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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Aug 26 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - August 26, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine J a. Quot Quot Quot a a it or 4 the Lea Las county Pafik red a adv a a to journal of flaunt desert Island. A de Rasse Fox real for rent yol. 17. Kov 81v Bab Habboba. May no mob Niko August 26, 1903. Five cents j a Book Prea . Amnnn8.xnnnum.yl�efm�idenithe first National Bank bar Harbor me. kit offed Job by sett Kiwi or lb6mmatb Bane. Capital surplus and profits 150000.00 110,000.00 Chr Mon j. A Stodlak. A. 8. Newman. Chas. H. Wood Leo oobbb8poia>lnob Init by. Henri a Lawford i. He Grant. To the Public we desire to Call your a Trentton Titour new of Cea Elatab Lafaed in the Jellson it Whitney bold log Eori sier of Mala and cottage Streeta bar Harbor where we will be pleased to Aee Yon my time. Our Busineau in principally Tirb insurance Bsales Tate and in vestment represent Twenty of the Best Stock com Naples in ibis and foremen cot tile. We will be glad to look after the in Yang and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any a ainess Yon May will be Fally Tipp related. Trusting that we May a re a fair share of your patronage we aft very respectfully. B. E. Whitney. \ seals amp Cak teb. The ceo. H. Grant co. Broken by Harbor. Victor n. Cushman real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New annual exhibition of original drawings i painting sin Blac and Hite water col Oral and pastels bythe press artists league Ball room. Malvern hotel beginning August Twenty eight View afternoon Quot and evening of first Day. Open to Public free of and passion lace store will continue Selling their Stock of real lace and other goods regardless of Cost. From now until we close sept. First will be the time to obtain bargains. Such real lace goods As we carry in Stock Are a Good investment at the prices you can have them at. Our Forest. How nature s has been Dos it Turbed by noot amp son adjoining Conage below main Street. Doe i Gonya s drug Stoie. Bar Harbor. Saddle . W. F. Storm formerly instructor in the Royal prussian cavalry is now at bar Harbor with first class Saddle horses and equipments and is stabled at his old location no. 4 High Street oif cottage Given to ladies and gentlemen beginners and advanced Saille horses for , German and English spoken. Highest references. For terms apply . Storm 4 hich skirts can be rented. Telephone ,8oariling�>�sale stable al list i Abb rigs of b v b by kind by tub hour Day i Vibik pm season. A a i prompt services. Good Borses. To Quot a vehicles intelligent Drivers. A of a is. A a a Jai terms a Aso Foble. A a footer proper. A my but. Jux my. Ins n. V. m Quot in View of the recent discussion regarding the causes of the floods and fires which in the Early part of this summer so wrought disaster in Many parts 6ft Pur country we print the following letter written by or. Arthur go by published in the new York times which created considerable interest throughout the country suggesting As it does a method of averting further devastation and saving the Woods. There has been much moralizing of late Over the destruction caused by drought and flood and in the churches prayers have been offered petitioning that priv Dence Lay spare us further visitation. The West has Supplicate in tears the East in sackcloth and ashes. But How can we hold a occident or deity responsible for these disasters have we a right to expect miracles or special dispensations when we ourselves Are to blame if a Man deliberately cuts off his hand is it reasonable for him to suppose that a Miracle will restore it ? the deity has placed us in a sphere of cause and effect and we Are Here presumably to learn. But when in the Hasty Pursuit of wealth we have destroyed our forests so that Snow melting on the denuded a it Lains causes floods and hot air rising from the Sun baked treeless slopes causes droughts then it is far More dignified for us to ask of the deity not miraculous Rains but a Little More Wisdom a Little More reverence tor the Temple of nature wherein he has placed us. We must learn that we reap what we sow we can expect no mercy where we have shown none. Nor is it expedient for us to Pray for rain lest at this juncture our Western neighbors be flooded still More. Last Spring i passed through what was once perhaps the most Beautiful Forest in the world the appalachian forests of the United states. I saw vast reaches of mountains slopes and coast where there had formerly stood veritable monarchs of the forests Trees Over a Hundred feet High the product of thousands of years of spontaneous culture but now swept away in a single generation. 1 saw Rivers choked with trunks of Trees sawmills working night and Day special railroads built for carrying lumber from the valleys. I saw a a scene of pitiful waste and desolation an Industry that in a few years must cease for Lack of material to destroy. Here was a vast stretch of land from Georgia to Maine once Beautiful luxuriant in climate equable and exhilarating where sufficient Rains alternated with Sunshine the Nursery of a vigorous race. But now it was being reduced into a monotonous dry Smoky Timber less blacked stumped Region where partial drought and deluge would work their alternate disaster. It was in the alleghenies in the Spring of the year and the Snow had melted upon the slopes of the mountains. There was no longer any Shade to stay the beat nor roots to hold the rain. In a Tew Days the Waters had risen Over the dams and