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Bakersfield Weekly Californian Newspaper Archives Sep 19 1891, Page 1

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - September 19, 1891, Bakersfield, California Its it f in 38 Kern september four Price 6 Genii urn established published every saturday morning and Krotki Atohi oho terms 001 blk Renoi Itlen 00 advertising rates on Funy each vertical Inchon 00 Kach vortical inc two each vertical Kach vortical Kach vortical Lucelly the Quarter Kach vertical Ine Huy the halt each tort Cal incl ily Tho year fractional Inch chanted full 1 m i 75 00 i 00 7 00 Rico Grauu Piiru vim inv i Placo 25 per cent double double to Nguoi Legal limit local 10 cents a known by the Money ramrod in Advance or All official Sells Brothers enormous United shows Superior clerk and Alicr Ltd under sheriff Treani Laurand tax Cal Titor we rect Coll Len Lack nil Llo Iii Volun Tilio Linker be Al fowl a Burrull Curole my 1nblic blur Hoyor mini Minlu i Unity Isern Iio Ako ii hot Mairkel Llu incl hurl ill ult Trucl 1iilllhllll to Ollil Miuwa fourth a strict Aimini Jinn chairman jul Sticks of till Mill Mccond Aricue and j Mph Vilmin Cartro hint Morrison and s Helmut flt la Anil Iliili chant sixth Olds Anil v i Litlie Harult and a during twin Post week to acc Duvoil pc och in rec in our a Vinus and lire now disc Liying n foreign and Domestic dry goods in All the a West colourings for the we direct your special utter Ion to the exceeding Good values be show in our clothing we have the most ample la lines of mens and Hoys mils and overcoats Ever sex 20th triumphant annual exclusively exhibited fascinating features dazzling and startling first la Allyl and Pulem second Clilly Hiil und c 1nlrihlli the enl and Mil Limey fourth James and Orr fifth Ula Robrock Jull Mills and professional at i1ak Oll co Over Valley Cheater uok1iam at Law omit Over Kern Valley and 2 Block Rynn t at uak Kern Ontic in Salto nineteenth at Han room n and 1j actor nov at Milf Kilt Artimi near court Thomas at Law Ollice in Odd Napkore Only wild moorish regal roman spectacular pilgrimage to enormous three ring tropical olympian midair Royal arabian in Mahon in All Tho co Birthol flub Lull let Niy Lii a actor ski Kuks a special Attu Tiiu Alvon to Laud probate Anil civil Orla in the Taylor ski Kern Alt tall milling to real in tote attended a Atto inky at Toba Holpa Alt non Leith per in bloc Nuti iry in bloc Jefferds Bell land Hal and to Tho i fully attended Hank ii properly Arlileu Pilaut showing you Dlton of contort Noorai 31 and 33 Harroll Hul Only pair of midget cattle Only flock of giant ostriches Only prodigious hairless horse pair of col Lossell first and Only appearance of great the illustrious Al bewitching Long skirt Spanish the living wonders of every tie greatest artists of every the finest performance of any for eign thrilling ii hiring berber and bedouin fun for the Little de Light for the most popular and perfect amusement Alliance on magnificent and sensational Highway Holiday free displays 3 double elevated a Twenty Century racing All kinds of thrilling All the greatest All the most Brilliant most astonishing educated beasts features Worth their weight in of Taitts of e3tf to performances at 2 and 8 doors open one ca1 society notices stated Psi fright ill in next hid full of Tiu Moon Fra ii i a Buican of a toe Ilia Floral mid third tue Mlay each i1aker8fieli u most very monday run Lodge of r Ever 11 Akka Ivory Tuon Duy Iwazo Tahlor at their Ball tue 8eiond Mill fourth tue Day evening of each Turi invited to pm mini Annik fun a Ken u11x1k every saturday every Mondov a Kkt int Andt blvd kid non in Zurh inti ill i fat Lowb u physicians and Bui Ireon Itell Doicu of uhf blur Avenue Ween l0th Aud Jim Ollero in lib chanter Avenue amt i veil Ani 1 Over Tuke Rifold Reid ouch o Uli Citer near 261h m physician and huh Oeon a Boasen of none an office Over Dunke Lilleli Leaken office u to n i to 6 and 7 t i1haiiuatk in mkt Turgor a of Tho Iju Ronn Lin Laurill