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Ballarat Star Newspaper Archives Apr 27 1891, Page 1

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Ballarat Star (Newspaper) - April 27, 1891, Ballarat, Victoria National Library of Australia australasian United sti company Limi for Sydney qui steamers of the above company wharf As under Sidney Brisbane Maryborough Bundaberg o Vitt Gladstone Rockhampton Mackay Bowen Townsville Dungeness Cardwell 4johnsto v f. River 4mourilyan Cairns port Douglas Cooktown Tran ship at Sydney of trans thursday Island Normanton Burketown tues sew Caledonia j from 1 Fiji islands Sydney f sew hebrides s / d of cargo received i for handbooks further parti w. Siddeley co., agents 529 Collins Street a. M Greenfiel Royeton Mair Market Square Ballarat agents Fob the Adelaide steam so fares Freig to Sydney Adelaide Westeri All intermediate p to Roebuck Bay Derby Orient line of Royal a the following Roval mail Star the Orient Pacific comp Melbourne at 12 noon on the dates for Plymouth Lon do Albany Suez c Gibraltar fortnightly there not calling at Colombo. Saloon passengers allowed to Bra entire Cabins reserved on me passage Monk Saloon �55 second clis3 third two berth Cabins i third four berth Cabins i Steerage open berths �l7 third Steerage rates incl utensils a excursion return tickets at reduce prepaid passages from special facilities arc now afforded friends Ami relatives by the Prepa Money Here at above rates. Full particulars on application to messes Eyres bros., local a Ballarat m. G. Anderson Branch mar Collins Street Melbourne. Peninsular Oriental gation company under contract with the Imperial victorian South australian despatch the following steamers for Albany Colombo Aden Brindisi Plymouth thenceforward every Alt rates of passage 2 to London in first Saloon do do second do return tickets from in the second Saloon the arrange thoroughly reorganised the a which the company now offers is in passage Money can be paid at the from England Liberal concessions for further information apply to William Little company is Street Ballarat. Use decal wonderful m Geek Eamus pills Beecham s Pil medical. Up w. B magnetic disease Reade of the Prahran Arcade Botan visits this town m Date of next visit b saturday 18th at drop has b ail diseases trea honrslo.3o to Otto. world famed botanic practitioner As will visit Bali May be consulted at Lester 1 25th apri All kinds of diseases treated herbal treatment. Melbourne address Grafton East Melbourne. Phe great Aust Moo n i is a certain cure for rheumatism sciatica Lumbago gout is it is a perfect pain of sold by All chemists. Price 4s Muller s cod liver Oil for thirty years the 1 thei just appreciation i demand. M Oll ivs cod liver Oil. B. And Krsko Esq., i reports a consulted 44 whose father Peter j to produce steam re about thirty year Sag m of lets cod liver Consul general in 70 is january 18ss ment says 41 1 took a process by which it is 44 this purpose i visited tory at Stam Sund be Moller. 44 his own Success he 44 due to a careful Selec 44 scrupulous clean 14 Point of treatment Moller s cod liver Oil. Another visitor was m. The distinguished Travi the land of the Midi 44 surprised to see the i lean livers the r 44 titular in selecting the 44 noticed that extreme 44 stapes of the pre Parat m Ollers cod liver Harwick Abbotts Sayre Marion Sims Drysdale others to Tion have Given their h its favor m of Leus cod liver have found its i a perfect stranger a from Manchester. 44 or 44 318 Oil for her Childre 4 finds it the Best she 41 More palatable than n Mollerus cod liver Oil. At eighteen exhibition a score of prizes. Lion net. And m m Ollers cod liver oilman be obtained from a store All the world of centl3 r sent from the v Date perforated at the t see that this is so. One Box of Clarkes granted to cure All discharge organs in either sex acquired gravel pains in the Back from Mercury sold in boxes chemists Patent Medicine v the world. Proprietors tins i counties drug company Lincoln Cottam Inatio of the blood whether the after a disease hereditary taint or foul ascription Are positively carried of taking Clark Kos world famed the great blood purifier res in Clearing the blood Frem a not be too highly recommended. Eczema skin blood disease kinds it is a never failing Peri 1 the Only real specific for gout i Tor it removes the cause from the 1 chemists &c., everywhere at 2s 9i thousands of testimonials. I caution purchasers of Clarkes i should see that they pet the Genu less imitations Are sometimes pal i a piled vendors. The words Lincoln Midi company Lincoln England a i government stamp 44 cd famed blood mixture Bio without which none Are to nine. R i e 0 Hollo ways impurity of the blood existence this Medicine embraces every a general Domestic remedy in Dation of disease Laid by deft re air. In obstruction or Cong is bowels or any other org Jeci ally serviceable eminent july be kept in readiness in eve id Cine of incomparable Utility articular in to those of feeble consciousness loss of Appel lowness of is Chese pills effect a truly Wonde item constitutions As they Ere a Correct indigestion remove arcome giddiness headache an Art. Mothers Daugin f there s one thing More thai Jse pills Are famous it is their p Jeci ally their Power of cleans impurities a Moi ing Dang Roi Lew inc suspended secretions. 