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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 5

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Baltimore, Maryland The 1963 kind of july Day it was recalled a a a y � it a afro one is an effective afro Community service to help you solve problems whatever they May be. All you have to do is write a Post card to afro line afro. 828 n. Eutaw St. . Box 1857. Baltimore my. 21203. In addition to slating the question you want answered include your name address and Telephone number. Question in your very Fine editorial a Ogwynn Oak Park quits Quot june 29, 1974you took Many of us Iown memory Lane. We need you afro to continue to remind us what a struggle it has been to get our equal rights and Bow the fight must still go on. Quot you would do your younger readers a service if you give them some further idea of the kind of Day ii was in july 1963, when the 500 Freedom fighters your editorial referred to came Here to Baltimore and joined our ministers and Ether citizens in non violent demonstrations demanding the opening of Gwynn Oak Park to All. Let to let the youngsters of today know How it was. A a mrs. F. G. Answer this Reader to suggestion prompts our reprinting of this july 1963 article by then afro City editor George w. Collins entitled a of struggle. For human dignity Quot by George in. Collins while the rest of America tolled balls thursday july 4, to a Olet Freedom Ping Quot in Observance of 187 years of Freedom and Independence 500 Freedom riders stormed Gwynn Oak Park the major outpost of segregation remaining in metropolitan Baltimore. In an Effort to make Freedom for All a reality for All americans Freedom hiders from Baltimore Philadelphia new Jersey and new York staged a massive anti segregation demonstration 5 h Fri Edom fighters were on hand in Baltimore eleven jugs Anu. This afro hic photo shows police ensling residents of both races because they dared protest discrimination at a Public Park. Acom Nanjing afro article from july %3 edition tells what kind of Day it was in answer to an afro line Reader to request. That left the All White Park reeling. During the two hour assault on the racially segregated amusement Center one mile beyond the City line 310 persons including High ranking churchmen and Community leaders of both races were jailed. Some were charged with trespassing on private property and others were accused of disorderly conduct. Arrested during the demonstrations thursday. Of that number 39 persons had been released from custody on $103 Bonds. They appeared in court also for arraignment. They prayed jury trials and a heir Bonds were continued. One demonstrator Dale e. Whitt. 26, of new York City was held for action of Friday evening magistrate or John a the county s Serio of the Woodlawn police court released 163 demonstrators on their own � recognizance and in the custody of their lawyers mrs. Juanita j. Mitchell and Robert b. Watts. Spiro. Agnew executive of Baltimore county had appealed to judge Serio to release the defendants without imposing bail upon them. During the courtroom a proceedings the defendants waived preliminary hearing and requested a jury trial in the Baltimore county circuit court. A total of 283 persons had been Page opposite i Baltin to Merican a-5. July 13.1974 i police testified that they found a a codeine compound on him. Another demonstrator is accused of conspiracy. James e. Dingle 18, of the 3600 Block of Harlem ave., is accused of conspiracy with Walter � Carter. 40. A former chairman of Baltimore Core which organized and sponsored a the demonstration. To trespass at Gwynn Oak. Or. Dingle who is also charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct is being held in $409 bail. A Many others were released on $103. Bail and others chose to remain in jail including the Rev. Marion c. Bascom pastor Douglas memorial Community Church and prominent local civil rights Leader the Rev. Frank ? of metropolitan methodist Church and president of the interdenominational ministers Alliance the Rev. William t. Mango Vernon n. Dobson David Andrews and Clinton. R. Coleman. Also Edward Chance chairman Baltimore chapter of the Congress of readers rap on Many issues be dirt a it invited if submit letters for publication. must a signed to to Igna Lur will by omitted if requested tatter should by no Mort than 200 words in length. Address them to t our readers say Quot. Baltimore afro american lp.oboxj857, Baltimore a Aryland 21203. Reach out and help Pear afro i am terribly proud of the Many Black people who in spite of a National policy of Bias and oppression in our country sidestepped every obstacle and left behind a Trail of glory and achievement. People like Ethel Waters Bert Williams Duke Ellington Henry Armstrong Are a sampling of the Many names we will remember. These people could no to get a hotel room or eat at a Broadway restaurant. Unless they owned their own bus they were required to ride in the Back of the bus. What to done is done. I am not bitter but i have not forgotten. I often think of the ethnic groups who escaped to America to Freedom and to escape persecution and i wonder Why