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Baltimore Daily Record Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Baltimore Daily Record (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Baltimore, Maryland Daily record. Law real estate. Finance and general intelligence. Volume via no . Tuesday january 13, 1891. Price two cents business cards. Financial. Tite offer Fok Sale Small lots of j it the following securities Yeity of Montgomery 5s, due 1907, Par Aud int. City of Richmond 5s, due 1921, 107 and int. City of Daltou 5s, due 1918, 95 and int. Anniston City water first of at Par and int. B amp o equipment 5s at Par and interest. Apply to Stein Bros., Bankers 32 East Baltimore Street. A family Fortune. Baltimore Stock Exchange quotations. Reported by Fisher amp Shaw Bankers 4 s. Calvert Street. Stock Exchange sales. January 12, 1891. First Call. Iou $25,000 is a magnificent sum. Will you insure it to your family or More or less you decide. We will do it. L. H. Baldwin manager for the Middle department of the the Washington life insurance company of York City. 8 Post office Avenue. Baltimore. My. Frank Blacklock consulting accountant i West Lexington St. Baltimore. Member am. Soc. Civil engineers. Member am. Inst. Minnine engineers. Associate am. Inst. Electrical engineers. Frederick h. Smith. Consulting Engineer. 227 e. German Street Baltimore. My k b k. Kirkland. J. R. Bestor. Ireland amp Bestor civil. Topographical and sanitary engineers and surveyors. Boom 8. No 118 East Fayette Street. Plans and estimates furnished for All classes of improvements. Grading paving curbing Brick and masonry and Bridges. Special attention Given to estimates on government and other specifications for bidding on contracts. Property surveyed and divided. Streets and roads Laid out and grades protected to suit proper sanitary conditions. J. Wilcox Brown. Chas. In Lowndes. Frank t. Redwood. B rown amp Lowndes. Bankers and Bro of. Is Stock Exchange building p. O. Box 65. Baltimore. Southern securities a specially. N old t and Silver original picture frames designs. D6.tf manufactured by James Fitzgerald. Sog North Charles Street. Be. Savage. Real estate. 12 e. Lexington Street. Ground rents and mortgages constantly on hand for Sale. Special terms with attorneys and trustees. Send for descriptions. Dec5-Lmo qty of fort Worth Texas Gold 5s water loan. Due in 1930. Sewer loan due in 1940, and other first class municipal investments for Sale by Middendorf. Oliver amp co., no. 213 e. German Street. A pity of Charlotte n. A 58 due 1930. City of Duluth. Minn 5s due 1918. City of Anniston. Ala 6s due 1919 and other desirable investment Bonds for Sale by fish or amp Shaw. A 4 8. Calvert St., Baltimore. My. By vestments a John a. Hambleton amp co., a Bank ers and brokers no. 9 South Street. Make a specially of investment securities cult amp ble for trusts and estates. Individuals my corporations and Are prepared at All times o offer such As should prove satisfactory by a Eason of their Security and rate of interest. 1000 North Carolina 4s 96 50 Virginia 3s, scrip. 63 1600 City 4s. 1925 ill 8 farm. Amp merch Bank. .48 2 merchants Bank. 147 50 b amp o common. 