Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
12 Sep 1891

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian in Bakersfield, California
12 Sep 1891

Read an issue on 12 Sep 1891 in Bakersfield, California and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Bakersfield Weekly Californian.

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Bakersfield Weekly Californian (Newspaper) - September 12, 1891, Bakersfield, California Oclock it rim met Tufit it Itlie atom wins Rosl Ife Iii t Ami to tits Italy in Ifill tons to of if jipecauj1 Burnid to Tho it n ammo Loim it who n Inorg pm eos Laid Lar cutting Olmut i within it five Hie tools and suppl Kwh needful for so n to Joni Iii Hud kneed the nil of which Low an Well n lot of Ili mild in Tifft Trollen unit were by the Hylor lives it Tho out it Tho time and lost nil Hon Eloth r bedding nil ppr Oil the origin of the fire twins Iny Herl thu Lincul Stiim Are not in oper 5 halon Nelld in pc not Immiti for some Hylor cooked it twirl evening it when bound Piukin Getwan about one mile Smith of Tho train Lenly to fill old Thill two men and enix led Over the under into Theen Hlinik and forced the Engineer to shut fill re acini then the two train the Engineer and Ili Vitman Iceo Inphany them to the express end n Denind mud for then1 were in the end and they reamed it Lynu Ndoc Heinli a need no Niit the ihxir1 Nunt Terling n Hole in the Engineer win on ered to crawl through the Hole lint the Niehs Ungern declared that they would shoot a nyx no mutter if he tried to conic French children cry for Castoria i id Ltd ii Urr Iuit no talk is Sibr Xiv Nollar Al owl notice no Welt to fill Linn int i if tit to Niy him ill Holli of font i t Fannora in mar at1 flail it j in of n Azuc 10x3 in new from knowl Walro 1 Onn any that a Torjei Iau for Chil it Nylon to nuke anal drool i tip tort of Hli mid Lull Proal will i be before of i Kern in Ditola Iii flick i Lor tin in Iii Inifi Frlix Wylie Urivi Morii of Tinah of in it june 1kth an ice for Llie Iku of i Sci edit Jiu trn of Ronny of Finical i Liln Wilny Al owl in Ihu or non Milici Viil of Nellie Imp a Law of tilt of tk4 of no of til in ill ii nil int inti kith and nil ill Tho Aro Lohli att per it the to that Oliero How no fro in the hone All about Linof inst six Hylor went Over lid fed the Rihl Ekeith lint not took his and lit no inn Clio while inane Dontely coining Hack to about the mime Tuno Hien Roblier threw a nether ii Rah through the Hole Iti Hie in Orllo the but luckily it fell through n Hole in the end Moor and exploded i inn Tho one of i Hirn ilmers Wax Lienard to any with in hint is nil Liro Moton Mil Siisi Anil thud Tho child in Init Tail Hunt Ltd nil i to Jour Pelno or oui it our Toto i Krak nov it Kkt san Ward i Xii j m thu it Ilromi or Styli Wilny of i Cleat til k i mini Atli Tinoi of ii Ort of Illy i he wan Nti Inrid by tin Luck or although Tieru in no earthly Renson or Why this the Hull Long Lii tired in the Scott shh Union and ii his Lilii Dillon to Nikki Llull in Willii Hon mul hint mild will Intili ix1 Iloh Iii a vat Hkin Bounty clerk of kith i i 1 in Meinl fit tally ii nil Iii i we tic Liivi silent to the i Winil nil Conru i Ilni Iliili for Hie nov a no Tonii Liuigi Mali to Mil irom Tho oct9tf French it m id Len in itrnvi1 nah Minolli Notum Hikiji Mil of Unm Simuel Gllnn Molhem of a til lenders did not cum Oiler Charley in til k and Lamah August Tolli la owned who killed it this hoi Nudeen it 10 Oclock and when his in Loon Wnent in eleven ton of of More or it Hurst und in Irving Cut to Ile Heel in i Ling Aliy Van scr to him and ii seemed to in Ehl Illy under her directions hint be was Timken into the end nil cured hut he was i Lien mid Chin possibly in the Mann Lime the Roblier inn slipped Newny into the Ilii Kniss no