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Baltimore Sun Newspaper Archives Jan 6 1891, Page 1

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Baltimore Sun (Newspaper) - January 6, 1891, Baltimore, Maryland Bally i Petyt smarmy at the Bun Iron building Cosker of bal Timok am South in by a. S. Abell a co. Sum is Worrel Brtko carriers u to Beer jobbers 1� the oily and districts Aud la a unaided by net. Vitiate and tows for Twel Vuk Penis or Werk payable weekly Only a it by whom sorted. Persons wish int in re their names and address at t to be served can in sex Oil be. A Hicks of copy. Re of a a a week. Thirteen cent two weeks. Twenty five Fnu one Moat. Affy Rente two months. A tie dour win month ear Dollar and a half six months three Dot Tare one year six dollars. Postage prepaid by tax publishers. No papers sent looser than paid or tse wet by sum one Dollar a year pours prepaid. Inducements to club mailed to City s scribers for one Dollar a year. List of letters remaining in Baltimore Post office january 5. 1891. For ens calling for letter to the following hot will pie a a out of irs 4v#ru.#d, the May not fee duty by of letter by carriers at the of the follow ins tint. Direct Tetter plainly tothe treet and number of i with the write a a full add in the Sun volume . 44. Baltimore. Tuesday morning january 6, 1891. Twelve cents a week. The hones. Second head Letten Cladine a tree and c Ani her and request newer to be i 1t��rd�? in Etter it it to stranger or visit re in i a who erode i add re May he Unkurow inn or cite. Who a. Ism he marked Iii lower left hand Corner w till the fourth place the postage tamp on o he twee the upper right Ibe a tamp and in Corner Aud leave it Bertlon Tor postmark in Lutier Feung with Tho flu a to initial Ore fic Tuiofu Ai Dresse cannot be de Jirred. Ladies list. Heel Kulir Martha fratt Mina Fody t of Quot or Rne h too n. A. Bet or r in m to. H leg mrs Harriet Henschke ii in Moi lie Herr or or sic Bergoo jul a non Plack min Mamie by nil mrs Lizzie Bowe i int i Averil Wen a min Blanche. J Oil Neon i Lotie Bowman mls Muia Britt mrs w p j Iii Broadway m a j Tine ii in i Knobel Jones Brooks mrs Kliza a Lotte Jour Susan Jones m t i att in Jones sit hark Balatero slits Hester Reter miss Jennie Reynolds mul Dia Reynolds u is i ionic Rhode mis Roberta Richardson i i a co a Richfield m re Henrietta r cd a re Hies Lucy Jennie Kiel j miss Nellie Jam Lime in Yertson mrs Jenkins min a Lizzie a a a Rah a Jenkins mrs Mary i Robinson i i a a a i Plaskie Johnson Jirs j Ulia Ross ills Ninia m Char k Alec my a Betty Anderson Lucy Anderson Lasrosa Ander Las Lenule Baldison mrs Julia Anthony m is no a Hui miss Mary Atherly mrs Homes mrs Annie Bat lev mrs Oracle a Bale mrs Martha Howardj Iise Bettie Bai Row jul Marion butt mrs Al Al Barton mls Rosi i re Laud i is a mis a a Israel i Jacobs i Las i c har mrs l c b and erg mix Blanche Kilts an k is a ii n d e r a ii a Bertha Soh rued or miss t s Hutze mrs m a Brown Jura Judy Jones Susan leaks min a Mary brawn miss Alice Jones or. Mattie i Anna brow. Lucy j ones Mal bark s Ivey or. La i Brown jul a Annat Ley a six a kind Mlay it Brown miss Ali Elk Jones miss Emma it Mith miss Brown mrs Hallie Jones miss i a i Mil. Molley. Cir ret Smith Misa Jennie i Ach. Aaa re i miss Estip a Smith or. Jesse Burson i is Susie Jones min Kos a Smith mrs fallen b Buren mite Martha Kahlbaugh mrs in Smith Laie Ter to iss to a Smili miss Cliza Burge most Susie Koche jul to Harlei Smoot mrs William Burn mrs Lydia Law Rem e air Mai it it Burtun Annie bulb jul a oar. Line Butler or Julia Butlerjr is Alice Boller miss Wilhe but re Jirs ii b camphor so is hat tie Carpenter Lucindy Carroll mrs Martha Carey miss Khz a by m is prances Clark mrs f Coak min Annie Cork ran mls Mannle l St Only miss j miss Kine Stockdale jul a Al la Levy miss Minnie i 1� diary a to Pactol min Lillie Lewis m Iscla mint Lipp Vul Nellie Lon a a Elizabeth loud mrs Annie Tay Lor Mise Fannie Taylor mrs Bacall Taylor Lis Amanda Louis miss fibres Thomas miss pc leu Lynn Milt miss i Nett j Mackulin mrs Tommas miss Sarah Manti miss trea Jthomas mrs f Marshall Laura Thomy goo i Al arts Mesa Staryk Thiompson Lis Fttie Mathews mrs a lice Thompson slut i res i Las Grace Dabney i is Fannie let a Rymple m i f a Katie a a of mrs Katie Davidson sirs i Ary Davis i iss Nasmeh Day miss hmm Dennis mrs Mollie Dorsey min a u o Driver mus Faunie i no Jan i in Ellie Dunn miss Ada Barie Jim mag Barie i is g Corrace Katie Mccubb Susie i j a a Marilla Thornton miss s i i t Tennit mrs Maria i to Ruer miss Rachel Leedock mrs Katf trip mrs Susan Mills miss miss addle Miller or Lizzie Turlington miss Miller miss Annie Annie Miller Mila a Masai v a n Scho Beven Miller miss Annie mrs Kil Miller m is Jane c Montgomery miss Mary Lou Moore Ute a ver Aetta Vognil min Annie Walker Marsha Raj Walton i i s t h Pihchiu Gifu mrs y Helfon mrsfrankli Moi so miss Strate w voters m is Mary i oses min a Iii j Watt min Mary Munson Jira Katy Weaver mrs Mary Slurf w or Mist Jet be j Murphy mrs Maryi Wendell Silary pc Murray lira an a w Haler lug m i a Murry hint. I Alia Myers mrs i Hue mrs Rebecca Myers miss Larrie White miss Lizzie Neal miss Mary j i by Hue Jill Annie a Nelson miss bile a a Iii Ley mls Kannie Tine i in 11 i i a in a mrs Neu loin. Kink Mist Lucy Fitzgerald Mary hoi to y mrs George French or Josephine gain miss Agnest Gordon mrs Kila Gray mrs am nut Given miss Amma Gree u w o o d mrs Helen Nugent mrs John Ole Huglon min a Viand Hamel mus fone Harris m is Tho Harris mrs Basan Jinn or Clara Harrison Motchar Iotte mrs Oiler mud an Ole. Of Neil mrs Jane Orem or j m Owen a less Mary Page mra Ann Page mrs Hugh n Pattison m is Harrison mrs a Pearce mis Marye than Williams Charles Illiams Jirs Alice William i re b Winou Jirs p Wilton mrs j Wilson miss Maryp Woods mrs Katie right jilt Mollie j ates mrs John Heald or e l Healey miss Emily add w alien a h Amo Henry Anderson Hiji 2 Askew k 9 Porter Mesa Marine Young Mux Augua Powell my Maryf Tine Preston mrs Lucy Young miss gent Lem la s Lisi. Eft Bally Che Baker Tho Baldwin t Barker g w Beard prof now a cd Berry Noah col Burnet John Black l a a Ondrei de Boone w ii Borken a Huson Boykins Henry Brady Jas t Brooks Joseph h of own John or d bursts win s i Burke William Canyon Jno h Chisholm or Kohl Cai Itou usury t Hahn ugh Penton by Locke c h a co clerk c j Lehman h w Conn Emory i, Crane w a Lorentz j h Holton or Harbert a co Hurley Michael Bill win e Huppert John James Andrew Jebb James a j Eft Ries f k Johnson master addle Johnson Benjamin Johnson William Jones William h Jones i j Blackburn Jones Wilson Jones James h Jour Loii Rev in a Kelly w k Kent Charley Knight John la Force or j k la Atlee Fra co Lawrence j b Lawrence John a Lees Curt a la Obue Chaa c Lewis Patrick j can Smith or Ripe Ecer a w pros Carl Pitrani or Powell w t Pratt Chaa a Price Geo w Kau a 11 David Reid Francis Jike Fly Juno Bigby Gnu h Kine i s Ringle thorns Rose w c to a w h Rothschild Bro Kupert John liver Arthur. Sallaway Samuel c Sandford t of Schafer Louis Scott k y Seigle s and wife Seigle s Sharp Perkl Naco Blier Ter Jack Herwood a co Aith a i. Smith John Smith thou c Caswell Frank Croachy Lieut Osier Curry Samuel Davis b h Denny George d a v a in am is i Oban to co Dowel John j heart Mackenzie j of Magee sergeant Malone c d la Lyle the to Eji j Hon Thomas Man Seuier a Bro Mason Charles lathe we Fred d i Call c a Duckhart j olm a cd Al a Colloq pfc i r Darner Jesale la Farmery Morris Farquharson a co Ferguson a a Fisher Hemy Ford or Fowlkes Johnny Freland Patrick j Rommel Oscar i Bro Furman 8 a fury Albert t Gable f Galima j oho Garner n b Oil Lilien a Agrisoo Largy p t Greely j of cup Grren Theiu j Gross David k our Taueu g Haine a 9 Hance Joseph Harper Geo n Barrington or Haskell Fred i Haupt a m hey Den m b Liszt sri ii Haz Ard a a Holt William Mcgraw h m Harg k j stain Isaac b Starkey co so 11 ii e Kir us d Minton Bros Sullivan Patrick ban John Swingle d Tillson Georgs Timothy a f w Tilliam Toomey m a turning r Barclay Tupper sch Allen Woight Kobe or Kimburly Isaac beat a lure Tiu h a co Warren John wets Edw p we re on i a Weston will we yinian f d a co Wheeler w White in b Whiting Harry whittle Selden co Wight Kelson Williams Daniel Williams Chaa h Williams Wheeler Willoughby c b a gluon Francis Wilson William i it Wise Solomon Woodward w a Woreb Edward work Dublin a Cork Wright John r Wright Rev in Chat ii a Hunan n Gia co k Mclarty Dunwood Mclaughlin cd 0 Mclaughlin Frauk Merritt James Mersch a e minor Joshua Mitchell Joseph i Odden j ii on sob a co Moore j Walker Morgan a it Oyer f j Moyle m f Mullen Chaa h hurray c x Murillo James Muscat Morris Nichols Frank l Norris John k Norwood p e Oden David Page Page 9 Perkins w it Perrott Geo w Phillips j c pins Benj put Ockl Piotr foreign list. J u us Gerhard Kraut m Kamecki Irvan pcs Owski Gustav Klame Herman i Kohler h Kruger a l Pokalo ski Jan Laupert Edw Ard Marzee my hat virginian m ii Usleman Adam Urmo Surucu Henri Matasik Antoni Plonker Harris a Cev Tekla Pregge a Agust italian list. Imbragulio Antomo j Lamesa Antonia Leodardo Guys rape i lao Uarino k a i i Faett 4 packages. Harden Martha j Jones m us Maria Jessup mrs George Al sign ton mrs an Tiou Uette k Lamon miss Beta leg rot f Lang miss Carlo Mower Kilts Ells Miller mrs j Miller mrs m mrclarey111 Sallie Marshall miss Moville Miner Dwight March Nonam Raja Morrus Richord Nelson Mist Molli Joean Mitt Aile Putter or Job a making list. Anna woe Nuan. Fader land Bubo Dnnis Frank a Stinson Ida c. Bros Janet j. Gingery Little Morra Sophia Godfrey. 