93 15 Western Maryland. La Soud Georgia Pacifici St. 109 300u do do. I. 109 30u0 Georgia Pacific 2d. 73 5000 do do. 74 i Hoo do do. 74� 2000 a. Car amp nor 5s. .101 50�o a Midland 1st. .118 la to a midland2ds .116 300 a Midland 4th 80 10u�o up Yadkin Val. Of serb. Too 5000 of v Yadkin Val 6s. Ser a. Too i too col amp Greeny Hie 2d. .81 2u00 w nor Carolina 6s gtd. Too 6000 do do do. 98 3000 Atlanta amp Char income. .103 3u00 Pitts amp Conn 1st 7s. 1500 Char. Col amp aug 1st 107 1000 nor cent 5s. Series a. .107 1000 West Maryland 3d gtd. 116 5000 w a cent is. .109 2000 h amp o Southwest 2d inc. 20 9000 i amp o Southwest �3d inc. 7 Joo consolidated Gas .5s. Too Ludo consolidated Gas 6s. 112 in consolidated Gas Stock 47 110 do do. 47� 175 do do. 48 second Call. 4 Bank of Baltimore. A Atlanta amp Charlotte St. .94 i do do 96 i too col amp Green 1st 2000 col amp Greenville 2d Hoog West a Central 6s. .108 2000 do do. 3000 c f amp had Val series a a to 1000 c f amp had Val 6s. Series a. 101 2000 Ohio amp miss 1st up div. 113 8000 Raliegh amp Gaston 8s, 117 1000 Georgia a 1st 109 2000 Georgia Pacific 2d 74 150 consolidated Gas Stock. .48 25 do do. 47 a 125 do do 47 102 a a a a a a 96 96 118 12464 63 31 Cioni no a citations. Government. 8id. C. S. 4 �?~8c 1891 mar. Or. C.s.4�?Ts.c1907 j a. Or state. Md.3.66�?Tp def. Kedz a r 1899 a amp a. Md.3�?Ts sex. Loan r1900 n. C. 4�?Ts Consols c 1909 n. C.6�?T8 c 1919a.&o a. 6�?Ts, cons. C 1905j amp j a. With july�?T85 Coupon a. 3-4-5 10-40�?Ts c. 1919 a. With july �?T85 Coupon. a. 3s c 1932 1.& j �?T82. Amp Prev sold �?T83.to Jan �?T85, va.cons.cpns.july�?T85, amp . A. 10-40 cons Jan �?T85, amp Prev sold. A. Do do july�?T85. Amp after. . City. Balto.6�?Ts 1890. Park mar. Or. Ballo. 6�?Ts 1890, consolidated. J an. Or. Balto. 6�?Ts 1890. Park .m.&s. Balto. 6�?T8 1893 . Amps. Balto. 6�?Ts, 1893, . Amps. Balto. 6�?Ts 1895 Park Imp it. . 6�?Ts 1894. . Balto. Bus 1900.City Hal Jan a. Balto. 6�?Ts 1900 funding Jan or. Balto. 6�?Ts 1900. Jones . Balto. 6�?Ts 1902. W. M. R. A. J. Amp a. Balto.6�?Ts 1902.City . Balto. 5�?Ts 1894. Waterm. Amp n. 104 Balto. 5�?Ts 1900. J ones Falls feb. Or. Balto.5�?Ts,1916. . Baito.5�?Ts.l916. 125 Balto. 4�?Ts, 1904, Harford run a. Balto. 4�?Ts 1930 Harford run. J. Amp a. Balto. 4�?Ts 1920, paving . Balto 4�?Ts 1920, path a Park sex Jan or. Balto. 4�?Ts 1935.w. M. It. . Amp a. Batto. 4 s 1936.water a m. Amp a. Balto 3-65�?Ts 1900.jonesfa\is.feb.qr Balto 3 8. 1938,internal Imp to amp a. Balto 3 8, 1930, Exchange j amp a. 103 Balto. 3�?Ts 1927.w. M. R. R. J. Amp j. Balto. 3�?Ts 1900. J ones Falls. Feb. Or. Frederick 4s, a 1918 a j amp a. Norfolk water 8�?Ts c. 1901. Netonia. Citizens a a. W Jamp a. V. Commercial and Farmers Luo . Drovers and mechanics Ioc j. Farmers of maryland30 a.&o.,., Farmers and merchants. .40 j. Amp a. First National.100m.& a. F ran Kiln Joo j. Amp a. j. Ltd a. German american too j. Amp a. Manufacturers. 100 . Merchants. Too a a a 145 Baltimore j. Amp j. 143 Commerce. 15j.&jnational Exchange too and planters.25 . National Howardia . Marine.�0, mechanics. A a a a. 76 j. Amp a. Old town.,. Joa. To. Peoples. Second m. Amp a. Third National too . Traders.100j.& a. Western20 insurance. American. 5f.&a7 associated firemen 5. F. Amp a. Baltimore fire. Firemen. Ask a. 65 120 130 105 112 a in 112 Quot in too 129 so 145 84 20 to 10m.& la j amp 10j. Amp 25 a. Amp 10 a. Amp 5j. Amp m i8s m. E. Waters. Type writing office no. To e. Lexington Street first floor Back copying of All kinds promptly and neat y executed and guaranteed Correct. References Hon. It win Warfield. 