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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1881, Page 2

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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald (Newspaper) - July 17, 1881, Bar Harbor, Maine A tsi a wig Kushed at eating Drin tog making crab of the note los to holes in the Sand flirting my Iun my being a old and in fact Dizin a Ever Jim bag to it our ingenuity As an inventive people attn devise and All Jood-nat4red-h. A Homo Neom lot indeed is to be found at thir Ai Encan vanity fair. They pour in he it oat and cars by Carrie and on horseback and they Arnke straight for the Fong White bore As if to collect their Senges in the face of the majesty of old Ocean before Trust in Ltd thera in the settling bustling noisy crowds about the hotels and promenade. Mai of a mls unday morning july 17, 1881. Sin pc Cvik of it of the ii Kald May be obtained at tic office of Public Calico and at the a one of Ahert w. Mriln Street Bax Harbor. Or. Bee will it up a Supply if balt a limb to re on hand. Ihu re a l. Quot that thar cow i x n quot ii the the an Xci iii a a Crick i Van Arti a tal quot Luicir As a a a it i Ltd to rim a Furui a Alpo iii if her hrad Viu Inan i it to a it a it a and the Toni no Liili it an Lff it to of it tin it iat j Xiru al laa i at in in it it a. Jyh Mizar. This the wait it a car it t j the i igor ii tin a. La Ihram Suni sit Htit i Projain ctr ii it Ai quot a tax Ramft Jyh Ojill on Earth. It it a an a Simar Juh \ oij Avill iii him it Hilt i Jai it Inus a it rini about quot Raj Rillar Winter i at u i quot w it ii hot it ii oui h to nta get a Chu Ken on tii Hack with no Ither in it hut the iii a. A a i it it it nil. I 1�z Vcci Istir _ 11 a it Mii a imi iu-1% hot tor mortal Duran of. That ii. Am. I it till Tiu in. Will la Siniff ail a act quot. Lit Willt to of life quot in a Contr arid chuckle Ali in . Quot to Whf of Mainc Dau dit rss Lara Tea be of Ari Hitu. And a str unit Hun Harlow a native of Portland a halt re cedi to rad Uati d with hij i h in ult quot University. I4a.-.> of. Hot the hint Oral in at Niini a lenient. A Xihai Wjt. Had the of Ina Kin i Iva Prev a on the occasion of Lise a get t excursion to an m �>10� in. A then Atten Dili c Oniell and it new red no Reat Png it to to str edit a \ a Ternina Tidis of Iier course of stud. E were favor ii the a ther a ninja with a j pleasant Call from the lev. W. S. Hawkes. Of South i Ladley Falls. Mass or i Lake pastor of the on j re it rational Church Ai place it is regular Zaminer Eor Respo Rojem quot of tie Hartford Fidd lie Zug lira ii. He is at Jire sent Makin a tour along the Eastern . And himself much with the Reat natural beauties of mount , Well As surprised at the wonderful growth of our cottage Cit Here at bar Harbor. Or. L. Thorn of new York gives us the following particulars concerning the Broadway buildings near Houston and Bleeker streets mentioned in the last Herald As having remained for fifteen years. The building belonged to Robert Goelet who lived at the Comer of Broadway and seventeenth . And died a year since leaving property Worth Twenty million dollars. The facts Are that or. Joelet asked a rent of or Vear. He was of ered $1�,0 0 which he refused saying that the property never would ice rented until it would bring it a year. Elwell of the Portland d an script does n it accept Webster As authority on pronunciation of the name mount desert. He favors mount Deserio and so do the natives. He says the mountainous Isle presented itself to us in one dark mass but Sis we coasted along Shore the Mas resolved itself into a Long line of separate summits until we counted the historic thirteen. Relieved against the Low hanging cumulus Clouds behind them they Stool a out in great distinctness their darkly wooded