id of the Royal Roll Nitu of e Akk ii Ohio o an lion boots shoes Heully the shoe Mph has gome from san Francisco Kino i Jinn of Lens and Lions Minots and shoos and r uttering Thorn at Tho following Lam Kio Uili Iii nil Toh Ddll Kalll in ill Lup Wilu Khiuit Klik Llull Grill la mlle Ulith kill Fitl Hilop Alibi fall and Winter goods mysterious n Wou Lilliy Kiik llah a Oinui Iiah Ilo Libi cd in Korn f the Lin Cut Puiul footwear for ladies and n California goods we carry but the while Vear we show some of the most desirable a toil liar life to Lulio Lnu with Ulitt poor thu with wife of Trio of Tho to Tho Jerault liw Avn Wax Hlinik to Liviu Ivy it after wait lug half an Timur Hiilton i Wilmo ii nil i hint Avn Imd Collet a upon n pro tit unit after n few conver Kaitlon upon re Elk Khizh Hiilis trim Hud no Nice of her can in liquor sales to habitual the jury in the Caw of the lick lir Ouight in a vent let the the charge with Kell lift liquor to Impi Letual thnh in it tent ease and sikoral nor Vilh will pm Lily h Wuh in Viiu Ticu that Lutts and other kilo of men Hail Mimi Anil not Pletl not o soil liquor to n Eor Nln Taylor Tiel Wijit the thin is lir shul Eon v id lot i of nature Ever Bank i in Arlinr Iii liners entered the first Natl in Ink at this place Yin Terihay afternoon and held up the Hillel Al it the i if a Fra Lihung from the tiny Ali Irani was at once riven and a lint exciting Pursuit eap Lurlin whith the in ladies Eastern hand turned shoes besides those manufactured on this Harlf ear Denar ii arc Complete in every thereat men our clients have had it our hands and the prices we have to materially brought Down since our career in Jaker shield will surely give us the patronage of the dinkelsp1el that Over whats More we keep n Large Stock of Purk drugs be sides everything else usually kept in a firs class drug store our store is open Day and night and we Are prepared to Rill stage or special messenger orders at All Kern Valley one of thu partners can always be found at our store in at in War Ali at i at l m Worth at i i Iryll at i 10 War Ali at whisk Filic Ilc at i world at i Woith 0 l w 1 i t fur full Lio Dirc Pilicy Annil will us i inn Ull Orlim Elliis lot no it 11 the shoe Leilh opposite Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco limited John Chicago and United states i my Nibur no Lyrll Ito omit 1 Anil and lib medical Odd Okoli Jiten w Bino Tonth i Fulce hour 10 to 13 t to 4 and ii to 7 Money to loan Auk Iokia ibid to at Loiti for any Rin unit Rar in Ului Largo Siracu of Insul to will Kiiu Tinmu Ulitha with Clor Ciocu Tel Stu ii to 328 Montgomery Street Safe depot it ban me and e family 1 Tel Ulione extra tale Standard file nah Ekl Angeii Columbia Elk o steam Beer lager Haku Llott Les and Hulk Kcal estate agents and Here Mill Nui Ili in go Oil for Kan htpteinlhi1 per intendant kill Oil Hanles Slutt the Runio Vul of lilo Tolaro he soph Field will url Leetis Liy Trio Liml of no All lie in Rah Mill not icim it Tuli Iru will Trio Ini Hilliii Hli Ops to Huim Ili lil and thu Oll Cort o Hie Tronilo Kra Hiitt to and to thieving in Tim in Xixi did till even Yttri Kitwe by the stntt1 Trio Biol Ltd Ion i Iii Boon lint two cute if the Boniuk of who Wax Mono with her and by Pentol to her lived i Noil Hur to Iii Vul the Ohleh they Tun Plain Daivd at Thill More chinese Mono has Heen riot at and Dir Iii thnh one he Stilld Liskh i ism by tie amur Iii tru do in Lens null pc Are taken the Forvil Kliem and Iliili will Iii ill Ollie Ipili lit a Bandit it a crud outlaw web Al Pletl today by Lam Deputy hic Roll of to blah Tonty who Wuh trying to cup Tuie him for tin1 Reward rot upon hex who is the woman of Mollii Elkort him been from the pm cd having by Vicinio Liiva Lvcy in a scandal about n an officer Max Hull Winbor Lac Camii Alex Grunt Wuh hot and instantly killed by Tintor to Kaii Illel or Lillo inv latter with Good Bye Han a a Vich liitle Wax murdered by 0 Gnirk of unknown of Honcho 011 Iurilli Horvet Riihl he Plemlie an old thu co Dunt Wmk fatally