7 North Calvert Street messes. Eaton amp Burnett no. I North Charles Street. O9-Eod Jorris j. Chilton attorney at Law Torner Courtland and Lexington streets. Baltimore. Collections a specially. Criminal equity and other Busin Ess attended to. German a German american Home. Howard. Maryland. 5 of. Amp National. A. -. Peabody. 25j. Amp Potomac. 5j.& ital i Road a. Atlanta amp Char. Iou m. Amp 8 94 Baltimore amp Ohio. Too. . Baltimore amp Ohio 1st pref. . Baltimore amp Ohio 2d pref 100.1.&jcentral Ohio.50 j. St d. 50 do do preferred. Char. Col amp a Northern Central. 50 j. Amp a. 66 Parkersburg 50 Western Maryland. 50. Wilmington amp Weldon Sooj amp a. . Amp aug., j. Amp j 108 City passenger,35 Quad. Citizens passenger. 20 j. Amp a. A a a a York Turnpike amp it a. Rio Jan. Railroad Honda. Atlanta amp cd. 1st7�?Ta.k. 1907 j. Amp j. Do income a. Amp o. Balto amp hard Sig it 5s c 1936. A amp a. Do w sex 1st As c 1936. A amp a. Extended 48.c 1935. A. Amp o. Car Trust 4�?Ts 1666 to 1897 6�?Ts.c 1925. F. Amp a. 5�?Ts East sidebclvu6j amp a. 5 a consolidated l968 -. Staten i2d i�?Tsc.1926 .-. A. A. A. A. A. A. 4 a a. A. A. 96 Iii 66 116 101 109 113 115 in 97 in 118 112 too iou �?T74 Railroad Boud a continued bid asked pot. a 19u.a&0 do 1st 6s.itunnel u9h.j&.jc.f.& y.v.ist6s ser a c 1916 j amp d 101c.f.& y.v.lst6s ser b1c19uj amp a. Do 1st 6s Scro c 1916 j amp a. Central ohio4�?Ts 1930do do 6�?Ts c 1890 m. Amp s cd. C. Amp aug. 1st 7�?Ts.c 1895 i. Amp j do do 2d 7�?Tsc iou a amp o Cin. Amp Balto. 7�?Ts c 1vkm> a. Amp Jugin. b. Prior Lien 4 is c 1891. Do Una a 1st 6�?Ts c 1931 m amp n. Do en.b.&o.u8t4,sc193l a n. Do 2d 58 0.1931. J amp a. Do 3d 3�?Tsc 193 f amp a do income 1st5sc 1931do income 2d 5�?Tsc .1931 Clarkesville amp nor. . 1937. col. Amp 6�?Te.c. 1917 do 3d 8s0.1936 it a. Car. Amp nor. 1st 5sc.1939 j. Amp . Pacific 1st6 s. A 1922.1 amp a. A Pacific 2d 5�?Ts c. 1923 the. Norl k amp petersbg2d 8s c 1893 .�?� Norfy a amp Weston too or 5sc 1990j.& j a a North a central4�?Ts.c 1325 a. Amp a a do do 68.c 1900 a. Amp. Nor Hon Cen. 1900 j. Amp a. Do do 6�?Ts.c 1904. do do 5�?Ts ser. A c 1926.j&j do do 58 ber. B c 1996j&j . . 1st is. C 1938 a. Amp i. 979g o amp a cons sets c 1898 amp a. 0.&m.cons.7�?Tsc. 1898 j amp a. Do 2d 7�?Tsc.1911 a amp of. Us 119 do is it. Div.7�?T8. A. 1905 o. Amp m. 5�?Ts. 1932. 6�?Ts,,Prin amp int guar. Do do do int guar. Petersburg class a5�?Ts 0. 1926. 103 104 do class b8�?T8c. 1926.a.&0pied. Amp Cumb. 1st 5�?Tsc. 1911.f.&a. Pitts. Amp con.�?T1st 7sc 1899j. Amp a. Raleigh amp Gaston. Kyc 1898 . Rich. Amp Dan. Gold 6�?Tec.1915 j amp j 115sand. Man amp 7s.c. 1900, j amp a. Scab d amp Roanoke 6�?Ts r 1916 f. Amp a. 10�zor do 5�?Ts c 1926 j. Amp a. U non in. By City lst6s, c.1895 amp junion ,sc1895j&j 104 105 do do 2d 6sc1900m&m. A. Midi cd. 1st bus. .c.1906 m. Amp m do 2d a is. C 19 i m. Amp s. Do. Id a is. C.1916.m. Amp s. Do .4t h 3-45. C.1921. . To 5th 5�?Tr. .0.1926 m. Amp s. Do Gen Mort 58.1927, j amp a. 99 Igi a. Amp Tenn. 2d.5sc 1900j. Amp a. . 8sc 1900j.