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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Aug 19 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - August 19, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine Degrasse Fox building insurance broker bar the leading county paper i it re i the Only society journal on count desert a stand i Degrasse Fox real estate cottages of Rem vol. J 7, n /3. Bah Rhor ma�m., al do essay it my al it a . A Quot i ick Rich ii ent. Thomas seals Cut sly for. Arts in k s. Nov Man vice first National Bank bar Harbor me. Kelly eel Jirred fou every kind of legitimate banking. Captai. A plus Ami profits 00,000.00 $10,000.00 nerf Rora. J. A. Rozuck. A. S. No it Vii in. Honry a Law lord Clias. H. Voogo. H. Gruidl. Cofresi Ond knee invited. To Tiik i klic we ire in Call your attention to our now offices in Tho Jylli on ii tih a building Corner of main and cottage streets car Harbor where we vill by pleased to see Yea at any time. Our l business is principally fire insurance read. Estate and in to. Our Insl Tiance department represents Twenty of the Best Stock com in this and foreign countries. Of will be glad to look after the buying and Selling of real estate. Our securities will be carefully selected. Any business May give us will be fully appreciated. I in Ting that we May have a fair share of your patronage we Are very respectfully the ceo. H. Grant cd a cuter i bar Harbor Victor n. Cd Firlan real estate and insurance bar Harbor and no. I East 34th st. New annual exhibition Okor Ginal drawings i paintings in Black and White Avater colors and pastels i5ythe press artists league Ball room. Malvern hotel beginning August Twenty eight Mcmili. Patrons View Ai Tenison and evening of first Day. Open to Public free of admission thereafter. Closing out Sale f our Eliie Slock at Hall usual a Biccs. Sale begins on aug ust 17th. A Ca Otiis silk and Cotton Skirls silk Ami Hutras of Csc it and i noun seasons War Tulin Anil coif hats. Titis is a oud iliac to obtain la iii c lass goods al i l. Noot 9 adjoining c0tt3�g, below main Street de a Ganya s drug state. Bar Harbor. Saddle horses. In. W. F. 8t0km, formerly instructor in the Koyal i russian cavalry is now at bar Harbor with first class i Uldale horses and equipments and is stabled at his old location no. 4 High Street Olf cottage Street. Instruction Given to ladies and gentlemen beginners and advanced Saddle horses for hire. I l Inch German Aid English spoken. Highest references for terms apply Tow. F. Storm 4 High Street Riding skirts can be rented. Telephone ,boarding an Sale stable fiust class kids of k v f u y kind by tue hour Day a Eek of season. A of supt services Good , to ii vehicles l i i it to Unis sociable. James e. Foster proper. West st Teet Bak . Itiat it Nesk Tucei contractor and buil shop come st., bar has . Me George Barr Mccutcheon author of Graustark Quot our next serial Story never since Anthony Hope s Quot prisoner of Zenda Quot revolutionized romantic literature has a Story appeared so Replete in blended love and episode so thrilling and at the same tune so tender in its heart passages As Yoke . A Woi ii in is a woman ii Lehoui a she is a Princess is the key note. There Are very a a Retty love scenes 1 it the love is honest and True and inspires tex daily Post. Don t miss Graustark if want to read a charming Story of love and adventure Rob a Hood Park. Tile first Day of the hofe show a a that was , fair women and Fine horses make it Sucic Safui. Fair Horst Quot show week and ils alti ii arc Uil us once Imi. I show ii Quot but to Ali a Ltd is. I. the air in 1 pm v c the t inh b a i Rcck. I 1 in us Abii a. I.i\s1 Lii u i . In in nil a a i. Tic a kit i i i. La a l i is t .1 1 i of. B i 1\ in in us i iii. A it a. Ajmo v. To in it it a a a and Imi ii. Niibu1 a 1 .1. It n i ill a >111-11. I i h i 1a i i. A Willt Ami thu l irs a it i,.r .11,.i h v Yucai t l Bill t mgt Lull la i s 1. A spi.i 1 i i \ 1 .11 m i s an i i Quot i. . Sin i 1 a i .1 1 a 111i 1. 