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Balranald Riverina Recorder Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Balranald Riverina Recorder (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Balranald, New South Wales A ass Ssiss i advertisers the. Riverine recorder has the largest newspaper circulation in the District ring bal 123 for advertising rat ii. 1 ? j f rubber Stamps we can Supply rubber Stamps iof All descriptions. To meet clients needs we have a Complete catalogue of 293 de signs and specimens of Misc Ellen sons Stamps to choose from. Prices Range from 2/ to �1 6/6 according to size and Quantity of wording ? stamp pads 1/6 and 2/3 stamp Ink 1 of. Bottles 1/3 Linen marking Ink 1/bottle at the riverine recorder office Market Street a Balranald trespass notice persons found Hunting shooting or otherwise trespassing on Homestead portion of Canally holding or Coo ice holding will be prosecuted with out respect to persons. 20/10/1934. By order a. G. Greenham trespass notice any person or persons found Hunting shooting Ashing or leaving Gates Opeti on Canally holding will be prosecuted without respect of manager trespass notice. ? any. Person found trespassing or shooting on Yanga. Station will be prosecuted. A trespass notice any person found shooting Hunting or trespassing pm Spring Plain win be prosecuted without respect to persons. Pm a. ? the. Manager notice it is hereby notified that after this Date All owners of flock trespassing on the travelling Stock route till til tank. Reserve to door Norene will be prosecuted against As the Law directs. R. H. Lowe manager till till october is 1919. ? your printing requirements Cali be obtained locally so Why Send out of town one Man who supports local Enterprise is Worth a dozen out of town traders Wise Folk guard against sickness with or. Morse s Indian Root pills it is the sensible Jan or woman that keeps a Sharp Eye on the Little signs 9 f ill health. Likewise they take of. Morse s id an Root pills to Aid digestion and help nature Over some obstruction caused by top much food or drink or perhaps in sufficient exercise. There is no bet ter Medicine for such a purpose in this or any other country than or. Morse s Indian Root pills and their ver increasing use by. All classes of he Community bears testimony to their High efficiency. The Best advice that can be Given is to always have a bottle of these pills at hand when. Trip first indication of trouble appears take a dose and the result will be found most Satis factory. I Lils Balranald municipal Council Ordinary meeting the e Ordinary meeting of the bal hat Mald municipal Council was held at the Council Ohai Bens on monday 11th , Whan there were present the mayor Aid i. M. Purton a ii. Fairben l. O. Coates w. B. Sci Tulloch e. W. Corn ish and the town clerk or. Ii. ,1. Bowles. Commons business the minutes of Tihe previous meeting were read and confirmed Oil the motion of Aid. Coates seconded Aid. I letter iwas received from the ba.1 Rainald p. P. Baird advising twit the fencing on portion of the Ilad Belln completed and the Cost �53 13/6 Wais slightly in excess of the Esti Malte �13/8/, n us requesting that Council contribute half share o f same. A on Tihe motion of Aid. I Linaben seconded Aid. Coates it decided that the Cheque be ton marked. From same forwarding to be signed As to the a maintenance of tamps in Blie Western division under control of Council. A Oil. The not com of Aid pour icon seconded Aid. Coates it was decided that the agreement be signed Aind the Seal of the Council affixed. On the motion of add. Harben seconded am. Purton correspondence As read was received. On the motion of Aid. Harben and Aid. Co finish it was decided that common fees be waived for a further period of one Morith. On the motion of Aid. Harben seconded Aid. Burton it was decided that the offer of �6 sor the Oid horse owned by the Council he accepted. The commons meeting then closed. Council meeting minutes of the previous meeting were read Aind confirmed on the motion of Aid. Harben seconded Aid. Burton. At wrist St Alge Aid. Cornish asked permission to the chair tand stated that lie was of the opinion that in View of certain remarks made. the last meeting that add. Mcculloch be asked to withdraw them. Aid. Purton supported the remarks of Aid. Cornish. ? Vitilie mayor have you anything to say Aid. Mcculloch ? Aid. Mcculloch i do not feel in caned to withdraw the remarks and consider that i was speaking the truth. Aldermen Cornish Ano Purton then signified their intention of vacating their seats at the table out resumed them when asked by the mayor to do so. The mayor Aid. Cornish Aind Aid. Purton had been elected to the