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Balaklava Wooroora Producer (Newspaper) - September 23, 1920, Balaklava, South Australia National Library of Australia f & following a the programme of above for the first round. 25preston y. Balaklava p it. Templeton. Frith bal port Wakefield r. Bowman Vii a Owen off. Oat. 2pott Wakefield v. Balaklava a my. Templeton t. Owen bal Erith v. Pre ton Erith. Eow Mansoff. Oct. "9balaklara y. Owen Balak port Wakefield t. Pre ton p Bowman y. Brith Bow it. Templeton off. Oct. 10balaklaya y. Bowman bal. ?. Port Wake Lele y. It. Temple ion Teritha. Owen o Preston off Oil. 82-pert Wakefield y. Owen bal 1 Balaklava y it. Templeton. To Preston y. Bowman b brith eff. U i _ j saturday sept. 18. P&8tt n v Jet. Templeton on Balaklava Oval. Hie prestone easily Defeated Templet Odb at Balaklava winning by 6 wickets and 39 inns. The Preston Nader the new captaincy of b Hillebrand won the toss and sen their opponents to the wickets am Templeton s took till 4.30 to runs while Preston s easily amassed their Century and a half in the remaining 90 minutes. P o Saint not out 54, c Cole 29, and c e Daniel not out 15, by Quick scoring had the required number by 5.30. Will glee on took the strike and Clem Tiller the other end opened for Templeton. Tiller did t last Long and was out for 71t for 12 w Hurst followed and Only invade 32 for 17, Foster took the Willow and made a better Khouv and the third wicket Wab Dora Jar 42foster scoring 14, Ler Seaman made 19, Newell a i � 2 and hit one to Hollebrand an then returned of the Pav Ilion. T Gleeson Captain put of 29, Thip store and remained at the wickets to see the Tail end out for 11 rang which together with sundries made 111 total. 0 Daniel late Captain of the pres tone did Yoe Inan service and had 4 for 44 Ruzie. Hillebrand was next with a pair of wickets for 15. Hilt. Daniels scoring a like num Ber of wickets for just double the run 30j t Thompson bowled one Over and secured 1 for 0 runs. Hii Leliand and c Cole opened for Preston and Foster soon had the skipper out by a splendid catch of Parnell s. H Hillebrand had made 9 and gave two chances. H Daniel followed and Parnell also caught this Man off Foster for 6 Stan Tiller filled the vacant and he was 18 before Foster dismissed him. Art Miller followed taut Newell held him in the slips from Foster when he was at the Ort ase. Saint livened things up consider Able and he did did some Quick scoring making every run count. Seaman had Cole s bails knocked off by keeper Gleeson when he was 29, scored chiefly by cautious Erih Ket. Saint was still hitting out and Only gave two chances throughout the game. He was accompanied by c. Daniel and they carried their bats through to the Call of time when the tally was 150 for five wickets. Albert Foster did the Bowling lot Temple ton and annexed 4 wickets at the Cost of eleven runs Seaman got one Man Down 23 runs. The individual scores remount Templeton. C Tiller b h Daniel. 7 w Gleeson std., b Daniel. 17 w j . 3 a Foster run out. 14 Las Seaman 0, Daniel. 19 b Newell d Hillebrand b 2 t Gleeson hot out. 29 m Seaman b in 8 f Belling c hmlebiand3 p Parnell 6 Thompson. 0 w Seaman run out. 0 sundries 9 Toafe ill Bowling-i3h Hillebrand 2 for 15, h Dan Feto 2 for 30, Stan Tiller 0 for 3, c Daniel 4 for 32. Art Mut Ter 0 for j Thompson 1 Tot 0. Preston. H Hillebrand c Parnell a Foster 9 c Cole std b Seaman. 29 h Daniel c Parnell j b Foster 6 s b Tiller b Foster. 18 a mutter c Newell b Foster 7 p c Saint not out 54 c Daniel not out 15 sundries 12 total for 5-wickets 150 Bowling a Foster 4 for 44. B Jewell 0 for .7, c Tiller 0 for 27, l Seaman 1 for. 23, w Hurst 0 for 15, t gn$bo�0 for 16, p Parnell 0 for 6. I Templeton will be represented asunder to Gleeson opt " n Renu. T. Flan. 11 Miuwa � Gleeson Foster 0 Tiller l sea Man 0 Hurst j h mutter f win Lime Newell a Higgs f Bel j inn. Emergencies a Harding and p Parnell. Preston a Owen. Played at Owen on sept. 11th, 1920, the above match was contested at Owen on saturday sept. 11, when Preston had a decisive win Over the Home team. Preston compiled 216 tans against their opponents Cen Tury 0. Cote 53, was top scorer for the Preston. Hillebrand came next with 48, Gardiner and Saint each made 37, and Hilton Daniel was the Only other Man to reach doable figures. E. Leid had 6 wickets Down for 49, while Oliver and Heary of the same name secured a pair of wickets each at the Cost of 55 and 37 runs respectively. W. Snook the Owen Captain and e Reid went in Fust for their Side and while the the skipper batted right through for 59 partner compiled 15. While the other nine amassed 23 rut b and sundries 3total, 101. Ait mutter spa the most successful with the Ball 4 for 6, and 0 e Daniel 3 for 35 Hillebrand and Hilt Daniels each secured one victim for about 20 runs apiece. The individual scores Are Preston. H. Hillebrand 48 c. Cole. 53 h. Daniel 13 37 j. Thompaon 0 p. C. Saint. 