1 t f i with its in t a 1,1 in i w ,1 Hili b v. \. N Fruin the .ii us .1 t i 1 ii in n a it i one i the . To i ses 1 n Liv it i n stands Aiem. 1. /. A iti . a mis. Seniv w. 11. B. C. B s Sherly w scr i mind i. Mis. pc tar I icks m i s. Vin Irson a s i Eab ocly . J. T. Liouben . J. B. In i to Lii us miss Furniss c. S. iii Xinji Walter , miss iii dle. S. Megargle rit it mrs. Moi Ime Robinson a. Lile Ecker Banks . Brr Crombie . Mccormick . J. 1. In wards climent 15. Newbold mis. It. Hincy Thorndike mrs. Ilcin. Number of these drove Down in the Altu noon. Tie following is a Sun maty Cut tuesday s events class 5�?wagon race half mile driven by owners. A on by a Quot. Ii. Been Ard w. H. Sherman second. Class 25 a Best single livery horse before suitable vehicle. Won by w. Ii. I Ulfer . Class 8�?pair of horses three years old Over before suitable vehicle i first Tom and Jerry Stafford s livery second Bess and Bonnie j. I Quot. Bowen third. Black and Irey l. Sherman Cleaves. Classic Best pair a onus Over 1 Aid under i hands. Won by Rico Imi Brownie the misses Whiting. Class it Bdl horses judged t s for nanners. First. L clip a j. L assail Sec nib \ cola l ilk. Win. La needs. In iii Bady Bank mi.-,. I. Ii Klmle. I lass j j�?1 Iest pair of in t , Belore apr Dpi Date vehicle. A list i us h and j Udy a Rederic k a it \ Sei Ond s live it. Biss i by st if livery Hoise. It ii re Buckli ird. First w. Ii. I Ulter. . Class Ltd ilor ses in Ovir 11 and not Over 15 hands. First Cardier w. Allison second fun w B. Leeds third. High boy miss l Bieter. Class a Saddle houses hands ind to ill ivi. L Tiht rir.. A i Reiff mini i o pm is. Win in of via a a . It i. R. . 1 is .-7�?i i b. S \ in i. I i Lime Appi a us a 1 to. A. , it ,. I. I 1 be i s. By i. I. ,<.ss i in a p of 1. 1 ,. A a i i 1 1 ,.ib.,-. R i bi., i k i 11 i 11,1 i iii it. Derby . ,i 1 in i . Bilden . ,m., i i. , al 1. 1 i the let pity Roll Emit in in a 1, a is. Lei Neil it Limiter monday a Foi Zuur teen. Mis. Charles l a in1 i m .11 Kebo of miss , in in i i Labi was dec a rated with pm pies. Her nes were 190 al i Cilnis cottages for rent for Sale office bar Harbor Maine. J a 1 i .1 Ellno i 1 i ads. A Wei. K. I a u. In by .m.lllile, i , s i win. I by s Hii lie Lin. Birr ,7. It 1.1 is 17�? i in .1 ii is i n 14 j is .1 men by a . B i to i in iii i i win. B. Bed Sei is , c. B. Newbold Ali in Mono ind i Lownie a. Mai y. 21 a i Auden wheels to be Oer 1,2 hands. First 1 Lespi ind , win. By. Leeds second ind i of Zemkus c. A is a Boid i hid Anuial ind colonel b w. Adkins. Clase 45�?i.adies his Lun Iping. First , mrs. K. A 1 second flying so Jairrel miss i. Feiter. Class 23for Best Loui in hands for Park use. First win. I. Bids second j. T. 5owen third j. B. Ketterlinus. Our visitors. And those who visit at the surrounding summer resorts. A mrs. Franklin Bdl a entert lined a Pirty of Young people at Dinar Nii it. Blu table Ocie pad. Lilo. A a Liose present i. A to pm a Wii a it mis 1 11bll.ii.s. Ass Iley m to 11, b , miss no i , . Ben v b.i\,ii, the i by a Lei Imi it i Lio it Riim Liol. Al s w i. I 1 a e .1 Bulli Honor .�, Cuyler mrs. Henry a. A remit . And mrs. A. Stewart. . Patterson .missc.reen, . J. Montgomery Sears . Miss Taylor . Hone mrs. Ireen . Burleigh Captain Luish miss hone mrs Burleigh Duncan miss Ripley and mrs Anderson Are the guests of mrs Nicholas Anderson at Geranium cottage during horse show week Brennan is the guest of . Franklin . . Dewitt Bruch of the hotel Aspin Wall . Is at the Louisburg for the horse show. Miss Jissie \ iss. We to is \ a siting her brother . W. 11. Neil Sim at sea lights Harbor is the West of her aunt mrs. J. Middleton ibid Roll us ing the Shiv a a Chciuk miss ionised Chunc w my. Sirs Robert and la i Cheney id Connecticut came to the Malvern saturday Francis Rogers will Ive a song recital a i mis. Spencer s cottage Grindstone on morning. August 2.