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Baltimore Daily Record Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Baltimore Daily Record (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Baltimore, Maryland The daily record Law real estate finance and general intelligence. = vol. . 126baltimore, wednesday november 24, 1920 Price two cents. J. Martenet so co., surveyors and civil engineers. Phone St. Paul 4263. 18 East Lexington St. Established 1819. Surveys engineering and mapping of All kinds City suburban and Rural. Long experience and volumes of compiled data give us special facilities for surveying within the City. Survey National Union Bank of Maryland 3-7 East Fayette Street chartered 1804. Capital 1,000,000 surplus and undivided profits $625,000 accounts of corporations individuals firms trustees executors erc., solicited. Safe Deposit boxes. Phillips Lee Goldsborough. Pres. John e. Boisseau. Vice president. Walter w. Beers cashier. Louis e. Creamer. Assistant cashier. Horace r. Ford. Assistant constitutes a doing business our sixty Page Booklet gives the More recent court decisions on a doing lawyers qualifying a corporation in one or More states will find it a valuable reference work. Copies will be furnished to members of the bar on request for Booklet lx-2.the corporation Trust company 1428 land title building Philadelphia amp Martin specialising in rapid and accurate mime graphing stenography Multi graphing typewriting us Toltl. Old. St. Paul Imit Seal for corporations notaries Sec. A Stock certificates robber Stamps stationery Sec. Baumgarten so co sit e. Fayette Street phone St. Pant 2188. Opposite poet office. In its very dignity and strength Iii Mel office equipment reflects the character of your business. With his first impression your client is . L. Himmel amp son113 n. Gay Street have you Ashmann a leading cases Price $10 m. Curlander 14 w. Saratoga Street Maury and Donnelly. Williams co. General insurance Agency n. W. Cor. Commerce and water Ste. Quot f a. Specify 1er year forme new Baltimore Ledger and Transfer Bond rot Salk by Dobler d Mudge St Paul 4g55 4556.w. F. Ogle a co. General auctioneers 659 Calvert building trustees and administrators sales Given careful attention can St pay 3031realty transactions transfers of property mortgages judgments leases a. For other court proceedings see last Page tuesday november 23, 1920. Deeds. Lawrence Mchale to j As of Neill e s Eden St or Oliver 14.11 %x75, g r $60 5 j As of Neill amp of to Lawrence Mchale e a Eden St or Oliver 14.11 %x75, g r $605 duplex cottage co to John h Davis a of Sis Ashburton St or Ayr Dale ave 50x169, g r $120. 5 Thos f Hisky extrac to Thos f Julisky a n w Cor Harlem ave amp Calhoun St 20.6x100, g r $133.25 5 Paul Gurbelski a to jus f Bailey s 8 Hudson St or Potomac 12.71-5x80, g r $34.75. 5 Michael Pelczar to Samuel Weis a Nee Cambridge St or Concord 12.6x60, g r $15.62%. 5 Francis pc Vermillion amp of to Annie 0 e Sandebeck 1820 Belt ave g r $45.505 Harry Busick to Conrad n Klank a of n w a Garrison ave or Wilson 20.9x100, g r $78. 5 Julius Edlavitch amp vhf to Rialto theatre co 2 lots. 5 Jeannette s Van Lui a trus to Elmer l Farley amp of n s Franklin ter or York re 17x125, g r $90 lease. A Chas la Steffey inc to Howard w Smith amp of 2 lots. 700 Harry d Green amp of to Norbert c Straub amp of i lot a. 5 Michael Keelty to Otto j n Burk Art amp of w s Norman St or Edmondson ave 21.4x106, g r $90. 5 Anthony f Stromberg amp of to Chaa Stavros a n e 8 Baltimore St i lot g r $00. 6 Richard h Pleasants to Frank p Appel a of e s Cedar ave or Bay St 14x90, g r $42. 