then am i persecuted by people who fled a slavery and starvation and instituted barriers of stigma subjugation and bigotry to the innocent Black people. President Andrew Johnson who had been a slave himself turned his Back on cur. New Freedom and All of the following presidents and supreme courts slowly we came slowly the Sands of time began to shift in our favor. Perhaps the most talented of time was Duke Ellington. He had the greatest jazz band was the greatest jazz Arranger and held copyright to Over 4,000 songs and compositions. Had i been or. Ellington i would have constructed the Ellington building on the Campus of some College or major school to remind All the world that my presence would be forever Felt and that my work would be a perpetual Effort to inspire any of those who would come after me. But it is not just or. Ellington. I am addressing myself to All of the super stars who have made millions and should have reached out and grasped an armful of Black Brothers and Sisters to make their endeavours possible. We could All use a Little encouragement and we could All enjoy a Little Success. But if our successful Brothers take on on air of indifference or take on the Altitude of Andrew Johnson then How will we be Ever Able to contribute to the culture or Progress of this afro visitors dear afro May i thank you and the other officers of the afro american newspapers for giving us so generously of your time and for meeting with us this morning. Tuesday a the enrollees of the Bryn mawr summer program for adults found racial Equality Cor which sponsored the massive protest with the cooperation of other religious and civil rights organizations. All of the 44 women jailed Are at Middle River. Ninety two other persons remained in Towson jail at afro press time. Despite the massive mailings which. Marred the nation to Independence. Celebration there was Noua sin Glen a i Dent of violence or police brutality a Stark contrast to previous july 4 demonstrations at Gwynn Oak dating Back to 1952. Responsible for this is Baltimore county to new police chief Robert Lally former assistant chief of the Baltimore Fri office. Quot we Are Here to protect the rights of everyone. We will enforce the Law As it exists fairly and impartially Quot he declared As the last bus Load of demonstrators were hauled from the Park. Freedom riders entered the Park were asked to leave and read the trespassing statute then jailed when they refused to leave. Those who chose to. Walked to waiting patrol wagons and school buses. Others who refused to walk were bodily carried to the shouting screeching and applauding approval of spectators. Spectators who deserted All amusement devices and refreshment stands in the sprawling Park were also under strict to control on orders from chief Lally. They were forbidden from hurling vile insults and racial epithets. A few rough necks started a chant of insults and heckling sprinkled with vulgarity and profanity. Chief inspector eerie e. Binham stopped them cold with this warning. Using buses private cars transit vehicles and walking the demonstrators launched the massive assault on Gwynn Oak exactly too years and a Day after the Union army sounded the death Knell for the cause of the South and segregation at Gettysburg. The civil War fighters 1963-style, using deployment strategy that would have reflected credit on Union Gen. George g. Meade at the height of the bloodiest Battle in the history of the Veteran prelate a the Rev. In Gila Vins Graham minister of Knox ?Tian Church in East Baltimore was Ammu ministers smelled in july a it 3 demonstration Gwynn Oak. As shown Iii this Aero tile photo. Long identified with he ii rights causes and an outspoken advocate of Justice the Rev. Or. Graham now 74. Reined lust week Atter 48 years in the ministry. $ of the general Assembly of the United presbyterian Church.,. The it. Rev. David Carrigan National Conner of a protestant and episcopal churches Austin heal country refused to be denied Entrance to visiting the office of a newspaper and a learning about the history of the afro few of the caravan buses and autos family and organization an exciting and came near the main Entrance of tho interesting experience. Park. Mrs instead they drove directly to pre guide director designated entrances and unloaded its human cargo which quickly vanished into the Park Only to encounter several of the approximate too county police to � posted ii rough outta a paric a to or. Lally declined to release the exact number of officers on duty hut it Wasny to possible to walk More than a few a Yards anywhere in the area without bumping into county policemen to foil detection before they entered � several bus loads of the demonstrators waded across a Stream of water three Jeet deep carrying shoes in their hands. The waders included men. Women and children of All Ages of both races. Amusement and recreation activities were paralysed during the two hour protest and Only moved at snails Pace while police spectators and owners awaited the arrival of demonstrators. While the Park literally buzzed with excitement internally nearly too demonstrators walked the picket line in the Center strip