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Ballarat Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ballarat, Victoria National Library of Australia the Farmers Sank credit fonder Loam on farm properties turned. Soldiers dependents red. Cross two thirds of valuation Fand transport work a. Up to �2,000 at. 6 per " r �3/15/ half yearly u for each Loo. A Xiv a three fourths of value cent / qution up. To �2 too at Sjef per cent. Repayable Over 27i years repayable Over 30j Sisi . Florici years �1 /15 quarterly for each Loo. R. Application forms Alan or savings Bank or by writing Tor inspector general. I a head of Floe state savings Bank. Elizabeth Street. Melbon Jae. Geo. B. Inspector general. Out they Slaughter of prices. Childrens and maids dresses and Coats ladies Coats blouses and skirts at less than wholesale Gost. Maids and childrens dress department maids Cotton Tweed bpesses27in., 8/11 soft 9 Ooin. 9/11 36in., 3/11 42in Long -loin., 10/6. A girls poplin Beeres in a save and Brown. Spend div made Tui in. 14/6 min. 19/11 3in., 21/ -12 in., 22/6 lain. 23/6. Girls Brown and Blue Creek veresses. Suitable for school Wear 19iu., 7/11 22in 10/0 2lin 11/6 27iu 12/g 30in.,j4/0. Maids heavy Tweed . A great bargain uttered min., 32/0 min. 37/6 gain. 37/6, children gabardine coats2oin bin. 22in. 24in. To be cleared at prices from 5/11 to in i. We guarantee Quality and manufacture of All above lines Manu a Aelred in our own factory under special supervision. Ladies coat and costume department. Ladies bits in bark mixed r Leod. Patch pockets and helped All round. Usual Price. 59/0. Special iricel2/. Splendid line of ladies Tweed Coats Grey Only can be worn listened to Throat pickets and Belt. Usi Iid pole. 51/0. Special price4s /. \ Ery special line of ladies Coats in iti Yii Brown and Grev mixed l wed. All in Hie latest shape. Usual Price. 59 0, 75/. Special Price we ladies Coats in Navy Cheviot. Belted. Pocky a and with fancy piece v on Side fashionable Collar. Usual Price. 69/6. Special price47/c. To ladies Coats in Light and bark heavy Grey Tweed Nice and Ivun. 1 with Patch pockets and belted Alj round. Usual Price 75/. Special \ lticc63/. A a Marc Goat in Grey Tweed Tri Minei. Navy Blue Fanty Back pockets and \ Bell. Usual Price 95/. Special Price 59/6. Ladies Coats in bark mixed Tweed pleated Back Nickels and Belt. \ usual Price. 95/. Special Pricc--84/. gabardine Coats in Pawn shades belied and pm cels. Usual \ Price. 52/6. Special price39/6. \ aim Odd blouses. In coloured George ito and Crone de Clyne. Slightly 1 soiled. Usual prices 37/6, 35/. 29/6. Special27/0, 25/. 2\/. To free Andy Pawn gabardine skirts. Ladies size High if sled and in died Belt. Usual Price .21 /. Special pricel2/6. Ames Tyler & cos., \3 of delicious of. T. Humphreys. War Bonds etc., Bank gris Woollen ship Ping and broken Hill stocks. National Mutual buildings stub Street. Ballarat. F g. 8. O Malley. Stook share and wheat scrip broker. 46 Lydiard Street to Atli. Ballarat. Tel. 557. .7. G. Bingham and ., Stock and share brokers 16 Lydiard St. North. Ballarat. Or Dora receive prompt attention. M Golji and Teo apis. Stock and share brokers a r. Queen streets. . F piles rapidly Relie women suffer with piles who do not like Tox insult doctors. They Are even diff Den inquiring lor a for. Their. Double and life a Coomes o Burden of buffering and ill health. To these. Lie Xona Tho rapid Hedling ointment loonies a. Amidon. A it. Asp simple to use. And i so effective genuinely Healing and soothing that dist fort Guio of Viii Sion when Itaf applied tit 6btaipquiokge t Ballar it a a so m a of cup of Coffee Oft Tea at Rossos just delicious i both men and women Nraciso Tho Raro flavor mud favor russos lor a real Good cup of Gorce or Tea. A the secret in our unique method of blending and special Prfu a ration. It Means Tim. And trouble to . But we Avo won a great 3si Namo by it. Try for afternoon Tea to Day or Day a. C b. C. Cafe. Q Russo proprietor Faix Ock t for italian Coffee English Barley. 