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Ballarat Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1920, Ballarat, Victoria National Library of Australia Soroll Iffatt a a aug a tails Greathead s mkt re com Abb a Stem cur Sij Oungst 2l� of y colds res m such Wejs the Cable this Page so headed has appealed a inv the i a gawd a cabled to. By special permission. It should a under stood that the opinions Ara not those of the times unless expressly stated to fee Soa a iad cry is a a. I Are j to and of Rno a Voshake me to. Thepidtijira4llqtt&ana buy. Me Lote of Lovely clothes a of to Tirsa l. Dont expect i to feet the l d Hoket but then to Tuy to Refl to p Ippen int women tin -803jn895.-while women so v much in business their Suo Efty of health a the of Ford to be Nham pred oof Iii others ilm Jenitta Ithal Ara easily hcad4p.he�7arhi.due Idi Nvvf Nhor y 1. . Tro listen. To u cannot play football without getting i sprains barked shins bumps oto., and you cannot get right again without using a chamberlains pain. Balm. Bathe the. Affected. Parts with water. As. then rub ins. Chamberlains pain Ibraim. For Felly. You i will soon forget Thrift Yob have 1 Oyer had an. Ache or a pain Londonderry fights deaths total seven All bystanders. A Cable message regarding the fight ing in Londonderry says the deaths now number seven. It is rumoured that martial Law is imminent. London june 21. Rioting was continued at London Derry to Day the Nioura firing revolvers breaking windows and looting. When the fire brigade turned out to save a burning drapery store the firemen were assaulted and the Ergino wrecked. It is a strange fact in connection with the Battle raging yesterday that although shooting and volleying took place All Day those lulled were inno cent bystanders according to detailed stories. Crave conditions. Civil War of the worst form. All Law and order abandoned. Military forces attack sinn seiners. Published in the times London monday. The times correspondent at Derry says that civil War of the worst form has broken out. All Law and order have been abandoned and business is suspended. Bands of armed men control the City Banks and postal services have Boon stopped. Several people have been shot dead and others have been wounded. Milany prominent per sons have narrowly escaped death. Tie military forces attacked the sinn l liners Early this morning firing Ball Cartridge. The sinn joiners dispersed Tut concentrated elsewhere. It is feared they intend to again attack Tho unionist quarters in Force. The Mili tary Are holding the worst parts of the City with machine guns but when Onei outburst is quelled the factions Rush Toj another Quarter and recommence fight ing. Fierce disorders. Troops to be despatched. Situation one of extreme peril. Published in the times monday s incidents in Londonderry included sniping at in coming trains and several cold blooded minders in the streets. There was much savagery on Uio wharves where the sinn seiners Ere apparently tile worst offenders beating. Wounding and throwing into Iho River labourers who wcr.? suspected of being non-t7nionist-. Fierce Dis order continue in the Diamond District and tie troops Are repeatedly railed out to quell disorders and Clear the streets with fixed Bayonet. A message from Tyrone states that twin Northern volunteers Are mobilising at Lifford to March on Londonderry. Special troop trains arc being sent to Londonderry from the Curr Agli Camp. Tho times in a leading article ays that the whole Irish situation it now one of most extreme peril the railway trouble. Extension announced. Published in the times. Dublin Castle announces the Exten Sion of the railway trouble owing to the railway men refusing to Man trains carrying policemen. The government May regard this is a test Case for Clos ing Down All the railways. Ukrainian front poles defeat soviet troops. Counter offensive imminent. Warsaw 21st june. Reuters telegrams having re established the situation in the North where they hold the whole line of the Beresina Minsk the main efforts of the poles have been transferred to Tho ukrainian front. I to poles engaged the. Bolsheviks at he Confluence of the of pct. Destroy ing two soviet regiments. This of crib icon Lias freed the territory Between the Dnieper and the Beresina and has Given the poles Complete Freedom of action South of the Pripce where they Are threatening the bolshevik rear. It is anticipated that general Burn eyes lied army will be forced o info Back on the Dnieper. Everything Points to a vigorous counter offensive by general Pilaud do is armies., which Are being quickly re grouped in .1 he Ukraine. Recognition of Russia. France urged to agree. London 21st june. United service Cable be journal Stales that or. Lloyd George the prime minister at thedythe conference pressed upon m. Millerand French Premier a policy amounting