685 win Schluderberg amp son co to we Schluderberg to j hurdle co 2 lots a. A Franciszek my Shalowski amp of to Jakob Strankowski amp of e s Regester St or Lancaster 14.9%x 30.66 Andrew Hajewski to Jozef k Josin ski amp of n s fait ave or Rose a1, 12.6x75, g r $28.12 a. 5 win t Russell a of to Herman Kratz a of 435 Rosedale ter gr$72. 5 John a Janetzke a of to Anthony j Buck a of several lots. 5 Verina o Wolfe to Benjamin Davis a Sis Huntingdon ave or 27th St 15x80, g r $60. 5 Christian ii Nelson a to Albert j Hauf or a of Sis Payson St or Ramsay 12x72, g r $42. 231 25 Augustus r Seifert a of to George w Sparwasser a of e s Lith St. Or Gunnison 14x85, g r $42. 5 convention of the p e Church diocese of my to Nathan j Meyerberg a of 2 lots. A Israel Kriger a to Barney Lipsitz a 723 to 737 Cumberland St g r $4806 Ernest p Schilling a of to Frederick Hein Back a of n e s Evergreen ave or Magnolia 45x135, g r $60. 5 Alfred s Hunley to Cleveland r Bealmear 1805 etting St g r $36 5 Benjamin h Mckindless trus to Mamie c Eastman 2 lots. 1200 we l wets a of to Henry Rukert a of. 1726 n Pulaski St g r $75 5 Frank Novak to John c Staedtler a of 1808 29th St g r $80. A 5 James Hamilton a of to Albert h Wehr i lot. 5 Nathan c card a of to Edward f Coolahan a of n s 26th St or St Paul 13x75, g r $72. 5 Henry Engelhart to Frank Jasper e s Durham St or Lancaster 9.6x511000 Frank Jasper to Carrie Weaver same property lease. A George f Obrecht a of to Alexander m Bobbitt a of e 8 Light St or Warner 15x755 c Kaufman a of to James t Button a of see Wilkens ave or Pitcher St 48xl9q lease. A Dora Baum a to Rosa Berman 37 Lloyd St. 5 Moses Schwartz to same e a Lloyd St or Lombard 12.6x52, g r $30. 5 John Bald to Annie t Jones 1013 William St g r $21.75. 5 Harry Vilberg a to Mary Kleberg w s Glover St or Monument 12.6x 60.2%, g r $37.50. A Charles h Yoe to Charles w Shew a of 3334 Strickland St g r $30 5 re Uben Gladfelter a to Roy b Turner a of 2070 Aiken St g r $65 5 same to John k Ayres a 2066 Aiken St g r $72. 5 John pay Coe to a rein Wujtowicz a of 842 s Kenwood ave g r $30 5 Catherine Callahan a to Walter h Stapf a of 2276 Parkside ave g r $755 Elizabeth e Orem to Alice Hohman w a Caroline St or Anthony. 13x 51, g r $265 John r Lilly to Vada a Van Bibber w s mount at or Harlem ave 15.8x86, gr$90. 5 Ella s Hitchcock a to Fred l Barnes a of s e Cor Stratmore a Morello aves. A a Charles w Canoles a of to Manuel. Merwitz a e Cor Chase a port its of r $42 .7. 5 Maryland state Temperance Alliance to Joseph b drei8ch. N s Mulberry St or Park ave 20.4x61 5 Roland Park co to Harry 8 Gay i lot. 5 Cora Goehring a Hus to we n Crisp 4 lots. To Elizabeth a Parker to Roland Park co several lots. 5 f Reybold Mitchell to Frank o Singer or 627 to 635 first St g r $3005 Emory j Wilson to Ernest Warner s s Lanvale St or Dallas 13x72, k r $400 Ernest Warner to Emory j Wilson a of. Same property g r $40. 6 Nelle w Poole a has to Chester p Woodward a of 5301 Edmondson. 5 Isaac l Hornstein to we j Tiller a of s a Lexington St or Pine 19.1%xl50. G r $83 67. 5 Elias Greenwood St of to Morris shone a of 612 8 Charles St g r $22 503 Curtis Bay Terrace inc to Walter Piereman. N s Hazel at or Fairview ave 50x100to Morris Levin a of to Angelo Patrenia a of. 250 East at. G r $56 5 Anna h Pagan to Harry w Churchill w a Ashburton St or Rigga ave. 15x110, g r $70. 5 Samuel j Moaby a of to Jesse Wiggins a 1500 n Gillmor at. G r $36 6 John Vollenweider a of to Isaac no Ria St a 1506 Pennsylvania ave 3 Mort Gage. James of Neill to Bertha v of Neill. 