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Bar Harbor Record Newspaper Archives Apr 29 1903, Page 1

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Bar Harbor (Newspaper) - April 29, 1903, Bar Harbor, Maine , a Milt Cut Piil a sort Atmil my Ltd Imi Tom Kleam we Susi a a we Mcm Imrit. Several Nice gotta Jea for Bent at hat cock Point. Also a few very de8irabi0 Shore lots for Sale. \ it bit a >i>�98 a a the Geo. H. Grant co.,general insurance agents Losiff do Taboe phone. A Nat bar or Geo. H. Grant Ign Ranee Reinl estate investments Harbor me log so oi8tahck tyls Phoeb. Serls i of Trier at first Nail Bank brokers apr Bir , Pic Nolas and aeolian for Sale to rent imm Lmh of a Mumm min a it my of a a it my 9tmm,immmn� Otto fint Oum Hlf a numb mime tax to beat it Bemon fable a Noel tet Uttmi Malai a pm pm it no Tow Tmima it met it my my we intr we a i a in ii a i a a Gibli pm m fat mum u Mir Hunt us m a saw m Mai pm Mii Mii 1 m my a ukr. My a it in e it sons company the Moat Eulif tue Plano and Mansle room in the to. A4 Ottose Street bar Tahar malice who hemp. R. P. Prat it , Stabi feint ci�a88 a lab of by but kind by the Boub in at Quot week of Saboit. From it Sor Visei Good Bones. A trim Yeh Iclea Latel Migedt Driver. Terms e. Fosterr proper at but bad Babbo. Ats oar optical department is up to Date and the proper fitting and adjustment of glasses is our specially. Optical graduates at e Are on Fine watches French clocks Diamond Jewelv. Oil jewelry renovated re gilded and made like new. Old Gold taken in Exchange for goods o repairs. Jewelry mfg. To order Moores jewelry store 98 main st. Manufacture lbs of the safest cheapest and Best artificial Ligpit known cheaper than kerosene. All care of and damage from lamps saved path Meta Bam top in this and of Obbink c0umteib8.-this machine has no valves-60y�ned Kapral extra cos fir and Pelo fitted by tie Board of fire underwriters Bra a wry Smith agent co. A Kil am. Wii a Vyon a at Street. New. By Haj Pomr How m Cir pm chum Quot i Quot. A every Neble achieve Nunt and Berei Fici eat work has had Ita beginning in the individual Effort of Acme Good than or woman whose life purpose Hai been to i ive a and at Singth to the suffering and weak of the world. About ten years ago one cold Bleak Winter a Day mrs. Harriett Peabody while on her round of work among he poor who live in that wretched Quarter of Boston known As the Quot slums Quot a a vague territory bounded by poverty infirmity helpless Ness and hopelessness had a very pitiful Case of suffering brought to her Node. Baby Waif had in discovered at or near some lady s Doorstep and the tiny scrap of humanity had been badly Frozen. Amputation was necessary to insure Stven a Chance of life. With that tenacity of existence that is so often Folind among 4hose least fitted for the life race the child lived mutilated crippled forever crippled a but it lived. What to do with this child was now the pro blend to be solved. From one charitable institution to an a ther mrs. Peabody went with the baby s Story but there was none which quite filled the needs of the Case in question. The Home for incurable in Dorchester where there were eleven Beds for the incurably ill might indeed provide for the physical care of the Lite cripple Bat Tipiere was no provision there for the educational training such a child would need. The children s Hospital in Boston Only offered temporary abode during the period of physical disability. The Indus. Trial Hool for crippled and Defo Mrad children while deling the great Wor of giving these Una ordinate Little people Nair Oal training and teaching them useful trades was no Home. There was no institution where the ave eral needs of this child or class of children could be provided for Hexame time. This fact weighed upon mrs. Pea body a generous heart and Busy mind and she at once began to turn her energies toward the first Steps on the Way to the establishment of an institution where the deformed and crippled children of the poor could have surgical care intelligent nursing such educational Trainito As would enable Triem to become wage earners and a Home life until they were physically and mentally fitted to undertake their practical part in life. The poor Little Frozen baby and the generous and Wise head of a woman were the two primary factors in the gradual building up of the new England Peabody Home for crippled children. Quot this was the sewing of the seed this was the dreaming of the the seed has grown into the fruit of a wide benefaction the dream has become reality a unique Charity among Chari tips for there is no other which combines physical mental and moral training in the Happy and peaceful round of real Home life Many friends came Forward to give Aid and counsel and in 1895 mrs. Peat