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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald Newspaper Archives Jul 14 1881, Page 1

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Bar Harbor Mount Desert Herald (Newspaper) - July 14, 1881, Bar Harbor, Maine To Fol. Harbor me., thursday july 14, 1881. 1. It if i. Kex by thursday and by today Morm iii hiring the summer Symn and weekly during th4 remainder of Ike year a res rat a mount desert publishing company a at a Klaibor mind. Joseph Wood editor and manager. To Bxs �?s2.00 per year or for the summer season in Advance. Single copies five cents. Dveira Tisei sent is at favourable rates. New England Homes. ?. I two a tees of men Coul Ltd be More different than the new yorkers of the Colomal period and the people of new England at the same a v. The contrast in the habits of thought and tiie modes of living Between the two provinces in nowhere More distinctly apparent Tjian in their old time won mansions the former having keen eyes for temporal aggrandizement while the latter were wedded to schools and colleges and cherished a High respect for Poett and philosophy and All that pertained to religious rhapsody. The a Iritano frowned upon exterior Snow and architectural ornamentation was Tabooed like High sounding titles. The colonial Homes show these traits of their assessors and May fairly be studied in that ight. An example of the country House of Early new England is found in the old mansion of sir William Pepperell at Kittery Point me. Though less m size than it was once it is still Large and must once have contained As Many rooms As a great hotel. Like Many another new England mansion it had two periods quot that is it Southern half was built by the father of the Coni juror of Louisburg and the Northern was afterwards added b sir William. Both father and son occupied it until the death of the Fonner in 1734. Estates quot All in one piece quot were Large in those Days and it was said that sir William could drive to the saco�?30 Miles without going off his own property. Ixon fellow has a painting by Copley in which this House figures and Vahit tier has frequently noticed the spot in his verse. The View from the Pepperell House is still Superb As Many As xxi vessels often being in sight at one time from it. The patriarch of new England houses one of the first built during the government of John Winthrop is the Craddock House in Medford mass. It has been left unaltered and in touching until the present Day. And is believed to be the oldest building in the i United states retaining original font. It is by no Means a rain but is still a comfortable Home. To be sure there Are is is not unusual of it Sjuk table old age and decay. A Chimney has Lallen the outline of the roof is my and a. Dormer window has disappeared. The loopholes originally opened in Walls near the eaves were Long since Stopek a their usefulness ending with the disappearance of the India a. It was built about the year 1634, probably by Matthew Craddock the Man connect Eil with the settlement of la Sachs Settimi. It was not Only a dwelling House but a Forert site Walls being half a Yard thick and old windows heavily barred. But the owner and builder did not come to America to occupy the House he had originated. The Puritan Winthrop read Craddock s agent a sound lecture for his extravagant exp it end iture upon this mansion. U Winthrop s Humble dwelling was of Wood. Quot Hobgoblin Hall quot a Liaf mile or so from Medford % Village on the old Boston Road is not so old As the Craddock years but it not be it was built by Antigua merchant in 1738. Brick three stories High and if amps in Bnita tion of the Palace of a Nobleman of Antigua. Its grounds were finely Laid out and separated from the Highway by a Brick Wall with gateways flanked by tall wooden columns. Panel work both inside and out Alx it funds and All architecture and finish is suggestive. A chamber in the Northeast Comer of the mansion is finished above the Wainscot with a covering of leather on Wlinich Are painted in gorgeous colors Flowers Birds and chinese characters. The Little window panes of this room set in their heavy frames quivered with the fierce cannonade of the revolutionary outbreak. This old mansion attracted the attention of Gen. Clarles Lee the would be rival of Washington and he Mafle it his head parters and gave it the name of quot Hobgoblin Washiington however soon ousted him. The ancient mansion of the Quincy family at Quincy jviass., is a characteristic specimen of colonial architecture. It was built m 1770, on land purchased in 1635, of an Indian Sachem by Edmund Quincy of England and the estate has Ever since remained in the