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Baltimore Daily Record Newspaper Archives Jan 20 1891, Page 1

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Baltimore Daily Record (Newspaper) - January 20, 1891, Baltimore, Maryland Daily . Real estate. Finance and general intelligence. Volume via no 17.Baltimore, tuesday january 20, 1891. Price two cents business cards. Stein Brothers Bankers and members of the Baltimore Stock Exchange. 32 East Baltimore deposits and allow interest on balances make Loans and have on hand a desirable line of first class securities suitable for investors corporations and estates. It is better to have insured and lived tuan never to have insured at All. L. H. Baldwin manager for the Middle i Epa rom ent of the the Washington life insurance company of York City. A 8 Post office Avenue. Baltimore. My. J. B. Ramsay. President. James Scott cashier. The National mechanics Bank of Baltimore. Capital$1,000,000. Accounts of Banks Bankers firms and individuals received on favourable terms. Directors John a Ramsay president. S. H. Ca ugh a Jesse Hilles we. F. Lucas Thoms Deford Geo. C. Jenkins. D. D. Mallory. Miles White. Or. Alex. Brown. Frank Blacklock Consu lying accountant i West Lexington St. Baltimore. Member am. Soc. Civil engineers. Member am. Inst. Mann Long engineers. Associate am. Lust. Electrical engineers. Frederick h. Smith. Consulting Engineer. 227 k. German Street. Baltimore. My b. K. Kirkland. J. H. Bestor. Birkland amp Bestor civil topographical and sanitary engineers and surveyors. Room a no 118 East Fayette Street. Plans Aud estimates furnished for All classes of in or cements. Grading. Paving curbing Brick and be masonry and Bridges. Special attention Given to estimates on government and other specifications tor bidding on contracts. Property surveyed and divided. Streets and roads Laid out and Grade protected to suit proper sanitary conditions. J. Wilcox Brown Chas. I. Lowndes Frank t. Redwood. B rown a Lowndes. Bankers and brokers Stock Exchange building p. O. Box �5. Baltimore. Southern securities a specially. G old and Silver original picture frames designs manufactured by James Fitzgerald 208 North Charles Street. Q e. Savage real estate. 12 e. Lexington Street. Ground rents Aud mortgages constantly on hand for Sale. Special terms with attorneys and trustees. Send for descriptions. Deco Leo qty of fort Worth Texas Gold 5s water loan. Due. In 1920. Sewer loan due in 1940, and other first class municipal investments for Sale by a Middendorf. Oliver amp co., no. 213 e. German Street. Fulty of Charlotte n. A 5s due 1920, in City of Duluth. Minn 5s due 1918. City of Anniston. Ala 6s due 1919 and other desirable investment Bonds for Sale by Fisher a Shaw is. Calve it 8t., Baltimore my. Investments John a. Hambleton a cu., Bankers and broker no. 9 South Strait. Financial. Baltimore Stock Exchange quotations. Reported by Fisher a Shaw. Bankers i s. Calvert Street. Stock Exchange sales. January 19, 1891. First Call. 1000 Virginia 3s64 4 Pix City Fis. 1916.125 Cooc f a had Val is. Series a. O 400u Cha Yadkin Val. Tisser bios second Call. 1700 u s4s, 12u 2000 North Carolina 4s. 9654 500 City is 1900 ii 2000 City 3k a 1927. 99 4000 City 3 4s. 1928.103 k 50 Northern Central. 65 k 2000 Georgia a 1st109 k 3000 do do 109 k i too Georgia Pacific 2d73 k 2000 c f amp had Val 6s. Series a.