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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - September 26, 1891, Bakersfield, California Of l 30 Kern september pit ice 6 Cei established published every saturday morning and terms one 001 six i books shoes ieil1 to shoe mum has come from san Francisco advertising rates Ordinary Kach vertical i pm Lech j with n Kino line of i Ami the following h Ami i is i Loving them at 11 i 00 in Idle French band humid 400 Meiu full Solo Miscelli Alkouk fall and Winter goods double column double the Legal limit i tical 10 cents a c Al Ernnt working menu Sli Oiw Kii Klysh onion do Lilc Solo child Iuliu a shool aija in at i w at i Worth at i Worth Al 11 Worth 110 i so i i Liob school in wort Ell rant Wear at 1 Worth Call before they Are All an i urn nov runs this lot of it n the shoe Al she russian new in Oiw oof n sub Luis think that Cocheo Trout pans he Lucr Pio Iii be m Phil Lidiia to in army of at Lont a in Lollon mid n half of to invade Tunhla from it Loo Han in Chillon i ilex 1tnuil by Hie of Superior Olerand recorder treasurer and tax in Lertor j air matrix Surv cd or t county Haill 01 Kimmi Kihoi Sells Brothers uni Apfl Ciui Iii duo Lull leu 1 third fourth i strict fifth debt jct All Nerim Jostich of the judicial Iii Niico and me m i Carrero moral Orlwin and h Kleih Ami Llo Liani t Anil my Ami a Lull Lann us Lavoo and t Lauri Lilart third and Hula no fourth Janine and 1 or fifth nine Jeff 8 Ami with unit seventh a Mia and profes8iokal ii at Biak n office Over the own Cluster oor1iam at Law Over Kern Valley Ana 28 Hillock inn t at Biak j Kim Olla re in nineteenth at ban m minit Kimry room and i attorn Tiv at la of Chsn Tor Avenue near court during tin past week we received in rec for our various depart intents and Tiro now displaying in foreign and Domestic Dlly goods in All tic newest colourings for the ave direct your special Tiou to the exceeding Good values ave show in our clothing to have the most Complete lines of mens and boys suits and overcoats Over exhibited in Kern the lines and Eom Plotast assortment of footwear Tor ladies and in California goods we Curry but the lies Wear we show some of the most desirable the Bent of which tix non u ban been discovered in the Moun near Here by Michael he in an old California and bus Cynil considerable time and Money in pet Long a fore uncovering death of the Cliel Hud to had hic Rcd Lerin Ivan Stu Are twelve to hem of of the land in which the Ore vein i the of the rebellion and of people mild to he to join Hind Oval who firmly ctr Chod in thu Hack of the Jiuu los District attorney Colo dismissed the a Tonii fran Hlll hold Lnu Tui the Pao Flo Cable is Leneral Hurt i Iii filed it against the 1aclllc company of this City to forfeit claim ing that the company was not i Gully incorporated under the Lawn of the state of and that it Nilert Nych More than of Uilk More Demoor Atlo Ali Ian state democratic convention it humbled Here no permanent Orvii Tilkus ton i Iii yet Zehv Teit lint a a building tills for her the expense of Lilii Klimik her proper nine nil rally i Lent Lam i Flor which wan Only for Niit Billly Laws in Ohleh Cut tar Luning Eit could lie Ntuli time Iii Inlang us nor i flit Entla do Floront Atthur the woman old courtroom Wax pm Piloo Liln with ii of about ukr erected during the Piht year buildings mid Ren Dencen mix Toni and in in tics Deal of Mallik him been i til cd a very mention of Rover Clevelnd Nam name containing of ii ilium Coit acted during the Amie in munitions for it China ii Huested thai Over a Lui Edithl thousand Kui mls of i Mimi with to have Ishii whipped Anim Here for the Simc of in j within the past nunely with victors Ami Par Lett the petition of Edward prorating the will of the Lute Tegl slur ten life presided Ami Edward Scarles the first Alan it this in bin evidence caused for he that the Eastern hand turned shoes s Ilincic on Liis Homah 1 in Odd i Mahon a Fullil a in a hid of the male a lv1n Kayoni strict actor nov Kern a special Rattei Vuini Keven to Fand probate and civil of lec in to f Taylor notary Kirn All him Tours it Ihling to Ileal shiite attended i bile 20th triumphant annual exclusively exhibited fascinating features dazzling and startling Only wild moorish Kogol roman spectacular pilgrimage to Eno Notis three ring midair Royal japanese arabian nights in Only pair of midget cattle Only flock of giant ostriches Weiri Only prodigious hairless horse Only pair of colossal first and Only appearance of great a re Complete in every the treatment at our hands and the prices have so materially brought Down since on career in hikers yield will purely give us the patronage of the Dinkelspiel my 1mi s Ovir whats More we keep a Large Stock of pure drugs be sides everything else usually kept in a firs class drug store our store is open Day and night and we Are prepared to will stage or special messenger orders at