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Ballarat Star Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1920, Page 2

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Ballarat Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ballarat, Victoria National Library of Australia the overcoat so i Akk inc. And \ he Elf u Vul Wili. San . a Maxi i in tool 111 a. R \ Korv if 5 jux frisk Thrift bargains Thrift Bargai Thrift a Thrift no. 1 a number of Coats in exc twin if in. Vir Thrift if j Kic 42/6, 52/6, Thrift a. E aiit.= a y tv.,- Oak to i -1 11 i Uri lit. Iia for Fri Thrift i Rici 05/, 75 99/ Tigirt t to. 3 Aloyts extra Isle double lire Coats. Fahimi i Lonin Ami v Trade Noth x i a i Stinea i of Luck. K x Beira in ii in spot Vav x tilings a j heard of a x Mcl for sate at x a air 1 . A x Tost x haste x to see it Anil pm a los x of Iio because a a prices x Java ii. Was a x Sweet x Tittle x till. X new i have Pul a x i i i o into Stork at a prices. Bill have throw x Al x extra ordinal x pricks. X a Fuin stance x i Ait. . Enan x Liv i maker. Ii k x a no Fawn. Mack. Lire x face Ami 1 1 it x pm. 12.0. X to 2. Or i s 11 x Llo itts. Place or x . Will Mark w x j 11 1, Villi about a x Tii i. 22 b. X x 3.--a mixed Jot x Ami shoes. Mostly i x an i Nail 1 -iz.e.-. M Arl x 1 Ai Pri 5.11. X 1.-it i. Iii Mizii s h x Sil Julai i kid. X enamel. Ii tc., cd if x 7 to 11. Blur re no Price x x 1. 5.-a Tittle of x in shoes. 1 x a hoi ii s. Am a x children at x 1 Limity i Price. 6/31. X ill 6.lailic/ hot x shoes Ami Buo x. Point a toed is Lojis. X Black. Liikal rings w x to. Ilum in Price 4 x x emm x boots. Wit i White s x Tadic Lilac and to x special value and i x Liripio hoots 9/11. X " x tot. 8. Infant. X lit kits. Roll soles x around ankle in Mac x Fawn. Slurry up Price. X tot 9.tadics in x in fronts and x Canvas am Drill Lee. A Larry Uii Price. 8.11. X 10.tallies i x Ami shoes in x size. Also in boots x cloth lews Len Rev up p x x tot 11-12.childre x men s shoes and x varied to attempt de x All of most outs tin x Ili Irv Uri prices. 5/11 x x tots 13, 14, 15.a x shoes and boots x children s sizes. To x Len Rev up prices. 1/, 1, x x obtain Ali % �4 the leading breakfast made from the Fine Ards the finest australian i for invalids an r palmers Carai family cough Medicine trial a proved this a Tive remedy for cough Grey hair cured Ilou t Lei Grey flairs liar your Beauty and live you a prematurely aged appear Ance. sub Fuji hair restorer will restore your tresses to the natural color and Glossi Ness of youth. It is not a Dye it cleanses and nourishes the Scalp and so cures the trouble from which Grey hairs Spring. Giant bottles. 2/0 each at All chemists or direct from Long mores the Melbourne chemist185-187 Bourke Street. Melbourne. Baas 4 a 4 is when you Are no the usual. When you have Noi cheery Outlook on Tki typical of you be sur cause of the trouble is it is remarkable that Lur part of the body to individual from Energy from optimistic to Pess cheerful to depressed Ujj cure. Cornellus Little l give a now lease of life they act like a Char out to you new life Bri worldly but not . \ rheumatism Sci Winter aches / rub Zam Buk in to i when you have any and us in rheumatism. Inn neuralgia muscular Liberal ii Antii of a fingers or Palm and 111 penetrating Power of Tion Balnis a kills Piwin an Jess. So l cml rubbings parts with Zain Bulc i pain reduce swelling. Akin and tissues Snabl cold and Damp better i months. I contracted Khyu Ankles says airs d. C Franklin Street. Adel a in my l not and con three or four years e end of Ike summer. Am of Winter. Trio pain w Able. Aly feet swelled was not Able to get was Coulin Edi to Niy Roc not get about. I Triec differ Cut remedies wit last a Friend l told Nio t As Slio had used it for Tho shoulder i took massaged my feet and by with Zam Buk 1 wa3 drawn out like swelling want Down t i Tho third pot of Znuj up lately poured. I liar slightest pain since 1 Buk. Rubbing Zam Buk i Way to rub pain