slopes and dark een summits giving no countenance to the idea of a desert. The Absurdity of calling this land a desert let us at least stick to the modified Fonn of desert the Island will then get no More than deserts. He who thinks he can take real solid con fort in travelling to Lake Maran Yeook alias Winthrop Pond by clinging to the platform of a cattle car or Hung up on the Side of it b iii coat Collar or nailed on by one ear. Or squeezed into the inside As closely sardines Are packed into a Box during a j Lumey of seventy Miles to wander about Whei. There in the beautifully coloured and Sweet scented refuse of a tan Yard which some shining Genius has emitted Down to regale the nose and eyes and ears and Ever portion of the person and apparel with penetrating dust should take the Steamer across one of the most Beautiful Bays in the world to Dice s head where clean grounds grand scene Cool refreshing breezes await him and he will be More than astonished at the of Belfast journal. Yes or better still let him make a trip to bar Harbor where he will find the list Beautiful scene in new England grand a lofty mountains Lovely lakes charming Bays and breezes of the coolest and most refreshing description. Despondent of the n. Y. Evening tit Guam writes to that paper As follows quot it is impossible to exaggerate the charms of mount desert. Bleak Mountain Side and Sunda Nook in sheltered Cove frowning precipice and gentle Meadow broad., heaving Ocean and Placid Mountain Lake a aiming sea foam and glistening Trout Brook the deep Thunder of the no quid swell and the solemn a till nees of the Mountain Gorge the impetuous no and splash of the surf and the musical cadence of Tiewater Faus All mingle and blend in tube Meuchy of Titis wonder Ltd ibid we went Astore at Harbor Long enough before Sunset to st Oll for a couple of Miles Down a wild Wood path by to in sea which Fol lows die Rocky Shore now out by some diff projecting into the Ocean then by Ong the Side of some romantic Cove till it was lost in the wildest of the Forest Wajs where the tangle of Trees All of the richest verdure and Sweet it Tara Graniti would a eem to kid if we had time to follow it to where a the darkest Gucu Sci ill from Woods of iii Ajo a rom twined with a amp is Las a a Oil lii melting odor to invite to it me tort Lovely Rosier notes. How Strong is the Force of habit. Even Ingersoll was heal to exclaim quot thank when he heard the Good news of the president s Init proved condition. The in editors of mrs. Sarah e. Howe of the lat quot ladies of Boston have Cla nub amounting to Are to re it Eive a dividend of five per cent. Per Bally Allih it victims will Ever re it Over. Thu a Oaing society Man of the Day is said to Rej resent six distinct kinds of a born i it idiot. Anal his Pri sence at the Shore convulsed sensible jux Ople with . The %. In. Is rust Cating at Sikir Harbor. 71ie following s Oil is from the Munu Muci Ike journal of ban or quot Anvil info historical Here lie said at Tunt in Sert to a native. Quot Nall. Alenri iii. Caps in Rich materials Are worn in full dress. Iney Are becoming to women with perfectly Oval faces and delicate features but to no one else. Some Idle Pirson who has been counting up the different varieties of , coolly announces there Are one Hundred of the japanese species ninety four French and upwards of one thousand Mongrel affairs that have no business to exist at All. Which do you carry the seven Marti pieces of India Silks Are among the a in Ottiest and most elegant things for summer suites. Each of them will make a to Louiise a san shiite a fan and a bag and when won with a Plain foulard skirt they make one of the coolest of summer costumes. In eng other novelties painted upon the Black res of some of the stylish parasols Are Heads of Honses dogs Stags