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Baltimore Daily Exchange Newspaper Archives Feb 18 1861, Page 1

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Baltimore Daily Exchange (Newspaper) - February 18, 1861, Baltimore, MarylandThe daily Exchange vol. Via no. 917. Baltimore monday. February 18. 1861. Price two cents. See fourth Page. For congressional proceedings for City intelligence for Law intelligence. For commercial intelligence for Domestic , for shipping 1nte1.ligence. Latest news. The National crisis. Telegrams. The Southern confederacy. The . The steam slip City of Ultimo to from Liverpool on the 30tb, and Queenstown on the 31st ult., with advices from Europe three Days later than were re. Cei Ved by the new York reached new York about 12 of clock on Friday night lit. The crisis in this country still continued to be to lip leading topic of discussion in great Isri Tain. Nothing particularly new or striking seems to have been elicited in the English journals. Affairs at Gaeta continued much in the same position As before reported. Indications in every part of Fiu rope seem to Point to another War in the coming Spring in which a number of the states will be involved. By the a Rita at new York we have two slavs still later intelligence. The Queen was to open parliament on the 5th, and the emperor to open the French legislature on the 4th instant. The siege of Gaeta . It is stated that the pm. Perot of written to the King adv Sci to cease resistance. It is also said that an envoy bad gone to Gaeta to negotiate for the surren Der of the italian parliament it is sex. Ported will proclaim Victor Emmanuel King of Italy immediately after assembling. Tie i it pan ish Infanta has relinquished All pretensions to the Crown. Tic revolutionary movement in the papal states is spreading. Affairs continued unsettled at Naples a popular demonstration occurred on the 2�th ult., during which the presses of two newspapers were destroyed. From the ship news we learn that the ship Black Mounter of Baltimore was abandoned at sea Ian. 1st. The Crew was saved and brought into Queenstown. Cotton has declined. In the Senate on saturday the committee of conference on the Ueli Cliency Bill reported that the committee had agreed. One portion of the agreement strikes out the Chriqui amendment. The Tariff Bill was taken up and or. Seward a amendment extending the time of paying duty to three years was adopted and on motion of the same senator All that portion of the Bill relating to warehousing was stricken out. In the House the copy right Bill which secures the holders of copy rights the same Appeal As in Patent right cases was passed. The executive Lippi Stative and judicial appropriation Bill was also passed. The rest of the Day was occupied with the consideration of private Bills. In the Virginia convention on saturday resolutions were presented strongly condemning the coercion of a seceding state and declaring that if the Federal government undertook to forcibly retake the forts in the seceding states Virginia will regard it As an invasion of the rights of the Southern states and if the government undertakes to collect the duties in the seceding states she will regard such acts As coercion which she will resist with All the Means in her Power. The president elect has reached Buffalo new York. A full report of Pittsburg and Cleveland speeches Are published in our paper to Day. Lion. Jefferson Davis arrived at Montgomery ala., on saturday last and was received by a Salute. The Congress did nothing of National importance. At night or. Davis addressed the people. He said that no Compromise or plans of reconstruction could now be entertained. The seceded states arc an Independent people and must be treated As such. They did not desire any favors from the North they asked nothing and if War was forced upon them then he would be found in the Field As a Soldier. The speech was received with great applause. Our despatches from Washington Are less hopeful in their tone. The peace conference had no action on the report of the committee on saturday. Some of the commissioners have advised their friends at Home that there is but Little Hope of a satisfactory conclusion of the labors of the conference. We publish the Guthrie proposition As amended by the committee and reported to the conference. The Florida legislature has adjourned. Among its last 8 was one authorizing the Issue of a half a million dollars of Treasury notes and a stay Law. The convention will again be convened. Arrival of the Africa. Further from p Europe. New Yoi a a feb. 17.�?the Steamer Africa arrived Liere to Day with Liverpool dates to february 2. The Steamer Glasgow arrived at Queenstown on the 1st ult. I the Africa brings �13,000 in specie. The conference at Manchester in India affairs attracts considerable attention. Various resold j Lions Piave been adopted. One calling on the gov i Connie it to afford every encouragement to european traders i lantern and capitalists. Another pro forma meeting of the shareholders of the Galway line has been held but nothing important transpired. Queen Victoria was to open in arli ancient on the 5th in person. The emperor Napoleon would open the French legislature on the 4th. It was rumoured that Bullion in the Bank of France bad materially increased. The bourse was Fiat at 071. 95c. Not Liing was known relative to Garibaldi a re i ported departure from Caprera. The siege of Gaeta continued suspended. The cause was assigned to be an insufficiency of Means to carry it on. It was reported via Rome on the 1st that the firing recommenced with vigor on both sides. It stated that Francis ii. Had received a letter from Napoleon counselling the King to cease resistance. The Kings reply was not known. Out of 300 elections known of in the South of Italy two Hundred and ninety favor a moderate 1 . I it is said that in Rince Carignan has gone to Gaeta i to negotiate for the surrender of the fortress. I the italian troops in pursuing the read zionists had entered the russian a states. The Congress. Arrival of the Hon. J. Davis at Montgomery. Great ovations. Important Sph ech of or. Davis. A of compromises Xor re constr inc toy will re accepted amp a amp Colic snip Aliemi coif Cdcil Jcj a arrival of Jan via at by. Most Gomesky feb. 1c.�?in Congress to Day a number of Model flags were presented and referred. A communication about War was read and referred. A communication relative to citizen slip prescribing uniform rules of naturalization was read by its caption Only. Applications were made for patents and copyrights and referred. The rest of the business was transacted in secret. In resident Davis arrived to night and was handsomely received with living of Cannon and a display of flags. An escort military and civic with music Etc. Was also a part of the demonstration. Second nes Antcli to me. Piavis the Oulu the Sigril he makes a Steech at Montgomery. Montgomery feb. 10.�?the trip of in resident or. Rakey in . John s. Darcy who has acquired great and deserved celebrity not Only in this country but also in Europe will give first lecture in Liis City at the front Street theatre to Morrow evening. Since return from England he has Given a number of exhibitions in new York Brooklyn and Philadelphia which have been remarkable both for the crowds which flocked to them and for their Success in other respects. We Call attention to or. Carey and system for several reasons in the first place be deserves the thanks of All lovers of the horse for discovery of a system of management which we have reason to believe is perfect in All its details and presents incan testicle evidence of its Elli Cacy in the example of a Cruiser a the Lionso whose ferocity for so Many years set at Defiance the skill of the English grooms and who is now the a familiar companion of or. Darcy. In the second place the humane and kindly character of the system is a real Boon. The horse Lias never been appreciated As he deserves to be considering the invaluable qualities he possesses and Liere Are but a few who have any idea of the proper method of educating these qualities toward perfection. The customary management of the horse has been i reeled to beating and forcing to submission by various cruel expedients or. Rarey a system on the contrary brings successfully into play the Law of kindness. We therefore commend or. Rarey a lectures not Only on the ground of their intrinsic Merit but also for the Benefit and Security a bib will result from a proper understanding of the subject on which be treats. We have no doubt that the practical illustrations of or. Car Eye a novel and humane system will prove quite As satisfactory and interest Quot ing in this City As they have invariably been elsewhere. The Beethoven association whose concern have been so highly appreciated by our citizens will give another at the Law buildings this several new and Choice pieces of music will be produced. Holliday Street patrons of the theatre will be pleased to learn of the re engage ment of or. Sothern at Holliday Street. To night he appears As Charles a swing in the drama the Flother of the Forest or Sothern will be supported by or. Fords Fine company who have now the Good opinions of All that have visited the theatre during the season. Sardinia has demanded the restoration of the soldiers made prisoners by the papal zouave and Davis from Mississippi to Montgomery was a con has seized the Bishop of Sabine As a hostage. Tenuous ovation. He made some Twenty live the deals says that the italian parliament will i speeches on the route returning thanks of r the proclaim \ Ictor Emmanuel King of Italy immedi i a n i a a Atchly after assembling. Complimentary greeting. Crowds of and it was thought by some that Garibaldi had gone i gentlemen and military parades with salutes of to Dalmatia. In a letter to English friends to Cannon hailed Bis arrival at tie various expressed an anxious wish to make a journey to committees from Congress and the Montgomery England and thank the people for their moral and. I a a i a Oft a i r Mazial Aid but he was unable to fix the time. Authorities met or. Davis Abo it so Miles from the it is said that the emperor of Austria has decided i City and formally received . Two lire Compa to Grant a Constitution to Venetia which will leave Nies from Columbus Georgia joined the escort at i j a j. Opelika and All reached Here at 10 of clock p. A. I be Spanish Infanta Don Juan has decided to a ,. ,. Relinquish pretension to the a rown reserving a announced the arrival of the Only the eventuality of being elected by Universal train having the party and the presidents a suffrage. It is asserted that the Pope insists on the Oxten Tion of the Paris convention on the subject of the occupation of Syria. The latest. Rome Jan. 29.�?schiavon, one of the chiefs of the revolutionary in Abruzzi has surren dered. The fighting continues and a spirit of revenge is strongly manifested on both sides. Several villages have been set on fire and sardinian officers captured and Cut in pieces. Naples Jan. 29.�?a popular demonstration has occurred and the presses of the newspapers have been broken up. London saturday funds close firm at the last improvement. General Eyre will probably be commander in chief of the British forces in Canada. Commercial intelligence. Liverpool february 2.