out. For stiff neck cold joints or Back Chap Plains. Eczema piles cuts bruises and ii i conditions of the skin 3/0 special family it its and stores. Do you want Low prices to Day is the Day of special prices at Paterson is. Here Are goods of Paterson Quality that Are going at absurdly Low prices and there Are Many More like them. All depart ments join in offering these special prices come along to Day to Day and learn All about these famous Paterson Low priced specials. Come along to Day. These Low priced specials you. We. Paterson Piv. Ltd Ballarat. Sporting news. The turf. Epsom races. Selection s by Trafalgar. Handicap hurdle race. Mount Stuart or Sungelo. Trial Handicap ? Juanita or Yanna Yanna Epsom purse. Bright beam or Merri Dora. Epsom Handicap. Cash Register or Royal Token. Brush Steepe. Pram or the Aisne. Epsom plate. St. Mira or several. The programme. Handicap hurdle Haco two Miles. The Loolu. 11.7 mount Stuart. 11.3 sir one 111011. 10.12 Snesar Thiis. 10-7 grand Fleet 10.5 Sungelo. Nick a Jack. 10.2. Merry Bob. 100 Manderson 99 a Lovander. 9.7 to net a. 9.5 Al Olinore. 9.5 Charle byc. Stumble old sport. Sim Aero. Chopra use Royal Molt. Wood Reeve. Yarra Yarra. 9.0. Trial Handicap. Live . 9.1 n Ilia 8.12 meet am Ria. 8.9 Mansei Uzi 65 King pretty Donna Juanita. Problem 8- i Miella 8.2 Ali Ped. Receipt Beau Bei Iund a smiles. 7.11 Corun Dorrk. 79 Safet a first. Broa Beain 77 Bowra. A Tina Vatina. 7.5 Monel 7.4 andr Nabea beeline Princo Boradil Tont Rcd Scot Cli . Jae Stair. 7.5 Ai Naomil Maillie. Ca i Ellavie. 7.0 Fleuriste. Cosson Clionel . Aim look. Hands up Pasait i la. Departure. Fairous. Nautical. Lady v. 6.11 steel prick. Alegar Nice. Beth. Klennk. Field tank. Sir lieu. Isle it song fi.9 Field poppy. Transvaal Queen. Fulla. Volwil Teck terrific some Dale. Mount Oia. Tin Lizzie old sport. Wool Nalria. Forth Belle Symons. Miss Dennis Snow aria Fisher maid 6.7. purse furlongs. Bardol 9.0-. F. Re Iurii. , 8.11 bullying Shiva ruler. 8.10 boy Itie b. 8.7 Donna. Spa Nira. Problem. 85 Ponella 6.2 Ali Ped. Mari Dora. Fire Dante. Or Sim. Bright in i. Sir 8.0 , Agar v. Celestes. Merlou. Faust Rose. Plan to ii a Lilia nits Loarl Wilile. 7.9 Nissi. 7.1 frastus. L.w.0 visibility. 7.7 Iljinas Valina Anua. Monel. Thucydides. 7.1 ten Herod. 7.5 Mamie. Moum Blanc. 7.0 Uena id Ore 611 Field tank Flo silent 6.9 unit Ashcra Wool Indera. Tin , Sorelie. A Moi. Snow Flouer 6.7. Besim Handicap nine . Ai. 9.1 Tel Erles 8.12 Queen comedy 8.11 Rove Token. 8.8 Lute player 8.5 Cash Roister. Fan Larie. 8.5 a Amter plume. 8.1 Distant Star. 7.15 . 7.4 Anglia red signal. 7.0 Stigelof. Duverney. King Kora 6.13 Par Dart. Falb opus. Mattravers 6.11 walk on. 6.3 Miemis. Malicai Irmin or Cimon. Tunen. Hup Rasse. Faust in c a Baui infill 6.7. I Brush sleep eclipse two Miles 15 chains. Will Bonifori 12.6 belgian boy. 11.3 Vand Fleet. 11.0 Hie Aisne. . 10 15 pram. 10.9 bed Liulin. 10.8 pro teen Bine Victor. 10.3 me Laphart. 10.0 King Radiant. Peep o Day boy. 9.11 ainu Arock. 9.9 Curioso. Idonat Jio ii. Royal malt 9.? Vitca. 9-5 re Seibler 9.5 Lynhart Sal Bush King. Mitylene. 9.0. Ripsom plate six furlongs Ardrossan 96 ethiopian 9.2 Brisette. 8.12 is. Mirn 6.9 King s Bounty. several. 8.0 bal a Iii Waif. Aisi Ahie 7.10 Santa ,7.6 Briseis mar hand. Tie pro Inise. 7.1 Kira it Star. 2.3 Gidy key 7. 6 4. No big player has As yet been knocked out of the running. Interest centres on the contest to Morrow Between .1. C. Parke and w. M. Johnstone. Lie Winner having to meet. To Horn. ? som turf club meeting. Wednesday 23rd Jane. Trial Handicap. Eng Lefate and Ste ? Grille. Glifton Springs hotel Case ? earing continued. Melbourne tuesday. Or Justice Matin sitting in the Banco court to Day continued the hearing of the action in which Charles John for ? sch of ? ? Peryman and his wite pm a in Iri i ii. Sued Timothy Bro Hmains Juri Iii. Of Colliani Road new for .