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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald Newspaper Archives Sep 7 1882, Page 2

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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald (Newspaper) - September 7, 1882, Bar Harbor, Maine Tel Bab Kilson wore Point lace Oyer. Pink and reclined on a Pink Pillow to match. Tester Day the baby was in Bike Irith Nishie and Pillow to match. To Morrow a will be in a a. It is very Sweet to see Jasbi it Mable mothers indulge their tastes by dressing Thor babies. They say the Ness of Wales who Only lives ii her children has fostered this fashion in England. Mini a uti ill thursday evening sept. 7, 1882. Bini tube almanac september 7. Sun ribes.5.30 Sun sbt8.6.20 length of Day.12.56 Moon i Seby 0.45 a. M. High water j al ply quot the mount desert Herald is for Sale in bar Harbor by the following persons Albert w. Bee main Street. Geo. H. Grant Tele pm office. Miss Lucy Hale Mam Street a. B. Joy main Street. B Smith West Street. Ibo by Albert w. Bee 169 Tremont Street Boston there advertisements and subscriptions Are received and Back numbers of the Ede Bajus May be obtained. executors and guardians desiring their probate advertising published in the mount desert quot Herald will please so state to the court. Correspondence solicited from tourists and All others interested in mount desert upon All topics of local interest. Rejected communications will be returned if accompanied by sufficient Stamps to defray postal charges. Efforts Are being made to organize at bar Harbor a society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. A great Many complaints have been made with regard to the Way sheep and poultry have been treated especially at the wharf where the latter Are left in the broiling Sun without water and crowded to Fether m close compartments. No Little in ignation has been aroused by this culpable neglect and ill treatment of dumb creatures. The willingly offers its Aid in the matter and Hopes that by next year the society will be in working order. A National Bazaar Art. And Industrial exposition will be held in the Rotunda and adjacent Halls of the National Capitol at Washington d. C., november 25th to december 3d inclusive1882, As Authon Zed by joint Resolution of the Senate and House of representatives August 7, 1882. The object of this undertaking is to raise funds with which to erect a statue in Washington to the memory of general Jaques a. Garfield late president of the United states. The work is in the hands of a committee of the society of the army of the Cumberland who have already collected for this purpose some Twenty thousand dollars and expect with the results of the exposition to Havo a sufficient sum Avith which to erect a work befitting the great name it is proposed to commemorate. F Roin an Occam Onnel a i Etter from Cape maj. The weather Bureau turned on a Blas from the North pole yesterday and Cut the Tail of the season in Twain. The Stockton the last and largest of the hotels closed to Day. The Congress declined to receive guests a week ago but kept the few on hand until Friday last when it closed. Even the hotels that remain open during the Winter have but few guests while the season has been a very successful one in most every Quarter it has been a dismal failure Here. It is a Short one at the Best compared with other places but when lengthened with pleasant weather it fails to attract. A combination of unfortunate circumstances has contributed to depress and deplete Cape May. This season has been a very Rainy one. For ten Days it rained incessant and when the weather cleared the mosquitoes came in Clouds. Leonle stood them till the , and the town Lias not recovered from the exodus of its guests in the height of the sea son. But there Are other reasons Why Cape May has not been successful this summer and Why it May not be successful in the seasons hereafter. It has not met the spirit of Competition that has sprung u All along the Long Inland and Jerse quot