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Balranald Riverina Recorder Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1920, Page 1

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Balranald Riverina Recorder (Newspaper) - November 24, 1920, Balranald, New South Wales I spa diff c bronchitis ? a ii Arak no. O cure in 1 g Al i is the finest remedy in the world for coughs. Cr.o-1sjf. And cold. If it Hose who have had occasion to take Hearne s Affif 8 bronchitis cuke Are astonished at its wonder a 5,i to i Ful Healing Power. Sufferers from bronchitis a cough croup pain or soreness in the Chest hoarseness diff Jwj culty of breathing stuffiness asthma experience delightful p and rapid Relief. This Medicine is particularly valuable to those a k 5j who arc subject to colds on the Chest As it strengthens Vij i the lungs and renders them less susceptible. It is most f-5 comforting in haying irritation in the Throat and giving a Aiu strength to the voice and for this reason is thoroughly apr i a predated by clergymen Public speakers and singers. It does j & Najj not ?.ilow a Cong to become , and in this respect is. 3 p he s absolutely indispensable in preventing a cold from i p pc i developing into bronchitis asthma pneumonia pleurisy or Ujj jul cd consumption. No House should be without a bottle of this i Pil a wonderful remedy As taken at the first indication 0/ s is k a cold a dose or two is generally sufficient a cold should a p always be a ppe in the Bud or serious illness May follow. J Jujj if act Oban Nablo in your Ali strict rend a tract to a i i w. G. Hearne a. Co. Ltd ii Geelong Victoria ? a i i j -0 f always ask for $ % Iii a 4111 raising the dough. Or. Wmk Gishi 3 �7n ainu Ltd baking powder. Put up in 4 oz., 8 02., 1 2 of. & 16 of. Full Matt weight tins. J / Hal / it is guaranteed free from phosphates j i sulphates Alum ammonia and All impurities and is obtainable from All i i my s storekeepers. S ? a ?. Jjames Channon sole manufacturer 5=35 484 Kent Street ? Sydney 20 Market Street Brisbane the great National remedy. For More than Twenty years or. Morse s Indian Root pills have been Bol Ore the australasian Public gain j ing each year in popular esteem i and each year showing a Large in crease in the sales until now nearly one million bottles Are sold annually. Very often medicines appear on the Market and for a Short time have a popular Vogue for just what reason it is difficult to say not hav Sig any genuine Merit but the pub. Lie soon finds this out and they soon disappear and Are never heard of again. When a remedy like or. Morse s Indian Root pills for Twenty years shows a constantly increasing Sale it indicates the solid Confidence the Public have in it. No exam i grated claims have been urged for them. No attempt has been Mado to induce the Public to believe they had any miraculous Power but on All occasions the idea has been presented that they were simply a Good Phi sri every sense of the word. They Are based on a sound formula and in add by men of experience and. The ingredients Are in such Quanti ties and proportions As Best to per form the special objects they Are intended to accomplish. The Peculiar climate of Australia and the Mode of living is such that the liver gets out of order quicker than any other Organ of Ali human system and then the liver does not do its duty the whole Syc Titi is Dis arranged. A remedy Tia reaches the liver is what australians want and they know after Twenty Yoars use that in. Morse s Indian poof. Pills Al a jays oct on the Lowr regulating and toning ire system it is. This simple fact that make s s Rudian Root pills a House li6m look Salty throughout the length Anc breadth of this great Island Cuni not ? with a Sale larger than ? any other remedy South of the Equa Tor. ? Law relating to newspapers. If subscribers move to och a places without informing publishers and papers Are sent to their former directions the subscribers Are responsible. The courts have decided that Refus ing to take periodicals from any Post office or removing or leaving them uncalled