and other animals with counter part in the handle carved in the Wood. These Are particularly quot Nobby quot and Are used for coaching a purposes. Most ele ant specimens Are exquisitely embroidered and the Sticks of Ivory or Wood beautifully carved and sometimes jewelled. A novel quot on imported dresses is the use of Lar c pins of Gilt or oxidized Silver shark in like huge hair pins for securing the draw Ery of Woolen in ssi Such As dark Blue nun s a we. The weapon ii cd was a Wolt it Len scoop or bailing dish which was broken in pieces Over the head and shoulders of the victim crossroad a arraigned a quot wednesday before a trial Justice and hearing continued to await result of the injun ii to Friday mrs. Crossinn s left Arm is badly quot swollen and turned Black and the physician fears mortification will items. Rear Admiral live Aston with his family Are at Saratoga. A. Mrs. J. W Mack a is credited with an intention to Purchase one of the French Crown jewels and present it tot the Pope. The appointment of Hon. L. S. S. We.?t As British minister at quot Washington to succeed sir Edward Thornton is gazetted. / mrs. J. Kwh Osgood wife of the Well known Temperance reformer died in Gan liner last week after a painful illness of several months. Thursby after her recent concert at Madrid at which the Royal family were present was invited to a private interview with tie Queen at the Jalace. James Russell Lowell said in a recent speech Liat Hanard had now More of professors than there were undergraduates when he first entered Ccu allege. The latest item about mrs. Langtry is that she looked worn and fad ii and was plainly dressed at tin covent Rarden theatre a few nights since. Samuel .1. Tilden is about to so end on an addition to his residence at Iram Rcv Park. The addition will have a Prynt of Leet Anil a de the of a feet. Or. Ila Stone is credited with being Able to master the Avi Ragi Book in a Quarter of an \ i Iling to Ujj Freelain Blue Canu is hair. Smaller i Sotir. This is about All the time a Large share Jiin. Shaed like Nail Heads flattened Are then into tilt Scarf or Akiery on the wrists Ltd the Slee is. In the Jelt and al of used to close the front of a in like buttons. If a it i Vinable parisians a coins wish their awful Uro a of substituting ancient a reek for the. Everlasting Gem an with toys and . Next Winters Ltd piety will have to Chui be it was. And Livi up Sci a Mon i order of . On the Young a it the a Gidd Elitov the tires ine Coril loll. Or g Nan. As it is known Heri aii Ltd a no it Ltd like thi will he it coined a the Larf a Nui her o Wainst is who live Page sed their it Nisan Dav of the l Are of new England. a that bav Lull o i is i it a a set \ Oung men were Arre ted ii i for larceny. N their la-.�?�-iin. Be a j found a j i pocket knives leather Jhue it. Scissors. Ere. The a Linwood at Waterville a ice ii sold to rather wit i the furniture to or 1-It/.Gerald. It ii Dexter. The House will lie fitted up acid run As a first class hotel. He packing Oman have a iii iii need it utting u Mackerel vhf l. A a Brong it Here in arge Juan ties. Uliey nac also a a lacking at i land. V or Millik ii. Chr of the a co Steamboat oni pain Ailt ii it join hone a liar. Portland a it qute a curiosity in the Hape of a Kitten sith two bodies seven leg and on head. It lived Twenty four l ours after birth. Now i a Good time Lor residents of the in eat cities to it ome to maim and get a White of in igor iii air in the sea it Oast or inhale the ital Sarinic doors of quot the i it i Woods. And \ \ the Way bring your fishing gear. A a Dost uni real. The Damariscotta in Trad published in it last Issik t Diable returns fro n All sections of Lincoln county ring the crop prospects. The follow Nir is a summar quot Hay quot of piste an average crop. Potatoes Joo it crop if