swept them away. They rushed through the Gorges and carried Down Bridges trestles and houses. Water spouted from hillsides until valleys were flooded and villages swept away. But higher up along the ridges of the mountains the lumbermen were plainly visible blasting and hewing Down the Trees and i thought Quot after them the we have dried up the numberless Springs until there is no longer a steady percolation of moisture through the atmosphere and drought induces drought justas moisture induces moisture. Nature s equilibrium has been disturbed and nowadays when we have a Quot Little weather we May generally expect Quot More of it. We have taken away from the Hills those billions of natural dams and no longer is there safety to Many of our towns. More Over each year More damage is done to agriculture by the removal of Trees than years can Ever repair. Who is responsible for these conditions first the Congress of the United and the state Legislatures who have re fused to heed the warnings of the state foresters and naturalists and have permitted the wholesale destruction of the forests by the lumber companies. Secondly the people themselves of fuse greed for sudden wealth has neglected every other consideration. They have Cut Down already the Trees that bore their Golden apples. Those Trees will Bear no More. Thirdly the departments of education n who have discoursed profoundly on ancient learning while the wondrous Flora and Fauna of our own country were being annihilated around them. F our Fly the county o0icials, who have Een criminally Negly gent in not enforcing the Laws against those who Quot fire Quot the Woods. Lastly the lumber pm Zanitis whose wasteful extravagance has already made a lumber famine a question of Only a few decades More. In fact u has been cupidity All the Way thru he ibid we have tried to time our country into Gold until its dust puckers the Mmith. But we Simot est Ftp the All the. It in list a Fleet the race. Already there in less Forest land proportionately in our country than there is in Germany. One has but to look Back through history to see How closely related is the Forest to human vitality. It was in the forests of thessaly that the Early greeks received their Energy that later flowered into Genilus. 11 was the Forest dwellers of Gera any that conquered decadent Rome and later gave to Spain the vigor that swept Back the Moor and brought under her Flag almost the whole known world. Today what is Greece what is Italy what is Spain they have been stripped of their forests those nurseries of vigor and their decay has set ill. Everywhere the Law holds Good. It is in the Forest that the manhood is nourished which builds up great civilizations. But cities arise Trees Are swept away and the inevitable decline sets in. Forests once destroyed cannot return and Over All the Sites of ancient civilization Are blowing the desert Sands. But the pall of smoke that has for Days hovered Over our Heads shows us that we have yet Trees to Burn. How can we repair destruction there is Only one Way. We must first Start a Campaign of education. We must learn to realize the dependence of human vitality upon Trees and forests of agriculture upon those equable conditions that Are themselves due to forests. We must show that the water Supply of our great cities comes from the myriads of minute Brooks and rivulets that lie out fan like upon the Mountain slopes and form the headwaters and which Are quickly dried Quot up unless protected by the arching foliage of the Trees. We must learn that floods sweep Yuwu into the seas All that Rich surface of the Earth the Loam the vegetable Mould so Rich in nitrates so essential to a Fertile soil. And lastly we must turn Back to the love of nature for herself to an appreciation of the Beauty of natural scenery to the glories of the autumnal Woods the joyous Ness of nature s moods in summer the stately Calm of Winter the naivete and smiling Charm of Spring. We must read More frequently the works of great poets nature Wordsworth Shakespeare Edward b. Mears cottages for rent or for Sale. Office bar Harbor Maine. Of Herrick Longfellow Whittier Bryant we must never outgrow our Boyish Delight in woodcraft and above All we must cultivate a love for Trees. We should be Able to name them and know How to Plant and care for them. I f we could we should Plant a few every year and see that there were mrs re Parks provided for in our growing suburbs that our avenues and streets were broader and More shaded with Trees and that we establish great Forest preserves in every state until one third of our whole territory is under Forest cover. Nor should we forget that we must teach children to see that the tree is the natural protector of Man and is Worth More than Gold or Iron. We must Plant not Only Trees in the Earth but a love for Trees in the hearts of children so that they in time shall be guardians of the Woods and the forests. Let us teach them to appreciate the Beauty of specimens of natural history and not merely to name or to Analyse them. Recently i saw a school in a Village where the children had just been dismissed from a class in botany. On their Way Home they ran into a neighbor s Garden uprooted some Flowers and began noisily to examine them and pull them to pieces. And this was Quot botany. Quot i did not know whom to be most sorry for the children the neighbor the Flowers the teacher or just the spirit of the age. But it will be years before we can train our people into a sympathetic love for nature. Meanwhile must we see the destruction of our Woods by axe and fire go on can we save ? not unless the people the legislators the editors the agriculturists shall act. Possibly a few More Annil floods a few More destructive fires it a poll soon instruct us that nature May have her diseases As Well As men and that these diseases Are due to transgressions of Law on the part of Man himself. Arthur Goa by. New Vork june 5. 