�b5b. Re i preset Piug balance of wages alleged to lie i duo to 1 limn by the plaintiff lor work and i labor Lone and services rendered As Man Ager and manageress and general workers on a farm at Rysdale and at the Clifton 1 tailings a for the defendant. Alternatively they claimed that Trio defendant prior to the services rendered promised Nuil lie would discharge a liability on their hotel at a ii Andrle to the extent of �5bo, l As soon As the Clifton Springs hotel should Job sold. Who hotel had since been sold and it was alleged that the defendant had let used to carry out the Promise. Fhe Witolo of the Day was occupied in hearing evidence and just before the court Rose his Honor remarked that from the evidence to could see that the dispute was a family affair. A great Deal 0 i bitterness seemed to exist and if the ease went to judgment the bitterness would Only to accentuated. Then perhaps it could never be dissipated. Ife Drew counsel s attention to unit aspect of the matter and suggested that it be considered by them. The court then adjourned until next Day. Scratchings. Grand National meeting. Grand a ? . English Cricket. Two centuries scored. London 21st june. E. Hendren playing for Middlesex against Lape Shire made ? not out. For Hamp Suire against Essex c. ? Mea ? made 178 not out. Rugby football. English team at Brisbane. Brisbane tuesday. The English North Union Rugby least to Day met and Defeated a team composed of Central and North Queensland players. The match took place at Rockhampton in line weather Ami attracted a Large crowd. The englishmen were More methodical j and had the Best of the play. The local team however put. Up a Strong fight. The final scores were England. 26 Points country i tune North Queensland 15 Points. Shooting party Safe Long tramp in Bush. Boots and socks worn out. Perth tuesday. After having been missing in thick Bush near bail up 40 Miles from Perth since sunday afternoon a parly of sportsmen arrived at upper Swan at 11 o clock last j night. They had struck the Swan Eiver land followed Down. They were in Good health int Hud worn out their boots and socks in the journey. Motors have been j sent to bring them into Perth. The party i consisted of count Gallo Apt Lambert Jonna who Are visiting Perth on a com Mercial Mission from Italy or m. Craw 1 pour. Or l. Ramaciotti chief of the state., i Hansard staff 3klr native of a motor company and Albert i i motor Mechanic for mosses Andorson and madams. They left on sunday Tor it Days shooting in the Darling ranges and halt 1 led at flail up shortly before noon. After i shooting for a Whilo the sportsmen were j scattered and heavy rain began. Rama Cuitti and Craw Cour regained to can amt As the other sportsmen failed to turn up they made a search for them. The search continued until dark when other assistance was obtained. Parties were out Nigut without Success and mounted police and tra ulcers took up the running yesterday. Preparations were made la i night for major Brearly. An aviator to patrol the country from the air to Dav of Tho safety or the men was received. Golf. Maryborough championship. Tho first qualifying round for the Chib exam Manship was played on the Royal talk links on saturday. Tho scores acre As n under bumps. Amiss hurling 107 airs Larling 107 mrs Garde. 109 amiss Pearl. 110 has Haiti 11l miss Phelan 117 c Ente Kmen. C u. Toy. -. I-7 1. Q. Clark. I a. 11. Kirkwood f a. .11. Douglas hit. S. Jessup 93 to. S. Stevens. 98 committed on murder Charce a Young Man s death. Albury thursday. An Tumba Rumba on saturday the Coroner concluded the inquiry into the death of Charles Mclean 22, railway plate layer who on the 10th inst sustained a fracture of the Skull in the main Street and died shortly alter being found. The evidence showed Liat deceased Robert. Haghani and Stephen Newton visited Tuntg Anumba and Hail several drinks to Gether. At Midnight Liana no and Newton were seen in the act of lifting act Loami on to an hotel Verandah his Skull having been fad tired by a blow front a Blunt in str unsent. Denham and Newton wove Are