to a in ignition of eur in r it on n l j id liolsh6vih s Baa Propp Bly treated. The government was taking no Steps Iii this direction " i Hov emphasise that. M Leonid Krasin who Dele Gate at a repent in England had been informed that tha us conditional Effo Imasd of All British prisoners Misti or res Noti of the present neg Atim f Chicago racial riots negro. attacked. Chicago june 31st. Reuters telegrams racial troubles broke out again this morning. Three negro clergymen were attacked by White people and badly mauled. Adolf her mob killed. Herbert Mitchell it coloured policeman. Kustra reserves Are patrolling the Ftp lace float. Dio police Are searching for an Abys Aii iian. Prince garbed in a flow Jug gown 1 and. Headdress Olio Drew from Underd Atli he s skirt and killed Lothert lips a Sailor and John Flo it. His companion. 1the followed the Parade when an , made to Burn an american flag.,a. Russian breaker found Drifting in Kara sea. Christiana june 21st. Reuter s telegrams. M. Sverdrup the famous explorer has sent a wireless messages from the breaker Svi Atoor stating that he found the russian breaker Solovei Sudip Zinovitch Drifting in the Kara sea. Of tween Nova Zambia and the Palm no Peninsula on june 19. All aboard were taken on to tie Sviatko Gor which is returning to. Norway. Krassin Mission crisis in negotiations. United service cables the daily Herald a London Bol she Vil Organ asserts that a crisis has Arisen in the Krassin negotiations diving to or Lloyd George insisting upon compensation to i in uttermost Farthing for British financial Intel Els in Russia. Mesopotamia proposed Arab kingdom. United service Cable the daily express understands that the government has decided to establish an Arat kingdom in Mesopotamia probably giving the Crown to Abdallah the second son of the King of Hejaz. Breach of Promise returned lieutenant pays. Melbourne tuesday. Considerable interest was manifested in a breach of Promise suit that was heard in the comity court to Day be fore judge Dethridge and a jury of four. The Phibin Tiff. Was. A. Youmg woman named Margaret Man Scirghi a resident of Pali rare defendant John Leslie Waldron motor Mechanic and Secretary to the Prahran football club from whom she claimed �5oo damages. Plaintiff was represented by or Josephs a and the defendant Pon dusted his own Case. The plaintiffs Case War that the defendant in May 1913, promised to marry her a pro Mise a Lillic was repeated in november 1914, he was the father of her child Horn in the following year. 14c enlisted As a private in september 1914, and Rose to the rank of lieutenant in 1918. From Broadmeadows Camp in december 1914, lie wrote von do not know dear girl now that i am go ing away How i love you. You Are the sweetest arid Best Little girl in the world. It will be a very Bard trial waiting until i come bade but if i have such Hick we shod not he Long in getting married. Numerous other letters were written from abroad in. Which to acknowledged to lie parentage of the child and expressed Liis love for the. Plaintiff in most emphatic terms. In one letter he wrote that he could not staid the sight of the English gilds hut shortly afterwards came Tho information that bad married one of them the plaintiff then wrote complaining of his action did Sho denied having received a letter from him Jin which lie alleged that Sori Meono had told him that she haul misconduct de herself with a. A a Seiju ent letter the defendant said a fall believe you set a trap for me be fore i left Australia. L she did not know what he Nikant by that. Taj reply to the defendant the Plain Tiff denied having mis conducted herself with other nieu you. Are telling a pack of lies declared the defendant a remark which caused his 1 Honor to inti Nate that if the defendant did not behave himself himself to asking questions lie., would to dealt with. Evidence was called to show that Tho i defendant had dry Jan. Cbl3 in defence a Jim arid that lie would lie Ori titled to agr Atrinity of �123/ ". Waldron called no evidence hut in , lie said he broke off the engagement because of some thing he Feleo ting on the plaintiffs Jiosi Mot her. His Doniv Pri ipod Oil to the jury that did not Call a Iyone to support his no ligation because,.