�?cotton�?sales of the weeks Ilea. Including 2.500 Bales to speculators and 11.000 Bales for Czpor. All qualities have declined lid., owing to the unfavourable advices from Manchester and free rings by holders. Sales of Friday estimated at 3.000 Bales including 2,000 Bales to speculators and for Export. The Market closed steady with More inclination to buy and less to sell at the decline. New Orleans fair 77id. Middling 6?id. Mobile fair 7d middling 6 3-16d Pearn nce was greeted with shouts by the Large crowd assembled. Or. Davis returned Bis thanks at the depot and said be Felt proud to receive the congratulations and of the people of Alabama. He briefly reviewed the present position of the South and said the time for compromises had passed. We Are now determined to maintain our position and we will make All who oppose us smell Southern powder and feel Southern steel. If coercion is persisted in he had no doubt of the result. We will maintain our rights and our government at All hazards. We ask nothing and want nothing. We will have no complications. If other states join our confederation they can freely come on our terms. Our separation from the old Union is Complete. No Compromise no reconstruction can now be entertained. A Large crowd awaited or. Davis at the Exchange hotel. Tie ladies were equally enthusiastic with the gentlemen. About a Quarter before 11 of clock in response to the enthusiastic Calls or. Davis appeared at the Balcony and said As follows a a fellow citizens and Brethren of the confederated ii plaid fri77�ra midd�rnv6�"� 6dstock7n p of 1 states of american we Are Brethren not in name Bales including 485,000 Bales for Export. Merely but in fact we Are men of one flesh and one a. Bone with one interest and one purpose and one identity of Domestic institutions. We have henceforth 1 Trust the Prospect of living together in peace with our institutions subject to Protection but not defamation. It May be that our career will be ushered in in the midst of storms. It May be that As this morning opened with a Clouds Mist and rain we shall have to encounter messes. James Hewit amp co say Cotton has declined it a Ca .3-16d., the Market closing with an improved feeling. Sales of 10,000 Hales on saturday. Manchester advices Are unfavourable but there is More doing at Low prices. Havre Cotton Orleans ires Ordi Naire 104 ir., has 98 for. The Market closed very Dull at a decline of la b2 for. Sales of the week 5,Coo Bales. Stock in port 134.000 Bales. Market closed quiet but _ Richardson and other authorities quote flour is it quiet a ooh Veniey Ces at the be ginning but As the Sun hut steady at 28s. 6d. Iij31s. Wheat is quiet but steady Iba red 11s. 5d. Tfi23. 9d. White Isi Polss. Corn is Dull and All qualities have slightly advanced but closed difficult of Sale. Messes. Wakefield a Nash quote Corn 6d. Lower mixed and yellow 37ivi,38s. White 35s. los. Market is Dull. Beef is heavy and quotations barely maintained. Pork is quiet. Bacon is Dull lard is quiet at 57in cos. Tallow is quiet at 6d. Lower sales at . . Produce ashes i pot and pearls quiet the former 2is. I 29s. De. The latter at 29s. . Sugar Skull at de. Decline for refining. Coffee is quiet. Rice is quiet with More doing at a slight decline. Philadelphia bark rate sons but will redeem the pledges Thev gave to 9a. Eli. Baltimore Esq is. Fish oils closed quiet but a a a Quot a a i steady sales 28s Rose it lifted the mists and dispersed the Clouds and left us the pure sunlight of heaven so will the Progress of our Southern confederacy carry us Safe Over the sea and Safe into the Harbor of constitutional Liberty and political Equality. Applause thus we shall have nothing to fear at Home because at Home we have homogeneity of sentiment. We have nothing to fear from abroad because if War should come if we must again baptize with blood the principles for which our fathers bled in the revolution we shall show we Are not Degene state so that Virginia Hopes and believes by prudent and conciliation on the part of the government and a just appreciation of our present difficulties a line measures of May be adopted which will restore peace Friendship and Union to every Section. All these resolutions were referred to the committee on Federal relations. Considerable debate touching National matters followed during which or. Wise reiterated policy of fighting in the Union and counselled speedy action. Or. Moore of Rockbridge opposed All haste he would not be driven by the North or dragged by the Cotton states who had acted without consulting Virginia. He was opposed to coercion but if the seceded states choose to assault tie forts let them take the consequences. Or. Carlisle contended that the government had never yet attempted to coerce the South. When it was done the people would resist. of Tiik Keck t adore speeches. In lots Ruo feb. 15.�?the following is the full report of the speech made by or. Lincoln in this City yesterday. All immense crowd gathered in front of the Mon in Valiela i , and when or. Lincoln appeared he was greeted with vociferous cheering. Or. Lincoln then addressed the As follows mayor Wilson and citizens of think Liis Honor. Mayor Wilson and the citizens of in itt Surg generally for this flattering reception. It is the More grateful a cause i know that while it is not Iven me alone hut to the cause i represent yet it is Iven under circumstances that clearly prove to me that there is Good will and sincere feeling at the Bottom of it. Enthusiastic applause and Here i May remark that in every Short address i have made to the people in every crowd through which i i have passed of late some allusion has been made to the present distracted stale of the country. It is naturally exp cled that i should say something upon this in Hejcl but if i touch upon it All it would involve an elaborate discussion. The great number of tie questions and circumstances would require More Lime than i can at present command and i would to craps unnecessarily commit in Yscle upon Mattura that have not yet fully developed themselves immense cheering and cries of Good a a that s the condition of tie country is an extraordinary one and fills the mind of every Patriot with anxiety and solicitude. My intention is to give the subject All the consideration that i possibly can before i speak fully and definitely in regard to it. Cheers so that when i do speak i May be As nearly right As pos Siide. Loud and continued applause when i do speak. I Hope i will nothing in opposition to the spirit of the Constitution or contrary to the integrity of the Union or which will Jerore inimical to the liberties of the people or to the peace of the Wii Ole country. Vociferous applause and furthermore when the time arrives for me to speak on this great subject i Hope i Wili say not Liing to disappoint die people generally Liroi Ighut the country especially if their expectations have been based upon anything which i May have heretofore Sai i. Applause notwithstanding the troubles across the River the speaker pointing South Wardly to the and smiling there is really no crisis except an artificial one. Laughter and applause what is Luiere now to warrant the condition of affairs presented by our friends Over the River take even to Weir own View of the questions involved there is nothing to justify the course they Ore pursuing. A voice a a that so a repeat then that there is no crisis excepting such a one As May be gotten up at any time by turbulent men aided Liy designing politicians. My advice then under the circumstances is to keep Cool. If tie great american people Only keep their temper on both sides of uie line these troubles will come to an end and the question that now distracts the country will be settled just As surely at All other difficulties of a like have originated in the government have been adjusted. Let the people on both sides keep their self Possession adjust As other Clouds have cleared an a in due time so will this and this great nation continue to Prosper As heretofore. Loud applause but fellow citizens i have spoken longer on this subject than i intended in the outset. Cries of a go on go i shall say no More at present. Fellow citizens As Liis is the first Opimo Unity i have had to address a Pennsylvania assemblage it seems a fitting time to indulge in a few remarks on the important question of the Tariff a subject of great magnitude and one attended with Many difficulties owing to the great variety of interests involved. So Long As direct taxation for the support of the government is not resorted to a Tariff is necessary. A Tariff is to tie government what meat is to a family but while this is admitted it still becomes necessary to modify or change its operations according As new interests or new circumstances arise. So far there is Little difference of opinion among it politicians. But the question As to How far in it osts May he adjusted for the Protection of Home i Industry gives Rise to nume Rous views and objections. I Mosst confess that i do not understand the subject in All its multiform hearings but i Promise you Liat i will give it my closest attention and Endeavor to comic resend it More fully. And Here i May remark that the Chicago platform contains a Plank upon this subject which i think should be regarded As a Law Tor the incoming . Immense demonstrations of in fact this question As Well As All other subjects embodied in that platform should not be varied from what we gave the people to understand would be our policy Baltimore 6s�78. Fish oils closed quiet but Pri serve sacred the rights transmitted us and show 8s it a san u st Civ Southern valor still shines As brightly As in a pentane Stead seventeen Hundred and seventy six in eighteen in resents to Large number of presents have been received by or. Lincoln within the last few Days. The More noteworthy among them Are a Complete suit manufactured under the auspices of Titsworth amp bro., of Chicago and to be worn by excellency on the 4th of March and another two Hundred Dollar Cane from California. The Cane was expressed to or. Lincoln without any explanations As to the name of the donor a. The oddest of All gifts to tie president elect came to hand however in the course of yesterday morning. It was no More nor less than a whistle made ont of a pigs Tail. There is no a a sell in this your correspondent has seen the tangible refutation of the time honoured saying that no a whistle can be made out of a pigs Tail with own eyes. The donor of the novel instrument is a prominent Ohio politician residing at columns and connected with the state government. Or. Lincoln enjoyed the joke Bugel ?. After practising upon the masterpiece of human ingenuity for nearly an hour this Mornine he Joc Osely remarked that he had never suspected up to this time that a a there was music in such a thing As correspondent. _ the inauguration Ball contract for the erection of the building in which to hold the Union inauguration Ball has been awarded to messes. Angus amp Lewis. The building is to be built in rear of the City Hall and to run parallel with that building. The length of the dancing Saloon is to be 250 Teet and the Width 60 feet. Adjoining this and opening immediately into it is to be the supper room which is of the same the height of the dancing Saloon will be 22 feet and the main Entrance thereto to rough the Vestibule of the City Hall. Opposite the entranced or is the orchestra. It has not yet been determined in what manner the Interior of the Ball room shall be furnished the question of drapery and banging not yet being settled. The common Council chamber and the court room of the City Hall Are to be the ladies and gentlemen a dressing rooms the Entrance to them from the Ball room being by a stairway and through the Large rear the time being Short in which to Complete the work it will be commenced on next monday morning and furnish a Short Job for some 75 to 100 Washington Star. Personal diff colty in difficulty occurred last Nightie the Hall of the National hotel Between the Hoo. Or. Kellogg of hi., and or. Medill editorial correspondent of the Chicago Tribune in a bib the latter received some pretty severe blows about the head and face before the bystanders could interpose successfully. A the affair it appears grew out of what or. K. Considered personal remarks about in the Washington correspondence of the paper above mentioned in regard to Bis late course in the House of representatives with reference to the National troubles. Last night the two met at the National and or. Kellogg requested Medill to step aside with As he alleges to remonstrate with about the matter and try to bring about an understanding. Medill refused to enter into any explanations and evinced no disposition to Accord the interview sought by k., who thereupon administered the blows above noted and thus the matter ended. Or. Kellogg is not Only bold enough to own Bis Union sentiments but a dare maintain Washington Star of saturday. A Bob mat be pot a tuesday evening about seventy five Young republicans of Cincinnati gave a supper in the ladies Ordinary of the Burnet House to or. Robt. Lincoln eldest son of the president. Gov. Morgan of Indiana sat at the Bead of the table vis a vis being Gen. Sam. F. Cary of College Hill. A committee was deputed to Bear an invitation to the president. He returned with an apology for not coming himself and saying that a Bob May be put toasts Wanra Truk Tad ipad Cobei made Tad Protu Pedu a Trad. Us turpentine steady London markets barring a circular quotes wheat Lias a declining tendency. Prices Are 103s. Lowet per Quarter except for the finest qualities White american red 680623. Flour 29 d 33s. Metals Iron Welch nails Dull at �6 5s. Do. Brass Dull at �5 10s. London feh. 2 a the Money Market closed unchanged with a Good demand. Consols 92092i� for Money and account. Bullion on the Bank of England has increased �96,000. Sugar is Dull at a decline of . Coffee is firm at an Advance of de 0 is. Rice is steady. Tallow is Dull. Spirits turpentine Dull at 310323. Linseed cakes have declined 2.