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Ballarat Star Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 1

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Ballarat Star (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Ballarat, Victoria National Library of Australia ski App a notices United steam navigation t in Zikall a Tikal company limited 1 Fok Sydney and Queensland re of the above company sail from Queens to As under Tor Sydney Maht Borough Banda Borg to Senor Mac eat 70 u Seville cd Gene so f Nicks Gate tuesday. 13th Jan 4 pm. Marana saturday Uthman 1 p a vat Zomba tuesday. 10th Jan. 4pm i Birks Ati tuesday. 15th Jan 4pmmarana saturday 17th Jan pm no through sailing tuesday 20th Jan bar Coo saturday 24th Jan., pm waru Tco tuesday 27th Jan 4 pm. Aram a saturday. 31st Jan pm Iran c h Pat Sidney at thursday Island tuesday 13th Jan sown tuesday 27th Jan v. 4pm pro Caledonia from Brockton 21st Jan wife lands St Danei f Waro Onga 4th feb a jets anus fro Waro Onga new hebrides a dec 4th february cargo received Dali y for handbooks and farther particulars apply to Siddeley and co agents Robbs buildings Jug Collin Street of Johnsto f Fth Ourilian Neirns port Douglas Cooktown or in dear and Oriental steam Navi gation company and a contract a the the Imperial new South Wales. Moran d South australian got Emmetts will Matth the following steamers for London calling it Rbana Colombo Aden in Nisi Malta Gibraltar and pit Mouth t Leate Mel. Us Ilia cd tinge noon pm Toisan 12 Jan 17 aol3 Tan 26 Jan 31 tic thu 620 b feh 91 feb 14 Jan 21 feb 4 feb. Is and thence Forward every alternate week the steamers marked proceed from Albany to Aden my w ill not Call at Colombo rates of p Massage Money to London in first Saloon �6o to �7o do do second do. �3o to �37 return tickets from �o5 to �ll5 lathe second Aloon the arrangements have been to roughly reorganised and the accommodation Hilch the company now offers is unsurpassed passage Money can be paid at this end for passagesf&9s3�c Luu Dicj cd you a a. Irom England Liberal concessions made to families of further n formation apply to fail Lam Little company s agent la Sard Reet Ballarat Sih l Samll and Albion company old Rohl mail steamships Between new zealand finally Lyttelton or Wellington As arranged and London calling at Rio j Liro the Riff and pm Mouth these Steamer Are All steel built and include three White ? tar liners accommodation for All classes unequalled the saloons ire All amidships the passages on Accord Hae been made by this line the latest Bung Lyttelton to London under s 5 dare Mcl dug All stoppages passengers can see Hobart the beauties of new Zeala id scenery the magnificent Harbor of Rio and escape the lied sea a nacre Lerv luxury and Comfort supplied Throlow Fiat he 1 moderate. The Union corp pm s Steamer leaving Melbourne in tuesday 27th january connects at Wellington tithes done Lor particulars apply to the n Atio Al Muir to and Agency com Paw of new zealand limited 483 Collins 4rt conveyances � 0 b b and co. S livery and Lett Iise stables. Howes taken into livery and hires of every de Scop Tina can be effected Superior class of horses Tod relic yes pm ate carriages provided a. Craigs Koval hotel stables for Sterns George hotel stables Ballarat. Irwin s prov Mucial hotel stables j Branch stables at Geelong Hamilton port fair Lervaag a neck Eltoff Ocean Grove St Arnaud Davies erd and Sandhurst. P Hodgetts manager Vlf is and m Phee proprietors Telephone Craigs Tojal hotel stables no 18s forger s George hotel stables no iss 0 b b a h d booking office Lydiard Street Ballarat even information regarding fares Ato be had on application to the office la Diard Street la previous time Tobies Are incorrect a i l and Cosat e not responsible for parcels exceed Lecin i Alue ten pounds Sterling �10unless the same Dull have been booked and value declared x4lb of Pease allowed each passenger at his of n risk Tobba n 5 c o. Summer arrangements Seaside excursion tickets through ticket rail and coach Are now available Tom Ballarat to Ocean Grove bar won Heads Clifton a pings 0 let class 2nd class Ballarat to Ocean Grove 17s i3s. Ban on Heads 15s los 6d Clifton Springs 36s 12s � port Arrngton 17s 13s coaches for bar on Heads and Ocean Grove leave wbb and cog office dash at 9ara, and on Satur path x it at a3op connecting w Ith trains from a on Tref meet All trains at Drysdale station to r be passengers to port Arlington and Clifton Conn