bugs Are Filleti. Corn looking poorly. Wheat an average iced. Other crop s backward but fair >1 to adventurers John Traynor an irishman and Ivan Lsen a swede sailed from Bath july a bound for Havre in. A Dory 14 feet Long 21 inches deep audit feet wide the smallest Craft in which the passage across the Atlantic has Ever been attempted. They Are both skilled seamen acid an provisioned for sixty Days. I the Boothbay says Thomas Wel ber of Edge ionic Over>0 years of at nought he would spend his fourth in catching a few Hake for family use so anchored his Dor n Dee water near the cuckolds. Besides a go Oil haul of Hake he hooked a Kijoo Pound a lilt which he sold for Over the new York journal of Commerce says that probably no finer specimen of Marine architecture has Ever entered the port of new a Cark than the ship w. J. Rotch now loading for Japan. She avas built at Bath me., registered 1,717 tons. The vessel has been Emch a it mired in new York by underwriters and others who have visited her. I the follow ing is a list of the winning Bandis at the Maran Yeook festival. 1st prize sly of a hover s band. Auburn 2nd prize $1 col Lins s band Portland 3 1 prize $75, Yan Nouth band Yarmouth 4th prize $50, West water Ville band. West Waterville a the prize $40, Millers Liand Lewiston with prize Winthrop band Winthrop 7th prize. North Berwick band. North Berwick. A gentleman in this City not used to horses lately purchased a Good Rig out. Wilile at the Cam a roid recently the horse fell and Abr a time it was supposed the animal was somewhat injured. In examining the horse a Friend found on the inside of the knee joint of the Hind leg those Knuckles which Are More or less prominent in All horses and info Ned the owner that it was a Bone Spavin the re a sult of the fall. A Large amount of Spavin liniment was purchased and the attested parts frequently bathed. The horse was perfectly sound and after a while the owner discovered that he was sold. That Man is bound to know All the Points of a horse even if he has to liberally for the journal. The particulars of the attempted wife murder on the Shet Jascot River briefly noticed in our telegraphic dispatches of thursday Are that Benj. F. Grossman of Boothbay. A Shoemaker formerly residing at Wiscasset started for Augusta last onday morning on pension business Crossman served two years in the second Maine Cav by accompanied by his wife. He went to Wiscasset in a Dora and from thence by a hired team to Augusta. Returning Home m the evening he bought some liquor in Gardiner but was sober he says when he got to Wiscasset. Leaving there at 6 p. In his boat he drank a Goblet of nun before starting and took a flask of the same stuff with him. On the Way he remembers beating somebody but quot thought it was the it was his wife who after he had fallen overboard in his a Kenness had with great exertion saved him from drowning. The woman is fearfully mutilated a if death is the consequence it will doubtless result from an ugly wound on the left Temple wad a Scalp wound two inches in length behind the Rit ear. The nose a broken and lips Teriq a by figured so that the victim is Hwy recognize a Era a John a. Appleton of the Well known pub of 1. S a. A pm ton. N new a it Jerk. Lied Judih Illy at his residence at Clinton the morning of the b the. Melville i Owler of no. 22<> i Linton Street a Well known writer on s rating matters id lizards and Conne it ted for m in with the 7 / i a and a tin ii was drowned lat wednesday morning at the sea iii . Rockaway Beach. He went in bathing i the bav at in Early hour and swam to the Neil Aniie House and while retain in it was it died with cramps and drowned. Lis Bod want quot eco Ere i. I Jamo ii Lillan. 