All actor nov at in Lilly 1efferos Bell land a state Anil matters Nerta Ulni Lothe fully att exiled writ in of nov ornament in Auila Uon Cut Affler Tavlin hoomi31 anil83hnrroll b society notices a Uil me Lin Lle Ecol link in Tiu relay i or null i Meci lire Codlin Lle full if the Moon a Merican of m1btlk a toe the Glrst and third tuesday evenings of each Mcewn every monday Vern i Ourk in every wednesday b Akka kits every tuesday the illustrious Al bewitching Loffl skirt Spanish the living wonders of every tin greatest artists of every the finest performance of any 1 or Oien thrilling inspiring berber and bedouin fun for the Little looks de Light for the most popular und perfect amusement Alliance on magnificent and sensational Highway Holiday free displays 3 double elevated a Twenty Century racing All kinds of thrilling All the greatest All the most Brilliant most astonishing educated features Worth their weight in doom open one i our Kern Valley pharmacy one of ran found at our store in ice Cirea estate agents and to i tiie o Liuvao Vailor by meets at their Hall Tho he Cunil Anil Tourluk even Iii of each alb Llang us Mim Ammie every saturday every monday ult built a kits Anil third in oath Moab la Odd two at and 8 Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco limited John Chicago and United states Fri Kern Valley Banu september nit nation Here is very the move ment toward dethroning the present Yii Lihty his Mich to la cropping out in nil and among All i i Kimii rebellion May Bizuk out at any if fitful Rin Tanir will immediately an Offler Iii cd hour Tell in a enlist night t run the Iol Leeown ulc Huril Natish endeavoured to ii lil him not him when cortex Drew a Pentol Ami hot i lie inflating fatal earthquake in Han have just reached Hereof Tihe nyy mirth in reported to Hij the worst Slivek that i Iii occurred Hibo far in list Neil no great diimngi1 i Iii been is the father wall1 san a Young married woman of thnh place i Iii Given birth to All born healthy and Well the Mother und children Are doing shooting the wrong september n new style of Cui Ilion with in Long to Hotd Liero under the rumple he of the Orth Unee it mid Denly exploded in Lilly injuring trenchant governor Joiichi How prepaid late Iii Iii that not Only have the int Onwu of the been hut hint the Semoc Nitle party ban Lnch cont Luud nub Hiim but Ninow the Ondl Lon too leg Radlyn to borne quietly by american there h but one Way to Delodge Murn tin temporary defeat of the party will Ike Loarin Leah compared with Tho 0eotn of their for the Wel fare of the state and the interest of the demo Nitle party my duty in to Opp och the election of the Rimol neck of the Saratoga convention to such i extent in May be within my Power and in mice manner in May Nejiu Lewt that judge Hep Temlet night a crowd of the Niotta people Here Nul etly gathered and went to the jail from whence they took Lou i who Eliot poll cumin ill Elmort Nan in the right we Mhz i wound from which he in not Likely to Anil launched him into oteral he died a death like tin Coward that he judge Milting in o lie Tullon of the attorney Tho appointed a postmaster herring of this Pluck Wim dead in slut of leu thin ilu1 uru hint Oil Miu Ghl to Rob hit Olla of and Deli led by lie Al Ltd to Xii for marriage came from Hikins bantams new re Mccarthy Glove the thrown in its came Oil before Tho Olympio club lout nig Worron was generally the though Mccarthy friends c in sized Neil a Arpir to Mil Herbert Thorn win while out that lug in Tho River were Ciuch in u and their lilo in ulily could reach Leith men Tad Komi own for the hot boiled to Stoelt train win mrioued Nejira Here Lant Fisun Piv Adlung Jinun Ito an with caught in the Iruh of the engine and literally mlle to to i Cath by tin Cru Iping it with Aho Rathle fair Soliwo county eap Ureil the it Pilu at Huntu of nor thnh Vincor county cond and Yolo a very acc Etcil both at of to i the Light was bitter at but a Pally a waiting and Mou Tarth finally Defeated Eritee in the Ingv in an article of 6ti Hatch that path Dent Harris ii him decided to tender a Cabinet to of a town hna1 received Tomt the entire Buh new a Jujj ton of the town of South it imm Licen destroyed by ing u very heavy almost a j Normang it Tho Corner of twelfth an Mower her Betti two card Belo if Cable company Weru hauled Crone Long where the electric hired to Lay nil and in u Thoft tilt the whole police Force of the for the Juinita pronounce action of in Ltd Hunt eur do rect at Torney the in Rell bulling the Vewel for a piece of Wholl makes our nation a i thu libel were not to outrageous it would to called the appraisers by judge Hohah rated the sch Nel it and the cargo at the same it in believed that the a dior Leleh at Washington will Tell widow and annul Thwe last the immigration Han Hep Timber today by the convention declaring out Ami out for n Overland Mil mad and rising u revolt Agu Light the