Friday even ii december 11. In the Faroldi Catreet vary Ami a very Inte Ceat ii Prog aaa waa Given. / my a Alice Briffa a former aed binary at Dent. To apr diag a few Daya with is. School docs taraday for the Christ maa Holiday and Willo Benlor the Wiimer Tofari ,0<nfly.aa to to i daunt the Chad bom in bet diem Nineteen Hoa bed Yelbra ago came into a world Twat by of Bice. Under the doming of a fit ii notable aloof the race for it or it of mining and governing go Fia acid for its la Etc of air ital mean. It his be of the Romana that they borrowed their be i and their Phahia Ophy and Atole the draft such a race could not and did my a Lack Noble minded and Noble hearted Toen but who All the poetry and piety of the Romana a generously measured How far the aum of beae Tioga Falls below in paraded Vigo of not their Liftin Riotti Power of Orga i action it was a Hai brutal world in spite of the Beauty and refinement of certain a Pectal of Ita civilisation into which Christ waa bom. He came the incarnation of Helpley Aneta. Into a society in which the a Troni ruled by virtue of the Power of death action he Cam amp the Chiki of divine tend mean and Tove into a world in which heu Power More Redona thank give and the Absit to strike above the ability to Bear. There conk not have been a appalling disparity than that which Between the chill in the Cradle and the Ideala and order of the society which that cml waa sent to transform. The the chill seemed in. to net a child to data of the Rule of Force seemed he the will dream of Home fanatic who knew neither the Power with wbk h he Worl nor the Power which he worm destroy but Rome Haa gone Long ago and the chief Alao citation of the name to the mod Era work is its worship of the child. On Christmas eve. In All the Western world and wherever men or ideas of Western birth Are found a the East the face of the child will look out of the Mist of Yean a Bedl Violat Vin Wahidi has Ever right Ench thibbaf1 oath Ewold Vandoo Christmas morning there win be a pealing of Bells that Wol follow the Sun round the Globe announcing again the glad tidings Titan Christ is bom in Bethlehem. In that wonderful Story Many great truths Are rooted supreme among them the blessed it that All the Best things of noblest men and women have dreamed Are True that no thought of life can the too great and no Hope of the future too Blissful. 1 f the most Thorou Firgo tag Pessimist of today could be put Back into the social. Political and Industrial conditions into which Christ came so As to see them close at hand and feel the we by of them in his heart tie would break into a Spahn of the a giving. We have gone but a Little a towards the is Tablit intent of the kingdom of heaven on Earth but we have gone far enough to change Ibe a Hole moral landscape of life and to Light a thousand fires by Hope and cheer where the night Lay chill and Black when the child was Laid in the Manger at bet diem. Today that child is bom again in a world ruled a greed rather than by Force a world in which men have gone far towards learning the great lessons of tolerance. Forbearance and peace but in which they have still to learn the great lesson of Mutual responsibility for and to one an odier. The struggle for wealth was never so keen and bitter never were mgt Many men absorbed in it to the exclusion of All interest in the things that make Money Worth having when it has been gotten. The Rush and tumult of the struggle Are sometimes almost unbearable to those frent or for Sale. Ornea aaa Harbor Maime. Mif it Sale on easy terms 8iaiinon property. On a few get Awn avenge. Of Waldron Road. Of Olen Mary Bead. On Gedali i Ane. On Cromwells Harbor Bead. In e ipod Gullis. 27 a est Street. Metal Force we of Saex and Eiery year the Jove a like a die it Bihi came to reveal Leta the dark area with a Kimdung Pron Hief Day. Home and abroad. A decisive vote of 57 to 10 in the Senate Paa aed the Bill carrying into effect the reciprocity treaty with Cuba. Liere waa cons erase debate the a principal Apee he8 being made by or. Spooner for and or. Baitey Agalbato the Bill. The Bill Paa aed carries into execution the treaty Between the United Sutea and Cuba Whiteh was ratified ust. March the treaty prov Klea for a redact pm of 20 cent from the rate of duty under the Dinghy Law on a cuban Arkle imported into the United state and a varying re Ducthi of from so to 40 per cent from the Elatab liaised in to duty 00 Krticka imported into Cuba from the United Sutea. After the Paa aage of the cuban Bill the Senate agreed to the House Reao. Luton providing for a Bol Kay recess from december 19 to january 4. Who know what life is and what it Means the Beart aaness and heedlessness of the fight Are an betimes so revolting that one Longs to get where no sound or sign of it can penetrate the vulgarity and Sham of it fill rational men and women with loathing. There Are Many Side Ligou to be thrown on Tifis decreasing condition of things which greatly change in character and give it a differ to acid a far brighter aspect at the very worst it is a far Kindlien sore human More unselfish world than that in which Christ was Bora but pm Mog All those things by tha aea aon brings one Rahdi Ishaka Hope to our