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Balranald Riverina Recorder (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Balranald, New South Wales I Hearnes br0sr i ? j i is the finest remedy in the world for i ? ? i. Coughs cub up Pas a f i ? 1 1 Phose who have had occasion to take Hearne s 1 1 8 bronchitis cure Are astonished at its wonder. I Ful Healing Power. Sufferers from bronchitis Jujj 8 of. Cough croup pain or soreness in the Chest hoarseness diff is i i culty of breathing. Stuffiness asthma experience delightful i 1 8 1 and rapid Relief. This Medicine is particularly valuable to Tho a a ii who Are subject to colds on the Chest As it strengthens & n 1 the lungs and renders them Les susceptible. It is most 1 1 comforting in allaying irritation in the Throat and giving i j f strength to the voice and or this reason is thoroughly a i predated by clergymen Public speakers and singers. It docs t a not allow a cough to become chronic and in this respect is m Al 1 1 absolutely indispensable in preventing a cold from re a a 1 1 developing into bronchitis asthma pneumonia pleurisy or cd is consumption. No housed should be without a bottle of this ii wonderful remedy As taken at the first indication of. Pm a cold a dose or two is generally sufficient. A cold should Kyj f always be nipped in the Bud or serious illness May follow Fil a r ? ? i j a if ? a Yow do strict cad or cd to Tarj 4. A w. G. Heap lne go. Ltd. If Geelong Victoria a j \ always Ems Lor Elj 1 i i in i it s l \ a hits Hearnes 8 1 raising the dough. ? or. Waugh s unequalled baking powder. Put up in 4 oz., 8 oz., 12.oz. & 16 of spa is full Hett weight Fina. T v 8-ia a it is guaranteed free from i sulphates Alum ammonia and All impurities and a obtainable from All ? a ? ? James Channin sole manufacturer 494 Kent Street ? Sydney 20 Market Street Brisbane j foul breath the old saying that distance lends enchantment was never More aptly to he Point than when applied to those people whose treat i is Laden with evil smelling and offensive odours. Many persons appear most attractive at a Ristaneo Hajt produce a feeling of pity. And disgust when close to because of the condition of their breath for i a it males Little difference How Beautiful a woman May be or. How charming her manner if her breath is foul her Charm i Eon and she is at a disadvantage whenever she comes in Contact with other people. Foul breath in woman arouses in Man a feeling o ? e Pur Nance and. A desire to get out. Of the company of such a woman As Quill try As possible and even women will avoid her. It is therefore 1m. Portent for every woman who values her personal attractions to take Euch care of herself that Thea unpleasant and unnecessary complaint in avoided or corrected. Men women and children who Are troubled ? with this complaint will drive their. ? friends away More rapidly than with any other affliction. People do not. Realise their breaths Are. Bad because they Are like those who Are constantly employed among Planta ? end Varn Inheh a they get used to what is to of fliers a most offensive. Moll. In to arly All cases Thea la Clua of constipation and a disorder. Ered St Trinch. A coated Tongue a blight headache and fever Lishne sure signs the the digestive or gaps Are Roia ining quantities of in. Jentri toss from which the be Frea thereby causing the breath to become charged with the fou1 Duir. In or. Morse s Indian r y Ilia there will be found a j seas. Ins. Cleansing remedy which will drive the masses of decay Long corruption out of the systems. Law relating to newspapers. If subscribers move to Atli a places without informing publishers and papers Are sent to their former directions the subscribe Are responsible. The courts have decided that Refus ing to take periodicals from any Post office or removing or leaving them uncalled for. 19 Niima Nevih Nunn of intentional fraud. Although customers pay in Advance for a newspaper or quarterly advertisement they Are nevertheless bound to give notice to Tho publisher at the end of the time that they do not wish to continue it otherwise the publisher in authorised to continue the advertisement or Forward the newspaper. As the Case May Brand the customer will be. Responsible until an. Of press notice and payment of All arrears is sent to the publisher. Any person who receives a news paper and makes use of it whether Hie ordered if Cor not