nothing wive keeping up the late nil record of Ull the Titel Nln in ibis Region by the Ille of in Iii Wicent the train wins delayed just one hour then tin run was a litre for some Reid san there was Rem Pilar for All Ibe Nunn Tirral ill Chanen and a certain for the Una knew Peculiar to t feel use in u to maw la Mim 2a i Lull in aim for Korv Lilii Anil doing Xii Whir hotel in Lilii i mop very for pm Kifori Mil or Lrich n Imick i Iii v in til the Hill my him Iii i Iii Tor him flu in of Kein i Lii inti Gllnn to make Lynal in of in in Ikirt of anal that Willil proof will Iii Nail the for the in Virlor inert of kith it on Nikii Sikut for tinsk4 of la Llu Llama tin will darn to Prev a Anil of ii Alil vex Joni Mili Tiomai am Rcw Farrar nil of Kern to for the Ocean breezes land 2 k in iiki1kiiv Riih 0 Tenn Lac to Neil in Iii Worl of n inn Mil hint mild Mill Mink x it Ink Lii Jill of of ii 0 u Conral no Kuril no n u i in t ii a nil Jirik for tin of Tlell t k is Llu it Meit Tom wet Nimmo prove upon Mil of Riili Telly a Lallum Al Motril Lini mini Mirt Krink Allol Cirissi wkly land Niroj Siyl Ituk ski in l the in Loon Ennie on top a exp it and he dese Euleil with Uin cd the a minded inn ill Enlil mail of Liiri no re Lii nil alien in to the Gibbons i the Edge no tin roof of u Iii inc and nil Long on n pile or empty he Wiik Luilly bruised about tin Best and the physician ills uni Elltion me died in three Honry after word and was burled Iii the him Yinth to arrived Civ with Only it few ill Lars and the nurse Umade tip for him to make thu Nora Wihlon Ulmont in cred the exp time he Hud Inci Irbid and has Funell a it is Birkl he grew from boyhood lit please inform me if Din Itee ophed him men in or Lii and Ilii Nelv he Nicil big Kiln in one Pii Mcnuer no scr Civ saw two men on Ilir Rint Penl form of the end just i Hind but didst observe Only to notice hint one win or it Irge ii in the other 623 h Henrny of Shii in of Nellie Troia Tenient Norv annl Iii Hin Klinl Hsieh nit Hyp Hulln in All and Ami Tiu Sliu Hui i not fun to fall upon i 11 a Villini Wlllie Hie Irrl null in Lonnie i vvkmju1m3 and it Meltln Ollil k r y a f bed st a k Wii Itu Illert Lolly Iii lit Ilell Mil main Linns Valley stage line i m Mil lot Al leaves this hotel i i 7 in Montios of Iaroli new Hlinik ill l Anil will leave Glenville mul so in Lii nor Lalni in no Fyk Sii from a Triau Okpik at i knot ii h Vikk Kiev ii Ivan that till in no Lair inn ill Ort Lull Kiil intention to make Lynnl or inf in in spurt of that Enlil Penn Lull in Foai Superior a nine no kith ii William Kilry for sk4 of m lie nmn ivs tin Tol Lowlor Wuhu Smit top nit i no Luttru upon and Bald la nary Sllyn Kiihnl Ami Simil lol Lluann civil Vii Linn no of Mil John Man try of Sumn co Riiff nineteenth Street Anil Kern county i land ten Mills Snulli of Sim is Nikii Kiriy that Tiik Mollit la Lii Lin Mii of to a Nike Lynal Prool in snap girl of Mil Linn mail proof will Kisst Jill inf ii Raill in i us kith ill i 300 feet wide and 25 Miles i i Kominik 17 i sprint Whit lili1 Kui Ilna Mill inn loom Lii rep Lenl hold Ilii Imil Anil will i aim Mil Isril Lrtil i Mil inn mini in hint Iipp Iii Mil i Mil ii lir Urty wilrnmi1 or the rally Iii it that the of Reward for the arrest of hit tile Dee ended and in Loon Cru Here and train Roll i1i1hos we Lytak no her Init Al Aillun hurl Coly All Luikim atm Prii in pain Call or Jailil renin Han Moneylon Tho minty a Hurley Howard come to j in 1877 and during his eight Yoeurm Sony i minty aun torn of Lynrod Hin self to nil who knew in in Hon Natl Liely inking Oil is n in Mill great Chhotu to huh try to uni mini of Klinl look ii in Lite Llanil unit to birr of Kern 1 Lio Ani tint Mil Kline of l Ion i the Delano school Eoln fences next Oral Fralc Kuril Valloy pint a Llonel f Delano 11 Benson bus moved