�?z102 9000 a. Car a nor 5s102 �,000 w nor Carolina 6s gtd.99k 2000 do do Leo 1000 nor Cen 5s. Series a108 8000 a Midland 2ds.iit 75 consolidation Coal.27 85 consolidated Gas Stock. 48 65 make a specially of investment Sec Pritim Imi table for Trusta and estates individuals and corporations and Are prepared at All times to offer such As should prove satisfactory by of their Security and rate of interest. Closing u Cox at ions. Go pc Rumen to. Old. C. S. 4 Vic 1891 mar. Or. C.s.4�?T8.c1907 j a. Or. In ate. Md.3.658 Lief. Red a r 1899 Jan. sex. Loan r1900j. A in. C. 4�?Ts Consols c 1909 n. c 1919a.ao a. 6�?Ts, cons. C 1905j a j a a. With july �?T85 Coupon a. 3-4-5 10-40�?Ts c. 1919j.&j. A. With july�?T85 Coupon. a. 3s c 1932 j �?T82. Amp Prev sold. �?T83.to Jan �?T85, va.cons.cpns.july�?T85, a . Of. A. 10-40 cons Jan �?T85, a Prev sold. A. Do do julv�?T85. A after. City. Balto. 6 s 1890. . Or Balto.6�?T8 1890. Consolidated. Jan. I. Balto.6�?Ts 1890. Park .m.As. Balto. Bus 1893 consolidated. M. A a. Balto. 6�?Ts, 1893, . As. Balto.6�?T8 1895 Park Imp it. Jan. Or. Balto. 6�?Ts 1894. . An. 1900.City Hal Jan a. Balto. Bus 1900 funding Jan or. Balto. 6�?Ts 1900. Jones Falls. Feb. Or. Balto.6�?T8 1902. W. M. R. . A a. Balto.6�?Ts 1902.City Han Balto.5�?Ts 1894. . A n. 104 4 Balto.5�?Ts 1900. Jones Falls Balto.5�?Ts.l916. Balto.58.1916. Funding. Balto. 4�?Ts, 1904. Harford run. Balto. 4�?Ts 1920 Harford run. J. A a. Balto. 4�?Ts 1920, paving . Balto 4�?Ts 1920, path a Park sex Jan or Balto. 4�?Ts 1925.w. M. It. . A a. Ill Balto. 4�?Ts 1926. . An. Balto 3-65�?Ts . Balto 3 48. J928,internal i rape to Jan. Balto 3 4s, 1930, Exchange Jan. Balto. 3k�?T8 1927.vv. M. K. It. J. A j. 97 Balto. 3�?Ts 1900. Jones Falls. Feb. Or. Frederick 4s, a 1918.j a a. Norfolk water 8�?Ts c. 1901. M. A beaten. Citizen Sio j. A a. Commercial and Farmers Loo j. A j. Drovers Aud mechanics. Ioc Farmers of maryland30 a. To. Farmers and merchants. .40 j. A j. First National.100m.a a. Franklin. Too j. A a. German.190 j. A a. German american. 100j.aj. j. A a. Merchant Sion j. A a. Baltimore. 100 j. A j. i amp a. National Exchange too j. \ j. Farmers and planters 26 . National Howard. To j. A j. Marine. To a. To. Mechanics.19 j. A a. Union. .75j.aj. Old town a. A 0. Peonies. 20 j. A a. Second National. Iou m. A a. Third National .100j.aj. j. A of. Western. A �29 i surant. American. Of. A. Associated firemen 5. F. A. Baltimore fire. Firemen. German. German american. Home. Howard. _ a a Maryland. 5 a National. 5. A. A Peabody. 25j. A Potomac. 5j. A ital Irones. Atlanta a Char. 190 m. A Baltimore a Ohio. Too. M. A a. Baltimore a Ohio 1st prof. . Baltimore a Ohio 2d ref Central Ohio.60j.a a. Do do preferred. Char. Col a aug. Northern Central. 50 j. A j. A a a a a a a Parkersburg. Western Maryland.50. A a Quot Wilmington a Weldon too a a a j . A aug., too City passenger Quad. Citizens passenger. 20 j. A a. York Turnpike a Rev. Rio Jan. A Railroad hoods. Atlanta a cd. 1st 7�?Ts.r.1907 j a a j. Do income 6�?Ts.k. 1900 a. A o. Balto a hard Sig 1st 5s c 1936. Man. Do w sex 1st 5e c 1938. Man. Extended 4�?Ts.c 1935. A. A d. Car Trust 4 is 1888 to 189? 6�?Ts.c 19-25. F. A a 6�?Ts East Side cd r35.j a. S . K. A Staten is 6�?Ts0.1926 j a j. pot. It 6s. Main a 1911. A to do 1st 19 . 