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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 2

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Baltimore, Maryland A. � the Bat Atmore afro american. February 25.j961. Who tou Mish re Diao Jyh pass it along to a Fulai. To � Why celebrate i no cant episodes of our cultural heritage. Quot unless such celebrations Are so designed however As continued from Paco i Jhno Deal nolo place in the live score tar. . Oiin cell Hrason. J lenses by National Unity and i to cry Lime i Sec the "0 cohesiveness or Promise to ,. in Battle bul they Wajc a Noble the observers and All Mac Defalc i think the honorable Iker Jna lies . They those Guys had won y governing just ?t- Are. In my opinion. Of doubt Oil can to have a ii Nuin. A a a Ful ?� would be in a Heck of a Sha be miss m the f Krisky sex. Quot Quot i done to theh a Ccu Tive director. Fellowship mks. Al Alta j. Altol we Are ?� House Quot in Light of the Hix. Executive Secretary a Are c san toggles for understanding Nach a in Tiik Fra. .1. And equal to at Home a n d was the result of treason. Name re a. Pastor. abroad think ? the silliest treachery and rebellion. Avenue in Trusby Lurlan Church thing i be Ever heard of. It to Quot to glamorize ii is to flout a a a there s nothing grand and absurd a history. I Ridick glorious about praising. A a i-yy5 rebels. A my died in ii urn Man lilo of still alive Reasti Iii indie fight no. Quot the coloured Merican the Cut a attempts to air Minoie pro a real victim of the i Iii War. Grams to Canhu emoral my lamer ii i can get live in or. i. Afro reporter continued from Page i Fie . Tell him there s a fight High school school kids who Aller a year to i a a Quot Quot i Tuskegee Ala mrs. Edith Assoc Latimer Prim Hall. Blake retired teacher mrs. Pewee pm ghz Catherine Wilson local school of pythias the Morgam arum teacher. And mrs. Georgia in Swiatlon. Inn Ltd ame Chester head of the music lurch. Dougty a Deb Artmen at Edmondson Church. Sigma i Phi Boule a and Omega Psi Phi Fra Lerty. Or. Mcmechen closed Jils office Here in 1955 he first % i or. . Cardozo who,.m06rf presid Otil. Coppin or. It i walks Flomino. A or. Cardozo rebellion we give slate College a Rhc . Political science in astr is to to nil of the Iruan slate College continued from Page i a a Ixl a arc. Pc a in. Lion --0113 observation could be How the in Macoit als what had getting paid the Rev. Howard l. Com office Here in ii of Obs reing the Uail or to protect us Pitons As so. Pastor at the Christian came into prompt or exercise our rights. Prevc Nimg Eves snap Imus. \ acis cd by the Rev his occupying a just a mile with an tip be the local con e inv Marin bom and-1800 Block of Mcculloh St. Ile planned fear. � fought the Case through City ii but you smile. You valiant Lins � the members of the Organiza Council and Maryland court i want them to realize hic enor Mcmechen i of appeals where he ultimate i mily 0 what you re doing. K j you belonged. Will be honorary by won. Lyon Don t really understand too i i. Ipollboatcrs.,. A a yourself. Do you. Or. Mcmechen was a Mem was grand Atto Imey for the you quell the Small who. Her of the monumental of pythias. Of fear in your own heart and Yul a try to hold still the Cav get Al All you wish to of emotion Duncing about in a ther Inci ugly skin Pruritus your stomach dents and possible violence. You done to really believe any yearns to make a Csc to thing will Hap in and it our him and in about five min grip on a pasture of Case and Ihlefe Are about seven a casualness is locked to the cops stationed