81oil-Voluljteer mi8cell an eol a. Baltimore Ca Utility Ana Sei Urty Halo More Chris tin advocate Baltimore flu Tang co. Cant big and Trade first it us ladies employment Bureau Kali Tov Ureel at. Mfg or non secret Medicine Mux ital ins. Co. The Tulon sup Der co. Tie voice of labor p. Box ssi. join boy of postmaster. Bakeas Petros ii rest aug Cloch Ruak i Alenty comings i. B d Jill lift fooling min Auguste a a Enwen Minna a Attenberg Marie Firken Henry 0 Fisher Johann Vieito Lelii Zawita gala l Ganskow Otto Goldman Amo Joka Zaa Jonas Jao Knoska Katary Rabe g ence to Kowalcz Antony Schoeppe Alfred 9k ret i Rev Joseph Sod ring or Szulc j p Stigler Josephine Blaut Clara Butch Anna Steinberg Raybell Chaa Schweikert Louia Tokar miss a i Vve Bashaar Edward Wilson William 7-Ackorna Victoria Aston a Krau Plsek Barauna to car in i la 9 a n Gelo it a Llano Angelo 2j Bali g Alberto Vicenzo Oriente Lodavico Itro p a Vino g sea ran a ton o Aion Stockton Buck mls Jaa c Brooks miss Hattie b Beys re mrs Brey or j be agon Mist j k Cochran James ctn Kahauku a j Cochra Nemi a ii u the chamber Tan a Sami Coos min Annie m Empire fruit co Eberman Ai Fincher John Gault mrs j k Grot miss Katie g raid a h Manor master de Ford Harris Charlie k Riley or w t kodde9 k Bro Klitte Rhone Fredk Seery miss la Azle Stone mrs j g Shriver or o a Baches mrs Small Mist f Smith Joe Shipley k Tai Tisz m in of h Washington rate d Williams miss Nan in Williams miss Minnie worried Mary y Ewe i airs John t miss Susie Misa m Pora Tek. Parrish halting powder. Us Pijor to All of Hoks in Puritt strength and wholesomeness. The Parrish baking powder produces the quest Flavoured sweetest lightest most wholesome Aud delicious inroad cake. Biscuits Kolls muffins Aud pastry generally which will keep Sweet moist fresh Aud palatable longer than when raised by yeast or any other baking powder. A valuable Cook bowl free to every Pur Chaser of a Cam by shading inside circular to Parrish baking powder co. 115 and it Bast Lombard St. absolute Security. Bonded Coll motion Agency it Tinus a Bank building 17 North St. Claims collected in All parts of Tho United states and Canada. The i i Deluty and Deposit company of Maryland guarantees All collections made by this Agency to the extent of $26,000. Telephone 1255. J when baby was sick we gave her Gaston when she was a child she cried for Caster a. When she became miss. She Clung to Castor in when she had children t she trave them Castor in. Prof. Koch recommends the Boden Mineral pastilles troche made from Tho Boden Springs Frankfurt German. Fob sobs Throat. Catarrh coughs and colds As the beet and Nanct effective remedy. Or. Koch raid. A a cough for which i tried Many oth Ltd medicines which had not the slightest sect soon became better Aud has now entirely disappeared by the use of 3 the Boden pastilles. The genuine must have the testimonial mod signature of bib Morrell Mackenzie a Euld a Boh Box. Price 50c. T Braman Oua Tiey designers. Painters am Interior and exterior color decorators. Frisco paper hangings plastic work and enrichment of every character for dwellings churches Public buildings ice. Emmart a of Artley ton Park Avenue Baltimore and t bus lath Street n. We a Washington Cd Good cooking if of at the chief blessings of every Home. Of always insure Good custards puddings ileum Gail Borden a a haole 0nd0j, co Tot a a an milk. Directions on the win min of your Groove. Ford comic opera in grand form. A notable musical and Brilliant Success the Agnes Huntington opera Comille company Iii planar Cue a comic opera Paul which was received with the greatest favor last evening by a very Large. Anil distinguished audience. Paul Jones Wilt be Yium every Lynt Mill at the saturday matinee. A no matinee on reserved during the Day tit 50, ids. I or is 50, according to location. Admission first floor sets. Upper floors 25 cents. A a a a next a fall the comports of Home. T Harris a a two mrs. P. Harris. Ii. A. Britton. T f. Dean. Proprietors and Manao trs. Every evening this week at ii of clock. Matinees thursday and saturday. Grand revival by m rate Claxton and Chas. A. Stevenson of the Groat melodrama the two orphans. Elaborate scenery handsome costumes next week Hanlon Bros new grand spectacular creation _ the burlesque opera of i Africain will be Given by society people of new York Philadelphia and Washington at a matinee at Harris s Academy or music 8.30 p. M., january 20. In Aid or the Maryland line Confederate soldiers Home. Tickets of admission. $1 Ich can be procured from any of the Midy managers of the Confederate solders Home. Persons holding admission tickets can secure reserved seats by paying 50 cents or $1 extra according to location after january to Toru the ticket agent Harris a Academy of music. At we. Hertz s piano House no. 9 North Charles Street. The boxes Aud stalls will be sold at auction of which due notice will be Given. Burlesque opera of la Africain Harris a Academy or music. Tuesday january20. Matinee 3.30 p. The following is a list of the lady managers of the Confederate soldiers Home from whom the tickets for the opera l Africain can be obtained mrs. Willcox Brown or. Robert Barry mrs. John Brosius mis. La. Brown mrs. T. J. Boykin miss hate Andrews mrs. R. B. Buck mrs. Win. La. Brune mrs. Joseph Brinkley mrs. Eugene Biack mrs. J. H. Brent Ford. Mrs. We. Blackford mrs. Handoff Barton mrs. Frank Clark mrs. F. W. Beam mrs. F. Colston mrs. D. H. Claibourn mrs. . Chancellor mrs. Thus. Lead Dock . B. Davidson miss Duvall mrs. W. B. Graves mrs. J. E. Emmerson mrs. Cary b. Gamble airs. Ii. F. Going mrs. It. Goodwin mrs. A. J. Gossman miss Mary Ellinor miss Dora Hoffman airs. . Of. Gibson. Airs. Samuel Houch mis. By wis Hopkins. k. Herbert airs. , airs. Bradley t. John Lars. Irvin Keyser son mrs. Jugh l. Izee mrs. Harvey e. Jones airs. George by. . Mrs. H. Newell Martin Furman miss Margaret Mcklim airs. Richard Alorton mrs. Frank markup. Miss k. Alc Candlish airs. We. H. Al Arriott airs. D. G. Mcintosh mrs. allies airs. Thus. Poultney miss Julia Mchenry airs. Neilson Poe. Mrs. Clao Bam Murray a mrs. Hawksley Ruth mrs. It. Mulliken Erford airs. Joseph Packard. . Airs. Ii. A. Ramsey mrs. Fielder Slingluff. Mrs. B. F. Smith . Fredk. H. Smith Fany mrs. T. J. Tagmyer mrs. We. B. Wilson mrs. S. B. Tarlton mrs. , mrs. It. Ii. Winder airs. Edwin Warfield mrs. Edmond it. Wal mrs Walter Wilkinson Ker. A a Al Bault s lyceum theatre. Every saturday. J. K. Emmet j. K. Emmet j. K. Emmet in his successful drama Uncle Joe or. Fritz in a Madhouse. P la num Mon the $5,0uu dog next w Eek Amberg opera co. 7 a Emstad a monumental theatre. Or exd aia Tinee 2 p. Today. America s greatest specially 8how, Williams and or b a a meteors. A meteors a headed by the world famous comedians 2�?the two american mac.�?2 thirty european Aud american artists t next week a City club burlesque Holliday Street theatre. A reserved seat on first floor25o. Balcony All coup one seats .25c. Wednesday matinees a saturday. A Brill butt and enthusiastic ovation to Bairn Ore s favorite comedian. Charles l. Davis in the funniest of funny plays a Calvin a play that has made million laugh. Jew scenery. Exciting climaxes. Lot of fun and jollity. T next Kelly a front Street theatre. P. 2 p. matinee today. Or. Jos. D. Clifton supported by a powerful company of players in the sensational comedy drama a Myrtle new and elegant costumes and new music. Marvelous Scenic and mechanical effects. Monumental theatre Kink. An exhilarating and enjoyable diversion a the Excelsior Riding open at 2 amt 7 p. Of. Admission free. A ride 5c. Roller skating As usual. A. Nikisch. Concordia opera Honse. Boston symphony orchestra. Boston symphony orchestra. Seventy five performers. Or. Arthur . Second concert Friday evening january in at 8. Mrs. Soloist. Arthur Nikisch Prima Donna Soprano late of the Leipsic Stadt theatre a Brilliant programme. Sale of seats opens at Talbott son monday january 12. A. Ellis manager. Oratorio society of Baltimore. Public rehearsal thursday Jan. 8. Oratorio Friday. January 9. Handels Israel in Egypt. Or. Fritz Fincke conductor mrs. Corinne Moore Lawson Soprano miss Marion Weed Alto or. Leonard e. Auty Tenor or. B. Merrill Hopkinson baritone or. Harry m. Smith Bass. Doors Cloae promptly at 8 of clock. A nation january 8, 75c., including reserved seat. Admission january 9. $1 or reserved seat 25c. Extra. Box Sheet at Tai both on and after monday. 5th. A a Johns Hopkins University. By lectures on a a Milton a poetic Art a or. It. G. Moulton. Levering Hall january 6, 7, 8 and 12, at 5 p. Lecture on a visible speech a by a. Melville Bell. Hopkins Hall january 6, at 3 p. Seats not required by the students of the University Are opened to the Public without cards of admission. X buy a machine with a reputation earned by forty years of faithful service. Wheeler a Wilson a new High Arm no. 9 eclipses All others being simple Swift silent symmetrical Aud serviceable. Wheeler in Wilson mfg. Co. Office 102 n. Charles at. Ceal under cover. E. Stabler jr., it pc co. Principal office Sun building. Branches Corner Eutaw mud Madison Corner Maryland Avenue and Oliver and Corner York and William streets. Wood at Low prices. J we Are still in the Field with our a special Holiday offers of six cabinets for $1 or i 50 per dozen. Life size portraits Tor s3 and upwards. Quartz Kyd Sll East Baltimore Street near Charles. New firms Buyne Blank books. To have a Large Nide up Stock and make to order any style. We allow Large discount catalogue Price. We want your Trade. Come see us. D. W. Glass amp co., 7 12 West Baltimore Street. Merchants visiting Baltimore Call for jobs. The Ideal photograph. The porcelain miniature for Beauty softness and delicacy of tone is conceded to be the Acme of photographic portraiture. Having perfected a method by which i can produce them Superior to any Ever placed before the Public i will for 30 Days make a Cabinet size photograph on porcelain at one Dollar for any one sitting for Cabi-net8-_ Ine Cabinet photographs two and three dollars a dozen. Getz studio 210 North Charles Street. A warm Call at Hopper Mcgaw amp co s and try a plate of the celebrated Franco american coups. Eighteen different varieties in Glass and tin. Exhibition for january 6, 7 and 8. Hopper Mcgaw amp co. ? a no ligature no Caustics no leeches necessary for the permanent euro of piles when old Saul a pile ointment the celebrated specific for this affection is used. Price 25 cents per Box. X a they re after me a a a Theta re after met for in a the individual they require to cure their headaches and neuralgia by a dose of Becky a sub Del Vichy Price to cent per bottle at druggist. _ mrs. Winslow s soothing syrup is the Best remedy for children while teething. 26 cents a bottle. % i have been occasionally troubled with coughs and in each Case have used Browne a bronchial troches which have never failed and i must say they Are second to none in the a. May cashier St. Paul. Minn. I Williams Aud Orris packed the monumental theatre to the doors last night and popular verdict proclaims the combination nest Ciao and deserving to rank among the very beet vaudeville re fire Quot rations Ever witnessed in Baltimore. The company is headed by the renowned Irish wits the two american macs. Every member of the a is an artist. The entertainment is brimful of enjoyable features and includes several entirely new and original acts. Matinee 2 p. M., to Day. 7 Charlesl. Davis in a Calvin Joplin received an enthusiastic ovation last night at the Holliday Street theatre. The House was thronged by an audience that thoroughly appreciated Tho excellent Prosen tar Ion or the Mirthful comedy. 180 laughs in Yipu minutia is no crag gelation. Tho supporting company is the Best that has Ever appeared in the play. The scenery is decidedly effective appropriate and realistic especially the representation of Quot Brooklyn Bridge Quot and the Quot thieves this will positively be or. Davis s final engagement in this City before his retirement from the stage forever. X ii co. $9 of. Of Hium a Acme Hull. The weather will be fair and slightly warmer. Begin the new year right. $9 of is the wonderfully Low Price we name on an aggregation of about 500 suits and overcoats All our celebrated Acme make the same suits that have been ready Sellers at $15, $14, $13 and $12. This buyers bargain Bonanza is not the dealers usual wholesale refuse or auction trash but this season s fashionable gentlemen a garments. Nothing reduced but the Price. Our $13 33 Magnet still attracts numerous lovers of Fine clothing. Visit us promptly. First Comers have first Choice. Oehms Acme Hall. X $9 of. $9 00. $9 of. $9 00. $9 to. $9 00. $9 of. $9 of. $9 of. Tip of. $9 of. $9 i $9 of. $9 00. $9 of. A too. $9 of. $9 00. $9 Ike. $9 of. Too. 00. ,9 of. 9 of. 9 of. Announcement important. Special announcement. To democrats and republicans and ail others interested in wearing Good clothes. In anticipation of the increased Cost of imported Woolen goods by the reason of the increased duties imposed by the Mckinley Tariff Bill i have purchased a Large line of imported woolens at reduced figures Aud in addition to the above have purchased the entire line of Fine Woolen goods of the late firm of Munford a Kmart thus enabling me to furnish the finest Grade of suiting at on -th1rd their value. This offer i9 Only for the present season and cannot lie duplicated after the present Stock is closed out therefore it is important to Call Early. F. No. Ellinghaus. Merchant tailor 205 West Fayette Street. Commencing today $14 75 for Choice nearly All of the finest overcoats at this most original most Liberal most sweeping and most startling offer goes into effect this morning and will continue for just one week. Think dear Reader think think our menus finest overcoats finest that can be made or Are made the finest to be found in any clothing House in this City. 