which divides the dual Lane Gwynn Oak ave. They were banished to the Middle of the Busy thorough fare when the owners claimed their property rights extended to Hie Middle of the West bound Lane of Gwynn Oak ave. The pickets included several Catholic a priests local and out of town it who carried signs proclaiming � us. Messages of Equality jus. And Freedom. Among them were Quot freestate Isno to free Quot Quot free in �?t63,&Quot a Public Means negro and Quot All men Are coated equal Quot a with Independence came Quot give me Justice or give my jail Quot a eyes of America is on Gwynn Oak Quot a Wake up White Man a Etc Ete Rait Quot Cetera. Among Early arrivals were some of sickness that is eating at the very heart the top churchmen in the country. They of american segregation included this was july 4th, 1963, in Baltimore or. Eugene Carson Blake stated clerk Maryland . Jewish Mother to views representing the Baltimore archdiocese. For the first time in the history of Baltimore demonstrations clergymen from a faiths and denominations took an Active role in anti segregation protest. Among those jailed and released or remained in prison Are some of the most prominent names in the local Catholic hebrew and protestant churches. Or. Blake who is also vice chairman of the National Council of churches committee on religion and race gave this reason for heavy outpouring of White clergymen Quot both the National Council of churches and the United presbyterian churches of the want to Quot take action which would identify White religious leaders with coloured religious leaders in the struggle for human the demonstrators were pleasure of most americans on this 4th of july a typical Holiday dinner. As late As la . It. Ekenroad said they had not been fed. However he declared that Quot they Are eating like they Are Quot they bought it themselves Quot he laughed. Long past. Midnight police Laboured under the unwanted Burden of booking a releasing or. Jailing outstanding Quot americans both prominent and obscure. This Border was imposed by a i we had a Quot hell of an Uphill struggle but land our5? Paul d. Mcallister crime p j. Led dear afro a policeman has the authority to maintain order and enforce the Law. There Are times when he May be in a position to prevent crimes but these must be the exceptions rather than the Rule. It a in cases of violence out in Hie open muggings holdups robberies ratings killings Etc if he happens to be on the spot he might be Able to prevent the crime. But it is unfair in a general Broad Way to expect police to prevent crime. Those hollering nowhere were the police Quot must look to eradication of the causes of crime a thai would be crime prevention our crime problem will not be solved by fiddling with the effects and ignoring the causes. Baltimore like most big cities will continue to deteriorate because things Are out of control because we tre running scared we re looking for scapegoats we re obsessed with buildings but not building the Industry. Etc. Vitally necessary to sustain its people. Big City crime is spilling Over its Boundary lines and affecting outlying sections. For the moment it is Gratifying to know there to a Small City not far from Baltimore which does t even have a police department. If a policeman is needed he comes from a Large City � Krait m mils away i dear afro. The housing assistance Council has a deep concern about the housing problems of poor people in Rural America. It was with no Small interest then that we watched the Progress of the housing and Urban development Bill As it moved through the House to adoption. While our primary concern is about Rural people we Are convinced that the Rural problem will Only be solved in concert with those of our Urban Brothers. In every struggle to Advance the cause of the poor and Downtrodden people emerge to provide leadership. Thief Forto humanize the housing Bill was such a struggle and Maryland s seventh District rep. Parron j. Mitchell emerged As an eloquent spokesman for the poor of America both Urban and Rural. Lie provided a conscience for the Congress which is so desperately needed in times. As a result of his efforts the House bilk is better than when it was brought to the banking and currency committee. On behalf of those liable to speak for themselves May i extend Heartfelt thanks and urge him to continue the struggle. Gordon Cavanaugh executive director housing assistance Council. Inc. I 1974 election dates to remember deadline for withdrew of candidacy and party primary candidate a a 9 . July 26. Deadline for verification of petitions by Board of Superior of elections a 9 . Aug. 5 last Day to Register before primary election aug. Deadline for certification of candidates to local 8oarda sat aug deadline for receipt of Absentee voting application for primary election sept. 3. Deadline for pre primary financial report by candidate and political committees a not later than noon sept. 3. Primary elections sept. To reporting of official primary election results by local boards of canvassers sept. 19. Registration books remain dosed to Day after primary. Reopen for registration and other transactions sept. 23. Deadline for