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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - December 16, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine A a pm pro a Fox building. Emu nine bios Obi the leading county a and the Oil Jamal on Rio unt desert Laland. I Degrasse Fox real estate cottages for Fly ii vol. 1�. To. 47, Bau bal Boob Zainb wind Nwoka to mob King dec embed 1908. \ five cents 1�ol10bmk. Pm Mai. Voiul8ba�u0mi��or. A Sinfu b. Fiji. Tel pm atm Bank bar Harbor me. a to Mim Lett hymn Khod or a Amu a Bauk Dia. A vital 100,000 00 and profile 910,00000 . . Hair a Law lord Clim. H. Wood. Ciao. H�nkn�. Xvi ted. General. Llis Uradice. R8bi estate had investments. Elisworth or Harbor me. Lom4 distal cd tel Pho ii Victor n. Cushman real estate and insurance Baw has boil anal to. I 84th it. York. The Jewett piano Toms Rinish had the Woodbury Pho i be Hourd to appreciated 8teinway, Mason amp Hamlin and Steiner tone . Steinert amp sons go. New England Steinert Hall Boston mass. Local representative f. P. Pray amp sons 4 cottage Street bar Harbor Maine. Dry am of fair women. A motto Buum whom Tenny ioa in Vene. J. Mii Noim al i m Porter l in a out Holiday goods have All arrived and tiie display of table wares and chamber set never Bave been no attractive representing the Lucill and Art of Foreline and do poetic markets. A Jolt. A r b Cut Rivi a. Ink \ Christmas gifts of practical nature chasers from our most Cir fully i elected Holiday Stock will find not airily a Atis action but a great Turk to of useful handsome and pleasure giving presents. Fur scarfs and ill Fly make a most Scap Onahlee it Hent. ,i new and up to Date Ironi 500 to ."2000. Silks make a most Alee table nit lor Diess. Vait or Ivetti Croft. Sci ial for Sale. Our guaranteed i5g ii h wide Bra Dot Tafetta at soc ii a Yard Woith $125. Tafetta silk petticoats deep graduated aee Ordioni pleated Flun e. From .0 to $7r 0. Bugs. All suits and sizes Isom the hile door Itiat up to the lar re size. Our Stock the largest Stock in town Fine blankets irom to umbrellas. We make a special feature of our Holiday Stock. We l no Only the Best in each Fryni $100 to $500. Quot handkerchiefs in All kinds and qualities Frum 5c in $100 . H. meats groceries and provisions wholesale and retail we study your wants in the provision line and Are prepared to All Theu. What to have to eat not diff cult to deckle when you see our Slock. Berf pork sausage re a a Quot a Ham prime Aud tender cd Ilceus Duck fruit and vet Retablo 8, All to Bis st Rebii Aud delicious. Come to Rod you will see for yourself that our Stock of Good things to eat Are above and prices below critical Stoa. 21 it. Desert st. Bar har me. Jobs Ora .4�l_contr�ctor and Buie per shop co Pili st., Pic i Ibok. Have you a copy Tennyson at hand ? if so take it Down Abd turn to Quot a dream of fair women Quot look Over again the Pic turf the out Drew of womanhood in it most romantic most engaging aspects and Trace out with me the characters portrayed. In the opening stanzas of the poem you will find such Well known expressions Quot Dan Chaucer the first Warbler Quot the spacious Days of great Elizabeth Quot etc., reminding you How familiar the phraseology of the poem has become among the nations. The Quot dream of fair women Quot a favorite study in women a clubs and seminaries and elsewhere. But a sad drawback to the popular inn Ament of the poem the Lack of an Index or key for the it identification of the characters. To be Able to name to Ese deemed an accomplishment which women prize and which Many a teacher of literature lacks for. The personals Are not select Cal generally from the Stock characters of history Mary Queen of scots not in the nor Elizabtth and on May look in vain for Josephine of France. Some of the characters indeed it requires no Little reseat a and Ingen Viita to identify. The first who Spears Helen of Troy whose Beauty caused a ten years War. Of course it easy to guess her from fhe first utterance she makes "1 bad great Beauty. Askeli it Ltd not my name no one can be More be than destiny men Drew their swords and died. Wherter 1 came 1 brought Quot but it rot so easy to identity the the second character who Speaks Quot my youth she said was blasted Wutti a curse this woman was the cause Quot Only indirectly was Helen