\. Goodrich will be at the piano. The meeting in the interest of Hampton Institute pm Friday morning at the Kodick House will draw Many people who enjoy the singing of the negro melodies and who wish to hear the noted speakers and the Indian Uki pita Muci attention has been attracted by the artistic posters advertising the meeting painted by miss Lawrence and by . Guadagni some question having Arisen As to the prudence of holding a gathering Lei the Rodick House tote Toor by of Clark the builder and were pronounced absolutely Strong and Safe. The Large music room in which the meeting is to take place is beautifully decorated by Rug hangings being Pirt of the exp of the pm Perial i reisian Mission. A subscription concert was Iven at Bookend the summer Home old and mrs. Robert be it o clock afternoon. The i lists were . .d mrs .\d.iniowski. Bout sity Well known social a people were a my sent. Mrs. .Inklin Hiilei a lunch , her guests were And mrs. Bar Nderson . And mrs. Lerlon , mrs. Weeks miss fatten. . 1 ..n.in. . Ibid in Sards on ins . It the , was in the Harbor .nbind.-. L eur ing from st. Andrews. I he i a . Bwint s Marhl and tin a ii Rar a also in the . The music Loving element of bar Harbor is having a rare pleasure this season in the presence of that Charni couple. Madame ant of n fat s / i to web a 111 Owski pianist and . Jose i Adam Owski. Cellist. Bycy have ahead Illel several engagements and is they vi. At hulls Cove All through the seas Nii it. I doubtless be Many limes Riore. Of of Rickiy Lite s Peni m i s Liere ,111 ii t a mrs. Brain a Liev played i us Iio rim a re a i la i Quot iti iti mrs. -tor.e, tiered Bica i e i in d. Adagios a re tie ii to is us mis. B a him by ,. ing Nisi. I is ill .Slgum i b. \ it i. I a. Bike w i i mrs. 1 1 tier Meyer s and mrs. See miss Rij tii a i Rance enter i in at cards on monday evening in Lio ii of Suydam of a \ Cik. Ibi were countess Baui a . Mrs Louis Livingston mis. Bertrom mrs. Thorndike mrs. Rol Inson. Mrs. B Ferdinand will herding. Mrs. Benedict mrs. Knowlton. Mrs. Enter Nexer mrs Kobert bes life mrs. Laniis deltaic old. M1 s. Daniel Worden. Later the parly attended the swimming club Ball at the Quot Asino. About one Hundred people were present at mrs. W. L. Elkins reception and Tea on monday afternoon. The affair was Given in Honor of miss Stella \ an t. Elkins it miss Bailey and miss i Orter assisted in receiving. Mrs. Dwight , miss Lillic Bra Man. M iss Dudley and miss winterhof who Are slaying at the Manor inn. Sullivan Hart . Attended the horse show tuesday. Miss in ice can a Sheldon inc Sideny of Llie worn ill s Exi i fire Wib. Lipold a i ,t Sale this week , Bhui and at them in Vei n. Mong its pc Are Artra .s, Semi Ioir embroideries irom m -v,.i 7 pottery. A ii a 1 is tir Bilin a Slot iii h..iii w orders. Bini la. . i Loim in will been it i Lohn s. Kim by s on ill wednesday Ai d a i. It ii o l i to. I in Lix Coku iii Rcv i Xiet a now i the time til order a l. Ii a f. Tree i Ilie a i i m i it 11 i la i d Fin ii ii la Quot iii be it Erub Quot a i i l. A a i mix Olna i \ e tri we pm e 1,.,. A in a ,.1 us \ Ai Iri it s. Win i Iok 1 it i if so a cd in aii Oss set limit it. Cd to clot Oil i of the Cha ii Otic Lar it and i hic Cal Slock of Oriental rugs and carpet sol All hizc., sch fri Liob and a ticks. Sale u be held in our new building on main a Tibet Lor Olla week Lolly beginning monday August 24th, at 10.30 a. Bros. Chas. T. Ail ii our Iichi it Ricer. Scorce l. Gtd Basr collages if Fen. lots on if s al offices Seal he a ibor me., and 102 produce is. Y

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