-As he Enid lid did riot wish to bring other . Trial a that ribs no even supposing Tho Tion lie received was we for need it was rip us blk wins Naip Ria d another Gri Lyat about the time he. Broke off the Tho de Fenda Riiff Hhd at first indicated thai i he believed the Rumor. And the n fessed not to believe it but after Liis marriage he repeated the soap Al in court -. his military beep frittered. Ariay Hrit he Lead to 1 receive the Fatu Ity and a quite that he had Iov Nething Laid a fetid print of about i Elf Aii How Tho jury returned Verdjie for. Tho plaintiff and assessed damages at i250. Judgment was ept erod r a a r Federal salary grab. Awil Laura protest. A Well attended meeting at Wil Laura on saturday carried the follow ing Resolution that this meeting of Pliny Icalla end owns ". And pro Tessia the notions. Of the of the v Federal parliament 1 in " increasing their salaries v up Peol was further arranged the ,, of the Matte Ransi a Steps to be take do alter so. A3vto. Or Ewe Iii a rep or Recei. A tic. Was hoped that other follow Tho example a Mot Jan congratulating those members mid Cait Cdr inv. Gibson being complimented. Fair profits commission further , stoves Etc. Effect of Gas workers strike. Melbourne tuesday. The fair profits commission sir James Mccay chairman today fur ther investigated the prices of lamps stoves Etc., ruling before and during the present Gas workers strike. V Ernest Arthur Kearney sales Mana Ger Brandt bros., pay. Ltd. Eliza Beth St., Melbourne,-.said that lie had of mul a most extraordinary Rush in the demand for his lamps and heat ing utensils of every kind. _ they sold Hurricane lamps at r/6 retail but the Demoind. Was so great that they sold out of them on the saturday morn ing j following the of the strike. To get another Supply he purchased through a broker. From one firm he deceived lamps for 80/ a dozen and the next Purchase was from another firm at 1 6/. Tie sold the. Lamps of both these lots in 10/0 each. They in Eay ored in of Tynin an All round profit of Scoper cent. On Cost Primus stoves which were bought at were sold by his 82/. They sold at that Price before the strike. Head Vance thle prices of Glass hand lamps from 5,/ to 8/ because on opening up the cases in which they arrived lie found Flint the breakages amounted to " 0 per event. The Cost him 2 /0 a dozen. The chairman that looks even after allowing s or like a line in which you took More than a Normal profit. Witness stated that out of of dozen japaneses lamp chimneys 28 dozen were Topi chairman lint they might have j been put in tie. Eases that Way. Did Youa the Price of the Lanio Glas ses it All no. .7. Continuing witness said that a cer Tain Brand of stoves bought at 10/11. Each Werb sold at 17/6. That was the Price ruling before the strike. Gerald Kolm of the Gloria Light cos., Elizabeth St-., Mol dour i e. Said his firm made no and Vance in their charges during the Rush tines. The Rush bad eased off very considerably. Thomas ii Tcline Congleton. President of the retail ironmongers association carrying of Liu siness in Coburg said his association did not alter its prices at All. Hurricane lamps Cost him 58 a dozen delivered. Tapies William Tullock Secretary of the ble Tail ironmongers a association said lie infill i red into the retail prices of lamps charged by Mem Bers of his association a Fri found that not one of them had sold those lamps for Lvov 8/6 j report on Woollen Manu facture. System of control urged. Ballarat company criticised. Comment on undue profits. Fixation of maximum urged Melbourne tuesday. The fair profits commission has is sued its thirteenth report which will he considered by the state Cabinet at its next meeting. The report states that the commission completed a Long and careful inquiry info tile position of and profits made by Woollen Mills in j Victoria and finding hat in some cases undue profits have been Iliade and seeming Are still being made recon mends a future system of control of this Industry. As part of its inquiries the j commission Lias had two conferences of the Industry and has Given much consideration to the views of those representatives and to the. Particular matters urged by them. The Industry is strongly opposed to any control claiming that As Only a minority of the Are alleged to be making undue profits no control should be established. At one stage the representatives of the Mills wont so far Aslo say that objecting to the principle they refused to discuss the. Details of the pro posed control. This attitude they parti ally abandoned and they made some de finite suggestions. It. Was also urged to the commission that the Mills had done Good work for the tinny during the War and that the need for developing the Industry in Australia was so great that no control should be. Attempted. The cd Moision Lias Given full consideration to these contentions but is not Able to depart fro Iii the opinion that Clear eases of undue profit taking have been established in the Case of Scane Mills and that. Consequently m this Case As in others control must be established or the investigations of the commission would become almost nugatory in their result., on the other hand uni actual recommendations of Fie commission Are such As will enable the Industry to earn profits to Vicli should be an ample induce incur for tile investment of further Capi. Tal and for the development of the Industry As it needs to be developed and which should Aslo. Enable existing