family. Five Hundred acres of Woodland and Meadow surround it and give the idea of the ancient English estate. From the mansion pum>8e8 of the sea of Boston Harbor and islands and the White sails in the roads Eads May be obtained. It is furnished As houses were a centum ago and old time life and Nian nere seem to Finger yet in every part. Or. Peter Brj ant the first physician of Western Massachusetts built the quot Bryant Homestead quot at mass., and Laere was bom William Collen by it Airt in 179i. The my Caird mansion Ial it tiie on the Connecticut nver is another relic of the Early part of the last Century and a Good example of the old colonial dwelling. Its antique features Are now chief Charm. The whole House is a museum of souvenirs of Fonner term tidies. The round table is Here which descended a Ranii got. A i a and Ursula Wolcott Griswo lii around which gathered occasion afr the eleven governors of a fair. Undo this roof a a. Stephen John-8 on the has pastor wrote the i Job wished article pointing toward Unquez rebellion in colonies. Hie Loonile of Long Enow is a quot great Square substantial a Truc Tore 50 feet Wye i ova a Good the Biver diaries in old. Can a lie House is half a Isle West the University and is in Centre of a plot of ten acres of ground. Tan Otts allo Sioris Are made he tie poet to his hmm i her amp tae he Nee Antt the Dock Mem ones. Its a a a Tody quot waa erne the Din pm Loo Aei of Waddigton aii Firari the tear m tilts file Genenz sent of every morning mansion by Ajo denied the title Isaac Royal an it was built of his Ord a for the Day. Mrs. Washington made the old drawing rooms famous for receptions and Gand dinner parties. Its age is not sex i a known. It was built by a Rich aristocrat of pre revolution an times col. John Vassal but has since been enlarged. Andrt a Craigie who in tilt a Bridge Over the Charles at one time owned it and once entertained within Walls according to tradition no less a personage than tallest and. The widow Craigie bang poor and Able to entertain no one filled the mansion with boarders and Amone them were to be found Edward Everett area Sparks Willard Phillips and Worcester the lexis or her. The property was pure leased by Longfellow in 1848, though he heed Here some time previously. In the immediate be Hor Hoopii is quot Elm Wood the residence of James Russell Lowell. In appearance it is More the Anotle of reverie and poetry than neighbor. It was built by Thomas Oliver the it Royal Lieut it Nant govenor of Massad Susetts More than one Hundred years ago. It is Roomy and substantial with an aristocratic air and a Fine same la of the Domestic Arclie lecture of new a Nglai id and new York which flourished nearly a Cen turn ago. In this hops Lowell was a Tom and Here he always lived and he has song the praises of his Home in some of his most captivating strains. In Concord mass. The Home of Ralph do Emerson is a Plain s Are. White dwelling of similar anti be architecture As that of let of Ells though built some years later. It was purchased by Emerson in 183.5, and is about ten Miles from Harvard University. The site of this House is not historical although the town is full of interest in that direction. It stands near the Public set Iuar at the Junction of the old Lexington Turnpike and the Road to Boston. Its Prospect is Emited Init the landscape is simple and Rural an abode of ref and peace. Within the study of this House have occurred Many of the quot conversations quot of or. Alcott. Here Thoreau Margaret Fuller William Ellery changing Charles Sumner Theodore Parker lord Amberly Longfellow it wittier Lowell. Holmes Wendell Phillips. Higginson George William Curtis in t Harte and a Host of literary eel purities have been familiar visitors. In tie immediate Vicinity of tiie Emerson mansion is the House of a. Bronson Alcott the estates As Well Sis the names of the two being associated. It is quot the fam House under the Hillside on the Lexington read quot quot lii he Hawthorne takes As the Abolt be of one of his heroes in quot Sej Timus owner has Transf raied it from a Plain cottage into a picturesque Home for scholarship and literature. It is nestled among Beautiful elms while and pastures stretch away on either hand. The House is full of old no a is and Corners is Low studded but a a i Zacious and i appropriately and variously Ornain ent a and Luni shed within. The Prospect from the front is open and pleasant while rears look out us it on the Concord Pines. Or. Alcott is an octogenarian Well presen de and Sunn. Modem times live added materially to the extent and variety of architectural acquisitions in new England and the increase of wealth and population Nas cd a a Tefr into Neiny which have