& a. W. My. 3d gtd 6s. 6 1900 j. Amp a. W. con. 6s. C.1911 j. Amp a. Do gtd 6s, c 1911j amp j. Too w. A. Cent a 1st 6s.c.1911 j. Amp a. We. Col. Amp aug68.c. 1910 j amp a. W. Nor. Car. 1st 7s.c.1890 a. Wit. Amp Wei. Goldt�?Tsu.1397. J. Amp a. We. Amp Wei 5�?Ts c.1935 j amp a. Central pass.6�?Ts a Chattanooga electric St. R. R. 6�?Ts c.1909. F amp a. York t. Amp 5s.c 1914.f. Amp a. Miscellaneous. A Mer. Dial. Tel. 5 a. co. 20 it. J. Amp j. Baxter electric motor co. A. Blue Ridge hotel 6s, 1903, a amp of. Brush electric co. 60 107 too oui 109 asked 30 49 i Canton co too r Ches. Amp Ohio canal 6s c.1885.j. Amp j. Frederick Turnpike r 30 j. Amp j Maryland amp Charlotte. .5. Mer amp Mech p b amp l co 350 be Toby Gorrel Coal co 6a, a 1934 a Reisterstown turn r 6j amp j Gas securities. Chesapeake Gas 6�?Ts do Gas certificates 6�?Ts consolidated Gas Stock too r do do ads 6�?Ts c1910 . A a a a a do do do 5�?Tsc 1939 . Equitable gas6�?T8. 106 n. Orly is Gas 1st 5�?Ts various. J. Amp a. Mining stocks. 50 36 105 106 48 48 too Atlantic a to. 90balto. Amp n. Carolina. 5. 05 15 to i or v a a a a a a a to Conrad Hill. 5. A a. To cons a Gold amp Copper co .5. A a consolidation Calioo a. 26 28 Diamond Tunnel. To. Amp a. Georges Creek Calioo j. Lake Chrome it. Ion. North state Balto. 0 of Quot Silver Valier. 5. Ore closing quotations at York. Stocks. Opt a cig High lot Atlantic amp Pacific. 6 5 a a a a Canada Pacific. To \ Canada Southern. 49 it 49 a a a a 49 49 c. C. C. Amp i. 63 62 64 62 Central Pacific. 30chicago amp . C b amp a. I�7 106 i�7 i�6 to 92 i v 91 k Chicago r. I. Amp Pacific. Pm 71 69 71 6y chic., Mil. Amp St. A. 56it 110do do do pref. Too 109 109 chic., St. P. M. Amp Omaha. 25 24 25 24 Dies. Amp Ohio 1st pref. 49a a a a a col., amp Toh. 29 28 a 29 28 consolidated Gas. 97 96 a a i a a a a a Del. Lackawanna amp West 137 137 138 136 Delaware amp Hudson. 135 134 135 134 Erie. 30 20 Erie pref. 51 50e. Tenn., v. Amp g. 1st prel. 64 63 a a a a a. Illinois Central. Iou iou Union Louisville amp Nashville. 78 76 k 76 Lake Shore. 108 i�7 108 107 l. Erie amp Western pref. 58 57michigan Central. 91 91missouri Pacific. Bobo 66 65 Missouri Kansas amp Texas a a a. 104 i u n hat til ii. Lot 104 104 103 103 w ii a a Vul i of a a a a a a Jersey Central. Norfolk amp Western pref. 115 lib 115 57 56 57 69 Northern Pacific pref. 69 69 70 nash., Chati. Amp St a. 95 3i n. Y., sus. Amp Vul. Ref. N. A a a Ontario amp Western. 31. 16. 16 16 16 n. Amp England. 37 36 37 36 jul Ohio amp Mississippi. 19 18 it in Oregon navigation. 79 81 Oregon transcontinental. I 34 Pacific mail. 34 31. Philadelphia amp Reading. I 33 33 32 per. Dec. Amp Evansville. 16 in. 17 West Poult. 18 18 do do prof. 73 72 73 73 St. Paul m. Amp Manitoba. 105 106 106 105 St. L. Amp san fran. Pref. A 11v 15texas amp Pacific. 15union Pacific. 48 46western Union. 79 78 80 78 . A. Amp 19zug 19k Wheeling amp l. Erie Ort. To. 72 72 74 72 Koa i is to t e t cause dons transfers of property mortgages judgments. Leases. Amp a. I for other court proceedings see 4 the Page i he i. 625 1535 1500 600 6560 1785 1454 17 400 rec 1000 Coo 3300 5750 5000 780 936 500 130 1000 1040 400 832 448 1800 deeds anti assignments. Most a. January 12. Samuel j Hannan Trust to Hopkins a Aba no i w Side Wolf St or Madison St 12x75, g run ii diet to a no Rosenheim 1 rust be Benefit of creditors. Safe d posit amp Trust co trustee to goo Dick Vav Washington St or Pratt. 15x 140. G r $37 50same to John Washington or Pratt 15x140. G r $37 50 Elizabeth Clautice to Sarah e w Cor Aisquith and Lanvale Sis g r $45 Emma v c Lynch to Martha Irvin s w. S Fremont St. G r $61.Albert Gottschalk. Amp a to or Jacob Norris amp a s e Cor Carey and Fayette its. Jno b Mcgraw trustee to Teresa Hoff 8 8 Lanvale St or mount. 