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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 17 1881, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald (Newspaper) - July 17, 1881, Bar Harbor, Maine Quot ii it. T vol. Harbor me., sunday july 17, 188l eitter<i4 u a in Post Osce �4 bar Harbor me., m 5ecood-clit�t Batter. To tit it a mar thursday and sunday morning i Hing the site veer pm Ott and a tto a a urlus remainder of it a it the or a mount desert pub Shing com Miny _ Jet a a Kjel al Arbor Ivi piste. Joseph Wood editor Jln to a Akacki. Terms �?�2.00 per year or for the summer a Cik menu iii Advance. Single copies five cent. It tv�=>rx�keitient4s at favourable rate. Midsummer magic nigh Idso Imer is ski chaps More than any Oiler Peason except halloween Fiji Mimi for its superstitions some of which Are of a yer highly fad Cifuni feature. Thus the believe that the souls of ii people leave their bodies on Midsummer ave and wander to the place where death Hhaux finally separate them from their tenement of Clay tence it has been suggested Aro to the Cummo of fitting up or watch no on i Nibi there would naturally be a a Trong Dej ii to it prevent the soul going on its dismal and melancholy errand. In connection also with this gush Asti Tiou notion May be mentioned a custom which formerly prevailed for \ Oung people to faint on this night and to sit in the Church porch under a a Lief that they Wuu id see the spirits of the persons of Liat Parish who would die in the course of the ear. Come and Knock at the Church door in the order and succession in which they would die. As s pc it of too of tie dread attached to this night we May quote a dutch proverb used by Thos who have been kept awake All night by Trout Sci of any kind quot we have passed quot st. Juhn habit st ii again Peculiar qualities Are supposed to belong to st. John s quot won. Which is popularly styled quot Devil s from its being supposed to drive away evil it Spiriti. Hence i is gathered by the common Jim a ple in France or Lermann with great ceremony on Midsummer Day who place it in their windows As a Charm against storms Thunder and evil spirits. Formerly too it or fauns gathered the Roie vervain and Trefoil As Earh of was believed to possess mag ical Ijuan Litkei. A very ludicrous Gutc a station was Liat associated with the Fern. According to a Jwj Tular fan thib was said to have neither rower nor seed the seed on tie Back of the Leaf being so Small to Escaje e the notice of the Hasty observer. Hence our forefathers imagined Jha those who could obtain and Wear this Invin Tihle wed would be themselves invisible a to Lief of which Many instances May be found in our old dramatists. Thus ?, in quot Hinr in quot quot 11. 1 ridicules this idea in the following passage where he makes Gad Hill s3.y a quot a c have the receipt of Fem sced. We walk Beaumont and Fletcher in the quot fair maid of inn quot quot i. Allude to it i Tad no i dicing Kir to be a visible no Fem if eed in my pocket for my Opal wrap in u Bay Leaf i my left Fet to Charm their Eye with. The Fern was also sup it used to seed in one and it is called by Browne uie one night a Eding Fern. 7 i. Season too has been regarded As specially propitious for love divination and on this account numerous charms have been practice by Young ladies anxious of gaining a knowledge of their future lot in the Marrie state. Among some of the most popular of served in by gone years we May include the following a i Hen toward evening girls set the or Niue in Clay upon pieces of potsherds in their houses Nick naming it quot Midsummer Man quot on the following morning As the stalk inclined either to the right or left so the anxious Maiden knew whether her Lover was Ukey to prove True or false to her. Some Vears ago a Small Gold ring was discovered in Yorkshire England which had for it device two opine lie lots joined by a True love knot with this motto above quot Ray sweetheart will or is the stalks of the Plant were Bent to each other in Token that the parties represented by them were come together in marriage. A Ain Kiki Cial Virtues were considered to reside in the Root of the Mug wort. Y Jung people sought for pieces of Eoal underneath it but which were in reality nothing More than dead roots. In addition to preserving the owner from various dangers such As lightning illness Etc., it was supposed that these when placed under the Piurow would pause the person to have Lucky dreams. Aupuni. In his quot a miscellanies quot tells us that on st. Jihn s Day 1694 he a amp a accidentally walking in the it assure Between Mon ague Houie it was twelve o clock. He saw to re a cat three and Twenty Youmg women most of Well habited on their lines Ery Busy