rested for complicity in the crime hut they denied that they knew How Al clean was injured stating Liat they found him in the Street As they were returning from a. Dance to their Etoiel. Newton was committed for trial on a charge of wilful murder. Jia Ham was Dis charged from custody. Trucks for firewood railway department criticised. James Henry Stephens Secretary of the Melbourne and suburban fuel merchants association said that it was not True that the railway depart ment was making much larger de liveries of firewood. Lit. Was stated in a budget issued by the department last saturday that. 14 trucks of firewood had arrived at Spottswood. To wished to state that not one of these trucks arrived. Another delivery was said ito consist of one truck of firewood and 20 trucks of Coal. Those trucks were sup posed to go of the Melbourne Glass Rode works. In All. These 35 tricks there would liel5o tons of fuel where As the arrivals at. Spottiswood. Were about seven tons or less. The Public were not getting that fuel. The chairman but that might be a mistake in naming the station. As regards firewood the e demand is Keener than Ever. You say there is a Large a mount of firewood 1 ready to in sawn if trucks were available i witness yes. In every part of i lie i Iii airy. Continuing witness Aid that when he was Goyim through his books last night he saw. Hint during the last nine Mouths 22 Wood Yards in Carlton and fit my had closed Down been use the railway department had not been Able to bring Wood Down from the country. Wood Yards could not get s applies of Coal As there was Only a Small percent age of it about. Tin Nie reliant sent carriers to the wharves for loading Coal As they had to wait for hours the Carters charged 5/ an hour detention Lime. Since 3rd Julie the metro Politan cos company had advanced the plier. Of Coke by about 3/ a ton. Mar cd iliuts lost. In their transactions in Brown Coal Bec Ailse the weight was taken when the Coal left the mine and on the journey it evaporated. One dealer a Footle Ray received a consignment which on being weighed was seen to lie 3 i cwt. Short. The margin allowed by Tho government was not sufficient to get n. Good profit. The railway department was a department of excuses and apologies and made promises that did not finale Realise to did not think it Wasj Fiir that he people of Melbourne so Iouri be allowed to be in Tho position they were to Day during the wet weather there would be serious trouble owing to Lack of fuel. Llor Bort Henry Willimott manager of the by products department of the metropolitan Gas company. Submitted figures to the commission regarding the Price of Coke. Ito said the demand for the Coke was so great that they bad to increase their retail Price. They Hail d pay g/3 for every toil of Coke carted from tile wharf to the works. Herbert Victor Mitchell of the Brighton Gas company. Uki submitted figures the commission. Tit chairman remarked that after making allowances for the increased Cost Tho Brighton Gas company Coke was dearer. There had been no in crease in the Price of Coke owing to the troubles. The commission then adjourned til 10 o clock ito Morrow morning. Cashing gratuity Bonds position of companies. Melbourne tuesday. War Gra ? Are still in the unhappy position of being the latest development is the cancellation of permission granted to the insurance com panics to Cash Limo soldiers Bonds. This Isteni insult of enquiries made by the Federal Atli critics As to the use that was be Iii Viaje of urn permission granted. To life others to negotiate the Bonds. Ilio position As explained by the head of one of the principal offices is that regu Lutton i were issued authorising the com pan ies to late the Bonds but stipulation Chat no Transfer could to Reeo Gnisci unless the transferee was an approved company. Following these regulations and without and prompting on the part of the companies a circular letter was sent to All Quiej companies stating that they would