13x73.7rot t s Carswell a to p c Dugan. Trustee. 2 lots. Aithur h Jackson amp a to Louisa Zoerb Sis Gorsuch a or Tyler St. 16x90 we j Graham to Christ s institution n Vav s Ensor St or Monument. 38x 152.9, g r $300. Geo g Hoover to Douglas Belljr w 3 Carroll St. Or Cross. 24x71. Francis m Wivel to Las h Phillips n e s Argyle a. Or Green Willow St 15x73, g r $60. Walter w Watts to Claus Gosch. Amp a w s Hull St or Marriott 12.11x83.6, g r s38.t5 John f Ebert to Ferdinand c Ebert. Amp a. Awe Sharp and Henrietta its g r $56 mortgages. J 1 Norris amp of to Albert Gottschalk j Riddlemoser to 9th West Columbia b a t Bentley to Fulton St p b a. Geo Gick to m p s amp l a. Anua k Mckenna to Michael Bersick. Henry Overman to Guilford p a. W j Graham to Madison s i. J e Vicki is to 18th Ger Aba. Samuel a Litchfield to northeastern l amp s i. Margaret Black amp bus to 18th Ger a b a. Walter w Watts to Locust Point b a Ferdinand c Ebert amp of to Industrial p b a no 3. Leases. Louisa Zoerb to Christian a Helweg amp a Samuel s Clayton to j e Clayton j t Scarf to Frank p Neale releases of mortgages. Fulton St p b a to j t Bentley Pierre c Dugan to h c Kromer Anua Schmidt to e p Mooney amp a Gabriel m Sackerman to Standard cab co Madison s Institute to w j Graham 16th Ger a b a to Margaret Black Annie e Farber to w w Watts Loyola p b a to j m Russell i and i p b a to j f Ebert assignment of mortgages. Edwin j Farber p trus to Futon St p b a Greenmount b a no 3 to Greenmount a no chattels. John Berger to Edward Hofmann b of. A. Lewis Gardner to Robt Anderson mtg Peter t Miller to l f Kornmann. Rel of mtg. W s Walton to b sede Cui. Amp a Rel of mfg. Albert s j Stevens to Mutual l amp s i. Mtg. Magistrates a judgments. John Rayinsky is John augustaitus. Frank Gutterman. Trading As Frank Gunterman amp co is la w Henneman Geo Morris. Edmund Lewis and Albert s Golden trading As Morris amp Lewis is John b Dietz. 51 69 Medora l Roche by Charles m Roche her husband and next Friend is Charlesll Porter. J to Hopkins is Frank h Fowler. Sami Heim Man and Marcus Heineman trading As Heineman Bros. Is Louis j Rob Aud John c Roth trading As j c Roth amp co. Adolph g Hoen is win b Rooz. 33 60 Lawrence a Beck is Anton Taute. 14 25 Lena Gabel is Amelia a Grauu super 45 40 Superior court judgments. Charles Winters is Roberts m Fryer 114 47 Chan h Meyer amp Bro is win Seemuller 2543 26 Geo Coburn and John Coburn administrators of Thomas Coburn is Joss Heuisler. 1633 50 Charles h Meyer it Bra is vim Thode. 256 of Lewis Elliott surviving partner is Daniel g Adelsberger. Mechanics liens. We j Clendenin. Joseph Clendenin. Or and James Clendenin trading is Clendenin Bros. Is Charles h Callis and Edward j Codd or. Trading As Charles h Catiis amp co and August Wehr. 53 26 same is same. 314 64 building permits. Building permits were granted yesterday to Leo w Cox the erect a i Sty Frame addition to building Eor 4th St and Elm ave to Louis Seidel to erect a 3 Sty Frame bldg of the West Side of Carroll St year Stafford to Chas w Street to erect a i Story conservatory Frame and Glass on the East Side of Penn ave North of Boundary ave to Martin Kiel to erect a i Story Brick Kitchen to no 104 w a Harford ave Nar Patterson Lane to Loyola building association to erect a one Story Stone front to no 713 East Side of Calvert St Between Madison and Monument its. Incorporated. The Baltimore engraving co. Of Baltimore City was incorporated yesterday by e. P. Sutor Oliver Hoblitzell k. P. Read k. G. Jones and Sylvanus s. Jenkins capital Stock $60,000 divided into 5u0 shares. Chattel mortgages. We Vav Bosley to the Geist manufacturing co. 394 mortgages. Gunpowder Valley r it to mercantile Trust and Deposit co. 30000 magistrates judgments. G m Lamb Aud Bro is Daniel Vonder Smith. To 39 Vav la Knight is Ruuk Holzner. 