8/ to 8/3 ii talking Cape 7/ to 7/3. Chaffing sheaves to Manger �9/5/. Straw �6. Potatoes �l2 to �l2/10/. Cletas. Vaughan Aid a report wheat 8/3 to 5/. Oats. 5/9 to of Barley English 6/6 to 5 9 Cape 6/3\o 6/4. Potatoes �l2 to �l2/10/. Hay. �9\to �9/5/. Flour fib 17/6 to �l7. Bran. To. Pollard. To to �lo/5/. \. J. Gay and cos. Re Brt Oats 5/9 to6. Peas. 18. Barley Erbie English malt Iii. 7/3 to4 ape 6/ t \6/4. Potatoes. �l2 to �l2/ of. H to Best dialling sheaves �9 Ujj Manget �9,5 Straw,l�6.� Melbourne markets. Melbourne tuesday. No alteration reported in the Grain potato and onion markets which remain quiet. Prices _ bran and Pollard the victorian Mill owners association prices net., delivered and suburbs on terms Are loan. �3/10/ a ton Pollard �b/10/ a my. I heat official quotations Millers in ire Nants for hour for local in Nsumpi Ioa a. Ims Liel Tor ship stoics. 33/6 a Shel. Secondary wheat no. 1 Grade. 81 no. 2 Grade 7/9 a Bushel. Sioui within the metropolitan area. �l7. Akon delivered. Pats algerian feed 5/9 1q 5/10 poor lots liver milling 6/. Maize nominally 9,6 to 9/9. Barley English malting prime 7/6 to medium to fair 7/ to 7/3 Cape. 6/6 of offerings values for malting English Ace nominal at from 7/9 to 8/3, and Capo at x. Maize inquiries Are. Mostly of a Distri buting nature the principal buyers at pre sent marking Timo owing to. Trio Sydney Market mixing very. Weak. Values Are nominal at about 9/6 to 9/7x. Peas duis Are practically unobtainable and Small lots available Are readily of sorbed at in to 12/3 per Bushel. Bran Anil Pollard i those commodities Are practically j unobtainable even at la per com seed this commodity Lias enquiry at Ilo to �l4. Chaff a Glitz Eglit trucks listed this morning. Tedium Quality comprises the bulk of supplies. And sales Are. Very difficult to effect indications Point. To a depreciation in values. -. Good to Choice quoted at �ll/5/ to �ll/15/ Straw deliveries still continue very Light., up to �6 being obtained for Choice oaten and �5/10/ to �5/12/6 for similar Quality Barley Straw. Potatoes this Market continues very depressed . There practically no enquiry primes Are nominal at ,� �l2 for Best Gipp land Carmens Sellers Are asking up to �l3 for. Choice red foil Ballarat Carmens. " onions this Market lacks animation Oliero being practically no enquiry. Values Are nominal at �l2/10/ to �l3/10/ Dairy produce Market. Ballarat tuesday. T. J. Lawless and cos report butter factory prints 2/3 separator 2/1 Dairy. 1/10. Ergs 1/8 to 1/9. Honey 9jd. Bacon. Sides 1/6 shoulders 1/2 ,.-l/8 Liams Iao. Cheese 1/3 to 1/4. 3jard,4/6, Wallace butter factory. Company report / butter prints. 2/2 to 2/3. Eggs 1/6 to 1/7. Bacon sides 1/7 shoulders 1/3 middles 1/9 hams 1/10. Cheese l/ 4 i Honey w to 91d. T Melbourne tuesday. Eggs were reduced by. 5d dozen Teddy. Barge supplies Are coming j a former prices the demand was very bad. The butter position tins week . Not quite so acute. Merchants Epatey that. The Quality of the last. Consig Piacent l from Queensland was not up to previous Stan Dards and purchasers Are standing off. The Pool committee meeting Ini Sydney to Day and it under stood that it to consider an offer of Purchase from the Imperial government. There a feeling in the Trade that the control of butter in Australia will to continued for another season. New cheese very scare. I prices buttery Choice official. 