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Do not forget that our business will be continued with even More vigor than heretofore at our old stand. Corner Baltimore and Caroline St. Do not delay but Call Early As we can to say How Long this Sale will last perhaps a week certainly not much longer. Rothert Rothert Rothert furniture carpets and stoves. 212 Lexington Street opposite posters. 212 Lexington Street opposite Post Erst. 212 Lexington Street opposite Post Erst. P. , with or without fixtures for rent. Apply on the premises. X Jos. Sigmund 331 North Eutaw St. Cut prices in furs. No loud talk no flaming advertisements. But a Job my a capes muffs collars gloves Robes skins. Is Well pleased with the Mckinley Tariff Law because 48 per cent. Of italian exports to the United states Are admitted free or per cent. At a reduced duty 12 per cent. At the old duty while the duty is increased on less than 4 per cont.=the tribunal of Commerce of France has confirmed the order of the liquidator to soil the assets of the Socin to Des my Taux for 18,000,000 Franca. The Franklin Bank of Baltimore will be reorganized into a National Bank to Uptain Howard was before the St Gumboat ins Lee i ors relative to the charge that the state steamers while used As Transfer boats by the Eastern Shore Railroad carried More passengers than the number allowed by Law judge Dennis appointed William la. Crawford and Aubrey Pearre receivers with Power to take Possession of the affairs of the Hendy Sou Isles manufacturing co. Tho trouble is a Dia agreement Between partners the week of prayer Union meetings were begun the Transfer system of methodist churches was discussed at the ministers monday meetings Woodall amp company Are building a new ferry boat for service Between Washington Aud Alexandria the jury of condemnation of the press Nan property in Druid Hill Park a Reed upon $38,925 As the total value Tio Northe Patten self oiling Axle and journal company capital Stock $100,, was in. Corporate the trustees it Bayview Asylum estimate that it will Cost $95,000 to run the institution this year the resignation of Rev. Sylvania stall As pastor of the second English lutheran Church was accepted Charlos a. Davis. A Well known Constable did at Bis Home no. 113 North Carrollton Avenue the taxes collected by City collector Hopkins exceed the total for 18s9 by Over $27,859= the policy of the casualty Coni in by insuring the City firemen was delivered to the Board the Deputy City collector says tenants need not fear proceeding Wien unpaid real estate tax Bills Are delivered upon the pre raises Street railway rights paving and school houses Are expected to come up for legislation by the City Council there were 595 alarms of fire during 199u= a Call has been extended by Martin Luther Church to Rev. William ii. Price of Ruks Bug ind.= reports of the knights of labor of District 41 show the first increase of membership in two years Rufus b. Gosnell the b. And o. Engineer who was killed at Knoxville md., was buried from his Home. 612 West i be streets the late Woike Tiernan made a number of charitable bequests the Archer Bond Case was resumed at Towson. The jury was selected Aud three witnesses were examined for the state. A number of exceptions were i Ike to the courts ruling. A writ of Hareas Corpus has been issued to take Archer out of Tho Penitentiary to testify today. Attachments were issued for half a dozen prominent witnesses in the Case who failed to respond to their Nanies the member s of Brantly Baptist Church unanimously requested their co past it a Rev. W. J. Coulston to withdraw his letter of conditional resignation read before communion service on sunday morning. At the Baltimore Stock Exchange there was a continued Good investment inquiry for Railroad Bonds. In new York Money on Call was easy and the Wail Street Bond and Stock markets could be written As buoyant. The sales of Railroad Bonds added up 2.456, xxx Aud stocks closed Strong at near the tugboat Points. Sterling Exchange advanced and was Active and Strong. It is stated that the Covington and Mabou Railroad has passed under the control of the Richmond and Danville. The Treasury department purchased 5l\0u0 ounces of Silver at 104.05 to 104.k. Governor Jackson Aud his family Are expected in Annapolis this week to spend the Winter Moth Al Flaherty Captain of a Bay Schooner was fined at Annapolis for violate ing the Maryland shipping Law Frau Kiln Whitaker a Well known citizen of Harford county died at his Home. Near Belate in his seventy third year Alvah Shauk was tired upon in his father s stable near Myersville Frederick county but escaped unhurt. The action of the United states Senate in taking up the Silver Bill is thought to be a fatal blow to the Foree Bill two bids were received for constructing Cannon for the army but a they were in excess of the sum provided for. $3s775. Pm they will be rejected miss Mildred Fuller daughter of chief Justice Fuller and or. Hugh Ampbell Wallace were married in Washington = judge Brown the new associate Justice of the United slates supreme court took his seat upon Tho Bench yesterdays Apt. John metes a ii ism Cromwell Kina of steamers was presented with a Silver medal from the swedish government and a Gold watch from the German government in recognition of his bravery in saving the Crews of two vessels thirteen years ago. The United states Senate yesterday concurred in the conference report on the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Bill. The Senate. By a vote of 34 to 29, Laid aside the election Bill and took up the Bill to provide against contraction of the currency eight republicans voting with the democrats to take up the Bill. In the House. Or. Post introduced a Bill a to convert Legal tender notes from government promises to into Legal tender government promises to receive and to restore to circulation the Gold held in the Treasury for the redemption of United states or. John Reynolds of Shepherdstown. W. Va., is dead a prominent Virginia Democrat is about to visit or. Cleveland and governor ii ill judge Leake of the chancery court of Richmond has rendered a decision in favor of Bettie Thomas Lewis, claimed the estate of the late w. A. Thomas. The amount involved is Over $200.<xxj= Mckinney is satisfied Tost if the Force Bill is passed it will Rise up to torment and worry its authors a. F. Hopkins Steward of the Schooner Florence Randall off lamberts Point fell Down the Hatchway and wa9 killed. The Catchy idea of a water front viaduct system for rapid transit is occupying attention in new York City a Board of array officers has convened at Albany to consider plans for deepening the Hudson River trom that Point Down to Tidewater sex tax Oom missioner Edward Donnelly of new York who died suddenly sunday married in Baltimore and was personally Well known in this City or. William j. Lane a merchant of Cork Ireland has come to this country to marry miss Armstrong of Brooklyn a night Law school has been instituted in new York by a philanthropic lady the will of the late Elizabeth Perkins Fogg Bequeaths half a million dollars to new Fork hospitals and asylums lieutenant Heun the English Yachtsman has gone to Florida to fish and bunt mayor Grant of new York and mayor Chapin of Brooklyn have both sent in their annual messages Isaac Jerome and sex judge we. L. Muller of new York Are dead. The Pennsylvania supreme ourt occupied new quarters in the Philadelphia City Ilarij the Philadelphia Board of Public education Bas reorganized Rev. Or. John Peddie of the fifth Baptist Church Philadelphia is dead the Philadelphia Clearing House association has re elected its old officers and the produce Exchange will make a visit to Washington C., next month. Emma Abbott the opera Singer died yesterday at Salt Lake City Utah of pneumonia aged about forty years. United states circuit judge Cd Trow Hett aged sixty seven years died sunday evening of softening of the brain after an illness of several Mouths. He was a distinguished Jurist of Muny years service. George w. Peck the humorist was inaugurated As governor of Wisconsin yesterday and the state government is in democratic hands for the first time since 1676. The Dueber watch company whose works were formerly at Newport kv., but Are now at Canton. Ohio it and which has an office in Cincinnati made an assignment in that City yesterday to or. Howard Douglass for the Uene Ritof creditors. Nominal assets $l5dq,0 j0. Liabilities including preferences $450,000. The republicans of Wheeling w. Va., have nominated James a. Dunning for mayor. Three legislative bellies in Montana Helena mont., Jan. 5.�?today was the from Washington. Probably fatal blow to Tho vicious Force Bill. Shyer men help to set it aside. Republican senators vote wit a the democrats to take i p Bill or. Hoar Yai ii Effort to Stein the tide a the Jesuit considered decisive. Special Dis Natch to thu Baltimore Suni Washington Jan. 5.