the cause of the Quot curse Quot of the ill starred iphigenia. The latter a Creek Princess was chosen for a sacrifice to propitiate Quot the gods at the beginning of the Trojan War which was caused by the abduction of Helen. Izbi enia relates How she swooned the Sacii ii ii knife Appun Allied her a Iohp by we Kex Ilfe quiver to i get the victim Throat Tou Clied and knew no it pleasant to remember however that there a of tiie Story toll e Ruffert that the Filiai Rifici touch did Lilac. The son of Abraham in the a capture . The hand of the priest w?.s by divine interposition a brute victim was substituted and the fair Maiden was whisked away miraculously to Distant Tauris there to be a priestess of the Chaste find Dess Diana. Next comes the Queen of the great world to i Pedy Lleo Pitra the Mac lilies heroine of Ani if it history. In Hernich a tone of Pride and t Xiu Lauon Over i r co Cju . Of in ii and a Quot i u Quot i t Slie at h ast it nitwit to Quot i Lai full col al Rokl y sgt c uni an it Pui i it to bite to or died Roth d and to tossed her u a a.-, Siil i claims bin. Victor i. D a in death. Next i Quot j Dau lit of Story fk7., to p Ink Bein. It Latch in 1 All in the. Quot i ook Jun-.&Quot Story and Lias furnish to Chr Subj la for Many and a until. A it Plit Zahad vowed to Saciid be to of whatever Sli Oxild first come Fotaih la in the doors of his h use on his retain Home from fits i Lory and alas it was his beloved daughter who rushed Forth to Mejt him first. Nixt , of wikis Slot tin re i. Miu h , to lii it c a Cei Lis historic a Persona . The Lauh a finl shr tim i the of j it of the adj i tons of i . Of Len i hid. I be conceal cd Lur at Wool six k i a m , or Lanyi Inch a i r , uni by visited 111 i he to t-,1 i a in a a this and we w Sui in Alon tiie Ualk on i a la be . 1 q m a i a . Oil of the l ,Leano of j i ilii-.ivcred thu Anri my i m i. Buri a and a bowl old Hii Smi a Ali in Ltd a i .1 Rhi in. to the a Lier of a her and the in Hap v to n in drink the latal Draut Mit. Of Bill ird ion of the Lleni Bah Ems to con Irin the truth of the Story told. At All events it has a Teri pit Ltd Enki ally Receivid. trip a in the main. Fair Rosamond i Quot would 1 been Somo name to i it und poor i n a i Sli Ould Ever st e the in it 1 those dragon Chi of air Ereyi Kle Liioi do Hutu Nie Day and the next heroine Little kit wii of students of history. She utters no speech and she appears at Daybreak almost at the close of the dream. The poet says. Quot morn brn Adeheid on the Borders of the d irk i saw her Alvo clasped in her last Trudice her murdered father this was Margaret Roper the daughter of the ill fated sir Thomas More and to e wife of his biographer. More daughter was permitted to see her father just before his execution and to take charge of his remains. She buried the body but would not entrust his beloved hea4 even to the keeping of the grave. She hid it in her Cabinet and left orders that it should be placed upon her Bret when she should be burled. Her wishes were carried out. There it but a Mere mention of Joan of arc the my al of Orleans i peasant furl Wiki the influence of a vision led the French troops to Victory and caused the Kinf to be crowned. She was afterwards she rne idly treated and burned at fhe stake a heretic. And theol at the very last the vision of a Quot a who knew that Lute can rank Tifuh Deanii Wmk a Muff with one Arm about her King. Draw Lix i the Poison with her Balmy breath. Swat a new buds in this was another Eleanor the wife of the Prince who great Edward i. Of England. Prince Edward served in the last of the crusades and his faithful wife followed him to Palestine. He was once stabbed with a poisoned Dagger and the Princess saved his life by drawing the Poison from his wound with her lips to the imminent peril of her life. It Wilt be seen that Tennyson chose eight Quot fair women Quot from the heroines of a period of 3,700 years. They Are thus ancient medieval and modern. There Are great Queens and gentle Maidens general unfortunate but generally pure and Noble. There but one picture of the deviated wife there Are two of Loving daughters. The poem tragic from a first to last. It simply a piece of Art in which Lovely and unfortunate women Are arranged Flowers in a bouquet though they seem to come together fortuitously do al the materials