37 f. Mutter. 8 a. Knapman 2 a. Mutter 1 b. Daniel. 3 c. E. Daniel 0 sundries of a 14 total 216 Bowling. E. Reid 6 for 49 0. Raid 2 Lor 55 h. Reid 2 for. 37 r. Reid for 19 j a. Bennett 0 for 19 r Maramon 0 for 19. Owen. W. Snook n.o., e. Reid o. Reid a. Bennett. A billin Burat b. Mare Man a Reid r. Mare Man r. Hancock. R. Reid b. Cornish. Bun Aiea 59 15 1 0 7 4 7 of 0 0 4 4 total 101 Bowling. H. Hillebrand 1 for 22 c. E. Daniel 3 for 35 Gardiner 0 for 13 6. Daniel 1 for 20 a. Mutter 4 for 6. N on association. v. Kyunga at Kyunga. Bal Klav shaving an off Day from the association journeyed to by Bunga in messes Uphill scooper s and b. J. Wink s motor Earb and easily Defeated the Home team. Bal a lavas had first use of the wickets and made 119, Uphill being the top scorer with 34 one six the remainder being made up of 4 doubles and the rest singles. B. Huxtable was next with 22 and Alan Cooper made a Well a served 16 Urlwin managed to reach the unlucky number of 13, when he fell a victim to Stan Tiller. Sundries totalled 13, and the grand total of 119 was attained. Kyunga a tried 9 Trun lerp and t matter the old pres ton Champion had the average 2 i for 14, Oloa Ely followed by s Robertb 2 for 16 Bookman bagged a pair also Bat his wickets Cost him 13 5 Rune each Tiller and c Clark managed one wicket each for the loss of eight and five rut s i respectively. Kuban a s went to the wickets and Mitchell made a eople Bat Uphill soon dismissed Hie partner f Clark and Tom matter for Daok 1 for 2, 2 for 3, and then s Roberts followed. And Cam got one past his Bat 4 for 15, 8 Tiller made the Only show ing for Kuban a with 23 c Clark not ont 13. Their total was 56 jest under 5 rank per Man deduct ing 2 a Andrieu. 0 Uphill proved their most dangerous opponent 4 for 16 h Huxtable took 3 for 20, while b Cam secured 2 for 10. The individual scores Are As Fol lows Balaklava. B Huxtable b matter. 22 o Uphill a b Beckman. 34 w Cooper b Beckman. 1 p Urlwin a b 8 Tiller. 13 h Huxtable eld b Bookman 4 a showman of b Roberts. 0 Alan Cooper b matter. 16 3 Urlwin b Roberts. 3 b Cam b Clark. 7 Nankivil run out. 1 b j Wicks not out. 5 sundries 13 total list Bowling a Mitchell 0 for 15, w Longmire 0 for 8, t mutter 7 for 14, a Beckman 2 for 27, h Tiller 0 for 7, a Brinkworth 0 for 6, s Tiller 1 for 8, s Roberts 2 for 16 c Clark 1 for 5. Kyunga. 0 Mitchell c b Carne. 9 t Clark c b Uphill. 0 t mutter b Uphill 0 s Roberts b Cam. 0 s Tiller b Huxtable. 23 w Longmire , b Uphill 0 Best b Uphill. 0 h Tiller std b Huxtable. 8 i Beckman b Huxtable 0 0 Clark not out. 13 a Brinkworth run out. 1 sundries. 2 total 56 Bowling a Cam 2 for 10 0 Uphill 4 for 16 a showman 0 for 8 h Huxtable 3 for 20. The wicket fell in the under mentioned order Balaklava 1 for 39, 2-42, 3-77, 4-86, 5-87, 6-91. 7-198. 8-122, 9-112, 10-119 by bunga1 for 2, 2-3, 3-4,4-16, 5 20, 6-20, 7-40, 8 40, 9-41, 10 56. Church news. Methodist. The members of the women s foreign Mission auxiliary met last Friday afternoon to pack the Box. This is an annual event and of great importance to the missionaries on the Field. Quite a Fine assortment of garments medicines old Linen and school requisites were packed and for warded per rail. Oar thanks Aro due to the Many generous donors for their gifts and to the ladies who through a labor of love have made garments daring the year. The Bowmans Shureb and the methodist circuit generally has suffered a distinct loss in the death of or 8. A. Wills. He was respected and beloved by a wide Circle of Frieda because of his kindly disposition and integrity of character he made friends and won their esteem. Olridg his illness he suffered much pain but died peacefully trusting in god and Wab Laid to rest in the Balaklava cemetery on wednesday september 15th in