coasts. It has not relied on its magnificent bathing Beach and added no other attractions. The result that people have gone to new places and Hift the old ones to decay. Although the hotels have closed All of the cottage population remains and at bathing time there Are still several Hundred people left for the surf. The Northeast storm does not interfere with the bathing. The air i. Chilly but the water is almost tepid while tiebreakers come rolling in High and fast with quot the multitude Mous music of a thousand Ages the sights on the Sands and in the surf increase with the absurdities of each year s fashions. Everybody gets the Benefit of the new mania for stockings. The ladies who would hard exhibit the size of their slippers on the piazzas of the Stockton Unble Shingle show off the full length of the new colors in the Bath. The sight is a shapely one and evil Only to him doubtless who evil thinks. There have been no accidents this season and but few persons rescued from the Breakers. This is mainly attributable to the absence of the Good swimmers for they venture out and cannot get Back and to the warning notice posted in Ever Bath room for the Benefit of the new Comers. There is so much shouting and frolicking the water that it is difficult to detect an Earnest Appeal for assistance. The new fashion in dogs continues to increase at least the dogs increase. Last summer the English pug with a Black battered nose was the rage and he holds his own quite Well among the childless votaries of fashion. This year i notice a new Breed with which i am not familiar but it seems to answer every purpose As Well As the pug. These pet brutes sleep in mistresses laps and Are frequently fed from the same table though some of the hotel managers have not yet yielded to the demand for quot High chairs for the Little pets. It is a Good thing to see a season open with the hotel proprietor shaking hands with every one who gets out of the omnibus and his face beaming Over the dollars he expects to Roll in before the Aust tides. It is a Good thing to see at its height and sleep on a cot in the Wash room at the rate of four dollars a Day not including extras but it is a better thing to see the closing Days of the season when you can get a quot parlor with a Ocean front with the privilege of occupying one Hundred and eighty one other rooms All quot with Ocean fronts quot and on the same floor to hear the unbroken murmur of the Ocean at night and the wind whistle through the blinds and around the Comers and Down the porticos of a vast and almost tenant less hotel or when the Clouds lift and the sea runs Down to watch the stately ships come out from their Haven under the Delaware Shore and Fleck the Ocean Blue in the spanking Breeze that comes in from the southward to be told that ttys is the last Neal Sah quot and that everything is quot out quot but yourself that the band went up sis morning and that your baggage was already Down for the train this evening in Short to feel that it is your time to go Home. Yet september is the most delightful month at the sea Shore Ai ter a few Days of storm Are which Clear the atmosphere Render the air mild and actually improve a he tem lier attire of the surf for bathing. Cape May n. A sept. 2,1882. From our regular cd True Dent a Reeves from a Ems Haf a to try the old age runs Bluit quot cd age is honorable quot Bat we Small live to add in this Case a old age is smart quot Jose Daws Zofih splice is eighty eight years old he went out fishing tuesday alone and caught a halibut that brought the Scales Down at 160 lbs. Good for old age the Gloucester fish company messes. Parker amp sons pay out weekly $2500, and make a Harvest for the Fisherman by paying remunerative prices. The Road from the sea Wall to Bass Harbor via ship Harbor is about completed. The drouth Here causes people to drive their cattle a Long Way for water. Sub. Bass Harbor sept. 1,1882. Frown our regular correspondent collect leis from Castine. Thursday s Steamer took away quite a number of summer visitors. A hop in town