for is Prima Facie evidence of intentional fraud. Although customers pay in Advance for a newspaper or quarterly advertisement Schey Are nevertheless bound to give notice to the publisher at the end of the time that they do not wish to continue it otherwise the publisher is authorised to continue Tho advertisement or Forward the newspaper As Tho Case May Brand the customer will to responsible until an express Norice and payment of All arrears is sent to the publisher. Any person who receives a news paper and makes use of it whether he ordered it or not is held in Law to be a subscriber. Subscribers ant advertisers who do Nob give express notice to the contrary Aro considered As wishing to continue their subscriptions or advertisements. If subscribe uts order discontinuance of their publications the publisher May continue to and them until All arrears Aro paid. If subscribers refuse or neglect to take papers from any office to which they Are directed they will be held responsible unti ? they have settled Ftp air account. _ . V the a London director. Wii ii provincial and foreign sections in Bliss to Jimmu Niento . With m a n cd fact u r bks & dealers n Lei inn Iii Iii the provincial town and Inglus Trizil co Tim be of the United kingdom and Trio continent of Europe the names addresses and other details Are classified under fifire than 2,000 Tia do headings in i Clud Tift. Export merchants with detailed particular if Tho goods ship pud and he colonial and foreign markets blot Pallud f steamship lines arranged under the ports to which the sail arid the approximate sail Ings. Ono Inch business cards of firms desiring to extend their connections or of Trade dealers seeking i agencies can be printed at a Cost of �1 10s for Oach Trade head ii in Ler which they Are inserted. Larger advertisements from �2 to �16. A copy of the directory will be sent by parcel Post for �2 n to Cash with order the London directory 00. Ltd., 25, a Church Lane London . 4, England. X business established 105 years x \ pos and Telegraph rates. Bates of postage. Else where within n. Wales per 4oz, 2d interstate per of 2d British possessions per Ion. 2d foreign per i of. 2jd a the town of Balranald per Ion id letter cards single. ? a 2d a . 2d Post Oats single. I l reply. Us each half printed papery As prescribed id per 2oz. Or part of 2oz. ? ? i Jones printed Australia 1 p or 4 ii. Or n.iri.of4 a ?. I books printed in Australia per sons. Id or part of 8oz. ? Malax Ines that is to say a. Magazines reviews serials a i other Nim Ilav pii1.ilieh.tioii or Mytyl and published for Epieh Niagu i in for 8 6xs. Or part of 8 . In Australasia in numbers at intervals not exceeding three months. Id per so in Jar i of 8oz h. , reviews serials and other similar Puli nations including be spa pers printed and published outside Australia. In numbers at intervals not exceed no Throe months id per 4oz. Or part of 4oz. Newspapers and Wiere within the Commonwealth Looz id. Anywhere outside the Commonwealth 4d7,. Id. Telephone stations. The following is a list of . Which Tele Ohurie can be obtained on payment of the charges indicated hereunder at the local Exchange or Post office. 5 ? _ t. G j g g a g v o .2 s so. 3 is ? station. So a to g a. D of 3 o a. Cac a o. Y so Ralora Natad to a s. D. S., d. Lien Digo Vic 2.4 1 9 door Corban ? ? 4.1 9 pm . 1 10 14 Cohuna Vic ? ,1. 10. ? 1 4 Condo Ulpe ? 0 ? 2. -02 Dingeo i Vic 1 10 n 1 4 eaglehawk via v. .2 4 1 v 1 9 i gun car a a. 2 4 19 j 101 -4 ice rang Vic. ? 1 ? -4. 1 0. ? Koo Drook Vio .110. 1 4 Kovoor vie 1 10 1 4 quo Joga Vic. ? 1 0. .0 9 Lake Charm Vio 1 1 o ? 1 Lake mooring Vic., 1 10. 1. 4langville vie 1 10 j 4 Matorna in. 1 10 1 4 Maude. 14 Al q j ? Meran Downs Vic i 10 1 4 Slinchak Vio. 1 10 _ 1-. 4 Mimmo Vic. 1 10 r v Zologa Kast vie 1 10 .1. 4. Murphy s Lake Vic i 10 i 4 myer s Flat 2.4 1 g Mystic Park v13.j \ 4 in nyah Vio. 0 8 -0 6 Oxley. I 0 on piano Ilvio. 0 8. 0 a. Prairie Vio 110 1 4 Pyramid Hill Vio. 1 10 i 4 Haywood vie 2. 4. 