is held in Law to be a and advertisers who do not give sex pre?8 notice to the contrary a 10 considered As wishing to continue their subscriptions or advertisements if subscribers order Visconti Noanoa of their publications the publisher May continue to Send them until All arrears Are paid. If subscribers refuse or neg loot to take papers from any office. To which they Are. Directed they Wili be held pm possible until of cosy. Uwe settled tithe a Eek dirt a i a a annually. V the a London Dilie coolly with provincial and foreign sections eur Ilea tudors to direct with manufacturers & dealers in London and in Trio provincial towns and India trial centres of Tho Hultad kind on and the continent of Europe the Narvios and Drosdon and Othor details Are classified under More than .3,000 Trade headings a Cludus Export merchants with detailed particulars of the goods ship pod and the colonial and foreign markets supplied steamship lines arranged under the Porta to which Pliay sail and indicating the approximate. Bail Ings. Ono Inch business cards of firms desiring to extend their connections or of Toto cards dealers seeking agencies can be printed at a Cost of �1 10a for each Trado heading under which they Are inserted. Larger advertisements from �2 to �16. = a copy of the i Robtory will to sent by parcel Post for �2 a Tocash with order the London directory 00,. Ltd., 25, a Church Lane London . 4, England. X business established 105 years x pop and Telegraph rates. ? a j it asks of postage. I a Vit Hiu the town of Ual Ronald per us id else whore within n. Wales per of id interstate per Joz i id British possessions per Joz. Id foreign per \ of 2jd letter cards single. Id each i reply id each Post aids single. Id each reply id each. Printed papers As prescribed cd per 2o z. Part of 2oz. Iii t8 printed Ovit hideout Australia 4 per of. Or part of 4 of. Books printed in aus Cralia per of. Id or of 8oz Mawazini s a that is to say a. Magazines reviews serials and other similar publication printed and published in Australasia in numbers at intervals not exceeding three months id per so. Or Parl of 8oz. B. Magoo cities reviews serials and other similar publications including newspapers printed and published outside Australia in numbers at intervals not exceed no three months Jii per 4oz. Or part of 4oz. Newspapers any Hur within the Commonwealth Looz id. Anywhere cuts do the Commonwealth 4--z. Id. Every letter of article posted1 must Bear an additional id stamp for War tax. Telephone stations. The following is a list of stations Between which Telephone communication can be obtained on payment of the charges indicated hereunder at the local Exchange or Post offi a. C. U. A 5i j Istat Iod. Is Al e 3 j so of 55 a g s ? a8 a. ? ?i., _ ? a bar to i 8. D. 8. D. Leu dig Yio. 2 4 19 Booro Orban. 2 4. .1 9 Carrat Hoole. I 10. 1 4 Cociu Navio. 1 10 ,. 1 4 con Dolpe 0 2 0 2 Dingee Ivic. 1 10 1 4 ? eaglehawk Vio 2 4 .18 gain car. ? -2 4 1 Hay .1 10 1 4 Korang Vic. 1 4, 10 Koon Drook Vic. 1 10 i 4 Oroop Vic s 110 1 4 Rjake Bogie Vic. 1 0 0 9 Lake i farm Vio 1 in i Ike Mearing Vic. 1 10 i j langvill6 Vic ? 1 10 1 a. Matorna Trici. ?1 10 1. Maude 1 4 1 to Meran Downa Vic ? 1 10 1minoa Vic. 1 10 1mit Iamo Vio. 1 10 1 Wologa East vie. 1 10 1. Murphy s Lake vie ,. 1 10 1, Mydra s Flat 2 4 1 a Mystic Park vis. 1 4 1 a a nyah Vio. 0.8 0 j Oxley. 10 0 Eia Rigil Vio. 0 8 0 a Prairie Vio. -1 10 .1 Pyramid. Hill Vio. 1 10 1 Raywood vie 2 4 1 Sebastian Vio. 2 4 1 9 Bunny Dale Vio. 1 10 9 Swan Hill Vic. 10 Sydney Flat Vio. 2 4 9 Tai Idara Vio 2 4 19 Teal Point Vio 1 10 1 Toole Buo. 0 8 0 tra Gowell Vic. 1.10. 1 ten tender South Vio 10 0 ten tender West a 0 8 0 word word Vio. 0 8 0 ,.0 0 0 charges for casual advertise ments per Issue. Without Hott Dongs up to 14 words 1�, a a. 14 to 24 words 2a. .80 word or a Inoh 3s. ? births a Fri less and deaths 2b 6d, and so Foro Aoh Lina of poetryadv6rt�5�i�jit�, 8d pm line. ? 1 Balranald mail time table. I mails Arrivi. Sunday. ? Syd Niiya Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing. A Kojl Cross Jig loolovhuc.con-. Dou pc at 1.15 a if. Delivered monday morning. To Fisl Lay Molbo Brno Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe Sydney via Melbourne at 1.15 . Hatfield Ivanhoe Glare hotel Claten Don min min till till Rosalind Park Magenta Clare Corner i Block Manfred Clare station the Vale Winton l Liki Claremont Killarney till till Tonk Junction hotel at Sydney Hay Oxley Maude Paik Glon Doe Wau Gorah at 5 . Wednesday. Melbourne Deniliquin Mou Lamoin con Dolpe Leewah Arundle Lake Vale Moolla at 12 noon. Euston Wentworth Mildura Tiara Topra Plains at 5 . Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing tools buc Condo Ulpe Sydney via Melbourne at 1.15a.m. Sydney Hay Paika Oxley Maude ?31en Dee 5 . Friday. Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe at 1 15 a. In. Hatfield. Gogol. Mulumulu Garnet no c Lake Melton Grove Manfred Clare Sta Tion min i in Clarendon till till Rosa Lind hark Magenta d Block Winton the Vale Clare Corner Clare hotel Claremont Killarney till till tank Junction hotel at 5p.m. Saturday. Melbourne Deniliquin Moal Meiu con Dolpe Lake Vale. Arundle Leewah. J Moolla at 12 noon. Euston Wentworth mild lira cringe Dale Topra Plains Telara at 5 i Sydney Hay i Aika Oxley Maude Glen use 5 p. In i mails Clos Emonda. Isu Scon Wentworth Mildura quit Inifi Dale Topra Plains Tillara at .7.30 . Hatfield Ivanhoe Gol ? g61, Mulu Rulu Gir Pang. Clarendon till till min min Rosalind Park. Clare hotel May Enta c like Clare Corner 1 Block Manfred Clare station Melton Grove the Vale Winton Paika Claremont Killar Ney till till tank Junction hotel at 7.30 . Melbourne. Deniliquin Iloni Mem con Doulph Lake Vale Liev a Arundle Moolla at 11.30 . Tits Day. Sydney hav Ley Ftp aude. At 8 . Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing. Makool crossing Condo Ulpe at. 6 . Wednesday Mil bout be Swan Hilj Stony crossing. Makool crossing Toole buc Condo Ulpe at 6 thurs Dat Sydney Hay. Oxley Maude at 7.30 . Tel Bourne Deniliquin Moulmein con Dolpe Lake Vale Leewah Arundle Melpa at 11.30 . Hatfield. Clare station Manfred min min Clarendon till till Rosalind Park Magenta d Block Winton. The Vale Clare hotel Clare Corner Claremont Kil Arney till till tank Junction hotel at 730 . Friday. ? Huston Wentworth mild urn Topra Plains Tillara a 7 .Melbourne Swan Hill Stony crossing Makool crossing Condo Ulpe at 6 . Saturday. Sydney Hay Oxley Maude at $. . Sydney Melbourne Swan Hill Stony cd Saint Makool crossing tools buc Condo Liq at 6 . Telegraph ice rates. The address and signature is charged for in every instance. ? within the state 16 w Orosi a a. 9d do do each additional word. Id interstate 16 words is do do each a id United kingdom per word -. 3 new zealand per word 4&d riverine recorder Estad Liburd 1877 v published every w de tuesday morning Hao a Large circulation Tai tugboat Western riverine. A Good advertising medium the District advocate. Job pointing. Neatly and prone pity executed at a Shade Over town prices. Memorandum forms bullheads ? circulars visiting cards tickets of a. Descriptions. Ball programmes and All 1 Kli lbs of printing j a trial solicited. Justice. Moves with the. Times. Will we Ever come to sentences like these. ? ? Aid. W. P. Fitzgerald pleaded not guilty to a charge of linking Given j prof Cronce to a s i tier in application for the pc i blood a boy. He was defended by. E. A. M Tiernan and acquitted Hugh i. Mcintosh pleaded not guilty to a charge of having goods in Bis Possession reasonably suspected of having been stolen a to wit Ono decent act at the Tivoli. The jury Din agree after witnessing the act in question ind accused was bound Over. Represented by w. A. Holman k.c., instructed by d. R. Hall r. L. Snowy Baker pleaded guilty to having introduced a genuine air Austi us a character into one of Bis All australian films. Evidence As to character was Given and because of this accused was sentenced to be Lul bed with Lnu own Hanii Zient for three years before jul dip Bow Yang of and a jury of twelve i. W.w., yesterday a Nuin her of More or less serious Mise a Jeanoars were mow or less seriously dealt with at the half Sealover sessions. Colonel Percy Brook Fiell of the broken Hill Banditt prosecuted on behalf of president of the re Public Comrade p. J. Mitmann. David Storey on a charge of Wear eng pyjamas made out of a Union Jack was sentenced to Wear the sinn fein Flag a. & cummerbund for six months. Percy Brunton for the de Fence the miscellaneous workers Union sir Walter Davidson nominal defendant was arraigned for having too promptly paid a Fine to government in Ann thit place. Evi Iii nce was Tripti by tin president sir w Al Ter d i Vinson. The. Sharp Tail sir who t or Davidson my him Board of Man he inem