Bita the child who transformed the world of Force will also transform the work of greed the a of car ism tide ring out the ultimate doom of greed As they Long ago rang out the ultimate Doo of for a. Men May think and say Ukiu they choose. But there a a Power in Falb chill which silently and Atea Dlly papa All evil or Tower Powers a Wisdom in the Chiki which Thinea Olore aim Alore above the Wisdom of the i Amati a Beauty i Juch sinks deeper and deeper into Tberon Mckwane a of the worm an Ideal which i it slept Lettley us go i All left car Klada and rejected them. Italia Yea that %w9 thin Ida Mora Amat Ftp Befera Date uhf clip goad Kwa the lint a to Tow for the first time id the history of the United states so far As records show a jury composed of six women sat on a Case before judge Honore Chicago last week. The Uryu a passed on a petition to have Mary Mucci Ann be to declared a delinquent and placed in an institution. The Mother of the girl Mia. Ann Mcgaur declared that her child had been with her All her life and would die if taken away from her. The jury sympathised with the Mother and returned a verdict that the Mother and daughter should be sent to Dunning. The verdict was concurred in by a jury of six men in order to make the. Verdict Legal. For Home time certain sums which were known to be possessed by Pope Leo were looked for without result the search 10 Ward the end be conning somewhat feverish. Cardinal Gotti perfect of tiie propaganda accompanied by mon amp Signur Marzo Nili one o the late l it re s secretaries drove up to the a Licati i. Ii ily and getting out hurriedly began to ing at an object in the Carriage. A was of ered but it was firmly refused and Cardinal Gotti and monsignor Marzo Nili Between them carried the mysterious object to the apartment of Pope Pius. They were immediately a muted and run Aind for two hours. It soon became known however that the bag contained 45.000,-000 Franks l9,goo, in Bank notes. When Cardinal Gotti entered the pres co s millions round. Ence of the Pope he Sank to his pc need and Point ii to Bis Burden said your Holine a the lamented Leo just before Bla death confided to me the Money which i now Lay at your feet saying that if i succeeded him i was to use it As i Thoi it beat but that if another took his place i was to turn the Money Over to him ter a period of four months bad elapsed. Thia i now do in the presence of mon Algner Marzo Nili who has been the Only person to share the the Pope waa much affected. It seems however that it never Rains but it pours for ust about the time this scene was ing enacted in the papal apartments an dec Tricia while removing hanging in the late Pope Leo a chamber in order to get at Jie Hectric let wires found in a Hole in the Wall several Baga which were care Laaly tied. These bags when opened were found to contain 9.250,000 francs Liso-000. Quot or. John r. Proctor president of the United state evil service commit Sakui who died suddenly in Washington last week was a conspicuous example of vigorous Man ii Carvani. Joi Sterling citizen. Ship alid engaging personality Quot says the Outlook. Born in Kentucky set to the University of Pennsylvania to prevent him from Jour tag the Confederate army he. Promptly escaped from his duties into the Field of action. At the close of the War he re tufted to Kentucky after having vainly endeavoured to secure a portion in the army of Mexico went to Wouk vigorously to master geology and Peconie state geology fat. It was Bis experience As a Public Ofscar in Kentucky that opened his eyes to the viciousness of the spoils system his ideals were too High for i time and place and he lost his position but largely through the a forts of presi Dent Roosevelt he waa App Interj a i by ref tbs civil Iasi a Are it id it by Cleveland and for a decade gave h la heart bus lib unlit and his life to a work which was thoroughly congenial and for which he was Emir Beouy i item. In dealing with politicians 01 this cd. 3 in Bolli of Congress Ivor. Voctor showed not unflinching courage but great patience Courtesy and tact. He had the Confidence and almost invariably theper Bonal liking of every president and of every official Witti whom he had to Deal. He hated the Sophs system As a a Man with even a Pirn iry base Oij Overn ment Nisi hate it but he was saved irom a Naru ii in by his Hense of humor. He was a Inu Desi Man with a Renjus for Irion ship Ani with n sense of Public Duvy Oatle lii Model Public ser vant his ten years of service As civil service Coninis Foner a efe ten years of Coj instructive Woik i i lines of american . The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Trees shrubs vines herbaceous and bedding Plantf. Planting of every kind planned and carried out. Tile Nia series Are open to visitors the of Floe and greenhouses Are upon Schooner head Road and have Telephone presents. Arti Feltio article cd consisting of watch cos Diamo flt jewelry clocks 8terlinir Hilver plated Ware Abd oat Glass selected with care and at Pii Cee that cannot be duplicated elsewhere considering the Quality. Call and Eica mine at 98 Lyia in st j. Korob i. Stebbins capt by pm. Lii Ulii Lili ii a m Seln w m

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