Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
8 Aug 1900

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Bar Harbor Record in Bar-Harbor, Maine
8 Aug 1900

Read an issue on 8 Aug 1900 in Bar-Harbor, Maine and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bar Harbor Record.

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Bar Harbor Record (Newspaper) - August 8, 1900, Bar Harbor, Maine Quot w Bra a 1 a Klawit Vuk a i Pili ill 1 by Kemt Garlti ii . I a a a a a >v4. Tho Prince al left the atone together and Jennie saw that Retlich a idiot the least ornamental appendage the handsome snit rooms. A Retlick was an excellent example that Type fair women which Vienna is noted but she was As the Princess Bud said extremely downcast and Jennie who had a deep sympathy �11 who win keel spoke kindly the i irl and endeavoured cheer her. There was Nething Teude Niess in the compassionate tones Jenniie s voice that touched the girl after a Brief and ineffectual Effort it self control she broke Down and wept. her pitying listener she told her Story. She had been betrothed a Soldier whole re a ii it it was in the Burg. Winn last the girl saw her Lover he was that night guard in the Jasiny. Be re morning a catastrophe Minic kind occurred. The quot girl did Riidu quite what had happened. Some Kai i there had been a dreadful expo Eicr pitying listener she told her Story. Nion and her Lover had lost his life. Neither the Soldier s relatives his betrothed was allowed see him after the disaster. He had been buried secretly and it appeared be the intention the authorities avoid All publicity. The relatives and the betrothed the dead Soldier had been warned keep silence and seek further information. It was till several Days after her Lover s death that a Retlick anxious because he did keep his appointment with her and hearing from him fearing that he was ill. Be Kui make inquiries. Then she received together the information and the caution. In the presence death All consoles Are futile and Jennio realized this As Bill f us favored As Well As she could Comfort the girl. Her heart waa Imich Eulix ted in this that perhaps her file elect waa the less Active but herein stood the very threshold the Ecret the had come Vienna discover and yet had slightest Hus Pinion that the girl s tragedy and her own Mission were interwoven. Jeu uio Luid wondered at the stupidity cd Oury Taylor who failed see what seemed plainly before him yet Here was Jennie herself come 1,000 Milee. More less obtain certain information and Here a sobbing girl waa narrating the very item news that she bad come far learn All which would seem show that none us Aie Bright and Clever a we imagine ourselves be. In the afternoon the Prince a entered Jennie s sitting room carrying in her. Band a bin huf letters. Quot there i be cried. Quot while have been resting i been working and we Are going allow any time be lost i have written we my own band invitation i about Dosen people oar Tea thar Tony. Among others the wife the Premier countess Stron. I expect devote your self that lady and Tell me the result the conversation after it is Over. Hare been talking Consolation Retlich i came Hare half an hour ago add it seemed me i heard the Anond crying in thia quot. Yea i quot said Jennie. Quot she has been telling me Lall her tron la its is Ehe had a Lover in the army and he has a killed in lome Accident in the . Quot what kind an accidents quot quot Pretuch said there was an Euple a quot dear met i had t heard it it is a in riots tiling that one most come from London is own news. An explosion in the Treasury and serious Liat a a odier Wmk killed i that hruus�8 my curiosity 00 i shall saat sit Down and write another invitation the wife the master the quot i wish Woald because should like know thing farther about. A myself Tylich Neemat wive bad hats a intonation regarding the occurrence and i Woald like know Toore about it. That i Ouight Tell "w0 the learn ail about it from Nidai a and 1 amp nit write bit note it once car i Liall forget it quot a a Sun bar Day afternoon there was a Brilliant