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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Aug 15 1900, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - August 15, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine De Rasse a of but loins. Insurance broker a Lili / quot a a quot a a a a a the leading county paper and the Only society journal on flaunt desert Island. Degrasse Fox real estate. Cottages for rent Kol. 14. No. 28.bab Harbor Maine wednesday aug. 15, 1900. Price 6 cents. F. Shirley Goddard. Paul Hunt Goddard a Hunt architects contractors and builders. Ireal estate mortgages and insurance office bar Harbor in for the horse show and fair perfected. to Knob Makky the bar Harbor fair and horse show will burst upon the resort within a week. The Strain of preparation is almost Over and the final arrangements for the three big dates August 21, 22 and Are Well in hand. 11 will be such a festival and exhibit As bar Harbor and the country round has Seldom if Ever. Seen. Any class of exhibits will be Well and the horse show promises a display of Equine exhibits equal to the crack shows of new York and i Iladel phia. In addition to the trotting and other races there will be a variety of attractive features. Onfri its for All no ones close tar lev with the Secretary Roberts Block main Street. H. Enfiajian has opened his store for thi ? season with a Superb line of Fine persian and Otylior no. 1ii. 11 to 1 3d a v. I h. 111. 10.j." ii. In. ----11 11. 111. 11. 111. 11 to . 1nixin ,. ,11 p. In. A i p. 111. Oriental rugs also some Fine Turquois Opal and other gems. Siire under Porcupine hotel Iain Street. Dresden dinner sets. We Are again in receipt of an entire line but limited Supply of Dresden dinner Breakf afet and Tea sets decorated with the characteristic sprigs and sprays of familiar a Lowers. Complete service s22.50. Lass no. 17 4. 1.wednesday a . In. I m j i. In. 11 in. Ill. Ill a i. In. 12 ill kill. I . A 11. J. My ton Allen amp co. W. To. Clark amp co., Cor. Init. Ulii Erl 111 1 in tit. Or in Iol in or l Elv \4 i 1 Weistm to Sorc a t Stre Lud tor of i with a to my r t e m Dak i a in Dia and t 1" 1101.s i k k i old a i k x j ataul or l i Ana Trkal ii k1 tails and m at i l k 1 a l. I kin. Skic 1 Kat tax a n h i he or ivc Rvl Hini Sui Tahr or Turni al h Low ii x be fun Mit u a a rotini or .1 Kottal a in an Lorke i Olio to e la u d Cov Erml quot Llan-injj7 cd nam.-, hiking quot c u a i o n i a intention by the ino.-,i Caret us ail Eoina Cove Riml ,-.-, do in c .-1. It r n 11 u re til f sri a y no. 11.10.4. 5 a. 11. ,">.11 11. 111. .11s0h. 111. S.12 noon. 7. P. In. p. "1. 134.30 p 111. 2.3." and 2 22 Trot tank Runci s Tiu Sony a hell re tips at 1 p. In. A Titi t 1.30 liar i. 2.27 i rolling Itic to wediiesilay.-1st heal 1.30 p. In. 2.1� trotting race thurs<1iy, 2.30 p. To. Kunning races inlets perseid. I y comparing the time Proi ram with the schedule of classes a pretty fair idea of what is offered the spectators May be had. Liere will be Trot and running events every Day eight classes of gentlemen s driving and pleasure horses High Slepak is saddles tandems and tour in hands will be their owners some of whom will he women. There will he Hie yele races on the lii to my third a Sanda Hose race the emd in Wlinich do the in the >t, Are a Jie eled to rom Pele. In and Chiron to the Cah Iiri a for this Rai j it quot i Morre l h s tel de .1 Eup to lie to. Ii the t m l a ree Oit Iel Idisro i a of tiered t 1 he i j 1 h 111 Ribi the Loui lds Sill e it \ ,1 1". Ill i it la quot am ten s Hihi to e lor l in e ii a. I he .1 1 m to a -. I i 1 do Oil i a Mil lat i to Pii de out. This us d Lui the i tile e ii la Vin a ill quot he Mut Creamery butter in Dep Luls upon the Hattel l. Kelt. W e lal refrigerator for Purl . Philadelphia butter fresh sup Dies of the famous i Butler on hand al lowest Market price.-. We also carry Ceries a Large line of fancy Gro and provisions. R. H. Kittredge 21 it. Desert st., bar Harbor me. E. J. Totten amp co. Will keep ii their store Northeast Harbor for the with of August with u full stud Uttrup calve line of he i latest Irb Roeii Ioe ties fire like lightning to be fully protected a Fiji Tigist Loaa by either of these Unwe our companies for thu Rotee tion they Jive it surely and the o. H. Grant co., i Ostoji did of there Wiik h an Good lor shout Tea a he town will h. Loi Dei of our ii a Ikeie and h Pessoa will to trial Hun Tai is Llis Plav de Ghoul i Imalle or e al i Luciae. The mho be tei i i Heel. In i Leie ived be a let Liy Ollie i 1 lor our t of w i \ Ery e i Itil \ nig. 1 h. Tide l in 1 Hii a i. . To these let,11 of tin Whir 1 Hilj. 1 f .111 . I Ai quot while 1 to i on Ali lite Exell lits. Will of lilo ,. A lie o you t he Ein lose i Tow lid lii quot eve Jill eol the met tag. Truh \ oui a w. I 1.1 i 1 1 i us. , i he of poultry dogs and farm animals will he jul interesting. Lack of space prevents us run Ning the Complete list but these can he had upon application to the Secretary. Everything in the line of poultry till be on exhibition there is still Lime and room for entries in this and All Oher classes including Swine cattle and of . Ding lanes. Ail Trotters entered incs Elas is must he Standard and registered under tile t Ules of the Nat Iqual of trotting horse breeders. Horses will he judged by their color confirmation Ami Way of going. Class 1. Standard , stallion three years old or Over kept for service. To be shown in hand or by the Side of a Saddle horse. Roads Rikss Standard or non Standard. W Lien for single iriving should not ii Minier in i hands and lor Doug la driving not under 15 hands High and weigh not less than Kijoo to Uius. Their c information color style of going mailers Hock and knee action whet Lier do Iveli w ii Ordinary or heavy shoes to Force action also a Licther strained with checking or be Erc hits wiil he considered in judging. Lloise Thiee \ 01 of. 1. To he shown Helire .111 apr ornate Eim be. i air of , this e a might old of Over. To he Showa . La vehicle. Horses in harness. Harness horses must be practically sound and will be judged by their Quality and style. Action will be especially considered. Class 4. Horse Over 14 hands i Inch and not exceeding 15 hands. To be shown before an appropriate vehicle. Class 5. Horse Over 15 hands and not exceeding 15 hands 3 inches. Suitable for Park use in an appropriate vehicle. 6. Pair of horses not exceeding 15 hands suitable for Park use before an appropriate vehicle. 7. Pair of horses Over 15 Hans and not exceeding 15 hands 3 inches. Class s. Horse Over 15 hands 3 inches. To be Slown before an appropriate vehicle. Class. Pair of horses Over 15 hands 3 inches. To be shown before an appropriate vehicle. Class 10. For the Best High stopper 15 hands and Over. Style conformation and action to he considered. To be shown before an appropriate vehicle. Class m. Horse Over hands and not i v hands. To be shown before an appropriate vehicle. Style of going Quality and manners will he especially considered. To be driven by a lady a Iroles signal . Class i j. I air of horses Over 1.1.2 viands Anil not 13.j hands. To be shown before an appropriate vehicle. Style of going Chi laity and manners will be especially consider Elf. To be driven by a lad a professionals barred. T.\.\ is Wheeler should have Power action and Pace. Leaders should be showy and Well bred with Good All around action and Pace. Manners will be considered i o be show n before an appropriate vehicle. Class 13. Tandem the Wheeler to be 15 hands or under. Class 11. Tandem the Wheeler to be Over 15 . . Class 15. A or the Hest Road team. To be shown before a coach or body Brake. P i ii so in harness. Class 1". For the Best Pond not i . To lie shown before an Vehill. Class 1-. For the he to pair of p Laie. Not 1h,. I o he Victore i Ipp Ropi Vel tule. S Ai 1.i 1 ii to a. Juo Edh to . i in in ii Ito 1 Irry w ight a pfc 1 i r their i it ,1->s a the i. A it a i 11 it n i w i a a ill he the u All to it id 1 .ir.tei. La i ill i al quote. M rmi.-r-. V. Ill e. Ii i do consider it i a j l-j.iil-, 1 .in-.e-. The right i it m r a. E 1 he i to Ide aii of the a 1 a a1 of i. I i s. 1 ii m. I i1" a i lii s \ t Ilour year it old 01 it.1 to i a 1i in 5 pounds. i Ltd. 1 1 of s a 11\ i 1 1 in in , under t 5._ up i a i y nr.-, a 1 quads and i ver. 20. Ladna i ii 1a i Oei. .111- us h.1 r is a mini s. Log a ii 1 1 m. Radii s to i it. 1 m i a Ait 2 t. 11 1ii m i a i l 11 s -. I his n \ or. .11 1 11 e. 1 1 i is. 1, 11111 ai1. I .1 n 1 -1in. A -. 1 a to Bei i ii is a .1 aes to ride pie i a n. Sine. L i my and r. I.lss2. L of in to \ i rom. I i a a a e years old 01 Meiji Xii a i it 1 \ lass 23. J Aipia ilis. Uae. i Lort Nance Over Leates Olav to e Kolfs. Edward b. Mears. Office bar Harbor Maine. A a a for Sale 250 acres on Shore Western Side mount desert Island by Edward b. Mears from , the shall forfeit his Entrance fees. I kit in i it kids s. The executive committee Reserve the right to accept or refuse any entry or entries to remove any animal Ironi the show and to return any Money Entrance fees without claim for damages. 