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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 5

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Baltimore, Maryland Nipa Dukor let afr0?��?�it.si j. The Baltimore afro american february 25, 19615 Pat program cast a omy heart belongs to. Mommy by As the name the program sponsored i by the Pat Liberty school 64 for Valentine Day. Program participants included seated from left mesdames Ruth Dinkins. Winnie Krigier Ruth Swartz Faye Simian Clara Armour Vivian Oman fat president. Sky Pauline Levenson and Fco Thris Goldberg. Stand to continued from Page i ships was $844,968. The average private a College in Maryland in 1950 charged $600 for tuition with total expenses for the year it averaging $1,100.for each student. � however in i960, the average College tuition was $p50 with total expenses at $1,900. St. Johns College Annapolis founded in 1696 with the great bocks Vas tile curriculum Core upped fees from $1,200 in 194$to -$2,450 in 1960. Goucher. College a typical women $ Derai arts colleges came from $1,350 expenses in 1949 to $2,470 fees and expenses in i Joo. Johns Hopkins University Rose from $1,300 typical expenses in 1949 to $2,350 typical expenses in 1960. Notre Dame College a Catholic College for women raised expenses from $1 too in 1949 to $1,900 in i960. Durham n c. A voice a a a american will air the an example a i i views four North Caro a a t e College beyond Mary Jinn College students in Broad lands boarders Fisk univer ing same order mesdames Loretta Levy Marion. Banfield Mary Hope Davis Feldstein Edith Seide a. Ruth Goldsmith Sylvia Sachs Blanche Katz Irene broken and Shirley Bondroff. Mrs. Helen Zalis was chairman for the evening. Joseph Omansky is unveiling at Douglass a the Cipal the school miss Marcia Merj unveiling a portrait head Fred Rill and miss Brenda Barnes seniors Erick Douglass done in Bronze was and James k. Lewis sculptor the i Beld tuesday in tic Frederick Doug work and associate professor and head i lass High school in commemoration the department Art at Morgan j the anniversary his birth. From la Ftp. State College. To right mrs. Lillian Parrott Prim Quot Quot casts overseas. The students All seniors Are Jurn Carbry ant Waynesville Cleveland Strickland. Raleigh Lacy Streeter Greenville and dog Gie Mcallister Wilming Lorr they participated in round table missions with sin dents and la cult members Nashville team had typical expenses $825 in 1949 and $1.$00�??i960 Howard University s Typl cd expenses in 1919 totalled $825 for the year while 1960 study for 38 weeks school dream study Iff Tim Hall sol Ivy be College freshmen. Many dreams some College University come to. when i he dollars and roofs Side higher education is c onside ird Sandra plans to become an English teacher like her Mother. Mrs. Hallie Wells. I Dunn Len lid. Most Young persons about to be graduated from High school. Sandra Wells a senior at Douglass High school studies the problems fared by would a 9 Howard u. Observes 94th birthday a a a from Duke and the universe year is now about $1,562. Sits North Carolina. They Dir stale schools who do not la i-1�if us t ii in f i Quot a in la Ltd it a me ,tl0n 3s sufi my it Cru Iii Lical in am Quot Hole denims in space student professor guest speakers a mediation in education in available make cd to the United ?t room and Road. Class 7-13. Csc a a Al