Huil Ilid Dpi Liik it in Uriel in Iii nuni Eil there i Heen it feud a Elwin the two by the Profili Tiit a town or wan instantly killed by tin1 cum licit hint it to in Mil the train while in Lintton and inn Slick grip fell Lien Emilli the a fatal sit Wim endued with Hern in Eric Tang n barn it thnh Tho building eid in sed Nihro Witik him to the injuries Are earthquake Han Tho hot it Hlat Iii Uviah hav been interfered in n Han Frank u Liny about Nix Loci yearn 01 Wam with no Thor boy John in Olvinn Intorf Ivd Iryl ilk to hit Row Funk Adana inn Tel upon him and killed in Macedon Inonu a Terlow at Han Longn Tiro a Lull in Iii Wnnie de by the i Nipius Hon Lulu Iii Mel unlined a in Honi Ohoro Oono Eulond within but to far no tra ooh of the into rive tent Havo icon killed by Han Stottman an old Roh Dent Anil Long u Rah Berteil in Tolx Elty with Hurt ii by an Eunane at the tenth a Turret loony und ill stantly More Iron ii out i Assn Tow rapidly very i Tutty Lave a Livandy a Fence Han Honolulu so tinier Ling Lesot the funeral of Lute Consort of Tho which curved on Thyra Una an i Merim crowd and while nil the people Wea out it the Thieve took the Iid Juntake and cumin Lite Many Liou and Mill a Iandol Ivo gone upon a and inn Mac Bel have been willed out to r but n conflict Between Ali Iii Tiu her loom in Likely to odour it pasion Geri halt la land train wan gone turn Olgh of thieves who robbed the lit three Sloop cd get link Nway Inge Hunn of Money Ami Omny Quebec great lire in raging on Ahmady seventy live fail Lech Are hoi Nelesh and deprived of everything they Hud even to minister Loring Edminister to who him for some time been Iii declining died Here the irrigation halt Nenry Trio usual people Ani in Iitto Ninnec the Intel Long of the irrigation grew Ohleh him by Tho Al to Ono Wright of Tot of two new York new at Luti lire in thu Btl Dong exited by mimes Llo Aoh Osiee the owner of the with Lori Rev Oak Aeling u of half n Inlall the cloner Loim Dally Bong Nigado Man Stoit tween Longland and Italy the attention of the other Powers Aii a aiming More War done cholera broken out As n Scourge Klong und there Cru already Over Twenty deaths ban Theresa Cliet Ster in Kern Volley Baliu Ardizzi y a had h Kern rally believed hero thai tin mls who to suddenly the con Leneo and assistance of Tollon by unfolding her plan and Ellerts to work for the Good of fallen is none other than Ann Odell Doss whom the police Hay has assumed anew role involving lightning impost Loith upon charitably disposed women and in general i he last act in the tragedy of Laceky in Kaleil in general merchandise Kern Trade Ollice at City brewery Pacific a tidiness College 320 Post san Ufa Ronal a flu to for the Ocean breezes 1imik Salt flt Hii flt pm Tiik Iii eau at Tiik j1p Tun Willm of Han on Tiik Kis lit ii tall in 300 feet Miles Proa cold Hau Tolu a prank whim free Kui Pliml Cluin Ranii tall Job Tungl capital i Otill fun wit will Intili Bizil mid kvi1 sll Blu very Aud pro Vulon made urge and Well and it Hearty Welcome Tor Tyand eid Duvall Owens Kinclo Knitli and ii i v mini comfortable Plant of Robirt in town Piliro and Tho Boit lager ii Anua of our old a Ruul Aud we cordially wolof new Duvall Corner nineteenth and l 2 everything to inn in announcing that to Havo our Lim Nezihe and Personalty Selid Pil Stock of compile lieu to follow Ink Complete Linen grocer Tuple and prove Slonic wines and and i Lomelle Cohao Elgarh and in All brands a half and hardware tin Tiru Elln Ami tale warn urine and ammunition crockery mid Glam Ware wooden Mill Willow w lire and Patent Noil Liginos youth mid child Reich in ibo Luluk mid shoes Hanchell Theresa fair died last night leaving an estate estimated to exceed six millions in the first step toward a dispatches yen Lorduy from the Dardanelles Are 14111 Llred a Holt Ash Ninno Wiir landed a Force of men at he girl on Tho West const of Mytil no Inland near Asia minor and Only sixty Miles from Tho a oat Long Battery and several Light hold pieces Newcom Pun cd Tho