assemblage in the spacious Salon the Princess Steinheimer. The Rich attire the ladies formed a series Vita Copic pictures that were Dasalina viennese women Are adepts in the Art dress As Are their parisian Sisters. Tea was served in cups and saucers As Jennie had been accustomed but in goblets Clear thin venetian Glass each set in a Holder encrusted filigree Gold. There were All manner delicious cakes which the City is celebrated. The Tea itself had come Overland through Russia from China and had suffered the deterioration which an Ocean voyage prod Acea. The decoction was served Clear with sugar if desired and a slice Lemon and Jennie thought it the most delicious brew she had Ever tasted. Quot i am sorry quot whispered the Princess Jennie when an Opportunity pc erred. Quot but countess Stron has set a messenger say that she cannot 1 a present this afternoon. It 8 Eliis husband the pc tier is ill and she like a \ wife remains at Home nurse him. This rather up ets our plans does t it a quot quot i t know quot r it lio l Jennie. Quot it is More than Likely that the wife the air Emir would by exc Ciul Ltd careful lii cuss any political Justion in this company. I have counted More upon the wife a Jii Ocial than upon Conrite in quot Are Rij it quot said a Princess. Quot and Cuizio with Lue. I want introduce a it the wife the master the Treasury and Fiona her Perhaj a can learn the Accident that befell the Lover poor thew Ruof the master the Treasury proved be a garrulous old lady who evidently prided herself knowing everything that was taking place about her. Jennie and she became quite confidential Over their goblets Tea a beverage which the old lady seemed inordinately fond. As the conversation Between them drifted. Jennie saw that Here was a person that would take a Delight in telling everything she knew and the Only question which arose was whether she knew anything Jennie wished learn. But before she tried her High politics the girl determined find out More about the disaster that had made such an abrupt ending Retlich s Young dream. Quot i have been very much she said quot in one the maids Here who lost her Lover some weeks ago in an Accident that occurred in the Treasury. The maid does t seem know very much about what happened and was merely told that her Lover a Soldier who had been guard there that night was quot dear yes quot whispered the old lady lowering her voice. Quot what a dreadful thing that was four men killed and eight nine Are in time Hospital my poor husband has Lin by had a Wink sleep Nince the est . And the Premier is ill in bed through worry. Quot quot because the loss life quot a led Jennie innocently. Quot the loss life would t matter. It is the the Money the it is the serious thing and tin y a a re going replace it account disappearance i am sure i t know the deficiency is something Over 200.-000,000 florins. Was it awful a quot quot was the building shattered such an extent quot inc Jurod Jennie who did Stop think that such a sum would replace any edifice in Vienna even if it had been wiped off the face thi it Earth. Quot the Treasury was damaged course but the repairs will Cost much. my child it is a much More disturbing affair than the destruction any statehouse in the Empire what has made the Premier ill and what is poor husband into an untimely grave is nothing less than the Ems the War cheat i quot quot the War Chest 1" echoed Jenni amp quot what is that quot quot my dear every great nation Hui a War cd England has one. France. Germany. Bussian matter poor a nation May be Dif cult it is collect the taxes that nation must have a War cheat if War were break out suddenly in porous country there would be instant financial Panio ready Money would be Dif cult obtain a loan would be practically impossible and what War Calls the very instant it begins is Money promises Money paper Money Silva Money even but Gold therefore every nation which is in danger War has a store Gold Coin. This store is composed mainly even largely the coins the nation which owns the store it consists the sovereigns England the Louis