1 p Sebastian Vic. 2 4 1 q sunt Idalo Vio. 1 10 Swan Hill Vic. 1 0 o Sydney Flat Vic. 2 4 q Maudara Vic 2 4 1 Teal Point Vic. 1 10 1 i tools buc. 0 8 0 5 to Goroll Vio. 110 1 3 ten tender South Vic. 1 0 09 West a 0 8 0 a Wood Wood Vic. 0 8 0 a Wrt Kool crossing 0 6 0 3 charges for casual advertise ments per Issue. Without headings up to 14 words in 14 to 24 words 2s. 30. Words Inoh. 3s. Births marriages and deaths 2e 6d, and 3d for each Lino of poetry. ? v 5n��iph per Fino time table. Mails arrive. Isun Dav. Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing. A Kojl crossing ton Levime Condo Ulpe at i .15 . Delivered monday morning Tum Dav 1 Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing wit Kool crossing Oonder tile Sydney via Melbourne at 1.15 . Hatfield Ivanhoe Clare hotel Clai in Don win Mill till till. Rosalind Park , Clare Corner j Block Manfred Olire station the Vale. Wintonp l \ i u ? Claremont Killarney till till tenk Junction hotel at 5 . Sydney Hay Oxley Maud Paika Glen Doo at 1.30 . Arfi n Sedav. Melbourne Den Liquin Moulmein con Dolpe lie a Arundle Lako Vale Moolla at 12 noon. Huston Wentworth Mildura to Lara Topra Plains at 5 .hub Day. Melbourne Tiwan Hill Stony of a Makool croaning Toole buc Condo Ulpe. Sydney via Melbourne at j. 15 . Sydney Hay Paika Oxley Maud 31en Iiene 5 . Friday. Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe. At 1.15 . Hatfield Gogol. Mulumulu Gar Pang o Lake Melton Grovo Manfred Clare Sta Tion in Clarendon till till Rosa Lind Park Magenta d Hillock Wir Tong the Valo Clare Corner Claro hotel Claremont i Lorney till till tank june Tion hotel at 3.30 . Satu Rorar. Melbourne Deniliquin Moulmein con Dolpe Luke Vale Arundle Leewah. Moolla. At 12.30 . Lius ton Weikit Ivorah Mildura Ringia Dale Topra Plains Tillara at 5 . Sydney Hay Paika Oxley Maude Glen l be 5 p. 111, mails close. Mondai. Euston , Mildura in Nam Dale Topra Plains till Ira at 7.30 a. 111 Hatfield Ivanhoe Gol Gol Minlu Rulu g or Pang. Clarendon till til i min min Rosalind Park Clare hotel Magenta c Lake Clare Corner p Block , Clare shtick Mejuto Giovo the , Lintung Paika Cia Renion Killar Ney till till tank Junction hotel at 7.30 . Melbourne Deniliquin Moulmein u011 Dolpe. Lake Vale. I lits Virahi Arundle Moolla at a _ tuesday. Sydney hav Uxley Maude at 7.30 . Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe at g . A wednesday Mil Journo Swan Hill Stony crossing. Makool crossing Toole buc Condo Ulpe at 0 Sydney Hay Oxley Munde of 7.30 . Melbourne Deniliquin Moulmein con Dolpe Lake Vale Leewah Arundle Moolla at 11.30 . Hatfield Clare station Manfred min min Clarendon till till Rosalind Park. Magenta d Block Winton the Vale Clare hotel Clare Corner Cia Renion Kil Arriey till till tank Junction hotel at 7.30n.m. Friday Euston went Worth Mildura torn Plains Tillara Ai 7 . Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe at. 6 . Saturday. Sydney Hay Oxley Maude at 7.30 . Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing tools buc. Con Doulph at i . Telegraphic rates. The address and signature is charged for in every instance. the state 16 words is do do each additional word. Id interstate 16 words is 4d do do each additional word. Id United kingdom per word 3� new zealand per word. 4jd a re i Verinia recorder established j 877. Published every wednesday morning has a Large circulation throughout Western riverine a Good advertising medium. The District advocate. Job printing. Neatly and promptly executed at a Shade Over town prices. Memorandum forms bullheads circulars visiting cards tickets or All descriptions Ball programmes and. All kinds of printing a trial solicited consign to Melbourne Market. Wool c,0 / a sax ass no / a j. / skins tall0w Wool sales. The new zealand loan and Mer Cantile Agency co., Ltd. Report a the second serifs of suits Opan a in the local Market on 16th inst., we we brought Forward a catalogue 4,800 Bales. The selection was a of Tiou Lirly Good one in which Many class Merino clips wore ii d these for the most part were from the Western District of Victoria i he riverine District of new South Walo and the Urrego District of Queensland. Superior wools were