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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 4

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Baltimore, Maryland Sightseeing Fqy Imilce pm Iqal by John h. Murphy or. 1840-1922 published every 7ueiday and slur Day by Hie Asp Sameri can publishing co., inc. Quot Vav. Am am Dicang Ond of americans we would speak to Amenta Frederick Douglas february 25, i do i Wasny to going to pay any taxes to any. Body and he sure did t. I he writes me Ever so often and if he keeps his nose clean he should be out on parole in 1963. The thing that really upsets me when i begin to fill out a tax form is tile horrible feeling that someone is looking Over my shoulder just waiting for me to make that one mistake that is going to Send me Quot up the ?� perhaps this stems from an experience years ago when the internal Revenue service invited me to come downtown for a Friendly Chat dealing with my tax return Jot the previous year. Jell actually a they did no to exactly invite me. Of people normally i invite other what they did was to Tell me that i could come if i wanted or i did no to have to come. However they said if i did no to come they would take Quot appropriate action. And realizing this could include anything up to a firing squad i decided to accept. _ i ration should be a major consideration. La the conversion would increase the Cost of education Ami sonic insist it would the lawmakers Mould do Well to consider other alternatives. President Kennedy graphically summed in the College economic or. � a question Iii his message to Congress monday with these words Quot this nation a Century or so ago established As a Basic objective the provision of a Good elementary and secondary school education to every child regardless of m<5dns. Quot in Blu patterns of occupation citizenship and world affairs have so changed that we must set a higher goal. We must assure ourselves that every talented Young person who Lias the ability to pursue a program of higher education will he Able to do so. If he chooses regardless of his financial ?� the economic fuestion looms Large in Ilic Frostburg muddle bul of equal importance Are the questions of la whether a change at Frostburg big to improve or lower the Quality Oman land teachers. Vej what effect will the conversion love on the Supply of teachers. Until i Hose questions Are answered by unbiased professional educators a final decision on the change should be Lichi lip. Haste in some instances is indicated. Bul in a Complex matter of this nature it could Well produce disaster tile current controversy on a proposal to convert Frostburg state teachers College into a Branch of the University of Muni land is moving toward a Climax. Governor Tawes has thrown the weight of ins office behind Tho conversion plan or Thomas g. Pullen �?�lr., slate superintendent of education. Opposes the plan what Lii Ipp is at Frostburg could Moll be a guide for the future of other slate teachers colleges. Tile a i id feels that the state should make haste slowly in ibis important matter. We arc inclined to think that a professional educator of or. Pullens to calibre would know a great Deal More about hic ramifications of such a plan than Jodii Iciano. More study of the proposal seems to be in order. It should. Be noted that no other slate had undertaken program identical to that suggested in hic . Or. Pullen and the state boart of a lineation consider the planned con it mum a political device to strip the Board of its authority. They contend if constitutes a Lineal to to Allier training in the stale on the Oiler hand. Hie administration ays the conversion is justified by a c it would make higher education available to the Flost Burg area. The legislators Are beginning to Lake a Oides in Jujic heated controversy. As ism indy hic merits of Hie proposal my humid them Tim i Hie to Cost of eel Pullem d. Teachers colleges i have read with much interest your feature article on the people s court appearing in the Fob. Id Issue of the afro. Nut Only have lion lid ii engaging and enlightening Reading. I have also found ii very educational legally informative statistically edifying and. To some degree somewhat disappointing. For example to know thai the Legal Aid in the people s court helps those people who arc unable to pay lawyers fees is really Gratifying information to have when in need. But to learn unfortunately that Here in our. City 1.g40 families were thrown out of their abodes in Imo by action of the people s court is11 Oil in toil i regaining Nevi year. Birth certify. Hon. Then we will be left in the dark it pcs issued Hie Public will no longer unless we have Access to the Conli carry racial designation. Dental files a tile state Hoard of heal ii in Grant we disagree with the eminent pitying approval for Hie removal of racial Simian. Too often the Quot important info from birth certificates i nation is used to deny jobs to per follow cd Hie example set by now York sons who Are otherwise qualified. Mate. Everyday Hus a a important inform. Ironically the Only coloured member lion is used by certain daily news of the Board. Or. Ralph Young stated pipers to smear a minority group and opposition i Oil in change. He said. Create a Quot negro crime ?