a through a Ickey pm he obtained at Cobb and cons flee Crau. A s a e. Galla at and Lexton on sunday the coach Between Ballarat and new a run a usual leaving Lexton at 6ara in Ballarat at 4 p m m Phee and co to a Olao to Wickliffe Road railway i station Dady sunday e excepted wave Lake Bolac at 11 a Rawne we Kuffe at 12 30 p a at Wick fee Road railway Sutlon at p m in time for Hamilton and Ballarat trains air amok from Wick fee Road station daily a 3pm vines and m Phee proprietors Cobb and co Gordon Egerton and Kiil a j Way station Jurann a coup Vance Greet each tra Ioto an Gordon and Egerton and railway station vines and m Phee proprietors Foo Brand of Geelong to Queen spliff a a j a rangers Entz night or Day to and from Donland Queen chef Western stage company proprietors s e is s a of you Sion tickets Clit Between Ocean Grove and railway rein Glo Luj Dun Etc Wal i midday trains to and me fare 2s of railway 4a b d Aiosa and St Arnaud. Dally t v a opted leave Maubra 815 am Lexton l 30 u h 1115. Avo a. 1145, Moon Ambel .3� s and Bro Redbank 6, Stuart Mill Arnaud 9 returning Leare St. 615a m Stu Art Mill 8.45, Redbank 19 30 la ring i la 15 Handsboro 8 30, Amoco 130 p map Lone a 2. 3 f Lexton 4. Due Maubra. 529 a Ballarat for Maubra by 0 20 p a comi it w Ith coach at Maubra. A b b and cot in r a. T and miners rest daily sunday bin ,7 leave Ballarat 7 am. And 4 s 7, Bam and pm fare be return Bella rat in Mner rest 9 Ara and pm due mount v and 6 pm fare is Ballarat and Eji a Bard daily sunday a excepted leave return. A due blow hard 8 30 am fare is in in ? leave blow hard 8.30 a m due Ballarat a lire is a a beat with victorian rail 0088 and goes coaches to and � by sundays excepted Rnecht a 1 T Abton and Skipton twice to the Aeh Tram i i Bat 10 Vrain Miv a j to � i Tox and Streatham my Pye of u3eti�n will evening train to and if 30 love from Stria team leaves a b Hon to o meat Abb june Len _ 19 i _ 23 7a a Rosewood and Leigh daily. I a ,1 ask Pton b t tvs 0. � in. A formation Mav be obtained i Ballarat Sci dal a 1am of. Vars Dae 745a a due to Kew leu 33 a r is d 12 noon Warram Bine 1 310 p m f a but 4 Ord 230 p m fare 3 the Levy e 7 l i h to d at 430 p m fare. 5� ah3sl you wis res Hiag sleep free from head acl and anguish to Calm and assuage protracted disease invigorate and regular the circulating syst will provide yourself with that i covered by or j Collis brow a staff which he gave the Naiu and which is admitted by the most wonderful and valuable rein cd Louodine is the Best coughs consumption bronchitis chlo Rodyne acts like & Chai the Only specific m cholera and e Chloradine effectually Cut epilepsy hysteria palpitation a chlo Rodyne is the Only a rheumatism. Gout cancer to Fercl from Symes and cos Pharr medical Hall Sana St Janua Davenpor Ujj great Russell London dear sir we it Shrai o i congratulating you upon the tation tins justly esteemed me Brownes Cal Orodine has earm in undo Stan but All Over the e general Utility we much Questi s imported into the country a to hear of its finding a place in Home. The other brands we a now relegated to the native Bas from their Sale we fancy theirs hut evanescent we could my Infin Tum of the extraordinary i Brownes Cal Orodine in i Arron spasms cramp the Naneva and As a Cencil Solaria e under on personal observation in choleric Dian Houi and even forms of cholera itself to hav controlling Power we other form of this Medicine Thi from a firm com action that it is and also from a sense of duty w e Sion and the Public of we Are or any other than breach of Faith of cd fist to and path sir faithfully yours by Mca and c Phann society of great Bantam Viceroy is chemists caution vice Chancellor s stated that or j Collis Browne Vve inventor of chlo Rody be that the i Dant Freeman was Denbei Atell in greeted to say had been sworn Isth july. Is 4 sold in bottles at is lid 2s of 4 none is genuine without the w Brownes chlo Rody be on the overwhelming medical testimony bottle caution beware of piracy and sole manufacturer a. T Dave Russell Street Bloom Ury. Lond or badman a s powders for children Curtij caution to Puri the value of this f been largely tested in All Parte of All grades of society for upwards its w Ell earned Exten a e Sale Bas imitations some of Witchin Olance so closely resemble the orb chive Many purchasers the or feels it due to the Public to in against the use of such imitate purchasers arc therefore request Sene the four following Dis front