242/ out equal to 2/2 a la wholesale or 2/6? j la retail if purchased at shop a booked and delivered id extra 2381 third Grade 233j4. J i Sheeser prime new. Loaf 1/2.\priine re i use my \ ,7 hams bagged special 1/10 Loose 1/8 to 1/91 Side jams. 1/8 to 1/9. and beeswax Honey Privia to Choice. 8d to bad special to 9d. Lard bulk 1/55 packets to 1/6. Lags Ordinary 1/8. Private 1/9 suburban. 1/10. sides 1,5 to 1/6 heavy 1/3 to 1/4 hitches 1/3 to 1/4. W ? Ole Sale potato Market. Melbourne tuesday. Messes in. H. Maiuro. And a weak Market in potatoes supplies heavy and Pratti ally no shipping outlet. Queens land Javo of locals and Sydney Well supplied Iron Tasmania and local grown. Owing to nut Way mismanagement heavy deliveries of have arrived this Lias caused a stump and sales Are difficult. Closing quotations Bahara a Mons �l2 16/ to �l3 ii Poland Carmens la to �l2 a sodium and inferior from to. To �lo/18. Onions Market weak demand Slack. Clos ing quotations .313, Small lots higher. At the auction sales of Rabbit skins in Melbourne on to tuesday 14i tons were sub. Mattea. Con Petiton throughout was did and values dec Niet id to 2d per la on top grades and Racks and docs to 4d per la. Fox skins were in poor request and values fell 20/ to so per. Deceit. Hares were clanged. Tile following prices were of , 82a to 85d per list inclining and 2nd twi Itei 68d to 72id per la 2nd incoming and lb., 54id to 62id Ped 111 Racks and Talf grown 16d to. 16id pet la does 12d to 14td Pel la Kittens to 9jd per la skins with beads on. 7d to a Cal per la lower than Trio above quotations and. Butchered skins 20d to 24t_ lower. A Tasman bin cider com it qty handling 50,000 by gels of apples the season. Crushing was commenced in Apt a amt beg compleat d this month. There Are at the factory 141, vats ranging in capacity from 500-to 2503 Gallons each and the average Stock 15,000 Gallons. Tito company Export Trade Coti Prises ship Lents i the East. Interstate markets. Sydney ,v now Laid. 2/8 to 2/9 Tase 2/3 to 2/4 Duck to 2/6 a dozen. Oatt tasmanian White 610 to 7/ algerian feed 6/9 to 6/10 a Bushel. Floter �l9/2/6 a ton bran �9 a ton Polard to a ton. Chaff interstate �l4/10/ to. �l5 a ton. Onions Brown Spanish Titorian �l4/10/ to �l6 a pm. Potatoes tas Kianian i �l6 to �l7 n toil., Lucerne Bay Funter River lion ital. A Maize North Kern livers prime dry to. 8/6 a Bushel. Peas Manian Blue 13/ Gray 14/ a Bushel. Stick wheat 21/ a bag. Befrs local to 15/ Vic Torian 10/ to 15/ a bit Biel. Apples steal grammy Smith 11/ to 13\ others 7/ Tox tasmanian jonathans 7f to 10/ s.p.m., 7/ to 10/ . 5/ to 6/ French crabs to 9/ Munro. 6/ to 8/ a Bushel Cas. Bananas Tweed River 14 to 25/ a cast pineapples Queens 16/\to .20/ a Case. Orangesnavels9/. To 12/, Ommo . 4/ to 8/ a Bushel mandarins 6/ to 9/ a Bushel Case. % _ Adelaide i feedstuffs Are quieter Runder seasonal influx Nam the interstate demand. For offal Slack but demand maintained locally at �9/5/ sex null. Data Are quiet nominal ,5/9 . Barley steady about i-8/ English malting. A Pfaff a �10/ . Live Stock markets. Ballarat sheep and cattle sales. Tuesday 22nd june 1920. Cattle to 4 cattle were penned to Day including four or. Five trucks of prime heavy weight Bullocks also s6ipp Good Quality heifers and steers. The. If irked opened farmhand Competition was brisk through out the tone of. The Market. Being about equal to last week. Averages a. Moore and cos., tools Nook tar ram a 20 Bullocks �2b 17/ g. Ivor Eliouse Mamba 10 Bullocks �27/5/ Lar t. Robertson Moyne Falls Hae Arthur 10 Bullocks �24/4/6. From. Upper Murray. 