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Baltimore Afro American Newspaper Archives Feb 25 1961, Page 1

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Baltimore Afro American (Newspaper) - February 25, 1961, Baltimore, Maryland A a a 1 \. A \ a to i r t i � i a � a � a a a i a a a see photo on Page 5. The Cost of a College education has doubled in the past ten years. \ a College student in 1950 could spend a year in an average University for about $800. Today the student would have to pay More than $1,600 to study a year in the same school. 69th year no. 62 Quot Baltimore md., february 25, 1961 . 32 pages 15 cents j r Community leaders ask in a should the Cost continue to a Rise at the lame rate during the 1860�?, College education could become a luxury a Only the rec can ?� it is certain that less Jhan half of the one million students expected to be ready for College by 1966 frill be financially Able to enter. Educators predict. If the a High Cost of colleges gets any higher most High school graduates will get jobs go to work rather than face financial struggles for higher education. A a # they have already Dis covered that Many talented but needy students Are not a entering College and they suspect that the nation is deprived of the resources of Many great minds which might help shape the future of the country a and to the world. The dollars and cents Side of education has become one of the most serious of All the problems of a he 1%0�?. Iii president Kennedy in his recent Federal Aid to education message to Congress Points out that rile 1960�? will require More College trained leaders and other persons a Oto carry Forward our highly developed civilization a we concludes a oif the Jenl Leges and universes Tail to do their Job there is no substitute to fulfil their ?� he adds if assistance does not come a your colleges in the 1960�? will be in critical Straits merely to provide the necessary facilities much less the Cost or Quality ?��??� As a remedy the chief executive has put before Congress a proposal for a 5-Yeai Federal Aid to education plan calling for More than $5 billion. Part of the Money goes to universities and colleges with yearly sums of $26 million for scholarships $300 million for academic buildings $25 million for dormitories tor students housing for teachers. A scholarships Quot for talented. Needy students arc to be Given on the basis of Moi it and need regardless of race Creed or color. � j higher education Aid As a whole is scheduled to help colleges and universities to enrol the coming 1960�? swarm. Of one million College students a without charging undue increase in fees of suffering undue financial ?� in Baltimore where the average family inc one is scarcely Over $5,000 a year. Outside Aid is necessary if the children Are to enter College. In 1960 state Aid in scholar continued on Page 5 8 � � 8 j i � in a � a a i it a a i inside four held in Gas station robbery. Page 32 a supreme court Justice honoured Here Page 22 t a Day with two Busy women legislators. A Page 17 a Singer finds deep feeling in jewish songs a ask plaque of May Uneit. Son at state House. Page 7 a a a a is critical new. York Singer Jackie Wilson completed his ninth Day on the a of critical list at Roosevelt Hospital on thursday. The 26-year-old Rock n Roll Sisr felled by two bullets from a woman admirers pistol. On february 15. I was apparently hot out of1 i danger when the afro in i quire for him on february 23. Hospital a Quot a officials confirmed that tile singers condition is still regarded As critical but declined to go. Info detail. No reply was i. Ill forthcoming when the afro a in fits Dill suggested that. Wilson might. Be a of improving As was re a. A i a ported last weekend. Action is in the meantime., the Young Singer to assailant. A � Juanita Jones was continued hip in pm i in $2,500. Bond i connection a a with the shooting. Miss Jones x a j >0 l1-s�?"