without which none Are genuine every Case the words chemist Walworth Surri the gov eminent stamp affixed to 1 2nd.each single powder the dose and the words John � Wal North. Surrey panted thereof 3rd the name Steedman is a be 4th.the manufacture is Cam Worth Surrey sold in packets by All Chen vendors at is Ltd and 2s 9d each sold by Felton Gri Mwai Bourne wonderful i Beecham is pills Geeo Hamas i b Are in Hermmh admitted to be a medical q u r e i f o Holloway s of Universal Patr let Del sufferers from Gen Encl c heart and follow in the Wake o cube their restoration of health to ways oust meet and pills Muscles or joints gouty pains cramp and spasmodic twitches de Plo rant of these Noble Rem i kinds of wounds ulcers sore 1 flame action Are quickly conquer Holloway s ointment and pills a out the habitable Globe should in person to give them a fair trial 1 Relief or abandoning Hope bronchitis. Diphtheria coughs and c this ointment will cure when have failed it is a Sovereign Range ments of the Throat and Chat or wheezing will promptly be ret the unguent bad legs bad breasts souls and us it is surprising How quickly a s Pepin is the Bod of strength Ai duties of life and in is no less to effect of Holloway s Healing omit according to the printed direction appropriate dose of the pills gout and Rheu will be cured with the greatest quantities of the ointment be v afflicted parts. The treatment a followed for some time Andul Ful doses of Holloway s pills. 1 soothing remedies demand the c All persons liable to rheumatic other painful affections of the joints piles fistulas and Drc i Isis this incomparable ointment i mended to All suffering from or h drops. The w Orst cases w ill 3 ice Short space of time when this of rubbed into the p Irta affected i the pills should be taken to punf3 late its circulation both the ointment and pills is follow my complain bad legs bad breasts Burns bunions chilblains chapped hands contracted and stiff joints corns soft fistulas gout glandular swellings Lumbago the ointment and pills Are Olloway s establishment 78 new also b3 nearly every respectable throughout the civil de world 1 old 2s 9d, 4s of 11s, 225, and 33s each pot and Box of the Geu the British government Stam Holloway s pills and ointment thereon on he Label is the address 7h London where Al Oue Thev Are a 42t beware of All comic Holloway is pills an with a new York 1 or hateful 3o Epps cock Bre a k f by a thorough Knowledg Law s w hich gov Ern the Perat and nutrition and b3 a care i the Fine properties of Well so Apps has provided our Breakf dehcatel3 Flavoured beverage us Mam heav3 doctors Bill judicious use of such article Constitution May be gradual Strong enough to resist Ever ease hundreds of Subtle in my around us ready to attack is a weak Point. We May est Shaft b3 keeping ourselves w pure blood and a proper no see article in the civil ser made simple with boiling \ sold in Job packets by arc thus James Epps & homoeopathic of London engl railway time 1 railway time table revised up to Ballarat to Meli leaves Ballarat i a 5 20 a to i c 25 a m i 11 a m i 4 45 p m i 7 10 p m the 5 20 a m Tram ont goes of 1 it reaches at c53 on saturday r Ballarat at 9 10 and arrives at a Melbourne to a leaves Melbourne i a 0 50 a m i 11 40 a m 4 40 p m i c 5u p m on saturday nights a Tram reaching Ballarat at 12.13 Ballarat to Gei Ballarat to Sta Public Compa Ballarat land Mort a company inn 19 Lydiard Strega authorised capital Loo too. F Dirk Tom. John Heinz Esq Chalex. Bell Esq i f Alex. A Vitty Esq a p j a advances made on Freehold or instalments under the company s Bills of Exchange discounted or Loans granted on personal or out delay on the most Liberal Ter the company is prepared to urn rent and w ending up of trusts in or other estates collect rents Ai settees and generally to crans Agency business. Interest allowed on d fixed for 12 month 6 per be 6 6 w g finl the Union trustee Australia. Lim paid up capital specially empowered by act As trustee executor and Mattoi administration in intestate Esta trustee receiver or committee of statute and in trusts of every Dei branches at Warrnambool b to colonists visiting Europe t special advantages directors my lbs Hon my Bales , Hon sir b Benjamin Dekam m l.a., James once is John Mackish directors Bikit. Andrew Anderson Esq George Young my or. G William Anderson Esq rat a t Morrison offices of and 7 commercial Street. Ballarat a la persons desirous Homes for the should apply