14 heifers �l7/19/6 or j. Baghetti Smeaton 8 steers �l7/4/6 a quotations prime Bullocks �2b to �3o/17/6 Good �22 to �26 Light weight la to �2o-useful, � �l6 prime cows la to �2l useful a to. La. Calves there was Only a. Small number of calves to Day several being of Nice Quality others Small and useful Best made �l5/6/6. Sheep of the 5388 sheep offered to Day the majority. Consisted of stores. There was a very Small proportion of Trinid Trade sorts which naturally attracted keen Competition and caused an appreciable Rise in values which were obtained throughout Trio Sale. For stores the demand was not so Good much lower prices being realised than of late. Quota crossbred. Wethers 48/ to 55/ extra to 65/3 Good 38/ to 45/ prime Cross bred Ewess 40/ to 46/, extra to 65/9, a few �5.1/6 to �5/6/6 Good. 35/ to 38/ useful 28/ to 32/ Merino Wetli ots to 39/7. Lambs -1230 penned. Prime Quality was scarce also and prices for Primo Trade descriptions were in Advance of Hist week. Quotations prime 55/ to 48/6 Good. 26/ to 50/ useful 21/ to 24/. Sal o a Stephen Holgate and Sals -cattle-420 Bullocks j. Moore and cos., too Koonook. Larram to �3o/13/6, averaging �2o 17/, highest average of Trio Market 10 bul locks a in Woodhouse tin Amba. To �29/12/6, averaging �27/5/ 10 Bullocks. Thos. Robert son Moyne Falls. Mac Arllier to �3o/17/5. Averaging �24/4/6. Topping Trio Market. 5 steel from Gisland to �9/2/6 1 calf mrs Murray 2 calves from Dungaree. Sheep -1000 Morin wet Liers outside 100 Cross bred and comeback Wethers Thos. Robert son. Moyne Falls. Mac Artilur. To 47/10. Averaging 45/6 96 crossbred and comeback ewes from Rorri Yallum 1 ram g. Edgar scars Dalef. Dalgety and c., Sale slioep32 crossbred owes j. S. Dardell Batsford 37/6 33 crossbred owes same owner 35/3 56 crossbred ewes same owner to 57/6 47 crossbred and comeback owes from Penshurst to 36/6 17 crossbred ewes from same place 37/3 51 comeback ewes and Wethers or Chisholm of 80-Peep, 25/ 14 comeback ewes from Sebastopol. Lambs l9o lambs j. S. Dardell Batsford. S. G. , and fourth Sale cattle 1 Bull. Dickinson bros., Cherry tree estate �2o 1 cow same owners 2 calves same owners to �2/12/6. Sheep -650 comeback weavers outside. Mrs m. J. Clarke Piggy acct West 300 comeback Weth ers outside Blakeley bros., Berringa 179 comeback Wea nors. David Clarke outside Moreno estate 519 2 and 4-tooth crossbred and Roii Zoback wolbers Titos. Robertson mount Mitchell to 23/1 74 crossbred and comeback cos. I. Forest Myr Arong. To 64/7 19 crossbred ewes and wet Liers 11. Kennedy Fin Gal Park to 29/10 21 Cross bred ewes n. Sutton Ballarat North. Lambss3, w. S. Ham. Sebastopol 36. H. Kennedy pin Gal Park. 21/10. Crawford Dowling Ami Seymour. Fifth Sale cattle 10 Bullocks a. L. Nase. Clover Hill Uvina .221/5/ to �l7/10/. Aver aging �l9/9/9 1 cow mrs .7. Oates Stanley Street ballast North. Sheep43s come Back owes h. H. Clarko Kridor Hurst it. Mercer a 150 crossbred and comeback Weth ers and ewes and Merino wet Liers w. S. Carr Carra Ballac 104 comeback wet Liers from Maroon 96 comeback ewes w. F. Poy Tori illabarook46 crossbred wetlier3 and ewes la. Knight Cherry tree 46 come Back wet Liers f. Lord the Homestead it. Mercer 43 crossbred owes j. W. Vaughan Mollon Glimp 66/3 to 44/3, averaging 55/9 29 comeback wet Liers a. I. Nase Clover Hill Ullia 51/3 to 37/3 26 Morino owes b. M. Hitchcock Grenville 4 Merino ewes. E. Haves Yan Rowee 1 crossbred sheep. R. W. Broyn minors Rost. 65/ 1 crossbred i wether a Gray Dowling 57/6. Lambs 141, a Gray Dowling 16/11 124, j. N. Judge per eel 22/6 to 18/5 95 from Tat Yoomi 76, e. M. Hitchcock. Grenville 