Mills to make Good profits while some will he Able to make Large Odin Missioni states that in this Industry As in others the ultimate net profits of different nulls vary consider ably. The three main factors in which the variations depend Are Al relation of total turnover to total capital actually Iii Ployd in tile business b rate of Gross profit taken on turnover e Rehi Ilion of overhead charges to turnover i the Industry gives As a further Rea son for the non imposition the Faiet. That during the period ending out Jurie 30, 1920v. In which australian. Woollen Mills have been getting Wool at far below worlds parity Iff Price they Moo Alfy ii. Selt Rig. Their products at far below world s parity. This claim is quite Correct vice Orion prices have been less than half of corresponding world prices. As it Slio Kulbe because Tho Cost of production including. The Cost of Wool. airy other course of , the. Industry would have meant the diversion of 1, enormous profits manufacturers pockets. And the simply of cheap Wool in the opinion of the omit Atsion. Has place j Eft. 1 up in the i lib Obliga. Tibia of i a in the Case of direct sales by Manu fact hirer to. The commission thinks. That. It would be impracticable and unfair to compel such Jules Abitt. On the other hand Nojd i f possible. To in Ake a recommend Ali on i Ludl. Will enc do rage to is direct transactions while leaving the. Manufacturer free v to. Enter upon them or hot As he chooses. It should to added continues the report that As., the Cenga Frd Ritof cheap Wool to worlds prices makes place on july is next any should he published by the end i of this current month. the Jim Itutti of the control the report a a off that it is i proposed that the " of of Tirol re coins needed should riot apply Toa Wool tops As the. pro act of Ai Mill. B sold j b of Yool Leri Hosier the treason a is that these manufactures Sar e dither Iri the initial stage or. Aro yet. That Iris Amthor casdthere., Are psf data available to to come to,acoriolusion"a3.tb,.wlip.t. Margin orb fit. A Bidd Bey and thar therefore apply Only to Mills gelling or supplying As their finished p Roquet we Alleq 3. Of Fiji than fops Frari. And it Iery. A v v to dealing with actual figures the com Mission those Are sexy elusive Ori Tho 191fe this exp Lugiori is m Ade at the re a guest Industry Ion the grounds stated. That profits were exceptionally High that year a result of wit a the defence a department Iraq usty clans depart mint itself a a j. The Par id j Chi ref de by the figures generally.?i9,th6re�oro t that Ifor i the three find facial eats Riding t919, with particular reference to the subsequent half Venn in the Casie of one Mill. Profits of Mills. The report continues there Are some ten Mills in Victoria manufacturing Wool Len textiles. During the past three years they have As a whole made total net pro fits including transfers to reserves econ tin in capital averaging from2o per cent to 25 per cent. Two of them have made average total net profits on capital for the tame period of respectively 50 pet cent., and Over 45 per cent on capital. These Figi prime Facie show undue profits. But if the specially High profits were due to Large turnover and Low overhead charges j they might be regarded As a proper re j Ward. In both cases however though the turnover is above the average and the i p Rucoi image of Gross profit to turnover is i much above the average and is. In the opinion of the commission unreasonable. Tub Ballarat Woollen com Pany. There is one other Mill and perhaps two in which Tho profits have been in creased by too High a rate of Gross profit m turnover. Tho other Mills forming a majority have been making no More than fair profits. Of the two Mills just named a making undue profits one is a private a business i.e., not a Public com Pany hit its figures fur the past three years Diri l its notable As Are those of the second Mill which is a Public company and so can be freely named As the Ballarat Woollen and worsted company Ltd. Some further reference to this company Mai be made. It has had Many Vicissitudes in past years but of recent years has j been very prosperous. After making j All allowances for writing off capital in former years it cannot be said and the commission adopts the company is own figure that shareholders have put More than �60.000 original capital into the Busi Ness. In addition within the last few wars �30.000 of reserves have been capita listed acid issued in shares to Tho share holders. According to published state ments. At an interim meeting of Tho Corn any held a few weeks ago the following distribution of profits for the half year was made partly out of accumulated but previously undistributed profits namely dividend distributed half year. .�27,000 is me of shares As a result of writing up Plant Etc. Face value .