forces and by girl although to longing to Turkey Wuh for Nelly taken Iwase halon of by the con name in Golcer in the name of the a Force of i Piura and miners wore also landed and stops for fortifying Tho station have already Tho Island of Myall to in within my left of the him Good an urea of 270 Square n Popula Tion of and in u Furillo a occupation by Tho British in considered to to that it May la made u Coaling station and also a rendezvous for fleets and a storage ground for munitions of this notion in hero looked upon us a move to counterbalance Tho Freedom of Tho Dardanelles recently grunted in Al Gissla by War in not yet believed to close it for there no Omny diplomatic conditions and opportunities but the situation is ipg filed void Ilell Ralo und Mccurl tics of nil kinds Uro in ish will there be War Dos Kiiha prominent Church i romber amli1 it limit t huh in the i Iii Lieen or rooted for san neral of today Maryh ii theiral on Vii wan attended by Sevon Trio Sui it Hixi Prev Titi Elm we was i if of new York state Flower was Omli Mutl be sturday the Denio Knitli Htit i Woven toil William lieu Gnu for la Frank Igloo for Secretary loll hot Fnnnk lamp Boll Elf Dii Forth Siluio Vlf Tindal Schenck Surveyor Wihl state convention yesterday Lii largest Over to Popli Dutle was temporary Chiri Ami Henry Cabot Lodge in the upturn omit Allen Una nominated f morning Montgomery of thin place Mot Hoy Aumi Preot and after a we sort Drew n pm Mol am Ellet and Imp lined no Vara it Ocarr Cillin Tho Alan mine to at work to 8mull of Gutta in them tit an editor nil ii Iisak Ilious and in nil Trio no web Mylei dry funny and notions ladles areas in All the now Anil Bea Nablo fabrics gents furnishing goods Imu and of the a Owlet we Al Wuyu keep on hand a full Stock of supplies for men at 8took Salt of Ull i keep sheep Etc to living at a distance to would nay that our Acyl rom or shipping Gooda by Roll Urc by any other House in the our Good Are a upped to ii by Tho cur our warehouse a Are in the Oloa Eit proximity to the and Uny order can in Fol Popeil at Iho Bortot notice and without extra charge for Dray who with employed upon the la eld it Tho mime time him him Dent a letter to the Hoard of that he met Tui Altu Ilik Liu Norett at Calileo and be cited lie that it wan Ifan but tie Man Itlo Guttly Dpi Ilund no vent three other Nim it to parti ishm beaten in the sixth of a Rooklyn won in Likht at the club Hodwi of the it place last kno Kitik til Ati Holn la liliom of Ful Terni in the a Lith it with u Hub hour and bloody hut Mogul de Luff the Bent of it from Start to Alt Liengh Chi Boish with Kinne to the very the women ii patches font King Laius overt net Havu cilium in n great Shiiki Ilion Lumi and him to Hie tit Monif dept Montit Koine look for instant retaliation on thu part of it Melfi Bodoiu sinn Chin by Nii Idu do while Villi us think tie move Only n i Lute Gifune plumed to Lillne Isicc Tho Fultun that he ii my wet Hilray Trio Given a Uhalu and real nil Lowers and then Tho question jul otly Settle Down lit diplomatic Pigeon Taitl editor of the co Tiwi who in hut the irrigating Oon Grete n Wuh him Relod ing Mem Ballilo Mofit Fulli j trying to got up a men Ivo Oro Watcil mid into Mexico with inf enuf cell ii it revolution Tilp Troi Ito Newt the week of thet Chooim Tho South for Hor Huek re Liik have Heen offered by for women frown and 0vo for under it sturday afternoon two married and Fourt Vii unmarried late Loti a a Frond Content will occur Oil Tho Isth and priv will it awarded the Follot Vang Ftp Makh on buy Fli Lovoi at that of Ore it in hero by Liono who to and thu Muithi Zient is generally to nil us n of Alloi and taken by for Linda a Bofird Tho United Hitt tem Pirn Lucr hum now fur ii Ion Bur Way to Northern Hole sepi thy Bouther ii hotel in tills City Troy cd by Siwl Lorn not yet now Putch but in men Woitiw bit no liven euro Al burst in Valley Jimj dime much damage to another Talb a feb i Eltory hot Uli wove w
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