air in to Olli Morgan state College it la Riddick. N\viuhlv�.h1m,, ii indents about $428 in rate to Mahie Riddick Warren and belts Christman. Was la no i l it in Jues deut id Rte i maid a Hap i imm. New. York Cit. _ the 94tli anniversary it the ter Tau Kappa Alpha. A aint an in Stu an Camer n. Viii lib series is designed to dents about $428 Howard i Nix Rex National Honor Sci i Ivai in a 1 Nical lid Low at John 5a,l Givi Aji Aix ur4to- a tire while 10gg expenses Are to will be obscure Din my my holds Hopkins Civ Tsita Sdun Dut a i ii a min the thought and activity about Ujj. Charter Dav services Al i a,,.a,. Winkilianirl-ani0iynlllll to Host in Umu so y m.,r, Conr Silv. , Mali. Quot it Quot in achoo hot . ,.ios. pcs in la it flip l2 tue a in Jar in. aul ii. It an la a a it i. And voc to approximately bus at io.80 . And a ban philosophy clubs la is me ii in bold t my Quot a 886 in i at Piet at 8 pm. Ate Seh Deb i Oilive editor Casein. A Beton in Kina join d i1 Man land St i College at. A _ him Ai ii student and a it vim Xaiv Maga Ine Koi ill in tin College Al mod. Lass 7-14 class 715 three students from each Baugh and Arthur Gray. Carolyn Eosin Franlyn h i file seventh a wac classes at class 7-8 quoth Omer a Iier Carulo n jul Nishii. I do cell go Scullon Dunbar High school will to Mantee Tuggle. Janice tug 7. 61rd monday in the an it i Angola Andron fun rom Al a 10 4o a in. Awards program. Class 7-4 Linda Lee. Margaret White Laar Wchin Flaccoe Rel Uva to m to Sci rat Kully mn.1r Quot a Tell to in mild. Hod at to. My a 1 in Iii Kew As an inst no Reader snap lasses is a a a a gtd a. To wirl Nice. ?t, 3-1l3&Quot., j win. T Ariel air la. Carl classes tie . Slate us. I la . Laid that the powerful Moth ileitis us Elizabeth West tor and Clarence Rogers. Us material needed tor a. Old College aits pin it ried tor Utah As a b1 a i Cli Emiliy in the elation program u u i d cml. Class 7-5 a lass 7-ix a leading Parent education in a Lri i i Colona. N 5 and a Zoh. It Init a. Loge Liberal ails Al to. Naid vation with the students being pre Lover Mcnair Joan cuter sealed awards As scholar Wood and Joyce Mcnair the Quarter most improved ass -.f, a i a Jar a he has invited parents and a Zetta . Live students to attend the so less it i James ration. Cia awards program Mon a Sheila Williams Aud Sheila tic and Crosby Dav at which occasion Marvin. While. Brenda a co inn and Jar-1 cart7r?Larry a abbr pro bloc. By i jets and Lauretta so nor. Or. Katharine Whiteside. Str class Sal a p Molo a class 7-in Tavier six monday la ,lnkr0 jul la 1 b a do Tho College Medicine freshman Assembly. A in Gloria Larris. John Greene rings this Spring in room 25 us a 0ul 7 land a Howard alumnus. \ . Winston is Hie in the u<1 am tour months in Vaas an assistant Iii urology Iii tile College it Medicine. 1 son Al up Jar Lynnjr a j a Davis. Of the Baltimore Junior col-1 Towson slate teachers during Hie Nion Tjui Assolin . And mrs. Charles it win. My class 7-20 . 