� there is nothing to he derived we think it is a Good idea to re from not Pulm Uncial designation i move racial designations from birth the birth certificate. A certificates and would like to see Quot they will nut Issue a birth Midi them removed from employment Uprate to you with race on it but will plication blinks from most news slur keep the race designation in the Lites irs and other records m hero they Quot when we need important inform d serve no useful purpose. Tile rising con of a College grasp of All capable and desirous of Tiomir has Pic it of Uteri a problem of die absorbing information a this level a first magnitude one that directly a or All americans have a stake in tins. Indirectly ? living amen. A town my americans especially must can. A a cont mile Iii Ever increasing numbers the expenses involved in Ohl Aiumu to prepare fur the technical and pro higher education have steadily Ftp swum a i opportunities of hit space climbed to a mini out of reach of age. Hic average Tinniey. The government too has a stake yet the need for formal raining in the future of american colleges and the desire for education is also we Are engaged in a ideologies at an All time High jul t1 1 afford to lose ground on la t1s, r it it a los it a Iii Cut us National from in Lins Temh. � Uncial air. Milles Al Tho .,.10 no by jul in Imam a level. Ltd la a a it is virtually Imp wac Lur a Faitie a a a tvs a Ltd a College education t aught in i with a a boil animal income to Send a maids rom of spiralling costs they a child to College. Manv families Carn a a Are denied a Chanco to Dev Elop to Jess than this amount Aud have mole their Virtu a to capabilities. Than Gnu Vlna. Their services Are Tost to the nation. Lins is a question that Bas to in a is to Jons ers my a ques met ii we Are to Sale guard the Vuturo to us of wasted human resources. A of the nation. Cry year that the problem remains it is important i hat to keep Tho unsolved it looms larger As a threat Cost of a higher education within Tho to our National survival. Hora a Spriggs was Ai rested con lightly by the legislators. They might visited and sentenced to Lime Veals in Ink Llic inst lives is lie Price of prison tor a crime Liemiul not Komi jul. Freedom Quot Quot How much should the he served threes cars in tin St Al a state pay tor its mistake Quot in Tomte biliary before the state As hic in rare occasions tile wheels of ionic of investigative work by sgt. Justice go awry. Maryland has no Law k. Judd of the police depart to provide for such an eventual la amt a a a a a Ai m Quot nuut. Realized ii had made a mistake. , to the legislature to take Awe today a Resolution asking that Hor Cosmy Steps Wjk a Light the wrong. A it Spriggs in awarded Star nun Lur ii the lawmakers hunk $ lotion is too or. Miscarriage of Justice i it rehire much Money perhaps they should look pie u,i\.s and Means it Oinui Ilsc of at it this Way. A a 4 � to i Iione of delegates. The Motley represents i rents an i new Resolution Quot As introduced by lil or hic Lune Spriggs spent to or Velda Welcome. Denux Ai bal prison. I a. I1 ii1 s foul Iii i set i i Eli linty a Many to free Lom is Worth tins Resolution should Bot be taken cents an hour. Ram Frantz Klo Mcnary school As a result. Lier husband lost ins City Job and they were forced to move from in new Oil cans. Tile Kotlier of five ? unbridled believed in democracy enough lib stand tip and in counted a of Ballium maps should turn out in Large numbers sunday to rive mrs. A Anclle the warm Welcome she so in Lily deserves. A i ave Young Mother will visit to Ilii Misc Siinda. She to mrs Daisy Gobi Idle. Orm Eriv of new or Fautu. In. A. Mrs. A Friehe v ill he guest speaker at the annual met founder to. Day program Al up a invt memorial Ort methodist. Of Mali. She will give i Ber tri Ibex to rat Orleans school desegregation Bassie. You May recall that to. Garnello braved an angry mob to escort to in daughter Yolanda to integrated w ii a a we pop a to Cetti Biraui ii non. A Jet mint in it a in god Ond in the it tical Gnu it it Tica. Of. Mull Kolwoy Aik Iti Lff whither it hoi Kip Tho Faith with la Tommin pro put whih a ii hoi no oth of goo 4k<�pt Loic that thir Libo Liti or or in rvs a end thaw future ?1 Quot who Chr ii it fighting log a rid of Al Ami to provid Job for a Ryb Ody with a it toys it of politics out pm i a spot corruption and condemn Intuit in rot or Judi or com promis. John n. Mummy St. In

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