&Quot. De the latest via Queenstown. Sales of Cotton yesterday amount to 12,000 Hales. All qualities have slightly advanced. Messes. Hewit amp co. Say Cotton has partially advanced l-16 fat cd. Bread stuff s closed steady. Provisions closed Dull. Consols at London closed at 93,for Money and account Illinois Central Railroad 26, a discount. Erie Railroad Stock 31, ii 32. New York Central Railroad 73 0.76. The Paris bourse closed firm. La Enles Esfir. 5c. Phiiip Shi i flee Worth from Savannah put into Whitehaven with six feet of water in her hold but has been scuttled and is now dry. The Mary Carson from Charleston for liver pod was Burnt at sea. Tie Crew was saved by the Henry Brigham at Liverpool. Arrived from Charleston Shi 3 Victoria Deal and Mary Crocker at Liverpool. From Savannah ship Oriental at Liverpool. The ship Grindella from Richmond for Bremen was Cut through by the ice and sunk in the Weser. The Crew were saved. The ship Black monster from Baltimore for Rio was abandoned at sea january 1st. Crew saved by ship s. E. Pettigrew at to Queenstown. Arrived from Baltimore ship John Clark at Liverpool. The bark Victor Emmanuel had been wrecked on the Isle of Wight and fifteen out of Nineteen of the Crew perished. Tue Kepi left i it Esti Toillon in Kansas Thail a Lens he it la a Aii Penis discredited. Leavenworth Kansas feb. 15.�?the signatures to the following statements in regard to the Desti tit ution in Kansas Are those of some of the most prominent citizens. We feel called upon to warn the friends of Kansas not to credit the recent statements of Thaddeus Hyatt in regard to the sufferings of our people. There have been in authenticated cases of de Atli by starvation and if the contributions continue As bountifully is heretofore until june next As the Hope they will there will be none. About one fifth of the people need help from abroad Bat the statement that Kansas is a Charnel House that All classes arc approaching starvation that there a is one step Between 50,000 people and starvation a Are we believe reckless and flagrant false hoods. Signed w. Mcdowell judge of the 1st judicial District Rev. A. W. Fitzer pastor of the in Resby Tyrian Church we. A. Bachus of the Westminster Church j. Kemp Bartell proprietor of the daily times John m. Layng late of new York Charles w. Helm editor of the daily Herald g. J. In Ark Secretary of the Central Relief committee Rev. G. Bartholomew pastor of the Christian Church. The bulk of the population of the state lies in the counties adjacent to the Missouri River and Here there is but Little More than Ordinary destitution. There has undoubtedly been much suffering from cold and exposure among those from a distance coming from the Interior towns to the River fur Relief and the Winter has been unusually severe and it is estimated that 20,000 people will need Aid in provisions and clothes and in seeds to enable them to secure a Harvest. Hundred and twelve and every other applause 1 was informed by Iny friends that your kindness Only required that i should appear before you. Fatigue Cal by travel and hoarse i am unable to speak at any length and come merely to you of my gratitude for these manifestations of your Good will. 1 approach with diffidence and distrust the discharge of the great duties devolved upon me by the kindness and consid Cnoc of the Congress of the confederated states. I thank you friends for the kind manifestations of favor and approbation you exhibit on this occasion. Throughout my Cne re Progress to this City la a tonnage tax. Iliahu Isburg feb. 16.�?the Bill to commute the tonnage tax on the in Pennsylvania Railroad passed the House this morning by a vote of 75 to 22. Or. Lincoln a levee this evening was attended by thousands. The party leave at 9 of clock to Morrow morning fur Buffalo. The reporter of tie associated press has authority for stating that any party demonstrations such As wide awake parade.�, would be disagreeable to or. , either at tie reception or escort. The president elect at Iti Ift Ilo he dines with sex president Fillmore Buffalo feb. 17, a. . Lincoln attended Church this morning with sex president Fillmore and subsequently dined with . A special train will leave Here at 5.45 in the morning for Albany. Five of the governors staff the mayor of Rock. Ester and chairman of the Rochester committee joins the party. The a Keches of old Are. We have never read Sulci speeches As those made by old Abe on journey from Springfield towards the White House since Gen. Scott ran Tor president and then indeed we were regaled with some Choice oratorical morsels. It is quite refreshing to hear the sex rail splitter and present Journeyman Cabinet maker delighting audiences with such Choice and original expressions As a Pas signal attraction a and quaint allusions to a free love and Homoeopathy. We expect to be very much amused when the angular Focati Bresof the elect of people make their appearance in new York. What we want a Good anecdote and we Hope the natural ipod est of or. Buchanan a successor will not prevent Lis giving us tie desired . P. Herald. The Texas ordinance of secession. Tie Texas convention on the is instant pay sed the ordinance of secession by a vote of 166 yeas to 7 nays As announced by Telegraph. A despatch from Austin to the Galveston vetos says the vote was taken in the presence of the governor lieutenant governor both Hran Elies of the legislature the judges of the supreme court and District court and the Hon. Or. Mcqueen commissioner from South Carolina All of whom had taken seats in the convention. The tial Veston civilian Nih Lishes tie ordinance As follows an ordinance to dissolve the l Nion Between the stale of Texas and the other states United under the comi styled a the Constitution of the United states of Ai Iier Sec. 1. Ali areas the Federal government has failed to accomplish tie purpose of the compact of Union Between these Stales in giving Protection either to the persons of our people upon an exp posed Frontier or to the property of our citizens and whereas the action of the Northern states is violative of the compact Between the states and the guarantees of the Constitution and whereas the recent developments in Federal affairs make it evident that the Power of the Federal government is sought to be made a weapon with which to strike Down the interests and properly of the people of Texas and her sister slave holding states instead of permitting it to he As was intended therefore a Date the a Zeop be of the state of Texas by delegates in the convention assembled do declare and ordain that the ordinance adopted by our convention of delegates on the fourth 4th Day of july., a. I 1845, and afterwards ratified by us under which the Republic of Texas was admitted into the Union with other states and became a party to the compact styled a the Constitution of the United states of America be and the same is hereby repealed and that All the Powers which by the said compact were delegated by Texas to the Federal government Are revoked and Resi Tineil. That Texas is of right absolved from All restraint and obligations incurred by said compact and is a separate Sovereign state and that her citizens and people Are absolved from All allegiance to the United states or the Gove ziment thereof. Sec. 2 this ordinance shall be submitted to the people of Texas for their ratification or rejection by the qualified voters on the 23d Day of february 1861 and unless rejected by a majority of the votes cast shall take effect and he in Force on and after the 2d Day of March a. I. 18g1. Provided that in the representative District of Elpaso said election May be yield on the 18th Day of february. 1861. Done by tie people of the state of Texas in convention assembled at Austin this first Day of february. A. D. 1861. The despatch from Austin to the civilian says a splendid Banner was immediately presented by the ladies of Austin through Gen. Flournoy and received on tie part of the convention by col. John a. Wharton. Gen. Flournoy deliver ii a Short spirited address and c i. .1. A. Wharton replied in an eloquent speech. Fortress Monroe. Twelve of the leading citizens of Hampton va., have a card in the Richmond whig utterly denying the truth of the statement of representative Logan in relation to the mounting of guns pointing Iii Niiro. The a a card , that Wilile there Are but a three pieces pointing Inland a there Are thirteen in Uncle Ltd upon the land Side which command Hampton and tie adjacent country and can be directed at the a bosom of Virginia a at a moments notice. These guns Are thirty two Pounders and a flank pieces of which lie Hen we obtained their votes. Continued applause permit me fellow citizens to read the Tariff Plank of the i a i. The clinic ago Iila form or rather have it read in your learing i a aft exc Lush e 01 by one who has younger eyes than i . ,.,. I it was Lurt Lier observed that Buttice platforms on or. Lincoln s private Secretary then read Section j the land Side were vacant whilst there is a much Twell tii of the Chicago platform As follows j larger number vacant to tears a the Crater. It May a that while providing Revenue for the support of the 1 be Liere remarked Liat none of the guns above general government by duties u ion in Orts sound poli alluded to have a a sweep of 180�.�?