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Bangor Daily Whig And Courier Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Bangor Daily Whig And Courier (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Bangor, MaineI t Devli Jafe Al too ban Yilit at k l Ink l Rod salts Nunie to order. Bang or. He mon3at morning december 15. 1890. Vol. Evil number 296. Sex to to inc. Cock i the Plain truth in i wac an show 9s, on r Stock of does it Hurt the that some woman said of the greatest thing i Ever saw for easy washing and cleaning in fact it Doea so much the reported co hot. Basr Raar locals. Kojl Uthit in to bid nah auot8ta. Contradictory be poof co worn Ide the Indian w. B. Rusa has built a convenient Addi Tion u one of the counters in his store malting it Tii Oab wider. It Wab very cold d Brewer Friday night among the books. Some of the recent Pobu cations the following new boots Hata re revived Alfredi a novel by 3mma e. H. Spect. In Telb Book the author Deala Chicago Dee. 13. Gen. Lilies does not morning. Ullh the unseen phys jct for Ensor to Benny Augusta Deo. 13. Early Thea Moraine Plaza any Credo be in the report there a Iron c. Holbrook s store which verse being As real As the she retails the old George f. Thompaon a druggist of Hal had Beroa Battle Between the troops and witted toward us an below brews. Local throng a Toler ing Loo food to be i la Well died. Be bad teen in Peotr health in the Norbur Trutt. It Tele to Oei bring1 her heroine to so exalted plan and suffered from neuralgia. Heto Okan a be in that the Universal popu overdose of some drug Friday evening to fighting among Tea Iselee had reached Larit of i a Law the path. He a Unco Neplois eight the Anceney. Be further report has been ice Ruoi canine Awe received from him and there. Is no reason to anything Tut a Holtom. Boulton dec. 13. A ear belonging to the Eastman Heater co. Waa burned this that millions of would use year after Yeu if i Hurt Montog while loading at Anderson s to the Hancs or clothing. To believe there bad Beau a conflict with the sol thiere. A despatch from Omba neb., Saya no Battle occurred Between the United states Troope and the Indiana near Pine Ridge As reported. From Washington. Canadian it contained Iso barrels consigned to old Oboh Bato. That any sane Man would risk a Fortune in advertising an article which would not stand 11 i i Bath dec. In. The foil most severe and women Are critical tests. I Mhd Oner p. Davenport of that just what Pearline will it Ioc easy launched by of 4aving time and and to Day. Site was built Tor general coast it. You la for and will be commanded by capt. To Linin be aft line irresistible. I fed Bers did some Are offering imitations which la by aim Fearline. The Sune i Vav not. Am tie sides Are i Alx jul he Capitol. Lendt and Nul be ready Fei night. La a fort pin Blonti ge1nted. I Boston and hew but i the latest fall Tou can Stan 3. In perfect on these High c s. Dec. 13. I the following pensions have been granted to residents of Alula original Andrew Doherty v a local dec. Li1. The Otic committee to by Anat Conan Taicner ol1 Penaloso by representative Loop qty of in dim a cof Llowd its . Gnu Baumol Bohol he Elozer by Cherkof Tuefen Elon office the comm hero the games of two per dts in the Peselow Bureau who be Wab info nned were Ocoe i the eat Pliny of capt Lemon bin tit. They were Cettl and Lemon bad to do with their he b bad at Weie Hecim erf and but inf Lutice had nothing to to a Tab or re did still thumb. Lemon far a party of Yootin people went Sleigh ride to Balden and a Candy pull Atter they got there the other evening and report that the Sleigh ing was Lovely and they had a delightful la our Issue we Eta bed that the first Congie atonal sunday school would hold their Christmas concert on the As we were incorrectly informed. It will occur on the 28tb, one week As the desired Talent Lor the occasion can not be obtained by the committee by fore that Date. Work Oma. G. Key s sew store was finished saturday the painters concluding their work Darlng the Force you six in and scent lights hate lieu Hung in the store and a transformer to furnish Power for them waa placed on the pole opposite saturday. It la rather amusing to see a Man come into b. Herh s drug store Arr he sits Down of one of the revolving Elo ols Moke a Vul and