if they had been weeding. He could not presently Leara what the Mati a was it last quot a Voung Man tou him that Tobej were look Itig for a Coal under the Root of a Plantation to put under their beads Liat Jum and they should do a Ai who would be their husbands. Tien too there was tie dumb cake two make it two bake it two break it and the third Pat it under Eadi of to Weir pillows not a word being spoken All the time. This being done they were sure to dream of the Man they loved. It waa also com Sideres a Good plan to tie the Garter nine time roid the Post after having made nine knots in it repeating the following Riipa Oke tvs knot i knit my knot i tie to my my lore m he goes he if my by petrel and Arraj lie walks in every Day. There waa Ulso the he Mem Divizia 6on a Kemp a to a Tidi Gay in one of he a ring Toimi has Given us a easing record Ai Ere Lant Maiti Impf m i temp i Soagia butt to Hie fit old a Bai of tempt end i scattered Ramod tote Sead amp a emf aide aad three Hiowt in a Trasmil Mece tit ezied quot the Henry esd my a Lam imi Idi i sow Elko Aioli w Trae lore to a to i atr�1o<m>iiek, and if my pm a Peak to mks wok me Keea Lee iii id to Eum tie j0o$hj once More Erea snakes of tip a Liroi int Kiwi Laid a Iki 10 celebs me my is my mum a go hmm of web to r own Comtoi of tips a Pief st a uni tap it is Osi iii to meet in Zooman Tefu Wien m it in Liess t4e�m my Mats iii met imi a a a it mme fit my of it mtg am amt blow m toj m pm hmm it Hie How of a i a i in lbs edit if Intel had pm amp my ring which whoever finds As some women and a Kildren Are persuaded shall Prosper in All his undertakings. The rings thus generated Are called Snake stones quot Amone Othir superstitions that formerly prevailed in connection with this season was one to which hey we Jod would seem to allude a mad a it a March Hare where Madnek comic res Are Dot Midsummer hares As mad As March Baren ? the belief being that Midsummer was productive of madness. Thus our readers May recollect How Sam Lespeare makes Olivia speaking of Mai Vuia a seeming frenzy observe it it a Rex Midsummer a Duwe. One special feature of the Midsummer observances in Days gone by seems to have been the indeed from the account even by Jakob Gri Iran in his quot Deutsche myth Ogie quot i these would seem to have bin kindled in Ever countr of Europe Laius they were Light id in the Start ets and Market places of the at towns As at Paris Metz Etc. Occasionally also they were blessed by the Parish priest prayer and raise being offered until they had buried out. In England similar fires were kindled around which the people danced oftentimes leaping into the flames or throwing garlands of Flowers into them. In the reign of Henry Vii. They were patronized by the court and numerous entries Are to be found in the quot privy urse expenses quot of that Monarch by which he defrayed the charges in connection with them. In Ireland the practice is still kept up and we Are told that on a dark night the i effect of these fires blazing on the Hill sides at intervals of about a mile is quite an imposing sight. In the year 183 a riot took place at Cork in consequence of some soldiers a fusing to subscribe Money toward the fires which were to be lighted on Midsummer eve. These fires al has been suggested were termed quot bonfires quot Nipom their being conf Kosed of materials collected As quot Bons quot or gifts. It seems probable too that they Are a relic of the worship of Baal although some anti jurrians consider that they have reference to st. John the Baptist As being a Bright and shining Light and in some places then were called quot st. John a boarding school essay. Quot could i see the editor she asked looking around for him and wondering what on under the table. Quot la yes i m him quot rest a judged the editor evolving himself and slip Jing a Cork into his Vest pocket. Quot what can i do for you ? quot i am a student at Packer Institute. Quot responded the blushing Damsel quot and i have written a Little article on our school Days which 1 would like to have published in the Brooklyn Eagle Ivou think it Good quot certainly quot replied the editor gazing ii unconscious admiration upon the Beautiful fact before him. Quot does it con hence our school Days How the words linger in Sweet cadence on the string. Of Demorais that the Way it runs quot who ye.