be api Ironi Tor the purpose of cashing the Bohills. Suo sequently it was stated Tho Jonii i mat improper use was being made of the permission Given. Advertisements were appearing in tie papers stating that people would Cash gratuity Bonds and the authorities traced certain to a particular enquiring into the methods of that company it was stated they found that the regulations had been complied with.1 lie matter is now under consideration and. Lui her suggestions As to obtaining an immediate Cash Benefit from Tho Bonds will to 4hscusscd. Interstate news Federal income tax. A Queensland graziers Appeal. Important Points. Brisbane tuesday. Or Justice Knox the Commonwealth chief Justice in the High court. To Day delivered his reserved judgment in the Case wherein Thomas Purcell Grazier of Brisbane appealed against thu assessment of his income at �35,121 for Federal income tax Pur poses for the year ended 30th june 1017. Appellant claimed that the in come was received by him As trustee for himself his wife and daughter in equal shares and that each beneficiary should he assessed in respect of a. One third share of that amount. After reviewing Tho evidence. Or Justice Knox said that lie was satisfied that Tho proper inference to be drawn from tils facts proved that the Appel Lant really did intend at the time of execute Inai the declaration of Trust that his Wile and daughter should become beneficial owners of two thirds of the properly comprised in it. He had no doubt that Appellant ill. Forming that intention was influenced bosom extent by a desire to Lessen the Burden of taxation but the existence of that motive in no Way vitiated tire Transve Likin of Trust required registration respondents failed. With regard to the question As to whether the Declara Tion o of Trust required Register Nutkin under the Bills of Sale act that ques Tion was of such importance that he would direct that it to argued before the full co when that Point was determined he would then to in a Posi Tion to Deal with the Rost of the Case. Horse flesh for Europe. Sydney tuesday. At the instance of or. F. L. R. Tier Ney the purr ongoing District Council of the Farmers and settlers association has carried a motion urging the Commonwealth government to revoke the no prohibiting to exportation 0 1 to Europe and the East. Though the idea of eating horse flesh lip Ulstro to us a a explained or. Tier Ney. There Are starving people in Europe to Day who relish horse flesh As a luxury. is no accounting for taste and we Are in a position tit sup ply them with this food very profit ably. During Tho recent drought huge sums were lost by shooting Good horses which it. Did not pay to feed indefinitely. fatten quickly and it would have paid us to fatten them and Export the flesh. If. Would also have let Many hungry people in Continental countries. Tasmanian government Pur Chase Steamer. Sydney tuesday. The Steamer Melbourne belonging to the Melbourne steamship compiling has been sold to the tasmanian govern ment. Messes Dellit and company completed till transaction late yester Day. The Price paid for the vessel was Gio i. It. Is intended to Load the Helbo Virno with wheat at a victorian port for Hobart and then she will bring Celia la and our produce to Syd Ney from Tasmania. Woman performs marriage. Adelaide tuesday. The first marriage ceremony at which a woman has officiated As minister was performed in Adelaide last week at the order of the Light manse by the re Lily h. To. Smith. Two Mem Bers of the order of the Light Christ i a Church were married. Small pox in new zealand. Dunedin tuesday. Two further cases of american Small ? have been reported in Dunedin. There have been 20 cases in Southland and 22 in Otago. Twenty six eases Are now Undi i Irr i Tiik ii. Til any person especially Iii Lei Are Ileine vaccinated. Murderer handed. Auckland tuesday. Dennis Gunn who was convicted on the evidence of Finger prints of the murder of Augustus Braithwaite the postmaster at Ponsonby on March 13. Was hanged to Day. A priest preceded Gunn to the scaffold reciting the burial is Irvine. Gunn handed the priest a Crucifix saying " give that to Mother . When asked by the sheriff if he had anything to say Gunn replied i am prepared to meet my Golf and creator. 