1 of the United tale it. Quot 4� \ a of age and is of scotch de i Ein. At Williams it Ollife he was in the via h Carield Hock do and Knox. He want a a n in the y t or Naiu a Vears. In quot Ollice he quot lands at a High desk where he a it quot ii iii ii it it i red i quot name More than three t to i quot and Tiina quot in a a quot. I he trea in quot lot a a clock Atta Hientan Ltd open i i ctn ill at 1 o clock in the morning. The Rea quot i or i quot tie Only person Wiki shows Allih a Coli i 1 not. A hic Iati r of a a Nib so a Cleft 4in> govt Amna sow at Tjui of Ambos ainu to Carrr. Shift by Kilter la Pablo in l with omit Churi. Pro tie torn hooves Are simple with Blanc Fri to to get fixed no and inti Jared Tottie Toay a Offlee . Y w�5 desire unto Arttra lie Attu and cd West butt al twid my omission Ltd a it Matt be attrib fed to neglect on the part of the hotel proprietor in sending in Tine revised lists in time for Public Aube lists must reach our office not Imer Transf. M., wednesdays and saturdays to insure to in publication in the hbrai4> of the fou Wii morning. Occupants of cottages Are requested to rive notice at this office of new Arr rals and changes if they desire the a ame to appear in the Register. A Moat Houm. J. Lunch amp Sok Pri Rietfors. P. Mrs t Powel Boston j q Piper dockland b. Philip d bees Boston 8. A. E Adams Boston Ned Adams Boston c. p Cleaves Steuben c h Closson Portland c o cot sins st Lewiston a f Smith Bangor a h Roberts a a Bailor j m Smith Chicago a b Cushing Poi Ana col. Sawyer Steuwe Frank Bucks b k Smith Bangor port Frank Smith ban ror w a Cooke Bangor j m Snow Blue Hill f. D Sambo am Boothbay a a fan Asworth so bed a h Sampso Portland Kington g. Gardner amp a Machita John a la lace Bangor f a Ilo Den Portland al w Hersey i or Thuja l. Mrs g d Loring Portland j d Young Camden e a Lynde Rock liquid f o Young Camden it w g a i Sli Boston or h a tuck Exter or e Taylor Boston w. F w Walker Boston m w Wedden Boston s e Winslow Portland y. Atlantic House. J. 11. Pol Glass proprietor g. E. Pattsy Isis clerk. A. J. E s Allnutt a a Bali Imore mrs s m Johnson Phila b. K. Katie c Broadbent f. . I Lizzie Phila Laura Phua Kenderdine Kenderdine Phila mrs j c Brown 4 a Phila c. Jimiy cad a of phi a t t child a w Phila Jig s p Loyd Phila Larlu l a child Phil Syi w f c Onsrud a w. Oris Phila d f Munroe jew Boston d. A Morse Phila mrs j Day Baltimore Florence Morae Phua s Dunn Boston a a ii s Donaldson. Chester a i a a Boston w ii i a Ellisworth a. P. a Painter Phila r Evan Randolph Phila e s Randolph Phila w Irav Rockland t l Gilk Spie amp w Phila Uana Olph f Hila mrs c ilk spa e Randolph Phila c Richardson amp a Phila ii Mrs has Hacker Liila mrs m j Smjth Phila Sun if m Lack to Phila John Spencer Cheater Pamis m l Hull Dorchester a w Smith a or Wilming Mas ton Belmont hotel j. Quot. Manchester general. Us Frei Ideres to iii. It Irant a lied at Renn line the Lith. A m d nil a quot Ingle National Bank in he i United it Taic iia quot faded during thu fiscal ear Wirich ended rhur."di\-, june ii it. Ien John. Remberton win \ i a., 01. The . Ageo olt 1, quot Hannila Haman never made a of d of himself quot the Spring Kidd i Liioi says. Thai is a a tire Tolian can be Saiti of quot mam men us on \ intr old. The intense heat interferes seriously v Atli business in Cincinnati. Persons in it aired i building expert sikh much disk ult Anc to a i Large extent work been suspended on new 1 structures. J at Pittsburg pa., on thursday last the j horse Maud Trotted a mile in iii a at ing her Best time j a a Ait ii making the fastest time on recon one of the judges claimed that the Tiu was �?