1 medical interesting from a Well a spec i a j or Llewellyn who is registered is aware that 1 the usual routine practice r self exclusively to a special has done for some time he is n the paths of professional etiquette Able body of the profession Are St coldly aloof from any one of the quires popularity in the treat ments is really a medical six hesitate to resort to what he Means for the purpose of Dinar ii of securing As far As he is a the Public. It is assuredly Bette from the qualified practitioner i quack. The True designation of quack shameless adventurers who i medical knowledge or a Tittle of Blest department of the profession deceit advertising their nose men of the lowest Grade of Intel Lei whose Assurance is a unbounded arc specious. Such men Abri Sydney,. other towns in aus flaming advertisements attract 1 unwary. The mischief to the a the nostrums of these persons is Able besides the Money totally w at exorbitant rates their Seca ances. The argument is that the Ever of Mankind should protect them f unprincipled that if physic be a s honoured respected As such enquiry reflection should dire nostrum Monger to the respectable alas 1 the dilemma in which a Mai suffering from the follies of his of which he is anxious to conceal solicitous to shun the respectable into nooks Corners for Conn every member of the profession qualifications to hide them in Llewellyn has passed examination of physicians in the world is a registered medical practitioner in testimonials which All patients i through a Complete study know experience of special diseases an in whom there can be placed Wii limited Confidence. The widespread evils Dis excess indiscretion canno rally known it is to any Reader of this paragraph from these special complaints to their fearful consequences amongst the readers of this let happily fallen into objectionable 1 Fering in consequence Are in enfeebled Constitution to their earnestly charge them to lose no once a Means of cure so that they Pristine heal tii vigor before t deeply seated. I adhere strictly proved modern lines of tre. Elusive Branch of practice Embra Vou skin special diseases in can with Confidence under to cure of All cases within the reach to those about to marry an conscious or doubtful As to their latent taint or weakness a s their part should unquestionably seek the advice of a competent patients applying to me for Coli rest As ured that my treatment directed to cure permanently at weakness place them in that health that they can afterwards h to anyone whose Confidence in satisfactory permanent cure 1 the conduct of various advert Isiu Only medical pretenders with no the human body who Are in the the same so called remedy to All i or who have been victimised by a quacks who have for years prey Perien ced whose Only object is Ful pretensions but veil their Igno sufferers i would say do not he c not despair of a cure Blit apply to reliable medical Man skilled in the the result will he All you could Asa labourer in the Field of fait d experiencing at least the Reward every honest Man wish for not my exertions will prevent they in iced from wasting their Money on tired nostrums. I have no hesitation in assure they will receive from me the me honorable treatment cot doubted skill kindly sympathy a Able Confidence whether they vat ing rooms or communicate with will have my immediate attention. Patients living at a dist Mee am personally can be treated at their. Post without any interference to in can have their medicines for express to any part of Australasia concealed from observation. A word or two relative to Monet As it would be fastidious Inci legitimate object of my Pursuit t a matter 1 deem it More i Depeu be thus explicit about inv Tenn. Siltation is �1 is inclusive of med �1 which is also Ndu Sive of in company each consultation by Fatte replied to. I Trust that More e where the sufferers have but Lim never be found wanting in Carryall motto of doing unto others what 1 be done unto me. Or James p. Lett 