coun cil with the Confidence of the electors Atid i feel that Aid. Mcculloch hid said things Ini the heat of the moment that need not have been said. I. Alp said and the same thing. The in your then asked Aid. Mccullouh to withdraw the remarks complained of. Aid. Mcculloch very Well. As you Osk me or. Mayor 1 will. Aid. Purton and Cornish expressed t lil Anks to the mayor. ? the mayor think you Aid. Mcculloch. I now feel that the Council Cam As it shias done in the past. Work together in the interests of the Munici Pality Jas a whole. The business of the meeting was then continued Nevith. Arising out of the minutes was a letter from Imp. J. A. Lawson im.l.a., advil sing that the twill make representations Oit Council s behalf regarding the returned soldiers preference act a received. Correspondence from or. Kingsley Wilts Forward ing report on audit of accounts for 1b37 and also a report by the town clerk. A the reports were received on the motion of Aid. Harben seconded Aid. Purton. The mayor said that he was sure that the Council was very pleased with the report and As each Alder Man. Had received a copy they were fully cognisant with the position. The report was an excellent one. It was the Best audit yet received and reflected great Oredith on the town clerk. The financial position was better than it fed been for Many Yeara and it accorded him great pleasure to congratulate the town on the result of the audit. Letter from the department of main roads to or. J. A. Lawson m.lija., with reference to Council s representations regarding the condition of Balranald Swan Hill Road. A received. From Secretary of the Balranald Golf club requesting use of the Pavilion Etc., on the occasion of the annual Tourula Imenit. A permission granted on the motion of Aid. Harben. Seconded Aid Coates. From or. J. J. Nichols advising that miss Iris Brown had gained the Best ? pass tat the 1087 intermediate examination and Wias the Winner of the tro Phy presented by Council. Wilhe letter was received Aind it was decided Elhat a suitable be arranged with re. Father Ryan for the presentation of the trophy. The correspondence was received on the motion of Aid. Purton seconded Aid. Cornish reports ? the report of the finance commit tee Iwais received on the motion of aul. Mcculloch seconded Aid. H at in. ? the. Report of. The committee of the whole Council regarding inspections Jas received on the motion of Aid. I Sarben seconded Aid. Coates. The town clerk reported on the sanitary conveniences at various Busi Ness houses and it was decided that or. Lay be notified that Council in Sist on a screen being erected to the ladies Lavor tory at the rear of the business premises and that the incinerator be removed. The Seal of the Council Wladis affixed to agreement regarding limited Over drafts on the motion of Aid. Purton seconded Aid. Harben. On the motion of adj Harben seconded Aid. Purton it Wias decided that the report an the caretaker s cottage be received and that recommendations be adopted. The report of the electrical Engin Eer for the month of june also the half yearly report were received on the motion of Aid. Purton seconded Aid. He Aurben. Appointment three applications were received for the position of Herdsman and care taker and e. Griffiths iwas appointed to the position the unsuccessful wore a. Mccleary and h. Wagon Heller Gol Gol. General at the invitation of the mayor or. Lister electrical Engineer announced that the change Over to . Would take place about the first week in september. The work of putting Down a floor base had commenced Aind when that was completed it would take about three weeks to put in the engines land approximately three or four weeks to effect the change Over. Aid. Mccullouh referred to the position in in Liichi Telephone cables were being put Down in. Market Street. In some places they were close to the surface and Laid right along the Edge of the buildings. Aid. Mcculloch said lie would like to know what would i happen when Itlie Concrete footpaths were put Down. The mayor stated that the Luat Tir would be gone into. Aid. Coates said that he wished to i Brinig under the notice of Council the. Very rough state of the Roadway it the turn near Bayly s Corner. The mayor informed Aid. Coates that the in bitter would be amended to. Ald Purton asked if the newly appointed inspector could be instructed to attend or report to each meeting and. The mayor replied that oct Tor would be asked to attend. Aid. M a Culloh referred to the ques join of overtime. Virid swis informed that where overtime was worked time off As Given. Aid. Mcculloch was quite satisfied with the arrangement ? a oct trek tool Tam a ? ? ? r sri rim a in a Ual 1 i j Iti in a a iwo 1. ?. Or i Ottke Lorr 8�m�i ? ? 