� by requires such adjustment of these imports As May the undersigned arc also informed u in Liat encourage the development of the Industrial interests of i they believe testimony that these the whole country and we commend the policy of a j guns have been recently mounted since 13th Jan., it is also stated upon authority equally reliable that guns have never been mounted upon the land Side before that the Moat haste unkept filled with water since the 15lh january that guns have been mounted in the guard rooms to command the main Gate Entrance and that one at least of tie Bridges if not two is provided with a draw which is raised every night at Retreat Sundown the hous Ings have also been removed from every gun on the same labor As abroad it would be better to protect that parapet on which i sentries Are stationed and cry article of labor at its True Standard of value. If a bar of the hour do Rifici time entire Nair it Iron got out of the mines in England and a bar of Iron i Tiik free in or taken from the mines in Pennsylvania can be j Rod Cpd chantes and manufacturers an adequate Reward for their skill. Labor and Enterprise and to the nation commercial pros Kiriy and or. Lincoln continued now i must confess that there Are shades of difference i construing even this platform but 1 am not now intending to discuss Toliese differences but merely to give you some general idea of the subject. I have Long thought that if there be any article of necessity which can be produced at Home with As Little or nearly the a telegraphic the above Cap Tion the new York Post says there is probably no malicious design on the part of the Western telegraphic operators when they transmit the record of or. Lincoln a speeches yet had they tried to do their worst no greater torture could have been inflicted upon a Many swords than that to which they subject the Public addresses of the president elect. Important passages Are mutilated words snipped out meanings perverted and general confusion produced. The superintendents of Tho telegraphic lines will per form a valuable service if they will instruct their operators to exercise greater care daring the remainder of or. Lincoln a Progress both in the transmission and transcription of the reports of remarks. Floating the some time past it has been found that there was great advantages in floating the magnetic Index card of a ships Compass on a liquid of supporting it on a Pivot. It has now been proposed by m. Santi a manufacturer at Marseilles to employ Glycerine for this purpose. This succeeds admirably the great oscillations caused in the Compass card by the vibration of the screw in steamers Are almost entirely checked by the density and viscosity of this liquid. The English papers state that tote suffering of the weaving population of Coventry is of the most be 1 live received the same flattering demonstrations j of generous support. 1 did not regard them As personal to myself but tendered me As the Humble representative of the principles and policy of the confederated states. 1 will devote to the duties of tie High of Lioe to which 1 have been called All 1 have of heart and of head and of hand. If in the Progress of events it shall become and my services be needed in another position if to big Plain necessity shall require that 1 shall again enter the ranks of the Soldier 1 Hope you will Welcome me applause my friends again thanking you for this manifestation of your applause allow me to bid you Good night. He then retired amid the most enthusiastic demonstrations of applause. The peace co.\feue.\ce. The s Dex Nii of Decoi Teplish tug anything. Wasi Liontos feb. 17.�?some of those who were hopeful of beneficial results from the peace con Ferince Are beginning to de pair and some of the commissioners have advised their Distant friends accordingly. An Effort is now being made to avoid Congress ional action on All the peace propositions. Yesterday or. Guthrie urged immediate action by the conference in order to stay further secession. He charged Congress with a neglect of its High duties in the premises. Or. Curtis of Iowa Republican replied to in a Strong partizan Harangue. The Harmony of the convention is destroyed. From Washington. Washington feb. 17.�?the special agent or Jones despatched by Secretary Dix to new Orleans has satisfied himself that the Revenue Cutter Robert Mcclelland was surrendered to the authorities of Louisiana through complicity Between collector Hatch and Captain Brest Wood before the passage of the ordinance of secession. About ninety speeches have been delivered in the House on the crisis nearly two thirds of them by republicans. There Are still in band enough to make an even Hundred. For the greater part they were carefully written out in Advance of their delivery and Many of them read to empty benches during the formality of the night sessions. Florida . Tallahasse feb. 16.�?the legislature adjourned last night. The election of senators to the Congress of the confederated states was not brought up a Bill authorizing the Issue of Treasury notes amounting to $500,000 was passed. A stay Law was also passed. Tho convention will soon be re convened. President Mcghee is Here for that purpose. Virginia . Resolutions introduced against this coercion of the seceding states. Richmond feb. 16.�?during the session of the convention to Day or. Marr introduced a series of resolutions declaring that Virginia cherished a devoted attachment to the Union and will make any sacrifice consistent with Honor to restore and maintain it but declares her opposition to coercion and is determined not to submit to any administration of the government in which her Rigits Are assailed or not fully protected and if the Union cannot be restored on terms honorable to All its component parts it shall be divided. Or. Morton presented resolutions declaring that Virginia will not submit to the coercion of the seceded states on any pretext and protests against the use of the army and Navy to coerce Auy state now in or out of the Union. She desires to restore the Federal Union and preserve it upon terms of safety and Honor to All its members but if the at the same Cost it follows that if the English bar be shipped from manc Liester to Pittsburg and the american bar from in itt Surg to Manchester the Cost of Carriage is tip reliably lost. Laughter if we had no Iron Liere then we should encourage the shipment from a foreign country. Init not when we can make it As cheaply in our own country this brings us Back to the first proposition that if any article can he produced at Liotine with nearly the same Cost As abroad the Carriage is lost labor. The Treasury of the nation is in such a Low condition at present that this subject now demands the attention of Congress and will demand the immediate consideration of the new administration. The Tariff Bill now before Congress May or May not pass at the a present Sissi ii. I confess i do not understand the precise provisions of this Bill. 1 do not know whether it can be passed by the present Congress or not. It May or May not become the Law of the land but if it does pass that will he an end of the matter until a modification can be effected should that he deemed necessary. If it docs not pass and the latest advices i have Are to the effect that it is still pending the next Congress will have to give it the earliest attention. According to my political education i am inclined to believe that Tho people in the various sections of the country should have their own views carried out through their representatives in Congress. If the consideration of the Tariff Hill should be postponed until the next session of the National legislature no subject should engage your representatives More closely Tolian Liat of the Tariff. If i have any recommendation to make it will be that every Man who is called upon to serve the people in a representative Cai Lacity should study the whole subject thoroughly As i intend to do myself looking to the varied interests of the common country so that when the time for action arrives to advocate that Protection May be extended to the Coal and Iron of Pennsylvania the Corn of Illinois and the reapers of Chicago. Permit me to express the Hope that Liis important subject May receive Sulci consideration at the hands of your representatives that the interests of no part of the country May be Over looked but that All sections May share in the benefits of a just and equitable Tariff. Applause but i am trespassing upon your patience cries of a no no a a Goon a a a we la listen a and must bring my remarks to a close. Thanking you most cordially for the kind reception you have extended to me i you All Adieu. Enthusiastic applause at the conclusion of the speech immediate a rank cents were made for leaving the hotel which occupied considerable time in consequence of the density crowd. The procession then moved through several streets the route being shortened owing to the previous delay on arriving at the depot the solid mass in waiting was almost impenetrable. The enthusiasm manifested exceeded anything Ever before witnessed. In a few minutes the special train approached and the party embarked amidst the shouts and cheers of the excited multitude. Arrival at Cleveland. Cleveland feb. 15.�?.mr. Lincoln and suite left Pittsburg in a smart Shower of rain amid the enthusiastic plaudits of great numbers of people lining the track for a Long distance. At Rochester the train entered on the Cleveland and Pittsburg and at Wellsville a new engine was attached beautifully decorated. At Sabinsville and Bayard crowds had assembled in the rain and mud to get a glimpse at or. Lincoln who merely bowed in response to their cheers. At Alliance an elegant dinner was provided by or. Cul Lough the president of the Hoad. A Salute was tired which broke Many of tie adjacent windows including the one at which mrs. Lincoln was seated. During the dinner a company of zouave stood guard end the band performed the National airs. At Ravenna and Hudson where the train stopped a few moments a great crowd was assembled and displayed much enthusiasm. The train arrived at Cleveland at Twenty minutes after 4 of clock amid the roars of artillery the arrangements for the reception were admirable. The military fire companies and trades paraded and made a Fine display. The procession moved through the principal streets to the Waddell House or. Lincoln being greeted with great enthusiasm. J. N. Masters acting mayor welcomed the president and judge Andrews did the same on behalf of the citizen a committee. Or. Lincoln responded briefly As vere kind. It is said that not one in fifty of the j efforts being made prove unavailing then she will people live had any work for the last four months not hesitate to unite with sister Southern states thus throwing them entirely on Charity. But there i or. Carlisle presented resolutions declaring that is a population of More than fifty thousand in this since the decision of the supreme court in the Case of Chisholm is. State of Georgia and the adoption condition and though much has been done to relieve them there still exists a great amount of destitution. A convention of coloured people was held in Boston on thursday night in Stella Martins Church called in anticipation of an attempt to disfranchised and drive them from the country. An Appeal to the people of Massachusetts was adopted asking Aid and Protection. Resolutions condemning the Crittenden proposition were also adopted. One of the speakers said that if Congress approved of the Compromise be for one in old resist to the death. The recruiting service for the army of Georgia is being prosecuted with vigor throughout that state. The first recruit obtained was or. John c. Taylor late of Virginia a graduate of the Norfolk military Academy and for several years Captain of a merchant vessel in the Southern Trade. The term of service is five years and each recruit receives from $11 to $25 per month with clothing fuel quarters and subsistence. Or. Kellogg m. C., of Illinois has received the following handsome despatch a to air. B Tell or. Kellogg Thattie merchants of Chicago without distil Tiou of party will fire thirty four guns in Honor of Bis position is endorsed by nearly everybody Here. Signed d. the Savannah Republican strongly urges an Extension of the terms of office holders under the new confederacy. It recommends that the president be elected for eight or ten years with a provision for final official retirement on a pension at the expiration of Bis term. Massabo setts has authorized her state trea Borer to inform United state go torment