�2.1t l-4. The Driver it claimed she could have made it in two seconds k is. Secretary Blaine has won Golden opinions from every one by his bearing during the try ing times in Washington. An Eye wittiest to the shooting of the president writes 10 the new York Herald quot i never saw a More std possessed Cool and controlling Man in my life than or. Blaine was in that terrible the association formed in philae Elijhia for the Celebration of the by Cei Tennial anniversary of the Landing of William Penn propose to or Uliase tie main exhibition building in pair mount Park for use during the Celebration in los quot i and afterwards present it to the City As a face of recreation. The Hudsin River submarine Tun Ltd bet Wax u new York and new Jersey is being pushed with r need vigor though not much is said about it. The work has just been placed under the supervision of i n. S. Smith an Engineer favourably known throughout the est. Rhe excavations Are progressing at the rate of Livi feet per Day and the work now extends some too feet under the River for m the Jersey Shore. The Arch is about to dirty feet below thu riverbed and the h Light of the Tunnel from Shore to Shore will be .",4uu feet. A Nev and far great a Forest of Mammoth Trees than has heretofore been known is now Ojen to tourists writes a san in incised correspondent. The Sunil Grove of Trees known to tourists is on the Yosemite route. The Mammoth Grove lies eighty Miles North of it by the Highway but As the Crow Ilies perhaps fil to. In re Are ninety three giants of the forests to which May now be added the South Park Gate. Containing 1 larger Trees just made accessible by a six mile Brizile path from the hotel. Many tres older than christianity and one Hundred feet in circuit Are in this Grove. In new York quot Fate tji it re Are 118 Jou Nials al of them except five or six. , since journal signifies daily0.0 times .51 decor , registers and record is a modest and suitable name for an Sheet it Nesses 38 presses 19 reporters 31 reviews 2b advertisers 20 chronicles 50 gazettes another misnomer10 advocates 40 democrats �38 republicans 14 ind Epen a , g eras g enter , 9 observers 6 mails 10 telegrams 10 posts 11 tribunes and lop presses. Of military names there Are 6 advances 31 couriers 39 heralds 9 leaders 4 flags and banners 19 sentinels 1 signal and 18 standards. Of sonorous names a we notice 9 americans 11 argues o echoes 2 globes 4 worlds 3 suns 13 stare but no Moon. Comet eclipse or universe 22 unions and Only eagles which is a modest array of tiie Bird kind. Or Ciolk it abbe n y b. Joji Hua by 4sikou mass Friuk c Bates Milton Mno Ilene a s Beuncy 4 f. By Hei Irv s Benuit n y mrs it urge n y . Burg it n y Bates Waltham Ella t Bates i Isth Liin mass c. Edith r Crosby n y d. Or Lewi l Delafield n y mis Emily i Lufield n y or p Delafield n y Hylins Dietz n y f. S Foote Washington d c mrs Isario Norris Phila Clara Norris Phila Isaac xorri3,r Liila c Palmer i of new York p. Mrs Henry c Lea Phila Lea Philadelphia or Francis h Lea Phila e a Lynde a a Rockland t. d to a a Boston it Llu lop Boston k k Trumbull Chili s a Barcli tree. a it Jud k. Proprietor. f Lippincott Phila Lect amp of st Louis m m. F. L. Mrs a i quot quot copy Phil i f Curtis liw by Isth ii ii. Mrs r ii Ilu. Ker Phila or Miller. Philadelphia mis quot e m i Licker Phila mrs a Miller n y of quot ii Owell phi Ludelphia r. K i Howell Philadelphia mls a Robert Phila i quot quot Howell Phila Or quot m j Hurt Lett of or or w d Stroud 4 a Phila Louis w. J. The misses Wells England mrs we j inks amp of Phila Deering. Charles Higgins proprietor. I i Custable n y i. Henry Crew Boston iri a Boston m. R. Van , n y m a a Eiliv n y w. Mrs Lawrence Wells n y Kate r Wells n y Jshii b Morris Bulris Fuore Julia l Wells n y Lizzie s Wells n y grand Central hotel. Hamou a sons proprietors P. Stockb Idoe clerk. A. K. W h Abere Routhie Jersey mrs w Kuhn amp a Boston ity mrs m a Kendall g rapids j a i Adams Chicago d a Kennedy amp a Graure b. N j a mis l s Bishops Bostur 5 King Chicago mis m j Bishops i a. Chicago w t Brigham amp a