2901 Liberty. In Iphus �0f j&Quot"1"�?t1-1 i 11 a 1 1h a Quot Quot i Quot Quot a it i . He. In Talton James bos be it mud i be i960 charges Vav Cie sixth Aud ban Monk Sis. Noa. ,. Is engaged Iii Raiichi not Osby Newbill. Til class will Hiiro l i. 27 Quot bout m1 Lah Muil Liverm Kiwi Quot a toy i its a a he a a a a a class 7 i Man Al anti 27. April to and cd m Stair a i to Acliros a to Quot ill la Prosr nerd in Hie Ilijin . Ncvm.,1. . A. Is. I Jib a Ile a loge with no Cornu Loris a Tim in it Fml graduates Lurin Iii it i fir i it Sci vue Longs. Industrial Secretary Claude Etc Moore. Ruth Edwards. Brenda Rich i. And May 8. Urban league will he the lass 7-8 aids and Linda peals. The Quot class is open to tem ii a Lee Smi in 1w� the Ibe Vare . Anna Hartm ii Gin Ixo ten . To j not Luj guest so weaker. Certificates Melvin Brown Deborah class 7-22 Yms who Are interested in was changed Over in in nov get Necol Cigil Aii fit a brr to if la limn pm / Green and Len Ord triv Irvin. Ronald Willis proving their dulls in this the male in the near i 31 Inott Ologio. Or tiv m no Mer , t it Tutu 7,. And to bpm ii Lucil la mob who a Oul Ltd lifer and no res Arr Nul Ibler. In Numen. Ii incr cd hic Ami hit incl Fri Lirine. a a twill be presented. in names the winners f a class 7-23 0 Quai us a a become Kjarem n Liv College costs increase in in Fly Hie Llo Waid Quot i i Eurc he ,.km d d a j for the Pas Quarter Are Listed�??�. Jon a. Domain teachers educators agree that t ii Euk in Ihm Tultz a a is Quot Here Inam a listed is win-1 a and Laroi Davis., dwt and Andersch Aller. The fee is $1 tor Baltimore Fez i education a and la Inabel i. pm . I. A n. I nor scholar Quarter lass 7-10 class 7-21 residents tile to i he ugh Quot inst Dean the flow in 4?z. Award second named is most. Barbara Grant and Bernice Emanuel a Oliver and we., n Waltington re dents. i,1 if in -1 liner nerd bum and third Robinson Dorothy dodos and Liam Dunbar. Sylvia Lindsey Orang debt he. So to. Of living. A. . I it in in. i Quot a i. A class 7-1 i class 7-11 class 7-25 named is citizen Quarter. Ernest Bundy. And Judvjvbam?" a to i�?. A t. A i it ii i hum in if re Ujiie Cai ii Sci i thu i i Ink it a i it a l t Orr not i g 11 my i Ifni i i lire Thenn a my u i a a >sjjrj1 ,. Milf a Ujj it u the department Clintie crease to the greater i Pinili a la ail Awain i in in l-1. Jf.j?� a it a. M la Quot i. V. A. Giumo etl at Kiev to ment in Modi r. ,.> it. Mtg a i a a a in Bernadine Washington. Hon a Lundina Miles. A Manilad Leonard litre. Edith maxes hid White and Gregory min Rev Al and Asbury Rudd. And Lazere Cunningham pin. It a i class 7-2 lass 716 class 7 2 1 Clifton Gray. Martelle we Aln re Conway. Alb re a in1 Sny spinal Lover Gibbs. Herbert Lii ims and Civ de Spinei. Vav and . College Erida run King increased services to i ii ii,., i i a a re Zvi Sud 11 r Lar 1 Rry it old d New. Stoml Rols to l Moro Nio nyy a Julany rollers ,-i. Ai.,i a Sample the soc r a Quot a unit a it it. Dent health and welfare Cost. � in items. Wick in Iii stud Unis a Erik i Mem us Quot ii i a1 Quot will to hip fourth paker Iii Kadi a nerds Ani b?z la h f i to s Lino so ii Cut i Iii i by i mum. I in Al a a a i m it i j re an. I r a in Riis a Al a null Carolina stale Mon to old a a. ,�?�.�?z iou la Iii. B, i. Michael it Winston a pm. 9 Bic students Lom Iphy find Linloln no in i teachers salaries half won if pfc i in teased a ves Aidy. aft i i i that the teat Lier can in to the. Jl0ws in Iago. T clip Annn Apfl higher Cost living. A Dewl a Lovail in i it we a i i a i i w i la increases comr also a As a Winner in die i inv to a Reading aril i .