�?eight Republican senators Jones Aud Stewart of Nevada Teller and Walcott of Colorado stump and Mcconnell of Idaho Washburn of Minnesota and Stanfold of California voted with the democrats today Aud Laid aside the Force Bill to take up the Silver Bill. This action is Likely to prove fatal to the Force Bill iniquity. When the Senate convened this morning a few persons besides the democratic senators were aware that an Effort might lie made during the Day to Lay aside the Force Bill and take up the Silver Bill recently reported from the finance committee. It was further Guowu that seven and perhaps eight republicans were ready to Rote to consider Silver legis Tion in preference to All other business. According to the original programme outlined by the opponents of the Force Bill senator Vest of Missouri was selected to make the motion to take up the Silver Bill prior to or at the conclusion of senator Georges speech which he began several Days ago. While the Senate was occupied with the discussion of the Atkinson Bill granting additional track facilities to the Pennsylvania Railroad company Iii the District of Columbia senator Faulkner of West Virginia the democratic a whip a was busily occupied on the Republican Side arranging pairs. He had been informed that senator Stewart of Nevada the Leader of tile free Silver contingent would make the motion instead of senator v Cost. Preparing Fob the struggle. As soon As the conference report Well underway vice president Morton sent Captain Bassett to senator Harris of Tennessee one of the Ali Ai parliamentarians in the Senate and requested the latter to preside for about a hour. It was a ten minutes past two o clock when the Eon the re i ice report was disposed of. Every democratic senator had been previously notified to be in Tho Senate when the morning business concluded. Senator Gorman was observed moving about on the democratic Side talking earnestly but be Fly with his associates and a look of anxious expectancy was visible upon democratic faces. Senator Faulkner encountered considerable difficulty in securing pull s Tor absent democrats and requests of that nature were oui agreed to attn the distinct understanding that republicans should vote to make a quorum. A Bolt from a Clear sky. Finally the conference report was adopted arum senator George arose and planned the floor to proceed Witti Tail a a it eeb. Senator Halls was a Dill acting As the presiding officer. To the conster Nazien of senator Hoar Aud other friends of Tho Force Bill senator Stewart tossed me senator from Mississippi to yield tip him fur a motion to Tuke up the Silver Bill Lur immediate consid ration. To say tue Torch Bill republicans were surprised but tacitly describes the hit Matlou. Tauter Hoar turned red in the face then White and with a voice trembling with suppressed excitement denied Tho right of the a senator from Mississippi to yield Tor any such purpose. With the expectation of regaining the floor As soon As the motion was disposed of. He claim nod that senator George would violate a previous understanding with him on the subject. Bottling it the Forck Bill Champion. At this joint senator Gorman seemed to realize that delays were dangerous so he made Point a of order against the seater from Massachusetts claiming that a motion to take up a certain Bill was not debatable. Senator Harris promptly but firmly sustained the Point of order thus bottling up senator Hoar. The latter seemed to appreciate the situation and sent several pages out to bunt up vice in resident Morton Aud senator Edmunds. In the meantime a senator George asked unanimous consent to make a personal explanation but he was promptly choked off by u chorus of democratic protests. Senator Harris again ruled debate out of order and one submitted dilator stewarts motion which was to take up the Silver Bill. Thou came atrial of lung Power Between the two sides of the chamber Aud the ayes Sec Miki equally As loud As Tho Days. A Roll Call then followed and the result was 84 ayes to 29 nay s. A Surix Kobl for the Vige president. During the Roll Call Morton returned to the chamber and Ormed quite surprised when informed Bat the question was on or. Us wart s motion to consider the Silver knew nothing about Tho programme nor did senator Harris know what was about to happen when be acce Pum the invitation to preside. He knew irom just what it was that was going to happen i he democrats Are rejoicing Over the displacement of the elections Bill Aud think it Aas received its death blow. The financial Bill must now be by a direct vote and Bas the Coign of Vantage heretofore occupied by the elections Bill. Several Republican senator who voted with their party remarked afterwards they were glad to get the Force Bill out of the Way As it can do no Good Aud might do considerable harm. To Rish the financial Dill. The caucus agree to try wild get it through by thurs Der. Washington january 5.�?the Republican senatorial caucus tonight was not very Well attended about Twenty eight senator Only being present. Still it was fairly representative of the various Oleme uts of the party in die Senate. There was nothing like concerted action uni the proceedings were mainly made my of individual conference. The Eastern senator accepted the situation As Philosoph Leal a risible and the Silver another Indian fight. A false report that Gen. Had been killed. Miles Why col Forsythe was suspended. A surmise the president suggested an investigation of the killing of squaws and children criticism of army officer a tiled and wounded. Gordon neb., Jan. 5.�?scouts confirm the retort of a Battle a orb of this place. The fight was Between the indians and a detachment sent by general Milos from Rosebud Agency to Bury the indians killed at the wounded knee fight. A Rumor was Eurrett that general Miles had been killed but the report is unfounded. Omaha n�?Tfb., Jan 5. A special dispatch from Rushville neb., says a heavy Cann Nading has been going on North of Here latest foreign news. Lumi were of course in Gotzl san to. J morning but no in is of a Battle has Hie result As far As it assumed Shadix my that athe promoters of the elections Bill gave their consent to the consideration of the financial Bill with but one stipulation that it should be pushed with the utmost Diligence so As to get it out of Hie Way. Consequently us Effort will be made to reach a vote upon the Bill by next thursday. Whether the la agreement involved the renewed cosside Rution of the election Bill after the disposition of the financial Bill did not appear and it is probable that question will be left to the determination of another caucus to be a held when the financial Bill shall have been disposed of. Bua alb y rewarded. Apt. Jolius Betta honoured by the German and swedish government. 8t>eci�i dispatch to the Baltimore Bun Washington Jan. 5. Rapt. John Betts. Of the Cromwell line a Steamer new or lean plying Between new York and new Orl tuis was tonight presented with a handsome Silver medal and a magnificent Gold watch the gifts of the swedish and German governments rape Stively for saving the Crews of two vessels wrecked at a a. The presentation took place at the residence of or. J. B. Colegrove no. 170�o fifteenth Street in the presence of a Brilliant assemblage. Or. Colegrove made tile presentation accompanied by an address in which he described Captain Betts heroism in terms of the highest Praise. The Captain responded in a Brief speech Aud at its conclusion every one pre ase i Forward to congratulate the Oid Sailor on the honors contorted upon Birn. The exploits for which Captain Bott was tonight rewarded occurred thirteen year ago. The swedish bark Cauline sibling Aud the German ship Onelca Reinan both foundered near the Gulf of Mexico. The Crew Oil each would undoubtedly have been lost but for the Relief afforded them by Captain Betts. In one of the instance the storm was of fierce that the Crew commanded by Captain belts refused to go to the assistance of the sinking ship. And with but one Volunteer to help him the Captain transferred a Crew of Twenty men from the wreck to his own vessel in an open boat. Being a modest Man Captain Betts did not suy much of ins accomplishment but recently Hie Story of his bravery was Laid before tin mate department by or. Col Grove a warm Friend of the Captain and was by the department com in in ice Ted to the governments of Sweden and Germany. The result was a Silver medal was sent by the swedish government and a handsome Auld watch bearing on one Side the portrait of Tho emperor Aud on Ute other the emperor a name by the government of Germany. The presents were sent through the mate department and on their arrival Bere were turned Over to or. Colegrove for presentation to Captain Betts. Among those who witnessed the presentation tonight were be n a Tor Evarts Aud Ioup first assistant in postmaster general Quot Bitt Leld. E. O. I Cech director of the mint eur Giuder in chief Melville of the Navy sex representative be lever and a number of others prominent in official and social circles. Senator if Artt no better. Washington Jan. 5.�?senator Charri has passed a lately comfortable Day. No unfavourable san of oui have appeared and lie is in much the same condition As be bad been for a week past. Caucuses at Harrisburg. Consultation was to a mme Khim teat Suca a Auld probably be made Anflin prices Cut in half. This week up to Friday Tion to Small wares a my main Atten capes muffs collars Etc. But look out for Friday. Keep your Eye on saturday. Friday and saturday Only two Day 9th and 10th. These Are our Skal Sac a a Days. Such priors you never will see at tid. Friday Seal reefers and Seal jackets saturday Seal Jacques. 9th pricks almost out in half and for these two Days loth. Only. Keep your Eye open. Job. Sigmund 221 North Eutaw St. Corner Clay. X the Shn. Telegraphic summary Eto the United states weather buryat for today for Baltimore Saahir Vicinity is for slightly warmer a sixty persons were killed out explosion in the Coal pit in or the result of Tim election senators Bas Given great Sari friends of the republics a Justice of Russia has order lawyers in that country that no More member r to Lowed to practice Laws of wet surface of the Danube and Perth Hungary a number of Pereca i Rov a. Of policemen Back r evicted Glasgow a from boosts in Railroad comport cast a Date set for the meeting of the state legislature. Id three bodies of men met in As Many different places and organized three branches of the Montana legislature. In the Senate it was ail easy sailing As the body stands ten democrats and six Republican. But the trouble Over the ten members from Silver Bow county remain just As it did last year. Twenty nine republicans met in the electric Light Hall when state auditor Kinney called the Roll in which he included the five Republican contestants from Silver Bow county. All the democratic members of the House including the five democratic claimants from Sliver Bow. Met in another Hall and organized by electing Harry courier speaker and a f Ull. List of officer. The Republican House also elected officers. J ust after noon toe committee from the democratic House waited on the Senate and go yarn or with the information that the House of representatives had organized and were ready Tor business. Governor Toole and the Senate each recognized this organization. This afternoon the Republican House sent a message to the Senate that it had organized and was ready for business. This message by a vote of ten to six was rejected and the clerk was directed to make no note of it on Bis minutes. A i a t a a oiled Aal Acel a. A iou and a fee covered r Buda pc Way. A a squad soldiers a it families log to the government fire at Lynchburg. Special dispatch to the Baltimore Sun. Lynchburg,va., Jan. 6.�?fire broke out in the people s National Bank building at 10.05 night and made such rapid Progress that in Short time toe entire upper portion of the building was destroyed leaving Only the Bank offices and the clothing store of s. Mra Ute on the Street floor intact. The Money valuable papers Etc., of the Bank were in the vaults and were saved. The store rooms Are completely gutted. The water is freezing nearly a fest As it settles. The destroyed portion of the building was occupied by lawyer and Rani a mate agent who lost their entire furniture and other effects. The building Cost $8,000, and was insured for fs.500. G a no brr g win a game. New York. Jan. A Gunsberg today in the twelfth game of the chess match for the championship or the world forma Stet nits to resign. The a Oore now stands Ste in to St Gunsberg. 