23 75 Thomas a Agnew amp co is George Cavey. 67 85 Tate. Muller amp co is Lewis Thompson 66 56 j j Nicholson amp sons is we d Riley. 3 60 real estate Market. At monday january 13,1891. The real estate Exchange. Back. Oil a rings dwellings Hanover Street lot 27 x 135, 3-Sty building in fee $12.000. Franklin Street West lot 35x135, 3-Sty Back building in fee $10. 00. Eutaw Street lot 33x140. 3 Sty 3-Sty Bac building la rooms in fee $1�,000. Further information May be had at the real estate Exchange. No. 133 e. Fayette Street. Heal estate sales. The following sales were made yesterday at the real estate Exchange by Matthews amp Kirkland for Thomas it. Clendinen trustee two dwelling houses 1306 and 1308 n. Dallas Street. 13 feet front ground rent $24 on each to George b. Hunting for $100 each two dwelling houses 1307 und 1309 n. Dallas Street la feet front ground rent $24 each to George b. Hunting for $100 each. By William Seemuller amp co., for James Mccu Olgan administrator of Joseph e Hogan deceased a Cue half reversionary interest in a lot of ground 37 feet and 3 inches on Fremont Street and 70 feet on German Street improved by a two Story and attic Brick dwelling ground rent $70, to we. La. Russell for $625. 465 189 81.80 34 of is of 32 #6 18 of 15 60 i h e ii it a in Marke i. Reported by Thomas Leishear amp co., no. 44 chamber of Commerce. A uti Moats. January 12. 1891. Cohns receipts 30,180 bushels. Shipments 31,954 bushels. Took in elevators 150,16i bushels. Market was firm and a St Ade higher. A u , 340 nos. Shipment 9.977 bus. Stock in elevators 617.316 bus. Market firm. Closing a Baltimore. / Vav heat a to Day sat. Cash. 97 spot. 96- Jan. 96- 97 May .103- 103 year. Closing Vav heat to Day. Sat. Jan 103 n lit feb. 104 march.105 May .104 104 july. I too i i �0 settling Price. Wheat. 97 i Corn.56a. Dispatches and notes. From York Stock of two red decreased fifty five thousand two Corn increased sixty thousand. Liverpool wheat quiet firm floating cargoes firmer. Liverpool wheat Hall Penny dearer demand fair second Caille. It Corn a a to Day. Sat. Of 59- 58 -9 59 a a j a a a a a a 58 i m i i York. 1 Corn to Day. Sat. 59n j �0 �?�0 i i 60 59 a �0 from Wall Street. 44 35 York Jan. 12.�?the Stock Market opened this morning with some activity great strength and intense excitement in sugar refineries. Which recorded it9 first Sale at an Advance of 3 per cent. Over its final Price of saturday. The dealings in it were enormous and its Price mounted i percent at a time. Finally reaching 81. Against 71 on saturday. There was of course considerable feverish Ness in the dealings and its Price reacted to 78, in which neighbourhood it was maintained. The general list while showing the Early strength and activity showed irregularity in the later dealings and the opening advances were not maintained in Many eases. Missouri Pacific was the strongest