in the � thing Abouli and about Bpck Hill save at mercantile fax list a. Lean site Catlon pm a my of a my imagination of anyone before ? ,. The civil War. � chem a a no flu pay Blind. Just color at tha for Tilfen of la Fly or. Prov to you Milf what a i of a w As Swiatlon the re lion Cio by touff. There i to i am afraid Fiat in Many masons and the Maryland nothing like Palmer s Quot skin Tatini itching of eczema Rin womb Rishi and Many Pirn a a Lei done to scratch. Scratching can mar skin and /. Can cause infection. Use the famous Akin Medicine that k a Wiki Tike magic to help Iron a bled skin eel better not Only \ i Quot skin Succorso Quot dint Quot Mcnol hns Ihle marvelous skin � prescription formula Cully tested by a noted doctor. Ripe areas the Celebration May medical association. Success Quot of Nornen Only ase. He is Surv us ted 1 3q minutes by toughs who the Pool room where you on it found time to shoot a game or in i past the tavern which at least Ulicy did t seem to notice when Paul was assaulted twice within Tho succeeding economic Jil 7sc sue contains our limes at much. And Cua a your complexion.,. A. With the i1f#t3runc for my it Iii of Paim kids skin St to a set Oal to huh i to at it mile i Kiv Liliu in he sn�1 Fie lion Back the clock. Mrs. Mary Cardozo a Daugh Joyu. Vou Lauglin Ami joke Quot i hot a. Howo Vor. That ter. Mrs Keith car to Ormill in Creed by Thost a nth Nav in de or of Washington a Slep a to Jan a a cd j Mccraty should find to daughter. Florine Sharp. Long. Use this year to accent the la pens and two . Nil guess of the Kman Cipa lion and to stress the positive Maceoin Lisments of his a Ilion As a result of and since itch civil ?� . Mother Anent on stockholders my inter cited parti sin tillers Point Marina inc. Progress report meeting a syn.,fib.26. Issi 3 i Myca 1619 Druid Hill ave boat Onitt water sportman Sollin Point Marini inc. Ii offering of Kelly wha you Havi Bain Lookin on # a a fun Foi tia # launching foil Liui # loot sol Cri of # 34 Houf Ca sufi on # compel Moi int # so a kit Imp Papoi o # Clu intr Yochy club # met if air of world hol. For Arthar info and Bro Chura at Lind Protasi i Pool mailing or concoct any Mimir of i Board of of Roo Tori Lii tid Balow. Or cml n Datcher la. 3 7301 j Al fit Maddox la. 3 3iss Horace Muur-ho.-0a8�s Thomas Mickie to 6 6968 or i. I. a rom Holman or of Omavi. continued from Page i in would run Back in the drug Hie store. Soumi of and they Don t attempt to the Bysie anglers Quot will Ito then you Cross main a in. To i gentlemen move Bael or Rali Ici. You enter Hiat otly from Hie sidewalk a owe or ?� Here you Are also can t have you Obs nicking among familiar things. I u t traffic thank ?� ifs not quite the same is it Bac from the Dot Jar please. I ifs More like to c fam Diakiv. Hafs it ?� a v of to get explorer who knows his. Anih so the crowd throws. Jungle Wolf and Vvhs More Sorco veners so ainu in. To survive Only As Long Asho i hair doorways and More. Ton,.executive director. Barimore irom provi Tim orc Urban league = "i.dence. R. I., where they ,�?�yccogni2e the a danger. Ltd citizens Slop and signs. A a to re. Now you tre in front of Goode to one of the cores a Mcmechen done to like Messur acting All the Vith relatives. Luw left new civil War meant. Orleans shortly after or. Car �?