no rivals in the past history of this country. Among the notable Homes divider this head must be reckoned quot Arni Nieri quot quot Villi of coi. Samuel Colt tie world renown a Iris inventor and manufacturer. It is it i iai Ltd half a mile out from the City i a Iriart j i jul. Conn., u a on the Connecticut Hiver a a Hore. Btij site was originally a Low Meadow marshy and worthless but owner with a Genius which comprehended All sorts of details made a wondrous Dike two Miles Long 70 feet Broad at the base and As wide on the top As the streets of Hartford and the Dike is bounded by a ribbon of Willows enclosing a a Juare mile of ground. Here he erected a Gigantic Annore a Swiss Village for his employees and his own Home. The last is Unic Jue and costly but carries out no decided principles of architecture. It is called italian but without Zinith and it is More really a of and Oriental. It is built of Stoi and is imi Sivc Majestic and refined. In the suburbs of Boston Are Many Ionics and homesteads and in respect to their varied natural beauties and those of the r adornment and architecture they a. Compared to those about Paris. The most striking feature of the North Shore i it the Rock Promontory of Nahant. I Pon the extreme end of this Promontory stands the mansion of h. Cabot Lodge. The situation unsurpassed for the Beauty of sea View. Just Zilow the mansion is quot pulpit Rock quot a Block 30 feet in height an Ltd 20 set Piare. Standing out into the tide. From the South quot a Side of the Edify e the City of Boston is seen hazy in the Flis Tance with Chelsea and the great Island dotted Harbor Between with All surrounding of Shore and jutting Point and land anal water scene -. In every direction a rare and pleasing picture lies spread out. The Dexter mansion Beverly farms was built a Quarter of a Cut urn ago by Franklin Dexter son of Hon. Samuel Dexter appointed by president Adams secretan of a in 18 Krand of the Treasury in 1 1. It is one of the few Stone residences on the coast. It is of the ancient Tudor style of Archit cure. The material of which it is built was All gathered in the immediate Vicinity and a peculiarity is that in the collection All Moss was left clinging to the stones As they were selected at least this was attempted and the result was a building with the appearance of much greater age than it really possessed. It is is fainted on a Fine Eminence just above the sea wit i a Beach below and a Broad varied sea View. The Interior is quaint and Cosey and the whole Kais an old time air in Strong Ltd it a last with most Modem built houses. About a mile from the Dexter mansion is that of George Gardner built very recently. This is one of the most striking and estates of Beverly farms. The House is built Square for room and towers Dormer windows and verandas relieve the Monotony of the Bare sides. Itie estate is Complete in All arrangements for summer luxury and Comfort. At Jamal m Plain a suburb of Boston Pine Bank quot to in Home of Edward n. Pei is is one of the finest. This estate was purchased 75 years ago by the Grandfather of the present owner and each member of tiie family into whose hands it has fallen has improved it. The present House was built to take the place of one destroyed by fire in 1868. It is of Brick of two Colon red my Fawn and the architecture Isof the be. In shape it is a parallel Prtune 60x30. The surroundings Are vein beam Fol and the water views of Jamaica Pond do it Ltd. Opp Oate on the other Side of the Ponds the Home of Franci an unpretentious House but pervaded by an atmosphere of refined and elegant Eom Wrt. One of the finest houses in Massachusetts is that of h. H. Hunnewell in Wellesley. Liere Are Manv mansions in the state More notable for Aix Hite ture but few More in Harmony Kwh external surroundings. The site is a i Miraboy Chisim with reference to landscape ornamentation. The House is two Story almost Square with a Wing upon one Ide the surroundings and vitrus from the House however Fonn the chief attraction this estate has been converted by tiie owner thu Ough a cre Nerous outlay from in on Linary constr next morning a Little boy brought Home seven Emp ice Cream freezers saying that a dark visage Man ha3 handed them to him for de liver. T the old Tsy woman disappeared mysteriously and was not heard of for six months. At the end of that time she got out of the Hospital started Down to Taylor suit s Fann ate a Green Watermelon and Republican. A Paris museum. One of the most instructive and entertaining f ,. Places of Public resort in Paris is the National Homestead ii Ito one the most Pichi Respie to Jiu Geum of anti cities known at the hotel de be found.