1 shearers demands. Sydney tuesday. Shearers throughout new South Wales have made a demand for a 30 per cent increase in rates and a hold up of Sheds if was stated at the aus Indian workers Union office to Day is possible. Several Sheds Are already affected and within a fortnight about 100 Sheds Are Likely to be involved. \ special session of the australian workers Federal Council has been held to discuss the position and a con Ference Lias liven arranged Vith file was loyalists association to fake place Early in july. Correspondence practical forestry. A Commonwealth scheme. To the editor of the yours Etc., w. B. Grose. Creswick june 22. Sir a great Opportunity for Balla rat and the surrounding districts pre sents itself in the Arena of Federal enterprises. The idea of a common wealth College of forestry Lias been mooted bub the suggestion was added that the institution to provided in one of the other states. There is absolutely no reason Why the common wealth should l not take Over the col lege already in existence at Creswick unless it to that the state authorities Are not prepared to part with it. Evi Dence accumulates that both the col lege and this great indigenous Indus try ought to pass to larger and More a amiable control. The state ministry appoint d a chairman of forestry commissioners to operate with two gentlemen whose services had been with the department lor Many years. At. The time of his appointment the present chairman was in England and his arrival Here was much delayed. Now tie second commissioner a non political Man is on i s was to England to attend a conference f and the ineptitude that Marks departmental doings Lias been increased rather than diminished. From the big Nursery at the Creswick Plantation the. Young times Are now sent to Macedon for distribution. Instead of executing the eiders hero and Trees for this District Harp first to be sent by rail to Mace Don so that Public bodies and people requiring them May pay the railway freight on them to bring them Back again. That however by the Way. Tho existing the oho that should he developed on larger lines suitable to a Commonwealth scheme of education How Blind and stupid it Are concerning the immensely valuable asset that is furnished by Trio big areas of land surrounding Ballarat and 1 cres wide that Are now but a Forest in name if this territory were 1 being covered with crops Timber of the highest commercial value. No sight could lie More Beni it Ifil and no Indus try would. Afford More healthy and profitable employment for Large numbers of people. If the Cenimo is to embark upon a College of Fores try we must Seo thab the state enter prise. Liucy Lcuy of a much larger scheme is not overlooked. The great feature to be kept in Yiew How Ever is the better utilisation i the Forestr ? areas around Ballarat the Geglii Csc of. Which is so hampering the Progress of localities that., should be taking their Pride of place in the schemes of Australasia Tho state. Department is distinctly Retro grading in. This District. Treland i ? be though the weather was most Unin ? ing last night fairly Large audience assembled at her majesty s theatre to wit ? the second screening of the ? Tore. Ireland will Fla \ i a or Reecd no i Charity it is hoped that there Wii a a larger audience still lor the final screening to night. The pro Eti braced a. Bright and varied Irish National programme some excellent pictures am sonic artistic vocal items. Some very Fine Irish ballads met with the enthusiastic applause of Tho audience. Mis Valeria Walsh contralto and or Pat Ryan Haritonov were ill Good voice and their contribution were Well received. The pictures were exception ally Good and As