325 Lonsdale Stii Between Swanston Eliza Melbourne. Quit k of i Holloway is Oil Universal Patro let All sufferers from general or heart follow in the Wake of scribe their restoration of health i to ways Onixt mint pills. I Muscles or joints couty pains cramp spasmodic twitches deployment of these Noble reined kinds of wounds ulcers sores i Ilam mation Are quickly conquered Holloway s ointment pills hav out the habitable Lolie should in person to Jive them a fair trial i Relief or abandoning Hope bronchitis diphtheria i coughs co Banks. C commissioners saving Victoria. Incorporated by of 1 accumulated funds at �3,457,525 14s of including i �175,000. Commissioner appointed by go James Grice Esq., William m lean Esq., j. Archibald Currie Esq., j Frederic race Godfrey pc George Ilea res Esq., i comptroller Secretary a Genera inspector Willa accountant George a savings ban Are open at the following places ment of local trustees Melbourne with branches at Fitzroy Prahran Richmond s. Melbourne Carlton n. Melbourne St. Hilda East Colling Wood Brunswick put Melbourne Williamstown Footscray Hawthorn Vitoria Market Clifton Hill North Fitzroy net Market. Sandhurst with Branc at Eagle shawl gee Long Portland port fairy castles Iain Ballarat Mary Borough total number of Deposit trdstee3 of the Balla Bank actuary John p. C accountant a. C. I offices Sturt str open daily 10 till 3 Friday 10 evenings for deposits on the Ballarat savings Bank h Positora with �301,399 2s Lod at the i per cent allowed up to �250. C Money orders received. Residents in suburbs countr personally wishing to beco obtain full instructions on applicant full information sent Post free. J depositing is upwards. January 1891 the English austra Bank limited of Mierly company limited. Capital. Authorised subscribed paid up capital Reserve fund u divided profits reserved liability to share hold total capital Reser branches London Ballarat chairman of Melbourne Board so m.p., speaker of legislative Ballarat Branch mining e Lydiard Street. Directors Hon David Ilam ., m . C interest on Deposit Twelvemonth six months terms for longer periods May b application. Interest payable half the whole of the deposits of the Lent on mortgage of Freehold prope Randolph s. Dentists James a. W surgeon de late of George Street de Sturt Street opposite Star of office hours on Friday Fror conveyances Nob a e d o booking office Lydiard Strei every information regarding fare application to the office Lydiard St All previous timetables Are Iacoi Cobb cos., Are not responsible Ingin value ten pounds Sterling �1 shall have been booked vah Luggage allowed each passenger at q o n b livery letting horses taken in to livery Sicri Tiou can be effected. Super vehicles. Private carriages p grains Royal hotel stables Forster s George hotel stable Irwin s provincial hotel stable Branch stable 9 at Geelong Han reran Queenscliff Ocean Grove i Ford Sandhurst. P. Hodgetts or vines Stu Telephone Craig s Royal hotel stables no for Sterns George hotel stables c 0 b b an summer arrange Seaside excursion through tickets Rai land Coachi from Ballarat to Ocean Grove Bai sri Nam . Is Ulm if tar. A or i an al Rowe. 1 Trado notice Ujj 1 0 r e a just open tiie newest Pai is English scotch w coatings with a picked Assort the latest Ballarat Sun our aim is to produce Good i shits to order at reasonable 1 efforts Are put Forth to give sat towers. We keep a Large Stock menus boys c can it All is we have Oiso a splendid Waterproof Tweed with capes. Boys Knic icer suits hats in All the newest i collars silk 1 umbrellas in fact everything for a cos i. And j. B main Stree Ballarat e. Geo i a l newest goods now bowing Ings coatings special vain clerical suits. Dress suits. Woodrows 11. Expressly manufacture the latest Best specialities direct ire perfect fitting u.r.11. White s in the a Royal do dres3 ves ties a. Pyjama sleeping suit dressing gowns a. D Jaeger s gentle menus hosiery. The a Temple silk umbrella leather goods Gladstone Bullion bags portmanteau Stra steel p. And 0. Holler trunks r boys youths menus i Losh overcoats Tweed overcoat assortment at Low prices. M. P. Whites Talor Hosier Hatter a adjoining rank of a 62 64 Sturt sti w e s t w to a j. Is. Whit paper hangings Oil warehouse 219 Sturt strip j. E. Onui beg 9 to thank his numerous Liberal support accorded to him years at the old shop Corner in streets to inform them that the increase of by Ines he a 9 he move to More commodious premis Sturt Street which will he opened saturday Isth a with a ent rely new paper hangings oils Colon Glass having secured the services o customer can rely upon receiving Tion. None but first class workmen respectfully