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Baltimore Daily Record (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Baltimore, Maryland The partly record a Law real estate finance and general intelligence. Vol. . 160baltimore, wednesday june 23, 1920 Price two cents s. J. Marteney a co Wim byors and civil no i Nubert phonic St. Paul is. Is East Lexington St. Established 1840. Surveys engineering and mapping of 11 kinds City suburban and Rural Lent experience Aud volumes of compiled data fits us special facilities for within the City. Survey records. The National Union Bank of Maryland 9-1 East Fayette 8tmeet chartered ism. Tia Petal a a mme a Irp Tai and undivided profits Gas Vitwo accounts of corporation a individuals Firma trustees executors etc., solicited. Safe Deposit Bole. Pres. Leo Greenfield Public accountant to Union Trust building. Audits fief Ilia Staten hits closing and opening Hooka. Income tax statements for and corporations. Residence phone Otto phone Glim or 2433 r St. Panl 7870. Martin a Martin specialising in rapid and accurate mime graphing stenography Multi graphing typewriting 533 title bldg. St Paul 1661. Hammond amp Ogle general auctioneers and appraisers 1416 Fidelity building a phone St. Paul 8346 seals for corporations notaries a 0�ol Stock certificates rubber Stamps stat Moheit a Baumgarten a co Sis e. Fayette Street pm. St. Pol Ziss off pwt offic we equip you business Home completely Himmel desks and furniture stamp a personality1 on your office. Jet get you want to impress on pm victors. Its in the dig fifty strength and Power of Graceful fines of Himmel Fum kure. . Himmel amp son in m Gay Street new edition Tiffany s real property three volumes $25.00 m. Curlander 14 West Saratoga str ext. W. R. Hammond Pons Sinai. i Calvert bulking Phene St. Paul Tel specializing in income tax returns and Legal accounting specify 1er year ferrae new Baltimore Ledger Transfer Bond Fob Baxi by Dobler k Mudge St pan 4m6 4sh Maury and Donnelly Williams co. 9bvbral 4007. N. W. Car. Cerny Vee and water Ste. In k. Cammann a Bro Moi in Debs and in to a s4 Centre Market pie. Books of Ewry de0ce8jp1boe rebound. Ftp phone. St pm Sam the daily record Legal Blanks rom Salm at Grotts 118 e. Lexington Street realty transactions Tsan 8 fkk8 of poor butt m8st-gagb8, . Lka8b8, a for other Coart proceedings see mat Page tuesday june 22, 1920. Pm. Stephen s be to Edmund j Mcgraw w s Tyson at or Madison 10x67.7. G r $36.$ Harry e Melvin a of to August Berlin amp of n s Harlem ave or Myrtle 16x82.4, g r $75. Emma f Dickinson a bus to Geo f Lang e s slinging ave or North 13.10x93geo f Lang to Charles a Kuhn e s slinging ave or North 13.10x 92, g r $60 lease. Same to Naomi reek. E s slinging ave or North 13.10x92thomas e Lambert to mores Berman a of 15 w Montgomery St g r i cent. Chester Sale a to John w Dieter amp of 2329 e Chase St 12.1x75, a r $38. Frank o Singer or to Wilbur Bali scent a1, s w s 1st St or Maryland ave 14x80, g r $60. George m Berger to Catherine Ruprecht it a1, n s Fairmount ave or Shipley St 13.9x72, g r $56 we g Yoe it a1 to Edmund j Mcgraw e s Linden ave or Madison St 15x60. G r $22.50. Granville o Wilson a of to Louis Hurwitz it a1, n w s Liberty St a n s Clay. Joseph j Lewandowsky a of to Grzegosz Weretyk a of s e s Cooksie St by fort ave 11.5x78, g r $28robert it Seg to George m Baxley it a1, 1926 n Patterson Park ave 13x92, g r $52. Henry w Buddemeier a of to we m Smith a of 2 lots. My Cal jurkow8ki a of to Joseph Pruchniewski a of. E s Chesapeake St or Dillon 12x70, g r $30 Frank Milan Liz a of to John Malszewski a of 807 8 Decker ave 11.6x65, g r $28.75. James j of Meara adm to George Rigby a of w s Vincent a1 or Mchenry St 12.3x68, g r $28____ f Reybold Mitchell to Frank o Singer or s s White ave or Monroe St 13.8x73, g r $50. Same to same n e s Cokesbury St or Adams g r $05. Joseph z Bishop to Frank o Singer or. 611 n Appleton St 15x86.0, g r $t1we h Herald to same 527 n mount St 12.0x90, g r $45. John Kitko a of to Anna Petzar w so Decker ave or Elliott St 13x65, g r $26. Fannie s Gephart to Joseph dem Blonski a of. S g fait ave or Lakewood 12.9x70morris Penman a of to Gerson Pudlis s s Jackson St or Ais quite 14x75, g r $15.75. Mary e Jenkins a bus to Bernard Szymbor Akl n s of Donnell St or Robinson 14.5x70, g r $43.25____ Jacob h Aull to Florence w junking 311 b la ova in St 15.5x80, g r $116james w Clayton to Peter f Coles 2815 Simpson St 20x80, g r $30 Peter m Michael a of to Charles h Michael a of e s Loudon ave or Frederick 12x50vaclav Prochaska a of to Frank Hubata a of w s port St by Madison 12.4x05.5i4, g r $36. Win f Purscher to Lillian v Knight n s Lemmon St or Catherine 12x60, g r $30. Lillian v Knight to Richard e Currin same property g r $36. Charles c Lessner a of to Charles e Traband n e s Park Heights ave or Virginia. 14.1x150, g r $70 George a Cook a off to James h Hyatt s s Ilchester St or Barclay 14x72.6, g r $75. Same to Emma c Hyatt. 2 lots. Carrie a Doeller to Barney Rudow a of i lot Glenmore ave. Joseph Friedermann a of to Louis Ler Euthal a of s g Chauncey ave or Linden 19x105, g r $100. J Paul Schmidt it a1 to Lenton c Pittman a of 1402 Haubert St 12x00.41$, g r $36. Margaret v Washburn to Henry j Broening e s Light St i lot 16x 120, g r in. Henry j Broening to Margaret v Washburn a Hus same property 10x120, g r in. George e Markley a of to Carrie m Long it a1, n e s Markley ave or Harford re 25.0x90.6sam Klepfish adm to Michael mor-gen8teln, n e 8 Hampden ave or 27th St 15x70, g r $48robert n Lawrence it a1 to Frederick Kreiner a of 004 n Robinson St 12.10x67, g r $40. Luther t Morris a of to Bernice f Todd Sis Huntingdon ave or 37th St 13.8x80, g r $60. Mercantile Trust a Dep co to Edward h Ruckels a of w s Fulton ave or Lorman St 14.2x67. Sophia l Webb to Adeline r Hooper n w Cor Sharp a Barre its g r $46charles b Barber a of to George h Bonhoff a of 114 s Calverton re g r $55willard w Allen a of to Henry Cohen e s Gilmor St or Franklin 10.9x110. E t $100anton Schreiter to Terry we were a of. 2423 Ashland ave 13x70, or $40try Homes corp to title guar a Trust cd. 6 lots. Margaret t Malone a to Christopher g Merer a of 724 e Preston St g r $65robert v Booth a of to Vaclav Kozak a of 2919 e Madison St g r $42harry l Hasslinger to Joseph patek a 1805 n Castle St g r fed. James o Hardesty to jog m Creamer a of e s Decker ave or Fleet St 12x08.7, g r $42geo l Beagle a of to c Walter Frost s s 35th St or Chestnut ave 13.4x85c Walter Frost to Geo l Beagle a of same property f. Frank j Pintner Admi to Marie stare 1430 Hempel a1, g r $15. Henry Longo to Mario Orlando 535 n roae St 14.5x60.44, g r $45. Marlon j Pottinger a of to Richard e pit Lnger a of 24 lots. Harry 8 Isaacs a of to Alexander casaretto. E s Loveys Lane or Philadelphia re. Abraham Weisman to John a Farley 9 Iota. John Seibyl a of to George Bron Well a of 608 n Glover St 12x65. G r $40joseph Rozansky to Isaac Mindel a of 1737 n Benta iou at 15.84x 110. G r $75 to. First Mage Bond h a to Howard 8 Hoxter a of s s Sabi it ave or Mattfeldt g r $42 a. 5 5 5 5 5 5 o 0 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 1000 5 1050 5 5 5 5 5 a 5 6 5 i 5 500 5 6 1300 5 5 5 3000 8 5 300 5 5 5 5 5 i Tilghman Schofield a of to Martin l Walter a of a s Townsend a w s Montebello 40x1225 Michael Pelczar to Philip j Chancy a of w s Bouldin St or Foster 13.0x75, g r $270 Rose realty cd to Armen h thou Maian 2006 Maryland ave 17x114 5 Sothoron f Thompson a of to Nathan Schlossberg e s Belt ave or Heath St 13x85, g r $45.50. 