3 drawn. A motion would proof Oil be Marie a Antig to Day but it was not until he assumed the chair that be Learned of senator stewarts intention. When vice president Morton announced the result of the Roll Call there was a murmur of approbation in the galleries while the democrats struggled bus Ltd to suppress t Hoir gratification Over the Victory they bad just secured. All Eye Wert turned upon senator Gorman the chairman of the democratic of roue and Many of the republicans wondered whether he or son other had aet the trap which caught Tho Republican party napping. Broad smiles of satisfaction played upon the features of senators Wolcott Quot Ashburn Stewart and the other Republican who had voted to a Knock out the Force Bill. Silent and sullen sat senator Frye in Tho front Row. While messes. Sherman. Spooner and Evarts looked sad. Senator Hawley could hardly comprehend the vote a he hurried to Tho Secretary a desk and made a copy of the official tidy feet or. Power of Montana in an excited manner rushed up to or. Wolcott of Colorado and a blood Bim for voting Agal ust bus party. Said he a you have ruined your reputation a a have i a inquired the Colorado senator adding. A a you a better try Aud make one for rejoicing among the democrats. There Wuy no. Demonstration upon the floor of the Senate but there was great rejoicing in the democratic cloak Pooai. On every hand senator Gorman s management was commended in the highest terms and senators Harris Faulkner Ray Vest Morgan Henna and All the democratic senator who Bare taken an Active part in the fight were Cong a t u i ated. Or. Gorman on the. Result. Senator Gorman when spoken to on the subject said a a majority of the Senate believe they can Best begin the new year by taxing up a measure in which the whole people Are interested in preference to a Mere partisan measure. We found eight Hona tors of the other Side of the chamber no were willing conjoin with us in a Ucb a movement so we concluded that the first monday in the new year was a Good time to make the Nevator Harris is not at All sorry he was in the chair when the Climax was readied hut he desires it understood that there was no collusion Between the vice president and himself. In regard to the parliamentary status of the Force Bill at present be hold that it has gone to the Calendar and can Only be called up by a majority of u quorum of the Senate. Or. Hoar discouraged. Senator Hoar feels his detest most keenly and declared in the presence of a few friends that the action of the Senate today had practically killed the Republican party. When questioned by a representative of the Sun he sad a you can understand the situation As Well As i do. Eight gentlemen exercised their discretion Aud voted against the Electious Bill. With every member of the Senate present that number would still be sufficient with the Aid of Tho democratic votes to prevent the passage of the a will you Call up the Bill again a a what is the user said he. A perhaps some of those gentleman who voted with the democrats today May be willing to vote for the elections Bill after the financial measure is disposed a i Nave no reason to expect them to do anything of the kind a he replied. A by their votes today they appear to be opposed to the elections bid and i do not expect them to change their senator Ingalls did not make his appearance in the so Nat Chain Ber until Atter the vote was announced and the debate on the Silver Bill was under Way. He was not paired and he appeared to be Well pleased with the result. Senator Edmunds contends that the Force Bill is upon the Calendar As unfinished business and entitled to come up Day after Day until finally disposed of without a vote of the Senate. In this be differs from senator Harris and other equally shrewd Parlia Mca tartans. Silver has the right of Way. There was some doubt entertained As to whether or not the financial Bill now bad right of Way and whether an affirmative vote to take it up would not be necessary each morning. An associated press reporter asked senator Edmunds for Bis opinion. The senator said that if the motion to take up the Bill were made after two of clock which was the Case. Then it would not require an affirmative vote to take up the Silver Bill. It would under the rules be unfinished business until disposed of. A the financial Bill then Bas right of Way a was suggested. A it has right of he said that the motion today was a total Surprise to him. Regarded As decisive. Inquiry among other Republican senators develops the fact that they were also utterly taken Aback at the Dinle Cement of the elections Hill. One Western senator who personally regards the Bill with indifference but was not willing to abandon it now that it was a party measure said that the friends of the Bill did not know what to think or do now for they had been so surer Sod hey had not had time to consider the situation. The senator said he re added the vote a decisive of the tale of the. By i and that was the opinion of the majority of his colleagues with whom he had talked. Senator Spooner one of the Foremost advocates of the election Bill was seen. But a uld say nothing. Senator Jones returned to the City today a and the decision to hold a caucus coupled with the arrival of senator Jones for whom senator Stewart has been waiting resulted in the do termination to bring matters to in immediate Issue. One of the Silver senators said that it had been decided last week to bring on the fight this week but that it was kept very quiet. So fax Tes can be Learned Tho arrangement to displace the elections Mil was not definitely effected until some time after the Senate met. It is understood that senators Stewart and Teller were the principal movers in the scheme. The matter was kept so quiet that the Idaho senators even did not know what motion was to be made. Senator Shoup says that he was told not to fro away that something of interest to Silver was to take place but says be did not know the Republican choose Thompson for speaker Aud rebuke the senator. H Harrisburg a. Jan. 5.�?a caucus of the Republican members of the House was held this evening at which Caleb a. Thompson of Quot Arren county was nominated for speaker by acclamation. John v. Morrison of Alie Rheuy was selected Tor chief clerk and Baric w. Voorhees of Philadelphia for resident clerk. The chairman or the caucus was authorized to meet the chairman of the Senate caucus and Issue a Call for a joint caucus to take action on the United states senator a Dun. The meeting Wii. Probably be Beld on wednesday. Or. Tagi Art of Mon Gonn it. Offered the following was unanimously adopted a whereas the policy of the Republican party As declared in National and Btu to Piat Lorms is unqualified Day in favor of full and fair elections and an honest count and whereas the overwhelming sentiment of Republican thought throughout the land is in favor of such National legislation that will insure the same Quot resolved. That Tho Republican member of the House of representative of Pennsylvania favor Tho speedy passage of the Federal elections will after a warm speech by or. Delaware rebuking the i nned state senators from Pennsylvania for a trifling with the feeling of the Loyal people of a motion was passed ordering copies of the Resolution sent to senator Cameron and Quay. Tho democratic members of Tho House assembled in caucus at 8 of clock seventy live members being present. Walter e. Hitler of Lac Oman county was made permanent chairman i Apt. George w. Skinner of Fulton county was unanimously chosen As the democratic candidate for speaker. Peter j. Hughe of Philadelphia was nominated for chief clerk Una the further nomination of candidates Tor the other positions in the gift of the House was referred to a committee of five. Chairman Ritter was empowered to Call a caucus of the democratic member of the House at any time upon receipt of a request signed by Teu members the Reni. After agreeing to meet on the evening of monday. January 19. To nominate a candidate for United states Sanator the caucus adjourned the Republican senators met in caucus at 8 of clock. George Handy Smith of Philadelphia. Was elected chairman. Senator Boise Penrose of Philadelphia was unanimously chosen president pro tem. It the it Euate. Miss feet Slegal Victory. To take a Washington lady regain property gotten from her by fraud. Jersey City n.j., Jan. 5.�?in the new Jersey court of chancery today View can Mellor Pitney rendered a decree sett my aside a Transfer of Orange n. A real estate upon the grounds of fraud. The property consists of 26 lots and was owned by miss Mary a. Feet of Washington i. Who inherited the plot from her father. Miss feet never had Wen the property Aud supposed each of the lots to be 25 by Luo feet. Charles a. De Armand who was visiting in Washington with his wife offered to a purchaser Lur the property and it was finally transferred to him for a h0. Miss pet subsequently Learned that each of the lots was 50 by too feet and that de Armand was aware of the fact. A number of Tho lots had been sold again for $100 each when miss poet brought suit to have the Transfer set aside. De Armand when on the witness stand asserted that he was a colonel in the american army having served under general Fremont As comte Landante of the fifth Missouri rifles a major in the russian army and a count having Large Posas Sions in the Baltic provinces. Miss feet a counsel attacked those assertion and it was found that the real commander of the fifth Missouri rifles was Alfred de Armand a physician living at hot Springs Ark. Other of the ail Egeu counts statements were contradicted and the Vic Chancellor pronounced him to be guilty of fraud. Miss of the$1,040 Purchase Money will get her property Back Agate. Or. Bateman a assignment attached. New York Jan. 5.�?when Charles s. Boyd secured a judgment for $8,015 in the Superior court for Stock commissions against Douglass Green and Arthur e. Bateman the judge granted a Stav of execution to make a Case on Appeal. The judge set this stay aside today on an affidavit of the plaintiff a lawyer in which be state that he believes the assignment of the defendant or. contemplated for More time and much of his assets were converted into Cash before the assignment and his real estate was conveyed to his wife. Or. Bateman is about to leave the country and he considered the assignment fraudulent. A Alliance against Alliance men. Lincoln neb., Jan. 5.�?most of the members of the legislature Are already in the City and Active Ca Cusing has begun looking to the organization or the two House. The republicans Aud democrats Are trying to form an offensive and defensive Alliance and if they succeed u is expected that they May yet be Able to organize the House in spite of the Alliance majority. Old party tie Are Strong and a number of the Alliance members refuse to go into caucus claiming the right to be entirely Independent in the course they will pursue at the comma session. Dela Materer Ammu and lab duties. Meadville pa., Jan. 5.