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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Jul 13 1974, Page 4

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Baltimore, Maryland Eft opinion Topf a poor housekeeping to founded Avn. 12. 182 by John h. Murphy sr., to acc. Published to tuesday and Satur it / by hic arro american co., of baiting Cie City inc. May Ive let our Light co Chine that it will illuminate that Winch is Good and Beautiful and magnify our father which is in heaven. Carl Murphy Isho 1067 editor publisher 1022 1067 ?"4 july 13.1974 the City stinks its i Young and adult workers in the afro annual clean Block drive can sympathize with their neighbors who have not Laboured along with them for the past 40 years. They Are getting a taste of what the afro s clean Block is All about and what they have been trying to achieve not Only in their own Block but in other sections of the City. Today because of the disagreement Between sanitation employees and mayor Schaefer and his administration the whole City stinks. Uncollected trash garbage and other litter have accumulated on streets in. Back. Alleys and in. Public areas wherever one goes something afro clean blockers have been fighting for four decades. The strike by trash and garbage collectors members of local 44, now in twelfth Day. Has gained the support of Thor City employees who seek increased we Gas and better working conditions. Lion spokesmen assert that in addition to a.50 cent wage package they want to abolish the Point system. Sanitation workers and others who work in the department of Public works they say Are the Only City employees penalized by Point a 8 absences or 8 Points Lead to immediate dismissal. Union spokesmen contend the City can find Money to pay them instead of beautifying Parks enlarging roads and erecting signs. Mayor Schaefer on the other hand is Adamant the City is broken there arc 3io funds available for increased wages and the 6 per cent increase is All the City can afford and even if it had Money it could not favor garbage collectors Over other municipal workers. As head of our City government mayor Schaefer is very much like any other businessman. Ile can to spend More Money than he takes in or has. At the same time it seems there ought. To be a pleasant Way to counsel in an inoffensive manner explaining to workers what in particular the City can and can not do before giving a Bla Ketry Money a if you done to go to work a will replace you order All the present City Hall standoff position does is encourage the kind of sympathy action by police jail guards Hospital workers and others in support of trash workers. Or. Schaefer defends his angry reactions by saying he wants to see the City move ahead and indicates that he and he alone is responsible for the City in answer to an afro reporter to query a to to when the walkout would be considered leading the City to a paralysis the mayor High Anderly answered at a press conference with a quip a when do you think a ave applaud afro reporter Bill Rhodene to rejoinder a of am not the mayor. You Are the ?t we would wish or. Schaefer had not answered a you Are the reporter a but rather addressed himself to a responsible question in a responsible manner. Actually that is what is causing All the Hurrah in the first place. There is entirely too much smart Lecky dialogue instead of serious discussion with employees at the bargaining table and at City Hall so that � they can understand the City does care and will work with them to let them know what Steps can be taken to improve their working conditions. A 1 once All people who live in the City and suffer All the Lime from the dirt and the grime like afro clean blockers understand they can get help such As that the mayor to office has provided clean blockers through die years ways May be found to pay sanitation workers. Counselling in Good temper on both sides by responsible representatives ought to keep our City free from dirt. Disorder and dismay. New provident Board congratulations to George l. Bussell jr., the former City solicitor who for tho past 14 months has served As tho receiver for new provident Hospital. When he took Over management of tho 300-bed Hospital the City to Pride and Joy because the $16 million facility is the Only All electric cd Hospital of its kind in the East it was overwhelmed with debt and faced bankruptcy. A under his direction the Hospital is now in sound financial footing and last week Paw the creation of a new Board composed of 36 persons. Bull to come under the reorganization plan Are additional members to represent business Industry and the grass roots Community. The Community owes a debt of gratitude to or. Russell for his leadership in this Endeavor we would Hope however that the provident reconstruction would not to his last venture in Public service because certainly we need men of his stature in such roles of leadership. We wish the same kind of Success to Kenneth 0. Wilson the new Board president As he works with the new Structure. One of the things which has been a Thorn in the Side of newspaper people is the fact that provident in the past had some difficulty with the Public image. For example this newspaper which serves basically a the same clientele As docs the Hospital has had a difficult time getting fair play in the timing of releases from provident. The Hospital seems oblivious to the importance of making releases timed to accommodate the afro to twice weekly deadlines As Well As those of dailies. Moston the Ball organizations even recognize deadlines of morning and evening papers. We have had a difficult time getting this across to the provident Public relations people and would Hope that under this new