of dreams. There a no particular moral to be drawn from the dream though there seems to t e. A sad rec nation of Fate in words Quot i a every land i in wherever Light Ihu Mineth. Buty and anguish walking hand in hand the downward slope to Herbert m. Skinner Edward b. Means cottages for rent or for Sale. Office bar Harbor Maine. House lots for Sale on easy to rms Shannon property on ledge Lawn Avenue. On Waldron Road. On Glen Mary Road on Cedar Lane. On Cromwell it Harbor Road. Apply to j. F. Hodgkins 27 a est Street. Destructive fires. Parents Day. Kier does at the by High school Many. Enjoyed exercises for parents Day were held at the High school room on Friday afternoon and the building was filled with the friends and relatives of the students. On the front Board was Witten the program which was Well carried out. The exercises opened with singing by the school the members grouping on the platform and about the piano. M m be Alley then recite d Quot our whippings Quot which was a realistic description of the Corporal of childhood How Quot mothers never Hurt though father always this Hullo weft with duet on the Lake Quot by misses Blanche a easy arid Gertrude Soper. Miss of a a i Morgan recitation Quot prior to m�. Kille appearance Quot scored a de i Clell hit. Wilhe Quot she her sister caller with numerous secrets Latte my the let Viies of the family Skeleton in an alarming manner. Miss Haz l Kostyr gave a Solo Quot strip panic Quot which w. Well Lenci. Reil and heartily Ai pm Rutled. Quot i Liis was lol owe 1 with Liy the Shinol. J Anis m u r f it t a comic Selec 1�/1 a a my i Ltd ,&Quot a i h it Icli iut d Ali a trims made by a 1. A in his or a sire of in. an a. 1 of the end. Am i it itunes of the p Rani w. tin Limo by a cams. Init \ lung Cail it Enol a and Ilam i , with mrs l a. Keyn oms at the piano. The a puns. A t rit nisiasu., .1, 1 it u,.s la al tiny did not r Soi a t an encore. V Oludu of tie search Liht was Tun read by mis mice n nin and cd 1 key . It proved very Aud Quai in All Lepe Ltd to to , i t was gotten lip in attractive Lonn with neatly Lupi Var in a , Rno to of the in pm Eliis Icid with an artistic la Adline i ail Lial. The arli it b. Ing miss i a utile. The clan Eraas i Bijj n. D by i. I a Ilisie ind Boic ilu k g. Ii Lig a Quot will a l i nightly Burma in of i . Ottlie wuits and Uslos Ely Bri lit. Jolin i visit Siri Noii Oll of lie i. I lii a ii a t . By if Iris ilu--. y of i Olu i in by a i. I-r. , \ t i y u i. I lie \vant.>, to >0111 in Eilt out a of d not Tizie let Iru it and Nii i 1 in in t among 1 lie Sli Ideiil the last in �?�\. son by the sri idol Ailer Uliuli it tie request of i Lin Cipal Foss Supei Luton debit d addressed the ass and by. He Welcon d parents and ii ii Soost Hea Lily and expressed the wish that they might make frequent visits and become better acquainted with the school work. He spoke of the value of High schools and College training citing from recently i Hubli bed statistics. The guests then scattered through the Romonis to Chat and be served with refresh had a pretty Booth decorated in their colors. The seniors served chocolate and fancy crackers from their Booth which Yves trial med in yellow find White the Junior to it Ooth was very pretty in red and White with baskets of fruit the sophomores served lemonade and cake from their Booth of Lavender and White and the freshmen dispensed Coffee and sandwiches from a Blue White Booth. The whole affair was very enjoyable and reflect much credit Ypon the teachers or. For miss Hutchoson miss Cheney and miss Long Well upon the students. Cherryfield Seal Harbor and Franklin lose important building Cherr held was devastated by fire last thursday when leading hotel the Cherryfield House the Baptist Church and a livery stable owned by Charles Mcgouldrick were destroyed1 the fire orig. Ina ted in the hotel parlor which contained a display of millinery and fancy goods and spread rapidly threatening the business Section of the town. The Twenty five guests in the hotel were forced to Rush from the building in their night clothes. Only determined work of the bucket brigade prevented the flames from spreading to the adjoining buildings. The losses were estimated follows a Baptist Church and contents $i7 too no insurance Cherryfield House and contents owned by Melzer. Willey 