5 Sylvan m Abbott a of to Albert Herling a of n w s key Worth ave or Towanda 14x100, g r #66. 5 Isaac l Hornsten it a1 to Horn Stein amusement co 4 Iota. 6 George l grand or adm to George l grand Jet a1, 837 Leaden Hall St 55.1x12, g r $245 George a Jamison to Harry Silver s a Cor Eden a Lexington its g r $895 Herbert f of Dell a of to Mary f Garrigues 727 n Carey St 16.0x too. G r $100.�?~ 5 Giuseppe Maioranna a of to Petro men e s Greenmount ave or eager 12.6x67.1-3, g r 068. I Christopher r Wattem Scheidt to David Rabinowitz n w s Cumberland St a n e s Carey 12.4x03, g r $75. 5 Louis Hurwitz it a1 to Kiltie Schreiber n e s Loden ave or Duck Tel St 16x120. 5 Geo w Wilkinson or to Simon Needle 2 lots. 5 gee c Earp to Louis w babe a of e s York re or Bateman sri g r $60. 5 City real estate co to John l Ringgold trus s s Ravenswood ave or Cleveland 23x100, g r $7�. Abdo Geo w Smith a of to Western p b a l a. N s Fairmount ave aes Garrison re g r $75. 6 Northwest real estate co to duplex cottage co a s Bateman ave Awa Allendale re g r $120 lease. A duplex cottage co to Howard w Ford a of same property g r $120 6 Northwest real estate co to geor Fia Miller same property g r 120i title guar a Trust co to Thomas f Hisky Nee Indiana ave or Maryland 14x801000 Bradford a a 8 a to Mildred a Shipley 310 n Ellwood ave is 70, g r $42. 6 George b Foltz a of to g Edw Kerr 4 lots. 5 m Lena Thomas to Thos d Noeub a of n s Maine ave or Woodbine 50x1660 win s Schneider a of to Gerhard h Eser a of s s Baltimore St or Maryland ave. 5 Chas d Carteret a1 extra to Benj Meyer a s Columbia ave i lot 12.2x170, g r $39. 2500 John g saltier a of to James a Bealmear a son co w s Calvert St or 23rd, 10.4x128. 5 Mary l Muller it a1 to Grace g Green 925 Hollins at. 5 Fritz Kuffner to John Weiner or a of w a Washington St or Biddle 14x65, g t $4. 5 John a Swart a of to Drayton m hit n s Hamburg St or Sterrett a1, Irreg g r $t2. 5 Annie t Pearce to Thos e Lambert it a1, e s Greenmount ave or Chestnut Hill g r $60. 5 we g Lehr a of to Safe Deposit a Trust co trus 1600 n Milton ave 13.11x70, g r $60. 1000 h Bailey Lewis to s Lessie Jones a n s eager St or Regester 14x 63, g r $426 Kendle m Lewis extra to h Bailey Lewis same property g r $42. 2000 Montebello Park co to Charles r Whiteford a of i lot Montebello Park. 5 Home seekers realty co to Charles r Whiteford a of 6 lots Montebello Park. 5 North Eastern Bohemian p b a s a to Marion j Pittinger a of 2926 e Madison St 13x75, g r $42 5 Katherine v la Esperance a of to Robert s Mueller a of n s Englewood to i lots. 5 Appolonia Kissner to mayor a City Council of Baltimore e s Harrison St i lot g r $50. I n Bond St Bohemia b a no i to Elmer Deaver a of n s Chase St or Montford ave 13.6x70, g r $50 5 Bohemian b l a s a to John h Roberts a e s Brice St or Harlem ave 12.104x67, g r $56. 6 Herman a Gorschboth a of to Matthew Opalesky a of w s Milton ave or Biddle St 15xj0, g r $45,. 5 acreage land co to Farley Ranson s s Elmora ave 7 lots 8173 91 Abner Robinson to Sigmund Zick yes Adams St or Griffen 93.6x 14.6, g r $605 Patrick j Brady a of to Emil Lungren a of e s 14th St or Fleet. 13.11x70, g r $455 John Frederick Miller a of to George p Knoblock it a1, e s Longwood St or Presbury 15x45. 5 e Bruno moment by extrac to Emilie moment by. N s Lanvale St or Carey 15.9x100, g r $80. 