Fly s idea took Concrete form in the opening of the institution which t ears her name in Weston from which it was moved to Wellesley farms. From Well Caley the institution was moved to Hyde Park where the Board of managers purchased a House. This Bouse is not Large enough to meet the increasing demands of the Home however and a new and larger building has become a necessity. The generosity of or. Robert Bleakie of Boston has made the new building a possibility for he has Given to the institution a Large tract of land in Hyde Park adjoining the lot on which the present Home now stands. The situation for the new House which is to be called the Mary Livermore House in Honor of the honorary president whose name is so widely associated with Public benefactions is an Ideal one. Great tall Pine Trees scent the air with the delicious fragrance Mossy knolls and Lichen covered rocks with the coughing of squirrels and the twitter of Birds trybe tree Topa offer opportunities for the most charming object lessons in nature and at the aame time open a new world to the Little Pale faced children Many of whom have passed their lives within the close Walls of the tenement Homes or on Beds of suffering. The Bouse bearing the legend Quot new England Home for crippled children Quot Over its door is cramped and unsuitable arranged for the purpose to which it is 00� adapted there la citing no regular dormitories Andino really pro it Erly appointed schoolroom Lor the child to but the Matton a Wise forethought and the teacher s tact and ingenuity make up for these de Ficik ocies As far if to possible. The completion of the Mary Livemore House is a it of Forward to i eager impatience by tii Oie interested in the cd Ildren s Wel a ure because of by Hope rave need for Laif old better accommodations. Quot fit Tyty Little children Are now it Helt Edl Eimi it that inti Totoni a go Nero Tea roof Twenty Little children whose lives lie with in the Shadow of their crutches Twenty Little White souls waiting to receive the impress of Good or evil Twenty Little lives to be trained into usefulness and self a a. A a Aow octet plod by the Cliff and this by Klee Stenda into thi for hog a Leel read the Small vehicles the rolling Chai 9fid wheel couches in which some a mlis Inma pass most of their time. Here there Are awnings to shelter the delicate invalid cripples from too Strong a Blase a Etc summer Sun shiite and Here the thump of Crutch and Brace a Ingles with the a hire of Birds and the laughter of children through the fair summer Days. Down in a schoolroom where miss Conant the to Scher reigns supreme the visitor May find during school hours till of the children who Are physic a Able Busy with slate and Pencil Reader and spelling Book doing their Light tasks with eager intelligence for most of these children possess keen inquiring minds and Are glad to learn this school training is of the greatest value and gives the institution one of the greatest claims upon Public consideration. It was during a Forenoon visit to the Home that the writer by Way of Experiment asked the children if they would like to draw her something. Instantly a pair of hands Black and White Chubby and thin were uplifted and a chorus of voices cried out Quot a win Quot Quot i will Quot Quot i Imd there was an immediate demand for paper and a few minutes later a dozen pictures were formally handed in the a Isiler saw through a sudden blur of uns hed tears a dozen drawings of the things the children knew most about every child had drawn a splint or a Brace or a Snitch one Little girl timidly put a bit ii paper on the visitor s knee saying Quot does that look right Quot it Asthenic fire of the key that was used to wind her i Brace tighter when it became Loose. Another Chil had made a very neat and accurate representation of the head strap Ahe wore. Poor Little creatures the things they knew Best were the Trade Marka of in Here is m Llyde girl with a Long memory Quot said the teacher pc noting to a child who sat near. A a cant you recite for the lady Gertie Quot and Gertie thus introduced but bled Forward and repeated almost the whole of Taul reveres Midnight ride this was remarkable consid being that she had Learned it from hearing i Herder re recite it and had had no other a Igini la so Melmes these strange Hunt Ai in a is 1 ask stiff Potts questions. Black Nolke is perplexed about the complexion of the Angels. Quot when i die will i turn White Quot is his constant question. Perhaps this is because there Are no pictures of Black faced Angels in the picture books but at All events he is troubled about the matter. Another child knows that Quot there Arn t any crippled children in heaven cause you Don t need crutches when you have got wings and can Little Mary is a Clear Reasoner. Upstairs