the presence of a Large com Pany of sorrowing relatives and friends. To the sorrowing widow Sony and daughter the sympathy of the Church is expressed next sunday sept. 26, will be observed As foreign my Siou Day. The Rev James Watson i. Sinary from the newly opened aborigines Mission Northern territory will preach at Owen "11, Pinery 3, Balak lava 7, and daring the following week address meetings As follows monday Owen tuesday Balaklava wednesday Bowmans thursday Hal Bury j Friday Frith. Or Watson is a great Pioneer missionary and fascinating speaker with a wonderful and thrilling Story to relate. Crowded meetings Are expected on sunday oct. 3, the Balaklava sunday school will celebrate its anniversary when the Rev. 0. W. Smith of Kulpaka. Will preach at 11, 3, and 7, and lecture on the monday night on his experiences with the . As a . Chaplain. Shroh of Christ. The state conference is being held in the City this Eek and reports received indicate that the enthusiasm was at a High pitch and crowded meetings were the role. On saturday evening the Christian endeavour rally wbb held and the banners for Progress and efficiency during the past year awarded. The banners for country societies were won by Balaklava Young people s society and the Kadina Junior. Society i skin irritation. Keeps thousands awake. Makes life a misery. Ever have any irritation of the skin there Are Many forms of it. Piles obstinate to cure eczema just As bad and just As hard to cure. But Doan s ointment is unequalled for every irritating skin trouble. the skin can resist its soothing Healing in fluence. Every Reader of his article suffers or has at some time suffered with tormenting skin irritation and it May return at arty time. Doan s ointment will prove its Worth. Read this mrs. J. W. Davis ninth Street port Pirie West says a member of my family was troubled with a Nasty rash on the face. It irritated a Good Deal and was i think a form of eczema. I tried All sorts of remedies in the Hope of finding a cure but i could see no improvement in fact the rash seemed to be spreading. One Day a Friend asked me had i used Doan s ointment and As i had not she advised me to try some. I am very glad i acted on the advice for this splendid ointment gave Relief almost immediately and by continuing its use for a week or so a perfect cure was effected. The rash h3s completely gone and not a Mark on the face is left. I cannot speak too highly of Doan s ointment and recommend its use for any form of skin four years water mrs. Davis says the cure referred to still holds Good. I May say no More the facts speak for Doan s ointment is sold by All chemists Aud storekeepers at 2/9 per pot or will be posted on receipt of Price by Foster Mclellan co., 15 Hamilton St Sydney. But be sure you get Doan s. Well fix it our mechanics and equipment Are equal in the Job of putting pour car in running order again. Self starters batteries and lights quickly adjusted 1 repair parts furnished at lowest current prices and for All overhauling done Oniu moderate charges Are made. Bring pour car Here and test our service. Reliance i Albert. A. Underwood. Proprietor Wallace St Balaklava v land settlement of Dis charged soldiers. I the following is a copy of a circular giving particulars regarding land settlement of discharged soldiers issues Fly or. Frank c. Grace superintendent of Soldier settlements. Address Victoria Square East Adelaide since the passing of the regulations under the discharged soldiers Settle ment act the circular particulars re a Garding land settlement of discharged soldiers has been recalled and the Fol lowing is now issued in its place. The object scope and method of securing advances under the act Are briefly set out and soldiers and others desiring Fuller information Are invited. To correspond with the supt. Soldier settlements Victoria Square Adelaide. Object to enable discharged sol Diers and sailors who desire to establish themselves on the land to do so under extremely favourable and Liberal con to score a discharged Soldier any person who has served in the War As a member of the British army or Navy or of the australian Imperial forces or of any other naval or Mill tary Force raised in any part of the j British Empire for service for the present War and who has received a Satis 1 factory discharge from service. The term shall