5 Edward f Hoffman a of to Mariano restive a of i lot. 5 Antoni Zelaznik a of to Paul Gurbelski it a1, s s Hudson St or Potomac 12.7 1-5x80, g r $34.65. 5 Samuel Swartz to Virgie l Richardson Sis Pennsylvania ave or Dolphin St 90x14.8. G r $756 Virgie l Richardson to Adolphus c Hailstork a of 1200 Pennsylvania ave g t $755 Simon c Hornstein to Hornsten amusement corp 1637 Pennsylvania ave. 5 Benjamin Mazer to Kalman Perel Man. N e s Bond St or Abbott. 2 lots. 5 Isaac Merowitz a of to Catherine Gossman n s Lemon St or Mchenry. 3 lots. A Isaac Merowitz a of to Minnie Smoldt it a1, s s Lemon St or Mchenry 10.0x575 Isaac Merowitz a of to Guselle Rockstroh 2 lots. 5 Catherine Gossman to Isaac Merowitz 3 lots. 5 William h Price a of to Henry Hansan a of Sis Hamilton. 850 John Kemp to we p Thompson a of n s Randall St or Byrd g r $308 Thomas t Sullivan a of to Geo c Black a of. N s Ridgewood ave or Park 24x80, j r $85. 5 Safe Deposit a Trust co trus to Benjamin f Fendall ses Lan. Vale St or John. 3700 Benj t Fendall to Florence m Feudal same property. 5 Frank l Applestein to Elmer r Kaufman a of. 2 Iota. 5 Amelia Knepke to Isabella Linthicum a has 2 lots. 5 Frances m Early to we h y Aeger a of 110 n Highland ave 14x70 933 33 Curtis Bay Highlands inc o we h Ridgaway a of. S s Cly urea St or Prospect 106x50to Michael j Goetzinger to Preston White a of e s Lakewood ave or Mcelderry St 13.0g8, g r $42. 5 a we Frog mores Berman a of to Light St s a f a. John w Dieter it a1 to Caroline St p b a no i. Wilbur Ellison it a1 to Hanover b a b a. Lawrence t Lewis a of to Steuben p l a b a no i. Louis Hurt its it a1 to Granville o Wilson. Or Serosa Weretyk a of to Paderewski b a. Geo m Baxley it a1 to Federal Monument b a s a. We of Smith to Arrow p b a. Marion j Pittinger a of to Alice Anna St la a. Joseph Peruchi Newsky a of to Slen Kiewicz b a. John Anuszewski a of to St Casi my re a Bala. 4100 1300 2500 1248 25000 600 1200 8120 2000 1900 600 Bohemian Blasa Slavie to Anton 8chreiter St Wen be la a b a no i to Stanley Hubata. A of South Baltimore Prog p b a l a to Harry o Wilson Hampden b a to Jacob Baton a of City Block b a no 4 to John Muller a of Canton p b a no i to a 0 hardest Edmond morn Payson Prog b a Stell a of Hrdesty to pm Blip Edmondson Payson Prog b a to John r Guildener a of Forrest realty co to Salvatore is Paella a of Bohemian p b a s a is Oval St to to 8amt Hamburg p b a s a no 3 to Stefan let Hart a of 16000 400 agreements. Grote Grant real estate co with James Wilson Edward Roseman with Patterson Park Baptist Church Josephine l Stewart with Isadore l Blau Stein a of Pawer it attorney. Sophie Hubert to Minnie Hubert a Silt we m Smith a of to Henry w Budde Meier a of re Leone of mortgagee. Chatsworth p b a l a to Harry e Melvin a of Light St l a b a to mores Berman a of Steuben p to a b a no i to Lawrence t Lewis a of Bertha f Matthews to Harris Schlosberg a of Uncle Sam Las co to Chaa f Ihne a of South Wolfe St l a b a to Andrew j Gengenbach a of Canton p b a no i to Joseph Brown a of Parkwood b a l a to Mary e Jenkins a bus Waverly b a to John e Devan a of merchants a mechanics p b a to Joseph Friedemann a of Western b l a s a to Willard w Allen a of Madison a Bradford St p b a to Robt n Lawrence it a1 York Road b a to lather f Morris a of Cut Lens b l a 8 a to Willard w Allen a of Aegis co to Elisabeth Jenkins 11367 99 Geo Rigby a of to Alta Bala. 624 a Lemuel w Braun a of to a Frank o Singer or. 525 Grace a Waidner to Liberty Bank 800 we v Matthews a of to Pocomoke City Natl Bank. 1500 j Joseph Zembruski a of to Kosciusko a la 8 a. 700 Gerson Pudlis to same. 1400 i Bernard Szymbor Ekl to same .1000 Florence w junking to Waverly a. 910 Peter f Cole to same. 660 Richard e Currin to Peter m Michael a of. 800 Annie Pearl to Philip Blum. 300 Cha e Traband to Chas c Lessner a of. 1400 John e Devan a of to Theresa f Padgett. 