�?the statement of the appraiser of the banking firm of Dela Raster 6c co. Shows that the assets of the firm Are estimated at Frio Maxl. Of this estimate $153,000 belongs to the firm $02,000 to George ii. Delamater $65,000 to George Wallace Dei Amater the Republican candidate for governor and $10,000 to t. A. Delamater. Though the air ignores Are still unable in give an accurate statement regarding the firm s liabilities it is said that they will amount to $1.040,000, which include the personal liabilities of the members of the House. Fad strychnine to the jokers. Savannah,ga., Jan. 5.�?near Albany Richard hied and another negro known As Bui stole and ate some food belonging to Joe Moore also coloured and then laughingly told him of the joke they had playoff on him. Moore put strychnine on some fish cooked it. And at his invitation the other two feasted of it. They Are dead Sod Moore has fled. Failure Ai Bedford City a. Special dispatch to the Baltimore Bun Lynchburg va., Jan. firm of h. D. A Bolt k co., doing buttons at Bedford City failed today for about i1cuxhl they owed a number of Lynchburg merchant and a Good Many Baltimore merchants Ara their creditors. Lect been received. The Omaha guard who volunteered their services have been ordered to hold themselves in readiness to move to the front. They Are in Fine form Aud have Agatui Ogagun attached to the command. Burlington Iowa Jan. 5.�?compony ii. Of the Herond regiment Iowa National guards has been notified to expert a Call to fight the indians. The in to regiment is under marching orders. Kansas cite Jan. 5.--the Star prints the following from Wichita Kau a the orders telegraphed from military Headquarters to Captain Woodson of the fifth cavalry to disarm the Indian in the Cheyenne Aud Arapahoe country have created toe greatest anxiety among the settlers in Oklahoma Aud on the Borders of Texas and genuine alarm among the troops. The indians of these southwestern reservations Are peaceable enough now. And those who know the nature of the red Man see in this proposed disarmament a menace to the continuance of the comparative quiet which now exists. The Boxt dancing is of a mild Washington. Jan. 5. Gen. Schofield this evening received dispatches from general Miles. There is no mention in any of them of fighting Between the troops and the hostile today. Colonel Forsythe suspended. The suns special advice confirmed critic uni by army officer. Washington. Jan. report of the Relief of colonel Forsythe of his command of the seventh cavalry by general Miles which has been telegraphed East from unofficial sources is conf armed at the War department today. The officials however show a decided to talk about the matter. Neither Secretary Proctor nor general Schofield is willing to say very much on the subject although both practical i j admit that general Miles did not act entirely upon his own responsibility. Secretary Proctor said to a reporter. A general Miles did it. It is a \ cry much mixed up matter and i May explain it general Schofield was rather More communicative. He a Aid a there is not much that i can say about it just now but i am willing to explain As far As i can. It has been suggested by a person whom i cannot mention. That it would de Well to look into the matter of the fight on wounded knee Creek the other Day. Inasmuch As the reports state that several Indian women and children were killed. Accordingly general Mil a at a it suggestion from Here. Relieved colonel Forsyth of his command pending an investigation of the circumstances of that fight which investigation is probably now being conducted by general Miles. I have a yet Rev lived no official information from general Miles about the matter and ail i know about what he has done is what i have seen in Tho newspaper. I expect a report from him soon. \ is the a general management of the fight is also to to looked into. But the particular Point in question is the death of the women and it is surmised by some officers that the person who a a suggested a the investigation is the president whose suggestion., As to the army Bava All the weight of order. Considerable criticism against colonel Forsythe a Sun Nen Sion is heard in Tho War department. I seems to be directed against the policy of relieving an officer Dur lug the Progris of a Campaign instead of waiting until after the troubles Are settled. A to the charge that colonel Forsythe allowed Bis men to kill women and children it 1� asserted that it would be pm Poe Rible. In the hurry and confusion of Italy like the Mckinley Tariff Law How the Bill treated Lier exports. Rome Jan. 5.�?it Bast it Yeii ascertained from High official sources As Well As from in Ter views with leading member of the italian parliament that Italy is Well satisfied with the Workings of the new american Tariff Bill. The government commission which was api it pointed to investigate and report on the probable effects of Tho Bill Bas but recently completed its task Ami their Raj Ort shows that under the new Tariff about 48 per cent. Of italian exports to the United state Are admitted free of duty 36 per cent. At a red Nee i duty Piper cent. At the old rate while the duty is i Cream on in a than four per cent. Thin , together with statistics published by the italian press has brought about a very favourable state of Public opinion regarding the Law. A we have no cause for complaint against the United states on account of Tho new Tariff a said prime minister Crispi. And this diplomatic opinion is More than endorsed by All the deputies interviewed by the associated press correspondent. The placing of Straw braids a important product of Tuscany on the free list Aud the reduction of duty on paint a and statuary Are among the provisions thai have greatest satisfaction. While the Commerce Between great Britain and the United mates and France Aud the United state has been steadily declining during the past ten year statistic just published in la by form the official Organ of prime minister Crispi show that Italy a Commerce with the United states has been steadily increasing till it is now exceeded Only by three other nations of Europe. Since the Bill wed into effect it continues to increase at As great a rate us before. It is no scent that the reason wily Italy Rufu a to consider the subject or joining other nations in reprisals against the United states was her satisfaction with the i a Tariff l a report published recently that on account of the Mckole Law Italy would make not hib its at the world s fair to be held at Chicago is entirely untrue. The report of the Lauan department of agriculture shows that the crop in Italy during the Post year were the largest harvested Tor Many yearn. For the previous five years italian crops have been to a great degree failures so that a great impetus to italian Commerce is now predict a although the tightness of the Money Market of yet prevented the full Benefit of the abundant Harvest. The financial difficulties which have troubled alike both continents have extended to Italy and stocks and Bonds of nearly All kinds have greatly declined. The Boud of the government however. Have maintained their accustomed value having fluctuated scarcely one or cent. The formation is announced of a company under the name a it of the Larura italian steel and tin plate Manu tact using company. The capital i to be $jp.uu0, and the Dant is to com $325.hjw. As the i Tai Ion duties on steel and in plate Are from 40 to 5u per cent. And Valorme the projectors of the company expect to reach Large profits m Supply ing a Market of thirty millions of people. Cask Tina it advertising. S him i min a a a line 4 Dors Foj 5� 3 1 by i Day.-4 �1 la a. .1 4ar�. T v. I Tquary <4 of Pmj i Day pm do a i a ii i a. Do. 3days 9 Sou do. A j a re i a i do. Do. Day sly Ida do a four a suck. If an Advertis by it axe Jedi Foar tin a the Prier will a in alar proportion. All advertisement Are parable at the Lima of their insertion. Mary tar Aud death Sot loom of la Roo harm Twenty sva Centi each. Tod inuit in ail can a be endorsed. A do not i Nim re the insertion of ant advert in a a ent on any specified Day or Days nor do we in Ira the number of insertion within the time required by the advertiser. Advertisements will. However have their full bomber of Ziaee Rouas when the time can be made up. Bot when accidentally left ont. Obj the number of insertion can not be riven the pro in a paid for the omitted in certion will be returned to the advert i Are. Topics in new Youk. Another rapid transit scheme on a bold and Biff plan. A Watek Reorg viaduct system. Proposal to deepen the Hudson River from Albany Down the death of Edward c. Donnelly a Irish american Romance a night Law school special dispatch to the Baltimore Sun new York. Jan. 5.�? before the rapid transit scheme begin to tangle up the legislature the City was Given for consideration today an idea that catches Publio opinion favourably at once. It to a bold plan after the manner in which Baron Hausmann re mole led Paris. The author is a Well known architect and builder David h. King who starts out with the theor that makeshift systems of rapid transit can no longer be tolerated and he proposes on elaborate and substantial viaduct along the waterfront. A Tho structures there Are mostly fourth rate House and Saloon he would have the City condemn a strip too feet wide inside the House lines of All the exterior streets like West Street on the North River front and South Street on the fast River front from Tho Battery to Suyten Dyril. Here he would build a a Laduct of Mas it try from thirty to fifty feet High on which tracks could be Laid. The intersecting streets would be arched and Between them the Way might be oven or arched As the most profitable in Breve meet of the property might suggest. Arcades for retail stores could be constructed Over the Roadway with site walks in front and with open space Over the tracks for Light and ventilation or building of a character to suit the neighbourhood could to constructed Over Tho Roadway. When completed be says the a City would have a perfect Railroad rapid transit line and could lease it to the company willing to the Uniat for a ran Bise for ten Ortw. Qty five or fifty years. It could in the Roadway build conduits for pneumatic tubes electrical conductor . Water and a team. Which could alway be accessible without interference with the traffic of the Street. All the a would be a it Ureel of income to the City. And the rent it of the space under the Arches would More a a in the interest on the Bonds necessary or the Purchase or condemnation of the land and the construction the it is a taking de aund if it could Only be honestly Protection for foreign author. London Jun. 5.�?prof. Max Mulier has written a letter for publication durig the course of which he oppose the suggested Bill precluding foreign Aulder Inoru the Benet of the English copyright Laws unies their books Are printed on eur ugh Sod. He says Fiat it is Uncertain even now. That the american copyright Bill will .