physicians in i v8iuian and Ohice in Shooni 8nookp11yb1cian on Uli Eicr Ceu Aoth and office in Lihi 7n w 1iiybician and burp on none and Kaj Over Bakenie to w w in 6 and 7 if fkr Ousbon Ora Duatt in Makiu u Cine surgery of the Meim we Jiuu Hisiu and miss Mir no Trio Brit lib medical Folli Odd Kelloway of or Ardizzi City web Shom Bletl at the a being Oneman Buo nut i Mother a hovered it Baoit and or thirty armed Only with Plush Anil stood id by there woo n Little filiation of 111 feeling but no cur Rcd and at in Tho Cable company removed Ita c employ cd and Laborim for the company proceeded with their very important Han september r better known As Young n Han Franq Hoo fought in Twenty winning teen and two declared i Teddy a native Tho Occidental of Publ or a Puzo of von in nine i Uio Roberi tech Broil through n Given number of we wrong were Matlo and there Tih marked Hiu trait taken in the pro he Lyngh amid great Wood 8an Lii to Tho mind Popple attended the a of Fly club Laft night to flu Ipoh Tho con tent for u Ulde Between Jack a native of Nova he Olla und Hilly Windl Duvli in 111 great crowd con tight and the were amply rewarded by Champion defeat Gallagher Tomich will Lam Hun Liik and Andrew oui in apr Ulner to Lex the if tiie und brands extra Palis Standard Pill Kukk Eula Nokk Calmita Chikit ool Moia Elk la 0 or Beer 1ikalkrh in and me ail Beer in bottles and bulk family Trade Telephone office it City brewery use in nineteenth to Boun 10 to 12 2 to 4 and ii to n Money to loan we Auk 1ukiaiikh til to aug Lur amount Lowitt Par Btl in urge of land us Mil with Rel Credico ulv ii ii Auer we John Merri Uii 328 Montgomery Streel Gate Deposit ban to for the Ocean breezes in fax i lilt halt i Iphil Kii ilm Ullh Nihom 1 Pacific business College 320 Post san ule Chou Raulp j Duvall is Tiik i skit ii Kauai 300 feet Wedeln tvs Krec told Krec told Uii Ulfig Baierl w fill Flogl Hall Lii Lam Tungl urn bed Riki Uii Ami lid Uro lie mint town will Kloi and j of All the Init Inte Cookk ii anus of Uura lil re Midi Mil in target an we cordially Felix Imp now general merchandise r ave Rytting i we ankh in that to have Iii bed opening on irom Enbe and personally kill Cupil Block of Cowper Ling the following complot Linen a room Huple and prov Lonn mid Imp Wortel and to Metic Toboc and in Ull popular brands and Hildera hardware tin j Iiran Ile and Iii sule Ware arum and ammunition crockery and Gnu we and Willow Ware drip go and Patent youths in the latent gents and Eligil Droit and slides i und Iii we Nhoeun and in All Tho newest ill est dry j Flincy mid ladle Drew in All the now and doa Nenahlo i Rii Kliing Kix alb and of the newest for m Stock a nil Kikkl Wool to to in Piip la Viii h duh Una to would that our full item for Rulp plur Good in Mil Are new piled by any other Houda in the on goods Are shipped to ii by the our warehouses Are in the closet proximity to the any Anler ran Rte ippol at the shortest notice without extra charge or sue and for und to Lii ii Loki fur being i willed human beings by his t Tell the to Teri Clinent lire which occurred Hure Wirtl night John bin wife und family of three Cal Lynn perched in Hie the la Roinen Iii de i civil of Forth to in cuu but they were probably Sultz Mictil Ami could not ix1 uprising in u tire being Muhi to it ton Iii a plot Lull Indium ii a Lento Mircu Likit dog Uii Niimd lovered 111 time to to lint the out arc Ftp in not yet quelled and noon Mutiny at Han adv Inch Pinnt thatch Eshop City of Kllc loaded with it cargo fro i ant a cup to thnh i Iii been forced to put into the Kiil Klind hts Crew rebelled mid the Veicl Nav gated by the Captain and mate a murderous Han n altercation in Tho prod ii Yard today tween two one of Wuh it Blied and killed by Tho Ilaine Ilei iry a Pioneer Han iome Virom Lenont Ron Dent of thin the Han i singly who left her Bong Kiln fan Ana after Franklino dam appeared and who Toetly Veu have vainly tried been traced the but arc in Ury and Bay thut the in that state must have Wande from Home Han layer named the new grower lug foil from Tho g n on Tho pavement one Hiiop he wan Chin Luneo of find u Noud died hero tills aged ninety Wall new it in Nuu pred hint two Lurge broke Range la rom that hive been lie Nelly on the Bear of Tallud a mad Rutili for enough for thl Tii to every Uidl Nile Neu Loii gathered on the Border Loiti a Ligual who no would allow them to Crux into the coveted very Breitk in not yet Juen ii and ii inv twi known what May happen he Tim lotion had been made and nil were Retty Morrow Long before and at thu another claimant for Unicof another Furlon driving and Tow mud the Legal Tenn hero ent cad in for Rcv Cronce of Angeles who prop Ortii to Benw one of thu Eon a three Tkv m Lanu Oali a d Well auda lieu Ray it loom or ten Tunu of the will of lilo ii jul out to Tuuu have to Rcd i Orpin what to t the Ulm could carry tiny
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