into his new 1 Lionso on Mitri Tobii and l Slobb und son in pc com Meir cd the erection of their Ware store ii i Littleton and Irvine Fox entered into Courtner help in n go Neil Mero Hundlo they Iki him i Iki i w of n Ollk us i toil la Clcil Ilii any of it Tho old it nil where Littleton him conducted n Suee Esh Ful business for thu punt eight they Are Bot i Young men of excellent and to predict they will Ynve Ai flourishing Modny Lisl John who from Hla to tracked thu rob1 Hen is far ii and from Thero i Constable Orr followed them to Ink Casl recovered wheat and brought two men Kobl Lux and one Hundred and fifty lot hive been sold thin Wium in the i jury and Dlton to and the Denind Nelll Kevern Lof thine who have bought Are building Intel Ling to live the land in Only live Hole Khz from thu Railroad and not upon the top of inn Ramit j in Home people Michi to Nind Walter Sti Kkt j Rimiko and fuiin1t1mik of this 1 in lit Lefly new Mil no int scr can ii hint 111 Mii Nilal Tan be Ivailo Lor Imari Lanil i in Oinui for a certain of runt i i Kiln the proprietor lie Nain ii to prove ills upon Mil Illihi Vatland of will Iii Allol i claim till of 1 Blacksmith and Mil k l opposite lie ill Lloil All rates per Nav Ano to 1vvartj John Kinus if new work anti Uki Aik Iii done on Irlam Llu Inu risk ii Rick Fine Ronnie at per Leonrd Mil lodging 7 per Hoard Viper n Allulli parlor and bedroom suits will picture and horseshoeing a me a give Bakersfield Agency of the san Francisco John Chicago and United states i cell 1jtii Hick there Whyl Loyon Ili Liik my 11 of love i Thul in Tho Hunt tiling 1 Over Briw Lor it Glovis i did Yon lot Liono it the Bakersfield summer Cesmat and peed in d13rtakkk a full line of caskets Anil Lulli Linn Nero Iii to none Iii bout Litin anal Wii in rail Antii Marble Yard i ally film of it i 111 my nil in 11 do to to leu but arc h 3 11 who pleaded guilty to n charge of Petit larceny and Scro Kontfi iced by old Man to pay n line or Tufty Ilayah to and the other i comp relied i jul Long who used to he Well known by Tho minors of in now underground Foreman of the 811 Vor mine Al Wenix Ngoho got n Job in u mine near inv Lynh where Liwer Dellla were run by com h Lewt of Perleney with unit Hort of motive and it to happened that Tho very any that to Eom Mali cud to work Nandor ground tie nor pm Pablo to who in it Tunnel in Dudun Treinji Idoris curl ii Tutor Lett pretty nearly out of hex a Day or two while feed lug u Power Tho valve it the end of it rubber Ishibo used for the Nan i nor pipe to thu Drill Hii Denly on Mil and while happened to hit him a a old lick upon he left ii place it thu morehed of Tho Tunnel mid lint bit he the Furen Iun Coo Ted him in about Tolx 1 dont Vlku tills eon1 the Atli Sidny itch Newl me almost to death and today u i Iii i limped right of top of w i think i 11 and quit to to Goto t h Job o n k at e a t ten a Cli Lukch kill let add your dealer for or mind for Frencl Rullar pct alumn Yinru Hattie will Hiltl i Waii onh 11 and Alwa Yii Raily for Hay and Grain for kept by week or tin very lint m18cktjaneous derive a Paquette i xtav1nu hic Ukko the soil licks of a i Talt no competent i am now fully prop Arcil to in All Kluun of Gas Iron or steel Larno apply of Ami Kos ill irs material on Lintl at toil Cunti j Well casing and pumps a specially Mill 1 lie me lit 11 i 1 v of list Kkt and Mulk Trade supplied sir i ii pm office it City estimates on any work in my line cheer fully Given free of a natural hi1mkdy Fob epileptic fall lug Hys Vitus nervous Mclau sleepless Brno a and Spuul Weisik tilt Mil Lilno Lias direct action upon Uit Nuevo allaying All Anil inor Cailing Tho flow and Power of nerve fluid it la line Loii and no in plezant net n River Lor per contractor 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