where the children Are who have to lie with their distorted limbs strapped Down to their queer looking wheel Beds there is a gentle Little girl who can Only lie on one Side and in one position. To the question Quot will she Ever get the nurse answers gently in a whisper Quot that is a hopeless Case. We Only try to make her As comfortable As we Quot How did it happen Quot Quot she fell Down and got Hurt and they had no doctor. There was a Large family and she had to help in the housework Small and frail As she is. Spinal trouble came on and now now she will grow up Strong and Well in heaven Quot just opposite Sweet faced Mabel rattles away in her wheel bed and now and then a musical laugh bubbles up in a Ripple of Melody. Such a Mirthful laugh such a Radiant smile such a cheerful voice yet Mabel has been lying there for a Long Long time and the tiny hand holding a Bunch of violets is very nearly transparent. And there Are sad stories Back of these frail creatures. Sometimes it is the Story of parental abuse or neglect sometimes the Story of Well meaning but ignorant care taking very often it is the Story of a Drunken father an overworked Mother too Many Mouths to fill and no bread to fill them in such cases the invalid child has no certainty ahead except the pauper s Home or the grave. Baby Willie is a yellow haired Chubby Cherub who looks the picture of health As he Sita on the Matron s Lap. When auntie Quot As the children Call her put him on the floor it was easy to see Why he was there. With a Brave Effort he crawled away into the adjoining room dragging a paralysed leg behind him. Quot he is not a hopeless Case Quot said auntie. He will walk some Day probably. They do wonderful Tabinga at the children s Hospital where we a end our patients tor temporary Aid. They come Back Here to stay until they Are Able to get on without care or nursing. Wide had crawled Back to auntie s and his big blame eyes were full of Curk mity As he gazed at the visitors. Where did you get your Blue eyes Quot ask to inia Toat guest. From heaven Quot he answered gravely. And if you where is heaven. Willie cottage for Ftp it or for Sale a err inc my Nav Mii Maink. Suddenly there came the sound of bang my desk Lida a thumping and Clatter and flutter from below that announced that the pupils downstairs we about to sing some of their kindergarten songs. Hurrying Down the visitor saw two rows of eager expectant faces and two Rowa of impatient hands All ready to a do Quot the Quot Pigeon House song. At a signal every Arm that could be spared from a Crutch was lifted in an impressive and. Realistic Flop Quot Quot Flop Quot while a chorus of voices in shrill unison Sang Quot my Pigeon House i open wide Coo Coo l Coo Cool Coo Cool Quot one Small bodied big headed Black child was dramatic in the role and All of the children showed evident pleasure in the game. In View of the fact Fiat this institution provides nursing schooling and a Home for these children it is unique in its work As a Charity and should be supported by those who Are interested in the welfare of the helpless poor. Since these children Are to be trained and educated to become wage earners in lines of Industry adapted to their physical ability this institution becomes not Only a Beautiful Charity but a great Factor in the social economies of the Community. Of mothers and fathers of Happy healthy children thank god for this Birthright of your own and do not forget these less fortunate children of sorrow whose lives May be gladdened and sweetened by whatever measure of help you of grateful hearts can give. Pauline Carrington Bouve. Rocka themselves dissolves the nutria mar which gives strength to the Forest gift we need both the River and the rain. Spring gardening. Be Points a fat Nger upward and says Quot heaven is on we Sophy. Moon Quot with baby Phil 1-1 two anniversaries. June 17th is the bicentenary of the birth of John Wesley May 2sth is the Centenary of the birth of Ralph Waldo Emerson. These anniversaries Are not to pass unnoticed. The methodists in new York City have already held a meeting in memory of Wesley at which the president of the United states was the principal Speer. There will be other cat ration hot i Eire by in this country but All Over the world. Less notable in size but perhaps not less impressive in character will be the gatherings by which men of All creeds and professions will Honor the memory of Emerson the poet and philosopher. Methodism in America beg a when a score or More gathered at John Wesley s House in Savannah Georgia in 173, although the first society was not organised till thirty years later. To Day the methodist Church in the United states has nearly six million members in All its branches who spend Many millions every year for Church