6, insurance $3, livery stable owned by Charles Mcgouldrick i too partially insured millinery and fancy goods parlor owned by mrs m. S. Willey $i,8oo insurance Soo. The horses carriages and harness were saved from the stable. The burning of the Church was a particular loss to the town and Parish especially it was not insured. A Parish meeting will be held this week to determine on was and Means to rebuild. Or. W Illey will not the hotel. The Chc Nyfield House was made in poetry and Prosor the Quot Down East Quot abiding place of tie Laie Barney Mcc Gouldrick who was a of Uncle m oses of the a Obinson House Juck split the Oti Ginial Scee of Jed Prouty. Mcgouldrick was a quaint wit and Liilo incr stories and anecdotes Are treasured the history of Sertich. Travel big men who came to Maine and whose business took them Down the coast line i ,1 rec do m my pleasant memories of Harney m Siul Drick and his famous a it yield Laa whose l. Astri v\. al v Lys oat an 1 where i ii Erous Hospital ii w. -i.-d by Hii i 40 years 1 lie new to let al a 11 a or owned a. 1 t built by a. S h. Quot ii t it r. F in t place. Was 1 y lire Eai i a a i l morn . 1 id a b do ii been Hill t Lere the Pri Siou. .1i the parsonage and barn belonging to the methodist Church at Franklin were destroyed by fire late Friday evening hile nearly All the townspeople were in attendance on a fair held under the auspices of the society. The loss estimated at 1200 with $500 insurance. The pastor. Rev. C e. Peterson lost All his personal effects his Library being the Only hint saved. During the past two years or. Peterson has met with much Success in Breeding the famous Honda fowls and Twenty one thoroughbred Birds Well others of mixed Breeds perished in the flames. It was with great difficulty that the barn owned by Thomas Quot Havey was saved from the flames. The i0. comes a serious blow to the society Well to the pastor and his family. Nev organisation. For several years in fact since the sue Quot Cess of the y. M. C. A. Has been apparent there has been a feeling that there should be in the town an institution of some such nature for girls and women. This has now taken definite shape and the Young a omens Union now asks the approval and support of the girls and women of tie to in. Of course the beginning made in a Small Way. Rooms have been taken in the Kodick Block and will be open on evening of this week irom six to Eglit o clock when al the Young girls and women of the town Are input d to Call. Liose wishing to become members of the association May leave their names at that Tinie it the intention to have the rooms open two evenings a to k during the Winter. The loll i of n Eis have been it elected Iva l. Law a elite Presil no miss Cheney mr. A. H. Lynam mrs. J in w. Robert mis. All it ion Jordan mrs. L Quot Quot be marches. Vice Jin tents mis. A a al Edge Mabel a mox .-Istant altars mis. I , boar. Of ii i lors arts Ideal or e Side a the n it Rani i in it a i ill Dpi it. Cali c it i of i of k. Tile by Idillio w a three tire 6x70 feel wii ii a Iani. 1 the list a or was d i Ned Leir and Back Ltd it was a Liva 10 in t Ormido \ a i a 1 al a 1 la d a a a a i a o a i 1111 1 Pratt. A 11 a . To ,111 1 above Lilis was the Hall Loor to Jivis used by the Chaqui. 11 u t 1 Cli u t y a lurn�, and was v. Till 1 a w insure i 1 1 flu. Dainef 11 a i mud at i True-1 l. A st r a i an it. Ard a .11 ii 1 01 a. S Plis i d to . 01 the i d a in provide a in be a and a i \.,ird brei Tiomi al. In o 1aie a or i. 11 Quot from Quot rorie ii. »�riiit omit ii a m r. Iii Aki r in his Ima Cupyimmitie ro. 111 the 1. A. And Barches a d i 1 la. A the round desert a a a a a y a Lear Trees a re j o a bars in yes. Vinc Quot platting of every kind a a and carried o it. Ous and Ned Rise null re Eie a tre t ice the office and Creo Housos Are upon Schooner head Road and have Telephone connections. Christmas presents i arli tic Artick a consist in of Quot watches diamonds jewelry clocks Sterling Silver plated Ware and Cut Glass selected with care and at prices that cannot be duplicated elsewhere cont i Deng the Quality. Call and examine at 98main st a a a Sawyer George l. 8tebbin8� bit Tases tor rent. Bill dig lot of sea Cliff drive Mortti it no log Siml Harbor ml�., mid Loa Rodowk amp ohans a n. Y

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