Bondi to the amount of two in Lou of Dounn. Of the eleventh amendment to the Constitution we Are at at a loss to understand Bow the impression that the Federal government possessed Power to coerce a state could have obtained credence. Or. Leake presented a Resolution declaring that if the Federal government undertake to forcibly retake the forts in the seceding states Virginia will regard it As an invasion of the rights of the Southern states and if the government undertakes to collect duties in the seceding states Virginia will regard such acts As coercion and is hereby pledged to resist with All the Means in her Power. Or. Richardson presented resolutions declaring Thattie compact has been repeatedly violated and repudiated by the North and is not binding on the other parties thereto that the peaceable withdrawal of the Southern states is justifiable that we will resist the coercion of such states that it is the duty of the North at once to concede such guarantees As will prevent the recurrence of wrongs and secure our equal rights that the failure to do so is an evidence of indifference or hostility which is alike fatal to our peace and Prosperity that in View of these truths we demand the speedy Security of our rights and Honor in default of which we will dissolve our connection with those who first wantonly wrong is and then obstinately persevere in injury and that Virginia be forthwith put in condition of defence. Or. Flournoy presented resolutions declaring that while Virginia has a High appreciation of the blessings intended to be secured by the Constitution and the Union and will do much and forbear much to perpetuate them she feels bound to declare that an identity of interest would demand and re move the Interpol Aitio of All bar military strength to Roii st a attempted coercion of the Benthem or chairman and fellow citizens of Cleveland we have been marching about two Miles through Snow rain and deep mud. The Large numbers that live turned out under these circumstances testify that you Are in Earnest about something or other. But do i think so meanly of you As to suppose that earnestness is about me it Erson Aliy i should be doing you injustice to suppose that you did. You have assembled to testify your respect to the Union the Constitution and the Laws and Here let me say that it is with you the people to Advance the great cause of the Union and the Constitution and not with any one Man. It rests with you alone. This fact a strangely impressed on my mind at present. In a Community like this whose appearance testify to their intelligence i am convinced that the cause of Liberty and the Union can never be in danger. Frequent allusion is made to the excitement at present existing in National politics. It is Well that i should allude to it Here. I think there is no occasion for any excitement. The crisis As it is called is altogether an artificial crisis. In All parts of the nation there Are differences of opinion. Even Here you did not Alt vote for the person who now addresses you. And How is it with those who Are not Here have they not Alt their rights As they Ever have had ? do they not have their fugitive slaves returned now As they Ever did f have they not the same const Mtnlion that they have lived under for the last seventy Odd years f have they not a position As citizens of this common country and have we any Power to change that position ? cries no what then is the matter with them Why All this excitement Why All these complaints f a i said before this crisis a All artificial. It has no foundation in fact. It was Quot argued up a a the saying is and cannot be argued Down. Let it alone and it will go Down itself. F laughter or Lincoln said that they must be Content with but few words from . He was very much fatigued and had spoken so frequently that he was already ii Oarse. He thanked them for the cordial the magnificent reception they had Given . And not less did he thank them for the votes they gave last fall and quite As much he thanked them for the efficient Aid they had Given the cause which he represented a cause which he would say was a Good one. He had one More word to say. He was Given to understand that this reception was tendered not Only by own party supporters but by men of All parties. This is As it should be. If judge Douglas had been elected and had been Here on Way to Washington As i am to night the republicans would live joined in welcoming justas friends have joined with mine tonight. If All do not join now to save the Good old ship of the Union this voyage nobody will have a Chance to Pilot her another. He concluded by thanking or All present for the Devotion they bad shown for the cause of the Union at the close of the speech or. Lincoln was pre rented with several splendid bouquets and Floral wreaths. A of great cheer was sent up by the crowd for Iii cols my be Union. Georgia. The soil Hern Banner published at Athens g.i., in an article on free Trade says but with free Trade conies direct taxation and a great clamor will be raised at that. Under Ordinary circumstances our people would not submit to this method of raising the Revenue nor Are we prep Arcil to advocate it As a permanency in our governmental policy. But our government Tonsi be set in motion we must be recognized by the great european Powers and if free Trade will Compass these ends surely and speedily let us adopt it temporarily at least. Revolutions cannot be inaugurated and successfully consummated without some hardships and sacrifices and the patriotism of our people will we know Sanction any policy no matter How Many sacrifices it May entail when they arc assured that it will be but temporary and that its Workings will in the end strengthen and promote Llie Best interests of their country. Important army news. A private letter received this morning from the War department says that the great portion of troops which left Friday were bound to reinforce the forts of Washita Arbuckle and Cobb which were reported by Telegraph on monday to be in danger of Attali by secessionists. The remainder of the soldiers ordered for Florida the same letter says will leave next week. On the other Liand a Ierma neat officer of the army Here states that general Scott will try to bring All the forces out of Texas and leave that state to the mercy of the indians and that the Daniel Webster has not gone to the above destination. The latter Rumor is fast gaining ground As some a half Pilot men Are on Board. The most intense excitement prevails in army circles on the subject among the persons who returned from fort York express saturday even ing fort Sumter. The time approaches when fort Sumter will probably be attacked. Let the assailants remember Llinat the Garrison Are in the main poor hirelings bound to obey the orders of their superiors and doubtless not disposed to fight if they could avoid it. That they Are not responsible for the acts of tie president or of the United states and that not one of them should be put to death but As a necessary measure to secure the fort to South Carolina. Let no tone be killed after the fort is surrendered let As Little blood be shed As possible. A. B. Longstreet. The above card from judge Longstreet appears in tie Mercury As an advertisement. Movements in Maryland. Meeting in Calvert county. Pursuant to notice Given a mass meeting of the citizens of Calvert county was hold at in Rince Frederick town on the 9th instant. Colonel Woltera called the meeting to order and briefly stated the object of the meeting. On motion of Jas. 1. Briscoe esq., John Parran and John h. Basford esqs., were called to the chair. Or. Briscoe in making the motion stated that object in naming two gentlemen to preside was that both political parties might be represented and divest the meeting of every partisan appearance. George Ireland was appointed Secretary. Or. Parran one of the presiding officers on taking the chair stated at length the object of the meeting and urged upon it in this moment of extraordinary danger to our institutions unanimity calmness a and firmness. Colonel Sellers off ered the following resolutions which were unanimously adopted 1st. Resolved by the people of Calvert county in convention assembled that while we Are devoted to the Union and Are willing to agree to any fair just and honorable Compromise to preserve it yet it is our opinion that no adjustment should be made that does not include a Complete and final guarantee for All the rights of the South As granted by the Constitution. 2d. Resolved that we Are not for the secession of 3fa-Ryland from tie Union for the Sake of secession but Liat if the North after All the wrongs they have done us and All the abuse they have heaped upon us denying us Christian communion because As they say slave holding is a Quot moral leprosy a denying us the right peaceably to pass through their states with our slave property denying us an equal participation in the common territory of the Union although won by the common blood and treasure of the whole country denying our right to recapture cur fugitive slaves and obstruct ing the practical assertion of that right by mobs and the passing by their Legislatures of their so called a personal Liberty Bills a in open violation of the Constitution and Laws made in pursuance thereof denying our citizens the Protection of their Laws in attempting to reclaim their property and suffering them to be inhumanly murdered and denouncing slaveholders from their Pul its their legislative assemblies and their Public meetings As open violators of the Laws of god and a slavery and polygamy As twin Sisters of barbarism a a if we say after Alt this tie North Liall continue in its course of Oji pres Sion and abuse and shall refuse to give us Clear distinct and specific guarantees for All our constitutional Rigits it is our deliberate judgment that it is the duty of Maryland As it is her rights aright which was never delegated to her by the government and therefore reserved to secede from a Union which instead of protecting our rights is the instrument of our oppression. 3d. Resolved that in our opinion the government has no right to apply coercion either to prevent a state from seceding from the Union or to exercise any jurisdiction within the limits of a seceding state. 4th. Resolved that we Are willing to accept the Crittenden propositions As a basis of a Compromise Between the North and the South provided it meets with the sup port of a majority of the Northern states. 