2000 Barney Rudow a of to Carrie a Doeller. 10000 Elizabeth a Mcclure it a1 to builders a mechanics p b a. 520 Lenton c Pittman a of to Atlas s a l a. 900 Carrie m Long it a1 to Riverside b a l a2000 Leonard Rea a of to real estate a Imp co. 250 Emma Ott to Continental Aba 200 Bernice f Todd to Oak Basa 2000 Jerry Temera a of to Bohemian Blasa Slavie. 400 Giuseppe Frezza a of to Golden Prague b l a s a. 2200 we h Conkling or a of to Geo g Carey. 2500 Christopher g Meyer a of to mini Fred j Malone. 1000 Vaclav Kozak a of to Bohemian Blasa Salve. Jos patek a to North Eastern Bohemian p b a s a. Jos m Creamer a of to Oriole pm a l afrank j gives a of to Anton Sladek a of. Adolph Ginsberg to Edmondson Payson p b Amario Orlando to Chester Sala Richard e Pittinger a of to Linden p l a 8 a Lara m b Bye a bus to Patterson Park p l a b a. George Bramwell a of to Eastern peal soc. Benjamin Satisky a of to Dora Hecker. Isaac Mindel a of to jog roman sky. Howard s Hoxter a of to first mortgage Bond h a trus. Martin l Walter a of to same. Philip j Chaney a of to White Eagle pol Amer b a l a. Armen h thoumaian a of to Morris j Rosenzwog. Nathan Schlossberg to polish r a Albert Herling a of to new essential b l a s a. Harry Silver to Empire Lasa Mary f Garrigues to columbian p Sal soc. Waldorf Dev co to Carter bldg co same to same. Simon Needle to Mondamin b a l alouis w babe a of to York Road b a0 same to George c Harp. A 1088 John j Ringgold trus it a1 to go Van town l l a cd a. Leonard Mason to same. To alter a Gebhart a of to same. Howard w Ford a of to equitable b a s a. Bernard Felken a of to Jacob i Goldstein. Frank j Koska a of to Bradford l a s a. Gerhard h Eser a of to same. Chaa r Whiteford a of to Montebello Park co. Theodore Belding a of to Sycamore p b a a. John h Roberts a to Bohemian Blas a. Mathew Ona Leek y a of to St Wen Ceslaus b a no i. Sigmund Zick to Institute Aba l Aemil Lungren a of to Eastern p b a l 8. Chaa Stetson to citizens b l a s Apaul Gurbelski it a1 to White Bagle b Virgie l Richardson to Lakeview a a Ala inc. Morris heft to Lakeview Bala inc. 13000 we p Thompson a of to Riverside b a l a. Benj t Fendall a of to Safe Deposit a Trust co trus. We h Yaeger a of to Lazaretti Phal i. Preston White a of to Western p bal a. John Keiner or a of to Linwood bal a. Same to John Wahl. Royal Oak p b a to Richard e Pittinger mercantile p b a to Clara m b Bye a huh Linden p l a s a to Howard e Keller a of North Bond St p b a s 8 no i to Robert seat Sterling p s a l a to Jesse s Bents a of first Mage Bond h a trus to Harry Baker a of Montebello b a l a to Tilghman Schofield a of White Bagle b a to Michael Pecsar Royal Oak p b a to John f zing a of Hept Asoph s l a b a to Guiseppe Maio Vanna a of unequal p l a b a to George w Wilkinson or Govan town l l a b a to Thomas j Smith a of York Road b a to George c Earp a of Harrison b a no 16 to City real estate co g b s brewing co it a1 to Benjamin Satisky Perry Hall b a l a to William o Schneider a of White Eagle b a to Frank Milan Sci a of Harrison b a no to to City realty co Mchenry St b l a s a no i to Hiram 2500 1800 2000 1300 1664 900 4000 1560 2184 5000 5000 1650 2200 2000 1200 1500 750 1300 1970 3500 4000 1500 2210 1040 2600 2080 0800 9000 200 6000 4000 Hoo 1515 2300 2990 1466 500 900 1200 000 2800 1248 3000 Warfield a of Isaac Rogers to Theodore set Amati a of 8ieuklewic b a inc to Czeslaw Szymanski a of Institute p b a l a to Abner