desperate attempt to drug it toward the reliever but it does t Dow and be generally allows it to stay were it Belvage. Or. A. G. Key moved saturday Sfier doom from the Eiore on Wilson Street pub Lebed by toe author add for Bale by d. Bugbee Switz Elaud by daa Sug and Klch Ard the latest in Story of the a ton series and la an canc or Ului the grandly find re ably huh orb country of Shieb it treats. It in m worthy addition to Tot series. Price Henry Johnson a coloured clerk in the recorder s Offit at Wash Lugton Bat Crea Ted a Sosa too by marry i of use whet Inee. Jes Bofsky a polish Yonng lady Emp eyed la the aame once. Who is said to be very bean Tinl and highly educated. Joh Tsoo b almost White and a Man of some wealth. The Book on Lake a Blob the Princess Beatrice is preparing is looked Forward in a Ltd eagerness in England. She has slays taken great la Tere fit lathe Indus try of lace ats King has done much to Ireland she aloft used her Iouli Ienco to re Lye the tue in Honicon lace. Of has red at bad Gustavus 80 i of Pintea Vantiem Tor existence by a b. L. Fletcher h. A., is the second in the series of heroes of the nations Feries of Bio graphical studies of the Aad work o a number of representative Char about whom have gathered the great oils of the Nellons to Thi a have belonged and who Bate been Eden Many instances As the of the Walton to they tort orig. Urlce Good livid a a practical Tor town and by Sara Vaa Buren bungle re what Ita title a dilates a valuable treatise on the culinary Art Aad Coo amount and variety of re Tead Well but whose value can better be determined in the Kitchen than in the editor s office. Price si.25. The question of suits is pamphlet 1x.iv, of the questions of the Dit Selts or St and Best ats and heard of. Sets Maine. N worm Elits itary Homes Thomas b. Fish. Lisbon Al appointment or promotion of any per re he has been located pm since going and Tau 0, d o for Ocean you will Nerer be by the prices Berttran sooth let Cofield Chas. F. St son in the Penalozo Voca and that he Lulu business to Bis elegant new quarters Cornish James if. Bacon Graild Kane had charge of. Tits Wert and All on urim Nec Square where he in to Bare the a Are High Bat the Pikta Are Low j Jile not Lor Bugeia to Tody the Equality of Gooda before tier Mabie a All they got to do be 10 be Tare to butt my f to a House which looks upon their interests As its own. I you can Hake no. Possible Mista Kii invest in 1 one of 0ur by Den. Stream Sherman Cam an there will Dou Ellils Boitor expo san. Us is men Hluck and i they Are the very finest Middlesex Chen Ohlas indigo Bine and fast colors regular filler made garment Aaton ele Eres aaa either Wool Ibe heaviest letting Ito ice. They Are equal to 112.00, overcoats by other firms. Come examine j then at Bio tripods mlob., dec. Is. Of Rollo of the Small saw Mill at Tibet e sidings exploded at 9 o clock. The Engineer and two other were instantly billed and twi More fatally injured. For promotion were subject to us of he be iarft6 Crow Ria Sll Daj in bit new to Al not store n the or. A p. Thomas o Tala chj4 and or. Jul Erroll of ret tried sat Ned no from it Eek of bunt log in Ibe re club Twat of Wytopitlock ind to Joey report that do to be Foutin Tulej for my Fig in of them the deep Tuti Duif forced o a Cyk the Flor la the fore Etc. Mide promotions or on the Vei Bat of Fraum Roqu faced to Lamia to hat of Allper Iona in the pet Ion of acc appointed by web Belr former Platee of Meot-1 then till monday. I did hot . Parn full Alfea us Juk Altita. New Yobe dec. 13. Tin Herald s 8 in its effects 1 be Boss strictly Ore Price clothing House 13. 75 and 77 n f. True s hew hand made Kilkenny m follow t Badan interview Ului Farnell Tok mall each of Tea delegates in to Erica represents blot Atlow the Lnagle it waa before the split but not the Alt Attoa As it actually it be net strange Tea table Ebony be so. It waa 1m to Fieldale that we Ronld common Hale lib them there waa not time. A desire waa to have tally sex plated the situation. I wanted the whole party to la Cut calmly All the of Tift and Perm the of nerf to express la views Hiowt Blaber to Broneta lie Lions or a you Bava wet need to Dahlia and Cork. Between the new Haven ct., dec. La. Chester h to Boob Ageo Well Btrown of the Pacific coast and to the Northwest died St i Home la thu