-, Ana that we should do nothing to hinder it. Prof. Mulier doubts whether americans would Uke even to to complimented for performing an act i they found to be just an i right. He Antic. I pates nothing but Good from the american i Pili. Aud claims hat ii will provide a larger i Market and thereby reduce the Price of i books both Bere and in America. Toa. He adds will be the greatest gain. As the extra j Cost of the double printing will be a Small i matter compared with to advantages be i cured. He says it is Imposable to accurately gauge tile effect of the Bill. Pro Mulier. Says one effect is certain a like maritime piracy toe honorable occupation of the age of the Viking literary piracy no longer considered honorable win die out and very soon its Tew surviving desperadoes will j find it the Appeal for suffering Ireland in Ulin Jan. 5 in lha Freeman a journal Cay the Earl of Zetland Viceroy of Ireland Aud or. Balfour chief Secretary hate begun to pass Arouna the hat to obtain Tunis to Purchase food Aud mottling for the Suiter i lug portion of the population of i Rebind. It an unexpected fight and the subsequent i is their intention to make the removable Stampede and Pursuit to detect Hie sex 1 police magistrate the Ellevine officers who of the Sioux. One officer remarked a it is i preposterous to a a that it is necessary in an Indian skirmish to Stop firing Long j enough to find out just what sort of an Indian you Are shooting at. The women and the men let it a very much alike in Blanket costume and the women Are a fierce fighter As the men. A acco oilseed would be a it designer says an ornament to the City and a True solution of the transit problem. Butte Donoto at out our big Public work in an honest and economical fashion and the experience of the past May tie the effective bar to the Suc-1-es.sful ending of what seems a practical plan. To deepen the Hudson. Another big engineering Scheine is the plan to deepen the Hudson from new y or to Albany so As to make it navigable for vessel drawing Twenty feet it Waer. This would save All the delay and expense of canal towing from Bere to Albany on such items As Grain Aud lumber for Export or Coastwise Trade. A commission of army officers will meet in Albany tomorrow to consider the plan. The far reaching importance of the project May be seen when it is stated that it the Chance of the Hudson 4 declined As proposed it would or Babiy Lead to the enlargement of the Erie and it Hani plam canals thus allowing larger boats to pass through from the great lakes to Tidewater. Sudden death. Many balt Morean will regret to learn of the sudden death yesterday of commiss Mer Edward. Donnelly of this icy Drother of the ate right Rev. Mgr. Donnelly v. A. Pastor of St. Michael so Burch. Or. Donnelly a starring from ins re id enc to Rand Boulevard and Una Hundred Are to r t \ sixth Street to go to vipers and fed in tie hallway stricken with apoplexy. Ii nov a recovered consciousness and died during the night. He a Katy three year old. And a native of this City. Und graduated from Georgetown . Ii. He first studied Law. But went into the Woolen Lui porting using to its with i Brothers lie ik-1 i several local political appointments and a of the Irish Emigrant society and the Emigrant inducing savings bunk. Bal Squaw is As bad a enemy As a t uck at times. The Little boy too. Can a Hoot quite As Well us their father Aud what a spectacle it would be for a Soldier on Sciug a ten year old pointing a loaded gun at him web As True an aim of the Best Mark Runau in the army to Stop has Advance Ami wag of. son. You must drop that gun for you Are a minor and i Ara not allowed to Hurt a another officer said a at this rate the Moue tremble will grow to be just As bad As the events of the first throw year of the War. When every officer with an Independent command bad not Only an enemy in front of him but a court martial behind still another officer said that it or a grave error to order the Relief of colonel Forsythe at Thia stage of the proceedings and thus hold up a warping Finger to every colonel in the Little army around Pine Ridge to Tell them that the death of each Sioux must be explained ill distribute the contributions to Wardel to the Castle in answer to the Appeal of the Viceroy and Chiel Secretary. Do nun a Astie for the present is to be transformed into a sort of dry goods store with a a nip Kitchen their j attached or. Balfour now think Attiat he quite i sees a favourable Chance of cutting inn. The a tour i popular feeling but the country will be disappointed of the indignation attic a a a a Vale fails to find unequivocal expression it lha distress is so cad As to Call Tor the action of the government. The n it is by the government it ought to be relieved and not by me begging Box. And the Sun yesterday published the special dispatch announcing mat c Louel Forsythe would be tried for his management of the Battle on wounded knee Creek. Killed and wounded. At general Miles list of casualties White Clay and wounded knee. Washington. Jan. 5. Geu Cral Schofield has received two telegrams from Jenera Miles in regard to the Indian troubles. The first dated Pine Ridge s. A. January a is of inflows a colonel Forsythe reports under Date of 2d instant the following casualties in skirmish with Bot flies on White Clay c reek m d., near this Agency of december jul Dom in m. Trances Cbeth troop g. Seventh cavalry. Wounded. First Lieut. J. D. cavalry privates m. Hillock and win. N. Kilpatrick. Trood it seventh cavalry private Peter t Lauser troop cd private Quot in. Kern. Troop a Farrier Richiard j. Nolan troop i. And first sergeant Theo. Ray Der troop k. Seventh cavalry. The other Telegram bore the same was As follows a the following were killed and wounded in the engagement at a roaster of wounded knee Creek Ike Cellier 29. 1890 killed t Apt. Teo. D. Wallace 7th cavalry How vital Steward Pollock sergeant major k. cavalry sergeant a. Dyer or ate Henry Frey. Get. Johnson. Michael Hogan and a rues Logan troop a first i Ergeant Dorafs. Colley Corporal Henry k. Forrest privates John costello Ralph l. Cold and William s. Mego troop la Privet James devised troop a private Frank k. Reincks troop i sergeant Robert e. Nettles and private aug. Kelner troop a Blacksmith Gustav Korn privates Daniel Twohig. James e. Kelly Sod James Cumming troop i Bergt. We. A. Hodges privates Joseph Mccue Joseph Murphy we. F. Mcclintock and Philipich Wenkop troop k. Seventh cavalry. Lieut. Ernest a. G Arlington and John c. Gresham seventh cavalry sergeant a. H. Hazelwood privates Adam sedur h. L. Duncan Dan. Mcmahon and a sergeant m . Two wig Aud jus. Ward Corporal Cha. H. Newell privates Frank Lewis Harry Stone and John Mckenzie troop a privates k. Schrever and we. H. Green troop a Wagoner gee. York troop a Berge Adt John f. Trelc troop e sergeant gee. Lloyd and Henry Howard Corporal Albert s. Bono privates Bernard Zeb uder Gottlieb Hipp and Harvey , troop i Corporal Harold Clifton trumpeter . Privates we. Adams by. Sullivan c. P. Martin we. Davie. Saml f. Smith Fred. Roder goo. Elliot and Hugh Mcguiness troop a Severna cavalry. Timothy Healy will o Trien. Dublin Jan. 5.�?mr. Timothy Healy m. A. To started for fans with the intent iou of consulting with or. Win. O Brien m a previous to the meeting of the it it conference Between Tot Irish leaders. Ai a Mote i ii g of toe local Branch of the National league at lung Toro yesterday there was such a warm Exchange 01 views upon the subject of or. Parnell Ilia the assemblage was disrupted. I he Auti Parnell Section headed by the Secretary and treasurer left Tho place of meet a in a body. The majority of those no Ai tended the meeting together with the prevent it Kab is Ai 111 losses it it it boing Parne utes remit men the Hall. London. Jan. 6.�?the Paris Cor of the tunes confirms he Reju probable retirement of or. Parnell on edition that or. O Brien replaces or. Earthy a chairman of the Lri a party. Paris. Jan. 5. Messes. A a sex Aud have started for . Gnu of Dent the i Gill a new inter act Law in Erin any. Berlin Jan. 5.�?the foreign it thee a sent a circular to toe foreign resident of this City and neighbor Maxl setting Forth the advantage of applying the invalid and age i insurance Law wit urn their households Iii circular admits that the government has no right to a enforce the Law. But suggests that its provisions be voluntarily adopted. The United states Munster or. William waiter Phelps has replied to Tau circular saying that the Law Uppa ars to be Bent Etc it a and that he would advise his Hou Boid to obey its provision. Or. Ships added that be had communicated with the members of the United Blates legation and he had been into Nied by some it toe member that Bey would adopt top suggestion of the foreign office. It is understood that or. Phelps a reply was Gratifying to the foreign office. Bad end of a Holiday frolic. Perth Jan. 5.�?while an enormous crowd i of Holiday makers were amusing yesterday on toe ice covered surface of the River Danube Between Buda Aud Perth. The j xxx after a series of Alai Ming. Era Kung reports. Suddenly gave was in several places. A terrible Paine followed Amoy thus who j were up it a the River. A Nurmi i of people Tell into the water Aud were drawn und a toe ice. Those who were Lucky enough to escape j assisted by others upon toe a Hor did their j utmost to Rescue the endangered people. Four bodies have been recovered. Many missing people Are still unaccounted for. He married mias f survives bite with three a on and to whom he leaves a Lara estate Sisters is the wife of Eugene banker another is mrs. I scat the a a Junte a Irr Cdesch and t do Irremore of Italy. Toy tune place of wednesday. The funeral took place this aft her late residence. 4iu East to Street of Elizabeth a Cut Cut i Henry Kell in her Muty secon death is Al of announced at a r 1.122 w est nineteenth Sti it. On i of Bobina Mcneven Turner Tetrad at a it re a a Ood. Romance or old another Irish a Avoy has re. York or. Villiam j. Lane m. La Cork. But he conies on a romantic claim an american Brule. In known merchant in Cork. Or Thart it five years of age. Aud re a 4�t Utun Tot influential it fim m. Of the Ardarne to Rev years ago during a visit s abroad lie met miss armstal Ter of c. E. Arr Troug of chant who lives in b love wire Caca other is courtship of the visit was carry it on by Eor Respo it As the lad it returned Horn j Lur tic separated them Brooklyn Catholic society toe Romance we inti will have Namou la. Ending in a few Day a night Law a h a Novelty in Legal instruct Law school a formally open it is the idea of lady who do identity made nubile Tun. Cd is the widow of a it and she is much interest i in pre it a moans it educating Jour. of big Law school Bas Given the four store House on West Street. The opening this de tended by a number of local faculty of a oven Legal lunar engaged for the first year. Cd in do c. Calvin sex surrogate Maitland of Queen s a ode. Laud Henry t. Terry. Ref Ess gown quient University c. To Riuas of this City sex District attorney of to of York Abner z. Bowen a men York bar. Among other i project Are sex judges Nisi. The Nilofer and judges Mcadam a two Hundred applicants have air made Tor adm is on and outer arc leg in. The school i i have Tor Quot a a a visits course for the Bachelor of Law a Ourse i the bar. And a Pust Arr. A which graduates of other pursue any Ime of Spocia Tores Aud a salons of the is three evenings a week Dun ten months constitute the Twenty months of eve Oil can obtain a degree or adm a laughter tee or his Eniy toe Nocher of countess Wilt take fix a on a of the i new r my to i we to Orier sect iou. Terse making a Ner m to Brief had to since and a erday. Ver Appy my Venin Omati rim by Ting up tar i or Start be us of a Large St i Bird evening was at a a cd a. A binaries has let Een consisting of it a Ite of this City t. Liege lieu a at i Tensor it Law in the �.,, Lyman l. Set fell Daw Tyne the new i in the and Dit-1 Dilley Idy Lea till Coin depart degree of r admittance tip department in la rank stuff. To Fecit id will be Beld in the first year. Booi year so in study a student Tauv to the bar. Mullet and Delaney again free. Dublin Jan. 5.