Robinson Franklin l a 8 a to Meta Quandt Emory St p a l co to Frank l Applestein Wells a Mccombs Aba no i to Maurice Berman a of Bradford l a 8 a to Lewis w Johnson partial release of mortgagee. Waverly b a to Jacob h Anil same to James w Clayton u s shipping Board emergency Fleet corp to Liberty Homes corp equitable Trust co tras to same Active p b a u a to Louis Levin Aegis co to Northwest real estate co Short release of mortgages. Ridge realty co to Lawrence t Lewis a of Canton National bang to Henry Vav Rudde Meler a of Jacob Briskman to Jacob Weiner a of Angust h Laughlin to Henry Long drovers a mechanics Natl Bank to Harry c Lawrence Anna c Linthicum to George Robinson a of mortgage Ynar co to m Lena Thomas Nathan Shapiro to Joseph p Knell Welsh construction co to William h Smith of Sophie a Violi to John r Hudgins Max a Cohen to Solomon Brehow Louis Hecker to Benjamin Satisky a of Short Assi Graal eat of m sat gag is. Thomas b Marshall extra to Thomas b Marshall Carter bldg co to Samuel e d Stuart it a1 same to same conditional contracts of Solo. Abbott d Churbuck with Butler motor co Arthur Brewer with la Porte Heinekamp motor co a Herbert c hex with Chevrolet motor co George w Johnson with same w j w Hindman with same c h Adams with same r w Zimmerman with same 8 d stuck with same f w Josenhaus with same Leo Stockman with Maryland Cycle cd j h Happ with a j Deer co Elmer Warren with Parkway Auto Exchange of Palm e Reardon with same we Topfer with 8ame j Burton Harrison with same Hyman wets took with same Arthur h keys a with same Lillian Richter with l Lowenthal a sons Vern Cady a with same Minnie Richardson with same Anni l Fersterman with same Margaret Steinert with same Howard j Leppler with Central automobile co Peter Zalk with same Mary Brown with Hecht co Geo Prentiss with same Albertina Weidman with same \ Augustus Covington with same Walter o Rice with same Harry Shoemaker with same Louis c Piper with same Gertrude Hoffman with same Keystone truck co with Thomas h Durkin Herbert g Wilkens with 8 m Schroeder we e Simons with Catonsville motor co Ernest Oble with Talbott Miller motor co j g Miller with Wilson Nash motor Ca Ralph a Sears with Mutual motor sales co bark Ark a with Columbia motor car co Joseph bad err with same John b Devan with Lincoln Highway garage August Vav Behrens with John p Griffin Stanley Raymond with City motor car co James t Christopher with West end service station t Milton Oler with motors inc Harry Mower with Cathedral motor cd Lewis m Eastman or with Hummer motor Sale co George Vaeth with Keystone truck co Harry g Purdy with West end service station h o Hartsell with Schall Crouch Auto co August w Schmidt with Hummer motor sales co Clarence Overton with National Cash Register co Catherine Miller with Henry Rapp chattel Ell sober to a Brager a 8on Short assignments of chattel mortgages. Butler motor co to commercial credit co la Porte Heinekamp motor co to same w k Noble to j Edward Tyler or Talbott Miller motor co to guaranty co Catonsville motor co to same 8 m Schroeder to same til of h Durkin to same Wilson Nash motor co to finance a guaranty co Maunal motor sales co to same Colombia motor car co to same same to same Lincoln Highway garage to same John p Griffin to a ate City motor car co to same West end service station to same same to same motors inc to same Cathedral motor co to same Hummer motor sales co to same same to same Keystone truck co to same Schall Crouch Auto co to same Short release of Chatta mortgages. Maryland chattel loan Asso to Robert f Ai Lins continued on last Page

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