administration they would be sensitive to the importance of equal sharing of news releases about the Hospital. We nope also that the new provident Board will take into consideration another important aspect open the trustee meetings to the Public. Many Ether hospitals have done just that. Public institutions to insure credibility to the Public should open their meetings and give interested Jar sons an Opportunity to express their interest or simply to listen and see How the Cir Hosp ital which their monies helped build operates. A Little about a lot by Madeline w. Murphy the Cherry Hill dump and Arf answer to Sloan on or. Patterson since the ban on burning trash has been lifted until the strike is Over All Black Public spirited citizens should refrain from going to the dumps especially the one in Cherry Hill and should devise ways of Safe supervised burning Oft their own trash. The conditions on Redbird ave. In Cherry Hill Are deplorable. The stench rats Roaches and disease Are rampant. In addition spontaneous fires Burn Day and night accompanied by the steady belching bleeps and screeches of fire engines. Already the dumping arca has become a Mountain. Before the strike dumping was purportedly used As Landfill to prepare for a Park in 3984. At this rate Well need hiking boots and alpe stocks to reach the Summit by then. At Issue Are the Point system and tho 50 cents pay raise. While accumulating 32 Days sick leave a year a sanitation worker using them legitimately is penalized with Points with eight of them he is automatically fired. Tile ridiculously callous extent to which this goes is revealed in the Case of a Man who was in the Hospital for at month and when he returned to work was fired so As he accumulated sick leave he gained Points a vicious Circle. Another Man interviewed makes $101.00 take Home pay a week. With a wife and five children to has to Moonlight to make ends meet. It and his is one of the More favourable of the Many heartbreaking cases of Mea Quot hustling backward. We should do everything in our Power to pressure the mayor to accede to tho Union to demands. During our incinerator fight in 1966, we used to toy now and then with the idea of dumping rats on tho mayor s desk and garbage in front of City Hall whenever did it butt was a. Delicious dream but seriously Why is it that thousands of dollars can be Laid out for overruns on projects not even begun while the most needy of our City workers Are treated like slave labourers another Case of welfare for the Rich Ond free Enterprise for the poor David e. Sloan in his Sun column on sunday suggested that there is a kind of Black tyranny and conspiracy in the tug of War Between City Council president Availer Orlinsky mayor Schaefer and comptroller Pressman on the one hand and the Black Community with or. Roland n. Patterson on the Ether. He poses the question Quot Are Blacks uncritically pronouncing that since the mayor or. Orlinsky and or. Pressman Are while and Are opposed to or. Patterson Black that or. Patterson must be right a he feels that now we the become More unified less like crabs in a Basket we the become More myopic a that Black is right no matter what. He to darned right. Surely he can to expect Given past experience that any critical analysis of or. Patterson s abilities goodness effectiveness would even amount to a tinker to dam with that triumvirate who already know that tor the first time or Patterson is seriously interested in educating Black folks. � furthermore it would be a waste of Lime to discuss the philosophical Virtues of or. Patterson because they will not separate his color from his abilities. You might say his color colors their opinion of his abilities downwards not to mention $50,000 a ?"that smarts i the fallacious argument that exceptional ability in a Black Man will override his race the Aoa Tsas the Freedom marchers strode through montgomeryala., singing Quot we shall overcome in addition. Sloan to comparing Tom Bradley Black mayor of los Angeles and his open handedness to All his constituents bears no comparison to Baltimore since the Black population Here is 51 per cent to his 35 per cent a our majority and his expediency consequently it is for the Black manuf common Good in Baltimore to define and isolate racism calling it where he sees it and mobilizing teaching Blacks that it is in their enlightened self interest to expose and throw the bums out. Now i will be the first to admit that or. Patterson Ain t Jesus. But he to the Best thing we be seen in this town since 1954, when Public education supposedly became equal rather than separate but equal. A it is precisely because he is Black in addition to his a outstanding professional abilities a that he is sensitive to and a Stern taskmaster with the Black majority Pupil and personnel population of Baltimore s schools and because of this latter Quality that to where most of the criticism comes from that he can despite the backsliders Reform reorganize and revitalize a so called lost cause that he is endowed with the unswerving loyalty Call it Blind if you Wilt a of a hardcore of grateful Black citizens and leaders who understand the Peculiar problems of being both gifted and Black in a powerfully ignorant it racist City. Funny How the rash of sensitivity about calling Whites racist is popping up from Black quarters Here and there on whose Behest i wonder thoughts after a killing by g. James Fleming Candle in the dark Monotony is the Root Stem and Blossom of boredom. Too much of anything Bach caviar Puccini ice Cream dope or hot dogs wears thin eventually. So it was recently. That was when democratic brains the afro Credo a newspaper succeeds because its management believes in itself in god Ana in the