Boston mrs a b Bancroft Boston John Low new Ork org s p Bancroft Boston min new York Bancroft Boston g c Batchelder i a n y c. Frank e came Boston a e Culler amp a Boston d. J n in Cramond Toledo mrs h j Lambert Phila s e Lambert Phila b e Lambert Phila e a Lambert Phila Lawrence Boston e d lock Wood amp a Phila m. drum Rand Chicago a Mosel a Boston Charles Day a a Phila Euen f Mosel Boston l e Dunbar amp a Phila Annie t Mosely Boston e Dunbar Phila t h Moses amp a Bucksport r h Day Phila Jackson Mcabe a Phila e. N. John h Everett new York c w Newell Boston Isaac p t Edmunds Boston _ p. Annie Edmunds Boit mrs m Pporter Rochester ton w u pile a a Phua f. Robert h pile Phila Robert c Fox a a Wash Elsie pile Phila in ton c v poor Boston tie misses Fox washing mrs Parker a g rapids ton j e Parish Brooklyn Fitch Washington e m pm a a Boston Jess Ella t. Gould Boston a Ehy Fri Cion mrs m i Grosholz Phila g a j iii is in. O a Lor r Grosholz Phila g Grosholz Phila mrs j h Graham Phil h w Smith w. New Jersey Smith new Jersey Fannie b Smith n j we a Scott Philadelphia Rebecca Scott Phila we c Scott Philadelphia John c Scott Philadelphia e j sheply Boston d Smith Boston Graham Phua Fred Graham Phila Edwin e Graham Phila Mien Julia Gubert Phila h. Benton Hanchett 4 a Sag Migg e inn Mich x. Horace Hunt amp a Boston c Ujj Thomson new Haven s e Hunt Boston a c Thomson new Haven n Hunt Boston w. Mrs c Harriman n y hos g Wormley a Phua Harf Imani new York Wormley Phila h Harriman new y Ork Belle Wormley Phila mrs d a Hawkins n y Vola Hawkins n y Arthur m Hawkins n y mrs s e Ireson Boston j. We i Johnson Phila or a g Jaudon n y f Jaudon new York e c Jaudon n y s b Jaudon n y l b Jaudon n y h e Woodart s a Boston m l Woodard. Boston Lena Wooda Boulton w b Webb amp a Washington w e Webb Washington mra of Webb Washington c e Webb washing ton mrs s n Wright st Louis what st Louis John d Webb Washington hotel i it Eulale. E. G. Des ible quot proprietor j. Bau., clerk tiik afternoon was Given to a ride to Otter Creek Cliffs some fire or six Miles from the hotels the Road through a Gorge Between Green and Newport Mouy Tain a the preen Ojito character of Laili is not excelled m Switzerland or California and the Especial feature being a Cave Long Low and Damp into which the Waves Rush from the South with impetuous Force and dashing themselves against the hollow cavity within produces a thunderous sound. In storms this sound can be heard Many Miles , Boston. B. c Brooks Phila mrs s b Bince a 4 missed Bice e. Mrs m g Evans new York Evans new York h. Mrs win Henry Davis amp of Cincinnati mrs n p Hossack n y 2 misses Harris n y mrs j Hea Niev ledgers n y Misa Hossack n y j. In Jones in y mrs f r Jones 4 in y Jones new York k. Kuhn new York by Keating 4 of Phila c g Leland 4 a Phila m. A malian in y a n. Anu a new York e. H l Rogers new York mrs w Eatherford n y Cli Andler bobbins. N y dodgers n y or 4 mrs Eatherford n y Mrs e t Snelling Boston g m Snelling Boston master al Anabel Cincinati mrs Schnabel 3 Dang tera Cincinnati. Or Henry Sal install Ebua w. Mrs in Wright n y Constance Fri Lam n y Clara Wright new York Wright new York 8 b Wright new York Mita v Luwarren Brans Wick s l Warren a Neswick e l Waldo new York o k Warrenjr n b mrs j k Wiirret n y mra John Warren n y v. Mrs p l a to Bens Selare new Brax Wick h011m1 i Saku Mamta a Prietos b. A 8 f mrs l a Emery 4 of bus howl Braggs Worth Burg w in Beatty 4 of Hoff Ian mrs Hammett 4i c Hampden c. T. T conning am 4 a Boston Thompson Baltimore House. Johh a tax proprietor of. C. Luna clerk. B. Ices s w Bates Boston Waldron Bates Bostil Charles h Bates Boston mrs padre of the hisses Biddle Billa Bol Kofl Boston or we Brooke Bayle 4 a flip bide mrs h s Drayton phils mrs f baby Boston mrs m g Edwards by g. K. Mrs Krebs amp of Boston n. Mrs s