�30,000, Market in lieu about �90.000. Apart from Tho hares the dividend is at the rate of 45 a. R Emit per annul on Tho capital sub i scribed he shareholders and about 90 per Inper annul on the capital used in he business As shown by the last annual balance Sheet. Ii commission thinks that such figures is lit foregoing compel action. The pro made if the immediate flu to is tested by the immediate past will enable the Industry on the average to make 18 per cent to 20 per cent total net profit a capital will permit the More Success Ful Mills to make More and will enable the less successful Mills to Mako a fair though not a High profit. The foregoing is apart from amortization whore the commission s proposals Mado in order to provide special reserves against special fall in present prices of buildings and machinery will permit of an additional pro it for amortization purposes equal to 13 l-3rd per cent on Tho actual Cost of build Ings and machinery erected or installed since 31st december 1916. Tho proposal is that for this purpose a maximum 10 per cent on the actual Cost May be included in manufacturing costs spread Over Tho turn Over for the year. Tho proposed maximum Gross profit of 33 l-3rd per cent. Of manufacturing Cost increases the 10 per cent to 13 l-3nl per cent. This will mean a varying addition to total net profit on capital. Dependent on the extent to which Tho buildings and machinery Are new and Tho relation of Tho capital sum up turnover. The Industry has expressed such Strong hostility to any control that the commission has to say explicitly that m its opinion a Tho control is called for in the control proposed leaves Tho Indus try one that should still Provo highly at Tractive to capital c but for Tho urgent need of extending the Industry Tho com Mission would have recommended substantially lower maximum rates. Recommendations. He commission recommends 1. That for All manufacturers of Woollen goods including mixtures of Wool and other mate oils except tops and yarns sold by Tho manufacturer As his finished product and except hosiery Tho maximum Gross rate of profit on the Sale or Supply of any article by tin manufacturer to a wholesale trader shall he either a 33 l-3rd per cent on the manufacturing or b 271 per cent on the manufacturing Cost together with a total sum equal to 9 per cent on a yearly basis and distributed Over Tho output for a year on the capital Valuo As shown in Tho last balance Sheet in Tho Vear 1919 of buildings and machinery used in thobu3i Ness and on Tho Cost of buildings and machinery since erected or installed. The commission is to to notified by each Mill which basis it is adopting. 2. That on any Sale or Supply of any such Man fac ruins direct to a retail trader by Tho manufacturer Trio manufacturer May charge a i further maximum amount of 10 per cent on Trio maximum Prico hear Deablo to the w wholesale trader. 3. That the following items Only Niay be included in manufacturing Cost a delivered Cost of Wool Ami other materials used in manufacturing b delivered Cost of chemicals oils soaps dyes and other auxiliary materials used in manufacturing c delivered Cost of. Stores including fuel used in manufacturing including packing and Cost of fac tory processes and Power other than fuel including factory lighting heating and Cooling e manufacturing wages include ing factory managers factory Foreman timekeepers auxiliary factory labor finish Al s and packers f where factory build i mrs or machinery or both Havo been erected or installed Sinco december 31, 1916, or Aro hereafter erected or installed a sum calculated on a yearly basis and distributed Over Tho output for Tho year equal to p a. R Cen fun Tho actual Cost on site of buildings and machinery erected or instal led since 31st december 1916. 4. That All manufacturers shall keep a manufacturing account on a yearly basis showing stocks of All kinds on hand at Tho be ginning and Tho end of Tho year purchases and other expenses for the year Anil sales for the year. Farmers convention politicians criticised. Salary crab condemned. Port fairy tuesday. A fighting speech was delivered by or Hugh Mclelland the president in open ing the banners a convention Here to Day. Jiki Ween 300 anti 400 delegates were present representing every Section of the t state. They warmly applauded or Mclelland when he said that Federal members. Had dragged the name of parliament into the muck by voting at a tame of National financial Stringency for a Divige increase in salary. Economy and efficiency he said should to the country is watchwords yet members feathered their own nests and failed to tackle obvious problems. Agriculture should to built tip Side by Side with secondary industries in to Lii country districts. To wished the towns Peoples Leagie Good Fortune in its Effort to Foster. Manufacturing. Re cent events indicated that some of the Industrial Laws Shoi