Hall on thursday evening was enc de by quite a Large party. Gen. K. S. Kennedy of Ohio delivered a political address to a Large gathering in town Lall on Friday evening. Sch. Kate a Wentworth capt. A. Gray arrived thursday from Bangor Laden with ice for Beaufort s. George Macomber who acc Dently shot himself in the hand sold the pistol to a son of John Sawyer who also shot himself in the hand in the same manner. Prof. Riddle delivered a very interesting discourse in the orthodox Church on sunday last. Camp meeting at North Castine opens today monday with unfavourable we Ather. X. N. Castine sept. 4, 1882. From Wiir regular a latest from Pond. Or. Eben Kichard soc of Sutton s Island informs your correspondent that he planted a piece of potatoes and a Small Patch of Beans on the eighteenth of june and the sixteenth of August he had new potatoes Anc also string Beans from those two plantings. Who can beat that ? i he visitors Are thinning out quite fast most All will be gone by the twentieth. They will carry with them the memory of one of the most notable incidents that Ever occurred Here namely the Landing of the first Steamer the la unt , at the new wharf built by the Seal Harbor wharf company of which you had an account in the at the time mrs. F. Dabney of Boston was the first person to get on Board from the new wharf. Cant. Robinson is winning Golden opinions and his Steamer also from the tourists As Well As the inhabitants. Although this Landing is not on his will come in to take two pass engers and next season he will see to it that the company he represents make this a regular Landing. A description of the new wharf As it now stands May not be out of place. It is me Hundred and ninety feet Tom the Bank to the head of the main pier and is built almost wholly of sawn Hemlock Timber of which 200,t�00 feet Avert used. The hours Are four Inch planks As is also the covering. Four tons of quot i Inch Iron bolts were used every place where the Timber crossed being firmly bolted and there is at the least calculation a thousand tons of ballast on the several Ilo Orinis making it firm enough to withstand the storms of old Ocean in summer or Winter. There is twelve feet of water Here at Low tide. The selectmen Laid out a Road last saturday and before the season opens Evi Mything will be ready for . . Safiu ilai Boi s it. 4, . Thebout it in and Maink lit or. F. O. J. Bod try i Etc Marci to it a a in quot pai to s parlor Cara at it their rii Kcal at their hotel i r Cottam them the trouble of Fiji if to it it the boat flt in Hurni i Viii them Chiec if seat lib . Anu parties Wisla Init a car by themsflvo.-, can hate it by ral Ninfi on or. I Krige or a it ill it it iut him at the Tranci c until hotel Bai Harbor then by Avint Hidie bit a o trouble and avoid in for tju Rush. R Wing to the or of trav 1 for Louif at this season the Boston and Maine , have put tables Ned a ticket flier for the a of parlor car tickets and seats at the fir and in trial hut"., where seats can be Curc a in Advance thereby taif Rusli it the Thice. Dia Prain an a tickets o Iliad of to iii spent. F. I. J , Ramic Rai hotel bar Harbor. On Voi r of to in Home take the Knox amp Lin Cion Railroad running from Rockland quot of All Point i Soutsi and West. Return tickets Reading quot via Steamer quot Are Pood by this line p or Apdy to f. A. Jerry agent Irand Central Hotd bar Harbor. Quot Cotta webs quot wishing information to routes tickets baggage checks ctc., will be waited upon at their cottages by calling for me. T. A. Mitchelson at the Rodick by Triep bout or of guests Contr Ftp hotel Hayob amp sons few tors. . Soc Bridox clerk. A. We Adams by a Anderson Florida spam Midtown Niy b. V r. G t Blackstock Toronto mrs Blackstock Wjk a Hild Toronto miss Ballard Boston d. Chas Bay 4 a Phila Frank m Day Pella j a Dummond Toledo f. Mrs Theo Foster Stlouis h. I miss latime Broo Lvii f heliotes a Bui port the it is Mdge ways 8. Henry w Smith a a Orange n j miss Smith Orange k j s n Savage amp Boston miss Alex Savje. Boston Henry Sava Boston t q Wormley