-i.y/7/i/>. Hirm of America. Clung. This Palace was built by an Abbot of Palace was built by an Abbot of Cluny during the fourteenth Century for the use of that famous Benedictine order. The blk a proper quot in the town of Cluny about 200 Miles Southeast of Paris was at that time one of the most powerful monastic establishments ments of our fair citizens. To open a can p our out a certain Quantity of the contents add the proportion of water and give the compound the necessary amount of boiling or simmering is so and demands so Little exertion of l culinary ability that it is no Marvel such a labor saving device Iken so widely path sized. It is estimated that thai canned goods business of the i Nittel state now amounts to about and constantly growing. Originally but a few were j it up in lii. Way which were i r the Art fruits or quot preserves quot now the list of quot canned goods embraces fish flesh and fowl fruit vegetables Anil berries. In fat Alk st Evi Mything that constitutes human tool. Among the fruits and peach inca ple Strawberry Blueberry Thim Leberi Pear april it coi Nuion a it plot i and flu ii a. Of to a tables Are Beans peas okra Sweet a Orn. Toniato Puri pins asparagus . Of meats Are beef vial Mutton. Iii Ken. Turkey. Of Osc and Ham. Of fish n Lacker a Lia Libut Sai dines Sal Nuin codfish Liadis cd. Trout lobsters shrimp oysters and clani.>-. In sides these Are various kinds of soups such As mock Turtle tail Chi it quot Ken n be table mull Tawny Tomato and pea also a minced Nuat fur pie sausage meat Venison and Tripi. This is a j Retty liln ral Bill of fare especially when we include the quot de filled quot in tre Nientsu we i a have been More recently added and which embrace Ham Tonkin to Star Turkey and Chi Ken. To give some idea of thu Husnu ssh it in this line the writer states that Oil establishment alone in Boston suld last quot i a 7,2 w dozen Tonia of. I Onn of peaches a it of Corn. 1, ion Jeas ruo thu berries a succotash quot a i Trince. By ides Large quantities a x tail mock truth pea and upon a Ai defies Etc. To these May milk Anil co fee in is eident Wien we take canned food. The Boston Unema dal tra reuer says the rapid development of the canned food shows that tie article must meet a great popular need a need indeed not very comply end i\<f3ctant, having a Community of 10,000 monks tary to the Industry or cooking Aceb Pisi it and Over 60 it Gigious houses dependent on it. .1-. It Pic monks however did not often reside in their Paris House which was generally occupied by princes and cardinals Manthe widow of Louis xh., and sister of Ilene Viil of England whose room is still shown there As the Chambre de la Heine Blanche it being the custom of the French Queens to Wear White no morning James v. Of Scotland the Duke of Iuis Candinal Lorraine and Many other distinguished personages having dwelt there on Dilfer Erit occasions. In 1790 it was confiscated and sold. It fell into the hands of m. Do Sommerall a Learned anti to parian who formed a valuable collection of Nied Civval objects of Art which was sold by heir to the government in 1843, and thrown open to the Public As a National museum of antiquities. It is filled with Fine carvings tah series. Antique furniture and artistic treasures of various kinds and one May Well pass a sunday in a worse manner than by informing his mind and elt locating his taste in this valuable museum where All classes Are accustomed to c it no negate on sundays and holi plays. Adjoining the Chapel of the hotel Cluny Are the Garden and ruins of the ancient palais do thu ones built Byon Tantius horus luring the second Century where May still be Seeri the remains of the luxurious Imperial Baths the water for which was brought by an Aqueduct Onmi Arceil. Of beef Sou Chicken a be adult d Kunii Enscy Small quantities. It into account All the other grocery stores that the Trade must be enormous an Ltd big sums o quot Iuone uni get change hands in the various processes and ino Veun of the goods As Many a two Hundred millions of annually unit u in the uni teil state probably cans area r x to r u to the t. A a ale of the Large Cir in a it is throne Hout in in parts of a l that tin at All i Fincel to b foiling general tile Cut i iry. The great ext rii to which Carus d Good. Arc used in Texas is and . In nearly it re Volage in that state there Arta Tores a voted almost Exi to the Sale >1 canned goo is. Especial in southwestern l exas where the gardening a sonic a Large i portion have no Ahurst Entrich quot a quot Ruit Droutas of hum Nier Niaki what uni Ertain . Of the people Liere to for irrigation Imp it Leper canned goods for their velt tables. Is apply and a Navy Yard tragedy. A \ Oung girl leaned Itil against the i us car i Ltd