-," respondent a the beaming girl. Quot then it goes on. How we look for Vai d from them to the when we shall look Back to hem How do you Kivow p quot never mind quot a Aid the editor with the enga no smile which had endeared him to the citizens of Broklyn. Quot after that comes so sunshiny so gilded with the pleasures that make youth Happy the have frown into the immutable and come to us in after life Only As echoes in the Cave of Sweet in t that it quot it certainly is quot answered the astonished girl Radiant with Delight. How could you know what i had written quot then it changes from the Nia Missimo and becomes More tender the shadows a gather around our path. The roses of Friendship Are withering but May we not Hope that they will Bloom again As we remember the affection that bound us Here and made quot quot to you re wrong there quot and the soft eyes looked disappointed. Quot is it slope on. Hope Ever quot quot a asked the editor. Quot that comes in further on. You had it nearly right. It is the Dull shadows close around is. Itie Flowers of Friendship Are Sleepi but not withered and will Bloom Agam in affectionate remembrance of the chains that bound us so lightly quot quot strange that i should have made that mistake quot a Aid the editor Musingly quot i never missed on one before. From there it goes schoolmates let us live so that All our Days shall be As Radiant As those we live known Here and Mav we Pluck happiness from every Bush forgetting never that the thorns Are below the roses and pit ing those whose lands Are bruised in the March through life quot quot thai s it quot exclaimed the delighted girl and then comes Hope on Hofmei Ever quot sure i you re in cried the editor blushing with pleasure and once More on the right track. Quot then it runs. A Rand As for you teachers dear quot yes yes you re right quot giggled the girl. Quot i can t see How you found me out would you like to print it and her face assumed an Anjou a Shade. Quot certainly quot responded the editor. Quot ill say it s by the most promising Young lady in Brooklyn the daughter of an esteemed citizen aad a lady who has air a taken a High social stand quot that finishes the school commencements at hed the editor gloomily As rated out. Quot cant see How i made that Bhader about the shadows and Romes and we . Either to getting old or Schne of hese have struck out something original. Here swipes Tell the Foreman to put this slush in a die next tax sales supplement quot and the editor Felt in his hair for the Cohl and wondered what had Hap it ened to his quot Are you one of the editors of this news Japera she asked in a fluttering tone a Prada off the Man who does the quot questions anal a quot for to Eagle. One Swo the fair vision tes quot he ref red taking her in at a glance. Quot make the Waist Plain and Shirr on the skirt put in an apron it and leave the Back of the 4mm Mil with a narrow Floun it at the Bottom quot and the enc Clope turned away to he Weijk. Quot i did want to ask Yogi about Drem quot she faltered. Quot i Hope i am above a vanities of whig wid. I have Ham a chords number Bat i aim Beni faired about or responsibilities quot and Bier Eyet fish with tears. Am you an idiot Lunatic married woman or hit steal of Ikard p inquired the quot ones Tonit we amp for in Over nor Van or mum id m of tie of Misaros Laid or suckled quot sir she demanded with rising indignation. Quot because if you aint you re legally responsible quot he answered turning to the question quot How Codd the children of Adam Marr the. Daughters of men if Are waa no Man before Adam quot quot i done mean that i want to Imide stand whether 1 am a free agent or if i am quot quot that do Jends upon How you made your contract if you bought tie goods outright you Are Only liable for the Purchase Price bit if you work on quot quot no no. Not that quot and the streaming tears roused the quot questions Man to a show of interest. Quot i am in doubt. Which Way shall i Tuni quot quot Well my dear that to depends much on the dance. In the Waltz you turn from left to right until you reverse. In the quot quot Good heavens quot ejaculate in the inquirer quot he thinks i dance. No no no you Don t understand me. I want to know the right quot yes yes i see. That depends upon circumstances. If you re going to the cemetery you take a i Greenwood car. If you re going Over to Willii Isburgh look out for a Green Point and Myrtle Avenue car or if you want the circus you will find the Fulton Street quot quot merciful Providence it is not that either. Can you scoff at me when my head is bowed in sorrow quot quot of that s it quot replied the quot questions Man glancing through Rollins history to find die Ditl Terence Between a scandinavian and a swedenborgian. Quot get a Brown Chip turned lib at the Back or on the Lel t Side and trim it with a Yard of Spanish face and a Bunch of forget me not in the front. Or you might try a Wiite leghorn with quot quot can t you understand me quot she moaned wringing her hands. Don t you see that my feet Are sore and Wear looking for the right i Atli quot quot i ?" the