�0n the other hand it re Brielle his Cdv Job there minds America of the . Ballimore Branch Vou pc been picketing or the to which it his ailed to that Tho past veal. Main St. Is relative Mortim ,.ios typify Lac in Luil Lor a bul cd Zzz Jozue re a a a a a a i. A and spirit of Pielice Vav h i c ii von know it won i Beitat Way a a Robert b , actor Wev its Wald the Duck Alluri a degree awarded after the make us mini Ful of the to of a Zunder s Dav meet Piir Takh a it Isky of Quot so school in and prac Jgr cat struggles for human. Loungers in pm Nrec theed in Evansville. Ind. Be r the world. A amp us --------1_ to. I. Ii zip Ioviti and Carrlon like they Are a1 on around ii. Is Here to Hamen the de Foo returning to Baltimore in a any great Victory a up pick Lar n sacrifice by who would. Commilles will re have l can co idiocy to ii an a Chi a jail it Hai e Iii it Quot so a a single file within the trustees and served Iti that a � ?.rrnrb.l the or. Farles v Hie store. Not More than was taken by the slate in 1939. A it Terv air Flynn Quot �?t0 Hsc Bach Xis Uig Jar car. My Mcchan Wos a Mcm in f while they last is of a week civil War. He was both a sym Bol and participant. A Lac personified one of the lowest Price Ever act East Supply United easy terms u ii fruit trip item. . Or Westinghouse to ton. Att fully / currant ted. Easy terms wit plug 0 in Foi. Fait. It Monif to Ihirg. Cell of Nigel or font it of tor v Quot pm Homi demonstration fit Tiki am Ilni Valvil to. 7 8869 Bell stores Sie it and try it in your Home no Obj gation 0 i Nti land Retra Rinc Viii i Teik mrs. Juanila Jackson j but in feeling tile sensations Mitchell is chair Arr of Ieni it a a is survived by four program committee for i controlled expression of Calm. Celebration. Or. Lfih9, Ivou find thai boredom is not Mien. . Veterans Hospital twin goals of the civil War Cei Corazon. Or. Ywuc a a you find thai bored in obtain human Frap dam put to Dent them and preserve the Union. Will preside. A j Vout tic an actor but Ile was a participant in the the girls choir of Douglass in t Broadway. You to a t be War on the where senior High St Moo and hic Lime Light of attn tiny. served in the Union angelic choir of crud run of Der Galory. Jeering and Ahu army Ami .30. Pm in the Navy. Sharp so real memorial Bap Sive perhaps bul Don t a Teel too on the Home front women Tisl Church Vii pen it sign a badly brother. In show. Me lags or the regiments Nal music Omli iced Soldier Relief society. Some went South work in school and become teachers for the newly Fred men. Quot in addition coloured leaders. For the first time began is rial its by continued from Page la Vuu re the Star. You re a a Sil Downers now j when one of the Duck filed of Iblis shia teries a Yiirs signs again and again Elsalie Wiging him to fight you walk Down to the Corner my gel the Tiff � a i � � to influence Public Opi Mim. Come 0. 4th a. Bal Pattimore and Howard Conn particularly in the struggle for 1� same com asked that they he per the Rigillo vote cakes is hoi >011 Ever nun Dat Maxson s bake shop 838 w. North ave. La m878 in Bact Riviore 802 Madison ave. J a. 7-7560-office to. 4-8178-Reiidence Quot we of Precille fhe 4 be Way Eye Yuhing Wos to to Ltd Ike to re a Iuga 0 9% icy ii Pfeto # Flktti a a Yoti l o Cinda Ltd it pm r881�?�<ymr u Mari Mvi a old the o a lilt Mort i ony Hiag a i it it. R and Kot idol a Hov of a it Fol 4# a lilt to is la i Charles r. Law our growth is based on Persona service will be of a tic new Albert Auto insurance All Kiruba of i ind of Nicks past Moi ulv i Avi neuts or 22 to Quot Jill Thuv Fri am 5 p m. Sill to t Arlington la sur Park la it it Jami ave. 2-84?q Arbutus memorial Park omers burial est Otei with Pep Ejoy a a a cart % a Marc Intuit Trutt coi Truitt for Iyub ot6u#d Ioc to fool if a Moll Monit it Al nit for c Ordor Bronx memorial now \ for it Mortl Day Aca la. J s127t v repairs no Loans � no i Naifi Updyke to ply Weikly to Sirvint co. In 5-4511 save your hair do a. Iichi i ind if y scan it. i Kium Omi kj>1, Len Iii la in the by n of l a an us a i <1.1 to t Tho a wet Ion to ?x. .1 a i ohly d of a i la i Fly afro Jonm no a a it a u i 11.11�?t my or a la a so �?