France the Willems d Holland the eight Florin pieces Austria the double crowns Germany the half in of Aasia the doable Frederics Denmark and on. All Gold Gold Gold i i believe that in the War Chest i Austria there were deposited coins different nations the value something like 200,000,000 florins. My husband never told me exactly much was there but sometimes when things looked peaceable there a was less Money tei fit Ulit Emiil i it i tits a quot i Iima a y i i one. Of. Iino fld Nab sgt Anniv Pizii. Tto a nth. a a iii slim Ottna Man Tea Matt if Bdl a Trangaris allowed into Tomt per Tkv 0 the building which Honwea tha wat Chest thie room a kept under Gnu re night and Day. Wet what happened a husband feels that he is in was a blame. And i t think hit sep Export Are inclined charge him with neglect duty. It is a singular thing that the Day before the disaster took place he bit own Accord doubled the guard that watched Over the room and also the apr. Prom Ches it. T4ie War Chest waa at its fullest. Never he tells me was there much Money in the War Chest As at that particular time. Something had occurred that in his opinion called extra watchfulness and he doubled the guard. But about Midnight there was a tremendous exp Loisios. The Strong door communicating with the passage was wrenched from its hinges and Flung outward into the hallway. It is said that dynamite most have been used and that in a very Large Quantity. a vestige the Chest remained but a few splintered pieces Iron. The four soldiers in the room were blown literally pieces and those in the passageway were stunned by the Shock. The fact that they were unconscious some minutes seems have Given the criminal whoever he was his Chance escape. although an instant Shirm was sent out and none but those who had a right be the premises was allowed out into the Treasury yet one was caught has any one been caught until this Day. A quot but the Gold the Gold quot cried Jen die eagerly. Quot there was a Florin it left. Every piece has . It is at once the most Clever and rust Gigantic robbery Nii iney that has taken place within our knowledge. Quot quot but Stieh a Quantity Gold quot said Jennie quot must have been enormous weight. Two Hundred million florins Why. That is �20,quo,, in t if it would take a re Irit a it thieves carry much away. H jew wins that been done and where is the guld concealed i quot quot a. My child in can Ana War your own questions the austrian government will pay almost any sum like name. The police Are completely baffled. Of course nothing has. Been said this Gigantic robber but every exit from Vienna is watched and Only that but each Frontier is guarded. What the government . Of course is get Back its Gold the result years taxation which cannot very easily be re levied. Quot quot and when did thia robbery take place quot asked Jennie. Quot the night the 17th." quot the night the 17th a quot repeated the girl More herself than the voluble old woman. Quot and it was the 16th that the Premier made his War speech. Quot said the old lady who overheard the remark intended her ears quot and t think there was something striking in the coincidence quot quot i t quite understand. What coincidence quot quot Well know the speech thu Premier was against England it a speech made the a tin moment but was doubtless the re tilt Many consultations Jur haps with , perhaps with Terui airy who knows we have Bee i growing very Friendly with Russia late. And. England has spies All Over tic v doubtless her Goven Anent knew Benui e the speech was Uuele that it vah coming. the police appear think the it the whole resources the British government were set at the tank crippling Austria at a critical quot surely t mean Madame that the government England would descend burglary robbery yes and murder even the poor soldiers who guarded the treasure were As effectually murdered As if they had been assist i rated in the Street t imagine that the British government would stoop such deeds As those quot the old lady Shook her head wisely quot by the time Are my age my dear and have seen As much politics continued Page 7.a a us a a re bar Haw. M Lamotne. A a ave bar Harbor Lamoine Sun. 4jdp. I f. Lamoine bar Barber ,00 a. M. 9 1ft p. Do. P. M. Sorrento. Xie ave bar Harbor Sorrento. 