quot questions quot Man. Scratching his ear. Quot pare pm Down carefully Ai do it on four drops of Lemon or quot quot you mock me quot quot she sobbed. Quot Pray let me rest a the quot questions quot Man regarded her Sam pathetically and turned to the inquiry quot lid the at ionians Fry their clams or eat them raw quot while he gave her time to recover. Quot i come for info nation quot quot she continued at length quot i want to know what i can do. I am in a fever quot quot salts quot proclaimed the encyclopedia with ii Ergo. Quot you want salts a tablespoonful an hour before breakfast. That will reduce that lever and then quot quot you horrible Wigt to it h quot sobbed the unhappy woman rising. Quot i came to you because i thought Yoti Roulpi guide me to the spiritual Fountain for which 1 am thirsting and you insult the in this Wanton Way quot and she flopped out of the Oil ice with riotous indignation. Quot most Una countable female quot Solilo juiced quot due it tons quot quot Man. Quot i told her what i thought she wanted to know and she gets mad As the fellow did when i told him that Paw broking look its origin i it shoving Jonah up the spout. I be to Navi More salary for this business or the Lui Jle must get Janotik r i Ian quot and the enc c Oviedia Bent his attention upon in incs tion. Quot what 0stage did Paul pay on his of Vej Listie to the c orput lilians quot a Brooklyn burials of Voltaire. Foreseeing it very contingency he had confided a plan to his Nephew the abbe Mignot whose Benefice was the Abbey of Sei Lieres at the Little Village of quot rom Iliili on the Seine a Little More than a Hundred Miles from Paris. Keeping the death a proof ibid secret the abbe with a few tested friends had the family Carriage t Rej ared and the body propped up As if it were Voltaire in he. In Titis Way the journey was Perfo nned and the body safely deposited in the Church. The declaration was produced and the unsuspecting curate carried out the burial rites. Barzily was the business done when an express came from the Bishop warning the curate that if he had Anching to do with the burying of the body or if he should permit it in consecrated ground he would suffer the most rigorous penalties and they were not Light for such an offence. But he had the authorization of the abbe Mignot the declaration of the deceased and showed that he was irresponsible. The controversy was carried no further. For thirteen years the body remained peacefully in the sepulchre while the leaven of Voltaire s teaching was working the revolution overturning feudalism dethroning Kings and giving men bom in the purple the Chance to Drain whose Dregs had for Ages been the cup held to Mankind s lips. Then when they had come to to Weir own the people decreed through the National Assembly that a fete Day should be appointed and that the remains of Voltaire Khouja be brought to Paris and deposited in the pantheon in which the great and heroic alone were to find be culture. A great car Twenty feet High adorned with All the funeral splendor that the Painter David could invent brought Back in stately stand eur the remains that had been spirited from Paris thirteen years before in secrecy and terror. Millions of i it eople followed the car. In Paris the whole City met it and the Bier rested for the night on the nuns of that ver Bastile that Voltaire had passed eleven months in nearly a Hundred years before. But As in life he had no permanent rest so in death Voltaire was not to be unmolested. In 1814 among one of the first acts of the unlearning and a forget Tang bourbons was the Clandestine opening of the Tomb and the in ominous removal of the Bones. They Wert placed in a sack carried to the Remote outs Lurt of the City and Flung into a ditch dissolved in Quick Lime and covered from knowledge of the world. It was for a Long time a dead secret. The Tomb being opened in the reign of Louis Napoleon in 1864, to place the heart in the coffin it was found Emp and the torn gradually became known by the boasting of the Bourbon sympathizers and documents preserved in the Royal school songs. One May 8<mrch through a dozen of the pop Idar collections of sunday school music without finding As Many Hgt tons whose poetic Quality would entitle them to admission in any first class newspaper. The books for that matter Are made not so much to sing from a to sell. Two or three persons who have won somewhere a local reputation for musical skill Are employed to grind out tiie quota of tunes words for which have been Wrin to order by professional verse writers whose sole a Taun a ions for the talk Are a Little idea of a tto and a Curtmn Knack at i Iliae. Hot Tufi Quentlyn indeed tiie music is written first and the