1st is ber a c 1916 j a d .Lstbslser blk lv6 j a d do laths ber0 0 1916 j a d Central Ohi Otke a 1930 do do 6�?Ts cd. C. A aug. 1st 7�?Ts.c 1896 a a. Do do 2d7�?Tic i i a to. Clo. A Balto. I a c 1900 f. A a. Gin.,w. A b. Prior Lien Ivy c ls91. Do Una a let 6�?Ts c Lei m a n. 4o a lst4v�cl93imak. Do 2d a c. 1931. J a a. Do 3d 38 c. 1931 Faa do income Leto Sci in. Do income 2d 5�?Tac. I3.ilclarkesville a nor. 0.6�?Ts. 1937.m.vn col. A green.int6�?Ta.c. 1917 j. A j. Do 2d 6�?T�c. 1926 a. A of. A. Car. A nor. It 5�c.l929 j. A s. A. Pacific Utby a. A 1922 j a a. A Pacific 2d 6a c. 1923 . Norfy a a be ten by 2d a c 1893 . Nor cd a we in a Hoo or Sec 199uj. A j North ims. A. A o do do 6a.c 1900 a. A 0 ask i20 4 125 65 4 120 no big 125 4 113 146 110 10 m. A s. 18 .iuj. A a 25 a. A a. 10 a. A a 5j. A d a. A. A. J. 5 4 6 93 48 65 96 b. A o do do do do do 117 bulk 109 99 k 112 Iii Railroad Bonds continued bid Aske North a Cen. 1900j. A a. Do do b�?Ts.c1904. do do 6�?Ts ber. A c 1d26jaj. Do do a ser. Inc 19261 to. . . 1st a a. C 1938 a. A o. 98k Gam cons 8 f 7s c 1898 a a. m. Cons. 7�?Ta c.1898 j a j is do 2d.7�?Tsc.1911 a a of. Do a s. Div.7�?T8. A. 1906 113 o. A m. 5�?Ts. 1932. 8�?Ts,Man,Prin Ain guar. Do do do int guar. a is c. 1926, do class b6�?Tsc. 1926. pied. Acomb. It 6�?T8c. 19i1.f.aa. Pitts. A 7sc 1898.1. A a. Raleigh a Gaston. 8�?Tc 1898j.aj. Rich. A Dan. Gold 8�?Tgc. 1915 j a Sand. Man a 7s.c. 1900. J a a. Seab d a Roanoke 6�?Ts r 1916 f. A. Do do 5�?Ts o 1926 j. A a. Union in. By City ut6s. C.1895 a ut6�?Ts 01896.1 a 104 do do 2d 6ec1900mam. A. Midl�?Tdl8t6�?Tsc. 1906 m. A a. 116 105 4 118 do do do do do 80 too 99 k too u9 109 2d 6�?Ts. C 1911 m. A a. 3d6�?Ts. 0.1916.m. A s. .4th 3-46 c.1921.m. A a. 5th 5�?Tsc. 1926 m. A a. Gen Mort 68.1927, Jan. A. A the on. 2d.5sc 1900 j. A a. A. Tenn. Sec 1900j. A a. W. My. 3d gtd is. 61900j. A a. W. con. 6s. C.1911 j. A a. Do gtd 6s. C 1911j. A j. W. A. Cent Lut 6s.c.19u j. A a. We. Col. A aug68.c.i910 j a a. W. Nor. Car. It 7s.c.1890 m. A a. We. A Wei. Gold7�?Tsc.1897.j. A a. We. A Wei is c. 19.15 Jan. Central pass. 6�?Ts 107chattanooga electric St. R. R. 6s c.1909. F a. York t. A r. 5s.c 1914.f. A. M ice i Lune out. My asked a Mer. Plat. Tel. 0 a. co. 20 r. J. A j. 20 Baxter electric motor co. A. Blue Ridge hotel 6s, 1903, a a 0 Brush electric co. Canton co to r 49 Chee. A Ohio canal 6s c.1885. J. A a. Frederick Turnpike r 20 j. A a. Maryland a Charlotte. 5. Mer a Mech p b a l co 250 Gas securities. Chesapeake Gas 6�?Ts. Do Gas certificates 6�?Ts consolidated Gas Stock too k 47k do do ads 6�?Tso 1910 . 112k do do do 6�?Ts c 1939j.aj. Equitable Gay 6�?Ts. N. Orly is Gas 1st 5�?Ts various. J. A. Mining Stock. Atlantic Coal. Balto. A n. Carolina. Big vein Coal. Conrad Hill. Cons a Gold a Copper co consolidation Coal. Diamond Tunnel. Georges Creek Calioo j. A a. Lake Chrome .5 North state Balto 5silver valiev.5 Ore to. 6. To. 5 .5 too. To. 90 78 50 k 28 106k too 12 125 to 28k clotting quotations at York. 103k 120 4 stocks. Atlantic a Pacific. Canada Pacific. Canada Southern. C. C. C. A i. Central Pacific. Chicago a . C. B. A. Chicago r. I. A Pacific. Chic., Mila St. A. Do do do pref. Chic., St. P. M. A Omaha. Chee. A Ohio it pref. Col., a Toi. Consolidated Gas. Del. Lackawanna a West Delaware a Hudson. Erie. Erie pref. E. Menu. V. A g. 1st pro. Illinois Central. Louisville amp Nashville. Lake Shore. L. Erie a Western pref. Michigan Central. Missouri Pacific. Missouri Kansas a Texas Manhattan. Vork Central. Jersey Central. Norfolk a Western prof. Northern Pacific pref. Nash., Chaft. A St. A. Ny., sue. A in. Pref. Iyo a Ontario a Western. It y. A England. Ohio