also include the widow having children of a deceased person As aforesaid dying owing to his service and upon whose earnings the widow and children were wholly or in part depend the term does not include persons1 with unsatisfactory discharges persons the conditions of whose enlistment did not Render them liable to serve outside the country of their Wil Estment or per sons whose immigration to Australia is prohibited by Law. B to make land available for Dis charged Soldier including the b to of the a allotted Crown lands m the state irrigation and reclaimed lands m the Murray Valley repurchased estates for subdivision and repurchased individual a c s to advances to discharged soldiers for the Purchase of land mid Stock and Plant to work land held under any tenure provided that in the Case of land on private lease the term of lease is not less than 3 years and for im-1 prove ments on land of All tenures except leases and agreements other than repatriation committee. If cheap Phant method of securing assistance. A applications for qualifications certificate. This must be made on the prescribed form form i and submit Ted in the first Case to the nearest local repatriation committee. If the applicant is experienced and capable of managing a farm of the description he intends to apply for his application must be accompanied by at least three references from Good practical Farmers who of their personal knowledge can certify to his ability to work and manage Success j fully such a farm. J the local repatriation committee then forwards the application and re frences to the supt. Soldier settlements for approval by the qualifications com Mittee. The applicant must also for Ward his discharge certify site for noting preferably by registered Post if everything As set out is in order a qualifications certificate will be issued to the Soldier but should the applicant not be a qualified Man and everything else be considered satisfactory he May be approved for training. It is desirable for the applicant for qualifications certificate to make personal appearance be fore the committee but this May be waived in special instances. Training training May be obtained at either of the government train ing farms at Pom Poota for Dawn ipg Aud irrigation propositions at it. Remarkable for wheat and mixed propositions or men May be placed with approved Farmers and wheat growers As Opportunity offers. The period of training will not be less than one year less the Soldier proves himself emotionally capable before that period Lipses. 2 on completion of training it s Soldier can satisfy the committee it he is in the same was As an Ordin allotment1 of land when e Soldier has received qualifications Rte Fichte he is at Liberty to apply for y land the government has available advertised in the government Gatte or to submit to the minister to purchased on his behalf any land thai 1 will suit him. In this latter be the Purchase Money must not exed �2,750 for a wheat and mixed farm id not exceed ii,750 to �2,000 for a drying or horticultural proposition.n0 Case must the non Revenue pro icing improvements exceed one a fun the total value of the farm. In these of an horticultural property the Tyler is required to pay a Deposit out private funds equal to one third of e improved value of the Orchard or Neyhard portion of the property. When submitting a property the Defin Ite offer by Vendor on behalf of the j Soldier must be made on an offer of land form supplied from supt. Sol Dier settlements office and an option secured for As Long a time As possible to permit of inspection valuation Etc being carried out land purchased for a particular Dis charged Soldier will either be vested in the minister or directly in the name of the Soldier. In the former Case the minister will enter into an agreement for the Sale of the land to the Soldier upon such terms As the minister thinks fit and in the latter Case a mortgage will be taken by j the minister Over the land to secure payment of the amount paid by the j minister for the Purchase thereof. Application for land must be on the prescribed form form a in All sales whether for individual Pur Chase or for gazetted lands and in the former Case to accompany the offer of land when submitted. Advances applications for ad-1 Vances must be made on the prescribed form form 7. This form is issued j under five classifications according to the tenure of holding on which the and Vance is required. 