1 .1 a Normal Oil coped t old Loni. J the increasing popularity Al Ford v-8 tracks ova. The past 6 years brought record sales in 1937 now Tor 1 1938, card oilers a Range of v-8 Trade with every feature shot has made previous models so successful plus farther improvements or 1938 value features such As these Are retained 95 . V-8 Engin a developing 170 it lbs. Torque Over a Waldo Range of Road speeds id to quo Lubo drive and radius rods. Full ? floating rear Axle. Straddle mounted Pinion with 4 differential gears 41 Ball and roller bearings. Centre Force truck clutch. Oil Bath air cleaner. In addition the. 1938. Models have larger braking. Recd 488.75 so. In., and self energizing Brake shoes giving. Greater stopping ability. Larger tapered spindles and spindle bolts to worm and Rapuet steering reducing friction. New 134 in. . Chassis giving greater Load space and improved weigh distribution. New .34 Width on 134 in. And 157 in. . ? chaise s giving More space Between tyres and Chassis ? let w arrange an on the Job test for Yon. A Cost or obligation Liberal Trade in Alio Wanco. And convenient . Complete equipment including Ttoe equipment Mobe than sufficient. To Cathy rated Load is Standard at ? ? list Price for All models. There Juno extras to buy. V Ford v-8 trucks r. L. Tress. V Ford Doaty ? ? ? ? ? Vav ? Balranald. ? Universal news where Deanna get her name ? question which has bothered Many film fans. Where and How de Nina Durbin get her first name ? 5 a Large percentage of the thousands of fan letters Widli Deanna Durbin receives every week ask that question. And most of them mail to know How it is pronounced. one Reader has been Able to find k on Amy authorised list of proper mimes. Ever since charming 15-year-old Saprano shot to Tihe front rank of Hollywood screen stardom and sur Pri Sod the world with her glorious voice and lovable personality there have been weird explanations of she Oilme to be called Deanna. The True origin of her screen name was revealed by death Tea herself during the making of her latest film for the new Universal that certain age / Deanna Durbin who has charmed film fans the world Over with her glorious voice and lovable personality. Her latest film for the new Universal is that certain acre it seem s that Deanna in t a name at Sill. It is i mispronunciation. It was Given by Deanna herself to her self. The Little Singer has an older sister Edith of whom she is very i fond this is ister is about Twenty five married an d a los Angeles school teacher. She Wais the first in the family to notice iter kid sister is remarkable singing voice Aind helped pay for Heil musical tuition. Deanna s pet Tatjie for Edith is Deedee when Universal signed Tihe younger Durbin girl they decided she must have a new Naime. Her Rewl name ? Edna Mae was considered too demise for Itlie screen. After two week had failed to provide a Des Itable substitute the Little Star was asked to select on. She Diana. She picked it for two reasons. The first Wais because she liked it Best of All possible names. Tile second reason Wais that this name in Bifid give her the initials . When spoken these initials would sound exactly Jakc be Eure i nor incur Fame Tor her sister. She pronounced Diana As Deanna instead of the custom i Ary Dye Anna studio officials liked the name. It Wias distinctive. It was easy to Abaiy. They spelled a it Deanna the Way it Wais pronounced a wid Lufiade it official. Though Mii Imons do Over the world refer to the Durbin Lasis As Deanna she is Seldom called by that name at the studio except on formal oct vision son the set Diu ring the filming of Het latest picture that certain age 6hc answered to half a dozen nicknames. Her Mother who accompanies her to the studio every Day Calls her Edna or Edna Mae. Joseph Pasternak Wilio produced the three previous Dir bin pictures terms her so Linus from his native my Anyair Lingo Edith Calls her Edn erts suite proof that plus lovable Little Star has found her Way into the hearts of fans the world Over is the fact that tilsit week she received her Millionth piece of Fiaoni mail. F Tom a 12-Ydar-old Indian Ria school girl the letter had the added distinction of being one of the most unique Ever sent to u Versal s Little sin Ger. Ellie Wor Dis were donned wit i letters and words slipped Froim news papers. And painted to a Sheet of paper. It s one of the grandest letters i be Ever received Deanna said when the epistle was tended to her. I m go ing to keep it ill a special Book. It must have taken a Long time to find Tihe Settens Lauid words to make it up 1,1, a a a a a a mad about music Deanna Luiis had to increase the staff to handle her fan. A still Natiw arrives at the rate of about 20,000 pieces weekly and from All sections of the world in ago Beanna Wil Ising fish Ftp i us Herb written Especial a for her and two Cla Esicial Nui Birs. The Mio Fern numbers will be be a Good scout my own and Yoi re1 As pretty As a i picture find be Ivd s Rio Inco a nil Juliet Waltz find Filles Des Ord ii Are tie class t in offerings. What s on list of entertainments w wednesday september. 