a Mississippi. Oregon navigation. Oregon transcontinental. Pacific mail. Philadelphia a Reading. Pen., Doc. A Evansville. Rich. A West Point. Do do pref. St. Paul m. A Manitoba. St. L. A san fran. Prof. Texas a Pacific. Union Pacific. Western Union. Wabash St. L. A Wheeling a l. Erie pref. Money. Opt Gici g Hig lot 753% 75 k 75% 75 k 5d4 50% 51 50k 64 63 64k 63% 30106 k 106% in in a 106 k 91k 91 a a a a. 703% Tok 71% 7u 54 % 54% 55 k 54k 110 1093%a a a 24. A As a a 46%27 26 k m i a us 95%a a a. 138% 137k 138 k 138 134 k 131 a20 k 20% 20k 20% 51 k 103 k ill in a a Iii la a a a 77k 77% 76 k 77 107 k 107% 10757 s a a a a 57% 57 a a 92 66% by a 66k 6s k io4% ici3k 104�?T�?T 103 a a. 102%115 114 in a a a a 55of. 703% 70 k 7i�?Tk 70k s s s s s 93 a a a a 33a a a St 16% 16 163% i6k 87k 373% 38% 36 a a a a a 18 a a a. A. 78 34 % �?T34 k 34 v 34 k 33h 333% 33k 323% 17k 17k 17 18 18 18k 17 k 71 73103 153% 15k i5k 15 k 4 a a 45 46 4ik 79 k 79 k 80 79 k 20 k 19% 20 k 20k 71k 70 72 713%3the monetary Outlook. 102 k look 104 80 i Ili look 84 ii a 74 k real estate transact ions caul Hafers of property mortgages judgments. Leases. A. For other court proceedings see 4th Page Balti More. January 19, 18h1. Money 5 to 6 per cont. More transactions were made a Tho afternoon than at the morning session of the Stock Exchange and prices were firm. Government receipts yesterday internal Revenue $735.152 customs. $97.041. Movement of Silver. The Issue of Standard Silver dollars from the mints during the week ended january 17 was $32i,9uu. The Issue during the corresponding period of last year was $2lo,&4 it. Shipments of fractional Silver Coin since the 21 instal to amount to $172 245. Holiness troubles. Henry shirk or. Attorney for Pollock a Lowenthal and haunt x co., tiled a petition in the court of common pleas yesterday against Charles g. Goetz. The petitioners allege that or. Goetz is indebted to them for $386.81, Aud they Pray that he May be adjudicated insolvent and that a trustee May be appointed to take charge of his pipe to for the Benefit of his creditors. Edward a. N1 Tach and John j. Kuhn trading Asni Tach a Kubu. Cigar manufacturers. At 4 and of South Eutaw Street la s City. Yes Keiday placed on record a deed of Trust for the Benefit of creditors to who tin h. Harris trustee who gave Bond in the Arnout of $4u Usu. Thorn Brothers general store at Bay Ark. Are reported to have been attached for $5iuu. Thomas Eccles grocer at Rockwell. Coun. Is re Post Tod offering o Compromise at co neuts on the Dollar. Liabilities la Lua nominal assets about the same. J. To Youngblood grocer at Greenwood 8. A. Bai been closed by the sheriff. He carried. Us kit f am ism Hiki alignments. Monday january 19. 1891. Edw Nitsch a to we h Harris trus Benefit of creditors i Edw Hyatt to John j Wight trus 9 lots 5 Amelia w Hyatt to Edw Hyatt trus Nee Belair my space or Low 8 lots 5 jus Bill a yer to Henry Allnutt. N Pratt or Charles 33x71 to. G r $.509500 Margaret t Monmonier. A to Mary j Vaeth s 9 Jackson St or Polk. 16x90. He Wilbur f Dyer to George Steg. A s s Vine St or Pulaski. 