5th. Resolved Liat the convention about to meet in Baltimore should in our judgment recommend to the people of the state speedily to elect delegates to a Sovereign convention to be assembled at such place and such time As it May deem expedient and that in so doing they should make provision for submitting the action of the said Sovereign convention to the people for their adoption or rejection and also to make provision or taking the sense of the people As to whether they desire such convention or not. On motion of Daniel Kent esq., a committee of three from each election District was appointed to nominate six gentlemen to represent this county in the convention to assemble in Baltimore on the 18th instant. The committee reported the following name a col. A. K. Sollors James s. Morrell James a. Bond James t. Wall James t. Briscoe and h. T. Turner . The report of the committee was unanimously adopted us motion of or. N. Duke it was resolved that the delegation be authorized to fill vacancies. On motion of or. Sollers it was ordered Thattie proceedings of this meeting be published in the Baltimore Exchange and other papers. Cecil county. At a meeting of the citizens of Cecil county favourable to the constitutional Union of the states and opposed to coercion and civil War held at the court House in Elkton on wednesday the 13th Day of february 1861, col. John j. Heckart was appointed chairman and Henry c. Mackall Secre. Tary. A committee was appointed to prepare resolutions who reported a series expressing loyalty to the Union to Southern rights and Tho Equality of the states. The following Are the principal ones of the series resolved Liat Westill live Confidence in the people of the Northern states and believe that at the first Opportunity Given them they will Grant to the Southern Stales All trial they ask for their Security and Protection. That we would willingly accept the plan of adjust Cut known As the Crittenden Compromise As most Likely to re Esla Bisti the cordial Good feeling which once Llie Intercourse Between All the states and we Herat in urge its adoption upon the people of the North As necessary for tie restoration of Harmony. That we most solemnly protest against any attempt at coercion believing that such an Ull empt would ii recipe Tate us into civil War with Alt its untold horrors would Render nugatory All efforts for a satisfactory adjustment and would certainly cause a permanent and bloody dissolution of the Union. A that Wilile we feel the most devoted attachment to Llie Union of these states As the source and Security of our multiplied and religious political social and personal we feel bound aug to declare that if the North shall a persistently deny to us the constitutional rights which we claim and thereby occasion an entire disruption of our Union then we Are bound by every obligation to our Honor and dignity As Well As to our interests. To cast our lot with our Brethren of the Southern Border states. Judge Chambers eloquently and most forcibly advocated the resolutions of the committee setting Forth in the clearest manner the interests of Maryland As Trio roughly identified with the Union so Long As the Union could be maintained with Honor and safety to herself but utterly repudiating the idea of Union on any other than those of perfect Elt Iua Ity and a full recognition by Tho North of All her rights. On motion us a. J. In Ennington esq., a committee was appointed to report the names of delegates to the bal Tiodore con Erenee convention to be yield on monday the 18th inst., and the committee reported the following gentlemen As the delegates Edward s. Iones a. J. Pennington John r. Price Davidson d. Pearce col. Johnc. . James Mclyn fire George Garrett we. R. Miller. George r. Howard William Beatty Joseph Golibart Ambrose Ewing Jose in Coudon Andrew Orr Tohn a. Thompson f. Crothers Zimri Taylor Charles h. Haines. The Rev. Or. Mcintire having declined to serve As a Delegate the delegates were authorized to fill vacancies. The meeting was further addressed by col. John c. Groi Ime and John a. J. Creswell esq., repudiating and denouncing the charge of being secessionists As brought against them and those with whom they acted and proclaiming their attachment and Devotion to Union. Or. Jolin w. Davis offered the following Resolution which was unanimously adopted resolved that the delegates a it oin cd to the conference convention have no Power to bind the state to any course of action except Only to submit to the people of the state the question of holding a convention and tie necessary arrangements for a session of tie Sovereign convention if a majority of tie Liole number of the Legal voters of tie state Liall determine to hold one. The Cecil Democrat says that during the remarks of judge Chambers he took occasion to say that he cordially endorsed the resolutions with one exception. Pausing for a moment every ear was strained to learn which if the resolutions it was when it proved to be that one which denounced and reprobate the coercive and a conciliatory sentiments of Henry Winter Davis in late speech in Congress and declaring to he an unworthy representative of the state of Maryland �?o1 would deliberately turn Down a Eivid the judge and the Resolution was unanimously stricken out amid the most deafening demonstrations of disapprobation toward this apostate son of the South. Washington county. Pursuant to Call the delegates from the respective districts of Washington county assembled in the county Hall in Hagerstown on i tuesday Tho 12th instant for the purpose of electing delegates to the proposed state convention. The meeting was organized by selecting the following officers a president Thomas vice presidents Isaac Gruber David Seibert secretaries John Murdock Robert Bridges. Committees were appointed to draft resolutions and appoint delegates to the state convention to meet in convention at Baltimore on the 18th inst. The committee on resolutions reported As follows which on motion were adopted resolved that the people represented by this convention Are unqualified Day Opi posed to civil War and All measures calculated to produce so great a calamity. Resolved that by peaceful action alone can this Union be reconstructed and Llinat peace should be maintained until the people of the whole country can deliberately in order to secure to the people of the South their liberties and institutions by All proper constitutional guarantees. Resolved that it is becoming More and More a Parent that tie United action of the peo ii of the Border slave Liol Ding states is required to Avert civil War and maintain peace until such action can be Lead that will result in amendments to tic Constitution As shall give perfect Security to the people and tie institutions of the South and if possible make perpetual Liis Union upon the solid basis of the Equality of tic states and of tie rights of person and property. Resolved Liat it is the Rig lit and duty of tie pc de when the exigency May require to assemble and consult together upon their political and civil interests and that we therefore heartily respond to the cd a from the Baltimore meeting for a convention to meet in Baltimore on the 18th inst., and we will accordingly select twelve delegates to represent us in said convention. Resolved that the propositions offered by senator Crittenden of the u. S. A Quot enact would be Acccia Tahle As a basis of adjustment of our National difficulties. The committee on delegates reported the following names to the convention which were approved Geo. Freaner a. Rench r. Al. Alves a. K. Syester l. T. Brien. Or. Macgill w. T. Lla Milton John Murdock t. 11. Crampton David Seibert g. E. Stonebreaker j. Beeler. 11. H. Alvey esq., and Hon. We. T. Hamilton responded to rails and made Able and eloquent speeches. Worcester county. On , 12th february �ns4., a Large Imin Ber of the citizens of Worcester county met in the court House at Snow Hill to select Delegate Quot to the convention to be held in Baltimore on the 18th inst. On motion. Major William e. Sturgis was called to the chair and Thomas e. Martin and or. E. A. Tingle appointed secretaries. The following named gentlemen were selected As delegates to the convention or. J. Henry. Geo. Purnell Seth m. Whaley or. J. W. Lii slip Hon. William ii. Purnell or. Edward Hubbel or. J. T. B. Mcmaster col. G. W. P. Smith. I have drawn their salaries for the full session is us Terly unti be. They were paid up to the time of service and no More. Besides according to Law every member has a pro Ruitt reduction in Liis salary for every Days absence. The Rumor is gaining ground that the president will set aside the award of Hon. Cave Johnson the commissioner selected by to adjudicate tie Paraguay claims. It will he recollected that or. .1. Decided against these , the advocacy of John Appleton who left the state department to manage them before the commissioner. The Seward men claim that he is now firmly in the Saddle and cannot be jigs led nut of Ali inc. They assert with i dual Confidence that there will be a harmonious Cabinet in the interest of peace and conciliation. I he off it on still bitter. Or. Dawes of Massachusetts in the House select committee on treason is preparing a report on the conduct of the Secretary of the Navy. It will probably a accompanied by a Resolution of censure. The conference Between the two Kiouses Over tie deficiency Bill is still pending. It is understood they Are Likely to agree and will pro Abl report on monday. 1 he executive session of Friday was upon the nomination of senator Kennedy a son for a naval appointment Ali ice alter being confirmed was discussed on a motion to reconsider. Affairs in Charleston. Irom the Charleston papers of thursday we compile the billowing summary of affairs in and about that City .oh is. Vegetables. The guard boat with a detachment of volunteers on special service was fired at on last tuesday night by a Sentinel on fort Sumter. We suppose this Federal Soldier decided in own mind that steamers had no business in that neighbourhood or perhaps he intended it As a quiet reminder that at any moment a vessels would not be permitted to pass within Range of the guns of my Fine sirloin of beef a leg of pork with poultry vegetables ac., &c., several bbl. Sugar and sundries Turco cans sperm of to Ugat the lamps in the from Sunset to Sunrise wore duly delivered the same Day to the consignee Robert Anderson fort . M. Furman e."q., in resident of the Bank of the state of South Carolina officially announces the readiness of Liat institution to Issue in compliance with an of the late legislature Bonds to the amount of $075,000, bearing an interest of 7 per cent. They Are issued in sums of $50, $100 and $500, and those taking them May it is intimated have them converted into Stock by the next legislature. The funds thus to be raised Are intended to sustain the state in her present so Vercini a attitude. Lincoln sly eak Quot. That our readers May not fail to understand the views and policy of Lincoln As regards the con federate states we Call attention to remarks at Indianapolis. In opinion tie United states holding those forts which have not yet been cali tured and retaking those which have been captured of the collide rate states and the collection of duties in their ,is neither coercion nor invasion but a gentle exercise of legitimate Power towards so Many rebellious counties to bring Vliem to their senses. Lincoln is a Cool Man an Able Man a determined Man a Man not of words it of action who says what lie Means and Means what he says an Earnest Man Willial and no politician. Our re iders May come to their own Mercury. Turtte Days later Fri Al Europe a the it of Hai in Toile. Probable speedy surrender of Gaeta. Result of the italian elections. Conilio Triin of Llic dispute incl Wei ii l Enin arli. I Ussia Pina Ciai an1> news. Rise in american securities. To which they Helon and have every reason for the most intimate relation of Friendship. A Vlf of to Fitow that if these overtures Are rejected Italy will be forced More Tolian Ever to unite herself to or Nncel and to accept Ali the conae que noes of that Alliance and the Obi stations it May entail. India and China. The papers contain their usual correspondence ac., Troin India and China hut As the american portion of these mails came Forward by the Canada the Jowa in general has l Een fully anticipated. 