solicited. Note the addres j. E. We i importer of Paperi ranging oils colors 6 219 Sturt Street opposite Branch shop Corner of dam streets Jamess Black ointment for the speedy cure of so galls a can be used while the horse never known to testimonials from some of the la Bourne can be seen. Sole agent for Ballarat 1 w. Cornell chemist 116 stud of h. P. Sieve furrier wishes to inform Nis numerous Public generally that he a 9 in. Raglan Street t 128 Sturt is opposite Harry Davies Draper Ami has a Large stoc Carriage Bugg also All kinds of foreign skins incl Marten Lyno Beaver a fun into capes Victorias Boas a. Furs cleaned altered am m r Geo. Fre d k. The Pii Armac Albert Street four doors from Ballarat West offers advice free to All on � Trade not i n t Eresian g conclusion of the g a verdict Arun the thousands of ladies who i Mises inti noted our first a without exception pronounced it play of Beautiful tasteful Good the District. The Lovely hat Sand Bonnet of the Trade the cynosure of e the dress materials at 1 consisting of Amazon clothe Koch Cheviot Ettamene Sergei Robes first Ever shown in the Colt without being outre or vulgar .1 please the most fastidious taste. The show Tooji is Replete i ladies children s Wear. 500 childrens Ulster f a Large lot of russian do very 50 ladies Ulster 3s lid macintoshes rain Cloa the City. 50 Doz diaper pinafore3 cd three times the Money. We have not l room to nume every department deserving of would draw your attention abstract 500 boys Knicker suit 3s lid 100 boys fore aft Caps of boys velvet middy Cap is go. Boys velvet new Tam of Shante Able. Is lid 2s lid. Menus Yarraville Tweed trouser Brwon de 12s lid. A splendid line of Tweed suits a boys men s Pullover Felt i of 6djust about half the usual r another lot of exhibition Towel another lot just to hand of at is a Yard. Ladies do not fail to inspect thi at the exhibition Ballarat a w. E. Since proprietor. Rejto House k try w. A. Long celebrated pure i Mode from Superior roller also Superior wheaten Crown by Lime water bread great All Kir flour sold at Mill p Post cards promptly a address criterion bread Manu flour store Mair Yuille s North Ward to Corner of Rowe pee j. String Khz begs to thank his numerous i support since opening the above n about to hold a Clearing Sal seasons goods at greatly reduced i 10 make room or new Winters is Taring commencing on sat us a continuing for three weeks Only Tjui Sites everything in Stock at the Sale. O t i c e of Ballarat coffe removed to 121 mail George Welch a Coffee spice her fishmongers Poulter no. 2 Lydiard san opposite Georce hotel oysters packed sent to All supplied. Palmer manager Ballarat sanitary an company office3o Armstrong schedule of or for emptying pans removing once a week is so Pei fortnightly is 4d per month monthly is per Uio nth. Liberal allowance made when to in use rubbish dead hours manufacturers of the Jubilee All orders promptly a accounts collected m t. A. Free �1 �4tbs?� ties at work for us. New Busine wonderful Success. Any one can Don t need capital or about the will Start you. No space to exp la can make a snug Little Fortune to the employment is particularly a in which this publication circular earn nearly As much As men f instructions mailed . Now to lot huf writs in no at Nncy. St school of i Yngenio is Odere t he Ballarat Scho industries s in the University of session 3901secon begins monday ctr april ends s assay ing natural Phiip soph geology mineralogy scientific mining geological Survey civil engineering machine Unur 1 ing design mechanics i theoretical applied ,. Surveying mine. Land Ami i engineering mathematics a c Enn atry Ana physics lecturer chemistry metallurgy demonstrator geometrical freehand i perspective drawing electricity magnetism applied. Telegraphy Materia Medica pharmacy physiology botany. Day two evening clause managers liners others req mining subjects including unde plotting &c., Are conducted by than Fuhs chemistry Day 1 metallurgy assaying mine surveying plotting drawing Etc. Do apprentices mathematics do _ electricity magnetism. Do do apprent other subjects _ special class for freehand ant ing 7 to 9 wednesday evenings s analyses assays deter Mic undertaken. Sample parcels of. A by practical treatment. Vacuum pressure gauges t . B Ballarat professional directory. Banks. City of Melbourne Bani Williamson. Manager. Mercantile Bank Corner Strong streets j. Robson manage booksellers stationers an Hammond son. Bocksel the City Hall Book warehouse 75 r. Dixon son 21 per cent discount allowed to so for quantities. Yale r. T., 1 Sturt Street. Drapers clothiers Anc Davies Harry co., Corr ton streets Snow room Corner Stu sheets. Engineers. I Lonie Dingle cos. E Craca founders a. Bum tray str Alfred Davy co. Eng machinery merchants ac., Central Street hotels Craigs Royal hotel 12 l Bentley proprietor. Hairdresser a l. Ledesman. Hairdressing rooms 105 Sturt Street near or jewellers watch x. Gasser watchmaker an Street Ballarat. Painters paperhanger co Lorman. J. Donaldson. 