verses Are made to suit it. When yet a find a Good tune said some one to the water the other Day quot take it Toswell write and kind of a pan Jroud Wani for Fyna when the work is finished and the whole vocabulary of precious metals and stones has been search a for an appropriate title it is thrown upon the country and sunday schools Are left to find out for themselves what wor Ess Matin al it Contons. It is because to song books Are so generally worthless that try Are so Short lived. We amp a tits few tui in a Iem that Are Worth singing have been once hemmed and practice for a time the Little Charm which they once possessed is gone the Book ceases to be useful and a new one is demanded. This process of course is satisfactory to those who get up the books since it mates a continuous demand for new publications. The sunday schools Are flooded with trash and the flood is deeper and the trash is poorer each year. It b a me question what is to be done about it. Llie danger is that by the use of such ditties and jingles As the children Are comi it Elled to sing the feeling of reverence in worship will be utterly wiped out. A song of Praise to the almighty should be full of de Vout sentiment expressed in a decorous by poetic manner. The time which carries it should be of a character in Harmony with the spirit of Praise. Instead of this the words Are too frequently of the same metrical Jingle As quot Oats peas Beans and Barley grow quot and the tune matches it admirably in the last five years there has been a woeful falling off in the Standard both of ditties and tunes. The writers who seemed to have acquired the largest measure of popular favor have to a certain extent run out of material As an elderly spider runs out of cobweb. The difference is that when the spider reaches this Point she stops spinning but that the makers of ditties Anc jingles keep on trying to do something. The age of the Earth. In a recent lecture at san Francisco. Professor William Denton gave several striking illustrations of the Earth s age. First he said we had evidence of the Earth s great age in the tiny particles of soil beneath our feet. The great Trees of California with from 1,350 to 2,350 annual rings of vegetable growth reveal the fact that these monarchs of the vegetable world were saplings when Nebuchadnezzar was born. The great fallen monarchs of the Forest has been estimated to have been 4,<x 0 years old and grew from seed propagated by older Parent Trees and these in Lum from grandparents whose crumbled dust forms a Rich vegetable Mold to nourish their younger progeny. How Many such generations occurred no one can Tell. But older than All these Are the glacial Beds. When these slowed to Weir was Over the surface of North America and scan Mavia they planed out mighty Beds and Gro Imd and polished Down the uneven surface of a former a. In this Remote age the coast of new gland was like that of Greenland at the present Day. For geologists will place the glacial period at less than 100,000 years Aco. But we could Oback still farther. In the tertiary strata of Jal Fomia has been found what Are called the earliest human i Mains Ever discovered. These existed Many Many thousand years when on half of new Jersey one third of Virginia a of a Texas and great Brit Ain were under water. The Mediterranean sea was then double its present size and the Culf of Mexico extended to Ohio. A Large Art of California was under the bed of the Pacific Ocean and water then extended Back to the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada Moi gains. But older than this period and formation was the underly stratification of Chalk still older was the triassic and older yet the new red Sandstone. Older yet was the carboniferous formation. Then further Back was the old red Sandstone such As comes to the surface in parts of Scotland again still lower the older silurian then the der Laurentian seen at the surface in Western Canada and older yet than All these the unite or great ted relying Rock the Parent that thrusts itself up As the Backbone of continents cutting through All others to show us on the surface what is below. What an Infinity of time must have passed away in the successive formation of these Rocky layers Sullivan. Sullivan is one of the most attractive of the Many charming villages on the Rock bound and picturesque coast of Eastern Maine and is destined in the not Distant future to become a watering place of some note As Well As an important mining Centre. Although possessing Many inherent attractions its chief claim to ment As a summer resort lies in its unrivalled location. Few indeed Are the spots so Well of awed in this respect. Situated at the head of the Beautiful and romantic