withdrawal of candidacy before general election. Candidates nominated by petition or winners of party primary a 9 . Sept 30. Deadline for certification of nominees to local boards saturday oct. Last Day to Register before general election oct. 7. A where and How to Register at the supervisors of elections people to court building Fayette and Gay Street Baltimore. Open daily 8 30 a in. Until 4 ., monday through fridays. You May also Register by mail forms arc available at All branches of Enoch Pratt Library All Baltimore City department stores All secondary Public schools and at the office of the league of women voters 2318 n. Charles St. Also at the following 23 Community action Agency centers 1131 Harford ave. 1517 n. Gay 706 n. Gay 1809 Ashland 125 Colvin 1500 e. Baltimore 211 Broadway 109 Albemarle 1411 Gough 1309 Bunsen Way 2500 Woodcock 1816 w. North 1125 n. Fulton 1031 n. Calhoun 758 Dolphin 1619 Druid Hill 310 n. Arlington 740 w. Saratoga 1401 Hollins 2000 Wilkins 788 Washington blvd. 2416 Annor it. 807 Cherry Hill re. Special note Register to vote mail envelopes Are available at the afro office 628 n. Eutaw St., in downtown Baltimore. And May be picked up during business hour 8 30 . To 5 . Daily. Monday Friday and until noon on saturdays. Y dear afro i was born and raised in this a Ogreata country of America brought up in the Faith of Judaism in a Christian neighbourhood. Prejudice was never taught us. I watched my parents work 10-12 hours a Day 6 i Days a week. While my friends fathers had saturday and sunday off and 2 weeks vacation we got 2 hours on sunday. I watched my Mother Wear the same dress so we could get shows that would t Hurt our feet. The other kids got bikes and dolls while we got jacks and balls. My father had a Book with what customers owed As meanwhile we had to pay for the Mercia noise. Then in to hear someone yell Quot look at the Rich jews who have the store Quot How do you teach people not to be prejudiced ? How do you Tell four children whose a father has been shot and kilted by two Black people for no reason not to hate How do you Tell a boy who has worked since he was nine to save for College that he can to get in because of the so called non segregation policy that there must be to Many females and non Whites before a White male can go How do you Tell a woman who can to have children and adopts them to love and care for Only to watch so Many unwanted children being born to become 3rd and 4th generation welfare i could go on and ?" my children have jewish Christian White Black friends and i Hope ifs always this Way. But they Are Bright and they read about the Kun jux klan their friends to fathers being killed by Blacks stores being burned by a bored Quot people. Idle brains and Idle hands cause trouble. Tile jewish people keep their brains educated and their hands Busy so they Only build and not destroy. For this if not for a thousand other reasons i Ani proud of my heritage. I Only Hope that those around us Learnt this one lesson a Oto build America and Stop destroying educate your brain and give you hands work. editor to note the ? is deleted upon request yet reps on campuses dear afro veterans administration. Recent announcement reveals the instead of placing a vet rep Ca veterans administration s plan to place College campuses the veterans and a a a Ovet rep Quot on College campuses throughout the country. It is evident from materials being dispersed that the Job function of the Quot vet rep would be a duplication of the Job that is already being accomplished by the veterans coordinators. Most coordinators presently on College campuses across the country arc ministration should place a Ovet. ?t at the a. Their function should be to solve problems and to keep an open Lino of communications going Between tho a and educational institutions veterans and Federal state and local governments. One of the largest problems faced by employed by instil muons of higher coordinators this year was the Lack of learning Ria the veterans Cost of in accurate information. On Many cd Striction program. A need is apparent for a better system for the processing of veterans to forms and payments. But. That need will not be met with a duplication of Money time and Effort. Casinos contradictory information was passed by the a to coordinators of veterans. Affairs. This tin turn led to misinformed veterans a great Deal of delay and mistrust on the part of tho veterans. If the a is allowed to proceed by suggesting that a a a Ovet. ?� Quot ill a plan to put f a Quot be Placid on College campuses to do the a great waste cd tax dollars. Job that h being carried out already is an insult to those who arc presently doing the Job. In one Short year it his become apparent that problems with a payments arc rarely due to Lack of efficiency on the in an attempt to had off this waste of time Money and Effort the veterans administration should meet with veterans coordinators and other officials from institutions of higher learning before plans for Quot vet. Are part of institutions of higher learning finalized. Robert Schweriner kill a i her j a in i the

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