representing i i Alia ii incidents have never been surpassed so dear and Well screened were Kiev among others were shown rep reputations of he last St. Id rides Bay. Also or Man nixes Giruard of Honor of m winners of Tho Victoria Cross the Parade of returned soldiers and sailors Many views of the huge crowd of spectators alone the route of tile Ian cession. The athletic ninth air at the exhibition Val Cul the i Par lore of l r Mann from Melbourne. Or i a c Oates capable orchestra rendered a number of enjoyable selections. Prior to the entertainment the band slaved. The programme will be repeated to night. Amusements. Britannia pictures. The present programme is much approx cited by those Pho sect it snowy Baker in his All australian picture is very popu Lar. To give Tho All round Champion ath Lete of Australia an Opportunity to show his prowess the picture is full of action and goes with a rattling swing from Start to finish his sensational jumps and dives and horsemanship carry Tho Atli Encavo into Waves of enthusiasm. Tito com Panion picture nature s gentleman is a delightful drama in every sense and Tho scenes of English Homes and their surroundings Are very Beautiful. The plot is a Good one and is in the very capable hands of that Sterling actor James Knight with the Lovely Madge Stewart As hero Ine. Noto thursday s sparkling pro gramme. On our the Box plan for Bailey and Grant s australian comedy co. Season commencing on saturday next in the Alfred Hall Are now open at Sutton s. On our Selec the magnetic australian play by Steele Rudd has been played All Over Australia by the Bailey and Grant com Pany and never fails to attract australians. Or Edmund Duggan will be seen As dad the Early settler who Buttles his Way through famine lire and flood and Dur ing the initial Sceno has been elected to parliament. _ Tho celebrations in Tho bar and Dave having his practice for the dance Are As enjoyable and effective As when first presented. Grandad Rudd and Duncan Mcclure and the Parson both by Steele Rudd will also be presented during the season. Conserva orium recital. In consequence of the Date clashing with general Monash s War lecture the recital that was to have been Given by miss Elsie Fraser and miss Clarice Malyon on tues Day. 29th iiist., Lias been postponed to u Date to be fixed inter. The coliseum. Showers yesterday and probably to Day moderate West winds perhaps but to night Well bet it s going to be fair and warmer at the coliseum when May Al Lison the charming movie Star will appear in Avery ito Pwood s hilarious farce. Anita Stewart also will be presented in mind the paint t clothing Trade Wales the increase granted. Melbourne tuesday. Or Ashby Secretary of the chamber ? a ? this afternoon that Only the Rea ? made ? of the ? ing ? had ? by to and Erwinn inn onh 7/ i per Nark and 2 a i vol r i Lirse Ines Viise wait above tin a Rhi Hinion Unur award. A abyss narrow escape from death Rescue from burning room. Melbourne tuesday. The Collingwood police Are i Vestiga ? ing the cause of a fire in Dight Street which occurred Carly this morning and which nearly caused the death of a ? i jolting i. M r am mis Smith. I i that Calls were heard from the bedroom occupied by 1 lie patents and Hie. Hihl and Merna boarders i Rushing in found that a kerosene lamp had been smashed and tic contents of the lamp had set fire to the bed in which the child Lav. They /1 anti 4 5 each. Special Price 7.1. 201. 3/ 5 Anil lj1 each unbleached Entwish unlit Ami hand towels extra la pc size Beany Sun i a. Usual prices i 11. Jul and 5 11 each. Special prices 1 h. 3/3 and 3 ii oath. Silk department. Silks will be scarcer and dearer buy now Ini i Cue Ink de tie Nee. In Emer Ald and Brown mimic uni 111 10. A. Spec Ial Price j/11 turd. 10 Inch i fee us , Bine. Pink and Cui Dinal mind Chi. Spi Cine i l i i if. Wori i 11 11 Winil. Shade in a Inch ii Eide de 1 c hexes. Nice Chiph y makes Rose. . Mule. .si.