433 26 John h i i vis a of to equitable Bas a. 0200 Jos e Bailey to White Eagle polish Amer b a l a. 1200 Samuel we a a to polish a .900 Annie e Sandebeck to North Broadway p b a. 200 Conrad n Klank a of to Jefferson p b a l a. 3510 same to Harry Busick. 490 Elmer l Farley a of to Jefferson p b a la. 2990 Edw v Magee to same. 130 Fredk Fondelheit a wry to Lakeland b a l a. 1300 August j Selmer a of to same .1950 Otto j n Burkort a of to Mutual help bal a. 1300 Chaa Stavros a to Mchenry St b a l a no . 2000 Anna m Phelan to Kosciuszko p l Asa. 500 Edwin c Snyder a of to Geo h a a Strobel. 2800 Jozef Jazinski a of to Kosciuszko p l a s a. 2000 Jozef k Jan ski a of to same .1800 a Leroy Kirk to John w s Miller a of. 1200 Benj Davis a to Margaret Neenan 1900 same to pm via v Wolfe. 600 Albert j Hauf or a to Adonis b s a l a no 1. 1500 Geo w so Barwasser a of to Linden b a1300 Olive b Weltch a to merchants a mechanics p b a of West Baltimore. 1820 Nathan j Myerberg a of to convention of p e Church. Diocese of Maryland. 17000 same to Eleazer Winakur. 4000 Ida Vasek to same. 900 Geo h Heffter a of to German. American b a s a. 104 John h Toad Vin to j Winfield Thomas. 1000 John c Staedtler a of to Frank Novak. 500 Matthew in Hogan a of to mercantile sags Bank. 350 Edw f Coolahan a of to Garrett Park Bas a. 2500 a same to we e . 1078 63 Carrie Weaver to Oriole p b a l a 400 Alex m Bobbitt a of to metropolitan sags Bank. 1400 Thos w Lydon a of to mercantile sags Bank. Too Jessie Wiggins a to Morris j Rosenzwog. 600 Isaac Naviasky to John Vollenweider. 3500 Nathan Levinsohn a of to Leon Levinsohn. 1000 James t Burton a of to Carrollton l a l a3500 same to Walter c Kaufman a of. 400 Charles w Shew a of to Carrollton l a l a1000 same to Lawrence be gourd.500 Roy b Turner a of to Levi l Chambers. 2800 same to Celia m Gladfelter a. 1000 John k Ayres a to Reuben Gladfelter. 2800 same to Levi l Chambers. 1000 Mil rein Wojtowicz a of to St Casimire b a l a a. 1200 Walter h Stapf a of to staunch Ujj a 1800 Willard w Allen to citizens b l it s a400 veda a Van Bibber to Edmondson Payson Prog b a1144 Ellen v Probest a of to columbian p s a l soc. 1248 Fredk l Barnes a of to provident savings Bank. 3700 Gabrieal Potovsky a of to Morris Tublin. 1000 Michael Mazzone a of to first Wolliner b a l a1000 Manuel Merwitz to North Eastern l a s a1400 Albert c Smith a of to Rex p b Ala. 2000 Nathan Covlasky a of to Union Home b a l a1000 City real estate co to William St p l a s a1500 Chester p Woodward a of to greater Baltimore s so l a .6000 same to Atlas s a l a2500 William j Tohler a of to Lakeview Bala a. 1500 Angelo Patrenicola a to St Anna 5 a l a1500 Mary e w Ramey to postal b a. 1000 Harry w Churchill to Aurora b a l a2800 release of mortgages. Loyola p b a to Andrew Thompson mechanics Lexington p b a l a no 6 to Harry e Upton Koscuiszko i l a s a to Honorata Konop polish b a to Michael Pelczar Waverly b a to Francis e Vermillion a of Canton Pulaski polish b a to John j Siejak a of Jefferson p b a l a to Holly v Smith 6 of Tarsus p b a to Harry d Green a of Koscuiszko p l a s a to Franciszek Mir Halo ski a of South Baltimore p p b a l a to Samuel Siegel Dover p ii a l a to Edwin c Snyder a of City a suburban s a l a to Augustus r Seifert a Lafayette p ii a to Estell Darkis Roland Council Relief Asso to Jacob i Wolfe a of merchants a mechanics p ii a of went Baltimore to Olive b Leiter a finance b a l a to Samuel a Katz North East p b a to Ernest p Schilling a of Jackson Square l a s a to sol Rosenblatt same to Philip Herwig so of same to Gustav n