129 Royal a Ballarat. Bush Sheppard late .sheppard2x stat Street. Kift Smith Edinburgh Street. Importers paper hanging artists materials photographs Chuck vice regal photograph is London Queen studio Sturt s three Esb plumbers Gas Fittz Middleton Morris plus fitters Bell hangers 34 arms tobacconists a. Schafer tobacconist i buildings 51 Sturt Street Ballarat upholsterers Ellis co., bedding Facto upholsterers mattress pull mattresses re made. A. Elli wholesale Reta mattress maker Corner ski streets. Wholesale produce me salesmen John w. Gray co., pc Phillips Chambe Laii Coutts co., teamed i Lydiard Street. You save. Go on t Quality a1 Money re you in want established to ency Fly Westeri loan discount 53 Mair Sitkei three doors from Lydia the proprietors of the above Costa inform those who Are in want of the accommodation that they arc or hem on the most reasonable lowest rates of interest charged. Money advanced on Freehold pro Money advanced on property on Public Compaq Ballarat land Mort accompany limit 19 Lydiard Street authorised capital �100, o. Sir Cross John Heinz Esq., chs Alex. Dell Esq. I f. Alex. M Vitty Esq., . A1 advances made or Freehold pro instalments under the company s t Bills of Exchange discounted or \ Loans granted in Persona or o out delay on the Liberal Tern the company is prepared to Utida ment winding up of trusts in or other estates collect rents settees generally to transact Agency business. Interest allowed on Der fixed for 12 months 0 per Cem 6 of w g. Finla the Union trustee Australia. Limit paid up capital specially empowered by As trustee executor attorn administration in intestate estate trustee receiver or committee of is statute in trusts of every desc branches at , Bris the colonials visiting Europe the special advantages. Directors Mil you Hon. We. Bayles chairman1 m.. Hon. Sir b. Benjamin Deakin . Janies Grice Esq. John Mackie iia directors Ballar Andrew Anderson. Esq., George Young m.. R. G. William Anderson Esq., j. P. A. Morrison offices a 7 commercial c Street Ballarat. Robe trustees executors 1 he trustees executors the trustees executors the trustees executors the trustees executors the trustees executors. Company limited capital subscribed paid up reserves undivided profits directors John Benn Esq., chairman Llor h.., Nice chairman f. R. God i Ray Smith Esq., . John Gric Hon. J. M. Davies Mai Jas. Borrow the company is specially emas executor trustee or attorney to obtain administration As Nomin next of Kin. William Little the Ballarat trustee a Agency company head office Camp Street near directors Thos. D. Yantiss Esq., c Jas. Cog Laii Esq., A. M. Greenfield Esq. J. Thos. Stoddart Esq., Jalex. White Esq. J. Noble Wilson . This company under its special empowered to As executor administrator or Trust administrator for persons cd title administrator in trustee receiver committee o tates under lunacy. Attorney under Power for absent temporary executor adman Petrali also As agent to collect rents interest Divi Perty it every description Eithe auction. Invest Money for clients borrowers. And transact financial kind. The company is purely local har in Ballarat with directors on than intimate knowledge of the dist 2� per cent. Special arrangements will codicil forms free on a j. Noble Wilson 11a John Glasson seere fourth Victoria Bullhead office Collins Street Mel deposits received at highest cum investing paid up shares Issue fortnightly subscription in inv shilling per share prospectus All information o Geo. I Camp Bercot Ballarat. W. Arthur travelling Agen South. Insurance comp sure your l the Mutual 3urance society of Vic established . 1 or life Assurance end annuities. Head office 4c6 Collins Streel . Thomas Lead Derick m Coy k.., 1.5. Alex. Morrison m.a., i Fles messes we. Siddeley a in b. Lillieon . Add . Leral manag special feature age taken at nearest birthday. Premiums unusually Low. Conditions Liberal Security i claims settled promptly. Members Divide All profits bonuses allocated annually in i declared Quinque really. Pouches kept in Force by snare re the Only australian society Issi policies with amount ase rec pay full profits. Children s endowments with is ceasing upon Rathof Parent an turntable if child die b fore Maturin Money to lend on mortgage current rates
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