20/8 to 19/ of estate h b. Broughton. Penrose Grenville to 49/, 23, e. Hayes Yarrow the. 22/7 10 16/1 17, j. Gray Dowling 17/1 3, j. R. Thomas Ascot 33/1 3, its t. F. Lynch. Cardigan 44/9 2. Miss Nellie Thomas miners rest. 30/3. Coghlan Boase pay Sale Catitler-8 steers j. Riglietti Smeaton to �2l/10/, averaging �l7/4/ 10 steers from Heyfield to �l9/2/6, averaging �l7/12 14 heifers from upper Murray to �2l. Averaging �l7/19/1 2 cows goo. Palmer Inver Lifty �l5 and �l2/2/6 1 cow. Geo. Blakely a Marat North at �ll/10/ 1 cow h. Smith bal rat at �6 5 Lieffers j. Riglietti saw Khoii averaging �l6/8/ 2 heifers j. Rafik Warren Heip at �l5/7/6 1 Bull. C. V. Chisholm Cardigan at �9/5/. Calves -2 calves mrs Frank Rodier St Reet at �l2 2/6 andll�b/15/ 2 from Wallace at �l5/6/ Ami Lils top Price of the Market 1. Mil Hingston Ballarat at �7/17/6. Sheep a 9 Croft Brett ewes a. Osborne Clarks Hill to �5/6/6, averaging �5/1/6. Being top Price and highest average of the Market and were secured by messes Heinz bros., Han cock and cos. F. Raotz d. Davies and Doan air to sons Ballarat and or x. Harris Maryborough. These sheep were much advised for. Their Breeding and Quality 1 crossbred Wethers some owner at 38/ 29 crossbred ewes. J. Buchanan Alfred ton 3 comeback eos f. Granland Brown Hill at 26/4 1 ram same owner 40 comeback ewes i Moran Maubra 15/1 to 17/7 i a. Frank Warren Leip at 34. Coles and Pullum. Seventh Sale cattle cow in. Elswort i. Larren beep. �11 1 a. . Wen Youree �5 15/ Plinea 145 comeback Wea nors at Cherry i tree 42 crossbred ewes Henry Shaw Lla Dou. To �4/3/6 20 crossbred ewes. 0. H. Itoe Digor Smythes Road to �3/19/6, averaging �3/10/ 6 comeback ewes. Her Bert Bray Napoleons 4, Alfred Drever Napoleons 2 comeback wet Liers at �4, 2 comeback ewes a �2 2 comeback Wethers. J. Mark Linton at �4/7/6 2 comeback Wethers Thos. Horan miners Rost �3/4/6 and �2/14/6. Lambs 33. Trios. Horan miners rest to �l/19/10, averaging �l/13/2 3, a. My. Hair Dull am to je2/8/g, top Price of the Market 2, or Nugent Hal Carat. Macleod and Booth last Sale cattle 1 cow from Alfred Toli. Sheep2o7. Geo. C. Stewart. Lake Valley Cardigan Cross bred wet Liers 41/1, Merit re ewes 23/1. Wean ers 24/1 206 Border Leicester a bros., Smeaton ewes 25/3 to 31/3, rams to 31/3 200 Merino Wethers stores. A. Co Lilan Ceres. ,-28/1 i4o Weth ers Robt. Findlay Learmonth comebacks 34/1 to 38/7, crossbred a 25/ to 30/10 106. Mrs Hillman. , Gren Ville comeback Wethers. 2i/7 to 33/1, Merines 23/ 72 Merines. Mis Findlay Orgyle Learmonth crossbred ifi/4 to 50/7, averaging 42/7, Merines 20/ to 29/1 72 crossbred ewes Sel Wail Scott Yunlong Scotsburn 27/7 to 46/4, averaging 35/6 .59 comeback ewes to con Nolly Lennon Ali 39 owes r. Mkenzie Windermere crossbred �3/8/3 to. X3/18/3, averaging All round �3/4/ 24, 0. Lil Bitt Scotsburn crossbred ewes 39/7, weavers 2l/10 to. 23/101 18,. Charles bros., Thor Milic Cardigan crossbred Wethers 44/3 to $/3, averaging 56/8, Topping the Market \l5 crossbred ewes from Eureka 5 crossbred ewes Shaw Mitchell the Willows with Doh Mere 39/3 2 crossbred wet Liers f. Roosev Smeaton. 