Biederman a of Garrett Park b a 8 a to Nathan c card a of Hebron Bala to Abraham Forschlager Admiral p 8 a l a to Catherine m Callahan a Savoia b a l a to Antonio Culotta a Edmondson Payson Frog b a to John r Lilly Dover a Balateo Mitchell a of columbian p s a l a to Ellen v Probest Ltd a of Progress b a to Chaa w Canoles a of Sycamore p b a 8 s no i to Nathan Ham Nitzky Germania p l a s a to Martin Schenk a of great Eastern Aba no i to Philip blam a of co operative b a l a to Morris Levin a of Aurora b a l a to Paul a Mounter traders 8 a l a to Anna k Pagan Short re Csc of mortgages. Emma Goldsmith to Morris Braverman a of Fulton e Yewell to j Samuel Turner a of Giovanni Billardello to Joseph Sciacca so of John Lange to Albert c Smith Hopkins place Sega Bank to Nelle w Poole a bus i Alexander Kremen a to Dora Carp partial rde Aee of mortgagee. Loyola p b a to James Hamilton a of title guarantee a Trust co to Harry Baa Lek Sarah Bauerla Chmidt to Chaa h Steffey inc South Baltimore Harbor a Imp co to Curtis Bay Terrace inc we g Guschel a to same co operative b a l a to Morris Levin a of a Short assignment of mortgages. Nathaniel Jolkin or to Alfred j of Ferrall a of Jos c Smith to Benj l freely Knickerbocker b a l a to citizens b l Asa Leah in Der Man to Charles f Reifsnider Josias Hawkins adm to Josias Hawkins Josias Hawkins to Marie m Lambert Anna m Kurtz to Geo w Froch a John a Bezold to Annie c Whitelock Abraham Forschlager to Benj l Freeney same to same a Leslie Lewis to William p Thomas Daniel Ellison to a no Swartz Sydney 8 Jules to Lakeview Bala conditional contracts of Sale. Mrs Ida Smith with Heht co John j Kalb with same miss Kathryn lung with same Harry w Abrahams with same Edna j Kuehn with same Mildred Kern with same mrs Mary Donovan with same mrs n we Sahlin with same Vivian Cooper with same mrs Margaret Miller with same Chaa h Beck with same miss Margaret e keen with same Norman e Clarke with same Geo Riley with motor Agency s Loeltz with same Harry Goldfadim with Butler motor co a s Rowe with Wilcox Brown Ford co Harry Berkowitz with Laporte Heinek Atup motor co Delion tire a rubber co with when hold a garage r c Younce with Union motor truck co Jesse s Baer with Gusdorff a Joseph Rachel e Duggan with same Philip k Fangmeyer with same Daniel Multi with same we e Welsh a of with same Earl w eng Leman a of with same w Milton Young a of with same Frank a Sofky a of with same Jas c Thompson with same Joseph b Mcdonald with same Harry c Manger with same Reginald k Hoddinott with same Bill of Sale. We c Mccard to Della b Patterson Stock and fixtures. 000 00 chattel mortgages. Edwin Baron a of to National equitable inv co furniture .300 of Charles Bischoff to Robt l Kush Nick Auto. 700 of chattel agreements. John h Sowers or a with Daniel g Bortness Harry Hulson with Geo w Miller Short release of chattel mortgages Florence Wagner to l Sterling Wagner s p Sanderson to Thos b Bowman a magistrates Lodgment. Recorded in clerks office Superior court Louise Hemley is Harry Gough Aud Janie Gough his 08 00 pahs Houseman is City motor car company incorporated. 62 of James t Harris is the Horn ice Cream company. 30 of Charles c Fulton and company Felix Agnus trustee is c a Spann individually and trading As spa in motor company. 51 of Bell b s a l a inc is Leon Litt Nian Sarah Littman Aud Abraham Luttman. Too of same is same. Too of win s Scull company is Ernest w Clark also known As e w link. A a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a of 30 first a l a inc is Charles Platt and Pauline Platt Leon Luttman and Sarah Littman. 