1903. Painter Hogger Drachmann. The Drachmann Are descended. From the Noble old polish family of Sobieski. Her Uncle Vigo Horup is the Well known Leader of the Radical party in Denmark and Edir of the leading and Best edited newspaper in Copenhagen and recently he was appointed Secretary of state by the King of Denmark. At the time of the pan american exposition mrs. Baht then miss Drachmann was the correspondent of two leading newspapers of Copenhagen. Sixty five people dined at Webb saturday evening. The table decorations were Sweet peas. Among those present were mrs. Barney miss Seely or. Hubbard or. Wellman mrs. Condon miss Kane or. Grant miss Knowlton or. Rogers or. And mrs Johnson miss Douglas miss Grant or. Brun miss Lawrence or. Black miss Mccormick mrs. Hone or. Patterson or. A. Patterson or. Augustus c. Hone miss Miller or. Hone or. Corbin miss hone miss Castleman miss Taylor mrs. Charles Ewing Green mrs. Davis mrs. Milliken or. Cummings or. Ellis. The woman s Exchange of Buffalo will exhibit Friday and saturday at the Malvern and next week monday and tuesday at the Louisburg. Miss Sheldon will have 50 Yards of Art rag rugs also Many new novelties Quot among them automobile and yachting Caps. The whole making a most pleasing display which All should see. The Success achieved by the swimming club this year has been phenomenal. It has Long been Felt that a place of some such nature was needed but never has it been fully realised How pressing was the need until the swimming club opened its doors. Society patronised it liberally this year and though there has been much bad weather and its first season has been a Brief one yet its condition is flourishing. The annual meeting was held saturday when a four per cent dividing from the net earnings was declared. A miss Louise Taylor entertained at euchre at the Belmont hotel on monday afternoon. Mrs Tolfree poured Tea. Her guests were countess Laugier Villars mrs. Livingston mrs. Abercrombie mrs. Anderson mrs. Thorndike mrs. Van nest i. Henry Dimock mrs. Fox mrs. Drayton miss Osgood mrs. Suy Quot dam mrs. Chapman mrs. Morris mrs. Barnwell mrs. Worden mrs. Knowlton. Mrs. Anderson and mrs. Barnwell took first prizes mrs. Fojt and mrs Drayton second and miss Osgood third. A representation of Blue Beard will be Given by the senior dramatic club for the Benefit of the childrens Ward of the bar Harbor Hospital at Mizzen top september 2, at four o clock. At the swimming club Friday at u.30 there will be a special program presented. There will be music by the band and water sports for which prizes will be awarded. Mrs. Charles Ewing Green will give a sailing party to a number of friends tomorrow. Mrs. Alexander t. Van nest came last Friday from Newport where she has been with her daughter and is the guest of mrs. Charles Carroll Jackson at Llangollen. Mrs Tyng entertained at dinner at Greenlawn last evening. Covers were Laid for ten. Water sport. The swimming club entertainment Friday will be in the morning. Or. And mrs. A. B. Mayer of Philadel phia gave an out my dinner at Jordan Pond monday to or. And mrs. 1. H. Silverman of Philadelphia miss Edna Silverman of Pittsburgh miss Mayer of Philadelphia or. Rack and or. Henderson of new York. There will be no reception at the swimming club on Friday afternoon. Instead at eleven thirty in the morning there will be water sports a reception and music. Prizes Are offered for the following events open to members and guests of the club. Tug and War with canoes. Diving contest women. Diving contest men. Swimming race women. Swimming race men. Tub race. Obstacle Rake. Entries Are to be made at the swimming club. The judges Are Admiral upshur and Captain Bush Evert Kelv Trees now is the time to order and Plant Evergreen Trees As these can be most successfully planted Between August Width and september 15tb. Besides a Large Stock of native Treis we have Many rare and Beautiful varieties. Waltl re for Price lj8t. The mount desert nurseries. We. Miller manager. Bar Harbor Maine our visitors. And those who visit at the surrounding summer resorts. Mrs. Ship Iriney was tendered a very plea ant Surprise by a few friends on the occasion of her birthday last week. The gifts were Beautiful and appropriate or. Ralph Hoffman will give a lecture this wednesday morning on Quot Flowers and the lecture will be Given at Kebarden Lodge at eleven o clock a. M. On Friday evening mrs d. T. Worden entertained at euchre at her Parlours at the be knot. Her gues were mrs. Russell mrs. Abercrombie mrs. Knowlton mrs Barnwell mrs. Suydam miss Nelson miss Taylor miss Martin. Mrs. Gerda Drachmann baht who is at the Malvern hotel with mrs. P. F. Louisr of Collier publishing House of new Yolk City is a Well known press woman. Mrs. Baht bras born in Copenhagen and b the Dwight or of Denmark s i est living author Lark poet and Marine four Flore Days 10.30 a. M. 3.30 p. M. Of auction Sale of Choice and ant. Oriental rugs and carpets our Eales Are declared a Success on account of Many real bargains offered to our patrons. We shall hold the sales in our building in the mornings at 10.30 and afternoons at 3.30. Are you a Rug buyer Don t Loe this Chance of great saving. Rugs guaranteed. M r Bros

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