in Good request hut did not command As wide Competition As at the opening and we quote them 10 per cent cheaper. To making wools were More or less neglected and sold at about 15 per cent below opening rates. Some of the principal brands realised As Fol lows a s Wilson Over it Bute Lin ton 3up com 42d Woodlands Over s. Mcc Crow lands 1st com 38id a Over Goree wide Iowa ,sup com 35d Alabama was a Mer w 21d to overturn in Valley bal Ranald h and w 20d. Dalgety and company Ltd report having submitted 4, 100 Bales at auction of 16th., the selection though not quite up to Tho Standard of our pre Sale was nevertheless a Good average one and chiefly made up of clips grown in the neighbourhood of Deniliquin and Hay new South Wal Sand the North and Western districts of this state. Super fleece of find Quality met with keen Competition and showed Little or no change from the opening Sale but the Market for Good sorts was weaker to the extent of 10 per cent., while a Indium and inferior descriptions met with very irregular Competition and where sales were effected showed a decline of fully 15 per cent. Although some attractive lines of Cross bred were also included these met with Little or no Competition and were mostly passed in bids being anything from 20 to 60 per cent. Be Low appraisement values. The Prin Cipal sales effected were a f in Dia mond sup com 43jd, sup com ii 42.d Murray Downs Over spectacles Aristed Kal Kal sup 41 id Sec com 4-1 a a nos 26d Murray Downs Over spectacles Swan Hill a com h 36d, a con 32 cd Yanga Balranald sup com a 31d, sup com a 28�d Wardry Hay sup Coin ii 30d, 1st com 26fd j South Burr Bogie Hay a a cum w 29d, necks 19j d gum swamp Jerilderie aaa w 2o�d. Younghusband Ltd. Report having held their second Sale of Tho season of the 16th inst., Whon they submitted a catalogue of 2,924 Bales and sold 1809 Hales including private sales out of previous catalogue. The wools were chiefly drawn from the Hay District of new South Wales hut the Western arid Northern districts of Victoria together with Eastern Liverina Wero also represented. There was a full attendance of buyers but the demand was mainly for Well grow a sound wools of Good Quality. As compared with their last auction there was More general Competition but with prices for Tho bulk of the wools from 10 per cent to 15 per cent lower. Some of j Tho highest prices were As follows a Vvs Over Paragon Booro Orban sup a and a 36fd, a 34d la Over steam. Plains Deniliquin Aeh 34d a 33jd, nos he 23d Bundy Deniliquin 1st com h and e 34d ass Booro Orban a and Aeh 32d Ovd Over ? Albouy wbk a 26d, a Pes 14d to Over Kwong Over a Hay he 22jd Mulberry Gong inv 1st com e 21d, and e 19id Lorica Over dem Balran Ald 1st com and 1st com c 22d Waterford Hay aah and aah 19 cd go Over Mossbank Deniliquin wbk h 18�d Ash 16d ass Hay h 32d leg Over Claverton hey hand e 21d. Goldsbrough Mort and co., report holding their record Sale of the current season on the 17th inst., submitting a catalogue of Aonie 4.200 Bales to a full assemblage of the Trade. Offerings comprised Standard riverine Elj Wilh a collection of smaller Jauhs Imru the Northern and Central districts together with a few Early parcels from die Western District. For the Best sorts prices ruled quite on a Par with opening auctions in october but wools nut coming quite within that category were lower to the extent of 5 per cent. Top making sorts particularly when thin and tender were very difficult of Sale and must he quoted 10 per cent to 20 per cent. Down. A feature of t he Sale was Trio More wide spread com petition in which French operators were prominent although americas cured the great bulk of suitable wools. Principal prices Are a Oak Bank Over r Tolang Atuk 4 2d Leewah Over h cd Swan Hill 37 d Moolla Over h us Moulmein 36d Caroon Boon Over i x Deniliquin 3cd j w Over Springridge Barham bid 29d it Over Pike Pike Moulmein 19d w Over Tulla Deniliquin 33jd Keri Over Hack Moulmein 24i l p Over Heimur Barham bid 2 old Wool on Dool Hay bid 2 1 i to Aew Over Mathura 19d. Compulsory dryness. Signs of a lost