1 i Sronski re. A the association will not be responsible for and injury tol horses exhibited or for any article of any kind or nature that May ii lost or destroy Eil or in any injured Liach exhibitor will be responsible for any injury that May he occasioned to any person Walior Soever by any horse by him exhibited and each exit Bitor shall indemnity the association against All claims or demands of any kind or nature that May grow out of any injury occasioned by any horse exhibited by Liim or arise from the negligence of the charge of Sulci horse. Rions i of a r i 1 s. 10. All attendants coming in charge of horses will be subject to the orders of the committee or their agents. am i a its l.\ s 11. making two or More entries will have a badge of free sent to them a single attendant s badge will also be Given to each of or two horses and for every two additional horses badges transferred or improperly used will he forfeited. Olverson will he allowed to enter the grounds without a Hadee. Person m i Sotl st. 12. Any exhibitor lodging a protest must first deimos it $25 with thea eci Eta which sum will he forfeited in the a Ojei lion be not sustained protests he signed by the protestant and will not he received after the Day of Jud ,. A protests must he referred Tolu i Becuti a committee whose Dei Ision he 11 1 i \ i All it l,.\ssl-s. 13. I n cases be horse of i pair or Une or id horses of a Shoi old go wrong after the Clos ii Ollie entries. Othet horses Helo Ngim to thu owner al the time the ii times 1 lose he Puhst tuned by permission of the t utile Lur Mittee. 1 s i<1nrel Len Siam Nikii s. 14. in the four in Hail classes need not describe their Teani Whei making their entries hut All horses Hexhi biter must he owned by the exhibitor at the time of closing of entries. Heicht i Alk it . 15 when horse of a pair is not exceeding half an Inch Over or under the height i Cseri etl the other horse being within the limit tie paid nut be Dis qualified. Hut the horse which is not eligible in any single harness class. \ i r i kin a k v 1 m 1 n a r 1 o n. 1 1. \ veterinary surgeons will be engaged by the association to All horses shown no Pii a be War led to in unsound horse in any of the Saddle or 1 of to any in .11 a the svy out desert nurseries we. A a a Eller m Nader. Trees a j r u w b 9 or. Vines and bedding flanks. of every kind Carri d out. The purr tries Are open to vis tors. And a ii the of fico and c-.nic uses Are upon the sch onto head to d and Havo Teien Hore connection. Fol l Rivat Overlook the Stokl Colci i Karl it i. W 1 11 de 1 11 a Erv thu i \ i a 1. The Lee to be entry shall be 52. 0 Voni iks Hll. All animals entered must Bona he property of the exl biter. Air Mission 1 a i. I v 1-k v Oil al a. 3. When the entry is the Secretary will give or mail to the person Mik ing such entry a receipt lor entrain e tees which receipt will also be the admission and delivery order and no horse will be received or allowed to be taken Iway without its production. No Misais How in d a worn. 4. Two Parchment tickets tor h horse entered with us number and name will be forwarded to exhibit its r n or be fore August 20th, which tii sets must he securely attached to each horse s >-t.ul. A catalogue number will he to idea at the grou Iuis to correspond 111 number to the Pir he evil to Ketsy which h must be worn on the rider 01 drive r s , if the horse is led 01 Ridden on the Oil Side of the lady s in lasses and upon a of spic Unis on the Carriage if Dri ii. Aw.\k1 i ski 5. The reset ves the 1 to declare a Chis Oul in i c i is in whip h there Are not two or More ii tie. I it dil Leie it mines. Nid to n Iuni the Eiiii. e Money prox idea e of Siu h ,11 lion lie give Lille i be c loing of the entries. In >1 t h i \ i a. Fach exhibit 1 in in will be required to a ii an a eau ii i to i u Leit Sion in and who. I he Hexhi i is is to his know Levi i. I Lei in 11 oin any contagious 01 Inlet i on . I of a i l l of i 1. 7 1 f an he entered and w withheld a ii tel a \ Ira i Jordans i Ovid Wau i. Livrati Lioi thu Privily to to ill Corii Ilion a i Lilly Vav j Ali l East i ii Shore of thu liar a Ilir in Ami Ali lol ii jul jtoni�>11 1 1 Lif a Caius or. Toad let a of quot m a am i a Viii f. L. Savage Amii cou. A apply to b. Mears Geo. . Hiir Harbor. Ito Holhi a prize Winner Fer tie horse show. Jiff of llu most lor Sale and it a i harness Mare Youni s it Len Rul action. For i Urt Lier Tiei valuable Lioi is sold ii lore an sound last line Lar in maidu blooded. Leigh is now Liht life. f. Lewis 33 Walter Street Bangor Maine. M. W. Stratton architect a ii Idil Lilii sii it a t might air office. Grant build intr. U 1.1 1 k a 1 George l cottages fit lie ii. Steb Sif sea in Seal Harbor me. Lii Ifird of Flocs and c2 Proch cent i a t Ufi a n. Y. A of taif ti.itoiii-, a

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