a t Phila miss Wormley Phila mrs e t Hunt Cambridge miss Hamilton 8t Louis la tact Abiu tals. J Fergason amp a Phila Isaac Strickland a a ban miss Sallie Blair Philar Andrew Blair amp a Phua Vignere Youngtown Ohio w c Pitman 4k a Bangor George White Columbus o l w Sevill or Plainfield no a p Bonny Plainfield n j mrs Bonny Lowell miss Bonny Lowell f w j m Welsh a a Boston mrs h Beech Boston j t Gui Columbus Ohio c n Richards a if Washington d c Edgar Crocker Boston miss e w Ayer Lowell Fredrick Jer Lowell j c aver Lowell r w Greenleaf Cambridge hotel Deg Isle. E. G. De8 blk proprietor. L. Hodgkins clerk. B. Charlotin Brooke Phila c. A l cose Long Island d. H Davis or Springfield 111 miss a Dexter Bererly e g Daves Baltimore e. Misfel e Evans n y mrs f b Ellison Boston f. Mrs h s five Boston h. Miss m m Loppin Providence k i h Ilo in a a n y miss Loppin n y n j miss c a hoppin Providence r i latest arbiva.i.9. Ii b or Aeron Boston miss am , Phi i s o Hof Inan Bih miss c to Lewis Phil Samuel h hoppin or n y e Hutchinson Phi a j. F r Jones a f. N y l. R w learning a of Phua miss Lea i Phila Jane Mason Boston mrs Meredith a m. Orange n j the Meredith Orange n j o. Miss l o Connor Boston p. Miss Purdy n y w mrs g c Walker a a Brook in n y miss Whitmore Gardiner my j d Davis n y mrs b Droesbeck f a m hotel Hamilto it a. George w. Hamilton proprietor. --4-- w f Holland a a bar Harbor c server West Newton Annie b cram win Clien Don Fred w Brown Winchen Don Nellie Collins Winchendon John Kosh a a Brookline m Clair a a Rochester n y lot al st san eur. F. J. Alliv proprietor Albion i. Alley clerk. D. Mrs m c Dexter Boston miss m l , Boston f. L c al it on a of Boston h. Mrs j m Howe Aiu Bridge mrs f r Howland Newport us Howland Newport w l Landreth Phila l a Landreth Phila t , Liui latest arrivals mrs l m Sargent it cd miss w n Sargent new port port n w Little add Bangor in l Barrett Munson n 11 Jennie m Goodwin port Ifni Harrington a a land Rockland Kiltie Quinn Portland in tree Halgh amp Wro it a Lillie a Dyer Portland i land Nellie Uinn Portland l t a by Scranton a mrs a let o Conner port p j Conway a Ranton a Laud mrs Freeman Hunt c amp a j Jontef a a Nav sink by n y f l Barrett mis Hunt. N y h n Iray x 11 let Nam j. S. , prop Etc. B. Caroline Biddle Phi i mrs a Biddle Phila Sau iut 1 Baird Phila we Brooks raw Phila mrs j Biddle Phi i or clean lit bit Idle Phi a e. Mrs a h Elt awards. N y i. Miss Iri Woid n y h. Charu Haziel first Piisila i. Inch Boston e i dips Boustra. K. Rio ii in. F. C , clerk. L Kane a a new ort i miss l m Lewi n y m imry in Meier a of Camj Bridge r. Miss e it Ribardi n y i l a Seuile Phila mrs is Scurtis of Philar f Sturgis Phoda ton e Samuel Phila l Idieo. S. Winslow Boston mrs l b Wright Ein n y mis Mary keat intr Pabila l b Wright y latest a rival Lindley Johnson Phila so port to Csc. W. M. Roberts prop etor. E. A Yuru clerk. A. I is l i Prouty Spencer i mis it quot a a Inlet it in Boston h i b. Onrad r. No Boston mrs s w b it to on s. I mrs be twas ii mrs j w t Spaldi Isbos in ton ton miss r c Beale washing miss j t so Aldinia Boston ton t p. The Taylor provi miss i Ai c Poniros. N y Denic Pelk Tiara a Liro Elvn w. N y quot i miss h m Weld Jamaica miss f j , n y Plain . E r Smith to n y miss Smith n y o p Smith Phila miss Homie Boston s a Ilsc a a Spur Lixfield miss Richartson Boston be tar Numis e Ellis Boston or ltd ordain amp a miss build Boston miss h Ellis Boston Ocean House. S. N. Higgins proprietor. B. R. At the hotels and list of the cottagers now at bar Harbor and Vicinity. This directory is published without Charpe and is corrected weekly from lists furnished us by the proprietors of the several hotels boarding houses and cottages. We particularly desire that our list be Ful and Correct but should any omission occur it must be attributed to neglect on the part of the hotel i proprietors the Register is intended to be a directory of guests actually at the various houses at talc time the names arc sent in for publication and is not a list of arrivals of transient guests