7 a for any discharged Soldier whose application for a Block or blocks under the said acts has been granted by the mists Tel 7 b " for any discharged Soldier who is the Holder on lease or agreement under the Crown lands act 1915, or the irrigation and reclaimed lands act 1914, of any land belonging to the Crown 7 c any discharged Soldier who is the owner of any estate of Freehold in land 7 d any discharged Soldier who is the Lessee of land under a lease not being a lease from the Crown having 7 e for any discharged Soldier who a term of not less than three years to run or has entered into an agreement having at least three years to run with the owner or Lessee of any land to farm such land on shares. As an example of which form to use i take the Case of a discharged Soldier who is the owner of estate of Freehold i in land. He would make application for advances on form 7 c. Method of making advances when the minister has approved of the amount to be granted to the settler he is advised and he makes requisition for the various items he re quires on the proper requisition forms supplied from the office of the supt Soldier settlements. If he desires to i be supplied with his requisites from Adelaide this is done according to his instructions. Wherever possible it is advisable that he secure requirements locally in which Case he should work in close Toitch with the local rep Atria j Tion committee As they will frequently know where to secure advantageously his requirements and will give him the Benefit of their experience and advice in the selection of suitable Stock and Plant. In ail cases however purchases Pius be finally approved by an inspector of the Soldier settlement dept., and Price paid must not be in excess of repayment. Of advances for Stock and Plant Are divided into three sections. A permanent improvements such As House waiter Supply Etc. " principal repayments to equal half yearly instalments first instalment pay Able at end of 4i years or 40 equal yearly instalments first instalment pay Able at end of 5. Years interest on above nil the first year 2i the second 3j third 5 fourth b Stock and Plant _ principal repayments i4equal half yearly instalments first instalment pay Able at end of 2l years or 7 equal yearly payments first instalment pay j Able at end of 3 years interest same As above and for the fifth and each succeeding year interest shall be payable at the rate Asis determined by the minister at the j time when the first instalment of the Advance in question is made c provided that in the Case of advances made by the minister in respect j of land under a lease not being a lease from the Crow nor in respect of an agreement entered into to farm any land of shares the period of repayment shall not extend beyond the term of the lease j or the the agreement in respect of which the Advance is made and the number and the amount of the j instalments in repayment thereof shall be calculated accordingly. Security Stock and Plant. Advanced to the settlers Are secured to the minister of repatriation by Bill of Sale or such other Security As the min ister May approve. Advances for improvements Are secured by first mortgage to the minister of the settler s interest in his land. The necessary forms May be obtained on application to or. L. T. Craigie Sec. To the local repatriation com Mittee. Ellen Street Spain is the Only country where voting is compulsory. Port Pirie. September 18. School joing children and infectious Secretary to the Central Board of healon has advised the port Pixie Board that he has received a communication from the Edu cation department regarding the Atten dance of children at school at port Iii \ he was instructed to say that Tho exclusion from school of children who resided in a House in which a person was suffering from an infectious disease was not com-1 Pul Sory under the health act. In the Case of whooping o ugh measles or scar let fever the Central Board was of opinion that a child who had suffered from the disease previously might be allowed to attend school provided the requirements of Section 138 of the health act were complied with. The Section reads As Fol lows no person shall suffer any child to attend school who has been suffer ing or has been resident where any per son is or has been suffering from any infectious disease unless and until he shall a have had the clothes i f such child properly disinfected and b have pro cured a certificate from some Quali fied medical practitioner that there is no risk of Pirie South Baptist sunday school the Pirie South Baptist sunday school will to Morrow repeat in the afternoon and evening the anniversary music of last sunday. 