City lost . A Wae a forty niner and later helped to too Oija settlement that e noir City of St. Paul. As the City grew he invested in bal Lologa and egg aged in the Carriage Barinas. Rdc c w Motiu us i 4 b4 Towel of p by Sale by fore Ihan 60 dealers in Bangor. We would fall to the open Loyol Hod. . A Landoe april of presented i or m. J. Ford i sir Ron and Tea id America in reply to our was limited to s snort table irom o Kell at the regular monthly meeting of Brewer Lodge no. In a. O. It. W., last the following were elected and will be installed at the next meeting la january master Workman John t. A e. Hussey Over seer a. H. Mann recorder s h. Try i receiver Busbee e. Merrill Finan Cier c. E. Wentwor Obj guide a a. Kenney Luslie watchman Joseph f. Hatch Oats de watchman a. S. Sawyer. Sparks a Wentworth Woodbury have Belo in we won on a new Furnace for melting brass Blob they constructed Tor i. The Elf Ottlo Street hallway company to into their car Bouie in Bangor and belted in Mellon Al Bijas that they May Hbeo the make to Btl own castles. The Foru Aceia Ted Bank of Thor opence of of is fire Etc failed 10 years ago of Xander me a that shareholders brought athletic even to. Hew Yogi Deo. 13. At the Manhattan Arietta grounds i Young won the 2-Mile.Steepleebaep la 10m.----- by Conneff in 65m. 3-14-5 second and Lloyd third. A Fth Ion 1jt1 Ink let o1t4b i Toronto out., dec. 13. Cantile its ouse nod David nod of step pig and by Captain John Codman. Price cents. The Abote four Booti published by g so lift and Are fur Salt by a Bugbee co the Inal designs of Margaret Ltd build pall mtn1 la a magnificent specimen of the Wood Art veil As that of prot log Aad it 6 9jll and will Couke by Obr Latomaa present for some one views Are Well the True to nature and the Cetera v tog in tee plug with the whote. It is one of the Moat Cobaj Retog issued the demagogue a it Tver by David Locke Tia Story of the struggle of Fioti t1on rj3p f us Ciss and fall of by to Acra Patous Vijums who i tired tie of from e to ending Bia tile by u 1 Ball l Rice a diking up a Romance about Cloud the Sioux chief to the he in her brother. One Saye be napped la when be Arnoldn from Bra Home in and Wue Dot found till i Foteen years be to turned to Hill family for a Brief Lime but the Sioux for Good or forbid watch Tver it May by. A lion from its Cage of a Railroad Muir near port Wonch a few Days ago and of Ter Ward discovered a Herd of it killed one Coward drove another into i barn where the lion was tur rounded r a of a Ermers arrived a Ltd various Ned he owner of tie cattle emptied the Coo tents of a double barrelled gun into the animal with Faul a Flat. A novel scheme has adopted by superintendent. Fisher of Ilie Saab con Public it a to have Bis pupils Teichs de letters Ellb pupils in similar or Flea in the Eli Oak 6f a Twitt cities on mutters Busio Esa industries characteristics of the localities. Aptitude in letter writing Aad valuable Gofur Matlou Are Libe objects attained in a manner pleasing and even fascinating to tie Raplh tie York state Engineer who bus Juat competed Surrey of Niagara Killi go Jas the of the horse face fill since is 104 of feb 5 inched or an average of Over two a year the greatest at any one Point is j70 jeep the Metti recession of the Ameri chd fall c in thee. Up. The same period the length of be Crest of the american full has from feet to 3.0kj the area of of the America n f All eibcel842la qua re and of the to Horseshoe full seven Memph who have guat returned from a week s Hunt in Are to have Kven Deer three a goo Pound Batur Aad Quantity of smaller All to rear at like were killed in one Hunt. Twi of them Loneia Turlej nearly ten fett Iti and other seven feet one of As be Watts urdu Fly u for a Spring on Ali Elayer. The Beer win ruled Ulter a running Tigh Tol three during Widli eight Bounds were disabled by him an musing incident occurred in the waiting Roopi it bread Street in a after Noons a by j. The Trow Edge a reprint of hat i Uiola Atory of Al Vety times inst it to the quod Compoy wbk a will be with pleasure by former readers and i tic a Euget by new paper covers Price 60 Uenta All around the this 4 Usu Qubi cmviuv4 u1vujcu4 l j at.1. Hts Almu , 1 Ilal in Fol. 1 us rho drum not Fri one or All of the grate bars May be drawn t the Pree Neni Jabir Franos be the s new Calen Zubb adv ceh bul f Imu vib and the tace president John ban out at an time. It he ii Isku Iai b Duvet air it v .