Frenchman s Bay with less than ten Miles of Clear Blue water Between it and bar Harbor it commands what is undoubtedly the finest View of the Hills of mount desert to be found anywhere on the coast. Here also May be found every facility for the Best of but a iting fishing and kind Retreat ions and amusements Wale the drives in the Vicini Are unsurpassed and excursions of a few Miles into the Merior win take the visitor to an almost unbroken wilderness where the most Superb Trout and All kinds of game Are abundant. All that is needed than to bring this too Lon neglected spot into Detomi nent Noti Are so table pm it Tel accommodations and ease of Access this season there Are both. The is Ikea House is a Fine summer hotel cont ning sixty rooms furnished in Good style throughout and kept in a first class manner. The Steamer Little Buttercup leaves bar Harbor every evening for Sullivan returning every Morong and twice a week the Fine Steamer mount desert runs up the Bay re Maia Over at Sullivan and returning the next Day. Liot tip least Atta Active feature connected with i Sullivan Are the mules. Here May be found the finest and most extensive mining works East of the Rocky mount. Sullivan is quite a bus place just at tiie present time. The Granite Jaames Are doing a targe amount of work and men a in Astaire demand. Deed it is found Ahni Ost impossible to obtain miners and a Larce number of men Are wanted by tiie Sullivan Milti it a and Copper Dis a a on companies. Ute state of ing to Parnes. Ine sure of mame w the oily place we Ever a far of where the mining Industry was oon do to Cone a tost to a staads tin during quot haying season but so ii 18.�?-Jtamc Ming a a mid the secret of Happ Wess. The dilemma created by these a Isar Noj amp by a Itow neg the in refi Warence not of by to dietetic but with re ird to Razu tary makers Geser Fly is admit by hit off in the following president Gardner us quot As Given in the lecture of the bore the quot Beti Roit Jve quot Whittl was gwm Torem began the old Man As der oots finally got is feet drawn under the sch am to amp effect done half of de solid enjoyment i could take in Dis world if let alone am spilt by a set of Man wimm t Ai Annaa in Kas us a min a startled by the we eat too much sleep to Littie sit up too late go to bed too fairly dress to warm or too cold walk too much or too Littie. De croakers am constantly at work to put de rest of us on the ragged Aige of anxiety. Quot one it by we hear Dat consume shun has become our Nash Unal complaint. Nex Day it am predicted Dat As Fewel Supply of de world am Runnin Short. Next fing we h r of am de statement Dat the average of human life am growing Shorter or Dat eight out of ten have Ever complaint or Dat a Comet am Prochin de Airth. Dar s Ruthin Bein hunted up an shot off at us Ebert Day in de y a an it has got to Dat pass Dat de Man who lies Down at night dreads Dat he May Webber see de Moon again an he gits up to wonder if de co Fla Rashun Gwine on in de Sun won t bum up his Garden truck Belo night. Quot i has bin Finkin a dese rings Ober. I has bin worried and harassed an half Scart to death Ober de Drift period de predicted climatic changes an de sudden disk veries Dat the human life am shortening up like an old clothes line on a Rainy Day. I has got to Dat pitch Dat i am Goin to sit Down in my Cabin wid a pan of apples on de right han an a pan of pop com on de left an let the world be Taraea Bottom up and be hang to her. If Whit it i folks want to go on worrying Ober science an philosophy an Predick shuns an prophecies let pm do it put my advice to de cull d race am to worry Ober muffin higher n de roof of a House or deeper Down Dan de Bottom of a Celler. When your Day s work am Dun sit Down in de big cheer Light yer pipe an let Good time. The Chilen an dog Loose fur a Thurlow Weed and masonry. Speaking of his anti masonic views thur Low Weed says quot of course fifty years have softened All Liose feelings. I can Verv Well see How the men who were in the masonic movement might have Felt it a duty to punish one like Morgan who violated a solemn obligation when he exposed the secrets of free Iasoni. I have often talked with them upon the subject and they have admitted to me their intense conviction that Morgan deserved punishment. My connection with anti Mason re quot began with the writing of a paragraph for the paper which i owned in company with my partner. I noticed the disappearance of Morgan and the allegation that be had been made away with by the free masons. I said that it Behoved the free masons to find out whether their Brethren had been indicted and if possible to discover Morgan and restore him. The very next Day our paper began to suffer from the withdrawal