2 lots g r $36 each. 550 Jai w Sudall to John Hub nor. A. S s Lanvale St or Eden. 13 4x70, g r $42 1200 Mary j Smith to Geo e m Smith n 3 Chase Star Somerset 12x60. G r $?1 i Philip make to Rosa Hertel w s Chester St or Jefferson 12 6x98. G r $37.50 1509 Martha a c Bready to we v Wilson or n s North a or Bolton St 16.6x150 g r $1651000 we h Haughton to Lemuel German w 6 Cedar a. G r $42210 we g Dandy to same w s Cedar a g r $43.,210 Lemuel German to John k r Jenkins w s Cedar a. 4 lots. G r $42 each. 600 la Malvina Larkin to Chas r Watson n a Washington St. Or Polk 16x90 75 cathar due a Metthee adm. To Alice Burns a. W s front St in Fayette 18x132, g r $60 48i John g Goetz to Otto Schaub s s Baltimore St or Carey 16xi20. G r $642850 Harry m Beuzit Iger trus to Helen e Buck. s Jenkins la. 140.8x2615400 we h Dawson trus to Chas Fischer s s Frau Kiln St 12.6x80�. 1055 Conrad Graf to win c Sand Rock e s Broadway or Lanvale St. 16x90, g r $48 2800 Charles s Keerl to Henry o Feu a u s Lafayette ave or Carrollton ave. 2 lots. 7700 jus pm Schulner to John Reinhardt n s Pierce St or Fremont 2t?x�7, g r $60 2500 mortgages. Mary j Valtah to Margaret t monomers 310 j w hippie a of to Patterson Park p l Aba. 1872 h Allnut to it Cromwell trustee. Togo Mary e Purnell to Simon Alexander. 1700 Henrietta d Bowie to Laura son Riggs it a1, trus. 5000 trustees Grace Baptist Church to Hopkins place Sav Bank. 5000 Henry Meissner to Geo Washington p a. 1400 Ella b Mitchell to Peter t Miller 00u Helen e Back to met a Sav Bank .36 0 John ii Gray a of to Chas Bosch a of. 200 leaned. Otto Schaub to John g Goetz release of mortgages. A Buddenbohn a of to h Blume a Levi z Condon to w f Dyer Margaret j Bennett to r j Slater f f Pope. Adm. To a Grossi a j w Ripple extra. To j w Ripple r Cromwell trus. To j Bulmer Chaa Nitze to r j Slater Atlantic b a to Mary e Purnell Sarn k Bennett and Bowie. A Lawrason Biggs a. Trus. To same we t Wilson to trustees Grace Baptist Church reliable s a l a to we Houltz Geo Washington pm a to Henry moister Royal Oak p b a to Chaa Fischer assignment of mortgages. G d Johnston to Chas Nitze Mary a Taylor a Hus to metropolitan sayings Bank chattels. Joseph scuba Bykoff to Catharine Ambury. B of. 2 k c w Byrd to w b Newman Bot s 51 r c Kasius to same b of a. 98 j d Bishop. A. To Mutual l a s i mtg 41 80 m c Menges a. To c j Bonaparte mtg 36.000 Sarah b Bond to Mutual l a s i. Mtg. 60 60 David Goodman to Abraham Goodman b of s175 John Purcell to Mary a Purcell b of s 200 Mary e Fitzsimmons tvs Mutual Las mtg. 46 20 Isaac d Jones. Or to m b 360 magistrates judgments. Nathan Gutman is h h Carter $ 43 59 Superior court judgments. Alexander Mcgary is Jesse b Crouse $ 344 66 James a Appold is Benja Uin p Power 197 20 we a Hammerer is Eugene d Mon Laicone. 439 04 mechanics liens. John a Adams a sons is Elizabeth h Miller and o w Miller Schooner Alethea. $ 128 14 same is same Schooner Hulda. 260 89 incorporated. A certificate of incorporation of the Weldon club was filed for record yesterday with Walter it. Men Shaw. Walter p. Keating. Geo. H. Bobber. George h. De la Motte and Abraham Wheatfield 8 incorporator. Tile club is formed tor social and literary purposes Aud has no c pita Stock. The Mccullough Wood Aud Coal company of bait in a re Coy was incorporate i yesterday by Andiew a. Hint Bart. Henry Kropf Jacob Sauna. John Frank Mccall it ugh an i . Mccullough. The capital shoes is $lu,u00. Divined into Lulu shares. Building permits. Building permits were granted yesterday to Sarah e Arnold to erect a i Sty b b b to iou e s Pennsylvania ave to j of Tiemeyer to erect a 2 Sty Brick and Sheet Iron Bui Diug on e s Caroline St. South of Lancaster St to Geo Vav 1 Amer to erect a a Sty Frame Bull hug on u s Frederick Road or Potomic Railroad. Baltimore chm. 276 deeds and assignments a. J Andary 16, 1891. James Rittenhouse and it a to we a sub inert. Or. Lot 27s, Halethorpe 13 to til riot. I i John n Fowler a. Trus to Gerard s Watts a w s of Wilkins a and w s Birch fetid a. 14 audit acres 1st do get. 2850 leases. Henry l Brown a to John a Lebrun g r $48. A n s of Donnell St and e s 14th St 16x85. 