j g Nancrede Phila p. C b pm lips Philadelphia Mrs e s Sturgis Phua misses stud Phila of Stan Phua Robert Sturgis Phua f Skinner 4 a Boston mrs jj0g Stackpole Boston Bliss Alice Gray camb be the misses Stackpole bos Griswold new York ton Gri Letb Phila e Samuel 4 a Phua b c Gilman 4 a Baltimore j b Samuel la the misses Guman Haiti f. I Ore prof Trowbridge a of Cam m mrs g Sayer 4 of Boston Chas t How Boston i. W. Mrs Edw s inns by g s wins love Boston the misses Innes n y Ocean House. \ Samuel l. Hog he a proprietor. B. Evelyn Bavis Boston a h. L e Holbrook Uxbridge mrs j m Howe Cambridge j. H Jackson Boi tou l. Mrs j Linzee Boston Olhs Lizzie Linzee Boston g a Long Boston m. 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Mil master Mcdowell Balto Ford Conn Mcpherson. New h h Boardman Mil n Mathew. W i in b it ii Ford Conn mis it Mathews boat iii Gnu w i Brown amp. York b Matsu a Boston m�o9.s a w Brown n y master r Mathews Boro i master a l Brown n y n. Mass Bell no a York Robert Neilson a Penl i Francis c Barlow n y Nillie it , i Liua k t Boardman Conn Florence until on Piisila c. Mrs ii Nicoli is. Albany 11 a Lark Englewood mrs b f no Birse Boston n j ii s Nourse Boston mrs or r Carter Phila p. E. J h Pleasants a a quot. Baltim e Glendower Evans Phua Rufus prime new York j j Emery Cincinnati Nina prime n y j p Elliott a a Baltimore n a Prentiss i w. N y Mary r prime n y r. L Rath Bone a a Manv c k Luth one a Tikiun i i Richie a a Phili Chas s Richie Phil w Reed 4 a Rivers Piil i it it ii Robert Ranto Ulai in Athel Saltus Brooklyn f. Mrs m e Ramum n y g. Mrs Gold Philadelphia mrs e Gardiner Boston i is e Gardiner Boston e Gardiner Boston h. 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Mcshepard amp a to Salem Lucy Derby Boston mass Carrie Derby Boston master Shepard Salem the daily Arri Vuis and departures of rhe several mails it the bar Harbor Post it twice Are As follows. Bangor ail Boston Imus arrives at 7.w a. I to quote it at th45 m. Portland and Rockland mail via Steamer City of Riel Mot i arrives at 11 a. It a. Mosbay. Bangor Ami Boston mul arrives at 7.30 p lose a it �.45 a. Luid p. Is. Rockland and Portland mail via Steamer City of Ruh Uia fid closes at 6.45 a. Al. Roe Klaud mail via Steamer mount desert closes at s.15 a. Yaj. Rolt klan Ltd and port Hind mail via Steamer , closes at 9.4.> a. 11. Tuesday. Bangor a Uki Boston mail arrives at 7.30 a. And p. >1. Closes at i.4� a. It i. And p. Portland and Rockland mails via steamers City of Richmond and mount desert arrive at u a. Wednesday. Bangor and Boston mail arrives at 7.30 a. A did p. M., closes at �.4� a. And p. Rockland and Portland Mai via Steamer Lewiston arrives at s p. Rockland and Portland mail via Steamer City of Richmond closes at 6.45 a. Rockland mail via Steamer mount desert closes at 8.15 a. Thursday. Bangor and Boston mall arrives at 7.30 a. And e. Closes at 6.45 a. And p. Portland and Rockland mail via steamers City of Richmond and mount desert arrives at 11 a. Rockland and Portland mail via Steamer Lewiston closes at 9.45 a. Long Pond mail arrives at 1 p. Closes at 1.45 p. Friday. Bangor and Boston mail arrive at 7.30 a. And p. Closes it 6.45 a. And p. Rockland and Portland mail via Steamer City of Rich ii lond closes at 6.45 a. Rockland mail via Steamer mount desert closes at 8.15 a. 8athbday. Bangor and Boston mail arrives at 1.3 1 a. Andna. Closes at 7.00 a. Rockland mail via Steiner mount desert arrives at 11 a. Portland and Rockland mail via Steamer Lewiston Arves al 3 p. Long Pond mail Active a at 1 p. Closes at 1.45 p. Letters for registration for the morning mail must be handed in the previous evening. Office hours. From 6.30 a. To 9 p. 12 m. To 1 p. At. E. G. Bes Isle p08tmastbb, a. S. Leland iii Sistunk
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