ild be scrapped. Coteries which threw the country into chaos should be Sevory punished. A protest was expressed against the Proi posed Tariff Oil reapers and binders on the ground Liat it. Would raise the Price from i3b t6 Nebo. While r no local Xianu Fae Tuire of such machines was attempted at the official luncheon sir William Irvine was Given a warm reception. Or Lawson the Premier. I said that the government anxious to build up a virile intelligent \ prosperous and efficient. Community. In regard to country manufacturing deter mined to assist the. Toumine Bples league bub would see that. Public Noney Vivis spirit Pudt girly. The Melbourne Industrial upheaval latest developments. Conference of unions held. Possibility of trouble extending. Melbourne tuesday. There was no fresh development to Day in connection with the present ? dust rial strife in the Metropolis. ? meeting of the Iron trades federa ? was hold at Tho trades Hall Fth s morning with the object of Takin stops to conserve Tho interests of men Bers when Tho final settlement takes place. Meanwhile the unions have met. And agreed to fall in with the policy of the trades Hall despot s committee. The proposed conference of unit. Was opened at Tho trades Hall this afternoon when preliminary business was transacted and a. Member of the committee was appointed from that body to watch Tho course of events. The unemployment position is much Tho same As it has been during the past few Days and whilst the present attitude of tire parties is maintained there does not appear to to much pro Spect of Relief in that Quarter. Hopes Are entertained however that a con Ference some of the employers and employees will be held in the immediate future. Will tub trouble extend. Transport unions Confer ence held. Ominous deports. Melbourne tuesday. A further development in connection with the strike of engine Drivers and Gas workers took place to Day when a conference was convened by the trades Bull disputes commit tie. At the Closi f Trio meeting the Secretary at j. Holloway said that the unions represented were tie Federated sea men a Carters and Drivers engine Drivers and firemen Gas workers engineers amalgamated 1waterside workers and victorian railways. A conference was hold for the purpose of discussing the Gas worker a dispute and the meeting lasted two hours and was adjourned until 10-30 . Next Day. Lac was Learned unofficially that goo Carters and Drivers Are involved in the trouble owing to their having ref used to handle Coal for the Gas works. If is understood the main question Dis cussed was that of preventing fresh supplies of Coal from reaching the Gas company is works where Volunteer labor is employed. The presence of the Waterside and seamens Union represent Tat in indicated that when supplies of Coal Are exhausted members of their bodies will be drawn into Tom dispute and if the struggle were continued for any length of time the position might eventually arise that supplies of Coal would be prevented from reaching Victoria. Gas workers compulsory conference. To assemble again to Morrow. Melbourne tuesday. Another important development was the decision of or Justice Higgins to hold an adjourned sitting of the compulsory conference in regard to the Gas employ yes dispute which had been adjourned sine Flie on saturday Nook inst Tho parties will to called before or Justice Higgins on thursday after noon when further efforts will be made to Settle to dispute. Sydney men restive. Sydney tuesday. An official of the engine Drivers and fire menus Union stated to Day that the new South Wales members were Dis satisfied with their rates of pay and the Federal Council Whoso Headquarters is in Melbourne would take com Mand of the new South Wales Branch for the next week or two. The move is regarded As significant. Geelong mayor mediates. Geelong tuesday. Alderman h. Hitchcock mayor of the City has begun to mediate in the Hope of bringing about a settlement of the strike As far As it affects the gee Long Branch of Tho Melbourne electric i Supply company. Unionists Are of the opinion that a settlement will be reached with Tho company to Morrow. As anticipated the strike has extended to Tho textile workers Union and at midday to Day the employees of Trio bar onside Woollen Mills were called out by calling out the textile workers about 750 More people mostly girls will he rendered Idle. South australian dispute. Company is Otter accepted. Adelaide monday. The Gas workers trouble in South Australia has practically ended. It was announced at a meeting of the Union last night that the offer of a minimum wage of �311716 a week had been made ail claims to be retrospective to May 1. Boys up to 17 Jears Are to receive a minimum of �l/4/6 17 to 18 years �l/16/6 18 to 19 years �2/6/6 19 to 20 fears �2/17/6 and at 2l years �3/11/ a week. In consideration of to