to Ballarat Alliance building and investment s established x8 Money to lend at re repayable by monthly or fort Law charges strictly no Survey Foj Loans redeemable a interest charged to Date o deposits received at current �5o progressive shares month instalments 10 eight per cent. Interest guar air intending borrowers Are and Secretary who will be Happy to a meats and All necessary Mon a t mor offices a and 7 commercial Street South Ballarat mar trustees exec Toi i he trustees executor the trustees exp Dutoi the trusses Fri Dutoi the trustees exp Cuton the trustees exp Coop company. Limit capital subscribed paid up � Reserve fund and undivided directors John Benn Esq chairman h chairman f r go Ray Smith Esq m Hon i Jas Borrowman specially empowered t trustee or attorney under Powe i ministration As nominee of exec William Little the Ballarat trusts Agency Cohan head office Camp Street be directors Thos d Waress Esq., Jas Coghlan Esq p a m Greenfield Esq Thos Stoddart Esq ,. Alex White Esq j Noble Wilson Esq this company under its spec empowered to act executor administrator or tru administrator for persons entity administrator m intestate Estat trustee recenter com Mitten Bates under lunacy attorney under Power for Abse trap Orraj executor admin Isth also As agent collect rents interest i pert o every description Titi auction invest Mone for Chen borrowers and transact fila us kind the company is purely local to in Ballarat with directors on i an intimate knowledge of the do 2j per cent special arrangement will and codicil forme free on a j Noble Wilson. V John Glasson Sec fourth Victoria Bui head office Collins Street me deposits received at highest Cui investing and paid up shares Isi fortnight subscription on in shilling per share prospectus and All information Geo. Trade not Mas or Kic seckers a a Large selic in Cut and Fane bottles Golden Gate is. Martha Washington Wendi Floral Chimes Spani White closer i Robespierre is i la to 2s 6d per by jockey club Opo Onax a j. H. R i chemist Bridge Stre Ballarat branches at cake Swiss Adickman Corner of Arm. Streets begs to inform towers whilst thanking them during the last i years that i Chase for Cash All kinds of Monger furniture clothing a Cash purchaser of second hand go sell at a much cheaper rate than he trusts b strict attention and continuance of their livers transactions of the last two Earl Prev ious tears Tjio Housek try w. N. Long celebrated pure f made from Superior roller also Superior wheaten meal Broun i Lime water bread Home made Bret and All i flour sold at Mill Post cards promptly i 1 address criterion bread mahi flour Stor Mair and Yuille Fujio Farmers Ai George Muj agricultural implement maker Alfred ton Ballarat j single double and Rebh strippers win Nowers horse works and All kinds of Agui cult always on ban repairs executed on shot Farmers Are referred to the re Tural societies shows and Field the excellence of these Mac him with such an extraordinary Sucre intending purchasers for the cd Quested to Forward their orders As the firm has a Large number band Telephone no. Foo Farmers a c. Vaughan a a re for Sale. 1000 acres Good Grain 500 acre farm near i 300 do do do and farms in the a Monk y advanced on land in Large or stir Short periods with or uth at Low rates of it to storekeepers an flour flour Grain bran the undersigned arc sole Agen District for the foil celebrated brands Wycheproof lure steel Wilmera purified Roll Charlton purified cart c. Vaughan a produce finance and e Market squad Ballarat Ballarat sanitary an company office3o Armstrong schedule of i for empty my pans removing once a week. Is 8d i fortnightly is 4d per month monthly is per month Liberal allowance made when t in use furniture Sturt str a d f furniture Ware thirty years Lanu facture new designs i drawing Roo r dining roil bedroom sue colonial English american and Bedstead in great All kinds of furniture made to repaired a. Kapok for Sale. The to Brad f 0 r furniture Ware near opposite Horn j. Barrett a j. Barrett an Armstrong s 9 Armstrong s13s b e bedroom suites any design to order is _ Walnut Cedar Kauri. As h a to sideboards wardrobes cabinets a a furniture we give big value you your Mon every Timi come and see Cabinet and upholstery v any design to order reaper and b up h e me a new reaper a which works entire in the Acme of per All Sheet steel and malleable simplicity of construction lighten completeness of work done in All of operating and non