Many of whom remain Only a single Day in a place. The names of Pii ties occupying cottages for the summer will be found j it properly classified in the cottage list and Are not Here recorded As guests of the hotels al Rhou i Many who reside in cottages Board at the hotels. The director is intended to show where the persons named May be found. Miss e Rotch Boston b s Rotch a Vav Boston i s. In Sargent amp a Fisl kill i n y. I l. Imi Iston a Boston miss Bacon Boston miss Julie Bacon Boston w m Buffum Bost a miss Stedman bos on. J Chandler Boston i or Lawrence Boston 1 latest arrivals. W or summer w a quot is Neu e Pecker Boston Haven it i m Lane Cambridge be Grinnel w a 2 s. Boston miss Lane Cambridge i is a lice Sumner new miss Dyer Sullivan Haven it Kisa Campbell Charleston so. A Bank a a Albany Banks Albany n y we Stewart to Phua Mia Stewart Mia miss m b Stewart Phila ai�c0ddii�gt0q in t w m Stewartjr Lii ii hts Myera. A Angton Oble land Spring Field a Elliot yet Brookline Mia n b Maury washing Jon b Hodges Boston misae g Hodges Boston the Maurera w. W. Sta dubber manager. D. Or doer in quot. Y miss duer4m, f. G fearing pm Newport mrs e Gordon Boatin latest a vitals. The misses Gordon Bost it he f Haseltine Philan j s he bold a a 2 a Phila the misses Newbold Phua june bold or Phila w r traders or n y mrs j b Morris Baltimore miss Livingston n y miss Cochran n y mrs Fitzgerald Brookline a a la Farge n y miss Law Fuge a a k y miss a la Farge n y j Livingstone Tivoli n y the misses Livingstone 4 a a Stoke to 4 a n y a Tivoli nys Lincoln amp a Boston l living Stone amp a Tirotti a miss Bessie Lincoln bos t s Wolsey new Haven e Chancey a a n y he am Down n y c b Newbold Phua j h Woods n y miss l Butler n y a g Pollock n y j Lawrence f amp 2 my t Chase a a Boston by miss c Lumiss n y h r Butler Yonkes n y ton i Kennedy Tod n y a Cochran Boson West end hotel. O. M. Shaw amp son proprietors. F. W. Adams clerk. A e. J l Edwards 4 of Washington h. Miss Anna Hall welder Burg j h Hutchins Boston i. Miss Irwin fort Wayne l. J s Lawson a so Newburg w r Lavender Boston d b k Lud Wilc Phila m. A ii moment n y miss Meserve Chicago miss m u Miller Chilcote o latest aurival3. G Wardsworth Boston w a Kimball Phila miss m a Wilmot n y s w st John obey s d Caldwell amp a n y Missal Well n y e Montij Omery n y j ii lever Icli a a n y j f Droit on Boston miss Riggs Cambridge miss ii Prescott Cambridge s Rogers amp a Portland c w Skinner Brockton mrs j o Kendrick ban Gor miss Kendrick Bangor e palet Litrop Phila miss Ella Roberts Charles town miss r inn dry Chicago 111 j c Paliner Brooklyn n y j j Lerrick 111 p. H v Pinkham Boston r. Mrs q w Rogers Norris town the misses Rogers Norris town s k Roberts Boston miss May e Roberts Boston t. W l g gliomas Wilmington w Thompson a a Chicago w. Miss Wardwe n y t n Morrison Chicago f h Clergue Bangor Rev or s Cox be w. Long Island m e c Webster n y mrs m a Cox Halifax e s cud drugs amp a Boston miss m puddings Boston r ii 4 of Boston or Winslow a Vav Pittsburg a ii it Inch Pittsburg it t Jerk me kits Birg a w hit Ulley Boston j j Converse Syracuse s r i a Ham synic use a Thacher n y or j a Thacher n y j Rvan Portland j Roli Thwait a a Portland m s Phelps Northampton miss Smith Ellsworth j Field Boston mrs c f Peck a of Engle j Newcomb Wood n j w Giddings. N \ or f p Mclean washing h Mansfield n y ton d c l l i ortes n y miss Nellie French Chicago a hotel Harbor. M. Holden. Proprietor. Hon Edwin Wrig lit a of t c Wooding a a Boston Boston Misi it Ruth rii in ion med mrs h Wright to nonfat re. . Rev Theo c Williams. Min be ili l , bos Cambridge t ii miss Sarah f Watt Dover Jonah a Jodais amp Brook n h inc Alfred Wooding Brunswick ii a Wood a w. 3an Gor Leo w cram Boston mis e , a rain a w it Ingv Portland Lerry i be. Prof Chas e Green amp of i w Johnson Portland Ann Harbor Mich. Mrs Leti Ingwell n j j i Webster a of Boston the misses left Newell no j c Westan amp 2 c. Ban Reo i. Rodgers Rar Durr Gor. is in ignore. Bango miss Ida Washburn ban mrs w hit uni Bangor. Gor r re Palmer