1 he correspondent of the Condon time of writing at lion Quot Kong a on Tho 15th of december save excellency or. Nard was to sail that Day in the frigate Nia Ijara. Theta moment that lord Lipin had gone to Japan a not confirmed but sir Hope Grant had gone on a visit to that country. The United states ship of War Niagara John Adams Hartford and Saginaw were All at Idiong Kong on the 15th of december. Comm Clata . London Money decided improvement was observable in tie funds. Consols on the 29lh advanced a per cent., closing firm at 91 it ii for Money and 91x <192 for account. The improvement on the Paris bourse and the fact of Gold Ilot ving to the Bank were the chief incentives to tie Advance. In the discount Market tie demand was Active at full Rales. The applications at Llie Bank of England were to a moderate extent. Additional failures in the Levant Trade including d. Nav one p. Salvago co., and s. P. Zizinia of London and d. R. Rodocanachi of Manchester had been announced. American railway securities were in Active request in London on the 29th, at advanced prices. Liverpool , Jan. 30., a. Cotton the Market is Dull and prices Are a Shade easier although Friday s quotations Are nominally continued. The sales of monday and tuesday were Only about 12,000 Bales including 5,c00 for speculation and Export. Trade at Manchester is very Dull. There was nothing done yesterday in cloth and but very Little in yarns. Prices of both were irregular and a Shade lower. Breads Tufts messes. Richardson Spence amp co. Say that the pressure to sell which prevailed at the departure of the Canad Ahad abated and at yesterday s Market the Depre Fitton was a Lutie r�-covur4�u. A so heat was in moderate demand at fridays prices. Western Winter red 12s 2d ml2s.3d. Southern red 12s fid it 12s 9d. White Southern 14s.15s. Flour slow at �?�29s.fa 29j. Fid for extra other kinds Nom Nal. Corn in better request and closed 6d. Better mixed 37s. De yellow Gss h Gss. 3d. White slow 39s. A 39s. Fid. and pork very quiet and nominally unchanged. Bacon in limited demand at 50s. Ii 51s. For Good Long middles rib in. Lard slow and nominal at 57?. . 09s. Tallow a Juiet hut in changed. rather higher sales of common at 4s. 7d u43. 8d. Spirits of turpentine 31s. Sugars quiet a co flee no sales reported Rice Ste do. Sales of Phila. Delphia bark atos. . Ashes Dull pols 29s. Pearls 29. A. Go of .30s. m.\rkets�?brendstuitsdull, and both eng life and foreign Licat rather lower a sugars quiet and fid of is. Cheaper. Coffee firm. Tea very firm. Rice in limited demand to it rices unaltered. Tallow quiet Anda Shade lower y. C., 59s. . Linseed Oil 2ss. 3d. Scotch ,49s.fi49s. 3d. Latest news. Z?a�7y news City article Wiedri fuday Eten Ingu London. Thursday Jan. 31, Ifil a the funds closed about s per cent lower and British railway stocks Deci i higher than Yeste Nlay. In discount Market Tho rate for Good Hills i to 7 per cent Tower. Limes City Ardick the English funds closed at a decline of per cent., in consequence of rather heavy for the account and tie receipt of unfavourable quotations from , in the general discount Market there was a better Supply of Money but Little or no hu.�?~<inc3s was done below 7 per cent. At the bunk the a it plications were on a Large scale. On the Slock Exchange Short Loans on government securities could be obtained at by percent or less. There were no transactions in Gold at the to Day. The last a a Ricc from Paris this evening shows a sudden fall of More than per cent in the 3 per Cut. Lyndon Deriv Nova Scotia from Portland on Lutali inst., arrived Here , and having landed All her mails proceeded to Liverpool. London. Jan. 31.�? opening prices Consols Money consol.?, account 91k a 7� new threes 91. Latest a uksts via Al sex a town. ool on the sales of Cotton wednesday and thursday were 12,000 Hales including 3,000 to $ l curators and exporters. Tie Market closed with a rather better inquiry at a decline of cd. On the week. and steady. Provisions Dull. Produce closed of Piet and steady. stocks a there has be n an Advance. Illinois Central was i noted at 20 discount. Erie Railroad quoted 30yeslei�lay, but Are higher this morning though no quotations Are received. On motion the meeting adjourned. So. Island secret a. From the correspondence of the Northern rumours from Washington. In Uera nations of the soc then confederacy for War. Intelligence received Here to Day through private sources from Montgomery indicates that lha Southern Congress have been most vigorously at work in secret session for a week past. Arrangements live been made by which the sum of fourteen millions of dollars will be at their disposal on the 1st of March. By that time it is contemplated they will have ready for the Field fifty drilled regiments of troops. The object of this extensive preparation is to resist Federal coercion and in Case to March on Washington. It is said that assurances have recently been received that no attack will be made on either fort Sumpter or fort i Ickens and As Scon As or. Davis shall have been inaugurated As president of the Southern confederacy he will Send a minister to Washington with Power to negotiate concerning various matters in dispute. However this May be it is certain As ascertained from an undoubted source that major Anderson feels himself secure in position and should he be assailed no doubt is entertained that he can retain it until Suc cored by the government. The peace Congress. It is now evident that the Republican is divided in peace Congress. The majority report of the committee supported by the members representing Ohio Pennsylvania Rhode Island and other states advocate the modified Guthrie propositions which will keep any More states from seceding and bring Back those which have gone out. But the straight republicans say Hoy they Are on the Chicago platform and wont move a hair beyond it in any direction to save the Union or to Avert civil War. By Way of Grace they intimate that they will consent to a constitutional convention in which but few Southern states would be represented and the North would outvoted those there. The Strong Union men say that the i unwise speeches of or. Lincoln Rob them in the eyes of the convention of All Power to meet the other Side with peace advances. Whipping in of commissioners. Since the convention met telegrams to Northern governors who refused to appoint commissioners have brought delegations of rampant republicans or authority to congressmen to . This has virtually checked the action of Tho Congress As a representation of a the people a and has incensed the delegates regularly appointed by the Border states. A a a bolts May ensue and we May see the real Congress Compo sed of the delegates of the Middle tier of states leave the Northern Brethren to go their own Way even As uie sece Derf have gone. The seizure of Revenue cutters. The agent of the Treasury whom Gen. Dix sent to Mobile and new Orleans has returned and made an official report. He states All the facts connected with the seizure of the Revenue cutters by the local authorities and the conduct of the officers on Board. According to observation the Union feeling was still Strong in All the seceding states but South Carolina and they expected to return under some arrangement not Distant in the future. Book investigation committee. Messes. Pryor Maynard and Edwards Are investigating the assertion seceding members have taken away Largo giant tics of books and it appears thus far that the missing volumes have been left in committee moms or hotels. A Deputy librarians statement of the absence of the books was snatched up by a gatherer and published without having been verified. There has been some Gross carelessness but probably in deliberate purpose to injure the congressional l Library by personal appropriation of books. Our american minister at London. As an evidence of the cordial feeling existing on the part of Tho British government towards the United states a gentleman just returned from London informs me that the Queen has extended constant and marked attention to the american minister or. Dallas and family. This is one of the results of the Hearty Welcome of the Prince of Vales to the United a states by our people. Or. And mrs. Dallas have been invited to Windsor and the Queen has walked and dined alone with mrs. Dallas. The fifty Dollar tbea8dby notes. Or. Sherman from the committee on ways and Means will press Bis fifty Dollar Treasury note proposition notwithstanding the proposition already initiated. The Bill will come up on monday or tuesday next. The passage of or. Sherman a proposition will enable those of the great middling classes of the North who believe in Republican principles to participate in the Effort of rescuing the government from its present financial dilemma. The Republican conference to night to which at least one democratic member of the House has been invited will probably determine the course of the majority in Congress in this respect. Miscellaneous. A prominent Republican member of Congress says or. Lincoln a speech at Indianapolis is not to be construed into meaning coercion that mind is not a direct one and that he always attempts to accomplish a thing by circumlocution that while be o Penly with party Clear up to the Chicago platform be secretly favors measures of Compromise. Ven be gets Here Aud is fixed in the harness of the Constitution be will be induced by Eward and others to accept one of the modes of and eastment already offered probably that of or Adams of Massachusetts. The screw steamship City of Baltimore capt. In Etrie which sailed from Liverpool at noon on the 30th, and from Queenstown on the evening of the 3lst ult., arrived at new York at 12 of clock on Friday night bringing �18,172 in specie. Tie australasian reached Liverpool at about 1 j of clock in the afternoon of tie 27th ult. The Cunard company announces that the Lura from Liverpool on the 5th of february would be the last departure of their screw line Lor the present owing to the falling off in shipments to United states. Great . At the meeting of the Toyal geographical society in London on the 2sth Ultimo the subject of the proposed North Atlantic Telegraph route was discussed capt. Sir Leopold Mcclintock read a paper giving an account of recent surveys in tie bulldog and showing the practicability of the route. Sir Charles Bright also read a paper by capt. Allan Young who commanded the st Ana yacht Fox containing recommendations As to several Landing places of the Cable. Another paper read by or. John use giving an account of journey across the largest of the Faroe islands and part of Iceland. And a fourth paper was read by col. Shall nor in which he explained the working of the Telegraph circuits either in Short stages or from Scotland direct to discussion upon the various papers was adjourned till tie next meeting of the society. The prospectus of the new India loan Lead been issued in London. The amount is �3,000,000sterling, in 5 per cent Stock redeemable on and after 1870, upon one years notice. The pid tical crisis in Merica continued to he a leading topic almost daily in the journals and among business men it formed principal subject for discussion and speculation. Or. Seward a speech lad been published at considerable length in the news ii it is and its merits were freely canvassed. The London times applauds or. Seward a arguments that South Carolina is guilty of rebellion and says that they Are the principles which Sli Ould have been Laid Down by in resident Buchanan. It further says however that with this important exc edition it not Sec much to Admire in the speech. The Herald says it is very generally understood that the Shi Jiping question will to brought before in parliament by government in the Early part of the coming session. An important c inference in the affairs of India a mainly it is supposed with reference to the culture of Cotton was to be held at Manchester on the 31st ult., under the auspices of the Manchester chamber of Commerce. A Young Man named Thomas Donigan hailing from Boston mass., had committed a murder in Liverpool by stabbing and had also nearly killed father lie had avoided arrest. France. The in Paterson Bonapa the cause was postponed till the 1st of february for the reply and the speech of the in Public minister. The arguments were expected to be brought to a close in that Day and the judgment would probably be Given a Day or two thereafter. The Monit cur contains a decree ordering the creation of a medal in of the expedition to China which will be bestowed on All those who have taken part in the expedition. Tie in Aris correspondent of the London he All alludes to a report that the French government had instructed its envoy at Berlin to demand explanations touching the Quot pc Eek of King William to is generals. A pamphlet was about to appear in i , entitled Russia and the treaties of Ric Iii. The emperor is represented As the Champion of nationalities and it gives the King of Russia to understand that if he does not mind what lie is about France May make War upon in the grand duchy of Posen. The belief was assiduously cultivated in Paris that the military made in Prussia professedly on account of the diff Ernce with Denmark Are in reality intended for a War with France. Prussia and Austria it is Given out Are on the eve of an anti French Alliance and Saxony and Bavaria will join. An important reduction in telegraphic changes Between France and England was announced for the 1st of february and modifications were also to take place throughout France. The report of a. Troplong i resident of the a Senate on the publicity to be Given to the debates of the Chambers recommends that the report of the Short hand writers for the shall be furnished at the same time to the other papers. The London times Speaks of Friendly representations on the part of England being Likely to Lead very shortly to important modifications in the French navigation Laws. Trade in France is represented As being confined within the narrowest limits. 