staircase of a mansion at the Navy Yard and gazed languidly into the brilliantly lighted Arlor in which i oij s of quot the be on whose c in k. The Bright Ilus i of a. Glowing Gide Ltd i Ace Luhv a in the figures of a Waltz. t \ Valdesi was an on child. As her name indic ated a great sorrow was com cited with the Entrance into a cold cruel world of this de lib it Ped Beau. Whose nineteenth birth a was Heuing celebrate in by the merry Thror is to whom allusion has let een made. On the night of her birth the Yff ung father who had look Elf Forward with such to tule Joy to Liis crowning joint in his Lite had started out hurriedly to Ltd the doctor and fallen into the Eastern Branch. The nurse said it was a bad Omen. When or. \ a Iasi a used the cite for a diag and got a Virdice t for six in Rem Embi. Re l this. Turning sadly away from Charle she Hon quot an old Gips woman stopped him. Quot do you know me w. I. Valdesi quot she hissed air a Low voice her face lighting up with a malignant look. Quot to. Woman what wouldst thou with me quot fort seven cars Ajo quot muttered the old Crone a coarsely quot your dead and gone father who Blower the Triangle in the Alarine banal put Iju cac in some melons that were growing in the Back Yard of our Nuin Sion. Day our entire family threw u everything we possessed 1 was Only a Little girl then but i remember the cold a pitiless smile on the face of your Leaughty father As he Rode by our Humble cot an Ltd saw my youngest brother going to Walsh s drug store for something to Settle his stomach and swore to be revenged. I have kept my oath. My son was on Billy Cook s jury that tried your Case and his vote Defeated you. But do not think my anger is sated. The o Rourke never forgive. Ere another Sun shall have Arisen a deep sorrow will fall on Yoiiro House. Item Emeer the Gypsy s wanting and tremble quot and with these words the toothless i Virago stepped around the Corner of the Marine Barracks and was lost to Siht. That eight the Celebration of Eunice a nineteenth birthday took place. In the excitement of the event w. H. Valdesi thought of nothing but How to make his guests Napp about 11 o clock tie Butler approached Nis a stress and whispered a few words in her ear. A frightened look passed Over her face and hastily seating herself on a Fauteuil she. Gent a servant to summon her husband. He came. Bill quot said she hoarsely Voilie one has stolen the ice god help us quot ejaculated the grief stricken Man. Who did i not heed the g i 8y 8 warn a party was a failure and the Hauht Pride of the Valdesi family was humbled. The the sea Serpent in 1819. A writer in the Lynn transcript gives the following account of the appearance of the famous quot sea Serj ent quot of which he was an a a witness some years later in August. 1819, another notable character made his appearance on our seacoast. He was of another species and of singular form and cleaner habits called a sea Serpent. And As the account of some sort of a sea monster been treated Sportive Lyas a quot fish Story quot and As be Ojile generally Are at a loss to know what to believe i hereby give the test morn of a living witness. I had the pleasure of seeing i Snake ship off Long Beach and quot red Hock. He passed along within Jne Hundred feet from where 1 stood a iving me a yer Good sight of Hin. At to. Be he quot married his head out of water al out to feet and Speed was like that of an Ordick by Ocean Steamer. What i saw of his length was from fifty to sixty feet. It was a try dial cult to count the Bunches or Bony Fui us on his Back by his undulating motion the a did not All a Pear at once. This accounts in i it Art for the varied descriptions Given of Linin by dit ii Reni arties. Ilis a Pear ance at the surface of the water was occasional and but for a Short time. This is the Best description i can give of him from my can Obs i vation am i saw the moister As truly though not Juite so a clearly As i Ever saw anything. This Hiattt r has by some a in to eat i a hoax or a Seaside Phenon itov., to bring Trade Atul profit to the watering place s. All , there is no doubt that set Mie kind of a a to Ange Rover in the form of sex it a a a called an Inhthy saurus Lesio Sandrus or some other strange creature with a Long name has Bei n seen m our own if not in other Waters. A very full count was a riven of him at the time by Jaous Prince of Boston and b. F. Newhall of Sau irus. Or. Prince save that he carried his head out of water about the feet. He counted thirteen Bunches upon his Back and judged him to be from fifty to sixty feet in length. Or. Newhall said that he carried his head about six feet out a f water and a he thought him to be from mighty to okie Hundred feet