liability to tear of Canvas no straps buckles off no buckles to tighten or c Canvas and not affected by weal Success practically Derao Strat awarded first prize in Farmei great victorian Field trial held College Dookie on 28th october Eulogi Stic opinions Farmers Praise of its easy management v a Vidt a agents appointed in All Fai drop ii. Foley Ane produce agent Ballarat sole agents foe a insurance comp assure your i the Mutu Assurance society of i Estar Lisuke a d for life Assurance eni annuities head office 106 Collins Stre directors Hon Thomas loot Esso m Coy pm so d Ca Momson v we Siddeley and we Riggal , and Fia actuary and special feat age taken at nearest birthday premiums unusually Low conditions Liberal and Security claims settled promptly members Divide All profits bonuses allocated annually in declared quinquennial by to v Cima kept m Force by surren double Benefit policies issued payable twice District represent w. M. Acheson Furnval s i Street Ballara energetic agents wanted in represented Chc australian Mut society directors of the Victor Arthurs King Esq chairman James Grice Esq Deputy Cuba the Hon sir James Mac Aln 1 the Hon w a Zeal . The Hou Alfred Deakin Ballarat professional directory. Banks City of Melbourne Banj Williamson manager mercantile Bank Corner Strong streets a Robson manage auctioneer 0 Bunting and co auction office Ballarat East booksellers stationers Ai Hammond and son books the City Hall Book warehouse 7 r Dixon and son 21 and thousand pieces of music at 3d be Vale k t1 Sturt Street. Drapers clothiers an Davies Harry and to Cor ton streets Snow Aud room Corner St streets. Engineers. & Alfred Day a do pm machinery merchants Centra Street hotels Craig s Royal hotel 12 j Bentley proprietor. Hairdresser and it l. Lederman hairdressing rooms 105 Sturt Street near c jewellers and wat x. Gasser watchmaker and Street Ballarat. Painters Papor Hange col Ormen j Donaldson 129 Loyal a Ballarat Bush and Sheppard lat and Sheppard stint Street Kift and Smith Edinburgh Street importers papera Ngma and artists materials plumbers Garfitt Middleton and Mokski or fitters and Bell Hanger 34 pm tailors. Men s mercers outfitters j Graham and co tailors i2g Sturt Street tobacconist j Schafer tobacconist i buildings 51 Stur Catreet Ballara upholsterers Ellis and co bedding Ficu upholsterers mattress and pal mattresses re made c Elli wholesale and ret and Mattres maker Corner so streets. Wholesale produce me salesmen John w Gray and co. In i Phillips and Cha Machhi Coutts and co teamed 1 Lydiard Street. Y id on Quality Ai Money re you in want established Twenty i Craw courts welter and disco i 63 mail. Saks three doors from Lodi the proprietors of the above Esi inform those who Are m want of accommodation that they Are p them on the most reason Voli lowest rates of interest charge Money advanced on Freehold or Money advanced on property of Money advanced on Bills of Sale Money advanced on contracts o Money advanced on horses can Money advanced on Money advanced on Hie policies Mon a advanced on furniture v Money advanced on jewellery a Money advanced on promissory Money advanced on mining sen Money advanced on Bank t shares. I Money advanced on every dec Security i Money advanced without Securi Bills discounted for the convenience of borrow to accept weekly monthly instalments strictest secrecy in All transactions and com note the Addre s Mair St three doors from Lei g. Abraham highest Price Gien lowest rate of inhere Money to lend Tanson solicitor next City Lydard Street Ballarat Money to lend on free Boson and Mann solicitors j Trust and other moneys Toat Low rates of interest and co solicitors Ballarat Money Trust and other at lowest current rates of Nevett and Robmson solicitors tailors Ana onto Tutor Spring and summer is9o first grand scow. J. W h y k e s takes ten Opportunity of thinking his numerous patrons Lor the Liberal support accorded him and to inform the that he is now showing his instal ment of no w seasons goods which comprise the latest novelties in English scotch and colonial tweeds fancy coatings in All makes Vicuna and other Serges Over coatings fancy vesting to bought direct from the manufacturer inspection re pet full solicited his system of whole i a prices has in in great Satis faction having received numerous letters from customers in the country conveying their satisfaction for perfect fitting and value received his aim will be to continue to give such v due