1 he in Aris flour Market was Dull and prices rather lower. Wheat however was unchanged. Tho bourse on the 29th was buoyant and animated and rentes closed at 68f. 5c. Italy. A fresh circular has been addressed from Gaeta to the ministers of Francis ii. At the diff Erent courts. It states that the King is resolved to meet to the end All the perils of position. Tho Spanish frigates quilted Gaeta Simul Tancous by with the French. The elections to Tho italian parliament were con ducted with order and Tranquillity. The latest despatch from Turin relative to the elections is dated the 30th, and says a Tho elections for North Italy Are now All know. N. They secure a Large majority to the government. In Lombardy they Are better than they were last year. The Mazzini an party has been completely beaten. The returns from Naples Are Good. It is calculated that two thirds of the elected Are favourable to the government. A the first news from Sicily is very Good. Messina Syracuse and Catania have returned leaders of the moderate party. Crispi has been Defeated at a despatch of the 29lh, from Naples says that a Flag of truce was sent on the 27th from Gaeta to the italian Fleet. An italian Steamer immediately proceeded to the fortress and the firing was afterwards suspended on both sides. Deserters from the Bourbon army speak of a project to surrender Gaeta. Sundry modifications in the neapolitan Tariff Are announced. The Export duty on rags is reduced 25 per cent., and in the duty on oils Liere is also a reduction. Austria. Messes. Robuck and lever As the representatives of an English company Are said to have off ered to Supply Austria with ten steamers armed with rifled Cannon and Austria is said to have sent a commission to England to inquire into the matter. The austrian government a said to anticipate outbreaks in Hungary and to have made full preparations to the report that France had demanded explanations on account of the speeches delivered by the King was denied in ministerial and diplomatic quarters at Berlin. In the commission appointed by the prussian chamber of representatives to invite the address in Reily to Royal speech a proposition to insert a paragraph decl Trio that the consolidation of Italy was in the interest of Europe was lost by a majority of one Only ten against and nine for. The Independence says Gen. De la Marmoras Mission to Berlin is to re sure Prussia As to the intentions of Piedmont with regard to Germany to induce her to recognize the Possession of Venetia As a necessity for Italy and a danger for Austria and the germanic confederation to make it Clear that the two Powers a big a the one in Germany and Tiplea o f con i nationalities the peace Congress propositions. The following is Tho propositions submitted to the peace Congress on saturday by the committee. It will be seen upon comparison that the proposition As by the committee is vastly different from the one originally submitted by or. Guthrie. The committee 12 to 9. Maine new Hampshire. Mas Sachs cats Vermont Connecticut and new York Iii Virginia represented by or. Seddon voting against the proposition. Rhode Island voted for the proposition Art. 1. In All tic territory of the United states not embraced within the limits of the Cherokee treaty Grant North of a line from East to West on parallel of Hirly six degrees thirty minutes North latitude involuntary servitude except in Puri Ament of crime is prohibited whilst it shall be under a territorial government and in All the territory South of said Lino the status of persons owing service or labor As it now exists shall not a changed by Law while such territory shall be under a territorial government and neither Congress nor the territorial government shall have Power to hinder or Jire vent the taking to said territory of persons held to labor or involuntary service within United a states according to the Laws or usage s of any slate from which such persons May be taken nor to the rights arising out of said relations which shall be subject to jul the report pretty extensively orc plated that i the other in Italy represent the principles o f co be member of Congress from seceding states i tit National Liberty Are the Loul of the nationality Docial cognizance in Federal courts according to the common Law and when any territory North or South of said line Witlin such Boundary As Cor Gress May prescribe shall contain a population required for a member of Congress according to the then Federal ratio of representation it shall if its form of government a Republican be admitted into the Union on an equal footing with the original states with or without involuntary service or labor As the Constitution of such new state May provide. Art. 2. Territory shall not be acquired by the United states unless by treaty nor except for naval and commercial stations and depots unless such treaty shall he ratified by Lour lifts of All the members of the Senate. Art. 3. Neither the nor any amendment thereof Liall he construed to give Congress Power to abolish or control Witt in any state or territory the relation established or recognized by Trio Laws to Hereof touching persons hound to labor or involuntary service therein or to interfere with or abolish involuntary service in the District of Columbia without the consent of Maryland and without the consent of the owners or making the owners who do not consent just com it sensation nor the Power to interfere with or prohibit representatives and others from bringing with them to the City of Washington retaining and taking away Persona so hound to labor nor the Power to interfere with or abolish involuntary service in places under the exclusive Juri diction of the United states within those Stales and territories where the same is established or recognized nor the Power to prohibit the removal or transportation by land sea or River of persons held to labor or involuntary service in any state or in err Itoiz of the United states to any other state or territory thereof where it is Costah Lilied or recognized by Law or usage and the right during Trani Portalios of touching at shores ports and landings and of Landing in Case of distress shall exist nor shall Congress have Power to authorize any higher rate of taxes in persons bound to labor than on land. A Art. 4. The Hirid of second Section of Tho fourth article of the Constitution shall not he construed to prevent any of the states by appropriate legislation and through the action Lif their judicial and ministerial officers from enforcing the delivery of fugitives from labor to the person to whom such service or labor is due. Art. 5. The foreign slave Trade Aud the importation of Quot laves into Tho United a tates and their territories from places beyond the present limits thereof Are forever prolix hitch. Art. 6. The first second third and fifth articles together with article of these amendments and the third of the second Section of the first article thereof shall not he amended or abolished without Tiu consent of All i hesitates. Art. 7. Congress shall provi to by Law that the United states shall May to the owner the full value of fugitive from labor in All cases where the marshal or other officer a Louse duty it was to arrest Sitch fugitive was prevented from so doing by violence or intimidation or Wien after arrest such fugitive was rescued by Force and the owner thereby prevented and obstructed in tie Pursuit of remedy for the recovery if such fugitive. The a a ind kit Eide ii \ dry goods . A the liabilities of messes. Bowen Holmes amp co., the great dry goods merchants in new York Are stated to be a million and a lir if of dollars. They propose to pay 70 per cent in Cash As their Oil i gators mature and the remaining 30 per cent in Stock of the Indi Pendrul their creditors advancing the latter amount in Cash and taking the shares. The journal of come Nice states that the assets of the firm show a Largo surplus. They include $300,000 in the paper. It is said to have 65,000 subscribers. a in acidic Railroad Bills to Cost one Hundred and Twenty millions of dollars and prop rising to build seven steam sloops of War to Cost twelve Hundred thousand dollars at a time w Hen the Secretary of the Treasury says there is not Money enough in Tho Federal exchequer to pay Oil current liabilities even to say nothing of the i evolution which is rending the Union asunder. The Southern journals urge the planters to attend More to Corn than Cotton culture As the demand for Tho latter will be abridged by a hesitation to invest in Cotton manufactures at Tho North and elsewhere. Prices it is contended will be depressed so As Cotton is concerned for a variety of reasons. A Resolution has been introduced Iutin the Massachusetts , declaring the opinion that the Federal government ought to buy All the slaves within our National Borders and thus put an end to trouble. It was referred to the committee on Federal relations. From observations made by coast Survey it has been determined that the tidal wave in Boston Harbor flows in from the sea at Tho rate of fifty Miles per hour. The wave travels Tho entire distance from Boston lower Light to the Charlestown dry Dock in twelves minutes. An English paper says that in punching the Eye holes of Needles by hand children who Are the operators acquire such a dexterity As to he Able to pub a human Bair and thread it with another for the amusement of visitors. Or. Arthur Kinlock is translating from the italian a Napoleon Bonaparte the first a from the pen of brother Louis Napoleon sex King of Holland. _ the Bill appropriating $50.000 for the Relief of the sufferers in Kansas passed the new a Ork Senate on Friday As it came from the Assembly. It now goes to the governor. Extensive preparations Are going on in ail the Northern states to celebrate tto a f february with unusual Honor and with Little regard to Cost. There is a Rumor of new ladies Magazine to be started by a leading a Quot of publishers. The name of mrs. S. Hall 13 spoken of As the Eitress of the new publican no the abbe Migne announces the termination of a Library of the Tho work consists of 326 Quarto volumes in double columns and 12 volumes of indices Are in the press. A Little Dorrit a by or. Charles Dickens has just been translated into French by Mons. P. Lorain. _ radishes dandelions and fresh Shad Bare made their appearance in the Boston Market
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