hug and quot there were Bunches on his Back who h the Sun caused to Glisten like . Quot at this time the re were some two Hundred people on the quot in Hore watching his movements some of whom besides myself May now be living. The next Day preparations were made his Cai Turi. But the to r was capture a one. Golden Opportunity the spider As a balloonist. In speaking of the intelligence displayed by and beast ii Seth Ireen in an interview with a Rochester x. A reporter argued strongly in favor of the reasoning Power of cts especially and related from his own experience the manner in which a spider constructs a balloon. If you Anchor a pole in a lie next body of water leaving the pole above the sur face and put a spider upon it he will exhibit marvellous Intel he ence by his plans to escape. At first he will spin a web several inches Long and hang to one end while he allows the other to float oif in the wind in the Hope that it will strike some object. Of course this plan proves a failure but the spider is not discouraged. He Waits until the wind changes and then sends another Silken Bridge Ilo Atin off in another direction. Another failure is followed by several other similar attempts until aii the Points of the Compass have been tried. But neither the resources nor the reasoning Powers of the spider Are exhausted. He climbs to the top of the pole and energetically goes to work to construct a Silken balloon lie has no hot air with which to inflate it but he has the Power of making it buoyant. When he gets his balloon finished he does not go off upon the Mere supposition that it will carry him As men often do but he fastens to it a Guy rope the other end of which he attaches to the Island pole upon which he is a prisoner. He then gets into his Aerial vehicle whih it is made fast and tests it to see whether dimensions Are a ble of the work of bearing him away. He often finds that he has made it too Small in which Case he hauls it Down takes it apart and constructs it on a larger and better plan. A spider has been to make three different balloons before he became satisfied with his Experiment. Then he in snap the Guy rope and a a to land As erace fury Aid As supremely Independent of his surroundings As could Well be imagined. Or. Green stated that he had repeatedly witnessed such actions by age of the Earth. At the Midland Institute Birmingham the other Day prof. Ayrton delivered a lecture in which he gave some estimates of the Earth s ago. In reply to the question of whether the Earth a existence was to be coisted by thousands or by millions of years he called attention to the Geol Oscai evidence of organic changes on the ears s surface which required not less than a Hundred million years for the Earth Sage. There was however a better method of approximating to the age of the Earth. The changes of temperature belonging to the different seasons were less Percy pit Bly Felt As they penetrated the substance of the Earth until at the depth of about fifty feet the temperature was practically constant. If however they continue to descend an in increase of temperature was experienced at about the rate of one degree per fifty feet of the descent. Supposing tins increase went on at the same rate until the Centre of the Globe was reached the temperature there would be 400,00 de Pees higher than at the surface. The Jowas however no reason to assume that the increase i Fiigon on or that the temperature at the Center was higher than Liat of lie molten Rock 7,000 degrees or at most 10,1 k30 degrees. Assuming this to be the temperature at the Center and knowing by Experiment the conducting Power of Rock in the relation to heat sir William Thompson was Able to calculate the present distribution of temperature throughout the whole Earth not Only the present distribution downward but the distribution at any future and at any past time. Taking the Teri Pesature at 7,000 it degrees Asl yen once been the uniform temperature of the whole body the result of the calculation was that the Earth had been a Hundred million Vears in tool Init. A the state of Maine. I do not wonder that the sons of Maine in tie West seek to revive the memories of a state so Rich in resources industries and natural Beauty. Her wonderful seacoast. Rivalling in the Fords of Norway is famous in history and haunted by romantic traditions dating Back half a centum before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth fishermen explorers Jesuit missionaries traders and pirates Indian War canoes French and Hengesh Battle ships rounded hex capes and dropped Anchor in her Bays at a period when Froin the Mouth of the a Aco to that of the Delaware no White settlement to interfered with the indians