Stock on the list. Rising while Many others declined Small fractions. Later in the hour Northern Pacific Aud Chicago Gas became Active and led the upward movement in the regular list each rising Over i per cent. The Market at la of clock How Ever was still rather unsettled though very Active at irregular changes from the opening prices. Money easy at 3 and 4 per cent. The Stock Market showed less activity after la but there was still a very Active trading in which All the leading stocks participate i. The Villard an grangers leading there was the same unsettled feeling however and considerable feverish Ness was yet apparent in the list while Little Progress was made by prices in either direction. Sugar Rose about i per cent. Aud slight fractional gains were scored in a few of the regular list but Tho movements were All insignificant and at noon the Market was Active and steady with most Sto its at a shale to War than the opening prices. Foreign imports and exports imports january 12. By bump Michigan. London Luo Bales nuts. A jul casks prunes 4 us bbl Cement 30 chests Tea 1755 Cass preserves 1184 bags Gas refuse. 17 Bales ,9s pkg liquors Balto storage amp Light rage co. Same from bwausea�?18,722 boxes tin Platea. Balto storage amp Light rage co agent. By step gland Frau St j ago de cuba�?339i tons Iron Ore. Order. By step Largo Bay Rio marina�?2758 Toms Iron Ore order. By strap North Anglia Lica ta-2600 tuna Sulphur Chaa f Pitt amp sons. Exports january 12. By step Buteshire. St thomas�?1850 Toms Coal value $4810. Business troubles. The monetary Outlook. It Alti Moke county. A. Amp o do do do do do 99 Baltimore. January 12, 18.1. Money 5 to 6 per cent. The demand for Bonds to Day was unusually heavy and varied Aad a b s amounted to $95,-Iu�o. Of ail kinds at full prices. There was also a Good demand for stocks sales Ca uprising 685 shares mostly consolidated Gas which advanced to 48. George m. Spring grocer at Birmingham. Coca., has made an assignment to abort t. Sherwood. Arrington. Sills amp co., general store at Nash deeds Aud assignment a be. January to or. James Kitten House and of amp a. To Calvin t boy Bain. Lot 512. Halethorpe 13th District Charles e Hill and of. To Elizabeth smothers. No 296. Lot at tot Winaus Levi z Condon and of to we h Reid 148 acres i Rood and 36 perches in Middle River neck 12th District. James Button to we n Kline. 3t3-1000 of an acre 00 old Trappe Quad. 12th District. 200 400 4600 136u John b. Dietz of this City yesterday Pia oed on record a de d of Trust for the Benefice of creditors to Benjamin Rosenheim trustee. Who gave Bond in the amount of i150c. The creditors of Alexander n. Crowder yesterday n it in the court of common pleas and appointed e. L. Ramer and Harry m. Wagner permanent trustees. Three Hundred and ninety one failures la the United states Are reported during the week. Against 3u3 in the preceding week. And 354. 337, 312 and 591 in the corresponding week of 1890. 1889. 1688 Aud 1887 respectively. The Midale states had 98. Eastern 42. Southern i. Western 77 Northwestern 54, Pacific 26, territories 3. Canada bad 46. An increase of is Over the previous week. Joshua m. Gould dealer in furniture at me. 7 we Lith Street. N. Has o of eased judgment for $2,017 in favor of r. Jordan and the sheriff has taken Possession of the store
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