12th j District. Mortgages. Louis Smith and of to the real estate a improvement company of Ball City. 800 i John Allen a to we h hoops. To i Henry Leti Ruu to the Canton per old Asse of Bailo City. 400 magistrate a judgments. O a c Haber hous a is John n Beek Jos s Baldwin is Daniel Wilhelm. 54 a 22 26 real estate Market. At monday january 19. Ism. The heal estate Exchange offerings dwellings Linden Avenue lot 20x150 to 20-foot Alley ii rooms in fee. $9000. Pulaski Street Northwest Corner Prince lot 12x65. 2-Story, $5500 Park Avenue lot 16x60. 3 Story 4-Story Back Bui Diug. $6000. Further information May be had at the real estate Exchange. No. 122 a a. Fayette Street. Real estate males. Edward Soper a co., auctioneers sold yesterday for h. J. Broeng. Trustee. Iota 114 Warren Street and 117 Little Church Street 15 by 142 feet ground rent $33.75. Improved by a three Story Brick Dwel ing and two Story Brick dwelling to g. F. Coward for $272�. Also lot South West Corner Hanover and West streets. 15 by 95 feet group rent $45. To Jacob Sapp for $1250. Vern. Seemuller a co., auctioneers sold lot 922 East Preston Street improved by two Brick dwellings to Frank m. Dunn for $2 30. The Grain Markey. Reported by Thomas leis ear a co., no 44 chamber of Commerce. A it to ate. January 19. H94, War at. A receipts 1691 dish. Shipment a 6731 bus. Stock in elevators 513.137 bus. Market quite Ami steady. Gown receipts. 14.820 bushels. Shipment 773 in elevators 164,711 bushels. Market Dull and steady closing a a Limo he. Vav heat Corn Cash to Day. Sat. To Day. Sat. Spot 97k 97 k 58%-k �?�58k Jan. 973% 58%-k< 58 k Fob. 58% May. 102 102% 56k- 56% year. Closing wheat v Jan. Feb March. May. July. To Day. 104in 102 sat. Yoke. Corp to Day. Sat. 105 k n 59b 59 k 103k b 57 k 5% a wheat. >7 8kitling prick. .97 i Corn. Dispatches and notes. From York Liverpool wheat quiet Sci rely anything doing. Indian shipments last week Hun ired five thousand quarters our s Ock two red decreases eighty seven thousand bushels. Total Stock wheat decreased 28.7100 Market steady traders working for decline from Wall Street. York. Jan. 19, dealings in Tho Stock Market this morning were marked by considerable strength and activity in spots while the general list was Dull Aud uninteresting. The great feature of the opening was the drop of 4� per cent in England from 41 k to 37. Owing to the contradiction of Many of the rumours so widely circulated of late and the disclosure of the contract jobbing frauds. The Stock was the most Active in the Market and fell away i per cent. Further to 36 in the Early dealings but then a reaction set in which carried Tho Stock up to 38. At which Point it became Dull. This drop affected the rest of the Market to the extent of making irregular changes front saturdays final figures at the opening but could not arrest the improved feeling which became so prominent a feature of the Market on saturday and prices All along the line advanced from the opening sales except in a few cases where flight concessions Wero made. From the lowest figures