50 of same is Charles Platt and Pauline Platt .�?�.75 of Lyman Cohen it a1 is Abraham Feldman and Annie Feldman. 50 00 same is same. Too 00 Schofer Brothers Coal company is Florence s Semmes. 34 25 Shapiro Reamer company is Jacob a Cohen. 29 to same is same. 98 65 Community mortgage and realty company is Regina Cowan Buckley. A .75 00 Reliance l a s a is Harris Getz. Too 00 Peoples Coart judgments. Judge Bryant. La Salle Extension University is James t Scott. Too of Lucas Brothers inc is the Streett Ginger ale co inc. 77 45 Model Calendar co is Martin Kros Chinsky trading As southwestern. Guarantee garage. 26 40 Clayton j la rash is Raymond Brown. 18 54 Naditch a Krieger is Samuel Berman. 37 of Isaac Lien each a sons is mrs Maud Fink. 62 of National Wall paper co is i Schlenoff. 68 74 same is Isidor Kessler. 57 of same is i Kessler. 73 12 judge Grymes. The Iii Edler and Sellman Hospital incorporated is estate of Anna b Landis deceased Enoch Harlan Esq administrator and Clara b Sembler co administer matrix Appeal filed. 80 of Earth not ii Hubbert is Streett Ginger ale co. 79 36 Evan w Hook so co inc is w Bailey Dietz. 80 58 carsten8 a co is Emma m Schoene Wolf administer matrix of Mary s ill Beirne late of Baltimore City deceased and Emma m Schoene Wolf individually. 75 of k Katz Aud sons is Edwin j Griffin or. 48 15 Clark a Bleecker is Richard Ilent Schell. 21 50 William h Mae nubbin is Michael Silverman. 20 68 judge Embert. Drs Young so Geraghty is j c Platt. 65 00 Mary w Williams is Frank l Hunter. 30 of Ferdinand Gallo is Walter cur re or Curry. 25 of William Christie is Mary Schafer 36 of Milton la Wilson is Samuel Eaton 65 77baltimore county. Deeds mortgages a. Towson november 23, 1920 deeds. Citico realty on to c f Whitmore it a1. 3 lots at Kos Bank c e Wilson it a1 to j t Mcnaney so of lot at Catonsville. James Doyle so of to Raymond Duker so of 2 Iota at Oversea. Mortgages. John t Houston a of to John n Morris a of. Robert g Ennis a of to new Annex la a l a. Joseph t Mcnaney a of to m Ethel Wilson. Mary a Shealey to Community mortgage a realty co. 125 700 5000 575 release of mortgages. Alexander Seedman to Joseph a Elliott a of Al me Saba to Charles a Ridder James f ii Gorsuch to Joseph Kallinsky a of Bohemian Workingman a b a no 2 to Robert Ennis a of Liberty Homes corporation to John s Dorsey a of building permits. Harrison building association no. To. One Story Brick addition. 739 North Central Avenue 15x26 feet slag roof Cost $1,200. George w. Bennett architect and Bonder. Julian f. Clarke one Story Frame garage 4008 Lloyd Avenue West Arlington 10x18 feet Cost $150. Owner builder. George w. De a id one Story fireproof garage. 3501 Harford Avenue 10x15 feet Cost $250. Standard garage and manufacturing company builder. Dane Shipley three two store Brick dwellings 3528-30-34 Hickory Avenue 13x32 feet each slag roofs hot air heat Cost $3.600. Frederick e. Beall architect owner builder. Nicholas ii. Legg one Story Frame garage. 3774 Calm re Avenue 14x18 feet Cost $100. Owner builder. Morris feel Sham one Story Frame addition Southeast Corner Park Heights Avenue and Pinkney Road Cost $3,000. John r. Forsythe architect owner builder. Julius o. Knight one store Frame enclosed porch West Side old Orchard Road South of Edmondson Avenue 10x14 feet Cost $500. Robert h. S. Hughes architect John Hughes. Jr., a son builders. George l. Shnader. Two Story Frame dwelling South Side Berkshire Road East of Canterbury Lane 29x20 feet Cost $3.500. R. C. Brockmeyer architect owner builder. William a. Beery 1%-Story hollow tile Bungalow 