�?josepn Mullet and Dan Delam a two of the invincible sentenced in connection with the Phoenix Park murder were discharged today irom Down Patrick prison their Terras of imprisonment having expired. Mullet had been employed in the bookbinders department of the prison and Delaney bad been working in toe Carpenter shops. Minister Minier asks for a body guard. La lube Tad Salvador Jan. 5.�?mr. Mizner. The american minister will leave Here tomorrow Tor san Francisco la is asserted that he has been the recipient of numerous Anonymous letter threatening his life and that he solicited a body guard from toe United states steamship Ranger to Acoy mad y him to the Steamer. President Barillas is away in Quezon Terango arranging his private affairs prior to i departure for Europe in March next on leave of absence. Don Fernando Cruz guatemalan minister to the United not return to Washington. Jose Maria Harayo is now in the United states charged with a confidential Mission in the Barrundia Case. Salvador Honduras. Nicaragua and Costa Rica have combined in making toe Washington government to Send them separate ministers and will withhold their re cognition of minister Pacheco until a definite answer Bas been received. Cold weather again in great Britain. London. Jan. 5.�?after the thaw which was experienced throughout Eureka on saturday Aud Munday signs of freezing Are again noticed in this City and the Public is commencing to ppr Ehud a return of the severe weather lately experienced in great Britain. Hebrew lawyers expelled from Russia. St. Petersburg Jan 5.�?the minister of Justice hits issued a confident ii circular to the judges and Imperial procurator notifying them not to permit lie Orews to be Carol led As barrister Aud that those already practising must receive notice of expulsion Famille driven from their Home. Glasgow Jan. 5.�?though Tho Railroad strike is practically ended today May be said to be the most exciting Day in the history of the strike. Seventy policemen backed by a Squadron of Hussars Are evicting the strikers from the Bouses belonging to the Railroad companies which they occupied As employees of the railroads. No actual violence has been reported but Many distressing scenes have been witnessed. Much suffering seems in store for the families of the unfortunate strikers who now More than Ever before Hare a be sympathy of the Public with them. At Motherwell 13 Miles Southeast of Here a crowd of 2u.00�o sinkers and their sympathizers stoned the police today. A squad of police Aud military charged on them wound my six. The crowd mucked the railway station and Weie Only driven away when the military fired Blank cartridges. Because of the fusillade of stones trains bad to run through the station without stopping. Sir Charles Tapper on the dispute. London Jan. A la sir Charles Tupper the Canadian commissioner Here in an interview yesterday said he did not believe the United states was preparing Ber naval Fleet to att Job foreign vessels. He thought the american government a statement on the Behring sea controversy might have been circulated for election purposes. The times commenting on the Behring sea matter says a sir Fleury Elliott Amrod St a conclusion on the subject so distasteful to or. Blaine that Congress was not allowed to see in nevertheless it is probable that sir Henry s examination of toe whole Case Woald be a More trustworthy and intelligible guide than or. Blaine lengthy dispatches. Anarchy to be Ducut red in Switz Rlyn it i. Berne. Jan. 5.�?it i reported that the bundesrat to or Federal Council has been officially notified of the of the Powers to bold an International Congre Bere during the present year when the subject of anarchism will be fully discussed. A Victory for the French Republic. Pabis Jau. 5�?the Republican newspapers this morning express Lively Over the results of toe election for senators yesterday. The Figaro avs that the Republic is a permanent Victor and that i. Is Able to dispute toe importance of this fact. Sixty persons killed by the explosion. London Jan. 5.�? a dispatch to the times from Vienna states that laity persons were killed outright by the explosion that occurred in toe Trinity Coal pit in a Oisin Wustrau on saturday last. The directors of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad have ratified toe Purchase of the Kentucky general Road. Miners favor arbitration. Philadelphia Jan. 5.�?robert . Secretary of the United mine workers who a been in Philadelphia for the past Tew Day today received a Telegram from Houtzdale signed James White president and master Workman of United mine workers District no. 2, covering Clearfield and part of other counties to Tbs effect that after a Conie Rencz on saturday Ai the it qty sent of Clearfield Between representatives of miners and operators it bad been a g ret i to refer the matter of advanced wages Etc., to arbitrators who will meet on Friday next. Said or. Waisbort today a there seems to be a fair disposition on both sides. I Hare no doubt that the arbitration will a of in gig Justice to both about Kukuo men Are employed in toe mines but there was danger in Case of a strike of the trouble spreading to other the Delaware caucus nominations. Cd Pecini dispatch to the Baltimore duo Dover Del Jan. 5.�?the democratic senatorial caucus tonight selected John p. Donohue for speaker Edward Hearn of Georgetown for clerk a. Phillips of Seaford Tor sergeant at arms Rev. Duhamel Tor chaplain Carrollton Downs of Dover for Peg. The House caucus chose Vern. A. Slut Man of Sussex county for speaker and Frank m. Dunn of the Dover Index for clerk. Tbs legislature will meet tomorrow. R i Arr Ted under the anti dueling Law. Kinemond va., Jan. 5.�?a special Toto dispatch from Charlottesville says that John s. Patton of the jeffersonian of that City was arrested this morning of a warrant charging him with being about to engage in a Duel with self a Lewis editor of the spirit of the Valley published at Harrisonburg. A political controversy in the papers named was the cause of the Tbs school has also another feature based i upon the Chautauqua system students re i siding outside the City an pursue the Law i course by joining toe Quot Xton it ton depart a this provide study at bomb and in i Street Ion by correspondence. The fees have i been put at a nominal figure. A trip to Florida. Lieut. William he the English yacht j Rau who with by wife is visiting ibis country. Left this afternoon for Florida were be i intends to it Boot and fish. They ail disembark at Jacksonville and from that Point will i travel to Titusville. At this Point the Twenty a eight foot Centre Board Sloop i Una Bana. I belonging to the visiting Yaeo Aman. Will to i found in re admits. A sailing master Odd i Sailor and every human device Tor Hunting and fishing Are already on toe vessel and ail i that the lieutenant will have to do i to get j under Way. The party will go Down the Indian River past Jupiter Inlet acid on to by it Cay be Bay. Here they will be the guests of j Commodore Ralph by. Munroe of the Bra Carne Bay yacht club who will join the lieutenant in Tarpon and King fishing. Thence the party will go to Charlotte Harbor. Which is also celebrated for its Tarpon j fishing. A political War it no. It is stated that toe Republican machine leaders have notified the democratic Man-1 agers of the majority in the Assembly that i Bev will Hare to go slow about turning re i publican assemblymen out of their a eat. They will not make any very determined i opposition to the inevitable but they i threaten that if any of tin a new made vote i be cast for the United state senator his cer-1 Tif Leate will be thrown out at Washington i under the arrangement now perfected there. a age go mayor Grant. Mayor Grunt menage presented to the Bourd of aldermen today states the City s total funded debt outstanding december 3i to to fl4d,37ul�. Total builder debt. $146,578.210. The commissioner of the linking i und Boid in Cash and investments $48.513,792. Revenue Bonds issued in anticipation of taxes amount to $2u7.1iv\ leaving the City s net debt including Revenue Bonds at $u6,u64,4l8. A net decrease during the year of Uearl i6uo.0�o�o. At the close of the year Impi then was not outstanding a Revenue Bood of to City issued in anticipation of the collection of taxes of Isidor any preceding year a result that has not happened before in the administration of the affairs of the City within the last half Century. The rate of taxation within the City Tor 1890 was l9t per rent. The message deals with the chief local topics of rapid transit Street cleaning paving Sec. John ii. Inman the Southern railway Aud Sti Auis Uip magnate was today appointed by mayor tyrant a rapid transit commissioner in place of Frederic p. Olcott who declined to Sere. Mayor Grant and his adviser have pre i ared a new rapid transit Bill which will be among the first to be introduced in the Dew legislature. It is drafted of Une very Simitar to the Bill presented at the last sea Sioa. Brooklyn finances. The annual message of mayor Chapin of Brooklyn was submitted to Tbs co Nim of Council at their meeting this afternoon. It is rather a lengthy document but Bas been carefully prepared and cover All questions of interest concerning the City. Tho financial affairs of the City is toe first subject set Forth in the message. It shows that the permanent debt of the City is $27,662.160 9b toe water debt $1�,�8&.i u temporary $9i8,00u tax re in Flea Tes 3,000,000. Total. $42,12.160 9ft. Deduct sinking fund. $4.060.596 15. Net debt $38,181,55 to. There is a decrease of the permanent debt of $l3u5.542 36, and there is a decrease in the water debt of $l700,5 xxx tha assessed valuation of the City a real Ami personal property is $452.758,601. Own. Aby. Isaac Jerome a brother of la Onard Jerome died this morning of pneumonia a a Suyten Duvil aged about sixty. He leave a widow but no children. Re judge Wuu am l. Muller commiss Kmer of the court of claims and governor Hill a former Law partner died at the hotel Normandie this afternoon. Or. Muller be firm ill for dearly three weeks but his condition was not deemed critical until j petard j la the morning a was stricken with Emma and has been steadily growing week a

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