1015 a. M. 12j0 p. M. 6.15 p. M. A a Sorrento bar Harbor. 11.00 a. M. It it 11 a it yen la Molny a a a 1.15 p. M. A Aind a trip to of a Loews 1 leave Sorrento bar Harbor at 9.15 a. M. And 1.3<tp m. Leave bar Harbor sunday Sorrento 12.s0 p. M. Orms imi ram Suim Yeuyen Ghaffary pure Olive Oil. Full quads full pints. Full half pints in honest bottles. S. S. Pierce co., Boston and Brookline. Sale by r. H. Kittredge a. L. Higgins b. S. Higgins Andrew j. Rodick. Mars pairs express Arnu w. Marshall prop r. Baggage and freight handled promptly and carefully. Piano moving a specially freight forwarded my care will receive prompt and careful atom . Office main Street next floor Ai Herlau express. Telephone connection Day and night Sun Days . Teams at All boats. Arno w. Marshall a Rouru . 9allliallbor Nina a a Boston amp Maine . A main pm Cults it. Vett louled daily train we talk i Liiro a a poll my a Rural a la a Plisic lowest rates. A Timil Ai new England Points and the West Southwest and Hwesi fun Uez travelling via this line Monteal Toronto. Detroit. Of Loaff st. Paul and Mann Rapolla and �11 Western Points avoid air transfers i Boston As connection is Matdein the Nev Union . J. Flanders. 10 Oen l Prim enter agent. port inti. Boston Montreal and All Points East and West. On and after Rixi 1000, trains Avill run i follows ii f t tie place. In drive Umro fill tool Street and y6u will we the if More Cove Lieut can Telephone find quot rest assured that will be treated fair and right by t. C. Hie Eins leave. T iii Hiir . Of rent i. Sullivan. It t a. Vlink , Hiu Fyk. I Inklin in. or i kids. Ill eur Luke. Lloldi. La aii a. To. Lia m. . 8.00 Sim s a a. . . . . In. A i a 4.10 a my 5 1�.154.35 0.4� 11.iff "i.ottlt.v1 it . S 10.18 o .371 �-., a i a in Rio it it a t.41 a a a 511.11 a quot .i.4�o r4."> Ait 11.10 .1.4=. la 0 �?�11.4. Pm. . I a. a a nude Yiyu july Stilt it i a jilt la Idiol Sivi. T Truiti h Iivo a it. L Eit l it i on a i. Main pm in p Inland in if s a i p lust it it i it plug at ill stations. S Ujj it Aurick. I m. Most head Lake. L aii Finley i Ake. Danville quot Lune. I it Poland quot i g i Rrt Laud 1.20 la k. Div. 4.20 , a. Div. Kalyan. Montreal. T Quebec. I a. . . know did t it Ever occur Liat it is creat importance have attractive signs at your place business we can with Siena which attract attention an draw Graham amp co. Lioi Iho a Itcik a Nii Ltd 1r i r ? a a t Oric. . Stick it. iii Winou i a. A a is 4 11 Reno. 4.0 1 ,1 1.5t.j. Is . Ato . . . I . .0.15 . A Kava . . Horton k. Niv�7.00 "9.45 i w. Div. I land 11.00 12v> . . . . Sun. io11.00 l .>.3.5 . . . . Llanor , k 3.144.45 Llanor. East. 5.09 10, 5 3.1 4.49 �T�."5.18 .o4 .41 tt�.3� 110.04 <s.3t .07 6.45 10.15 Ivd Cream i mlle Ian . 4pply Imo the nostrils. It is quickly absorbed. Fio a its at in Kruts by mail samples 10c. By mall. Ely Eft others. 6� Amu st., Kew York City. A a. Bunked contractor and builder where shall we our Market nil at. E. I open cottage Street. The finest Market in Maine. He am a full new Stock canned goods and pickles vegetables beef. Lamb. Mutton veal and poultry Rao lived fresh every Day. Butter and Cream from the Best Maine creameries a Ped Fulty. Also uie celebrated Philadelphia p. E. He is Gilt Edge butter Hii Fly teemed by he Turner visitors Tondu Antly in Stock. Please Call and examine our Market and Stock. G. E. Soper Cotta st., bar Harbor me. Holden. I.3s110.34 Green Luke a it 4 �10i0ellsworth Falls a a a 1113 Ellsworth. 6.17 11.18 4.m Franklin re. 11.37hancock. 11.47 l 4.3 ii a t4.5s it. De ert by. A a 12.00 6.00 Sullivan. 1.15sorrento. 