__.__.-------, to o Connor and two of three other Short Bis i to _ _ John t. Lated the secede a my object Haa been pres wre the not Tyhof the party. U after Tae whole part a Blob Elm j. Foul. Troin Ibyl syst to mat Kcf Reutt Art he by ital u to t. Co prof Cut Vire Tutto Avit in mrs Oda a spot Wal l lift it Talle prong us us t and try it. Jvlldsttggi9ts. Of. Coo and f due 4 land bad been Given the Opportunity to do the same and both had Demoa Stratty their belief in the propriety Tod necessity of the action taken by the goeders there would not now be two part Lea in Ireland. The wreckers of the party Law the tar Chance. O brio and Dillon were absent and the wre Oteis bad Wight than England. And 0 estate Chris Mas and Holiday goods now oper ing with Luciose men Bete forced the game track the car la the Cestre Aid it Raffl to Texas and merits. Y or Tai books of every . I Hoto Grixti Auto albums. Holograph cases. Writing Deikus Wood and leather. Illustrated gift boots. Christmas cards and booklets. S Collar and cuff boxes in leather Plash. Glove handler Clef Jjones a Loilit Casee. Uin Inre mask Rolls. I Oit foils. Card Cates. Wallets. Purses. Pocket books. Playing card cases. Drinking Cope. Aid teachers bibles. Family bibles. Tet Tambot and prayer books i leather travelling cases Gold Pena and holders. Opera a limes. Scrap books. Wrt Ciera Ai fat fat when the movement m which the Iriah party originated waa born. They Are the whig of Irlby polities. Then1 views have Beyer been our but circumstance i were too Strong for them and they accepted ours. But discontent has been Long ranking in them and they grasped the Bret Chance to create a Bollt i am confident of winning certain to hire the people of Inland a Ltd me. The result of the election id Kilkenny will certainly bean indication of the general feel ing but not beyond question in the county in which my items Are not so favor ably entertained As else arbere. But in spite of that my belief is we win win. T of talc 000 a new Telephone number has been added after eight years of Hil Galim judgment to Ihlae already located 1n Brewer. It is was Given to Day id the tin per Tor court 178-4 and is situated to the residence of allowing Mcdonald percent. Water inspector h. T. Sparks who ends a Ltd the water system to Brewer Veale Orono or old town to sve some Way of a oat beam s . with a those places. Any cd Bun by one buying business with either the Brewer Dihm Cal dec. 13, a passenger water company or the Penobscot water reach or. Parks who is inspector Forl Ioui without trouble cart slag this morning. The locomotive Balty when part of the. Re Lwis strewn along track for 300 feet. Aiic3 Bennett and Kellie were in Tom car but escaped death Al Bangh Serl Only efured a Gateman s car Eli i Dontje Dar designed id sepia lot and Calor by a Sunter Pilot to of avy go it with and Ringa. Size 4% by inches Price 50 the Aboye four publications Are by Lee a Boato and for Sale by Charles bleat Dorothy s by Adeline Trust of author of Ai american girl is a pleasantly told Ehtle Story by an known to Baa got personally a Well Ai for her styled writing. Price ob1tcabt. Or. Bav Foid c. Filbec. Bower is once More called to Moarn the loss of one of Ber oldest citizens in the death of or. C. Flag who passed quietly away to his Tome on of Wilson arid fling streets saturday fore noon at the Ace of 78 rears. Or. Fling was bom in Readfield in published by Lee eos too and for by d. To Fibre co of Westort Hock a Boot for the Home the kindergarten by Kate wig gun and a. A collection of Long then Chi adv written for cell Dren age and old Cut Ite own the exod thus Dee. 13. Four Well know Irish Lew Pupera Btte declared openly Lor his Panell. One of item la Leiden. Or. The other goods Lii last Tiewand flush. Also games. Delia in Leaoda moneyed supporter o children s , tool clip is alphabet and building blotto i Yauae two Yeara. Aces Deona mneca.1 toys Drums to. A. No i Don t Cofeld Erlei Darior prom lae Paat. It May bedlam Only to Nathan fling i allot whom beyond. Or. Fling Trade of a Painter and year _ name to Brewer wbajfr4tt ls3i be married we win the Otter Are the Western peo Msj Altura c. Let dec who died on candidate Istl cent Scully land