Cambridge Milt a m a Emerson ban mis v or Kirin Boston. L or m h Wright Boston or win w haves Dover n h Freeman Harbor. J. A. Fake Man Propri tor. D. S. F h Darling Boston or it f k Smith a a Bangor j b Darling Boston or it Carl sic Shuf or Boston j. N amp to quot Best n j j Janeway a i a a new u. Brun Swick re Fiji ii i Macrui <1, bos m. Ton quot p Moran a of Phila w. P. Lulia Ward Wal. Lowell mrs i w Pickerin Bangui r. I Iain s Yoi a Bargor Etia m ram Deli Lowell latest . Fannie m Clark Lowell m d be. I t u. Hartford i Nella a Ward Well Lowell c f i. Little yield w a a win j is quot Barr it w ter port do f l under Vood Boston or r to in Larwood bos a l Underwood. Boston t Ai m Seamans Brookline h uni Larwood Litton e b Hillard a act ii by 11 a a Brooklyn n y a so p Weber Phi i i y. Island Harbor ii. Ii. Clar proprietor b. S j Bidlock Boston mrs j d Uniman a of Boston c. S t Kim Hall to Kland mrs. A Kimball a so Rockland l. D a to it in he Boston Atlantic Hong. J. N. Douglass proprietor. In l. Whithed clerk. H h Harvey w amp d. Augusta a l nickers on f m Tomlinson Detroit miss e j Stroud Rahway miss Cora Tomlinson Paw n j Tucket r i miss i b Martin Rahway j j Mack Salem n j Rockaway House. T. L. Roberts proprietor. A. K. O k Bennett a a Winsted miss e e Krebs Boston Conn a master ii Krebs Boston mrs Benjamin sonic use m. Mrs a a brings to Pring Tiep i s Merriam Springfielt j Lucy Bramati Boston s. Ii j Dolan Boston g w Pullen Bangor miss Alice Dolan Boston the misses Freeman Ravenswood n y miss Martin Summit n j Belmont hotel. J. Manchester proprietor. B. Joshua Bates amp of Boston miss Marv Beach n y mrs Burgy n y miss Burgy n y miss c boffo to Phila Samuel w Bate c. Clarence Cary amp of n y miss Edith r Crosby n y Grace a Crosby a my d. Miss Dietz n y h. John b How n y i Chas t How Boston i k. F Korbay n l p. N a Prentis a a n y r. C j Rowland Phila miss Ilonka de re ivs n y t. Miss Tabor amp a n a quot Robert Taber n y w. Miss a h Williams Baltimore e Braman Boston the misses Braman Boston ii. Mrs d Hinkley bang. Mrs e s Sprague min skate set it provi Len it e miss m g Hooper Boson or i j h Weir Providence i i j s Ivins a f. Phila latest arrivals. R in Duncan Boston a j Foren amp a n y mrs Crosby Boston miss Crosby Boston miss Bangs w ii Bangs Dorchester n b Remick Troy n y miss Mccole Halifax a miss e c Newton n y the Rodick. D. Rodick amp sons proprietors. E. W. Taft clerk. Latest arbival9. Waldron Bates Boston mrs s w Bates Boston Charles Bates Boston Henry Holt n y miss Dulany Baltimore mrs e c Cowam n y miss Alice Cowdin n y Birch tree Imi. J. Andrew Rodick proprietor. B. Mrs e Baker Boston c. Mrs e f Cutter Belfast d. Miss Dill Boston g. Or t p Gibbons new Haven h. Mrs b m Hacker Phila miss e m Hacker Phila p. Or Price a a Phila 8. Miss a m Shannon Boston drum d Stroud a a Phila latest a Babitai. J b Marvin Washington do j m Knox n y miss Knox n y d c Knox n y f b Beeves amp of Phil miss Beeves Phila mrs i Urrieta l Thompson Phila mrs b b Bead Phila miss Caldwel Phila the misses Bret roster Phi i a. Mrs a h Ames Boston miss l l Andrews Baltimore mrs r s Andrews amp of Baltimore miss Archer Maryland c l Andrews Baltimore b. Miss Bell n y mrs j j Bowden n y miss Bowdin n y c. Miss Crocker new York a g Cruger w a 2 a n y or Robert Carter Phila w g motion Boston f. Mrs m e Ramum n. Y c g fall Boston g. Misses Godwin n y a h Gross Phila h. Orville Horwitz Phila 0 c a is n y w f Halsey new Orleans miss f m Halsey Brooklyn l i miss e y Hala Brooklyn Lilian Halsey Brooklyn j h Halsey Brooklyn miss Haines Brookm Hiss 1m Haines Brooklyn or p j Horwitz Phua l. W f Ladd a of Galveston a j b Morris Baltimore my j a Mitchell n y the misses Murdock Balti More John Murdock t a Mitchelson Portland Clarence h Moulton b a b s 8 co n. G b Newell n y p. Mrs g h Peters Boston miss Peters Boston mrs v m Paine n y w h Paine n y r. Mrs c p Roders Pittsburg Minnie Smith n y f w Shannon a n y the misses Shannon n y v. Mrs a 8 Vanduzer n y my ssh Vaduz a y w. Mrs 8 a Witherell Boston min a Witherell Boston miss