3 he Ordinary sat vice will be held in the morning Fol Lowed by the communion service coi j ducted by the eve. A. Go Wand. Mrs. Gowans will again speak to the children in the afternoon and or b. O. Bottrall i will conduct the service in the evening Bev. Gor Nabowe and mrs to we Are spending a few Days in j Ade aide the occasion being the marriage of mrs Howe s brother Rev. C. A Perry i to Mies Muriel Day. Pastor a. H. And mrs Kennar left for Adelaide on tuesday to attend the annual i meetings of the Baptist Union. The Rev. J. E. Shipway left for Adelaide on Friday for the Pur j pose of attending the Church of Christ h. A Broadstock who. Has occupied a position with the Spet Ocer s Gulf Steve doring company Here Tor some time has accepted an engagement under messes. Taylor brob., the Crystal butter people in Adelaide and will leave for his new Home during the Early part of the week. Or Broad Tock will be succeeded Here by or w. A. Lungsford of Adelaide or. Geo. Parks president of the port Pirie Branch of the fathers association left by train for Adelaide on wednesday morning while in the City or. Parks will represent the local dads at a smoke social Given by the Adelaide association. Or. Fred Groy who for the past fortnight has been 91 offering Frein an attack of pneumonia and pleurisy is making slow Progress toward recovery. On thursday he was Able to leave his bad for a Short while. Pirie South Baptist Anniver-1 sunday last anniversary services in connection with the Pirie South sunday school were held. There were Large congregations at All services. The children und6r the conduct worship of mrw. J. Scott rendered special sing ing. The children had the assistance of an orchestra consisting of miss r. Hazelburg Organon Thompson Bass Violor Teague violin. Tha eve Gor Don Bowe preached in the morning Rev a. Gowans in the afternoon and pastor a a Kenner in the evening. On Mon Day evening the usual meeting was held. The chair was occupied by the. Superintendent of the sunday school or w h. Adamand pastor Kenner delivered an address. Or Bart Lane the Secretary reported that the Roll comprised the names of 140 scholars. Upkeep of a. E. W. Novice who is entrusted with the housing and horsing of the ambulance applied to the Council at its monday night s meeting for an increase in the amount allowed for the Upkeep of the ambulance. Or Novice asked the the present amount as60 be inor ased to .�100 per annul. The town clerk said or Novice was at present paid 2/0 for each Day Call and 4/ for each night Call. It was resolved on the motion of or Warren seconded by or Pimlott that the matter be referred to the finance committee for report. 1 Small mercies the Council were informed at monday s meeting that the amount of a 500 had been made Avail Able from the main Road Grant for the Pirie to port Broughton Road. There a peered some Differt eee of opinion As to which Road it was intended to be expended upon but the Matier was lucidly explained by the Surveyor who stated that there were nos i and. 2 Bong Hon roads. The old Wava time when the Amell Ful doors proceeding from dead horse greek constituted the Stock subject for debate at port Pirie Council meetings but with the prop. Gatimu of More enlightened views in regard to. Mani action and the Well directed and highly Scace Toful efforts of our civic fathers Little Hap. Been heard of the locality for some time. However at monday s Council meeting there was a recurrence of complaint. Or pay Ich Drew attention to the dead oath and other things which found a repository in the odorous ooze and spoke so strongly on the by eject that councillors held their n is Between forefinger and thumb. Something should be done he told the Council to combat the nuisance and the duty of ascertaining the cause the exact nature of things and making suggestions for a remedy was relegated to the inspector and Surveyor. These officiate Wili probably re port the result