sir Walter a avid ski but the jury without leaving the of i he treasure i the Union Sii Walter Davidson a As Cir dered to pay a year s subscription in Advance to the millions Magazine accused was represented by sir Walter Davidson. A Smith ? weekly w. Wri00re& sons Timber merchants & ironmongers to Hula j Law the largest a Ock Olberg description of Lui iding material in the Lorah at Melbourne frices plus Carriage. Lor fire Letti Jig Flain Aid barbed we ouf Oal All competitors. Be Nike a speciality of corrugated Iron tanks up to 10,000 a Gallons Quality the highest frices the lowest. We will be pleased to submit quotations Fri Ang of Gour requirements. A trial solicited. The healthy Happy life. Full nihed by arrangement. Made possible by Good la quor. ? writing in the London sunday pictorial or Horatio Botto Inley . Editor of John Bull says a j i hold and have no hesitation in saying that the reasonable use of Good liquor is among the factors that contribute to a healthy Happy human life. Good Beer and wine used with sensible moderation add a zest and sparkle to existence robbing Dull hours of their a loot and making sunny Days brighter. Moreover they make for what is known As conviviality a an instructive word which Means when we set to the Bottom of it the iroc of living together. That is one of the benefits of alcohol. It help people to get along together rounds their Corners adds to the sense of Fellowship. The Man who talks of the drink Demon a has seen Only its morbid manifestations its effect on starved bodies or feeble minds. Such fanatics lose sight of its gentler and far commoner manifestations As a healer of discords As a soothing and smoothing influence amid life s jolts and jars. W h y not give the recorder a trial to do your printing we claim that we will give you satisfaction at reasonable rates. Notice to advertisers. To the future the closing time Foi -7 casual advertisements will be 2 o clock on tuesdays and advertisers Are requested to by punctual and thus facilitate publication. Alterations to standing advertisements will be received till a i a mondays. This paper the air Amiin 88 is an absolute necessity in the Home of every resident of the District contain aug As it does the latest information about everything in which its readers Are Likely to be interested. I land matters the Wool Market the Rivers and shipping sporting and Tele graphic news 2nd prominent places in the recorder s column Sand All Diati i Csc meetings including those of a p. Boards f. And s. Associations municipal and Shire councils Are comprehensively reported while special correspondents in All the centres Supply local news the recorder s extensive or Culat iop comprises the districts of bal Ranald Oxley Euston the Back country Moulmein and Swan Hill and it is therefore an excellent Adver Tising medium. Published evry wednesday morn ing. Annual subscription �1 Post free. You printing can be done at this office at cheap rates in City style and. give us a trial. Consign to Melbourne Market ck8mc i f a a Jhu i a Balranald Telephone Exchange list of subscribers 19. Lank of Lonum Efge 12. Balranald hotel 30. Tartlet of f i 24i. Hake 1 i free 241. Iou pie Palau 3. Boy Ilton i Haweis 31. Lynne m f. 41. Toy i. I 27. Balranald motor and Engineer my Forks 4. Anally station 24#. Iarj Iglael Ihas. 241. Ian Mighael a i 4s. Fathom big Lre byte a 13. Commercial hotel 7. Brooks sr., 32a. A Pragji f likes22. To Herfy &. I. 14. Bowling #. I. ? 33 Bowling i 1 39. .8iinn, irs s. 36. Sree Liam i. 23. Lamer i 40. Griffiths a is a 1. Larb ii i. \ 34, Lall and a Fetherman 33 ii Osworth mrs 2im Lickey # Siaifa 37 irn Lames 16. Hospital 28. Mickey w s 42. Fendru i 17. 9. Lucy Lolyn 8. Male Olin Indre 241. Murphy $ i 20. Murphu 1 1 29. 8. Meleod 5. Laika station. 44, Loliger station 48 Fost Maste 321. Queechy Iii net 13 Oya Totel Watson 23. Soady 43. Fowl Hillerk 26. Wetherman #. I 11. Slite f i 32/ Sal fast i Wilson 38 i i Wilson. 2. y \ 3 advertise in the recorder advertise and set the a ample advertise to court Prosperity advertise to make a Napolo advertise to get Money ? ? advertise right Hera advertise willingly advertise mar advertise now advertise Well advertise largely advertise regularly advertise unceasingly advertise in live papers advertise As if Yoo moan it advertise and ensure so own a Iver Cap up the
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