3504 Berwyn Avenue 26.2x44 feet slate roof hot water heat Cost. $5,000. J. F. Hardy architect and builder. A building inspectors permits. Jos. Thomas a son repair shed 818-36 Leaden a 11 Street Henry Pierson a son builders. Jos. Jacobs alterations 859 w. Lombard Street w. A. Lloyd builder. Trustees Monument Street m. E. Church repairs adjoining 1031 e. Monument Street on West Hicks Tase a Norris builders. G. E. Blaylock motor 2021 n. Charles Street Sexton stove co., motor 501 w. Conway Street. Max Weinstein repairs 211 w. Henrietta Street Hyman Ziofsky builder. L. Blumberg alterations 1617 Gough Street l. Ruben builder. Jos. Skruch stairs ac., 2543 fait Avenue John Mullar builder. Jos e. Vincent alterations 411-13 8. Highland Avenue Jos. J. Gassier so son builder. Fulton family laundry co., Cut door 1714 Mchenry Street owner builder. Henry Macher porch rear 3133 Wilkens Avenue owner builder. He Vanlier enclose part of porch 218 Prospect Avenue Roland Park co., builder. Real estate sales. W. F. Ogle a co., auctioneers sold i for j. L. Schreyer jr., owner in 1098-10 South William Street ground re $2�, lots improved by three Story Bra dwellings to j. Hoffman for $1 835 recent decisions. In the Case of Drake is. I Dodgson it a1., decided by the appellate division of the new York supreme Coart for the first department it appeared that the plaintiff had dealings with the defendants As his stockholders for a number of years. They had in their Possession securities belonging to him and he owed them for advances made by them in the execution of his orders but after allowing for the latter there was a balance due him. A petition in involuntary bankruptcy was filed against the defendants and the plaintiff brought suit to recover the balance Doe. The court of first instance held the complaint defective because it contained no allegation that the plaintiff had tendered the amount of his debt and demanded the return of his securities but the appellate court reversing this decision held that the a bankruptcy proceedings constituted an Anticipatory breach of the executory agreement Between the parties and that it was unnecessary tot the plaintiff to tender the amount Doc them in order to preserve his rights. A .9 the United states circuit court of appeals for the second circuit held in the Case of Prentiss is. Eisner Hurt a Collat Era inheritance tax levied under the Lawi of the state of new York being As it was a charge against the Corpus of the estate did not constitute such an item As Wnuk be allowed As a deduction in computing in come tax liability to either the estate of a beneficiary thereof. The court said a the legacy which the plaintiff bereft received under the will of her father die not become her property until after k had suffered a diminution to the amount 01 the tax and the tax that was paid thereon was not a tax paid out of the plaintiff individual estate hut was a payment out Law the estate of her deceased father of thai part of his estate which the state of Nea York had appropriated to itself which payment was the condition precedent to thi allowance by the state of the vesting of the remainder in the the supreme Coart of the tilted states held in the Case of Watson it a1, is. State controller that provisions of the new York tax Laws requiring the payment of additional taxes on the Transfer of a non tax paid Bonds were constitutional. The Validity of the provisions had been questioned on the ground that they violated the fourteenth amendment to the Federal Constitution

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