a must to a Ven Large increase of Duaim and give him the name of supplying first Clasa goods at the Low est prices in the Trade having had Over 25 year a experience As prac tical tailor and Cutter. His fit style and workmanship can be relied on and unsurpassed remember the address j Shykes merchant tailor and importer 8 Armstrong Street North on a four doors from Sturt Street a Perial notice newest goods now showing y eating Turcu ers Ings and coatings special value. Superior Styler clerical suits Drees suits Woodrows hats expressly a an fac ured for us the latest and be to shapes specialities direct from London perfect fitting Hrisi White a Lorn the court 11 do the Hoy in do Drew it Collar Glove tics ire pyjama Sec eng suit Cru to dressing Gowd Jaeger a and other make9 t m gentlemen hosiery the Temple silk umbrella re Coram Needle other goods la Stone bat., by of bag Bullion lags portmanteau strap it it steel p and o Roper trucks re stored be boys youths and men s co amino Vrem Tosh overcoats Tweed overcoats a excellent Susor Menc at Low prices m. P Whiteside tailor Hosier. Hat top and shirt maker adjoining Bank of Australasia 02 and c 4 Sturt Street the Ballarat wholesale tailoring and outfitting company 79 Sturt Street near City Hall and opposite the Fountain late j Willis having bought or Willis Stock of woollens at a very Large discount they Are now niacin. The c ame to order at a great reduction on usual prices suits to order Worth 90s now bin made for suits to order Worth 75s now being made for 00 a grand line of All Wool Tweed trousers to order 12s fid Ballarat Tweed and Serge suits to order 50s, 555, 60s guaranteed the Best value m the Trade fit and workmanship unsurpassed hosiery shirts underclothing hat ural rely Gladstone bags portmanteau Soat the lowest possible prices or Jaegers sanitary Underco Otohiko a grand selection of All the newest goods for the season at to e very lowest prices inspection in i Ted and a tool respectfully solicited the Ballarat wholesale tailoring and outfitting company 79 Sturt Street to e Are now showing our new f Spring to tweeds coatings and worsted just imported by us direct from English and scotch fact users also Avery Large lot of Ballarat Tweed Carofill selected from the sunny Side Mill and of the latest designs our Endeavor to produce Good fitting and Weli made suits to order it re enable prices has been appreciated by customer a my in All parts of a Istona our bespoke Trade extending to the most Distant colonies customers Are coming lev recommending their friends to ave us a t re vol in their turn have ent others to have their c t othes made at the a1 store which is a r of Sci it guarantee that what we Promise we perform Ami Spriks More for our establishment than a dozen columns of printers Ink in menus and boys clothing our tick is mostly of our own manufacture and is Good and cheap we can fit Tho most disproportionate figure in a ready made suit Avery Large Stock of kicker slits equal to order work our ngh a buyer has do sent us a Tock of the new style Lawn ten nos a Lata and White shirts hats in All the new styles collars and silk handkerchiefs for the million umbrellas and portmanteau in fact every thing for a com Leie outfit i. And j. Roff Post office place main Street Ballarat East 3 Wool and produce merchants Wool Grain and produce markets Dalgety and company limit to Wool and produce brokers Capit-1 fully subscribed capital paid up Deseive fund �4,r00,000 �1 000,000 �120,000 regu in fiction sales of Wool Grain and product of All desc Fth tons Liberal Cash on most favor Able terms on the ensuing clip of Wool Grain and station produce for Sale to Melbourne or shipment o London no cartage on any product sent by Hail one month s free storage allowed on Grain offices and Sale room i 461 471 bourse Street Melbourne warehouses new Market Craig s Roa a l hotel Lydiard Street Ballarat Ober Spenor to Emu Oda Tiou o tourists and other Rentle Meu and families i Dis drug room smoking Reading and billiard rooms private suite of apartments livery and bait stables descriptive Book of Ballara and surrounding of App Trot on or a letter Matrimony Matrimony or it Rupa n .7.mond and other Greeir i s once Omic Iduix and keep r Kiniris presents o Iery do Copti Onvall at m Bloustein s go Dpi with Avac Makor and optician 6 Sturt Street tales Comer Tho cheapest and Best in this and strict Lor Cash or Tima payment
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