maintenance and for charitable and benevolent purposes. Emerson s Monument is no less real. His poetry has stirred his Coimbre inspired his Fine spirit uplifted t c hearts of men until he himself has e red into the very Bone and sinew of the natural life. No one can fix the Bounds of Surh an influence As these two men working in such different ways exerted because none can Lay his Finger on this deed of heroism or on that and say what inspired it. The lives of some men Are like Rivers. Their strength and Fervour turn mighty wheels and bar fleets heavy with Roble cargoes. The lives of others Are Liki the rain which you cannot it Trace in a Broad Stream or measure in horse Power yet it. Seeps through the a Oil and from the very with Spring in the air and All Gre things parting with slender fingesa4ihftsifcr Brown Earth then pushing and Elboim each Otler in a Friendly contest to Aee which shall Quot get there Quot first an or ref Ihmi. Indeed is the woman who does not fades the Force of that Oil command Quot god it Happy is she who has a place to a even though her ventures do not Law so turn out in Accord with her expectant Iacob. Gardening is the Best exercise in a world for the nerves even though. Quote a Bright California woman it a a. A Quot delusive malaria and Erik Gia infect the Early and late Dew Damps tetanus lurks in the Loam a mems. Fruitful source of neighbourhood feuds and. The chickens Over the Fence. Though one s gardening efforts in a a backyard Are naturally restricted thaser Are some compensations for in Slayer iai. A the matter of chickens. To be saw of tar neighbor s cats Are prone to assist car a Ftp digging with far More Zeal than Diseri but that is a Small matter and Seldom duct Ivy of poverty of soil is to be the greatest drawback. As no Pisa set can grow Well in hard compact so he ground must be Toro highly broke a turned Over pulverised and Euriela. Bone meal is one of the Best Hertha Saaw. Also the sweepings from the Street Lestr Over Tea and Coffee the Tea leaves pm about the roots of Rose Bushes will Stii late growth. % among the Quick growing and satisfactory plants for the Small Garter i Are Sweet Peak nasturtiums Sweet Alyasha and Candy tuft for vines to Ali Maciw Over and conceal the Board Fence the 0� the wild Cucumber for rapid Gonah to japanese or even the Ordinary glory the hop and the Madeira Vine a Border of Hardy plants is always do a sizable though it ukes time to get Fet started. For this there Are the Good,.�ii. Fashioned Flowers the Columbine. A my a a Spur Star of Bethlehem Sweet Wiki Alai poly Anthus Bachelor buttons clocks. A Row of hollyhocks Singa Masr double beautifies the Back Corners of a a tel Garden or blots out an unsightly Bittak Fence. Three other things there Are that so Nisi find a place in every garden�?asparagi�., Quot pie Plant Quot horse radish. Asparagus once bedded is there to stay for a Quarter of a Century at least. An occasional to it Riching an annual salting and each a Spring finds the mahogany Greem Striks plump and succulent Spring up in a big Jiffy. The flavor and delicacy of Hame Growa a asparagus Cut when Only five or six irks Btu High is a revelation to those who been accustomed to the Market variety White and Woody save at the we . Rhubarb too is an Avant courier of lbs Early Spring the close crinkly Leaf Pic ing out from a Rose coloured Knob Tom shooting up and straightening out unti each Long Pink Green stalk displays its Fine Green Banner of a Leaf. A Root of horseradish tucked in it ground takes care of itself and May be had at any time for the digging. Punic Btu. Aromatic fresh and White when Graser i and mixed with Lemon juice it is the Par excellence for roast beef raw of Sirry. And sirloin Steak. The mount desert nurseries win. Miller manager. Canada hard Wood ashes and Swift Lowell ground Bone for lawns and crass lands. Wood ashes of Good Quality contain the greater part of the essential elements of Plant food in their k est form and in Large Quantity besides incr aging markedly the moisture holding map Salty of soil. A stable when used Slone they form with Bone meal a Complete and excellent manure for lawns and grass lands which besides the Rich growth it gives has tto great advantages of by ing wholly free from Weed seeds Masily spelled and free for Iro often save odor. Our Wood ashes Are in leached thoroughly 6cr�?, and the Best to be obtained. Poleet upon application. The of Floe and greenhouses si6 upon Schooner nes Road and have Telephone ibs. A Majk Vul Jeniec Jess contractor and Buie Der Lott Sifft jiol>1>ln9 a my of Ltd shop my st. Lab Hubby file George l. Stebbing cottages for rent. To ill lots of in Clit i it to Quot m off Lomi a eel Harbor my. And 108 Prudho to Hank no

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