\.,Nonal. Comp . Inf. R lir e4ou t Ltd a it fru d . i medic spreads to wider scholarship a Nimni i it a. In i is Knny Olgo. More Illel ii. a Quot 111 a a to l Quot a. ,-.l Ltd i. N i n. Honks a greater Lah Oratov a member no Tho Lulona and 1 a Vii a the nor i Dent no spare larger libraries extern advisory mall Cook had amt add eni ulna Lido a bold Icard ii no. By to. A i. Sive equipment and an men s dormitory and a a Ruu and ill Jai i a Bange Quot in n u Ipi Dho 4 an the f3tal number other supplies no member hip Tutor us at ire . I in at Lim a �u i Sirj Biggin 1. N y i needed to meet the demands in the Damn Kami pm. Of 1 a a i fun t1. N7isa i Xvi a the expanding Curn Culm. S. Iez Celt. E i i. I. 28 a . A the munition it. In addition in Sims a to n a Mem i a Rind a 1&Quot i. says Charlie neat has what it sure handed infielder Charlie Neal the l. A. Dodgers is sure his cigarette too. A know each dual Kilter a t Tareyton is going to give me the Best. In mild Good taste a he says. A thai s stayed Wydh item Sii be they first came out. W Quot y if Tareyton delivers the flavor. Dual filter does it. A % Here to Nijjer ? realty afferent r tile difference is this Tare 1on8 do it filter gives a a unique inner filter activated charcoal definitely proved to take the taste a cigarette mild and smooth. It works together with a pure while outer filter to balance the flavor elements in the smoke. Tareyton it Cliv in a and Yeti enjoy the heft taste the Best tobaccos. Active attn want cart Hurt Li-r a a a a a i it the Sohit Iun it. # a. Of Micals in in-tiit.n higher learning a re n us taut in pm Down tie i Atie for the incr a get no tile Cost education. The ave jut As Lel Dictant to state what Volution might be. J must Aid any kind would be acceptable due them told the Aero a a the student is called upon to hear the Burden a great share the expense id his Nim education because slate Aid has not risen Iii. Proportion to costs lie times. Quot set he l fiefs tie i-m rising forts As by Ouvwife a a a a oin elated prices food. Supplier flow ii to a ear Iii living eve if a it. A j Ai feet Tho is Hor i. White prel a?t1 it f Rev r \ thin is ale aul p r j pit Las i email cd Dot it us e a Quot same. You have to buy move pay More for what von buy so the he Upkie. Tag Quot a end Vul. A Alo 11 au-Iml clinic help Eire the mine the student is Lii a Lilly called up i to a. Due a Sal us a Bare 11 the sex Quot Aal. A nod from i it Iever it a Conte needed Quot education should he i i e Iii piers sense the word. I a r i it e in 11 let i a i i la i ,1 1&Quot so i i i tier in i \ a a a Jot a i ii i it 1 t Iti . A i a Dror to a 1. I a a a a a out n -1. I n i \ a a f ii a i it in i j it if Fie Ira a i r in -. Of a a a a i j Mill i i t a s to i a i i i i air it in ii it i Ai at ?� it a id. Tie i. J \ in a a a per 11 a a t a a a it ii Iai i i i a a a pc mgt it. 1 a it ii r i ii w be it i Quot a f i i \ a Lviv ,.v a iii1 i in i 2 i fait in r i ll1 i i i a j. a v1 it s. Al i r. A. �?o.-. A. A in 1 j Quot i ill p. Il. A. A re it a kick filler by hiter. S a cultural leaders a do j Aimi a i ii i Hie re Lin Fri. Til i i re if ibis nations is to have the and my i. A Progress it tespcr.ili4v needs? c it o.,ii in i a a r a j Iii the a Al Oread i Floydt -�?1 flu Mil-hi a. O i. Us in Al Al i at / ii to i be Hie it Telp a Fiand at a i m it t it a Ltd to i a be it Mac we ate to in so Lead xviii he a mind his i -n a d c out i a a a in to dip land Quot .-,i and Risiti to Brj Pui 1,. A it in j i a pack. S4v. In j 9 Ito Quot a Man it inc Vul but flex a my Jevc. V Quot a s r a to a it Quot a

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