cause. Prohibition in a bad Way. Published by arrangement commenting on the. Results of victorians local option poll Sydney \ bulletin remarks a there Aro signs and portents that 1 prohibition is in a bad Vay All Over i the world. The Recei to vote i does not look healthy for the cause in Australia it has been turned Down by Maori land British Columbia has just gone overwhelmingly wet. And the Yankee spell binders who set out Tovia Over the United kingdom Don t seem to be making headway. They Are not. Greatly assisted by Tho example which their own country provides. The san Francisco Argo naut 4/9/ 20 referred to the act As a Law odious to Mote than half the people of the country a Law in capable of enforcement by usual or even extraordinary methods of Detec Tion and prosecution. Every Law creates a new class of criminals but nation wide prohibition does it on a1 wholesale scale and what is far worse from the stand Point of the Law Abid ing Section it turns punishment by the courts into a jest ? in the . Before the Days of prohibition it was a serious Ciattei socially to be fined for drunkenness but no one is prejudiced by a co Vic Tion for grog owning. There is apparently As much intoxicating liquor in the u s. As Ever. The differences Are that it is mostly worse and in variably More exp Eneimo. In fact the Only barriers there against alcoholic refreshment seem to be poverty and a distaste for theft parcel Post rate including packet rates. Within inter United . State. Kingdom s a d a d two onne.ea0 1. 0 1 four. 0 2 0 2 six a a 0 3 0 3 eight. 0.4.4ton ,0 5 0 5 our Lound 0 6 0 8 i 0 two. 0 9 12 16 Throe. 10 18 2 0 four. 1 3 .2 2 2 6 five. I 6 2 8 3 0 8ix1 0 3 2 3 6 soon.2 0 3 4 0 eight. 2 3 4 4 6 nine a. 2 6 4 d 6 ton ,2 8. 5. 5 0 j eleven 3 0-5 -6 0 i ? i do not receive Tho Iio paper regularly will Koonter a favor a at once reporting the. Irregularity to on Tolice when it will to upon div rectified. I tote Hal Fri 6 \ to Fiat lasts what can ,1 you greater Satis k a action than tie knowledge that pair rents upon a firm 5 a h Najj his in View it g u weit to or in i ipod i t care g Boato veil. Upon. Maintaining the a vis Sotir of the digestive organs %3 always bring an ample Reward for lie reason that their condition Ujj. So Sirj july influences the general Ujj lie Ostli. A most successful and a g satisfactory method of keeping the 5j 5 digestive system at o High level of z g efficiency is the occasional use p a of be Echo s pills a a Medicine which As everyone knows has g g Wong Lijen opinions All Over the Ujj k world for the Relief and prevention ? j of ailments connected with the 5 g stomach liver and bowels. Ideas j the popularity of betcha to s pills a a Lias been in t a past As a remedy i i for dyspeptic troubles their rep s s action to Day is greater than Ever. A there is no better household j ? 3 remedy for keeping the digestion 3 right the liver Active the bowels s a regular Ond the blood pure. For Jug 6 the Good of your health j i. Take \ 1 e. I a sold everywhere in boxes a s labelled ic-4d., in Ltd omd is so. Z g original English prices Victoria insurance company lid capital �2,000,000 j lowest rates and prompt settlement of claims. Building a. Four Indre and Stock insured at lbs est rates. Agent a Dak w Malcolm. Balranald w. W. 100re k sons ? Timber merchants & ironmongers �3 ohitca1 la org the largest if Ock of every Das Griffion of build ring material in Ilse Orth a Melbo june frices plus Carriage. For lire Ming to Uain and barbed we our iyar All competitors. Be Nike a speciality of corrugated Iron Wanks up to 10,000 Gallons a Litja the highest. Rices the lowest. Be will be pleased to submit quotations for Ang of your requirements. A trial solicited.1 to stand this season at Killarney rest zen a. , Killarney King Killarney King is a Bright Hay horse 4 years old by to Odarico from Power. Akk Darth is by Ambelile from jeoda.1. Power is by Colin from Iilah a Bess. To bums a. 3 3a. All Faro but no responsibility. Good feed and water. Further particulars from w. M. Byrne
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