of patronage. Papers were stopped and advertisements taken out until ruin stared our paper in the face. 1 told my partner i did not wish to ruin him. I to re the whole establishment Over to a quot mined to start�5 expected to find employ ment i was prevented in consequence of my anti masonic sentiments. I was threatened with the withholding of every Opportunity to provide bread for my family. I had taken the Clintonia Side against the jacksonian in politics but my services were declined in various directions. Then i made up my mind to show fight. I borrowed $400 of two gentlemen and started a new paper called the a tit masonic inquirer. In eight weeks i had a Large circulation. It turned out that i had the whole Counti with me. Quot during this time quot continued or. Weed quot my personal relations with the masons were Friendly. When j came into the taverns where they were in consultation the conversation was not stopped. But i never used against them any in ration obtained in this Way. It is one of the consolations of my life that i have been on Good terms with leading men in political parties opposed to my the lakes aim the mountains. A French tourist Speaks of quot the Delaway Wata Bedford Alum Springs is alive with Gayety and has indulged in a phantom Ball. The dress suit relation is not in Force at the grand Union Betel hops Saratoga this season. Tourists declare that there is an unnecessary amount of Claptrap and Humbug about Prospect Park Niagara Falls to which an admission fee of Twenty five cents is charged. Quot veil my mercy goodness me i quot exclaimed count von fiddlesticks i quot As he gazed for the first time at Niagara Falls quot i if never in der whole course Mit my experience seen der Waterfall Liker Dot. I eel mid min self All full up Mit oxide mend. Vere ish der Par Rex it a quot Chautauqua Lake has Many new attractions. A quot children s Temple a been built for their special Benefit a quot Hall Olphil Sophy quot in the greek style of architecture will be used for the morning lectures and a new museum will contain a Large number of curiosities and antiquities. The Seltzer Springs of Springdale ten Miles Northwest of Boulder Are rapidly becoming noted As the Best Mineral wagers of their class in Colorado. They Are located in an attractive Glen along a Beautiful Brook primitively called quot Jim Creek in the midst of heavy Pine forests and Are reached by one of the finest Carriage roads in the state. The Prospect Park company gave the first exhibition of their new improved electric Light at Niagara Falls the other night. The Light now is Strong enough to reach the Horseshoe Falls and penetrate the Clouds of Spray. The american Falls Are reached at Ever Point and form a Beautiful View. New reflectors have been placed m such a position As to throw Strong rays of Light on the rapids just above the Falls which resemble a huge Sheet of quicksilver the whole fanning a magnificent illumination. The Temperance Jubilee at Lake Marano Cook promises to be one of the most successful Ever held. It will open on thursday july a it it with an address by Tov. Of waisted. I riday july to sex Ivov. Dingley will deliver an address on prohibition in Maine. Sim Day 30th, will be children s Day and 400 Sabbath schools Are invited to it be present. Every tem it France organization and All others Are invited to be present. Hon. K. Simonton g. Vav. C. T., says that the order of Good templars will make4,Liis an occasion of a grand reunion. The great apostle of Temperance Francis Murhy will be present and speak on two slavs of the Neeti iii. And deter again lorm self. I found to o Urpse that in several directions where i the quot Beah deah quot illustrated. Five or six Hearty guffaws ranging through All the Scales of the human voice rang out Clear and noisily causing the object of the merriment to suspend her remarkable Mode of progression while she turned to ascertain the reason for such unusual sounds. An affect edly modest gaze through eyes that to do them Justice were exquisitely Beautiful was sufficient to appraise her of the horrible fact that she a e slides of Modem milliners Blush whose irreproachable attire could not be questioned was the object of Street merriment. A Brilliant and overwhelming flush of red overspread every feature and was succeeded by the deadly White of righteous indignation As she turned away with diet dignity and continued her Way. Alas in her rage and confusion the quot deah deah quot idea fled from her Dainty but evidently thoroughly discomfited head thereby exposing the silly affectation of which she had been Silty and causing a renewal of the audible smiles that were fired off at Point Blank Range from All sides. Evidently almost