title to the wilderness. At the present time her healthful and Beautiful islands Are our most popular Seaside resorts and a grand diversity of lakes Rivers and mountains renders her Inland forests attractive. Rich As she is in her agricultural hungering and fishing interests she is still Richer in her men King Holmes the two Fessenden and Andrew dear to Massachusetts and her living representatives Longfellow whose songs have girdled the world the Washburne Bome slaters and governors Hamlin chamber Lam and her son by adoption Blaine John Jie i heal Dow the temp Rance reformer and Artenias War the i Uit Awe humorist May be a a toned among the Many who made the state q. Wittier. The first Baptist Church. He was on his Way Home from Lead Ville. He had on a ragged old summer suit a bad hat and he had been taking his meals about thirty hours apart to make his Motiey Cany him through. In reply to an interest etl in Juicer he told his Story thus quot i am the original disk veer of the richest mine around Leadville. Yes i am the very Man though you would t think it to see these old quot then you Don t own it now quot quot not a bit of it. Ril explain. I was poking around on the Hills and found signs. I collected some specimens for assay staked Oti quot j a claim and went old quot to the assay s. It was two Days before he let me know that i had struck the richest Ore that he had Ever assayed and then i hurried Back to my claim. Hang my buttons if it had quot to been quot How quot quot Why a gang of Shaw ers had found the spot and built up a pole shanty and Hung out a sign of first Baptist Church Over the door. True As shooting they had and the Law out there is no Man can sink a Shaft within 200 feet of a Church building. 1 hey saw i coming and when i got there were holding a revival. There were six of them ail they got up one after another and told How Wicke Ltd they had been and How 8orr\ Thev were and a would you believe it a they had the Cheek to ask me to Lead of in Sini Jinni. I went to Law. But they beat me. Three Davs after the verdict the first Baptist Churchi burned Down and before the ashes were cold the Coli Preira tion were developing a mine Worth Over three million of mexican hotel. The mexican hotel furnishes von Ionising Tsatis Avi. A a u engage your room by the Day or month and you get your bed and a toilet. Of course we ring for the ice water quire Ymeri Cano and the waiter brings us water without ice we ask if to can t get ice and we Are told we can if we Send out and buy it. Before going to bed my chum methinks him of quot his Ami asks for Wann water the waiter can t get us and warm water Bei Ause the oily a lace to get it is at the bathing establishment and that is closed at 9. Ltd. E Nelt d a spoon and Send the to for one he returns and a s that the restaurant is closed and the cafe won t Trust him with a spoon. 1 go Down to the Caie when the proprietor a very polite Frenchman a avs quot i am very sorr to give you the trouble to come Down stairs i am ver glad to lend you anything in my establishment but i have lived in this co Mitre too Long to take the word of one of these Fellows for a the. Force of the hotel consists of a sad looking clerk who writes a the names of the gut in Chalk on a blackboard a melancholy custodian of the keys two Bare footed Comanche boys for general Utility and twi waiters on each floor. It is own Neil by the who ire the richest family in Calexico. They paid of i,0 j0 for the property and make or $50, Kex a year from it. They own thi whole Block the hotel bad a the hotel san Carlos and whole blocks of the Best a Roert in the City. There Are two of them and their fortunes Are estimate in at $. Of m 0,0u0 apiece it. A letter from Mexico. The Lake a a Fig Louii tails j a further addition of Twenty rooms has been made to the Crawford House White mountains. Cranston s hotel we Point has now a new corps of waiters of obey the edict against the wearing of mustaches. The mount Washington railway has been entirely rebuilt in preparation for the unusual heavy travel Over it that is expected this summer. The mount Kineo House at Moose head Lake under old and popular manager or. O. A. Dennen offers great attractions to sportsmen and tourists. W Ork on the Semig Wasset Valley railway which was chartered by the new Hampshire legislature seven years ago is to be Oom fenced at once. It will when completed shorten the ride from Boston to the White mountains by about forty Miles. Moose head Lake me., has Long been the re sort of the sportsman but Only in recent years has the general Public recognized and availed itself of excellencies As a summer resting place. Ever feature that goes to make a residence on the Shore