Washington Phila we Herbert Washington Philadelphia l s Ware Phlok miss Wallace Huntsville a h j Toovell Phua or Cunningham to n a w e Brighton Banj or miss Chapman Bridgton d Libby san Francisco no a m. R Carpenter Fairview mrs j w Mott amps n y n j mrs a Murphy Phila m l Childs Charlestown p. Mass ant if s Pierce Dorchester e. Mass m a Emerson Cambridge r. k Roberts Maiden m f Emerson Cambridge m w Roberts Maiden e h rot erts Boston f. I s. Edith l Frost Fairview it mrs w i Slade a a n \ miss Mary Fosdike a of Isar a , Boston Fitchburg mis Sargent Liri Luton i misses l it s w Fosdick no Fuch Burg k y mis it s ii Swett Boston quoth. Miss m Swett Boston c h Huckins Bangor j t. F p , Chelsea or it e c Taylor to n y mrs f w Homer Bel miss 1i Aylor Leroy Mont Mai a n y Ila tie Hill Belmont w. A Hopper n y a Isabel Wrichman Boitin k. To rii he Ovid a miss m p Knight bad Mont s w Wellington Belmont a h Weld i Nervine in n Knowles Cleveland o latest arrive . Or Sidney. Norwich Conn a capt Cipp the missis Salmon Boston e c amp w. Phila r w Kimball Rockland d h Buck a a Phila miss Nina Tillson Rock-1a j Mur priv amp a Phila land it Ashton Phila Geo m Baird st John list r 8tiiavt Chase or haters Masa messes Arthur a phase Haverhill . C 8 Goodwin Jbf Arti go c b Ilion me Hartford. C b Loomis Hart ibid it c l Goodwin Hartford mrs s b Morrison ban a miss Sanders Oshkosh win mrs Many Chester Boston w w Lockwood Detroit Mich als. Ills a e. Hardy 2 c a amiss d Haurey Boston messes Brad Bangor miss in Fey Harvey Boston a e hard Bangor miss be Adios Bangor Amos Hardy Bangor miss Wilson Haverhill Stanley Harbor. S. Stage proprietor. F Hinkley a of Bangor h Putnam by mrs c Morrison Minneapolis Minn f l Washom Minneapolis mrs r p Byerly Phila miss m e Byerly Phila w e Byerly Cambridge o Putnam san Francisco j b wan in Roxbury mrs Gibbens Cambridge m�58 Gibbens Cambridge the misses Parsons Boston mrs e Kent Bangor the misses a Muley to Peepsie by s Hinkley poke Epsie n y mrs emms Hartwell Boston d b Shore a a Dighton e Kent a or miss m f Wilson Bangor master c 8 Wilson Bangor the misses Strong Newton c Grossman Boston miss c f Garland Nashua p Mcneil Bridgeport it r Mcneil Bridgeport it sea Wall House,.Southwest Harbor. D. S. Moonet proprietor. A a a f. G w Force n y k. Mrs m e keys amp of Boston m. Mrs w j Mann a a Newton w j Mann Boston t. Miss Jessie Thompson Stoneham latest arrivals. A b Thon son w a a Cou-1 m Burkjr Marlboro Cord n h j f Callehan Boston e f Deli no w and Boston i mrs c w Thompson Boson master s Thompson Concord n h c w Thompon Boston master l Thompson Concord n ii w. Mrs a w White a a Warwick. N y Coxx Aoe r ire Story Birch Point and the Bay Shore. Birch Point Taipi is Hardy and family Boston Derby cottage or. Hasket Derby a Fani ily Boston. I Wilingham cottage a. W. Dillingham and family new York. Geo. Jig Girini cottage mrs Pierre Humbert and family. New York. Grant cottage i. A. Grunt jr., and family. Tarry town n. Y. Lamee cottage mrs. T. Linzee and Dought it is Boston. Let Rren Liggin cottage mrs. N. acid miss Matthews Bostil Edgemere to. B. i f. New York. Minot cottage a. R. Minot a family Boston. Saunders cot tug a mrs. I. Saunders mrs Scutt and son. Philadelphia. Trip s cottage mrs. John Wells Ini family new Brunswick n. J. Cottage fit a. M. Wei 1 a family Boston f. G. Peabody and Fani ily Andover. Cottage Street. A i. Hexter cottage a of. E. N Jeri i family new York. Lung Ntreh cottage. A or. Morri Contr stretch Anil wife Philadelphia. Tabor cottage a. In Rory Resvie a , Philadelphia. Cottage a it i it. J. A. Bin Den Bowden Ilis s k Walton r. B. \ a Coral Amer new York. Yew Man Shekter s. Elds amp wife and a Trustus \ an Home Ellis Bartow on sound n. Y Duck Brook. Men. W. Farrar Snaith be t York Ell i0ttage a it. \ 1. D \ is mis Elwood nit \ v i i. Fox. Ltd Kating. a a. A a Wiig it a i i and Atli me. I Rikh fun How us a ions and miss Bowier Ini . 