\c. Hij Ger Sivy Gillule Bine. Jade. . Vol i 1 Vaid. Special Price 12/li Yard. I incl Chi Elk up Chenes. 1 i 11. 17 i ill. Special Pifei i 13/0. 13 i and 18/11 Yard j -10 Inch Black silk voices. A fill Ive Minc make same Elisci a a r Jizelle Iii Mir Etc Werth l Phi and i i Yard. Special j Rice-1 Xiu and .12/1? y id. 1 i i Inch Black and Mere see. 1 rent value at 23 Yard i Nri--i7 i Yard. 27 Inch imm lira by Wurth 3/11 . Special i ice i Yard. I Black Hillon . I Inch. Weigh Yard. Special Itrice j la i Yard. Dress department. Materials that will Wear Well Long after you have forgotten the Price. Is v Inch fancy Cheek dress tweeds. Light colourings suitable lor Soring Wear. Special .Price-1/11 raid. Worth 2/11 Vard. 36 Inch fancy Check dress tweeds Navy and White and amethyst and White. Special 3 Yard. A Rah 211e u 7 Inch Chirk id or s tweeds. Mind de Iii. I Ioina make am Art. For Lou Piug Spring. Peci. L Price-2 ii uni. Worth 3,1 Yard. Inch a car Diagonal. Dress tweeds dark colourings. Special Price 2/11 Van. Worth .3/ 11 Yard. It ets Inch a leave Heather coating. 1 weeds till Wool a mkt Lovely warm Coats. Special Lar dec 12/11 Yard. Worth 15/it Vard. A 2 Inch Henry Grey colonial coat d g Al winds u splendid make and will Wear Well. Special Price a ii. Wont Lull . 70 Inch Choice Quail a Tweed coat Ings. In Black and White Lawn . Als Grev and Fawn check.-. Eur. Ail Wool. Lonia make. Special Pic 15.6 yarn. Worth 2a/ said. M-56 Inch Pawn Covert coatings Good sender cloths. Special prices Tili Yard. Worth a 1l yank to Noh Fawn tied wonderful value note the Width. Spec Ial Price to 6 Yard. Worth loll yank if Inch not Ivy. Wool Anil Cotton Jaha killxj3. Special price6/11 Yard. Wurth Vard. 30 Inch Navy All Wool to latino Serge a splendid wearing cloth. u Price--16/ii Vard. Wort la la la raid. .32 Inch saw All Wool twill Svi foe. Wonderful value at 27 6 yank special Price 22/6 Inch All Wool foxes Black Levi i Sei Kves splendid makes Henry weights. Special Price r3/3 and ill la Yard. We n and 21 Vard. Inch All Wood twi lit Lovely Fine makes. Special price2sh and 33 n Yard Worth 3a and 33 a vant if Ligo liven All Pic woo gabardine in Jim naming of put ctr Nigger r Givy Ami Fawn. Special price2 j Yard. Worth 23 6 Yard. 3u Inch All Wool Black velour coat ing. Wonderful value at 22 l . Special Price is 6 said a get a i bar gain. Jut la Fine him k twill Serges All pure Wool. Worth 2 11 Ami 32 and. Special Price 2-1-3 and 21 6 Yunli. 36-3s Inch Black Moreen ski tin the. Hii table lor uni let Kufs. Ct.-. Worth 2 c c1 and All said. Special pries 3 11 and .33 Yard. .30 Inch Black Teddy hear cloth a splendid wearing make suitable Ini coals Etc. Worth Lull quid. Special pricel2m Yard. A Inch Black Mil White clock dress tweeds. Worth 7/11 Yard. Special Price-.3 ii Vard .33 Inch Black Caracci. Oicer to Rich make. Worth 2.3/ Yard. Special i inc -11 Vard. 3fi Inch i rim Blanket. Loth All pure wed. Wurth 21/ Yard. Special pricel7/6 Inch Ivon gait a Reinl. Lovely Fine make. Avouli 11/6 yank special Price 3 6 said. Special lines in the menus department. The prices Are Richt and you cannot beat the Quality. Jurt ii Tweed Spur i jts. Lar 25/. Special Fine of men s Fawn Rotor Cycle slots. Coat with strap. T Back. In Bill ton up to neck42 g. Men s Strong Fla a Redei to 1y.1.-v m a suits Stripe patterns or Plain got. 12/0. Aleuts. White ground so Unis i id Noat Stripe All Rizijs 5/0. Of i men is roup Niton Brown ski = 1,. And it Kukri wants i of. 1 men s Strong Cotton working i with Collar Anil pockets/11. Menus Navy and White Stripe Galaxee Iii its. Wilh Collar and n Metis heavy Flannelette shifts with Collar and Neckband Good inc patterns Sij. Aren s natural flame Sitofi s. Toll out Oll. Special. Line of menus to ack co m and Cashmere sox Well finished2 o. Menus Heather or drown ill knitted glovfs3/0. Men s. Lounge fell. Fat s Edge brim latest in Black Siai. Brown or dark and Libut Grey mix is men s All fur Oil Oid Grey Mic. Fashionable so Mike 15/

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