20/1 1 crossbred Ewe e. J. Ryan Fairview Learmonth. Lambs9b, Muken Zie bros., Smeaton 15/3 to 17/r 20, Shaw i Mitchell the Willows Windermere 23/3 to 37/3, averaging 29/3 1, h. Archibald bal brat 28/ 1, master Robt. Findlay. Heat i Fidd Learmonth. Melbourne sheep sales. Melbourne tuesday. fat sheep Bales to Day at new Marksb the Yarding was approximately 31.650, about 1250 fewer than last tuesday. There was it Scarcity of prime crossbred Wethers and ewes. Tho Trade attendance was Ghod and there was also a number of graziers. Tip to noon there was. A brisk demand by the Trade for All grades of suit Able Trade sheep at. Prices barely equal to Tho extreme rates of last Friday. Graziers competed fib oly for ail the Best Woolley Young. Wethers hut for aged owes and in Feri oif wether the demand was not so Good. Following Are approximate average prices a la. i to prime. Of Jex. Ranged from bad to"9d. ? k id. I Soful ads glib according. To acid. Out of Aht a approximate. Of. to Day Only a Small j prime Quality there scarce All suitable for Trad. Competed for. Fully equal rates and r ast graziers Ware it Irig for. Allwell Woolley fresh i the Market taken All round r following. Are approximate a la exclusive of skip and. To Triine a Quality. Lamb. 9d 7to a Choice Light weights higher f grades,7iaij. Bad according to Ess . Herald i Bendigo sheep Market. The Yardie was again. A. Very ? big on but was Nia Rily composed of stores duality being Only moderately represented. To. A Good attic dance of local and visiting Market opened slightly lower and although occasionally for prime Quality last Wees High crates Weros reached i Jena Piar Kei l. Generally was easier Sto Psi. Tab Odihe of title extra choir clots do. Jet Realise last i mondays prices.,. Quotations a prime crossbred Woulk to 50/� of cow. To. 55/,. Odd to 67/ Good do 34/ to 58/\,u9o�ox do 30/ to 32/ Fri Rae 4. Crossbred. New 40/.-to 45/, extra to 50/ y goo do,32/r \to\36/ useful do a25� to 277T Merino vet hits 35/. To 37/6 Good do�.\27/ to. 29/ Cyses of do 20/ to 24/ Merino ewes Good to piste r prime lambs 32frix 42 Good Dor 26/ to 28/ useful a 23/6. Geelong live stick Market. Pm com Tel Bruff drawn my Campria info i 2or Milysa of. Vim atre cont a Loa a . Yard " of laase3 in for Trade. Quotations were. Hard ,. Fat Afeei ls3s--drawn for and produced a very age of prime sheep Viand. Classes a suitable for Trade requirements. Quality Wall .eagerly.-, sought after try Tho Trade at Laht week glushets prices. Quotations to i Cross bred Wethe to of 4/2/6 crossbred ewes to �3/18/6. Merino. Wethers to �l/8/3. Merino ewes to �v/11,v fat lambs2b96,drawn, for. For Best Cseri Petioni late Best values were maintained.-. Quotations Best bold to �2 . Mining & finance. New Day dawn250 feet level North drive on Derby line of reef extended to 409 feet off easts crosscut. Channel forma Tion very hard no Quartz on the Wall end of level Damp. Sydney Stock Market. Sydney Home Bush sales to Day 16,764 sheep were Oft Eredi the Quality was Good add keen. Crossbred Wethers extra prime to 60/. A Frev. Toi6j. Pome to .40/, medium to 25/ Cross add ewes prime to. 36/, extra prime to. 60/,j Trade. Sorts to 35/, medium to sol to. 45 1. A few to 49/v Good Tor 30/v prime ewes to 35/, Good about 20/. Therb waa a heavy Yarding of 3500 cattle. Quotation i brime weighty Bullocks to �25, 41 few i to ,�33, Nimo. �2o, Light to �l7/ Good to 14-, prime cows to la a Fey to �22, Good to �l4, medium to to. Silver advanced. Published in the times. London 21st june. Bar Silver quoted to Day at 4/3� a Standard ounce a Rise of 7-8d since 19th june. The share Market. Ballarat tuesday. Trio Market was firm today. Now Langi Logan realised 3/7. And 2/3 was offered Fotja Langit Jan South. Late values ruled lor Daylesford interests. Broken Hill proprietary had Quintance at 62/9. And broken Hill South shares changed hands at 50/9 and 49/9. War Bonds were extensively traded in. Amalgamated Zinc sold at 27/3. And 45/3 was Given for Howard Smith shares. Tie following were the recorded sales with the buying and soiling quotations at the close investments. Ballarat Bank b. �b/12/6 do. New Issue a. 94/ commercial Bank 47/6 do preference �6/15/ new South Wales Bank b � National Bank b �6 10/. S �6/15/ do pre Forone �l3/12/ Royal Bank b 22/3, s 23/3 do now Issue a �6/14/ Victoria Bank b �5/5/, a �5/7/, sales �5/6/ do preference b �ll/11/ Adelaido St Iam ship b 20/, s 21/ amalgamated Zinc. B 27/, s 27/6. Sales 27/3 Aust. Distillery 27/6 Ballarat Gas. B �l4/15/. Do How Issue b �10,7/6 Ballarat l.m., b 28/, s 32/ Ballarat trustees b 42/ Ballarat Woollen Mill b 50/ Barnett Glass b 29/9. A 30/6 Heath Schiess b 25/, 8 26/6 Carlton brewery. I 15/. S 19/ colonial Mutual a 39/6 Dennys Lascelles b 20/6, s 21/5 Dunlop a. B 48/9. S 49/6, sales 49/ do preference b 32/6, s 33/6 do 2nd preference it 3276 do. 3rd preference b 32/6 Goldsbrough Mort it 48/6, s 49/3 Geo. Parmer b 25/9, s 26/6 do preference. B 22/6, s 23/6 Henry Jones 44/ Howard Smith b 44/, s 45/6, sales 45 3 Huddart Parker b 53/, s -56/ 1.0.a b 9/, s 9/9 John Sharp b .19/9 London stores b 43/6 45/ Melbourne electric trams b 29/. 30/ Swallow and Ariel 3216 Herald b 33/6, s 54/6 goo. Roll a b 21/6, s 22/3. War 4j per cent. 1925 War loan Bonds b �92/5/, s �92/12/6. Sales �92/10/ do Stock b �92/5/ do to Bonds b �9/2/6. S �9/4/6, sales �9/4, 1927 War loan Bonds b �9l/26, s �9l/7/6, sales �9l/5/ do Stock b �9li/2/6 do to Bonds h �9lh �9/2/, sales �9/1/6 5 per cent. 1927 War loan Bonds b �9l. Of �9l/7/6. Sales .�9112/6 do Stock b �9l d 0 to Bonds b �9/1/, a �9/2/. 5 per cent. 1923 War loan Bonds b. �96. S �96/10/, sales �96/10/, �96/5/ do Stock it �96 do to Bonds b �9/11/6. S �9/13/. S ales �9/12/6. Gold , h 1/3/a 2/ Ajax Cen trial b 4d. S 7d Ajax North h 5/9, s 6/3 \ Cathcart Victory 1/1 Duke extended b 2d, & 4d Edna May b 8/6, s 8/9 Edna May Central b 6/2. S 6/9 Edna May Consoli dated. B 1/3 Edna May deep Levels b 4/. S 4/3, sales 4/2 Langi Logan South b 2/3, s 3/ a Nooroo. B 6/9. S 7/, sales.6/9, 7/, .6/10 Mutooro North 5.3/ new Langi Logan b 318. S 3/10, sales-3/7 in Getty Ajax b 9d .1/1 Sloanes and Scotchman 1/ White Hope b 21/, s 21/9, Sale.2l/6, 21/3, 21/ Han Sel Mundy b 1/5. A 1/8, sales 1/9 red. White and Blue consolidated b 6/6, s 71. Sales 8/6, 7/4 attest. Siamese b 4/8. S 5/l sales 4/9, 4/11. , b 71, s 7/9, sales 7 do paid b 10/9, s 11/3 British broken Hill b 38/, a 40/6 broken. Hill proprietary b-62/. S 63. V sales 62/9 broken. Hill Junction. B r 4/1, s 4/4 broken Hill Junction North h 11/6, s 13/ broken Hill South b 49/6, s 50/6, sales 50/9. 49/9 Hampden b 13/, s 13/3, sales 13/1 lode Hill. L 3 id 6d Blount Lyell b 23/9, s 24/6 mount read and Rosebery h 14/ s 15/3 mount Cuth Bert. 1 5/6, s 5/9 North broken Hill i la 496, s .50/6 ton Pion a 29/ tin Ben Tong 1 19/6, s 21/ Tong Kah Harbor b 55/6 57/ Tong Kab compound b 13/, a 14/ Bendigo amalgamated b 1/51. S 1/7, sales 1/65 Ben Digo a1 3/ Loch Fyne b 3/6, s 5/6 cock Pioneer b 12/. A 15/ alar Star sales la �lo/15/, �lo/10/. Lvbent.l9ls-15. B id 1 l-16d .1916-17, b 3 7-bd. S 4 l-8d 1917-18, b 31d, s 4dj 1918-19, b 33d, s 3d 1919-20, b lid South aus Tralin. 1916-17, b 4d, a 43d, sales 4 l-8d 1917-18. S 3m 1918-19, it 48, s 43d 1919-20, b 1/5, a 1/51. Melbourne share Market. Melbourne tuesday. Messes m Coll and Yeomans share i Bio Liers National Mutual buildings Corner Collins and Queen streets Melbourne re port wheat. Victorian a b id � 1 i-32d b. H 3 14-16d, s 4 l-16d a h 3 3-16d d. L 3i 5-16d. S 3 12-16d, sales 3 Emme b lid a 4jd 5.a, b.4 u6d, e 4 3-16d, sales 4 2-16d do month sales 4 3-16d, a 3 10-16d d. B 4d, s 4jd a h 1/5. A 1/31/silver tin . 10, b 23/ British broken. Bill 40/ broken Hill Junction h 4/, s 4/3 broken Hill proprietary h 62 3, s 62/9 broken Hill. South vib ,49/6,- 49/9, sales 49/9 do Forward sales. Oof. In Dooroo Pilly b 3/, s r 3/l mount Bead and Rosebery. S 15/ North broken Hill v h 49/9, s 50/, sales 60/ 1 49/9.North mount Farrell b 11/6. S 12/3 Hampden b 13/, a 13/1, sales 13/2. 