�?hic House ii judiciary committee in Many Baltimore leaders Are against Tim Centennial Celebration of the civil near. They fear emphasis May be misplaced. This was revealed this week when the afro polled leaders seeking off air opinion of the Celebration. Throughout the nation the Jools anniversary of the War Between the states is being celebrated at a Cost of millions of dollars. The War cliched off by general Beauregard to attack on fort Sumter april 12.___ Rigi. It ended when the in to it a Ion to commander in Chiel. I Gen. Ulysses s. Grant look rebel Cion. Solieri e. I cd captive in Appomattox a. L april 9. 1865. A Milestone reached Morgan to 2.&Quot>17-Druid Hill ave Joyce e. Faucett Institute of political education gave a Sophomore 5221 k. Capitol St., be party on wednesday for All students Washington and Joyce Ann Jones. Who will reach their 21st birthday this Junior. 2225 Koko ?�football Star Are three of the 126 guests Jim Parker Ruby Glover misses Francis v. Flanagan Junior were special guests 6 in jail say won t cooperate a pm Flthe news of your buying or selfing Frobish with a fast Octroi afro classified want and. It s cast Quot just Call my. 5-6015 and ask for an and taker. A or 11 a � -. A suspect in custody charged of Jackie Wilson popular Rock it a wac miss Juanita Jones pc show police station shortly after Lier arrest. Admitted owning which fired Tho that a. . Tuesday on wounded Wilson during a the Union emerged vie to ions after Lour ears re bloody turmoil whirl ripped the country apart and iou thousands dead anti . I because Hie Sudith rebelled against the Union s determination to end slavery which _ doomed four million coloured. Americans to misery and Sui i cling. In Jan. I. 18113. President Abrahami Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation freeing the slaves. I Tow arts. Hic South Rupli isred to accept tins decree Dixie rebelled. There follow re such a in 11 Lux. Jib Bull rim. \ ick Slang. Gettysburg. Hie wilderness Spotsylvania. Pedal Creek Lookout with pc Justice sir a Quot a a n roil anger sex Ami Mui St. Apartment. An j let Ost net committee a cannot expect to lint jus room be desk Gregari ii ii a act Yore a. A ,j0i1 until the swim big tues la in an in aus place. We Indue Joseph i Mccall or rect. 4 2 Fri my m a my a a. �. I melted. Roil Man s March to Atlanta in mov areas of urn Bethel rites set for or. Cardo of we meet that Day. We it an a or oath j decently. Will remain in jail until we refused the notion i. I., a a. I i countr. Then Are Mair when the Jud r asked Aller too \ pm s. A to till <1utm a or. Francis no Cardon of held at Beth 1028 Brantley ave., a practice tuesday at i my physician Here tor if i years a died Al freedmen ame Church. In / 9 born in us Alt Leston. No. Mother Speaks Here on sunday a first hand account o Onsi lera,io1 House Bill 27, store last week a Nisi Liana account of � introduced Jan.5 by the bal. new Orleans school s a Tim orc fourth District House Hie Sam mania til negation hassle will it Given a to prohibit de / jiving bibles org be judge demanded. To Alion it the in at Sharp Street memorial of. Services Ai 7. Ilm my Clivis Niu a i., a. Do ? . Methodist Clerch sundae to race in Public places i Irish i heir statement. Be s. Ill t i Hospital in Washington on.s.c., feb. 14, 1882. Lie wa>1 a Buckie my. Of their trial Iii mum fell. 21. Lie was 79. A graduated from Lincoln in mrs Gabrielle fro Bra pc i Alion. Q. Jet. on Funchal scr ids will be ver he in 1900 and froth Mcgie Galionis mobs to escort Dunn of a a minute Lieut i � Tecsi it ask r i t a i i. I a. A a it a. It me. Committee members a Chai g a of Vespa a with them As mrs. Kvasic will take n i Dulcy i. words to the afro mile eiendan1> they believe that All men Are it Melvin Ltd. Anne Arundell ,11h, Jihn i spokesman tor wished to plead guilty in not thu a Are the ones who will committee chairman said As vex von Ltd my a serial stir i Ltd. All seven a Maud i ii Iii Celebration to gain Scoini Meltee consideration Oln a serving us Days in the Lent �? Holt la he tin Lomi Van Pathy tor their inn To Mio Bill was balled. Lunch Bur a Cliv jail tor Stag that Hie a a Grega Teil proceed Leader Lear. The bad under to a a Sil inv no Al Patterson s wigs were being conducted in the were a ked la Fie an unlawful and upon Titu lion to Rohaly manner. R estion a what is sour Tail we aril i Minini it Tetia what do you think Poivre opinion on the Pence finial it in a 7 � it ?