��.i tin hoc re if might no Back f r a r a a in of run. Pond in a. It i Ltd it � 8 pro it a a at cos Kirlic Sanro Maskin drug co. I Ducc. Miod to consult with Ichii the Amelm cols proposed delegations before voting. Hie coverage n agreed then that the to hotels restaurants inns a Ujj and motels. J6i-nyy general or a ruling a 2. Cd annealing complaints on with through the Aboniey Ien the org tripled. Oral to office mid then to the state s attorney of the Politi Leal Sib Divisi ii. Rather than directly to the Pollee courts j 3. Ivna Fly of s2� to goo. Rather than Soufl. To $500.i or. Gallagher emphasized that Tho Bill amendments empt Ijar Diimig houses. Lunt a counters and refreshment i stands mama inc in places recreation or Amu ement a such As howling alloys billiard Halls and swimming pools. A a the Bill would also exclude Neiplin Lionhood ?� he said. A Vvs Hore som com. Mitt to members Felt it would not be Aesop table a = g Tun defeat a of the . Sol j Friedman Ltd. 4 h i. Ballo asked hat the Hill Iii its original hum he approved. Its plot in. Dele la Egan of Fermi to exe Majl their Dun �?�tie.s.from �vataee.bv the Hill. A a those came from delegates representing Somerset Queen in new to. A a Allyl. To Tartline. Kent. Dorchester. Tvs comics. A ten Cesier. Nne Fri Mitre and Carroll counties. Rhyn. Representatives of never told a lie Mil of county uni urn to $20,000 part in count current dividend it meet mercantile t or Money a earn the highest dividends Ever a Gigantic 5vj% of mercantile in ajl funds deposited by the 20th of the month earn dividends from the first. Mail the Coupon below with your Check or Money order to mercantile Sav Ings amp loan today mail rear acc mid 0o to Way \ dipl a a not Tho a fort of a of or Ogunti but we on my Motif la univ font probe Turrif Kog a Witt do hit by it Earl Koger and sons. Incorporated insurance 2ll 6 w. North ave. La. 3-1815 Gitt Surprise oof yowl Furt Vuithi so Doyi end a five # of Yobu fief or a cobol mph Al Marco nolo Sony Rigi Leo Aiso it Diotio v i a a. I Oon my i amp Virgl of evil in of on g a Cut in tri in to j g in my of to they with f f i Koit $ i. I a a finl Nom i 0 j i i f of re # la i .9 Iton a a iffy % Itol a $ mercantile Sikingi i loin Assn. Quot a a Multi of 3329 Crip Ondar it a 9 sol timor 29. My 0 Mooily-9a.m i 3 9 m. 79 9m so 9 a Mij-00 Nawf 7s�i5 it 6 3320 a 0 mercantile 143ft i Woith. Avi. A a a. Is. My ire a Iio ame Alcan Fercl Frfd i it Poi try la Rico or jail Rit out amnio us Tufti of us 2.1 of 8 my ri#11i<hfo f if in 5i1ur�?o tit but of an pm 4 Tutti mar l a it a i n. It a Uralli Witort l my my t 6#ft> Ului Plaj la Sid a blurt Ltd. Prettus Raftu 0 a a my Foffi Virti. M Muf k a rare him i if of Tiki yet ii a. Jamrat it Lull Linin my any a of tiv 4>r. A a Lex melt s by i Ink Kuh it Ash the. Air ohm ult her. Dirt mint it a a 4 Quot Elliot. to it. A Sinh it f ii Jap it Iti Hano Merit a 4a0 ii nil. Sun the fid Levi arro a mfr an 4< s of Ifft Kiana of s 8n Rio mood g Gasi Miro a1i see off boy afro ask Ifan in Cual at of irks Siri y flu svb5cnipti0n rate thro Star Ihm iwo yrs to Yor. St tut month ii a or of i iffy on fir. Sift Vav. 64# calling All f Vohy Tyve Good , m. Go Diskes has a special flan for you i now you can own the Home Ciu want. 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