present generation. It must always ask itself Whetter it has kept Faith with the Mon people whether it Quot has no other goal except to see that their liberties Are preserved and their future assured whether it is fighting to get rid of slums to provide jobs for everybody whether it stays out of politics except to expose corruption and condemn injustice race prejudice and the cowardice of Compromise. Dec. 25.1920 from the papers of John h. Murphy sr., who founded the afro american. Aug. 13, 1892. Party to fund raising telethon. Politicians from every to joint of the Donkey to Anatomy appeared to emphasize just How sick Are the people of the country of life under the Republican administration and How ready All patriotic citizens must be to pledge Money to rid themselves of Hie catastrophe of 1972. Whether the response turned out to be a source of satisfaction or disappointment is of Little consequence. The Monotony of solicitation undoubtedly leaves Many people cold. But at least one caller was moved beyond the Call of political response. Not by the smile of the politician. Not by the bleat of the establishment musical group. Not by the counterfeit Charisma of emcee Jackie Cooper. Not by exasperation Over Republican shenanigans in Washington nor by the plight of the democrats. He was moved by compassion for an uncomplaining third party. Two hey two year old Karen Mccook wording at of her father at a Bank of telephones in Dallas received a pledge that was entirely out of context with the mood of the crass begging. A caller pledged an eve for a transplant. It was an offer of one Little Candle Edh her world of darkness. Miss Mccook is Blind. I was in the Caribbean when mrs. Martin Luther King or. Was shot and killed while playing the Organ in what was once the safest of All places a a Church. I was in a Board meeting just 33 or 15 people when the word was whispered to the chairman. Everyone was silently shocked for what appeared to be minutes. We could Dot believe we could not understand. A ois this part of a conspiracy it someone asked a Oor is this the work of just one crazy Man a a Owhy do these killers pick Only on the Good people a a female Board member queried half sighing a. Then she continued a Olincoln the Kennedy Martin Luther ?� when the meeting was Over at Day to end everyone wanted to know a what is the latest a outside the meeting in tho City everyone else was just As concerned. For this writer mrs. King was morn than a othe Mother of Martin Luther ?� we had been at Hampton Institute at the same time. And those of us who came to know Lier knew her As a Friendly warmhearted person always ready to give More than she received. Some of us were talking about Alberta Williams King a Little More than a week before she died. One of the group a former coed was planning to visit Atlanta. Alberta had written a Odon to stay in a hotel stay with ?� we. Like so Many others came to Boner mrs. King later As a othe Mother of Martin Luther ?� Stalwart and resourceful with a flair for anonymity. She was a kind of Rock of Gibraltar. Of her it May be said a Oshe walked quietly in her ?� but there is Aneth thought Abc Fot mrs. King s slaying and of the intended killing of her husband. It is this those who kill or otherwise will kill a of brother a blood Kin or ideological As easily As they kill anyone else. A vhf they run out of Pink men or preen men they will turn on their own explains Why so Many Whites Jun e been killed by whiles and Why so Many Blacks die at the hands of other Blacks. We arc also called upon to examine Why so Many otherwise Normal Young people arc resorting to Hon locus crime even murder. It to it because of drugs alone is it because of the Eminence of War during their entire lives which has placed a Premium on killing evea awarding medals for the same is it because of our age of permissiveness where anything and everything goes. Or must we Settle for the fact that evil 5s a part of human existence just As real As Good and that seemingly the Devil also reigns a � � a it lest we sound hypocritical we Are forced to face die fact that killings in greater number than one mrs. King have been participated in by a Otile Best people and condoned by them Down the years. Not Only have the civilized nations lulled in declared wars but they have murdered neighbors slaves and oppressed Peoples in the name of Christ. Priests Bishops and Popes have blessed flags and regiments As they took off to sweeping under the Rug dear afro one does not have to be an astute observer to realize that every Effort is being made by Congress and a Small minority of Middle class White America to a sweep under the rugs All of tho corruption violation of Public Trust invasion of privacy and criminal acts of every description by the president and former members of his staff. These efforts Are being made so that Theresi Donl will not face impeachment in the House and a trial in the Senate. Members of Congress and a few of tho president to Loyal supporters Are willing. To expose and convict a few of the a Small Fry a Send them to a a country club prison for a year or less with the Hope that the a big fish responsible for this entire mess will go untouched and continue to practice deception upon All americans. There Are those who would have or. Nixon get credit for All of the successes in foreign policy and Domestic affairs but not be blamed or held responsible for Quot watergate and its related crimes. They cannot have it both ways. J average americans both Black and White Are watching with jaundice eyes and the events now unfolding irl Congress and arc not willing to accept a business As usual where the president is concerned. The feeling is mounting that Justice and obedience to