ready to faint with distress and confusion the Youn lady stopped and then suddenly fled precipitately into a neighbouring store followed by the ecstatic laughter of those horrible rude vulgar wretches. A half hour afterwards the Young lady came out and glanced timidly around. Convinced that Hei quot Tormentor had really departed she prepared to do he Fwise. First she gave her Langtry hat a farther tilt after Wai she Shook out the bibles on her bracelets pushed the Bunch of daisies at her Belt into better position and raising her Ivoit-handledp3ol, plunged into the Depths of the fashionable gait. Her instep went m with a Jerk her hips flew Backer spinal co Kunn shot Forward at an Angle of succeeding roller As it dashes the Spray Overall along Shore. There Are a great Many Excel Lerit lady swimmers at Cape May. Two runaways a Day Are said to but the average at Long Branch. Spice the opening of 18�0 almost #1,000 000 has been a be quot Nan it i tints at Otec Ikach and Hull mass. Polo on skates is to be introduced again in the skating rink Newport a few practice games having already taken place. At Nan tasket Beach Young ladies during the Early part of the Day Row or roam in dark Blue flannel suits wide rimmed hats and base Ball shoes. More than eleven of passengers were carried last year without Accident by pleasure Harbor boats in Massachusetts and new Hampshire. A Seaside Belle left her bathing shoes hanging out of the hotel window to Orand the next Day the local paper announced that quot such a hotel had put up new awnings of antique the Cape May Star finds it necessary to Issue the following note of warning quot bathing costumes should be modest and decent in every respect. No gentleman will violate the Law of modesty and Good taste by wearing an immodest bathing costume and the fellow who does not Shodd be invited to visit the Alder men quot a of Sce. A and Lawn Tennis tournament occurs at the Newport Casino commencing Augustol and ending september 3. The prizes will be very elaborate and the contests will be looked to with a Good Deal of interest. It will be held under the auspices of the Lawn Tennis association of America. It will be a Verj fashionable event. The surf bathing at Coney Island never was the Best in the world but it is a matter of regret that the mistakes or perhaps the necessities of engineering in order to preserve the hotels and Bath houses irom the Winter storms have destroyed the Sandy Bottom before the Manhattan Beach hotel. It seems doubtful if any mechanical contrivance can induce the Waves to Wash the Sand Back in its place. The construction of the Iron pier at w est Brighton is said to be causing damage to the bathing grounds there. Or. Crandall has fitted an immense rink at Brighton Beach Coney Island for the purpose of amusing children of a a is with his Ogenious play goods accomplishing thereby a twofold object he affords the Hittle ones various Means of healthy amusement and recreation and relieves the parents of All care during their stay at Coney Island. Prominent among the articles used Are bicycles roller skates and single double seated velocipede. For the Little ones he provides Sand meters swings shovels and pails. Even the baby a not forgotten he provides a baby Carriage for its use. At Atlantic City the battered Hulk of the bark which came ashore a year or More of is proving an attraction agon this year. What is left of it is imbedded in the Sand and each about 48 degrees and remained rigid. Her Chin was lifted about two inches above the Normal line the nose followed and improved a trifle on the in Chen while her arms were Linnet to the Side As far Down As the elbows of t Point Tibey being Limp and Lai id while the ure As it moved up the Street reminded one irresistibly of a Jack knife making i Mun Nodic attempts to shut itself up. The it in deah quot defies definite description by the most american. Nahkai Ansett pier is reported to have receded the cold shoulder so far this season and is Eon Sequen in a woefully wretched state demoralize Tiomi. It helps to Bur it deeper. Crowds gather daily and gaze with interest at it and while wondering what might be its Story where it was Laun de what voyages it made and How it was freighted suddenly have the Romance knocked out of them by observing that % portion of its Bow had been utilized by n Penila Delphia firm to announce a reduction m the Price of clothing. Concemi life at Goney Island a Kew York All thi tip letter writer All the world be a journey Down to quot the Tomk 35,000 As a beginning in an airing in a most mendly amp Ceramic an it truly Yankee fashion. Seeing and Long in. Elbowing and being Ell owed laughing my
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