3 1. A Bazaar and by by show in Aid of c. Of k. Funds. Friday october 14. A Blind enter Tai not in theatre Koyal. ? Liveris & i i the Commonwealth Wool & produce co. Ltd. I incorporated in . N Wool and produce brokers Stock and station gents fat Stock salesmen b j. J. Lindsay local Fagent b Alra n a l d phone 40 Box s3 Melbourne office Sale entries or. Bourke and William Street. Melbourne and Sydney All information from local agent a inquiries invited Only Tasma detail built radial has the Ferro co Iii Taenia s amazing Iron cored Coil which does shut out everything except the sounds you want to hear. Positively a demonstration when and where you like a of any Tasma Type you prefer a and without obligation Tasma dealers everywhere. The Tasma Range includes every Type size and Pri am of perfected radio receivers. All argument is ended. Don t buy. Obsolete Radii e�8 by a Tasma. I ii. Crompton furniture store Balranald of deeds and documents one of the Many services that the Bank of new South Wales makes available without charge b the care of scrip deeds and other valuable documents. Privacy is assured by lodging such documents in a looked Box or sealed envelope to which Lite customer can have Access it ony time during business hours. Bank or new South Wales m4e trespass notice persons in charge of travelling Stock passing through Wal Daira or Cring Edale must give notice to the manager at Cring Edale. All trespass ers will be prosecuted. The manager Cring Edale trespass notice Hunting or shooting is nol allowed on Tillara of p. Hearn. Mail time table ? 1 ? i ? outward mails Kyn Lito Stony crowing Swan Hill Bendigo Melbourne. A monday to saturday 9.40 Sydney despatches Are made with every Melbourne despatch. Moid Amain wednesday 9.80 . Thursday 7.80 , saturday 9.30 . And c . Doa Liquin wednesday and saturday 9.80 .i thursday 7.30 . Via Chuca. Echuca monday to saturday 9.40 . Via Bendigo thursday 7.80 . Satur Day 6 . Hatfield. A monday wednesday and Friday 7.80 . Wou Gorah. A 7.30 . Wednesday. Ivanhoe. A wednesday 7.80 . P rung tuesday 7.30 . Hay Oxley Maude Weir no. 5. A tuesday thurs., and saturday 8 . Euston Mildura. A tuesday thurs Day and saturday 7.80 . Inward mails Kyanite Stony crossing Swan Hill. Bendigo and Melbourne monday to saturday 8 with the addition of arrivals via Mildura at 4,45 . Monday wednesday and Friday. Mails arriving via Swan Hill on sat urday night Are sorted into private boxes and for counter delivery of which purpose the office is opened for half an hour. Mobil Amin f. 11.45 ., tuesday 9.25 . Tuesday 11.45 . Friday and 11.40 . Friday. Of Dali Liloia 11.48 tuesday and Friday. 9.25 in. Tuesday 11.40 Friday Ivanhoe. A 3.80 . Thursday Hatfield a 8.30 . Tuesday thurs and saturday. -4.40 . Wednesday Pringle. A 5.80 . Tuesday Hay Oxley Maude and Weir no. S via Hay a 4 . Tuesday thurs Day and saturday. Euston and Mildura a 4.45 . Monday wednesday and Friday. Sydney 4 . Tuesday thursday and sat urday 11.45 . Friday 4.45 . Monday and wednesday. R. A. Mud in ? a ? t. ? ? tailor Market Street opposite Sampson s bakery suits made to j your measure workmanship. Guaranteed Victoria insurance co. Ltd. Lowest rates prompt settlement of claims buildings furniture and Stock insured at lowest rates agent a. Malcolm & son Balranald cheap Cash casuals commencing from today May 9a 19816, the following cheap Cash or Cea will operate details of which Are a follow a the charges number of Kiuei Tionel words 1 2 3 4 5. Up to 10 ? 1/6 2/6 8/6 4/fl 11 to Lei ? 2/ 8/ 4/ 4/6 a 16 to 20 ? 2/6 4/ c/6 6/8 to 21 to 2s8/ 8/ to 8/ 9/ 26 t0 80 ? 8/0 6/ 8/6 9/ 11/ it must be distinctly understood that the. Foregoing Cash casual rates Are strictly in Advance and unless prepaid with order the Ordin Ary casual rates will be charged while the prices apply Only to the types of announcement referred to til for Sale to let wanted to buy or sell lost found Etc. Printed and published by Cath 13rene c. Hunt residing at Mot Street Balranald at the office of the Elverina recorder Market Street Balranald in the state of new South ? Walts. ? ? w i ? ? ? a commercial printing when you want 1 first class printing ring or write the riverine recorder phone 123 a . Box 8 a ? a a
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