the Law in America Are Only for poor Ordinary citizens while those in High places can commit criminal acts and go free. 0. Those in. Power who determine the destiny of All americans should understand that respect for Laws and the courts by the masses will be destroyed if All the facts Are not presented. There must be no doubts in the minds of the american people about the president to innocence or guilt. Nothing less will regain the Faith of the majority in our Laws our government and our institutions. Democrats and republicans should give serious thought to this Point because this is not the time a Oto play politics with the future of our nation. During these last eighteen months we have seen a Sharp division among the american people a crippled president a breakdown in our moral fiber by Young and old and an increase in crime by everyday citizens who feel they should punished. Most of thesis can be traced to the president and a Congress who lacks the courage to do what must be done. This nation nor we her people Carl reach the two Hundredth anniversary with a healthy Hope of survival until the cancerous effects of watergate Hay been removed. We should demand that Congress do this now so that there can be a return to those Virtues which made this nation great. We should demand it for ourselves children and for posterity. A Isaiah White editor to note or. White is principal of Baltimore City s Gwynn Falls Junior High school smile War. Here in the United states the buying Selling and brutalization of Black human beings were part of the social order a an order of which the Christian Church Wax an important key. And when human slavery was abolished legally such abolition did not Stop the Church from continuing segregation and discrimination before its altar in Jefe us to name. The blood is on the hands of All of us Ingvid ideals and file society for what happened to mrs. King and for All the things we have done to our Fellowman which we ought not to have done and All the things we have not done which we ought to have done. One kind of Happy note the hundreds of people in Atlanta to Ebenezer Baptist Church and those who subdued the killer did not Maul him or kill him. There was no Lynching they behaved like a christians a famous surgeon a Ham at heart was operating before an Assembly of medical students. When he finished the difficult abdominal surgery the students applauded and cheered. So of an encore to took out the patients to tonsils. Speak out i this is an open idler to tho Black Community a our teachers could eat Chalk our sanitation workers cannot Tat t garbage. Win our Black leaders elected officials and political hopefuls speak out this time Beverly Bruce Havard 81 years ago the interest of. The afro american population or. Baltimore Are identical and any fac tion of the race which Fosters strife to gratify los own selfish ambition should be classed with the enemy. From the to afro american. April 1893 it to not a Many to world a by Bernice s. Wei it i for some time in 3979-71, nongovernmental organizations of women in several countries had been suggesting the United nations should designate a year for women just As the in had set aside years for human rights population International cooperation Etc. The formal initiative for International Quot women s year was. Taken at the in commission on the status of women when it met in Geneva in 1972. A a Resolution asking that 1975 be designated by the unas a year to focus attention throughout the world on the status of women was approved unanimously v after approval by the commission the Resolution had to make its Way through the in system going first to the economic and social Council for approval and finally to the general Assembly which gave its approval in december 1972. The in Resolution designating 1975 As Hwy lists three main objectives i to promote Equality Between men and women 2 to ensure the full participation of women in All aspects of National and International life the in Calls it a integration in development 3 to recognize the contributions of women to the promotion of Friendly relations and cooperation among nations and to world peace. At its january 1974 meeting in cd York the commission suggested these objectives might be stated briefly As Equality development peace on january 30. 1974 president Nixon proclaimed 1975 As Hwy for the United states. The proclamation refers to women s contributions to the National life Progress in removing the inequities which women face and Stales a even when Legal Equality is achieved however traditional discriminatory attitudes beliefs and practices May persist preventing women from enjoying the full and equal rights that they ?� further the proclamation Sug gets that a fitting tribute to America s women would be to Complete the ratification of the equal rights am Jne dment to the Constitution by 1975. The president Calls upon the Congress interested groups and organizations officials of the Federal government and of state and local governments educational institutions and All others who can be of help to begin work Njo to provide for the Observance of Twy with practical and constructive measures for the advancement women and also to cooperate Wilh the activities to by arranged by the United states. As the interest of organizations Tad groups differ widely a number of suggestions have been compiled with the thought that each organization or group would work within the area of its special knowledge and would also cooperate with others in those cases in overlap. Copies of these program suggestions can be obtained by writing to this column at . Box 1157, Baltimore afro american. Baltimore my. ?1203. It

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