die inn lashed at Ballina chug thayo lord of to Perry who Haa been a. Home the Westmeath exp Plotr Nell Seii at m us i in Gar j county Westmeath and the Deitry journal published at Londonderry. Being the you rest of the tour eods and object teaching at one and is Ematt Erol the and ate Street but i am no tone to put it oat of Tea que skin and it o Brien Dillon want to see me in pails 1 shall be glad to meet i there Are men to the party with whom Parnell Ean never bold Intercourse and when i asked him Bow the lion and tb3 Lamb could be Down together be said that people would Settle that at of a est ooze Ca Tirb Pitkat is often so offer five Bat be Teo Omea an after a time uric Eralic reral Jeara be Wai As the John Meservey id r fib la Bogor r be Vaa for neveral Eara employed by g. Obit Gil Man la Pala Tongi but for be viral years Baa to poor about a year ago to and losing flt Rebeth until the same time. Fries published. Muff Lori a co., and for Sale Charlee Hight. Am que maid kindled by Alan Dale author of a marriage below is a novel a Blob will be announced by the Reader. Interesting or otherwise according to Bis or Ber Peculiar taste. Price so by o. Dil Ungham new York and for Sale by d. Bugbee co. Flior three drug tors to the lose of a Lov log falter All sorts and buses. Two Brothers of North Wood Foo were wrestling the other Day when one of them ranch such an q Jan Tity was never be fore in never before such a Jea Tifi 1 line from. Never before co j d of buy such elegant a Rah into the the 3ar, some times producing inveterate Branch Itla which to la turn bae been Ibe exciting Laoj self pulmonary do tue. The Brilliant results which have att Radet to Nee for that after be we Bis late to tact. Dec. Residing in in a and James property Ely s Cream Peter Murphy Tea John Ile Hantis by tar the Best ant a deeper aug fight a Ltd wolves id us River. Aud Enggist tries to sell Hie own the party were returning to lamp when cough me inner does it the Barrett Brothers stopped to examine a because he Maliel More Ninoy on it. Trap Emps Caubu Tor Tho faotto Leblu Day ton Troy Sloey and Flaa Ohio Bare been notified that they Eta no longer be supplied with natural Fis-5, Phiper county Haa a Cherry tree that has brought him in the last fire years. It is sixty feet High our beloved and ten feet in circumference Sli feet from Betel had that we to non Tor her As a senator Sherman la 6 feet 3 in. Tall but resolutions of respect. Meel log of no surrender tuesday december 9, the following resold sons were adopted heavenly father in his a pack of a Ltd Belr the four men then Foo get Tor their him until Revta Welve. Were Auka ind then the rest of the Paek bed. Allot the Wen were ble Educ rom on Terona Vonnis. Ift be Banetta left to Brit it atone must surely Bava prelate of. La in so to breakup a Cou. For soreness i Throat id tickling urls Flop a Ltd or Botved. That a will Ever keep ten our dear Tater believe that we Ball have b Happy reunion to never come. At nil druggists. Ahi Hare More than once been tved by the a Home were Partl nes that u the bereaved in band deceased sister extend our Bearl left and will with older than he did fifteen fears Aeo and though now Alley seven his hair Bat lost begun to turn a statement is to Bustead that Wra Aro 360 social ath Jet and Ether Clobe in new York with a Agate Gay of the Asol Beof the first Elisa Baving it is True that tobacco chewers will insist upon the Call whether Woi was to buy or not. M Veling. I j 25 Wes Market Square. Rooms Pamata to Era. Amt or. T. P. Gui Dron to tha nother Liidi Aan leu Tutelm Llop per toot led a Doc failed to wort the fild no Otter of agr la Peru hold to it. The Zotler Furnace Art Stum a i. Of to the pm 04 l people t Dom local and q oldest b a Etc. A. L. E. Of of a at said retail of the new Hoyt Clarion. Am3 a Forbyn lot Kisa Tiu tour Tbs Neap pitl titty Ureal waft tart u twist d old he f pts it t. Fils sold Orr or of. Of rtt clip fun ill la place for Iti other Danw Ditimar by a to Egnal Tow Tel Wirht la dmm mud to us for tray Boot of Wood Bishop of Banco a ilm for by Joseph so Kalb just received hew raisins Figa Airita. Full line of thanks give oood.3. Her Hjeln Thompsom 8. Banc so in ask a Jaipur of Muon wet Lawfer to Lear Lam ref Marat Tatta next a e w paper j
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