11 a a Nily Bost n. A Iris . Ocean Harbor. N. The agcy jr., proprietor. Mount desert Street and v Vicinity. A. E. Conner i cottage misses Odwin n. Y. Brewer David Wetmore miss Loui if Wetmore new York. Grafe cot tape mrs. Livor Liv a quot mrs. Reo. Place. New Ork. Miller cottage a Siv. A. J Pendleton miss Charent a Pendleton Philadel Hia. Nicker on cottage Walt v Kane amp life new Yirk. At Iati Aih cottage or i. Edwards. Miss no Woltil. New York. 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Des Isle pop Ritok. This new hotel is Terv pleasantly within Are minutes walk of the steam oar. Churches and Post office. It is thoroughly i i and contains every con fort for its guests. Sun by Broad Piazza. It comm Ancis an uninterrupted the mountains the Ocean and the islands Bav. The Tabic us furnished with the Best the affords. for one Hundred rates $2.00 and $2.50 per Dij. Cottages to Rem Section with hotel. J a iti a i , d i a a i i hotel Dir go. Northwest Arbor my. M. Nolden Prophit Riih. This new hotel will be opened for on or Juke 25,1882. Fine views airy table. Very near the Steamboat wharf and per Orf application for rooms will receive prompt a tion. Ocean House and cottage mount desert Southwest Ilire. In. Teague a s in. A Pii Ofris s. Rooms for one Hundred guests. The n Felt to v a the Harbor. Access to the Good boats and a Arria is for the i pleasure parties Board Troia $7 to $10 or u it k. Cd Corre spoil Lent gladly and a. Closing Sale main Street. Deal i a cottage to. A or it. D. Phair \ ail. Mis s. Delancey \ aii r is it Rlaver Milt a Ai iia Murray Vail miss Omelia a Ren,.>sc Taer new , x a. It orig la ii cottage or. And i Max al. Hug in it attn get mrs m i Evans Evans i is Kuhn. N. W \ Ork Ella White Ldla Delphia. Roberts cottage mrs. Trip thou j. T. Mae Milev Philadelphia. Maiden Hill. Mrs. R. B. Scott Owen Scott Baltimore. to i Oje or in dress and household goods i Hail for thirty Day. A Titre Stock at cot. 1 live also a Large of fancy goods just received which pkg i. All that Are indebted o me will i the next thirty a , k. A Stevens september to 1s-s2. Bar where shall oxur to school p i i it it Volu wish to drive their children u i education than t be limitations of the be a Chooh will Niilow Are invited to acquaint Lii iii. A with the ipe vial advantages of Chancy Hal 1 school. X t i iii in Rinde it i teacher Are nor ltd a i Fez i if in tax i Public shool a but it a. Laa to arranged of the a school enable in non a i fat it or her it i to Rarry out heir ideas in Way Rhu i Cir Oit i condition of the Public Icil not the Bulliung is univ Alec in its sanitary Arra the men and is a Jitu Atco in the most airy and elegant i a quot. Bolt to it a where there Are no temptations to Lea i i stud end Uit 1 bad Liabis. Preparation made for College for brain , a i hot Institute of and its Thori Uili ii l i shown by the Success of its graduates. Spei a a. Fuents or. Receipt a in any branches. But particular attention is invited to children Toni 0 to 13 years old in the lowest class in the upper department. of Hripp taught by one woman they Are put under a instruction of several men and women most of them of his education and Long experience who hold meetings for kindly discussing the peculiarities of tiie pupils for judicious Zacou argement or correction. The al qty with year will begin september 13.n. E mov a. I. The subscriber has removed Bis place of Busine to the stand recently occupied Bya. P. Chick rear of Bradley Block main Street bar Harbor where he will conic Niue to keep a Choice Stock butter eggs apples Etc. With thanks for a Liberal patronage in the past he respectfully solicits a continuance of the same. George h. Tenney. Also in the same building May be found a first class Market and fro vision store where the Best of All kinds of meats Etc., will of found in their seasons. A. Mcc. Howard amp co. Yacht Princess capt. E. H. Bunker takes excursion parties of Lone wid Short cruises the month week Day or Wiur. Tzerma . Yacht Well rigged new sails throughout Nineteen to us Burden and a most Cou Teiei to vessel. Just orders May be left Waltl Pei Leton amp a Turphy Steamboat a liar bar
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