figures of the Commonwealth statistician for the 12 weeks ended March 31, and owing to the continual rises in the Cost of living Tho company has offered a further 10d a Day which makes the offer 12/11, and suggested that the agreement should fast until february 1, 1921. It is understood that Tho men have favor ably received Tho increases but Aro still Fife Goffria ting in connection with several other items. Any danger of the employees ceasing work however is regarded As Remote. Suit for divorce. Misconduct and cruelty alleged. Melbourne tuesday. Misconduct and cruelty were alleged in a petition Beard by or Justice Schutt to Day in which Nellie Lory 36, of Williams Road Toorak sought the dissolution of her marriage with Frederick Lory 43., agent and investor of Dickens Street St. Hilda. Tho marriage took place Nineteen years ago at Toor Alc and there Are two children. Petitioner bet out that Somo years after the marriage she and the respondent visited England and Scotland. After their return Tho respondents conduct towards her became so violent that Sho had to leave him. He drank to excess and ill treated her the culmination arriving in August 1918, in a violent scene a their Home at St. Hilda the outcome of which Wais the arrest of the respondent on a charge of being drunk an the Commonwealth and to the Empire and looks Forward to meeting you during it is visit to Brisbane. The following candidates were successful in passing the intermediate May Examina Tion of the incorporated Institute of a to Kintanis Commonwealth of Australia miss k. M. Bell Ballarat Gas cos. Or w. Roberts. Ronaldson Bros and Tippett and or m. R. Crosbie. To Day the Prince of Wales will Cele brate the 20th anniversary of his birth which took place at White Lodge Sheen on 23rd june. 1394. His Royal highness Lias a full programme of engagements in Sydney lor tile Day. To will Lay the foun Dation Lone of an Anzac memorial a will attend a state school childrens Dis play on Tho Sydney Cricket ground and he will visit Tho Sydney University. At night lie will witness the finals of Tho ladies fencing championship of the state at the swords club and will afterwards attend a Ball in Tho town Hall. Or. Clarke minister for water Supply will Leav Melbourne this afternoon for. Cohr Aiu. To attend on thursday a District conference on extending irrigation areas. He Wil also inquiry into country Road mat ters. A " times Cable message sinter that owing it. Her recent illness Queen Alexandra will be unable to drive through Tho streets on Rose Day which Vyas instituted by her and which Lias been Tho Means of raising enormous sums for charitable and other purposes. Obituary. Many friends of or Char Les Henry George of Victoria Street Sebas Topol will regret to learn of the death of his wife which took place after a very Short illness. Trio deceased had not been in the Best of health for a. Few Days prior to her death which however was quite unexpected. Much sympathy has been expressed with the relatives. The funeral took place on monday and was very largely attended. A Beautiful collection of Flora tributes wa3 received from friends. Tho remains were interred in the new cemetery. Tho were messes h. Bryans brother of deceased11. In. Bryans Nephew. Preston and m. Collins. The pall bearers Wero cry in. M. Madden and t. Hughes. Messes. R. Jen Kin victorian railways. J. Campbell. A. Abbott a. Smith in. J. Rain in. Stevens. A. Cornish r. Driver p. And j. Sweeney. In. J. Borall Albert Sully in. Ami if. Trethewey James Stevens h. . I. Garlick and j. Mcpherson. The Rev. .1. I. Currid officiated at Tho House and grave. The funeral arrangements were carried nut by or r. J. Miller. Tho advanced age of 86 years or Jas. S. Purves of 62-1 Sturt Street passed peacefully away on Sun Day evening. Or Purves was a colonist of 60 years and a plumber by Trade. For Many years Hoy Taa engaged by Tho Gus company subsequently to Pur chased a grocery business in Sturt Street which he carried on for Many years and eventually he engaged in. Tho fruit business. Of r some 12 months his health has been failing but Only during Ilie last live weeks was to Laid aside. To leaves widow and one daughter. Tho funeral took place yesterday to Tho old cemetery and was Well attended. Tho c. J. Graham in the absence of right Rov John Walker conducted the services at the House and grave. The coffin bearers were three nephews viz., James Percy an a Leslie Donald and a. M. A Gea Chin. Accompanying Tho chief mourn ers were inspector a. Nicholson messes Donald i Okenzie j. Bowman Chas Coutts David Davies j. Hansen. It. J. Marshall Robt. Taylor j i3. Mar shall. J. M Donald f. Pinkerton Walter Bradby and Gordon Mont Gomery. Many Beautiful Floral tribute were received. Alessis f. W. Bames and son had charge of the. Funeral a j Rango ments

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