7.15 2.00 6.40 7.05 10.45 barh&rboi�7.50 5.40 7.25 11.15 . . . . . . Sum ttys july 8th aug. 26th inclusive a train loaves Dangot 11.40a. Tii., arrives Ellsworth 12 47.p. In., it. Desert ferry 1.15 p. Inbar Harbor 2.00 p. In. A Dally sundays included t Stop Gnu. /. Sundays Only. Geo. F. Evans vice pres. And gen. Mgr. F. E. Nooth Liv. Gen. I Aas. And ticket agent Boston and bang Stean ship co. Stilli titt ser Iee. Six trips a v Eek Boston. Piui Iseih iii Saturn i Lune i ".ml. Donci quot will in Ilus ii i a Klaibor quot i us Hilt ofis ath ii al iii us he South quot la ii Liui Slonine Aud Korelc i 1, t Conin i l wit i if Inifi l .o.,, i iii \ Cpl al i quot a. Kukrik mini from him i iii race it a it pm. Troni Laii a logic iii i at iii quot iii a llu Linti Dally a al \. M. K. A. .1. My , agfiil., i Llin. Ca1,\n a it tin. My. Sii Pleto . 11. Hill. <1 1. I desert real estate at bar Harbor. Cottage lots store lots cottages a ind lots. At hulls Cove some the Bosi pics. Large Ai count acre property cheap Good speculative property. At ire sons Hill at Salisb irys Cove at Northeast Harbor at Iseal Harbor at Otter Creek. Am ready at any time show the above properties parties interested desirous obtaining information about them. Th08. F. Moran. Rodick building Corner main and cottage streets bar e. Clai architect amp . Refers by if John j. Pm Kkt ksq., w. S. K pm a. Of. Kluziak w. 1 ass i mum is the time thavo your Lious protected from Light Nikii. . Brewer has the Agency Pic improved Cable conductors with pentium i ii us. Long and Short lumber. Furnished at Short notice. Ail Dresa f. J. Brewer electrician and dealer la �11 kit la kit ctr Cal Wooda trunk. Trave ill Ragm Ciutti and Flau lug 1st i .1 in ux t Cmim v. Steamer quot Frank Jones quot la i ifs min lil is a Ort Illier iii Lulu us Monduy i Hisil l Wiur Day lit 4 ii. Iii., Iid Pitr Hiir 111 in ,10 a. Ui., Nurt Lieal Lilit snug in Ltd Harbor Urix Killu. Ivlue 11111, a tiik from sad Cwiok Sedgwick Deer Isle Callue Giro Kurud and Portland arriving Portland at i1. I p. Ui., in �ea. connect with Sullinan morning trains Boston. Iivo i Ortland Tuow Hayti Anil Friday it 11 00 p. I. Or after arrival in leaving Boston al 7.00 p arriving at Ijar Harbor Boas leave we<\ne8da> s and saturdays at 12.50 p. M. Jonesport and Machias in it. Esq. J. E. Clark tac tort a la inuit me Nickerson. s Greely a in Geo. F. Evans general manager. Ticket at. Gene Ial i faces i Rutland Maino. Of f. Booth by gen l pass. A 10 away Straw Grain kill feel ivi Rosi m Oil and it plonk. Rut Radii Alturi in Stuch. Choice clipped it a set Kilty. West Street bar Harbor Maine Telephone connection a Boston i Maine steamship company. Direct fas Seager and freight Liae Urr Ken Bostoni bar Harbor and Eastport me. Sir. City Fitchburg will leave North pier Nerceal wharf Boston weather permit tank. Tuesday and Freda at 5 p. M. Arrive bar Harbor u a. In Anil Eastport 5 p. I wednesdays and saturdays. Returning leave Eastport mondays and thu Silaya h a. In. Bar Harbor 3 . Arrive Lois tue Dayn and fridays 8 a. In. full Natl Cullars see folders. Sewall n. Ellison . Sup Boston. C. E. Fout Liard. Agt., liar Harbor. St r quot Golden quot w. A. I , will Siu,.li it a Isle Uva. i in in Ai. Quot Nortica. 1a11j.u. 7 i quot j i quot Cal Liliu Lioi. A a j air a an Viii 4 111 Alai la Ai. Quot it a imil kill al ii iii i Lis i ii i Lar lliuu.a-. Levi. Har Llin Hur i Whai ii. ,. I l i quot soul lla Ihmi. quot urethra a. H quot quoth quot arrive. At Southw Cit blur Mjor ll.i . L2. 1. M. Fred. C. Lynam trtat., bar her bar. 0 1lj h. Q. Robinson Carriage Painter. Vest Street bar Harbor me. Very beat work. Green Reynolds furnaces stoves ranges tii Ware and Kitchen furnishing Wooda. A work promptly attended to. Kalnit Bicht Bakhan a 6 years experience Taroc Marks i sign copyrights &0. Macii Otiis ii sketch Ami description ump air a Pulim free the y i -tl>-i.tabl�. N a Taitl. Ilautll><m4ca quot a a u flab l it i it Luke ii Throunk i Munu a co. Re i Lori iii our a Pulim free who a stir a a my. Ilmi a Urli. a Seitu be without a Iukie a. A a tini inv Linolfi l i prob Bly limn Nley. Loim strict by Climde Meitl. thu at a edit Freo. a iii a Fi..Kui i if Pate uru. Sci a nth fic i Merkun. A Handa finely a Guitrau a a weekly. Rani eat Culat Lun any Schlei iii Idun Wil. Temp 11 a a it it a a out la a. #1. Hold Ivy �01 Walt Bias a Fulcd. �,26 f st. Van Hub it Ltd

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