of their investigations at next meeting and of what revelations May be anticipated. Port Irieane however now jays derive pome Cona lation from the fact that the odoriferous area is More confined than of Yore Al beit the concentration May not have conduced to a reduction in the strength of the i Uluvia. Who was the Tenor during monday evening while the town Council meeting held a concert was in j Progress under the auspices of the male voice choir. An item was being rendered by one of the tenors of the company and with such splendid effect that or Warren i inquired who s that or Pimlott replied " Why i under stand his South australian engagements Ware cancelled rejoined the wag of the i chamber. And the joke was As heartily enjoyed As the Point was neatly put. I the town s finances embodied in the town clerk s report on monday j night was the usual fortnightly state ment of the town s finances As j follows general fund debit balance wa888 a826 10/3 ?198 4/9. Electric Light account credit balance j 1,524 19/3 wages -�95 5/6 t Conns 1475 13/7. Main Road account balance to credit �50 18/7 payments id wages and account. X49 18/ Hatbob improvements. Dit appoint rent Wae expressed by Pourci lore at morday s meeting on a 1-Ttsr from or l. L Hill m being read stating that the Premier had intimated to at it was not the intention of the Goveri intent to place an amount on the estimates for Harbor improvements at fort Pirie. The writer promised that he and his colleague would Cut into to " Hammer electric Light employees and their wage3. At monday s Council meeting a request for an in crease of wages was received from the corporation electric Light employees. They pointed Cut that they wore not included in the recent award. The wire Mon asked that their wages be increased to 141 Par Day and the linemen to 13/. Or. Warren in moving that the letter be received and referred to Tho electric Light committee asked whether them a had any qualifications to which Wou d entitle them to be called either " linemen or " the electrician or a. H. B b Chiek said that tires of them had. Or. Jenkins seconded the motion which was carried v the town s water Supply. At a previous meeting of the town Council it was resolved that application be made to the commissioner of tub in works in regard to port Pine s water snap y. The questions submitted were what Quantity of water Wab at i e3ent in the Nel Shaby Reservoir and from what source was port Pirie drawing its snap y ? at monday s meeting the town clerk read the reply of the com missioner who stated that Nel Shaby Reservoir was cow full to overflowing that its capacity was 23,123,000 Gallons and that the town was at presi it drawing its Supply of water from Nel Shaby and Broota and also from Bee Taloo As required. While Nel Shaby was overflowing a much of the water As the main would carry was being supplied to the town. The High school communication was Road at monday s Council meeting from the superintendent of Public buildings in regard to the construction of a Drain to connect with the Domestic arts Centre at the technical school. He stated that he could not Aee his Way Clear to recommend the govern ment to spend any More Money in tha direction than would be involved in the connection of the sink at the High school with the Drain opposite the building. He added that unless Council defrayed the Cost of laying the Drain along May Ellie Street he was afraid that the present conditions with regard to Tho disposal of waste water from the Domestic aits Centre must continue. The town clerk after having read the communication stated that Tho estimated expenditure had been divided into two parts. The government was evidently prepared to spend fill 3/, leaving jl8 15/ to in defrayed by the Council. Or. Warren moved that the department he cold be informed that All connections Mado for abutting properties had been paid for Fly the ratepayers and that the Council could not see its Way Clear to absolve the government from a similar liability. Or. Threadgold in seconding said that he did not see Why the government should get out of its responsibility. Or Coeburn the coun cil should pay half the Cost and the government the other half the motion was carried. News letters. Georgetown sept. 15 wedding Bells. In wednesday Atter at
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