of an Inland Lake desirable is at hand. Alton Bay is one of the most picturesque Poi us on Lake Winniei Segee. A Long narrow Ann of the Lake stretches up Between High Hills densely wooded on each Side. The scenery is of the loveliest and there is ample Opportunity for Hunting bathing boating and fishing. There is Railroad and Telegraph communication and it is the starting place of one of the Lake steamers. It is proposed to open a new Park in Syra a a use on t in Bank of Onondaga i a. A party enterprising capitalists has in View quot he project. An expenditure of about $20,-mx will be made in addition to the land for a he adornment of the place. A Large build eng will be erected. Bathing houses rustic seats arbours Bridges running streams and other Aitra lotions will serve to make the place popular. The new York hotel mail says quot al Ridal you pie it at on the Piazza of the Clifton House n Niagara the other night. They tried six or seven different kinds of chairs before finally selecting those considered suitable. It was a ool and or. Younghusband went upstairs to get a shawl for his wife and putting it on mussed her hair As ail awkward men especially bridegrooms. Do. The electric Light was Umed on the Falls and they gazed Long and silently at the Beautiful sight. George she it Aid finally it looks like neapolitan in a Ream Don t it yes said George it does so dear that was an awfully mean resent our sister gave me was t it Norge a quot Wiy no 1 Don think it was a Aid he a trifle angry. Yes it was too exp Lainie mrs. Younghusband beginning to cry a and you know it was. She s a mean stingy thing. I la Send Back the old butter dish so there a a and you ought to be ashamed to quarrel with me so they went away in All along Shore. Bosons celebrated Cadet band is to do the Insani Ziental Harmony at Nan tasket Beach this . Foreign of rank and title Are in abut Daiiche at Newport where quot Anglo phobia quot is going to rage Violenti. Newport cottagers of the exclusive kind Are Elistresse Ltd because of the Advent of some Rich quot but Ali ully common the Bihling of a jetty which it is claim Ltd will be the the ii if big the iia. "7 . , has been begun at Nantucket. Uye Beach n. In which was Farragut s Favorito Seaside resort a a Aid to be warrantee to the patronage of thu quot in st families quot in the land. Ashur Park claims to have More bathing houses than any resort on the except Coner Island. There Are 1,029 of them and Thev Are All owned by one Man. If been decided to hold the International Lawn Tennis tournament at the Casino grounds Newport commencing about August 31. The contest will last one week. An Orchard Beach Landlady info Ned an in Quirt that they quot had t malaria there cause folks had t asked for it but will get it f or family if of say Feitz Leach three Miles a oui old Beach is timely located near the Mouth of v Saco River. There Are Beautiful views of the x Ean Ami changing drives and the climate is Good. The quot utter utter Ness quot girls Are at new ort. They have a far off can to see anything ook in their eyes and the Only thing that brings them up share is a Nice Yoi Fng quot Fluffy keen ill Foj Telegram. It been decided that the annual Ball of the new York yacht club shall be held at new London and a new feature will be the lashing together of two yachts with a platform Between of which dancing will take place. Ape May is to have a quot Blue gla.5 Pavilion re quot in which real and bogus invalids can sit and imagine that a wonderful cure of some kind or another is being worked upon their sensitive systems. About a ton of Faith is to go with every panel of Blue Glass. The mouse Island association have moved a number of buildings from their location at the water front and will erect a restaurant on the site. The building will be two and a half stories High 90 by 80 feet and will accommodate the numbers who visit the Island and do not wish to visit a Large hotel. A wicked new York editor says that Cape May has a tribe of Mosquito As big As hens twice As Strong and which sing airs from favorite operas. They come about Aust and stay until the hotels Are empt it. Last year one was caught Ami put in a Box but he bit his Way out in the night and Carrie it i the Box away. A Ivi artha s Vineyard Correau and it writes a there is still another interesting it of history of quot cottage cite quot in the Vear 18s5 the methodist Church at Edgarton in which this new town a cottage City quot has been Poen wiper i opted measures for hold ii a Camp meet ii at the nov i Neva re Grove. Only afew tents Ujj embraced quot the Camp and a rough Boa Corries pending seats answered Parpos now de i /
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