�= a a ii mar a Public places tarnish i heir statement we Winf � a ifs. A sleeping and eating a wit Cooj crate. With evil re i punt Iii lied on Page 7 up i inned on Page ii my a Carver five eyes first school Iii 19 Franiz w f Juci i in i to a r a Lill c d two proposed Amend in z Quot Ali them As mrs. I. Is in George Mcmechen Dies a j. A a a a i i a inputs by a vow it vote a a Gordon a housewife who had or. Carua to practice or school last december. V. Ill Cums a it n 0lcy a nested with them a South Ca Onna,.for in is Cak. At m anneal a act a p Stod la the same Limp ins 2 years a circe moving to Balli founder s Day program miss mandoline Thompson flags sch Vulcu Jun Joy 4. A a in a a n it j. A Carver Leifili school today pats on ?27 he a. Pm if Etc Ai a i 751.7j in in f int no la 11 third on i a Iko. O ii air Al i Halloh inn nos re miss mandoline Thomlison ignore in iwo lie practice 3 pm he am Nonic is Avinesh Curc a it it a trite in . A it. It. In sonic Rose acts annl Ainoi in court and 4v my to. Mks. Anda similar House Hill 33. Intro tented to 30 Daw. Vorp Teloh St. A in in i the ire l r. Urd Ozo was president Lier husband. Jam it will Ore do cd Jan. Aby mrs. Verdi or., Martin ii r in bilk Al i at Hwy. Of anti v. Ii ii it of in a to i a f f Friday makes her first so score of 73-74. Since that one. We u Onia Indef on rage 21 f font in nod on rage to wednesday trial leu Holt Quot a .iv/j1 a a Quot a Nous bid for a major Cham was on hic fast Baltimore to a 1m Al a 1 Quot it a pions ii in a the Maryland court. Willy is confident a # ii a a a Scholastic boys will no refit from-hie1 the cubs of Sodie while Friendly confines of h o in e have a Chance to wrap up the Sli Puld this one be close. Ii division i Crown when they a a a. Take on Patterson Park at0scok Handy and tedi3 30 on Tho . An i at not a i t Tun re ski. It not violence Vista cd the lamp lit i. 11 a by Frank hint lit Imrem id Clit i it will be held i j in Simmav. Feh 26 at tin Moi an a 11�?t p do be urn Mian outer. Dean of Baltimore lawyer i unturned no Page 2 a i faces of he while lion Lujus a up ulcers on. He lace so von do just thai. Von join a j a a to j r. Vrho again and again attacked.,. It. ,. Or. Meme Lteif was the id in ? Paul Detrel Chris White Mem i i in a picket it Dolored member of tin do Altis a. Her of the picket line in front r in a Here it of Are jiving More Quot scowl Board the1 we Quot an c.,1 Loi Friendship Junior College and inst Morgan Alumus to con p f walking up ?t.ave/ one Tilnile jew jul to be Pillege la i i it /. I a a. T a i. T i i � i i 1.11. A Al / Lei � ill a a of think a can do it Kou us inc Cui Cit Tiu. ?�>a flan re Zow to on Ului Clicc la Isku hic a lieu � Zeta jazz 3sihs\,� a r�c5?s-a�-� of Quot Quot i in noes Ilia Disca Ltd i White told the Aren on my of s s raid a a indifference to i eve of the crucial i e s t. Mia-lerf11, and coloured a a they tre tou i but in. Boys with a us Mark As opposed marching shoulder have done Ever i # Ivelo Pat lesson s fl-2. The cubs Der against Segrow. Skod of them this year. And can cd mob aau inf by win hared its fangs to show the Quot Quot. Quot Iel Elud the of tiles a a a Leoree and , my i Don t expect things to be Dit Mog today. Ugliness of . Quot a it a slammed to i. Brake san Lac Ca Ani. In i , and the. � of Quot a a of i Ai a cd Edmondson already has the Quot nature of. The beast Quot Quot a lies Irwin Tho Ime in pick a Zwez a of hoc k Hill unless Yon Ai hoots of m on i by. Picket on Page 2 that a Jim i /. A Gierent this time the Carver Lutcs whipped hic clinched the division 2 title was reflected in the twisted cts Cros Luig hic Street. I. A Quot a it -. A v j n it

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