13/ do Forward sales 13/2 Mol Irit Cuthbert b 5/7, 5.5/8, sales. 5/6,. 5/8 mount s 80/ mount Lyell b 23/9,-s-24/6 Aust. Siamese b 4/9, s 5/, sales .4/9.4/11 badak b 7/. A 8/sales 6/3, 7/ do paid. B 10/11, s 11/ badak Hurigle b �22,. A �24, sales �22 Calcutta option p �2o Jeneiro �l5 Medali. H �lo/10/,. S �11. Ron Ibon. H 20/, a 27/ Star Gully b.21/, 27/"sriugel Raia b 6/3 7/6 tin Bontorin. B 19/6 Tonc Kab. Compound b 13/, a 14/ ton Kali Harbor. B 556, s 66/6 Celon Junction b fid , a if Devon,.s 5/. ,.gold.Edna May b 8/6, s 8/8 Edna May Sattl ii. B 4/2. S 4/4. Sales. 4,2 Ednamay Central b 6/3. -a-6/6, sales.,6/11, 6/6 Edna my consolidated b ii Edna May deep lintels b 4/. S 4/2, sales 4/3, 4/1 , Forward. Ealta. 4/ main lode b 1/. S 1/6 Celon happen b 7/6 Hansel Mundy b l/6,"s 1/8, tale 1/6 Ivous red Rill b �26, a �3o Mutooro. B.6/9 a 6/10, Vales 6/10, if new. Trafalgar �10 Printas Royal,., b 3d. A so. Sales.,4ldj. A Lite Hope Alt 21/3. S 21/6, sales 20/9, 21/3 Ajax Contrady fid Ajax North. B_s/8,. S 6/.cathr cart yid pry a a bang Bogan South j 2/3 Newi Jangi Bogan l 3/6 "3/9 nug Getty ajar h 9d, a 1/ Tyr con Nell North a 9d, , paid 1/3-Biltlo Nugro pretty a i Bendigo Alk .3/" Bendigo amalgamate b 1/6, s 1/6j, Balea 1/6 h6icentral shit b 10/3, s 12/ j new Blue Jon Oli dated b v6fl 7/1. Sales 17/4/-77 Cocks Pioneer b 12v, halted miners 3/. To i Bendigo tuesday. The Market was Heady. Quotations War Bot ids per oent., 1925, t so info 6 per Bent. -1923, or. �96/5/ to Iper cent.-, 1925, b �9/2/ Farmers acid citizen so trustees b 9/, s. 10/3 b 16/. Betir Digo was b 60/, s 70/ to Bendigo building society a �lo/2/6, b ,�lo/7 6. Bado b 6/7 7/6 do paid b 9/6, s la Badrik Jingle. A �26 Asiatic tin b,30/ Asb a /9 Bendigo amalgamated ba/7. R 179. Central bed Iwhite and Blue-13/. b 2/11, 3/3-Lansen so neddie b 1/,-b 1/6/ b l/9, s 2/6-. T Torl Ribiat the.,was the first lie had Ever heard j about it and inquired t o the Brighi of ithe report but the doctor replied i cannot Teil you. To also said that when the policeman took him to thai hos Itaf to had been drinking Arica lib. Replied that his brother did not drink k. If list a nor granted an order Nisi requested. And made it returnable on tuesday next. Flying to Adelaide. Head wind causes delay. Melbourne tuesday. At 8.44 this morning or g. J. De Haris left the aerodrome at Glenroy on the first flight from Melbourne to Ade Laide via Mildura. Or de Garis in tended at. A Birchip Mildura and yaps a j. On the Way to Adelaide. Adi Eavy wind the Aero plane reached 151 Miles atii2.lp/ when it Mas decided to land. Advices received by aviation. Ltd. Stated that or do Gaitis. Expected to read Mildura at 3 p.m., and would immedi potely to Adelaide. The aeroplane in which or die a Garis tra a. 90. Horse Power. Which he issued Tor his . His the Lieut. A. A Long. The tas Mohidin airman who was Ahe first to Fly from Tasmania to the Luigi Nikandr and. a director of Avia Tiem , Garish. New in clone . He similar that Nih Toh. Suc of sundly. Accomplished. Flip flight across Bahs Straits. It Vns. Expected a Bat. The flyraji.,-,,Foj the trip from. Mel Bourne if Adelaide would he. Sivji pairs but Mil by told Cpd pro Gap a. A r we a from do Garish plus afternoon slated that lib would a Abji at mild Iii Tor Hight and Tiki flight to Adelaide to mor was piling to the of pct that t to Plano would probably it Racli Mildura before 3 on awning of Tho Gyong depth wind. 1

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