so established How evea. Northern Pacific preferred Rose it to 71x. T he common i to 28 Chicago Gas i to 46k. St. Paul i and others fractional amounts. These figures Ware too High to be fully maintained. However and. After a partial reaction the Market Al la of clock was comparatively quiet at fractional advances Over opening prices. Money easy 3 to 4 per cent. In the Stock Market after la of clock the activity was confined to about half a dozen stocks Aud the movements in prices to Small fractions throughout the list. Laclede Gas was the on or one showing any life Aud of an in teased business ii Rose i per cent to 20%, St. Paul Chicago Gas and Northern Pacific preferred with the leaders in the general list. But in neither w its there Ai y feature. At noon the Market was Dull and steady generally at something better than the opening prices. From tile financial circular of John a. Hambleton a co. Balti Mork and the South. There can be no two opinions regarding the desirability of securing for Baltimore better and More satisfactory Railroad connection with the South. The Southern Section of our country promises for Many years to come to be the objective Point for outer Pris Saud for the Empl it a neut of capital. Baltimore is the natural outlet and Market for Southern products and it remains for us to afford every facility for their transportation and to Securo a Trade which promises Largo profits. The Richmond and Danville Railroad at i sent the most direct All rail r Ute b a tween Baltimore and the South is owned and controlled by parties who Are interested in Tho various water routes an i in building up the Trade of York an i Philadelphia. Consequently and naturally All efforts Are made to divert Trade from our City. Or. At least to efforts Are made to bring it Here Whit we need is a local inter t in the transportation and handling of Southern products Aud energetic til Orts to secure them for our Market. Many years since Batton ire City Sud cried 11.un�.ooo to extend the Valley Branch of tie Baltimore and Ohio Railroad with the View of establishing an Independent Alf rail route via the Valley of Virginia with the South. The la. A o. Built to Lexington. there it 8topp� d. This p Ute is Siili considered most dear table. Ani it will on y be necessary to build from Lexington to Roanoke o make connection with the Roan be Southern being constructed from Roanoke to Winston n. C. Ii has been supposed that the management of the ii. An i o. Company would appreciate the desirability of ibis connection but it seems slow to grasp the Situ bion Aud so far nothing has been done. Of this Opportunity is not soon availed of the territory wit be occupied by a rival r and. Or the Baltimore and Ohio has not the Enterprise or Money to Avail itself of such a promising oppor Unity it will be Well for our business mini to build the Ai iss i it a link and secure la ? advantage. There should not be any difficulty in obtaining the necessary capital a such an Enterprise would surely be a profitable one although immense advances hive Beau made. Rout Nern industries Are in their infancy and Southern products will o Nti nue to mar time Aud their transportation a i marketing will be comp Ted for by All business centres Baltimore mashes Mea Aho lid exert t hernia Vee and not permit rival cities to capture the Trade of the most promising Section of Law country
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